Lamar Odom’s ex: he never sees his kids but wants them on his reality show

We last heard from Lamar Odom’s longterm ex girlfriend in late 2009 when his new wife, Khloe Kardashian, was bragging about her close personal relationship with Lamar’s two children, Destiny, 12, and Lamar Jr., 8. Lamar’s ex Liza Morales said that Khloe hadn’t even met her son and that it was untrue that she had “bonded” with Destiny because they’d only met once for fifteen minutes.

That wasn’t the first time that Liza had spoken out about Lamar’s relationship with Khloe. She told the press back in September of 2009 that she heard about Khloe and Lamar’s wedding through a text message and that she “thought it was a joke at first.” Liza said that she was just discussing a reconciliation with Lamar in August a few weeks prior to his wedding to Khloe and that he had been a “commitment phobe” in their relationship of over a decade.

Liza gave another interview to OK! Magazine recently, and she told them that Lamar hasn’t seen his two children in months but that he’s still pressuring her to allow them to appear on his reality show with Khloe. OK! must be pissed that the Kardashians haven’t given them any exclusives lately. Or maybe they didn’t want to pay their fee.

During the years he spent with Liza, Lamar’s fidelity was always an issue, explains an insider, who explains that they split in 2008 when Liza discovered he was in a serious relationship with another woman. Despite their painful breakup, Liza moved to L.A. so the kids could get to know Lamar. “He promised he would straight up as a dad,” Liza explains, “But for a period of 11 months, he saw the kids about five times. So I moved back to New York, where we have other family.

Now, Destiny and Lamar Jr. fly out to L.A. every Christmas to visit, but Liza says that Lamar rarely sees them the rest of the year. “Financially, Lamar has always been very giving,” Liza tells OK! “But as a father, he has been very inconsistent.”

Recently, Khloe and Lamar have indicated that they’d like his children to appear on their reality series. “Maybe in the summer, if we film a season when they’re out of school,” Khloe told OK! in April. This past winter, out of the blue, Lamara also petitioned a judge for more access to the kids. “With filming and Lamar’s schedule, we have to work out a better agreement,” Khloe told OK!

Although Liza wants the kids to know their dad, she doesn’t want them on TV. “I definitely am not going to allow them on the show,” says Liza. The case hasn’t been settled yet, but Liza hopes Lamar will put his children’s needs first. “I want Lamar and I to be cordial for the kids’ sake,” says Liza.

[From OK! Magazine, print edition, June 6, 2011]

I’m team kids, and that means that they stay off reality television. If Khloe has her own kids she can pimp them out like her mother has done to her whole family, but she should step off this other woman’s children. It looks like Lamar can’t be bothered with his kids either. At least he’s financially supporting them and hasn’t tried to shaft them. He’s rich, sure, but a lot of rich man have left their families high and dry.

Lamar Odom is shown launching his fragrance with Khloe, Unbreakable, on 4/4/11. They’re also shown out on 3/15/11. Her pants! Those boots! Credit:



khloe kardashian 160311

khloe kardashian 160311

khloe kardashian 160311

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  1. Blue says:

    I saw this on Bossip, she gave a Radio interview. Apparently before he married Khloe he had barely seen the kids that summer but asked for them to come to the wedding. She was pissed, then found out it was gonna be on tv and said ” hell no” I’m team kids too like just because you turned into a famewhore doesn’t mean you drag your kids into especially since you don’t see them and wanna act like you’re a good father, but from the sounds of it he’s not. Ughh he makes me mad, reminds me of my daughter’s father, only seen her twice but since he pays support then that’s enough. Grrr!

  2. What the diggins is happening to her breast 3 photo’s down? I am so bored of the Kardashian family and all the associated clap trap. Tv reality shows please stop!

  3. Slim Charles says:

    In the third pic, is that the double-sided tape pulling her book skin? Ouch!

    When I look at the photo of the three of them together, they look just like the SNL sketch!

  4. Blue says:

    Also Khloe made me mad because she sd she wanted to get pregnant because Lamar really wants kids. Wtf. He already has 2 living (1 unfortunately died) I know she didn’t mean it like that but it sounds awful. Like she’s dismissing them, someone also pointed out that they show no pics if his kids in their home.

  5. CountryGal says:

    That third picture of Khloe and Lamar, it looks like you can see a crease in her fake boob. Gross!! Or maybe just a stretch mark, but still. Cover that stuff up, no one wants to see that.

  6. brin says:

    Can’t stand these two.

  7. tango says:

    What is the matter with people? If a man can’t be bothered to spend time with the kids he already has (even if he’s paying child support), what makes you think he’d spend any time with the kids you make togather after he moves on? Deadbeat dads, either financially, emotionally or physically, are a deal breaker for me. It’s too sad that many other people (especially women) don’t feel the same way.

    • DONNAB says:

      You would be surprised. My step-sister’s & step brother’s father didn’t have anything to do with them when he divorced their mother but he had 2 children with his new wife & he spent all of his time with them. He took them to Hawaii & spent money on them etc. But his own kids he had nothing to do with & my step-mother always had to go to court to get child support BEFORE they started to deduct it from his pay. The judge even ordered him to take his oldest daughter(my step-sister) to dinner for her birthday. They went & she said it was terrible & they never saw or heard from him again. Sad thing is he lived in the very next town. So he was a great father to his “other kids”. But not for his I guess you can say his “original” kids.

  8. Katie M says:

    This one gives me the creeps. Kids are not props. You can’t virtually ignore them for the majority of their lives, and then show them off when it’s advantageous for you. This certainly makes me think less of both of them, if that’s possible.

    @Really: Rugrats? Really? That’s rude. These are kids. They can’t help the fact that their father is a irresponsible jerk. Any woman who married their father should not have done so unless she was prepared to welcome them into her home as her own. That’s just callous and heartless.

  9. Katie M says:

    And I see her comment has been removed. GOOD! It also makes me look like I am talking to myself a little, but that’s ok! As a mom myself (married to a man who’s a great father!), I am always going to be team kids!

  10. Mimi says:

    Def Team Kids. They are young and don’t need to be pushed into the media spotlight which they are not used to. Lamar should be thankful that his childrens mother isn’t willing to pimp her kids out like Kris Jenner does. And, yes Khloe needs to back off. Those are not her kids and her opinion doesn’t really matter in this situation. And boooooooooooooooo to Lamar for being such a absentee father who only wants his kids around to help increase the ratings for his crapfest reality show. I wish his whole family would just go away. Okay, I’m done ranting now.

  11. anon says:

    @tango “Deadbeat dads, either financially, emotionally or physically, are a deal breaker for me”
    ITA you would think that would turn more women off.

  12. garvels says:

    The children’s mother seems to be the only adult that is looking out for the best interests of the children. Good for her for standing her ground.

  13. vanessa says:

    I watch their show and i never realized until today that they don’t even talk about them on there…interesting. I don’t think they should be on the show either, they’re not hers and if the mother doesn’t want her children on there, you must respect those wishes as a stepmother. And especially if it’s true that he’s not involved with them otherwise.

  14. ladybert62 says:

    Have the Kardashians never met a bra that they liked or could possibly fit them? I am so tired of looking at their huge boobies.

    This guy does not sound like a good father in any sense of the word except for money. Fatherhood is more than child support.

    I think he will stick around this family as long as they are trashy famous – when that ends, he is gone.

    Cynical I am for sure

  15. Melinda says:

    Paying for his kids is the ABSOLUTE LEAST he can do. This whole family is beyond disgusting to me. Nothing they do is genuine, it’s all just a scripted circus. Low brow and dispicable.

  16. Wow says:

    Like father like son….vicious cycle

  17. JRD says:


    I believe it’s a crease in her boob tape…but still, yuck.

  18. Rhiley says:

    These two gross me out. I hate how every one is all I hate the Kardashians but I love Khloe. She is so real. Bitch, please. I doubt she and Lamar will have their own children (not to sound mean). But I have a feeling that as soon as Lamar Odom is traded from the Lakers (and it will happen) that she will be done with Lamar Odom. That sounds a little cynical but the Kardashians are never in it for true love. They are in for image. I am just wondering who will get divorced first: Kris Jenner or Khloe Kardashian. Oh, what is their fragrance called. Sex and Candy?

  19. skibunny says:

    These people look like pure trash!

  20. anne_000 says:

    did i understand this correctly? khloe said maybe they’re see the kids if they ever film during summer?

    uh…. why not just see the kids in summer WITHOUT filming?

  21. cassie says:

    so i guess they hired 2 ramdom kids for these pics

    i like khloe more than the rest of her family but hate the way the media cut what she said. they take out half of ehat she said to make it sound bad words like other for example

    maybe they don’t talk about his kids of they show because they show is not about them and to keep them away from the press

    and i know that those pics were from last year but when is the last time you say a pic of lamar out and about or when he is not with khloe

  22. mel says:

    Lamar doesnt have a great relationship with his father so its a cyle within his family but I have seen photos of Khloe and Lamar’s kids together. It didnt look like a 15 minute photo but I wasnt there.

  23. Victoria says:

    um why does he hang with the KKK er and K..? He is blind and it shows.. Pooor kids..:( May God have mercy on his soul for abandoning his own blood for money.. OpenyoureyesOdom..+

  24. Deb says:

    I can’t blame the mother for not wanting her kids on the show. I think reality TV just messes kids up. In those last three photos, Lamar and Khloe don’t exactly look happy together either. They’re far apart and not even looking at each other.

  25. Amanda G says:

    That’s sad. I thought Lamar was a good guy.

  26. Praise St. Angie! says:

    lord…Odom has got to be one of the UGLIEST men in the NBA.

    and he plays (basketball) dirty.

  27. eternalcanadian says:

    Lamar is a bad excuse for a father. All those years he had the kids before hooking up with Khloe and becoming a fameskank on their reality show he didn’t bother to see them much. Now that he’s got all this celebrity idiocy he wants them on the show? Talk about bad parenting! Look what happened to the Gosselin kids. Total brats now that get kicked out of school and don’t know how to live life without cameras in their faces.

  28. dorothy says:

    Just lost respect for both of them. Him for being a deadbeat dad and her for wanting to marry someone that is. She really should rethink the child thing with this guy.

  29. ol cranky says:

    the “kardashians” aren’t a family, they’re a business and Odom’s children just represent another product they’d like to incorporate into their franchise

    this is just plain ugly and actually makes the Hiltons and their extended family seem slightly less repugnant

  30. anony says:

    sour grapes.

  31. Tammi says:

    Lamar is so disappointing, he dotes on Mason like he doesnt have his own children. What a deadbeat.

  32. rose80 says:

    sorry, I don’t know about this one. There are a bunch of pics of him with his kids. The issue is they are on websites that follow mainly black celebs. The ex lives in NY and he works/lives in California so obviously he isn’t going to be around his kids a lot…they are in school in you know. His ex sounds a little bitter that Khloe got the ring without popping out any children for him. But in the mother’s defense I can’t blame her for not wanting them on the show…i wouldn’t expose my kids to that either.

    • angela says:

      Seems to me someone is lying a little amd seems like it is for her 15 mins and since she has all these interviewsqqq. Q

  33. Kim says:

    Most people dont even know he has kids! And not in a good, I keep them out of the public eye way. He is a dead beat dad and a loser!!! He married the tranny for a reality show. The Lakers hould have fired his ass immediately!

    Ol’ cranky – well said

  34. hmmhmm says:

    Sixth Man Award my a**. UGH he was no where during the post season! NO WHERE. No laker showed up. A lot of laker fans are pretty annoyed with his flamewhoring days with her now.

  35. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @blue, how tragic! What happened to his child that died?

  36. Blue says:

    I don’t remember if it was a boy or girl and I hate calling kids “it” but s/he died of SIDS

  37. Cassie says:

    It was a boy. Lamar has a tattoo of his face over his heart

  38. Lupe53 says:

    @ cassie, the quote the mother made is from 2009. The pictures you refrenced are from 2010. Point being that Khloe was bragging about a relationship that didn’t exist (yet).

  39. Delao says:

    I think the mother was milking the situation. Be it either for money or attention red flags came up when she said that they had been talking about reconcilement, yeah right. Although info have to agree that itd be best to keep the kids away from the lime light. I would hope, however, that khloe would be the woman that pushed Lamar to be a better father and spend more time with his kids.

  40. PIXIE says:

    Try reading I Hate His/Her Ex by Alex Cooper – a book for anyone who needs help and advice dealing with their partner’s past relationship(s) – brilliant read! Available on Amazon or most bookstores – Kindle or paperback!

  41. Loni says:

    Okay I do think that part of this true- but this the first time I’ve heard a negative thing about Lamar. His teammates always have wonderful things to say about him. And anyways this is not true that Khloe isn’t close with his kids. I’ve seen them together many times. Whatever, I am not going to think anything negative of Odom or the Kardashians.

  42. Generally I don’t learn post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to take a look at and do so! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, quite great article.

  43. Di says:

    I very rarely comment online but I just got to in hopes that Kloe is reading these comments… ok I just gotta tell ya girl the low cut V look doesn’t do you justice -it is just not your style. It looks as though you are longer from the waist down & shorter from the waist up -this is probably why this type of look doesn’t suit you.

  44. Sarah says:

    Has anyone considered that Lamar’s ex is bitter and she is just saying things to make him look bad???

    As far as her not wanting her kids on TV…I don’t blame her. That is reasonable.

  45. DONNAB says:

    1st-the 3rd picture is the tape so her boob doesn’t fall out of her top. 2nd & more important is that LAMAR & KHLOE said on the show that they don’t want the kids on the show. They don’t want to subject the kids to the paparazzi, there were several times they mentioned his kids on the show & especially when Khloe was trying to teach Lamar how to swim, she said she was teaching him so that he can swim in the pool with his kids. I wouldn’t put too much into what a ex-girlfriend says, being a 2nd wife & step-mother myself I’ve learned that the 1st wife & biological wife are not always speaking the truth. I am NOT SAYING ALL I AM SAYING SOME. My mother was obviously the 1st wife & my biological mom & she did what she had to do for me & my sisters. After moving in with my dad & step-mother, I found out what a conniving, manipulative & liar my step mother was. I say in the past tense because they are no longer married. So there’s always 2 sides of the story & 1 person is usually always the liar. I wish they would show the kids, but I also understand that they want to protect the kids. Khloe & Lamar have also said in the past that their child will most likely not be on the show either or just special occasions like if they do a Christmas special etc. Mason’s (Kourtney & Scott’s son) is not on the show much & he’s not in the spotlight either. But he is more so now because Kourtney’s preggers again & everyone wants to get a picture of her new baby bump, & Mason’s with his Mom. I love Khloe & Lamar-I think out of everyone & Kendall & Kylie they are the most down to Earth & just good people. I hope they do have a baby of their own soon. Good luck & much love to them both!!!!!

  46. Jen says:

    IMO media can stretch and twist words and photos. Only they know the real story, it’s not us to judge what kind of father he is. And when have you ever found an ex or baby mama that didn’t have a vendetta or jealousy towards the new wife and life??? Just saying. Only god can judge.

    • q says:

      I agree as a baby mom and step mom u know kidz aren’t urs but u still treat them like urs but there r very few ex that move on positive and don’t feel lil bitter. Everyone knows they didn’t date long but that doesn’t mean they can’t make it or love each other. Everyone knows basketball players aren’t round a lot and he pays child su. pport but we don’t know what convo goes on w his ex! I’m sure h. e loves his kid s just need find balance. Unt

  47. Lisa M. says:

    It’s sad that people in the spotlight can’t have a good marriage for the onlookers,he’s a ball player,he’s probably not spending any less time with the kids than he was when he was with their mother. Does sound like Liza is a lil jealous cause she didn’t get the ring on it!!!

  48. Myra says:

    She needs to loose wait!!!! She probably hasnt had kids cause Lamar already used his loins with someone else. A god send!!!!!

  49. Courtney says:

    The ex has a serious case of jealousy! The fact that she would publicly say anything about what type of father he is! Pathetic in my eyes. Although I agree they should not be on tv!

    But other than that, she is a jealous cow who should have left him years ago instead of trying to stay on the money train!

  50. wen says:

    I´m shocked..i watch the show sometimes and i never would´ve imagined that Lamar has two kids…Kloe is always saying that shes wants to get pregnant because Lamar really wants kids…like he didn´t have already. This is very dissapointing…and i´m sure she does it on purpose..not to hurt the children but to hurt Lamar´s ex..she´s trying to send the msg that they dont count!!! Come on!!! Funny how she had to guts to tell her friend to break up with a “married man” because he has kids with another woman…and she did the same thing..sad that women can act like this and destroy families…specially relationships between parents and their children!!!