Angelina Jolie in red Jenny Packham: classic sack or still tragic?


Last night was the LA premiere of Tree of Life, and Angelina Jolie found one of her beloved sacks to wear, this time in an interesting bright red. I generally like Jolie in red, but on the rare occasions when she does wear red, she often goes for a shade that I find too orange. I’d like to see her try a darker ruby, like a blue-red or burgundy/maroon. Anyway, Angelina’s dress is Jenny Packham, a designer I don’t think Jolie has ever worn before. The fit is loose and sacky and there’s a ribbon belt. It’s all… not good. But I like that she’s trying something different, I guess. As for Brad, he walked most of the red carpet with his sunglasses on, life he’s been doing for much too long, but then at some point he took them off and showed us his eyes. SHOCK.





There were some other people at the premiere, but surprisingly Sean Penn didn’t show up…? I didn’t see any photos of him if he did come. Here’s Brad’s costar Jessica Chastain. Her dress is Roland Mouret. If you wait two seasons, Victoria Beckham will be passing this dress off as her own.


Here’s Garret Hedlund! Gwyneth Paltrow said Garrett reminded her of a young Brad Pitt. Do you see it?


Brad’s friend Guy Richie and his pregnant girlfriend showed up for the premiere too. His girlfriend’s name is Jacqui, and I still can’t put my finger on who she reminds me of. Any help? She looks like somebody.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Next says:

    Overrated and overexposed. NEXT.

  2. Samigirl says:

    I thought GR’s gf was Lauren Conrad, so maybe her? I love Angelina in red. The dress isn’t fab, but the color is amazing.

  3. Addie says:

    Angie looks great!
    Don’t find the dress good or bad though, nothing really interesting about it.

    I think Guy Richie’s girlfriend looks like Kiera Knightly.

  4. Kaiser says:

    Sami – Yeah, maybe it’s Lauren Conrad. I think Waity looks like LC too.

  5. S says:

    Jennifer Esposito

  6. mln76 says:

    Great color and she looks like she rested a bit. Someone mentioned that Brad has eye problems which is why he usually wears tinted glasses…Garret Hedlund is a sweety-pie but he isn’t any where close to being a young Brad Pitt.

  7. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    *Rolls eyes at the sack comment* I have been seeing these Grecian inspired dresses for awhile yet for some reason on Angie you think this one looks like a sack. On the earlier dresses she worn when promoting Salt and The Tourist maybe you can say they were kinda of like a sack but this dress is clearly Grecian inspired. Not every single dress Angie wears is a sack and I don’t mind that Angie doesn’t wanna be in a tight dress like everyone else. BTW I think Angie looks like Christmas in this dress.

    Anyway Brad looks the best I have seen him in awhile. Looks very good. Maybe Gwen meant that guy’s acting ability and not his look because I don’t see Brad in that kid.

  8. S says:

    is the blind item in the links Rachel Weisz with Daniel Craig???? that would be exciting!!!

  9. Birdix says:

    B & A look tired- as most people would, traveling that much with 6 kids.
    As for Jacqui, maybe a little Sienna Miller around the mouth?

  10. MikeyAngel says:

    Jennifer Esposito

  11. someone says:

    Im not a Jolie fan, but I thought she looked good..and Brad looked a lot cleaner.

  12. Circe says:

    Ehn. This is not a sac. The colour looks pretty great on her, but I´d like her to go for a bit of volume once.

    Guy Ritchie´s girlfriend, at least her face, reminds me of Rose Byrne.

  13. ladybert62 says:

    Jolie’s dress is ugly – but do my eyes deceive me? did he actually shave off that nasty grungy dirty old man looking thing on his face? That is an improvement at least.

  14. Samigirl says:

    I think Waity favors LC as well.

    @S-Can you imagine a DC/RW baby? Goodness. Prettiest baby ever. That would be terribly exciting!

  15. Theuth says:

    It’s not an ugly dress, but the one she wore during the Salt promotional tour was better (probably because she had a corset which gave her more “shape”, LOL): I’ve seen her in real life, and she has such an odd body so hard to dress!
    Brad, this hair isn’t good: you don’t style a mullet parted in the middle. You just look stupid.

  16. Sha says:

    Sienna Miller

  17. lil says:

    she is wearing color, a reddish coral, now what is people going to complain about??

  18. rosa says:

    she seems so anorexic now that this awful dress might be a safe choice to hide her bones under

  19. Eve says:

    I’m digging these new colors she’s been wearing lately and she looks great here.

    Here’s Garret Hedlund! Gwyneth Paltrow said Garrett reminded her of a young Brad Pitt. Do you see it?

    Sort of…they could be brothers. Both are unattractive (in my opinion).

    His girlfriend’s name is Jacqui, and I still can’t put my finger on who she reminds me of. Any help? She looks like somebody.

    The secret love child of Keira Knightley and Heidi Fleiss.

  20. lil says:

    sorry, must be “are” instead of “is”

  21. kpist says:

    In this pic, I think Guy’s girlfriend looks like Sheryl Crowe

  22. thesea says:

    A combo of Keira Knightly and Leighton Meester in this photo.

    The dress looks like the one Katie Holmes just wore.

    Brad shaved his pedophile beard, thank goodness.

  23. Emma says:

    Guy Ritchie’s girlfriend looks exactly like Keira Knightley to me! Only not so emaciated.

  24. GeekChic says:

    There are some overused phrases on this site, like “sack dress” and “bangs trauma.” Not every dress this woman wears is a sack, and not every person who has bangs is traumatic. I think she looks nice, personally, and this dress really doesn’t seem remotely sack-like. Maybe it’s time to get some new catchphrases?

    P.S. I’m sorry if this is unnecessarily bitchy. My dog Stan died unexpectedly yesterday and I’m completely crushed. As a result, my sense of social appropriateness has gone out the door. :(

  25. mln76 says:

    @Geekchic so sorry to hear that :(

  26. bella says:

    minka kelly

  27. Jen wind says:

    I think the dress would look better on her if she had a little more meat on her bones. A little more stuffing to fill it out!

    Brad looks horrible. He should have left the glasses on!

  28. Miss Marie says:

    My 62 year old boyfriend looks a lot better than Brad. The problem with many of those in the Hollywood culture don’t realize the after affect of botox. Your face muscles get lazy and when you are “in between” shots, your face is in worse shape than ever. Think “muscle atrophy” and it will make sense – use it you lose it! I can’t wait to see these folks in ten years. They’ll have to keep up the shots or else look haggard and older than their contemporaries. Shock! Or just common sense?

  29. Cheyenne says:

    Not altogether crazy about the design but the color is gorgeous.

    Brad looks a bajillion times better without the fuzz.

  30. serena says:

    Jacqui reminds me of our beloved and always anorexic Keira (I guess it’s her face).

    Anyway I love that she’s trying something different. A red sack, yay!
    FINALLY Brad shaved his junk.. he looks so good without those freaking glasses.. sigh*

  31. Laura says:

    Love her dress. Love Brad. Sigh…

  32. apsutter says:

    That dress is not good which is unfortunate because Jenny Packham designs some great stuff…her designs are always so pretty.

  33. gee says:

    She looks like Jennifer Esposito.

  34. Addie says:

    @Geekchic.Sorry for your loss
    I think all pet owners/animal lovers can simpathise and relate.

  35. Victoire says:

    WOW ! Beautiful… Most beautiful woman on earth =)

  36. Eve says:

    @ GeekChic:

    P.S. I’m sorry if this is unnecessarily bitchy. My dog Stan died unexpectedly yesterday and I’m completely crushed. As a result, my sense of social appropriateness has gone out the door.

    There was no need to excuse yourself here because the site’s name, writers and posters are usually bitchy anyway. I mean, bitcheness is expected here. Let alone considering the fact your dog died. I hope you’ll feel better soon (and no, I’m not saying the pain will wane anytime soon or ever, it’ll probably change its form).


  37. CC says:

    Jacqui looks like the love child of Rose Byrne and Keira Knightley

  38. Crash2GO2 says:

    Aw, GeekChick, so sorry to hear about Stan. :(

    “There are some overused phrases on this site, like “sack dress” and “bangs trauma.”” Can I just ad ‘cracked-out’ to that list?

    The color is gorgeous on Angie and wakes her up a little. She looks like a beautiful grim reaper (sorry). I do have to wonder about Brad’s influence now, because as others have pointed out, all of his past loves were at their thinnest while with him. I had a boyfriend like that once and it was brutal. I could never be too thin for him, no matter how far the bones in my chest stuck out. AJ has had a tendency toward’s weight loss and he seems to like them very thin. That combination *might* be wreaking havoc on her health.

  39. LittleMissSunshine says:

    Garret reminds me of a young Kevin Connolly.

    I don’t love the dress. But I don’t really see what the fuss is about Angelina.

  40. Fifthpocket says:

    Guy Ritchie’s girlfriend looks like a cross between Jennifer Esposito and Keira Knightley.

  41. clare says:

    Marie #28 – A woman I know said the same thing about botox. Horrid after effects if used a lot.

    The red really looks pretty on Angelina,imo.

    I’m going with the poster who said GR’s girlfriend looks Sheryl Crow-ish.

    The guy who is said to look like young Brad Pitt – hmm, I don’t know, his head shape, though, reminds me of Russel Crow.

  42. Ria says:

    this is good. this is a stunning shade of red and the design looks great on her

  43. umabrasileira says:

    Jennifer Sposito.

  44. Lukie says:

    Brooke Mueller.


  45. halie says:

    If this is the most beautiful then what the hell is Monica Belluci or Charlize Theron?

  46. Yessiiirrreee says:

    Tragic. She is way to thin. The dress just hangs on her…

    I remember how thin Jennifer Aniston was at one time. As well as Gwen.. Does he make these women end up with an eating disorder??

    Guy’s wife, resembles Sheryl Crow.

  47. e says:

    Lukie I agree. She reminds me a lot of Brooke.

  48. Eileen says:

    I’m not a big AJ fan-but she looks gorgeous here. Glad to see her in some color and the gown helps her not look like a skeleton.

  49. Praise St. Angie! says:

    GeekChic, so sorry for your loss.

    re: the dress…FINALLY, a COLOR! she does look good in red but I agree with Kaiser that it’s a little too orange-y for my tastes. Her coloring would look better with a darker red.

    other than that, I like the dress – I like the filmy/gauzy stuff at the top.

  50. Melissa says:

    It looks like Angelina Jolie had some sort of procedure done to make her hands and arms look less veiny.

  51. Disbelieving says:

    AJ’s hair is getting zero nutrition.

  52. katiemarie says:

    Has Brad messed with his hairline or something? his hair looks more full around his forehead, or maybe the color is darker. I love the Jolie’s dress, she looks gorgeous.

  53. DGO says:

    I actually think she looks a lot better than she has lately.

  54. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Melissa: Unfortunately there is no procedure for that (I have those veins myself). It has to do with how close to the surface of your skin your blood vessels lie, how hot or cold you happen to be at any given time, and also your blood pressure. If it is low (as mine most often is) your vessels are dilated and more obvious.

    I only say unfortunately because so many (here) seem to think seeing veins is unattractive. At least it makes me easy to stick. :)

  55. KsGirl says:

    I quite like the dress, although I agree a bluer-red would have looked better. I also have to notice that Jolie has recently had some facial work (fillers, maybe some well applied, subtle botox, not actual surgery recently) done – I’ve said this before, but she is clearly working with the best people, she doesn’t look ‘done’ at all, just slightly softer and fuller (in the face). Someone above mentioned that she looked rested – yep, that’ll be great work. And just FYI, I believe they ALL do this, so it isn’t a slam on AJ in particular.

  56. Julie says:

    She looks like a tired, burned out junkie. And she doesn’t get a pass in my book just because she happens to have been beautiful, b4 the junk she uses wasted her away.

  57. Eve says:

    It looks like Angelina Jolie had some sort of procedure done to make her hands and arms look less veiny.

    Is that even physically possible? Because if such thing can actually be done, I want one (for my hands — veiny since I was a little girl).

  58. lucy2 says:

    I like the color, but don’t care for the dress itself.
    Sorry to hear that GeekChic. :(

  59. original kate says:

    @ geekchic: i am so sorry about your doggie. it will get better, it just takes time.

    as for angie, i dunno. i like the dress and actually think it is less sack-like than she normally wears. but she is way too thin, IMO.

  60. Sumodo1 says:

    Um, Ange? What happened to your tits? Breast implants removed?

  61. B says:

    I read a comment from some other site that made me lmao. It was ” brad looks like Lorenzo Lamas ” lol

  62. Melissa says:

    Actually I just looked it up and there are treatments. Sclerotherapy and other laser treatments. Also there was something about natural vein removal treatments that can be found in drugstores for about $10. Other topical treatments, such as Dr. Perricone’s Anti-Spider Vein formulas. (For those who don’t want to pay thousands I guess, but probably with much less instant gratification).

  63. guesty says:

    She looks good in red…but the dress is just wrong.

  64. cbnagrl says:

    @Geekchick…..*hugs* I could care less about this post but I read the comments to satisfy my inner bitch and when I read yours, I just had to express my sympathy. I’m sad for you and I hope the memories keep you warm at least :( btw Brad looks terrible….old and greasy. She really is just sucking the hot right out of him….ewww

  65. futureperfect says:

    She looks lovely in red. Undecided about the dress. It’s the ribbon…

    Yes, you can get procedures to have the appearance of veins minimized. I think it’s called venoplasty. I know it involves injections.

    EDIT: @Melissa is right — sclerotherapy. My mom had it. It works.

  66. Dhavy says:

    @greek chic-I’m sorry for your loss. I’ll be devastated if something to my Coco without notice.

    Love the color not the dress. Maybe if she picked up her hair the entire package would look better?

    Guy’s girlfriend looks like a blonde Heidi Fleiss IMO

  67. lilred says:

    @GeekChick: So sorry for your loss I lost my girl a few years back and knowing her she was waiting at the gates of doggy heaven for your Stan to show him around.

  68. Mingy says:

    @Geekchic I’m SOOOO sorry about your dog. How old was he??

    Angelina looks pretty, but I dont like her dress very much..Brads looks sexy again…

  69. Dudette says:

    Love, love the colour. She looks really good in this shade of red. And it’s not a ‘sack dress’ at all. Perhaps it isn’t just Brad that needs the glasses?

  70. Emily says:

    She looks to me like Leighton Meester/Minka Kelly.

  71. really says:

    Angie looks BEAUTIFUL! She needs to burp-bath -and get Brad some hair wash! Or she could just let Empress Z hose her daddy down with water.

  72. Charlotte says:

    She looks gorgeous, not sacky at all

  73. olivia says:

    I think Ritchie’s gf looks like jennifer esposito.

  74. whybenice says:

    I think Jacqui looks like Kim Raver who plays Dr. Teddy Altman on Grey’s Anatomy.

  75. Isa says:

    Obviously she read my comment on her last dress and took my advice! haha.

    For serious, she looks awesome! I love the color! I disagree that it looks like a sack. I think she is too beautiful to spend all her time in neutral colors, especially black.

    I think Guy’s girlfriend looks like Jennifer Esposito too.

    Geekchic-So sorry for your loss!!!

  76. munchies says:

    angelina may be thin but i like it on her. she got also that greatest glowing skin in HW. i hope she can share her beauty secrets.
    an brad, good thing he cleaned up and shaved that nasty beard.

  77. sandip says:

    Love the dress, casual feel but dressy. They both look SoCal relaxed.

  78. Canuck says:

    Has this pic been photoshopped? There is some major ear weirdness going on with AJ in it.

  79. sandy#1 says:

    the goddess is back, like so many other colors this works for her, Jolie looks stunning in red, and brad Pitt looks fantastic also, what a beautiful couple, GR girl looks like Jennifer esposito

  80. N.D. says:

    You wouldn’t want to use sclerotherapy on your main vessels if you don’t want to end up losing your limbs or worse. It’s for secondary vessels that cause problems like varicose or thrombuses. They (vessels) die after the procedure.

  81. Ari says:

    Brad’s Tom Brady hair is not working – its annoying the hell out of me but glad he shaved. Angelina looks good but I agree that she should have done an up sweep it would have looked tons better overall.

  82. Dominique says:

    Guy Ritchie’s girlfriend looks like Whitney Port from ‘The Hills’.

  83. halie says:

    The “glow” is result of a face lift. Look at her neck when she turns her head

  84. lrm says:

    I have noticed that AJ consistently looks happier/relaxed/healthier, in premiers in L.A. Maybe b/c she is at home there? Or hasn’t had to travel far? Home makes her feel better….

    Otherwise, as others have said, she looks best when doing her charity work, in candids for that, etc. I think the pics with her kids are almost always PR, and so she seems slightly stressed. Though no doubt she is ultra happy at home with them, too.

    Just look back through LA premier photos and see how much more vibrant she looks than at any other locale for a premeire…even cannes.

    Anyway, red looks good on her; I dont think this piece is all that sack like, for some reason. I like the belt-simply,elegant almost home-made looking but it works. Bright colors do wonders.

  85. Charlotte says:

    Love the color, hate the design. She looks so sickly! Her hairstylist has tried so hard to tease her hair up at her crown, but it’s still so limp and lifeless. Remember when she just had so much vitality? What is she doing to herself? Or not doing? Brad looks weird. It’s like no matter what he does he looks like he’s bloated and dirty. Why oh why? They both used to be so beautiful.

  86. Crash says:

    She looks like Minka Kelly (In the face. I know Minka is usually a brunette.)

  87. Charlotte says:

    I really love the aqua dress on Brad’s costar. Really pretty.

  88. bluhare says:

    @geekchick: Losing someone is hard enough but unexpectedly is arguably worse. Worse for us, but hopefully not for Stan. My horse dropped in his paddock three years ago (a week after a fabulous vet report), and I couldn’t get there before the vet left and they euthanized him (with my ok) before I could get there. I still cry about that sometimes. BUT what helped me was thinking that it was awful for me but I couldn’t argue that for Auggie it was a great way to go. Ate breakfast, went out to pasture, dropped and was dead within two hours on a nice day. Shit, I’m crying now. But god bless you and Stan. It will get better . . . really!

    PS But coming on here and getting your inner snark on really helps!

  89. k says:

    It took me a while to catch on, but I believe Kaiser deliberately overuses “sack dress” and “bangs trauma” to both semi-snark at herself but also goad us on.

    Anyway, it doesn’t look Grecian to me; more boring prom. Or, yeah, kinda sack-like. But the color is nice. She CAN wear a sack and still look thin, so I still hate her.

    Doe VB really steal other ppl’s designs? That bums me out.

  90. bluhare says:

    @k89 (can’t read it all, sorry): I love VB’s designs, I do, but I have to admit her stuff’s a lot like L’Wren Scott’s. I love that look — ladylike sexy. But I WISH I had the money for one of VB’s bags. They’re great. Classic and elegant, but a lot like a combo of Valextra and Hermes (I hope I got Valextra right; I always think of Valtrex when I see it!).

  91. Kim123 says:

    Next “Overrated and Overexposed “yet you can’t stay away .That’s why they are overexposed people who can’t stand them are fixated on them as much as us fans.Keep up the good work keeping them in the limelight. So let’s see one week she has breast implants the next she has them removed GMAB. I think she looked better in Cannes .

  92. Charlotte says:

    I hate to keep talking just to prove a point but I wanted to ask everyone if they remember her promotional photos at Cannes clear back when she was doing A Mighty Heart. She had on a brown blouse and grey pencil skirt. She was overly thin then too, but her hair was incredibly thick and healthy. And her skin looked much better. I also remember lots of shots of her pre-brad, and she was absolutely breathtaking. She looks like a shell of her former self now. I understand that people age, and that kids will make you tired, but I don’t think thata 35 year old woman should look like she’s in her late forties, especially if said woman is a hollywood starlet with nannies, chefs, trainers and stylists. She could easily treat her skin and hair issues. She takes months off between her jobs. Her nannies could watch the kids while she goes on a trip or at least catches a long nap. There’s something going on that’s making the both of them look much older and used up than just having children. My mother had five kids and a stressful home life. She never had a nanny and was almost delusional about making sure she home cooked every meal for us. She was always a little bit on the thin side. She’s 52. And she looks healthier than Angelina does here. I’m sorry but I think there’s more to their story than we’re hearing about.

  93. Isa says:

    Love Jessica’s dress. Angie looks nice, tired but nice.

  94. GoofPuff says:

    I love her in this dress. I’m so starved for color on her. It actually looks good on her, but I still think she is too thin. One of the photos not on this site has a side view and OMIGOD its like she vanishes. But she looks beautiful nonetheless. Good that they decide to be a couple and attend one premiere for the film that needs more attention. KungFu Panda 2 will be a hit regardless of her attending her own premiere in NY.

  95. Kiki says:

    She looks like Madonna

  96. gloaming says:

    Re- Guy Richies girlfriend

    I’m thinking Kristen Cavaleri or whatever from The Hills

  97. Joe's Mom says:

    I think AJ and her dress and the color look great. She is thin, but no thinner than Kate Middleton, who oddly everyone seems to think looks perfectly wonderful.
    GeekChic: I am truly sorry about the loss of your poor dog. What a painful and sad shock it must be for you right now.

  98. Eve says:

    @ Bluhare:

    PS But coming on here and getting your inner snark on really helps!

    I was going to say that!

    GeekChic, the “escapism can be smart” can also mean “escapism can help easing the pain” too! In my case (today) it’s more like “escapism will probably make me fail my Criminal Law’s test tonight”.

    Again, hugs.

  99. lu says:

    I like it, red is her color.
    I dont know what people have against her clothing choices, i like most of what she wears but then i dont know anything about fashion. When i am watching fashion police i see some ugly outfits, but they love it.

  100. gloaming says:

    Can I just add some good wishes to GeekChic.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  101. Eve says:


    I meant “escapism can help ease the pain”.

  102. Maritza says:

    I love it when Angelina wears color, she looks fabulous! Now if only she would wear something printed…

  103. Ginger says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the bow on A. Jolie’s dress but other than that I think its one of the best looks she’s had on the red carpet recently. She looks very pretty.

    However, I absolutely love that blue dress Jessica Cashtain is wearing. If only I had the lifestyle where wearing fancy dresses was practical and appropriate…

  104. Rena says:

    Geek chic , having gone through this a few months ago, know how you feel and it will get better.

    Charlotte, how can you say what you did about some addiction without one iota of proof? Angelina was never an addict, she used drugs like MANY have and do but stopped, and she owned up to this long ago. She has 6 kids, is a very hands on parent as is Brad, something you do not want to acknowledge. They are raising their kids, of course have help, but they do not give their kids over and just go about their lives. They are seen out with their kids without any assistants most of the time unlike many celebs who have nannies with just a single kid.

    Both Brad and Angelina work hard and are respected in their profession, they are not out drunk, not in jail, not in rambling videos on the
    web (you know signs of addicts?). Neither should be accused as you did without any proof, and you offered none.

    He is 47, only 3 years from 50, and looks like a handsome Dad with 6 kids 9 and Under who looks a little tired at times.

    She looks like a beautiful almost 36 year old Mom of 6 with a busy career who puts her family first even if it means she looks a little tired at times.

    Being hands on parents seems more important to them than putting themselves and their looks
    first as many do. That is all that seems to matter to shallow you.

    So tired of silliness and empty air from a few as to this couple who are living their chosen life as well as they can.

  105. Cheyenne says:

    Love them or hate them, the Brange are the only people that can generate over 100 posts on this site within 6 hours of a new thread.

  106. Kim123 says:

    Charlotte . Yes she is very thin as she was when she was filming Changeling. I really don’t know what skin and hair issues you are referring to. As evidence by their appearance in candid shots neither one seems to care about being beautiful and/ or fashionable. They appear to me to be very low maintenance.Maybe doing charity work, traveling to Cannes(I read they do about 100 3 minute interviews in a day) Germany(to meet with wounded soldiers) in addition to 3or 4 UN trips this year ,raising her kids, editing her film takes priority over facials for her .Hell ,maybe being called Evil, Bad mother, cheater,having your children being called racist and anti gay names etc every week for the last 6 years in the media(tabloids,internet)or being harassed by the paparazzi has taken a toll. I doubt your mother has to deal with those issues.There are many advantages ,which you mentioned in your comment, to being a movie star on that level but a few disadvantages.Like all the nasty vile comments you read on some gossip sites about her .It’s pointless to compare AJ to your mother or anyone else for that matter IMO.

  107. almond says:

    @ Cheyenne Too true. I went browsing on other sites an hour or so go and when I came back there were already over 100 posts. Guess mine just added to that.

    They are interesting people for whatever reason. The most notable thing is that no one is indifferent to them. They have star-power.

    and to meet the quota of bitchiness, Angie looks entirely too thin, with bones and sinew and veins being entirely too visible for a healthy look. Brad looks… odd, in a greasy, dubious kind of way; like he wants to tell me about this great deal on secondhand hot-rods.

  108. almond says:

    I cheated the system; yup, I got past the moderation.

  109. GeekChic says:

    Thanks so much to everyone who shared their condolences and stories. Stan has been with me for nearly 13 years and has been such a part of my life that it’s like losing an arm. He was old, but healthy, and had been completely fine when I left in the morning. When I came home and found him I just lost my shit, to put it bluntly. I’ve lost four-legged kids before, but this was just so unexpected and Stan was so special. :(

    @Bluhare, lilred, and others, I’m so sorry for the loss you’ve all experienced. Hugs to all.

  110. lil says:

    overanalising this:
    Michelle Obama has very nice arms, she probably does exercises special for them. The funny thing is that the part of her arms from her hands to the elbow are very much thinner than the rest, from the elbow to the shoulder. And she is no small delicate girl. She’s pretty normal and a tall lady.
    It seems Angelina is like Michelle in a way. She does not store much fat in her arms and lower part of her legs. Her thighs are larger than her calves.

    Maybe not many people are like that, most get obese and bigger. She claims to be very active, and having a quite large family and busy life, even when she does not work every day must be tiring.

    Her chest is not as bony as other celebs, but she does not have a petite frame, like lets say the current girl from Nikita, or maybe Kelly ripa are slim.
    Maybe in the moding world there ae more girls like her… celebs… I can’t think of anyone really. Hate to name her, but Paris Hilton is also slim, but does not have small bones either. Sso, when they get thinner, they seem bony, but maybe their weight is not bad. They just have skinny limbs.

  111. Solveig says:

    I was expecting something worse, but it’s a nice dress and the colour suits her. That dark ribbon ruins the outfit, tho, it makes her look like a wrapped Christmas pack.
    As for the movie, as a fan of Malick’s works, I’m pretty disappointed. It lacks any sense of unity, and the score is too loud, the montage is the worst part of it all. :(
    As for Pitt (in the movie), well, at least this time his constipated look is there for a reason (not that Malick has filmed him in the toilet, eh), though many times I’d would have slapped his inexpressive face.
    More Penn, less Pitt!

    PS: Guy’s girlfriend looks like a mix of Kate Middleton of Cambridge Whatever and Patsy Kensit (Lethal Weapon 2).

  112. Gal says:

    I love that she’s wearing a color, but as another posted said she does look like she’s in her 50′s. She is not aging well. She is much too thin.

  113. Catherine says:

    Wow, she looks so elegant and gorgeous. Love love love.

  114. Camille says:

    Guys new GF reminds me a little of Kiera Knightley (sp).

    I think the Brange look great. I don’t care that much for the style of AJ’s dress (although she does have the shoulders for it), but I love the colour on her. YAY FOR IT NOT BEING BEIGE OR BLACK (although in all honesty I don’t mind her in black lol).
    She is stunningly beautiful, who cares what she wears.

    Brads hair isn’t great, but for a middle aged man- nearing 50! he looks gorgeous. He still has that hot body by the looks of it. No middle aged spread there :lol: .

    I wonder if other thin/skinny women such as Twiggy or Audrey Hepburn got as much hate for not being what people consider the ‘right weight’. Or got accused of being drug addicts. Hmmm..
    I don’t see any ‘scary bones’ or ‘corpsey looking’ on AJ (if she is, then that is one sexy zombie lol), but if I start seeing chest bones sticking out everywhere, then I will start to worry.

    However her weight and whatever she does behind closed doors is NONE of my business.

  115. luls says:

    The red color is flattering. Angie always looks good in bright, head-turning colors. But the rest of it sux! Especially the ribbon!
    Brad looks really rough without his shades on :(

    And Guy’s GF looks like a cross between Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller.

  116. skilo says:

    Brad is looking lost like Benicio del Toro these days only blonder. He is so gross to me now and has been for a long time. I’ve never liked her at all. I think one of the reasons she is aging so badly is because of how thin she is after a certain point it works against you.

  117. esblondie says:

    That Jacqui chick kind of reminds me of Liz Phair…and someone else, but I cannot put my finger on it either.

  118. dr.bombay says:

    I do think it’s clearly “sack-like”.

  119. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:


    I’m so sorry for your loss!! I hope you’re getting all the support you need through this tough time. Stan was really lucky to have someone who loved him a ton…so please be as bitchy as you need to be on this site!

    In regards to AJ’s dress….I think she looks really good here. Love the color and I love the style of dress she’s wearing. I probably wouldn’t like the dress if she wore it in tan or black…but the red is very nice.

  120. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:


    My hands and feet are veiny too! But I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I have absolutely NO meat on my hands or feet (that really sucks in soccer when someone steps on you and you get automatic bone contusions).

    I give Angie a pass on her veiny hands (and probably veiny feet too)…but I will NOT give her a pass on her awful, awful accents she uses in movies :)

  121. Kim says:

    The dress is pretty & the color is amazing on her. She needs to wear more color.

  122. Runs with Scissors says:

    same old hyperbolic bullshit from the same people who hate to see these two happy.

    “My 65 year old boyfriend looks better than Brad Pitt!” lol, ok, dear whatever you say.
    “Angie looks like she’s in her 50s!!!!” Oh, she’s just a skeleton!!! ZOMG, that evil Brad Pitt, he must be making her this way!! She must be a drug addict!! boob implants, no, boob implant removal, face surgery, fillers (it’s just really good work, so that’s why it’s not really noticeable!! *wink* forget the facts, let’s just pile on!

    118 comments and counting, this woman clearly fascinates a LOT of people.

  123. Anna says:

    Angie looked gorgeous as usual. Never even noticed the Pitt.

  124. Solveig says:

    She’s skeletal because she’s an addict. See, the third picture, she’s injecting heroin in her veins! in front of all those people! Even Lou Reed wouldn’t have done a thing like that in his old addiction days.
    *I seriously thought that she was posing with a wax statue of Pitt in the first picture.*

    @Melissa (62) those procedures are for capillaries not for huge vessels/veins. I have the same problem as Aj due to low blood pressure and few meat on my bones, but fortunately it affects only my hands and lower forearm.

    @GeekChik, I’m sorry for your loss, but surely he was a loved dog.

  125. DD says:

    Angelina looks good. The hair is a little limp. I think it is an extreme exaggeration to say that she looks like she is in her late 40′s. Truthfully though she is too thin for her bone structure and it does affect her looks somewhat.
    I think she needs to lay off the holding her head up too high pose, because it looks way too garish with her skeletal frame.
    Brad is just bleh. He is looking nastier, although I must admit he looks better here than the last two events we saw pictures of.

  126. usagichan says:

    @Camille – Audrey Hepburn actually battled anorexia all throughout her life.

    I can’t really say what’s going on with Angelina but if she does suffer from an eating disorder of some sort, shouldn’t we pity her instead of vilify her?

    I wish she’d go back to wearing leather. Let your inner badass come out Angie!

  127. fallen says:

    Garret is so cute! I like Angelina in that color.

  128. Lucy says:

    AJ looks gorgeous…she is no thinner than any other hollywood star…they are all skinny…brad is looking a little tough (and I love me some brad) I was thinking how paul newman and robert redford were the sex symbols of their day, like clooney and pitt are today, and how redford aged really badly and newman looked great even though he was older…well I think pitt is aging like redford and clooney is aging like newman…clooney looks fantastic for his age!

  129. Zara says:

    Oh Angie… for the love of your 6 children,please start taking better care of yourself. I think the most telling thing about these pictures are her eyes…they look dead. As a former avid and now sporadic fan, I wonder what is really going on with her. If she’s not doing drugs again, then she must be suffering from some kind of mental illness. I wonder if she suffers from bipolar disorder that has been exacerbated by the chaos of her life since getting together with Brad.

    On another note, her body type is similar to Kelly Bensimon; thick waist, flat butt and long legs, except in Kelly’s case she works out so her legs are more shapely. Angelina’s body is kinda like SpongeBob Square Pants right down to the stick like arms and legs.

  130. wifeyskarsgard says:

    The color is gorgeous on her, the design is OK. I do agree I want to see her in a maroon or a burgundy colored dress. I think it will look great on her!!!!

  131. mary simon says:

    ok color – still a a sack with a belt

  132. nnn says:

    Color of Angie’s dress is great, fabric is ok, nor pretty nor ugly.

    I don’t want to be that picky, but i think Brad should have made sure that his shoes were nicely polished if he wanted to dress nicely.

    It looks neglected.

  133. lisa says:

    Beautiful woman.. no matter what she is wearing.

    I love that she doesn’t seem to give a shit that people like or don’t like her fashion choices. She wears what she likes.

    nothing wrong with that.. especially since she is never asking anyone opinion.

    They really look happy together.

    Good for them.

  134. Katherine M. says:

    Sorry about your loss, Geekchic.

    I find lots of these posts laughable. A face life at 35? Don’t make me guffaw. When have you even seen her face needing one? You don’t just get a face lift for the hell of it. Please stop with these silly comments about how you can discern all these ridiculous things from some photos. Jolie has always had a more mature face which some people mistake for looking old. She does not look old. She looks like a woman in her mid 30s who has laugh lines and forehead lines when she laughs or makes a facial expression.

    I am also sick to death of this talk of drug addiction and the fervor with which Jolie’s detractors spread it wherever they post. Nothing about Jolie suggests such a thing. Something is wrong though with women who seem to take delight in spreading such stories. Perhaps some ladies here have no expereince with recreational drug use but I witnessed a lot of it and there were many people I know who dabbled for a number of years without becoming addicts. Some people will never want her to be healthy or happy or talented or a good parent or partner or anything except the worst things they can think of. Then they conjure up stories, “read” photographs and make up things to support their fantasies of a wicked witch. And sadly these are mostly grown women.

    That dress looks lovely on Jolie and the material has a nice flow to it. Likewise with Jessica Chastain’s dress. Brad had to shave because he is reportedly doing more work on Moneyball. He may not be able to trim his hair until they know he is completely through with his other more recent film.

    The only think I can be bitchy about is I didn’t like her shoes. I also noticed her forehead a bit bumpy which for her is rare – she always has perfect skin and reports of those who see her in person confirm this. That could easily be caused by her recent increase in work related events where she has to wear facial make-up.

  135. foozy says:

    she looks just great!!!!

  136. Kitty_Cal says:

    To me Angie isn’t the problem in these photos. That title goes to Brad. He looks like aging Euro trash afraid to let go of its once vibrant youth. I think it’s that awful hair style coupled with the douchy sunglasses and that suit. The suit on its own isn’t bad but coupled with the shades and hair? Bleugh…

  137. Cheyenne says:

    @Zara and usagichan: Your concern for Angie’s well-being is sooooooo touching. :roll:

    Angie put her “inner badass” behind her before she ever met Brad. I don’t think she misses it nearly as much as you do. It’s called growing up. You should try it sometime.

  138. CCollins says:

    A cleaned up, young Heidi Fleiss

  139. fwozbo says:

    Brad over did the hair plugs, too much hair, but if I was a guy and going bald I would buy some more hair too.

  140. blasted1 says:

    Angie is a 4 alarm fire in that great dress! Keep the hot colors coming, you beautiful thing, you! Only 1 more thing would make her the most beautiful woman on earth…10 lbs. I love Angelina Jolie!

  141. CandySandy says:


    Mixture of All SAints Singer Nicole Appleton and (in an good angle;-) a bit like Sharon Tate…….

  142. blahblahblah says:

    I think Guy’s girlfriend looks like a blond Kate Middleton.

  143. lisa says:

    When did Brad ever go bald. Never understood the comments about hair plugs. Seriously the same silly comments when he was wearing his hats all the time

    I guess some people have an awful uneventful life. they must sit for hours pouring over ever inch of pictures seeing things that don’t exist.

    Brad is not bald nor has he ever been. He has a full head of hair. Why is that an issue.

    I am a huge JP fan, and I think Angie should gain a few pounds. Her weight goes up and down. She has always been thin. don’t know what pictures other see. But she is still amazingly beautiful. Not many women could pull that off.. So I too am hoping for 10+ pounds..

  144. Yibis says:

    Brooke Mueller! (without the crazy eye)

  145. Eugene says:


  146. Fran says:

    @Kaiser she reminds me of Olivia Palermo..just healthier.

  147. fiona says:

    guys g/f is a kristin cavallari bred with sienna miller mix

  148. Charlotte says:

    @the fans: I never said outright that she’s an addict. She has admitted to being a heroin user, and I think the recovery rate is something like 2%. If she’s one of those 2% ers, that’s great. I never said she wasn’t or isn’t a very pretty lady. She is. But it’s not an exaggeration to say that she looks at least 10 years older. I’m not claiming to know what she’s doing. I just believe we don’t know the full story. And if you look at pictures of her from 2007, she looks entirely different. Her hair is thicker, shinier, her skin is more luminous, and she seems more happy. At kim123: you have a good point, in that she deals with a lot of drama aimed at her in the media. But you can’t have it both ways. Most of you claim she doesn’t care what people think of her. But when she looks a mess, you claim that she’s exhausted and emotional based on what others are saying. Sorry, I don’t understand that one. Bottom line is that she’s got every resource in the world at her feet to help her, and she looks more worn out than many regular moms with no help. I’m sorry that my puzzling over that is offensive. I just hope she gets the help she needs, whatever that is.

  149. Camille says:

    @lisa #144: ITA with *everything* you said.

  150. mellie says:

    I love Angie’s dress. It looks good on her and she wears it well. No matter what Angelina wears nowawdays, she looks fantastic. She should wear this designer all the time because the clothes are tailor-made for Angelina.

  151. kasper says:

    she actually looks good here. the colour livens up her corpse-like complexion. the dress, while a sack, covers up her shriveled legs. brad also finally shaved – another fashion milestone for this couple. that being said, the “little rascals” look for his hair does not work for a man of his age. it makes him look like a greasy hillbilly, which is a little too close to his roots for comfort.