David Beckham in a slim-cut suit: not hot or suddenly James Bond?


When I saw these photos of David Beckham, I was all “JESUS, he’s never looked better.” I’m not even a Becks girl – I don’t really have a problem with him, and I don’t find unattractive, but he’s never been a lead or supporting character in my sexual fantasies. But there’s something about a nice-looking Englishman in a well-cut suit, right? Sigh…

Anyway, I had just skimmed the text on Fame Pictures and I saw something about a “testimonial” and I thought Becks was going into a courthouse to give some kind of testimony in a legal case. Turns out, not so much. I’ll let Pop Sugar explain what’s happening:

David Beckham gave a thumbs-up this afternoon as he headed inside the Old Trafford stadium to watch the home team, Manchester United, take on Juventus from Turin, Italy. Becks is in the UK with his former squad as a salute to his friend and best man, Gary Neville, who is retiring soon. David put on the Manchester jersey to play for 90 minutes with his old pal, in what’s called a testimonial.

David left Manchester in 2003, after a falling out with then-manager Alex Ferguson, and moved on to play for Real Madrid. The trip meant David missed out on traveling with the LA Galaxy as they played an away game in Houston, though his teammates didn’t mind since they understood the importance of David’s visit.

David was accompanied by his wife, Victoria, and their sons during their last visit home to England for the royal wedding in April. Victoria sent her support from afar, writing on Twitter, “Tonight is going to be an amazing night for David at Old Trafford! Great to see him in a Man. U. shirt playing with his old team mates!”

[From Pop Sugar]

If you’d like to hear a little more about testimonial games, go here, and if you’d like to hear more about this particular testimonial, go here. It’s interesting to me, because before today, I had never heard of them. Okay, now I’ll go back to objectifying Becks. So, so pretty.





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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23 Responses to “David Beckham in a slim-cut suit: not hot or suddenly James Bond?”

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  1. Disco says:

    Am I the only one that thinks he’s looking like Ricky Gervais lately??? Maybe it’s the hair? Whatever it is…it’s NOT working for me.

  2. amanda says:

    I was watching the royal wedding with my daughters and the camera kept panning to an unbelievably beautiful man. We were all ooh if that is royalty…It was David Beckham, he ws unrecongnizable in the suit.

  3. kim says:

    After seeing Jude Law in a suit, this guy dose nothing for me.

  4. Nanea says:

    Becks in a suit – pure eyecandy.

    And Becks with his shirt off… *swoons*

    I prefer him over all those British footballer chavs.

    Poor Becks’ voice though ruins everything.

  5. You don't say says:

    Sorry, but his suit does not fit at all. The jacket is too short and the pants are too tight. Not flattering to me, but I don’t think he is all that much anyway.

  6. courtney says:

    Mr Beckham has always been sexy and yes in that slim cut suit he does remind me of James Bond. only one jame bond has ever won an oscar and that was Sean Connery April 11th 1988 best supporting Actor the Untouchables

  7. Emily says:

    I totally think he is giving off some kind of Ricky Gervais -vibe!

    It´s the new hair thing he is trying.

  8. embertine says:

    David Beckham = James Bond? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    Ah, *wipes tears* best laugh I’ve had all week.

  9. ghoulish_moose says:

    His hair is so “Scott Disick” *shudders*

  10. MooHoo says:

    To Disco,

    that is so funny. I thought the same thing recently. Ricky was on The View talking about that new comedy show he is doing. He is looking pretty fit and slimmed down and I thought – David Beckham. Also, there is a pic of David touching Victorias baby tum affectionately at the royal wedding. He has a Ricky-like grin on his face. so funny that you saw this too.

  11. vanessa says:

    I love how tight his pants are around his butt and package, gives me a glimpse :D

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    Long as he keeps his mouth shut, he looks great. (A little too thin for my taste, maybe, but I don’t think I’d kick him out bed – as long as he didn’t say a word.)

  13. Brooke says:

    ugh, he’s so beautiful.

  14. Testarosa says:

    Looking great (the suit, the physique, the smile) but he’d have to keep his clothes on because his body’s covered in hideous tats (is there even any room left for the new baby’s name?). And, with that Tweety Bird voice, I somehow have trouble hearing him uttering the immortal words: “The name is Bond. James Bond”.

  15. RHONYC says:

    i hate to say this but…not hot. *gasp!*

    David should go back being a blond ’cause with his hairline reseeding and his hardening (with age) features it looks like he’s about to hit the wall in 5,4,3… :-(

  16. EdithP says:

    I totally thought it was Ricky Gervais in the pictures from the Royal Wedding. This must be stopped!

  17. Ari says:

    Dayum, he has a nice rear end

  18. Anoni Mus says:

    Love a handsome man in a nice suit. He’s looking hot! But he better keep his mouth shut, his voice ruins it all for me.

  19. Kim says:


  20. sammib says:

    oh. my . god. I love David Beckham.

  21. honeyv says:

    Never particularly liked him. This time isn’t an exception. His hair looks gross :(