Kevin Bacon is awesome & my thoughts on ‘X-Men: First Class’


Here are some new photos of Kevin Bacon and his lovely wife Kyra Sedgwick at an event for the environmental organization, Global Green. Doesn’t Kevin look awesome? I’m in love with The Bacon all over again, just because I saw X-Men: First Class this weekend, and now I can barely function because I’m brimming over with Bacon, Fassbender and McAvoy love. So here are my thoughts on X-Men: First Class.

The basic story is how The X-Men formed as a group in 1960s. I was expecting lots of great Fassbender (Magneto) and McAvoy (Prof. X) one-on-one scenes, but that barely happened. Instead, I got a really wonderful 1960s-style action-adventure-spy film, with sci-fi mutants as sort-of CIA assets/agents. It was AWESOME. It was like an old-school James Bond movie, only James Bond is a Holocaust survivor who spends his time hunting former Nazis. And James Bond can do sh-t with metal when he gets angry.

Which brings me to Fassbender and The Bacon. I was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t as much James McAvoy as I was expecting, but they made up for it by making My Beloved Fassbender (Erik/Magento) the de facto lead. His story line drove the plot, and his scenes were the most exciting, in my opinion. He doesn’t speak English for the first part of the film, instead trying out his French, German and Spanish. It was awesome. There’s a part where he’s sitting across from a Swiss banker, speaking French and wearing an incredible beautiful suit and I actually squealed. Then there’s a part where he comes out of the water and I said, out loud in the middle of the theater, “Jesus Christ, HE’S WET NOW.” His ginger is incredible, his face is beautiful, and his acting is AMAZING. He really killed this role. He cries in a few scenes, and it’s like emotional porn. I wanted to lick his tears away and ride Magneto dong.

As for The Bacon… he was “the villain,” a former Nazi doctor who was “on the run” internationally, working his own global agenda. It was a different kind of role for The Bacon, and he killed it too. At the beginning, where he’s all Nazi-fied, he has this little mustache and he’s speaking German, and you realize “Damn, The Bacon can ACT.” I hope this is another opportunity for producers and directors to see him in a different kind of role and realize that he really can do ANY part.

Other favorite parts: Jennifer Lawrence is really, really pretty, and it was cool seeing Mystique as a little girl and as a young woman, trying to figure her life out. I enjoyed the hell out of Nicholas Hoult too – he really is a severely beautiful young man. There’s also this funky, funny ginger kid named Caleb Landry Jones who plays Banshee, and he’s just wonderful. Great comic relief, very goofy-sweet. My least favorite parts were the two weak links in the film: Zoe Kravitz and January Jones. Neither of them were ACTIVELY bad, but they weren’t good either.

Basically, this is one of the best films of the year, no doubt. I liked it more than anything I’ve seen in months and months. I made my mom see it because I’ve been talking about Fassbender for so long, and she wanted to see what the fuss was about. She likes traditional romantic comedies and British stuff, but she LOVED this film.





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  1. Leigh says:

    I agree COMPLETELY Kaiser! I now understand your Fassbender lust though I was/am just as into MacAvoy. I adored watching him as Xavier trying to pick up chicks, I would have fallen for his lines in a heartbeat.

    January and Zoe …. meh. Jennifer Lawrence was awesome.

    And the Bacon? Fabulous as always, everythign is better with Bacon!

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Love, love, LOVE Kevin & Kyra!

  3. lisa says:

    Other celeb men get ragged on all the time.

    I like Kevin.. and Kyra is my woman grush. She is so cute and sexy in the Closer..Pissed this is the last season.

    She should be doing the movie roles that some women are getting that are no where near as talented as she is. Shame really.

    but Kevin looks bad right now. Not sure what it is. But his face looks haggard. Skin hanging.

    I am going to see X-men tomorrow.. Love the idea of the reboot.

  4. Kas says:

    I totally agree with you Kaiser! I wasn’t a fan of the Fassbender before this but he really was amazing! The movie was great but that being said agreed that Zoe and January totally sucked… The scenes with McAvoy and Fassbender were so well acted even if they were far between.

  5. brin says:

    Sounds amazing! Great summer movie. Thanks for the review, Kaiser. Wish I had seen it with you, squeals and all…lol!

  6. Kimi says:

    I completely agree with everything Kaiser wrote…i FINALLY got the Fassbender..and believe me..i was did not get “it” until i saw the movie…he was enchanting! i can’t think of another word to describe him…although the thought of him and that kravitz chick creeps me out big time because i’m all like “what the hell???” about her…i LOVED the movie.

  7. LucyOriginal says:

    @Kaiser: I saw it yesterday and I loved it! “He cries in a few scenes, and it’s like emotional porn. I wanted to lick his tears away and ride Magneto dong.” A.W.E.S.O.M.E comment! hahaha.
    I also agree on the weak links in this movie! I have not seen JJ in Madmen, so I don’t know why people say she is good actress and I cannot understand the comparison with Grace Kelly either…

    Kevin Bacon?! fantastic!!! I understand why people always mention him in footlosose, but this week I decided to watch Murder in the first and he was just unbelieable on it!

    Back to X-men first class: I loved loved this movie! One of my fave scenes is when Magneto and Charles go recruiting mutants and they get into a bar and leave right away – I won’t say why because I don’t want to spoil it! 🙂

  8. bluhare says:

    Jeez Louise, you guys. Whoever produced this movie ought to pay you sales commission because based on this I’m going to go see it.

    I hate myself for saying this, though, but I think Kyra’s boobs are fake. I still love her, tho. And I too am mighty cheesed that this is the last season for The Closer.

  9. Tiffany says:

    I saw it this weekend and I agree, it was great. You already know what the movie is setting up to but it was still good. As far as The Bacon goes, just look at his film resume. The man is beyond talented and kudos to the person from the studio who called and to Bacon for taking it

  10. Jess says:

    You just sold me on seeing it!

  11. Liana says:

    I wasn’t sure about seeing this, because of the liberties they’ve taken with the storyline, but then I figured, why not? And I’m glad I saw it. It was, for the most part, well acted – extremely well acted – and it was just a fun film. But yes, I agree with Zoe and january. Zoe was just fine, bothing outstanding, but nothing bad. January was like watching paint dry. She was just there. She didn’t ruin the movie, she just simply didn’t add ANYTHING to what should have been a to-die-for role.

  12. RHONYC says:

    love the sexy black lace brassiere poking out on Kyra ‘ala Carrie Bradshaw’. super sexy! 😉

  13. Louise says:

    I really wanted to see it but I’m going to wait a little while. I hate when people give over the top reviews, saying it’s the best movie ever. Then I get letdown because it’s still great but not as good as I hoped.

  14. Devon says:

    I never understood the whole craze over Fassbender…until this movie. God, the first time we see him as an adult in that hotel room? Jesus. I’m down with him now. Love.

    James? Please. I was a puddle when he was picking up chicks. Those eyes and that hair. I’m so happy to have married a blue eyed Scot. I get the look all the time otherwise I’d be planning my takeover of the McAvoy. Wish my husband had an accent though.

    JL was great. I love her and loved her even more here. Chicka is beautiful and stunning and I can’t wait for her as Katniss.

    JJ & ZK were meh. I hate that deer caught in the headlights look that JJ gives all the time. I was distracted by her baby daddy drama.

  15. Laura says:

    January is terrible at acting

  16. ctkat1 says:

    I saw it and loved it too- I even liked the little winks to the other X-Men films (I won’t spoil anything, but there were a few little nods throughout that were well done.)

    Agree with everything you said- McAvoy, Bacon, and Fassbender killed their roles, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are so, so pretty and did a great job, and Zoe Kravitz and January Jones didn’t actively subtract from the film but didn’t really add anything either.
    January Jones is incapable of portraying any emotion on her face or through her voice- she’s excellent on Mad Men because her character is an ice queen who doesn’t show any emotions, but I’ve now fully accepted that she isn’t acting that way because it serves the character, but because that’s the ONLY way she can act. I didn’t understand her character at all- was she emotionally attached to one of the other characters? What was her motivation? How did she FEEL about what was happening? You got this from all of the other actors, even Zoe Kravitz. January Jones’s character remained a cipher throughout, which was not what the filmmaker intended, since there were beats in the film for her to express some emotion or inner feeling.

  17. rissa says:

    i liked the movie too! and i totally agree about the zoe character. she was only in the movie to sex it up.

  18. luls says:

    JUST GOT BACK FROM THE THEATRE!! This movie ROCKED!! 🙂 Im suddenly WAY MORE interested in the X-Men series than ever b4!

    McAvoy & Fassbender were amazing! And their emotional scenes together… they were almost like lovers! *chuckles* 🙂

    Im now a newly minted fan of the FassDONG!! <3

    January Jones & Zoe Kravitz brought nothing to their roles but good looks.
    I guess that was enough since their characters aren’t really that pivotal to the plot. Hence why they didnt bother or affect my enjoyment of the movie much.

    I CANNOT WAIT for the next movie to come out! Im officially HOOKED.

  19. Chris says:

    Not even on DVD.

  20. a. says:

    I saw the film on Friday and really enjoyed it…adored Jennifer Lawrence (she brought so much depth to Mystique!!and has quite possibly the most banging bod I’ve seen on screen!)and I have a lot of love for Mr. Fassbender (yummy)I have a thing for Irishmen…he reminds me of my husband…no, seriously he does!.It’s an IRISH thing. So, standouts for me: Lawrence, Fassbender, Bacon and of course McAVOY. January Jones runs the gamut of emotion from A to B….absolutely dreadful actress. I like Zoe Kravitz she just didn’t have that much to do. Nick Hoult…cutie!.

  21. islandwalker says:

    LucyOriginal- I saw Murder in the First when it first came out and Kevin Bacon effing blew me away! Couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He transformed himself into that character. I cried through that whole movie. He really has such range and it’s a shame it hasn’t been shown more.

    Haven’t seen this X-men. We don’t have a theater ( i live on a tiny island in the Bahamas) so I’ll have to wait for someone to send me the DVD. lol.

  22. Katie says:

    This is the first Fassbender film I have seen, and now I get it. The Fassbender fasciation is completely justified. One of my new favs. I’ve also never been into McAvoy but love him now. And I’ve always loved the Bacon.

    GREAT movie. I was really into it. I agree that Jones and Kravitz were the weak spots, but I think Kravitz was the weakest spot. At least Jones was stunning to look at it, where as Kravitz looked decidedly not of the period to me. Like she looked like she was from now, not from then, you know? Also I just thought her character wasn’t interesting.

  23. Tracy says:

    I also really enjoyed X-men. I thought Bacon was campy at moments, but that’s kind of what the character called for. Fassbender was amazing. He almost single-handedly carries the movie, but when they let McAvoy take his hand off his head he brought the emotion as well. For a script that was at times rushed and emotionless – what’s up with the timing of Mystique’s defection? – they really needed the rage and pain that MF brought. Jones was meh, and Zoe was so bad that I was glad when she stopped talking and just sat there like a slutty room decoration.

  24. Rhiley says:

    He took part in Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me (NPR) this weekend and was a very cute riot. He is so funny and a great sport.

  25. Kelli says:

    JUST saw it and just got off FB raving about it! LOVE ME SOME FASSBENDER AND MCAVOY!!!!! AND WHO IS THAT YUMMY THROWING AROUND THE TORNADOES?!?! He was DELIC! And he didn’t even SPEAK!!! I’d TOTALLY get down with all three of them at once!
    LOVED JL – but the rest of the girls really didn’t bring anything to the table. I detest JJ and I LOVE Mad Men – was so happy when Don dropped her beige ass. Ughhh! I would be getting into anything attractive that came my way too.
    And the BACON KILLED IT!!!!!!!!LOVE THAT MAN!! Have ever since I was pre-pre-pubescent and saw Footloose! I still get palpitations when I think about the warehouse dance scene!
    BUT THIS WAS BY FAR THE BEST IN THE X-MEN SERIES!!!!!! And I did LOVE the cameos!!!!! SO SO SO SO GOOD!!!!!!

  26. Anne says:

    this film had good acting in my opinion but there were way too many inconsistencies with the rest of the series

  27. Anne says:

    this film had good acting in my opinion but there were way too many inconsistencies with the rest of the series

  28. Venus says:

    I always thought Lisa Bonet was very pretty & Lenny Kravitz was BEYOND SEXY (still is) — but lets be honest here — if Zoe Kravitz didn’t have those 2 talented, successful, beautiful people for parents, would Hollywood have given her a 2nd look? I think not — she isn’t ugly by any means, but she really isn’t pretty either — and her body is pretty bad for a 22 year old. More importantly, she certainly doesn’t have the charisma (or talent) of her parents either. There are 2 things that p– me off about that: (1) There probably is a really beautiful, talented girl in LA right now who would do better in the roles Zoe lands but who doesn’t have famous parents to get her in the door and (2) Zoe is brainless enough to give interviews being thankful that she “hasn’t sold out” when really, she should be thankful for the fact that her PARENTS are who they are so that she has a career handed to her on a silver platter. Don’t like her, and, IMO, Fassbender loses likability by being with her.

  29. RocketMerry says:

    @ Venus
    I agree.
    But I also think, and I am completely convinced of this, that famous parents and connections can only take you a bit far. If you don’t have talent you’ll just fade into obscurity.
    The opposite goes for talented people without connections: talent ALWAYS speaks for itself, you get noticed, even if you don’t really want to.

  30. Charlotte says:

    I’ve always loved Kevin Bacon. He’s hilarious and an excellent actor! And I love the relationship he has with his wife. Though I’m not loving Sedgwick’s implants. You’re thin and flat-chested, chica. Embrace it! There’s this movie that I love with Steve Martin, Laura Dern, Helena Bonham-Carter and…Kevin Bacon has a sort of “cameo” in it…Novocaine? Anyone else seen it? The critics hated it, come to think of it, but I thought it was hilarious/weird. Also, love this bit with Kevin Bacon (not from the movie Novocaine)…

  31. Charlotte says:

    Lisa Bonet was amazingly beautiful, and Lenny Kravitz, well, the name says it all, really. I honestly didn’t know this was their daughter. I figured by her name that he was the father, but I don’t find her freakishly beautiful at all, which I guess goes to show that two beautiful people can definitely make average-looking children.

  32. Bubbling says:

    Why is Zoe constantly refusing to wear bra? I hate her “style”

  33. Lala11_7 says:

    There isn’t a CBS soap opera actor who made a transition to movies who CAN’T act (i.e., Bacon, Julianne Moore, Meg Ryan)…

    I always enjoyed Kevin’s presence on screen…but when he played that bit part in “JFK”…where he chewed up everything but the grass…I was like…OMG…THIS MAN CAN ACT!!!

  34. Rachel says:

    Kaiser, I never understood your Fassbender love, but after seeing First Class yesterday … Ho Boy! Jayzus! That man is walking sex. I hated Jennifer Lawrence for getting to kiss him in the movie. Then I hated Zoe Kravitz even more for getting to have sex with him IRL.

  35. Sara says:

    ok, I do agree fassbender is great but the rest of the movie fell flat, especially Pro. X. Bacon was great but the plot was so trite, and super constructed in some parts. I dunno, I got board in the last half 🙁

  36. Micki says:

    I’ve just seen it.
    All male leads were simply terrific, very goog acting and convincing characters.(Loved Jackson’s cameo too)The women I found …sort of decorative but mostly meh.
    While I understand what so many of you see in Fassbender it still doesn’t work for me.Mea culpa.

  37. Marianne says:

    Saw it and loved it.

    Michael Fassbender was my favourite with Jennifer Lawrence in a close second. Although I wouldn’t mind staring into James blue eyes all night (God they’re electric).

    I didn’t think January or Zoe were terrible but not that great either.

    Nicholas is definitely cute.

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