Will Pippa Middleton get her “OWN” Oprah-produced show?


This news is all over this week’s tabloids, so part of me suspects that some version of this story is true. According to sources, Oprah Winfrey is interested in giving Pippa Middleton, the sister of the Duchess of Crumpets, her own show on OWN, Oprah‘s network. As we already know, Pippa has probably already hired a PR firm to handle the interest in her and her booty. Pippa is reviewing her options, career-wise as well, although sources now claim she’s taken a secretarial position with an ex-boyfriend (who just happens to be rich and in line for a dukedom/duchy). Why wouldn’t a deal with Oprah be far off? Well, Oprah can offer away, but I doubt Pippa is truly considering it. Here’s the Enquirer’s take, with a little Barbara Walters thrown in:

PIP, PIP, HOORAY…ENCORE! I told ya the British press dubbed their Kingdom’s new sex symbol “Her Royal Hotness,” but PIPPA MIDDLETON’s latest headline nickname is “P-Middy” – and here’s how HOT she’s got:

TV queens BARBARA WALTERS and OPRAH WINFREY are secretly DUKE-ing it out over DUCHESS KATE’s baby sister in a battle royal to snag her for U.S. TV!

Sources close to Baba and O confirm that both talk-show divas are deep into hush-hush talks with Ms. Pippa-licious.

Said one insider: “Years ago, when Kate broke up with PRINCE WILLIAM briefly, Barbara tried to hire her as a ‘View’ co-host – but now she thinks Pippa’s so sassy, young and gorgeous, she’d be a fantastic fit. Ratings would be amazing!”

But infighter Oprah’s dangling a prize fit for a queen. “She wants Pippa to host her own show for her OWN network,” said a source.

“O knows it would be a great ratings coup because Pippa’s a star on fire – and Americans are so obsessed with the royals!”

So far, Her Royal Hotness is playing it cool.

“She doesn’t want to make any big decisions until Kate is back from honeymoon and settled into her new life.”

[From The Enquirer]

Well, Kate’s back from the honeymoon and now what? Oh, right. Pippa is all “Hey, so am I going to be your lady-in-waiting?” And Kate is all “Um, about that… not so much.” In Touch Weekly (via Hollywood Life) reports that Kate doesn’t want to put her little sister in the “lady-in-waiting” position because Kate thinks Pippa will overshadow her (Kate).

Talk about sibling rivalry! Kate’s broken with royal tradition and won’t be taking sister Pippa, who some are claiming will become her lady-in-waiting, on her U.S. tour!

Kate Middleton doesn’t seem to want her beautiful sister Pippa Middleton to steal the spotlight from her when she travels the United States with her new hubby Prince William in July, so Kate, 29, has banned Pippa, 27, from going on the trip. Harsh!

Kate’s decision to ban her sister — who some say will soon act as her lady-in-waiting — from the U.S. trip completely breaks with the royal tradition of an assistant accompanying a princess on all official trips.

It might be because she doesn’t want Pippa to have to rearrange her schedule, but In Touch Weekly claims it’s because Kate is jealous of Pippa’s bottom and the attention it attracts.

“Catherine and Pippa are very competitive,” royal biographer Andrew Morton tells In Touch magazine.

To make the sister jealousy situation even worse, “Oprah is making a huge play for Pippa to star in her own reality show for OWN,” a source says.

[From Hollywood Life & Jezebel]

As I said, I think Oprah might actually be offering Pippa some kind of deal or exclusive, but I doubt Pippa is seriously considering any of that. She wants to be a duchess, and duchesses don’t do Oprah (or OWN!). As for the stuff about Kate not wanting to be overshadowed by Pippa… perfectly reasonable. I gave Kate props for letting her sister wear a pretty maid of honor dress for the wedding, but sisterly love has its limits, and those limits include being overshadowed on her first official overseas trip as a duchess/princess. Canada doesn’t need to see Pippa’s lady-in-waiting knickers!




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  1. Anne de Vries says:

    But really, which pair of sisters get on well enough to be in eachother’s company that often, and with that weird power dynamic of one being in Kate’s position and the other being a ‘lady in waiting’? I don’t think many sibling relationships would survive, and it sounds very sensible to me that they don’t go for it. They need to each have their own life.

    Pippa isn’t going to go for these offers though. If she wants to marry in the circles she is dating in, she can’t be doing something as indiscrete as US talkshows

  2. really says:

    Show about what? …. how to copy my older sister Kate hopefully! Who needs a talk-show, when you can be a Duchess!

  3. Mag says:

    Wow, I really don’t understand this obsession with this non-entity. If she wants to marry into the U – they tend to stick to the tenet, “a woman’s name should appear in print 3 times in her life – birth, death and marriage”.

  4. gee says:

    I would watch her show.

  5. Micki says:

    With Pippa as lady-in-waiting there will be vulgar “news” left, right and centre. There was a journalist at the wedding who said “The Middletons are going to be iced out” I do believe it’s happening already.

  6. Carol says:

    IMO, the only true part of this story is that BW and OW want her to be on a show. I really can’t see Pippa signing on. And as for sibling rivalry? Kate is married to the future king of England; I doubt she is running around buying tabloids and counting how many pictures there are of her v. Pippa and which of them looks better.

  7. TabloidFodder says:

    honestly, is this necessary? pippa overshadowing kate on her wedding day is media hype (and jealousy). pippa should stick to her original plan and forego the shameless fame mongering. only in this day and age can someone that is average looking be declared her hotness and catapulted into celebrity because of how her ass looked in a dress!

  8. Stephie says:

    Ugh, seriously?

  9. Heather says:

    I really don’t get the fascination with this girl. What credentials does she have in order to garner her own talk show? I think she’ll really do well for herself but it’s based on who her sister married and that her parents are well-off. Aside from those things I don’t think she’d get much attention other than that normally given to an average-looking girl with a slim figure.

  10. snappyfish says:

    she seems like a lovely enough girl but as a “lady in waiting” she would be unable to be a member of the “media/press” which a show on OWN would make her.

    I seriously doubt the girl wants to follow the desperate shoes of Sarah Ferguson as non-royal media whore.

  11. Happymom says:

    I cannot imagine this is going to happen-way too tacky. She’s going to be on the same network as Fergie? No way. I also don’t get the fascination with this girl. She looked hot at her sister’s wedding-that’s it. She is plain, and really has a blah sense of style. Pippa is working on landing a wealthy, titled husband-that’s her big project.

  12. JulieM says:

    Ugh-More Wisteria Sisters propaganda. No way will Pippa do a show for Oprah or anyone. Way too cheesy. As for Pippa overshadowing Katie Kambridge; I can definitely see big sis not wanting any interference from little sis. She worked hard for her position (the only thing she worked hard for) and now that Kate’s on the inside, Pippa will be more and more on her own. No lady in waiting, no Momma Carole at the palace.

    Micki @5 is correct. Let the Middleton FREEZE begin.

  13. grazi says:

    why?This is so stupid. as there aren’t enough talentless celebrities in the spotlight, people have to create one more. For no reason whatsoever.

  14. ladybert62 says:

    A show about what exactly? How to get up, eat breakfast, walk the neighborhood, eat lunch, shop, eat dinner, watch TV, sleep?

    She does have nice legs.

  15. mary jones says:

    That outfit is awful. I am so tired of her man face.

  16. Jane Smith says:

    I don’t understand the fixation with Pippa or how people have mused that she stole the show – she is an very average looking girl who happened to have on a lovely dress for her sister’s wedding. Kate is the real beauty with her elegant features; Pippa on the other hand looks a little rough – she gets too much sun and looks like a much older, masculine version of her sister.

  17. feebee says:


  18. Patrice says:

    Now this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard all month! Oprah, you’re the QUEEN of daytime and SO much better than this!! Ugh. So this is what it’s come to. Pippa Middletion’s SISTER married someone in the royal family (she herself hasn’t done anything except merely pose for paps and EXIST so far), and suddenly that makes her so “important” that these tv stations think that people will be interested enough to tune in to what she has to say on the regular?!

    If I were Pippa, shamelessly famewhoring off of my older sister’s relationship and trying to build my own fame/carrer off of it, I would be ashamed of myself. This is literally a case of “my older sister accomplished marrying someone and I’m going to try to become famous from my association”. Sad. The royal family won’t like any of this one bit. I don’t think that Pippa realizes that the more famewhoring she does, the more cut off from her sister she will become.

  19. louise says:

    “pretty” maid of honor dress ? Don’t you mean CHEAP, VULGAR and TACKY? It was too raunchy for a wedding, let alone one that will be watched by millions all over the world.

  20. skilo says:

    I really don’t like this chick. I was tired of hearing about her the day of the wedding. I’m really sick to death of her now.

  21. Luise says:

    I agree. I am REALLY sick of her. She is a hideously tacky famewhore who looks like a dried up OLD skinned spider monkey.

  22. painterspirit says:

    This “show” would be a non-show, because the only thing she is famous for is wearing a figure-hugging dress to her sister’s wedding to the future kind of England. Then after that, all she’s been seen doing is getting photographed…walking around? I don’t get her/the fascination with her. Good body/average face…meh.

  23. beany says:

    give me a break!

  24. Shy says:

    So over it. Don’t care about Pippa. She was only pretty at the wedding. Because of the dress. Whenever she is papped – she just looks old. Way older than her actual age.

  25. Flan says:


    As if one Middleton sister is not enough from the Golddig Department, now we’re stuck with her too.

  26. eternalcanadian says:

    Well, Sarah Ferguson is on OWN. So Philippa Middleton wouldn’t be much of a stretch…



  27. alynn says:

    @ I’m with you Shy!

    Enough about Pippa already! She is Kate’s sister, so what?! She was Kate’s bridesmaid, so what? She’s not that hot anyway. What is so interesting about her seriously?! Kate is way prettier than her. Pippa is OVER RATED!

  28. Rob says:

    Is this some kind of Joke? Pippa Middleton with a Talk Show. Do we know if she can even talk, I’ve never heard her speak. I guess all it takes to get a talk show in Hollywood these days is a nice butt.

  29. Fue McCormick says:

    Pippa Middleton: Ugly outfit No. 5