Has Angelina Jolie befriended poor, awkward Kristen Stewart?


Since it’s super-slow in the gossip world today, I thought I would play catch up on some backburner Angelina Jolie stories. I’ve been surprised by how few interviews Angelina has given for promotion for Kung Fu Panda 2 – she did a press conference in Cannes, with some outlet interviews, but there hasn’t been anything in the way of print media. Usually, Jolie is good about doing at least one big print media interview for each of her films. Anyway, in some new quotes, Jolie discusses how awesome it was to do voice work. It does sound like a really, really easy gig:

Actress Angelina Jolie said Kung Fu Panda 2 was the ‘cushiest job in the world’ as she got to eat pizza with her kids while recording her voice. She admitted that lending her voice to the character of Tigress was easy as she was able to bring her kids into the recording studio.

Speaking to MTV News, she said: ‘It’s the cushiest job in the world. You can bring your kids, you can go in your pyjamas, [director] Jennifer [Yuh]’s really good about whatever you want to order for lunch, so you end up ordering pizza with your kids, snacking – it’s great.’

However she admitted there are some challenges involved in voice acting.

She added: ‘What’s challenging is that you’re not with the other actors, and you have to come back sometime to respond to each other. You don’t know exactly what they’re doing with your voice, but when it’s a great time like this, you can relax.’

[From Contact Music]

Blah blah. Yeah, those quotes aren’t very interesting. You know what is interesting though? Some week-old tabloid reports indicating that Angelina Jolie has “adopted” a new little friend. That friend? KRISTEN STEWART!!!! The Jolie and the Lip-Biter, together at last.

Well this is an unlikely friendship, but according to reports Angelina Jolie and Kristen Stewart are new best friends. A source told More magazine that it was the vision of a poor frightened Kristen that tugged at Angelina’s heartstrings.

“Kristen and Angelina talk all the time. They’ve crossed paths at various red carpet events and I think something about Kristen’s apparent vulnerability called to Angelina’s motherly instincts. She’s really taken Kristen under her wing and seems to think of her as the little sister she never had.”

“Angelina’s counseled Kristen on how to work the red carpet and deal with mobs of fans. She’s also been giving Kristen tips on negotiating her career and what projects she should consider next.”

[From Showbiz Spy & Sugerscape]

Ha! I would love if it were true. I think Angelina would be a great influence on Kristen Stewart, but not even Jolie is powerful enough to make K-Stew any less awkward and trollish. Unfortunately, even if Angelina tried to extend a hand of friendship or mentorship to little K-Stew, I doubt Kristen would accept it. Back in 2009, Kristen told a reporter, “I don’t want to be a movie star like Angelina Jolie…I’m an actor.”





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. sharylmj says:

    I think if this is true, Kristen would be an idiot not to accept the advice and the friendship.. on whatever level it would be. Angie is a pro at handling the press and the paps, which seems to be Kristen’s weakness.. and I would listen to her about any career path conversations that might go on also.

  2. halie says:

    I’m not fan of Jolie but this:“I don’t want to be a movie star like Angelina Jolie…I’m an actor.” quote will make me like her just because that pretentious emo troll who compares herself to rape victims is the most overrated spoiled delusional brat that came out of a HW family in a long while. She and Goop would be best friends if they ever meet.

    I don’t believe this story for one minute.

  3. mln76 says:

    This is probably another in a long line of faux Twilight/Angie stories. (remember when RP was supposed to do a movie with her) However it would be funny if they became friends.

  4. Quest says:

    “I don’t want to be a movie star like Angelina Jolie…I’m an actor.” – KStew

    Bahahahah….I relish the phrase…KStew is too much and should thank her lucky stars if she had an ounce of talent that Angie has.


  5. Canuck says:

    Is it just me or does Jolie look wasted in that first shot?

    Also, don’t believe for a minute that they are friends.

  6. Eve says:

    I’m an actor…


    P.S.: That is one bad picture of The Jolie (banner). Kaiser, do you think you’re still going to be accused of picking bad pictures from you-know-who only?

  7. Kim123 says:

    I believe the story is BS because of the source, but who knows. AJ was asked about Twilight last year she wasn’t familiar with the movie. She doesn’t keep up with pop culture.

  8. Kim123 says:

    I believe the story is BS because of the source, but who knows. AJ was asked about Twilight last year she wasn’t familiar with the movie. She doesn’t keep up with pop culture.

  9. ladybert62 says:

    i agree with what Canuck said.

  10. jinni says:

    What red carpet events could they possibly be crossing paths on? Other than their own movies or in Angie’s case Brad’s movies, do they even go to any events that aren’t specifically work related?

  11. Ari says:

    I doubt Angie has the time or inclination to care about this swizzle stick

  12. Laura says:

    I wanna sit around and get stoned with the Brange SO BAD! I bet they’re awesome to hang out with.

  13. three hours says:

    SO funny how everyone forgets Angelina Jolia has an Oscar for heavens sake!
    this steward girl is just a child….

  14. mimi says:

    Brad reminds me of a walking band-aid (colorwise)

  15. futureperfect says:

    For a second, I thought “befriended” was a euphemism for something else 😉

  16. inessa says:

    …and yet she can’t act.

  17. Jezi says:

    WTF is up with Brad’s hair?? Is he growing it for a role? I’m not digging the parting it in the middle and letting it grow look. It worked for him back in his Thelma and Louise hey days but it’s just not cute.

  18. Lilly says:

    I don’t think Angelina Jolie has enough time on her hands to mother another lost wayward child 😉

  19. kasper says:

    lol! futureperfect! but you better watch out for the angeloonies. according to them, old dental floss there has always been faithful. In fact she was a virgin before brad.

  20. Praise St. Angie! says:

    that’s a hilarious pic you chose for the banner.

    I love pictures like that, where the person is JUST about to say something, or sneeze/blink or whatever. Even the most gorgeous of people can look funny sometimes!

    so, I don’t believe this story but it would be cute if true.

  21. Cheyenne says:

    Canuck: Is it just me or does Jolie look wasted in that first shot?

    It’s you.

  22. You don't say says:

    Unless Angelina snuck into some MTV movie/video awards, what red carpets have they attended together–Cannes, Brad’s or her movies, Academy Awards? When stuff is made up, it should not be so easy to bust as this.

  23. Kim123 says:

    She “can act” enough to be nominated for an Oscar in 2009 and is enough in demand to be the highest paid actress in Hollywood($19 and $20 M for Salt and The tourist upfront +points). She gets the best scripts in Hollywood like “Gravity” which she turned down twice before the studio gave it to Sandra Bullock.

  24. Mari says:

    “One of our wax figures has, unfortunately, escaped our compound. It stands approximately 5 feet 7 inches and bears an uncanny resemblance to Angelina Jolie. If found, please call your local authorities immediately as weather conditions can be potentially fatal. Sincerely, Madame Tussauds”

  25. Dhavy says:

    Yeah KS an actor. A couple of teen movies and she thinks she’s the next Jodie Foster? She wishes she had that type of Hollywood friendship. She can call herself an actor all she wants since these days even VS models can be “actors”

  26. Amanda says:

    That might be the worst picture of Angelina I have ever seen.

  27. chalen says:

    God, you guys get offended so easily. Notice the “…” between the quote about AJ and an actor. I bet the words in between “…” matter a hell ofa lot. I think that quote was about her not trying to be the next AJ, as in megastar, but more about just wanting to act. She can be pretentious, but the one thing she’s good at is showing deference to other actors.

  28. fannomore says:

    bless st angie

  29. Krissi says:

    Great find on the first photo! I think that is one of the worst photos I have ever seen of her. 🙂 sorry … that makes me happy

  30. Micki says:

    So whenever I see a painfully awkward creature standing with excruciating bad posture on the red carpet I’ll immedeately think: That’s an ACTOR!

  31. Missa says:

    ugh, never thought i would see the day that Brad Pitt would look…….’skeevy’……….but, here we are…..blech.

  32. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne: Oh dear, judging from the other comments, it’s not just me after all.

  33. Mari says:

    @Canuck- nope, not just you lol she looks a hot mess

  34. Camille says:

    I love the idea of AJ and KStew being friends. But I doubt very much that that story is true.

  35. Helen says:

    Friends? Kristen looks as though she could be Angie’s daughter…lol

  36. Louise says:

    As the others have said this is obviously madeup because of the redcarpet comment. Neither of them go to random events or movie premiers that they aren’t in.

    Angelina never does a lot of promotion for her movies. And she probably didn’t do a major magazine because it’s a cartoon with an ensemble cast.

  37. Cheyenne says:

    @Canuck: Bottom line is that Brad loves his hot mess. I know that bugs the hell out of you, but whatcha gonna do?

  38. kasper says:

    AJ could teach KStew a great deal about heroin chic.

  39. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I find it hard to believe that she actually EATS that pizza with her kids.

  40. futureperfect says:

    @MorticiansDoItDeader: I was going to comment on that too, but didn’t feel like inciting the wrath of the Angeloonie constituency.

    But since you mentioned it — it was too unsubtle to go unnoted. Let the denial commence.

  41. LindaR says:

    That first pic of the Brange is really bad. And the pic showing Angie’s hand and arm is awful. She is a walking skeleton. I used to be super-skinny (metabolism was high, the good old days) and even at 20 lbs under my lowest optimum weight, never looked like that. Something is definitely wrong. That is NOT healthy.

  42. someone says:

    If they have become friends, it will be the first friendship Jolie has had with a woman, and not slept with her.

  43. Emily says:

    @Cheyenne, what does Angelina being wasted have to do with Brad loving her?

    I think Angie needs more roles where she can sit and eat pizza with her kids. She’s a lot skinnier than she was when she was when she first adopted Maddox.

  44. Bill Hicks is God says:

    I’d be more interested to know who’ll befriend poor, insecure Angelina to be honest. She doesn’t seem to have any…

    @Ari, Calling Stewart a “swizzle stick”? You’re kidding right? You do look at Angelina pictures don’t you? She looks like the Circle of Emaciated Hell (The 10th one. ‘Inferno’ was edited for length).

  45. janna says:

    c’mon now. kristin stewart isn’t that bad. she’s cute.

  46. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @futureperfect, “didn’t feel like inciting the wrath of the Angeloonie constituency.”

    That’s why I refrain from commenting on Jolie posts; but that pizza comment was just too obvious to pass up.

  47. Cheyenne says:

    Emily: @Cheyenne, what does Angelina being wasted have to do with Brad loving her?

    LOL nothing. But face it, that’s what bugs the haters most — that she and Brad are happy together.

  48. Cheyenne says:

    someone: it will be the first friendship Jolie has had with a woman, and not slept with her.

    And you know this how? You’ve been tracking her 24 hours a day? Honey, you really need to get a new hobby. Reading tabloids is no substitute for a life.

  49. Crash2GO2 says:

    Brad looks like he could wrap his hand around her arm twice. This is not looking good. I know when I got way too thin, my neck looked just like that. Something is wrong with her.

  50. futureperfect says:

    @Cheyenne, how do you know they’re happy together, or not happy for that matter?

    Are you channeling Angelina Jolie’s publicist that you can comment with such authority (that at the same time you’re criticizing in other posters)?

  51. futureperfect says:


  52. Solveig says:

    Kristen Stewart is cute, she’s just an introvert and shy girl who can’t face the success she has reached with those stupid movies. That being said, I can see why she doesn’t want to be a movie star, she’s been scrutinized for years now, and it’s not like she’s always in the spotlight, photo-oping or doing dumb things à la Lindsay Lohan.
    I don’t get the hatred.
    She’s not even that bad of an actress. I haven’t see the Twilight movies, more likely I will never see them, but she wasn’t bad in ‘The Cake Eaters’.
    As for the Oscars, if they’d make sense Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Rachel Weisz, Tilda Swinton and Daniel Day-Lewis would have three shelfs each full of those ridiculous statues.

  53. crazydaisy says:

    I’m noticing how it seems Brad has adopted Angie’s fashion color scheme – I only see him in black, gray and beige, lately. He’s really outdone himself with this monochromatic taupe ensemble.

  54. MourningTheDeathofMusic says:

    “I’m an actor.”

    Aww, isn’t she cute in her delusions. She actually believes she can act!

  55. Zara says:

    Oh my god! Angelina looks like one of the walking dead! Isn’t there someone in her inner circle who cares enough about her to help her or are they afraid she will cut them off? Is she on speaking terms with her brother and can he do something about the situation? It’s pretty obvious from these pictures that she’s under the influence of something; look at her eyes, they look glazed. She looks like how Charlie Sheen did after one of his epic Las Vegas benders.

    Someone, anyone, please get help for her sooner than later.

  56. Butch says:

    @someone um…did it occure to you, or any of you, that AJ is sleeping with KS? Angie, clever girl.

  57. Zara says:

    Just wanted to add this: remember when Whitney Houston showed up at the late Michael Jackson’s 30th anniversary blowout in 2001 and shocked everyone because she was so emaciated? (so much so they had to digitally enhance her for the tv broadcast.) I’m sorry to say Angelina is now in the same boat.

    @Cheyenne: if this is what “happiness” with your partner looks like, then I don’t want any part of it. Personally i think Brad is responsible for most of the stress in her life.

  58. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    Holy crap I give her props for being able to work with all those kids around. That takes serious talent, patience, and professionalism…because I know I wouldn’t be able to do any of my work with a ton of children with me.

  59. lea+ann=crap says:

    @Cheyenne..girl your too much..!Been laughing my ass off..Leo Di “Craprio” don’t deserve no oscar

  60. homelymom says:

    i love hw every one is beatin down kstew, u pple nd 2get a life and the fact is this is even bs, bt any xcuse to hate her is good u.

  61. nnn says:

    Jolie has 6 children 6 nephews, a man, family, in law family, Hollie, her best friend, Marianne Pearl, Dina Ruiz (all of these said they were friends to her and even Marianne saying that she is like the little sister she alays wanted) and others like this new-york pediatrician lesbian couple who took care of baby Z and said they have been Jolie friends for years or those where she stayed in Namibia.

    She probably has more friends outside the Hollywood circle and spread all over the world.

    She doesn’t need cheap c list undeducated friends some brag about like it gives them some kind of badge of simpathy (Few in Hollywood talk about their friends, it’s their private life. I don’t know who are Reese, Charlize, Cate Blanchet, Kate Winslet friends) while ignoring every member of one family.

    Talking about friends ad nauseum like you are still in high school,cheap friends at that with whom you go to cafes or to Cabo for boozing, cursing and gossiping like you are in high school.

    To each is own !

    As for K Stew, cut t girl some slack, she is young and shy, she will learn. Plus she has been overwhelmingly hated just for being with that Pattison guy.

    At least she is not openly rude, ungrateful and vulgar like Megan Fox used to be. She is just a starlet who is learning what popularity means.

  62. really says:

    Angie should potty train her!

  63. almond says:

    The thing that bugs me about her is that all anyone has to say nice about her is that she’s not a HW famewhore. She doesn’t call the paps on herself, she does attend every envelope opening and besides her movie promotional duties she stays out of the limelight. The problem with that is the she’s being praised for something that should be the norm, not the extraordinary exception. Should we really respect someone simply for not being a Linnocent? That’s our scale now?

    As for her talent as an “actor”, there is none. She simply chooses roles which are comfortably in her area of expertise. Yet she manages to be monotone even in those; good thing that monotone actually somewhat suits those characters. She leaves the distinct impression that she always plays herself.

    Regarding her conduct in the press, it only shows what a sheltered and entitled upbringing she had. She read some Vonnegut and some Palahniuk and suddenly she’s cultured, deep and introspective. We should definitely hear her thoughts on postmodernism and deconstructive literature.

    The problem with all of the above is that I’m only interested in one thing out of all those three: her acting skills; of which she has none.

    She really rubs the wrong way.

  64. Ell says:

    I find Kristen interesting, I like her awkwardness, it’s who she is, she’s being real.

    I don’t think she needs advice or tips on how to become a polished celebrity when she clearly doesn’t want or need that kind of attention to feel whole.

  65. foozy says:

    Kstew only looks like awkard coz she’s never been one to dress up all girly. she’s always been in a pair of shorts and tshirt. that’s how she should dress. honestly i love her to death but i think the feminine look doesn’t really suit her. she has always been featured in movies wearing jeans. she should stick to it. it suits her. as for angelina, well i just love her to bits. she can do NO WRONG!!!!!

  66. tapioca says:

    @nnn: “She doesn’t need cheap c list undeducated friends”

    You realise you’ve just called AJ a massive snob, right?!! Because one should only deign to include in one’s social circle those of sufficient calibre…

  67. DeeVine says:

    I thought many believe KStew and RPatz fauxmance was to cover the fact that both are gay?

    So if for any reason Jolie is talking to Kstew is maybe she was hitting on her?

  68. crab says:

    @ Canuck – that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw that first picture! She definately looks f’d-up!

    And Cheynne relax woman this is a celebrity blog site where people can make fun of celebrities! Your so defensive when someone says something insulting about AJ! Sorry to tell you this but she’s a human being and she’s not perfect!

  69. manta says:

    I don’t believe it’s true. After Flight Plan, I think Kristen Stewart said several times that the person she would turn for advice would be Jodie Foster, a person who actually interacted with her in the past.I don’t see what would be the connection with Jolie.
    Not the best source but I think the original quotation was in the Hollywood reporter

  70. Crash2GO2 says:

    @manta: Maybe she changed her mind after Jodie showed herself to be supportive of Mel Gibson.

    In regards to the AJ pic with the weird eyes, they probably caught her in mid blink. I think she looks awful, but not necessarily high.