Jessica Biel’s teal velvet suit: Elvis fug or rather cute?


Here are some new photos of Jessica Biel in head-to-toe velvet. Or is it velour? I think it’s velvet. I have to admit… even though this is very costume-y and “Elvis has left the building”… I also kind of like it. Biel’s style is usually so try-hard and awful, and this is a really lovely color on her. Sure, it’s TOO MUCH, too much velvet, too much all of one color, but she’s done much, much worse, you know? I usually hate those skinny pants too, but she looks nice in them.

Anyway, Biel is a Velvet Elvis today because she’s doing some event for Revlon. Have you seen her Revlon mascara ads? They are HILARIOUS. Girl CANNOT act. She’s so bad, I don’t even “buy” that she’s wearing mascara. And as for how overwhelmingly beautiful she is – you know how crushing her beauty is, and how her career suffers so much because of how gorgeous everyone thinks she is – well, the ads don’t really make her look like anything special. I never really see what the fuss is all about regarding Biel’s looks, though. Anyway, here’s one of the ads:

Terrible line reading. “This is. The start of. Something big.” DULL. That being said, if she wanted to sell me some hair product, I wouldn’t be opposed to that. I really like this dark brunette she’s working.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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45 Responses to “Jessica Biel’s teal velvet suit: Elvis fug or rather cute?”

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  1. thegreatdefender says:

    was she in alaska and didn’t they have her size there?

  2. brin says:

    Horrible….the outfit and her acting.

  3. originalgracie says:

    First time ever: I think she looks fabulous! That blue does wonders for her skin. And agreed: the dark brunette looks amazing on her!

    I can’t believe I just said all that about Jessica Biel!

  4. Eve says:

    Ok…*giggles*, I kinda like the outfit (minus the blouse). I know, I know…*giggles again*, you all can slap me for that.

    I love that greenish blue (blueish green, perhaps?) color.

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    I will just say that I appreciate she’s not another cookie-cutter bimbo. And teal is my most favourite colour. That is all.

  6. MikeyAngel says:

    Agree with you 100% on everything Kaiser. I would normally hate this, but it looks nice on her, and the hair color suits her well.

  7. Kat says:

    If it’d had just been the velour/velvet jacket, but with different, non-matchy pants, it might have been fine. Head-to-toe velvet, not so much. And I don’t care how skinny you are, those pants are way too tight.

  8. Sue says:

    Good color on her but way to much of it her top should have been a different color the the bottom and jacket.

  9. kasper says:

    this is… i think… umm… okay, let me put it this way, you know the way james brown dressed towards the end, when he was clearly both senile and struggling with alcohol/drugs. even he would have refused to go out in public in this.

    on the other hand, thank you for reminding me of that interview Biel did. i loved how she suggested portman (ie. the black duck) is plain looking. i imagine portman reading it and deciding to get knocked up by the first sleazeball with an accent she could find just to prove Biel wrong.

  10. Sassy says:

    I like the color of that suit but the whole velvet thing? Nope, fail. Her “acting” in the commercial is so cheesy and clutch-my-pearls dramatic.

    And on a side note: I hate mascara commercials – most of them have tiny text at the bottom of the screen that reads the model is wearing lash inserts. So, FAKE EYELASHES.

  11. Miss Marie says:

    Oh My Gosh! Did she raid her mom’s closet? Yuck!

  12. Smithy says:

    I think this outfit could have been horrible, if it weren’t for the fact that the fit AND color are both very flattering on her (which is shocking — I don’t think many people look good in this color). I think she really pulls it off.

  13. Ron says:

    This looks like something my Mom wore in 1974 to Aspen, only with better fitting pants and some Chanel pearl chains. Retro is hard to do right if you are a girl with no real style of your own.

  14. Eve says:

    @ Original Bellaluna:

    Teal! I was going to thank you* for saying the color’s correct name but then I looked up and saw it was in the freaking headline! *hangs head in shame*

    *Well, I still do. I payed more attention to your comment than to the post’s headline anyway :) .

  15. Rasputina says:

    I hate velvet. I hate it with a burning passion. The color? Lovely. Velvet? Fick no.

  16. Wilz says:

    She needs a black blouse/top and maybe have the jacket taken in at the waist a little to make it more flattering. Otherwise, I think she’s really pulling it off.

  17. Quest says:

    @brin: I totally 100% Agree.

    My eyes still burns from the horror

  18. brin says:

    Thanks, Quest…after reading these posts I was beginning to wonder.

  19. Anna says:

    If she’d just worn a sleek black top underneath that, it would’ve been heavenly. This way? Fug and matronly.

  20. Wendy City says:

    Isnt that a winter fabric? I am on the east cost as well. I mean next week is june the unofficial start of summer this weekend. There was nothing else to choose from. Not a spring dress??? Who is her stylist?

  21. really says:

    she looks like a SOFA….. at a bummy tea spot! her dark brunette locks need a bit of a wash! So sad she is sooooooooooooooooo boring.

  22. Blue says:

    I like the outfit. Usually don’t like matchy matchy
    But this looks good. Love the colour!

  23. gloaming says:

    It’s Austin Powers minus the frilly cuffs!

  24. guesty says:

    I like it. And imo she’s pretty…it’s her personality or lack thereof that’s a no.

  25. Jackie says:

    Elvis never wore velvet in his life. Why are you even bringing him into this? Just to slur an insult his way? This looks more like Austin Powers than Elvis. You can insult Biel all day long without mentioning anyone else, including Elvis. And yes, I am an Elvis fan, so I feel the need to defend him for this unwarranted insult, especially because I can’t stand Biel. Their names should not even be in the same sentence.

  26. serena says:


  27. bogie says:

    Her hair color is really pretty and I like the pants.

  28. anne says:

    she’s a pretty girl – why???? She looks like Austin Powers

  29. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Eve – Thanks! :D I think this colour really makes her eyes pop. And it’s been my fave since I was about 12, when I grew out of my purple phase.

  30. mags says:


  31. Solveig says:

    What’s up with the all-green/all-beige outfits?
    The colour suits her and she looks cute, minus those freakish lips.

  32. kazoo says:

    i LOVE velvet, so i like the pieces but i’d do them separately. the pants would be cute with a breezy silk shirt of a different color and minus the jacket.

  33. danielle says:

    Umm, lol. That outfit is all KINDS or wrong. Maybe wearing one piece…in the winter…that said, she is def. a beautiful girl, and the color is flattering.

  34. Annie_Grey says:

    Too much of the same all over.

  35. vanessa says:

    nice color on her, fug outfit

  36. Alice says:

    Sweet mother of fug!

  37. Lee says:

    Beautiful girl….fugly suit.

  38. LuckyLilGem says:

    The pants or the top paired with other things may have been cute. All together it’s fug. Plus she looks uncomfortable, pants too tight? Poor Jess…

  39. gg says:

    Oh man, I totally dig this outfit. Rockin.

  40. Crash2GO2 says:

    She looks like she was yanking on those velvet leggings minutes before the photos were taken. They are baggy in all the wrong places. Nice color.

  41. Kosmos says:

    I think the outfit works. Color is nice as well. This is just a “look” folks, not something she’s going to wear every day, a one-time thing, and with that, she pulls it off okay. One thing I might change up would be the shoes, however. And fix the crumpled look around the knees and ankles so the pants at least look evenly crumpled on both legs. Otherwise, it looks like she just pulled them on and went out the door.

  42. widegrayeyes says:

    All I can think of is George Costanza on Seinfield wanting to be “draped in velvet.”

  43. curmudgeon says:

    I sorta dig this outfit. My legs are squat so I would look like an oompa loompa in something like this. Sigh

  44. S says:

    I am probably going to hell for this but I LOVE it. She looks so cool. If I could afford it I’d absolutely wear it too.

  45. M says:

    I don’t care about that suit, but I would kill to have her legs… *sigh*