Jessica Simpson put a “no cheating, y’all” clause in her pre-nup


I haven’t been paying much attention to Jessica Simpson lately. In my mind, she’s been keeping a much lower profile over the past month, and she’s been taking pains to not shove her engagement to her K-Fed in our faces. It’s been kind of nice. Now, I don’t really think these tabloid stories are Jessica’s doing at all, mostly because they make her look so… pathetic. But there are several tabloid stories this week, so either the tab editors were just bored, or there really is some trouble in gold-digger paradise. First up – a sketchy interview with Eric Johnson’s ex-wife’s aunt. The aunt believes Eric is a famewhore who is only with Jessica for the money and attention. Oh, and the aunt believes her niece (Eric’s ex-wife) is utterly blameless is everything:

Jessica Simpson does not look like an ecstatic bride-to-be – and things may only get worse! Along with a recent public meltdown over her weight struggles, Star has learned from family members close to Eric Johnson’s ex-wife, Keri, that Jessica’s future husband may not have the best intentions.

“I think Eric is marrying Jessica for all the wrong reasons,” Keri’s aunt, Laura Dangelo, tells Star. “All he is after is fame, and I think he’s probably just using her.”

The troubled six-year marriage between Eric and Keri ended so bitterly that she even returned a dog he gave her as a present!

“Keri is decent, loyal and hard working, their divorce really had to have been because of Eric – he always wanted more fame,” says Laura. “I believe it was his narcissism that ended their marriage. If he couldn’t make it work with Keri, I don’t know how he’ll make it work with any other girl.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Look, I don’t think much of Eric either. But I’m not going to automatically believe that his ex is totally innocent and blameless either. Eric and Keri were separated (and headed for divorce) when Eric met Jessica. It’s pretty obvious that in his mind, he was totally available. The way Keri and her family keep going on and on about this stuff looks really cheap and tacky. Besides, I don’t trust a person who refuses to keep a dog that was given to her by her ex. You throw out your ex – not the dog. (Sidenote: that puppy has a new mommy – Jessica has adopted him!)

Next up: In Touch Weekly makes some claims about Jessica’s pre-nup. Remember, she’s a billion-dollar industry! That’s a lot of chilidogs at stake. According to their source, Jessica wants a “no cheating” clause in the prenup, meaning that if Eric bones somebody else, he gets nothing.

With celebrity couples breaking up left and right – not to mention her own split from Nick Lachey in 2004 – it’s no surprise Jessica Simpson is having fiancé Eric Johnson sign a prenup before their November 11 wedding.

But with her billion-dollar empire at stake, Jessica isn’t taking any chances, and has put a strict no-cheating clause in hers.

“Jessica’s biggest fear is that Eric will stray, so she insisted on that specific clause in her prenup,” a friend reveals. This should put a stop to all those dumb blonde jokes, right?

“She’s being fair with Eric in case things don’t work out, but he won’t get anything if he cheats.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

I’ve never really understood those kinds of clauses in prenups. I just don’t get how they’re enforced. Yeah, an affair can and will be used as leverage in a divorce proceeding, but I don’t think some of the specialty clauses really mean much in an actual divorce proceeding.

Last story: Page Six had a funny little item today about Jessica. She “crashed” a party in NYC, and she was only wearing shorts, a t-shirt, clogs and no makeup. She told Page Six, “I walked in here with sunglasses on my head, and I was, like, ‘Oh, my! I have no makeup on.’” Then, “When fotogs asked Jessica to pose, a friend snapped, ‘No pictures! She has no makeup on.’” Have you ever seen Jessica without makeup? She’s really pretty. But that’s a Southern thing… a lady should never be photographed without her face on.



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Hautie says:

    I am still confused by her need to wear shorty jean shorts and ripped to hell jeans in general. The best thing that could happen is for them all to burn up in a fire.

    The girl used to dress so cute during the years she was married to Nick. Lots and lots of cute dresses. Which flatter her body.

    I agree that Jessica does look great without makeup.

    But I am still not convinced that this engagement is in her best interest. I am surprise her Father has not ran him off yet.

  2. Enny says:

    Kaiser, those clauses do matter. It’s separate from the grounds for divorce – with no-fault divorces you don’t need to prove adultery, so it’s irrelevant to whether the court grants a petition for divorce. However, a prenup is a separate contractual agreement by which the parties agree that they are waiving their right to whatever distribution their state statute provides, and are agreeing between each other how to distribute their assets in case of a divorce. So, if Jessica is able to prove adultery by her K-Fed, then he gets hosed. It’s a matter of contract, if he breaches the contract, and she can prove it, he’s one sad K-Fed.

  3. thinkaboutit says:

    Whoever sold her on wearing her jeans like that should go to fashion prison.

    As for the no makeup thing…well if it’s that big of a deal for the “southern belle,” why does she go out with a bare face so often? This girl strikes me as incredibly lazy…

  4. Birdix says:

    Looks like a stilt walker in the last pic

  5. mimi says:

    Jessica really is a stunning beauty with or without makeup. Hope she finds the happiness she is seeking

  6. brin says:

    Bet papa Joe put the no cheatin’ clause in there. It’s hard to believe she has a billion dollar clothing line when she dresses like that.
    She and Nick seems worlds apart…he and Vanessa seem much more mature than Jess and what’s his name.

  7. LisaMarie says:

    If no makeup is a southern thing, then what was up with that Marie Claire cover a few months ago?

  8. Crash2GO2 says:

    I love the jacket, but she needs to ditch the damn shorts. Some nice (non ripped to shreds) jeans would be much better. Girlfriend has the worst taste in just about everything, including men. I’m beginning to think Nick used to dress her, because ever since they divorced she has been one hot mess fashion wise.

  9. mimi says:

    Has she or has she not lost weight?
    why does her face look so bloated?

    I really don’t think this going to last, I really think this whole ‘relationship’ is just a big “FFFFF UUUUU” to nick.

    I think they’ll get married, she’ll get knocked up and then she will bust a britney while papa joe will scramble to keep her ‘relevant.’

  10. Quest says:

    Jess is literally twisting his balls into a knot with that “no cheating” clause – but is there really any iron clad prenups out there? Hmmmm

  11. lucy2 says:

    Well, good for her or whoever for at least protecting her money should this guy turn out to be a cheating user.
    She does look prettier when she does cake on the makeup.

  12. Gal says:

    Why is he always walking behind her, never “leading” her which I think would be more polite. Or is that in the prenup also? So she won’t be hidden from the cameras?

  13. fabchick says:

    Idk maybe its just me but if I had to have a man sign a prenup with a no cheating clause I would stop and think maybe I shouldn’t be marrying that person. Maybe its not true. I like Jessica and hope everything turns out ok for her.

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Enny – Yup. California is a “no-fault” state in divorce as well as car insurance. It means the only reason you may cite for said separation/divorce is “Irreconcilable Differences” – it’ not a coincidence that almost every celeb divorce is due to irreconcilable differences. That’s the only choice!

    Personally, if I had tons of money, I might consider a pre-nup, too. And I’d throw in a “no cheating” clause as well.

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    As far as the whole “he just wants to be famous” line from the ex-wife’s AUNT, FFS! Sounds to me like someone else also wants her 15 minutes and a paycheck…

  16. bluhare says:

    I don’t think they’ll get married. Don’t know why, but I suspect she’s starting to realize that he might not be the best dong in the dong store.

  17. Franny says:

    I wish I could not wear makeup and look like Jessica. I have white ( ugh) eyelashes so mascara is a must. and blush.

  18. pitd says:

    she does look like she’s lost weight in her legs. She has the same body type I do. I always lose weight in my legs, hips and butt first. And it takes a while for my upper body (and face) to catch up 🙁

  19. atisara says:

    LOL…these paps can really take some of the most unflattering shots!!!! That last pic of Blimpson with her hollyweird squirrel face is priceless!!!!!!!!! I want TRASHLEY news, please! What’s been of her now without the midget Dopey Wentz???
    Jess: prenups are like restriction orders (just a piece of paper)…I mean if he really wants to cheat, he will, clause or not.
    AND I BELIEVE the part about her break-down over her weight, i mean what did you expect? HAVE YOU LOOKED AT VANESSA MINILLO AND TONY ROMO’S NEW WIFE? aren’t they GORGEOUS AND ULTRA SLIM, TIGHT AND WAY MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN BLIMPY? I’d have friggin break down if my ex dated a woman looking like any of those two beauties. Nah he’s dating some trailer trash, life is fair and good. 😀

  20. Emma says:

    Woah, @atisara. Chill. Take a breather. And maybe a xanax.

  21. alice says:

    Some advice y’all…

    DONT marry a man if you think its necessary to put a no cheating clause in the pre nup.