Sister Wives’ Kody Brown: I do not think that Jesus would condemn me

I haven’t been reporting on Sister Wives every week because they haven’t really brought the drama. Kody is a selfish ass, you’d really have to be to have four wives and keep pressuring them all to have kids, so there’s nothing new there. This is all good news for their family in that they seem relatively normal, their kids are well adjusted despite being dragged around the country on a moment’s notice, and the wives work hard to get along and communicate their issues in a respectful manner. I have a “live and let live” attitude about polygamy after watching it, but the show definitely glosses over the very serious issues with polygamy and barely mentions the compounds and the darker side of the practice, which is still illegal in the US.

The last we heard on the show, Kody, his four wives, 13 biological kids and 3 stepkids were all moving to Las Vegas, Nevada from Lehi, Utah in order to try and escape felony bigamy charges that were pending in Utah. The investigation was just underway and it seemed like it might go nowhere, but Kody and the wives were incredibly scared that their family might be split up, so they packed everything in haste and hightailed it to Nevada. On the journey there they had about four flat tires on their various cars and what should have been about an eight hour trip took two days.


In this final episode of the season, the Brown family breathed a sigh of relief after finding temporary vacation housing in Vegas. They then proceeded to find four rental homes within a mile of each other for all the wives. Some of them, like money-conscious Janelle, were concerned about the extreme expense, but overall they kind of addressed it and moved on. I’m sure they’re raking in the reality show bucks now and can afford the high rent for four houses.

There was some drama over the wives living father apart, with Meri and Christine saying they liked it, and Janelle and Robyn saying they were lonely and wanted to live together again. Kody didn’t like having to drive around to visit all his wives and said that it felt like four different families instead of just one.

A neighbor says God will judge Kody
The Browns had a block party to introduce themselves to the neighbors. One guy, a burly dude wearing a cross t-shirt named Rufus, said that Kody would have to answer to God for having so many wives. He was clearly a devout Christian but it’s not like he said Kody would burn in hell or anything. He seemed to say they were good people, but that he didn’t agree with it.

Rufus said “Before I met the Browns, I really never thought much of polygamy. I think that if a man want more than one wife, that’s between him and God. He knows the judgment for that. He’s going to have to deal with that on that day.”

Kody: I do not think that Jesus would condemn me
In the narration room later, Mormon Kody said that he didn’t think God would be that hard on him. “I understand the Christian perspective regarding us. I do not think that Jesus in any way would condemn me. I realize that contradicts some other people’s beliefs and I’m ok with that, because everybody has to answer to God themselves. On judgment day, they’ll have to deal with that.”

Then they cut back to Rufus, who said “If you’re saying you love multiple women, it’s not love it’s lust. Because you can’t love multiple women and say that it’s true or it’s real when God gave us one woman. When he created Eve he didn’t create her with three other women, or four other women for Adam.”

Robyn quipped in the recap room. “If you’re saying this is about lust, a prostitute is so much cheaper than wives.” She made such a dumb face afterwards. I’m going to have to tape this crap on my computer so I can take screenshots because her doofy face was priceless.

We’ve already heard that Robyn, Kody’s fourth and youngest wife, is pregnant with what will be his 14th biological child. We got to see Kody and Robyn talk conspiratorially about how they kept the pregnancy a secret for so long. We didn’t get to see them make the announcement as they’re saving that for the fall season. Kody was thrilled and so happy that Robyn was pregnant, and it bothered me, to be honest. I feel like he’s just trying to have as many kids as he possibly can and that taking on another wife was his way to do that. Thirteen kids weren’t enough for him.

Maybe in Kody’s faith Jesus wouldn’t condemn him, but there are so many other people who would. He did say something that I thought was true “Judge us, but please allow us [to live as we please].” I guess that includes filming a reality show, moving his family around to avoid criminal charges, and becoming famous. This guy wants to have his cake, eat it too and go on in that spacey way of his how delicious it is while we all watch.


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  1. mimi says:

    Im a 50 year old mother and let me tell ya – I would live this life style ANYDAY!! I would love someone to help with the kids and the house and the cooking and the cleaning! And when I dont want to give him a BJ, let her do it!! There is perks to this lifestyle!!

  2. OtherChris says:

    #1, but you’d still have to live with this wanker.

    I don’t know what Jesus would say about all his wives, but I do think Jesus would think he’s a a**hole.

  3. esblondie says:

    Good luck with that, dude…he’ll condemn you for your dumbass name, alone.

  4. Shannon says:

    As far as I’m aware, this guy hasn’t raped or murdered anyone so I’d agree – Jesus probably has bigger fish to fry.

  5. TQB says:

    I agree with @OtherChris- JC might give a pass on the many wives, but I like to think He’d be much more judgmental about the general douchiness.

    Amen to that.

  6. lucy2 says:

    He does seem like an ass, from the little I’ve seen of them.
    If people are all consenting adults, I agree with the live and let live idea even though I’d never subscribe to that life, but it seems like most polygamy is a result of the compounds and underaged and oppressed women, which is really sad.
    When are we going to see it the other way around, a woman with several husbands?

  7. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    @mimi I think that’s exactly the reason 4th wife got into the family. She needed help taking care of her wild kids and added bonus of financial security.

  8. Rational Woman says:

    Jesus said that having more than one wife is adultery. Early Christian leaders were required to set an example by only having one wife. There is no question that the New Testament condemns polygamy/bigamy.

    But I guess Kody has his own religious books. Doesn’t he have one that says that Jesus was married to three women, including Mary Magdalene?

  9. Kiska says:

    On the flip side, during biblical times wasn’t it common for men to have more than one wife? I’m not bible expert but those holier than thou types need to STFU about it. As long as there is no abuse these people can do whatever they want. Would I want to be 2nd or 3rd fiddle to some douchebag – no way! But from what I can see they are all happy with this way of life so let them be.

  10. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Maybe Jesus wouldn’t condemn him for the polygamy. They all seem happy & taken care of. But the reality show fame-whoring is another story.

  11. fabgrrl says:

    @mimi – I have to agree. That would be a pretty awesome way to have two incomes AND a stay-at-home parent….But not if I had to live with *this* jerk.

  12. You don't say says:

    Don’t want to be technical, but he does not have four WIVES. He has one wife and three girlfriends. Polygamy is not legal, so therefore, he is only legally married to one person. I don’t think he has any idea what Jesus would think of him, but people love to throw his name into the mix to make themselves feel better about their lives, good or not so good.

  13. trillian says:

    Well mimi, if that’s what I wanted I would marry two guys, one hot guy with a well paying job and a family minded one with a low sex drive who stays home and gives awesome back rubs :-)

  14. ctkat1 says:

    Kody’s an ass.

    What makes the show interesting to me is the women- their motivation for being in this type of family, their relationships with each other, and the ways in which the three established women accepted and reformed around the newest wife. That’s the interesting and different dynamic to this show- all 4 of the women are more appealing than Kody.

    My personal thoughts on all of them:

    Meri (wife #1): genuinely in love with Kody. Feels that her inability to have more than 1 child makes her “lesser” and this is a feeling that colors every feeling and interaction she has in the family.

    Janelle (wife #2): benefits from the family arrangement by being able to have 6 children and still spend lots of time away from the home. Seems least connected/in love with Kody and certainly the most pragmatic of the wives.

    Christine (wife #3): I think she will actually have the hardest time with Robyn being the new breeder- Christine has been the “wife having babies” for a while now, and now she’s being usurped.

    Robyn (wife #4): clearly an overwhelmed single mother who saw the security and help of being in a large family and jumped with both feet.

  15. Radiance says:

    @You don’t say
    It’s only a technicality, in the legal sense. Normal people see polygamy as having more than one mate (not lovers, by the way) :)

  16. aenflex says:

    What a crock of shite. The bible is sooooo open to interpretation that you can pretty much do anything you want, and still be able to find a verse in there somewhere that condones it. Thank God I don’t beleive in God. Shit.

  17. alibeebee says:

    there are many references in the bible that show that a man had more than one wife. moses, king Solomon.. I can name more than two.. trust me. sorry however he is not hurting anyone.. the women feel loved by him and vise versa. like i said before if i had a choice of being a child in this family or the childhood i experienced.. I’d choose the plig family. instead of never meeting my father and learning he had about as many kids as kody does acknowledging some and rejecting others having 5 other women on the run and messing around. My mother raised me alone and bitter and my father is a sack of shit who left us and me with some major daddy issues. He’s with the 4 of them he’s loving all of the kids and the 3 non bio kids and they love him.. and they seem happy.. and proud. not like me who’s still miserable never laid eyes on my sperm donor of a father and i sometimes wonder if I’m a defective daughter. Just saying. judge him but who are we to judge as some christian folks like to quote JC he also said let he without sin cast the first stone.

  18. RobN says:

    One of the problems with the live and let live philosophy is that because you can legally only have one wife, a large percentage of the extra wives and children end up being supported on welfare and foodstamps by the taxpayer. Women living with men claim to be single and unemployed on govt. forms. It’s how many of these families afford to get so big with very little income coming in; the taxpayer is footing the bill. CNN did a big story a couple of months ago about polygamists on public assistance. In my opinion, your right to do what you want only extends to your ability to pay for it.

  19. alibeebee says:

    oh yes and in some parts of Africa and and southern india.. The other direction is practised.. Polyandry where there is one wife and she has more than one husband. it happens where she will marry all the brothers because women are in short supply and the men want a wife so it’s not all one sided. and in the USA and Canada there’s some weird Polyamory going one a university friend of mine was in a relationship like this he was bisexual and he had a wife who was bi and they had a gay lover for him and a gay lover for her and they all lived together and sometimes slept in the same bed.. so which is more gross? you be the judge.

  20. sharylmj says:

    #14 I’m with you.. the way the wives interact with each other is amazing to me, and I do think Meri is devastated on the inside that she could only have one child. Your interpretation of them closely mirrors mine. They can leave stupid Kody out of the story and I would still watch the show.

  21. girl says:

    I’m pretty sure the biblical support for polygamy is all OT, part of the old covenant that has already been fulfilled, which is why we no longer are beholden to not mixing cetain fibers or eating pork, etc. I am pretty sure the NT forbids polygamy.

    Personally, I don’t care. Although I have to wonder what is so special about Kody. Does his junk have a little red cape with an S on it or something? What on earth would possess one woman, let alone four, want to put up with that on a daily basis.

  22. heb says:

    My opinion is: this is AMERICA and they should be able to all be married if they want to.

  23. You don't say says:

    Personally, I could care less how these people live, if, as people say, no one is being hurt. My question would be what would happen if this man died or became otherwise disabled. Who would be legally responsible for him, if not the person who is legally married to him and is recognized in this country as his legal spouse. There must be some crazy legal papers written up to protect everyone involved, which must be a major mess.

  24. Liana says:

    Kody’s relationship with God is Kody’s relationship with God and no one’s business but his.

    He IS a big douche, though.

  25. Jenny says:

    Polygamy is not even the tiniest bit cool. This is among consenting adults but it is about him maintaining power in his relationships. When he gets bored, he adds a new wife.
    Most polygamy is forced onto young girls by creepy old men. They have “visions” of which girl to pick next. These young girls are forced to have sex and have babies as young as 13. Getting out is hell. I’ve spoken to girls who have run away and they lose their entire families, including their children, if they leave. Once they leave, they have no idea how to cope in the real world.
    Due to the fact that they live in communities that support the polygomist life style, the states and federal government rarely are able to have successful prosecutions of child rape. CPS won’t get involved. The community closes up and no one will testify in these cases. I’ve only read Under the Banner of Heaven but my ex-Mormons friends say that book is pretty accurate.
    Also, consider this. Polygamist communities are the highest users of state benefits. Since only the first wife is legally married, they are the ones entitled to benefits. Any other “wives” and children are on welfare and medicaid. This may be the case with this gentleman and his other wives.
    As for this show, I refuse to watch because I don’t think there is any reason TLC should be paying these people to glorify their lifestyles.

  26. constance says:


    I agree. I don’t believe his version of this lifestyle and their portrayal is at all positive. I don’t watch the show b/c I don’t see a point, but I’ve read here about his conversation when leaving for Vegas. Basically, time and again “I am the father, your lord, your master.” I’m fairly certain those “wives” as they pretend to be live under the same distress.

    I also wonder about their reliance on the state and social programs. last I heard, he was unemployed and so were half the wives. What do they do to support 14+5 mouths?

    I’m not a supporter of breed ‘em if you got ‘em. I think people should care deeply for the lives they bring into this world, and be pragmatically responsible for them. If you have an accident, learn from it and work harder to make amends. You can adopt wonderful children, not tack on another uterus to the family for example. It’s not just about religion, it’s about being respectfully nurturing to each individuals humanity.

  27. Victoria says:


  28. Sakyiwaa says:

    Actually, nobody knows what Jesus thinks about Kody but Jesus himself.

    People need to stop presuming to know and declaring what they think Jesus ‘thinks’ about their stuff. I think it’s too presumptuous…

  29. To each his own says:

    Well, they are all grown adults and he is not marrying underage girls. The Bible is very hypocritical, so he does have a chance that Jesus will forgive him and give him a cookie.

  30. Jenny says:

    They are all adults, as I said they are. I believe the system of polygamy is a way for men be in control.

  31. Judy says:

    He just likes to create tax advantages…get a vasectomy already…you are such a douche.

  32. the original bellaluna says:

    And in the Old Testament, a man could dance around his wife and say “I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee.” Doesn’t make it right.

    The New Testament (thankfully) doesn’t subscribe to the polygamist’s point of view.

    If you’re fine with the Old Testament of the Bible, then you’re fine with stoning those (read: WOMEN) who had sex outside of marriage – either without benefit of marriage or outside of a marriage already in place – because we know that very few men in the Bible faced actual consequences.

    p.s. – Kody is an a$$hat of the highest order. I would LOVE to be a fly on the walls of Heaven when Kody faces God and has to explain himself. THAT would be entertainment. *hangs head in shame; prepares hand-basket for journey to Hell*

  33. gee_gee says:

    Sweetie, Jesus ain’t even thinking about you right now.

    Too much other shit going on.

  34. Darla says:

    As high as this guy ranks on the douche-o-meter, if we liberals say that everyone needs to suck up and shut up about gay marriage, maybe we need to be tolerant enough for this wack job and his harem to live as they please.

  35. wtf? says:

    i see four really stupid women and one huge douchebag and they are breeding like rabbits

  36. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    In their religion, the more kids you have the bigger your own personal heaven is.

  37. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    It would be nice of this story ended the same way as “Big Love.”

    @the original Bella, preach sista ;)

  38. sally says:

    This idiot will be punished some day in some way, and it will be in full view of the world because his arrogant greed has exposed his immature perversion to the world.
    Also, wasn’t this covert move to vegas necessary to keep the family together….?.. and now they all live in seperate homes? Your little plan backfired kody, you dipshit!
    He hates the new living arrangements because he is no longer king of the harem–when he is alone with just one wife in the house they are more like equals and he can’t parcel out his attention to make the other gals jealous.
    He’s an insecure loser.

  39. MeriJaan says:

    I vote for brother husbands.

  40. Mtn Girl says:

    In my world Jesus is asking Kody why he’s such a complete moron – and always complaining about what happens when he insists on exercising free willy, all over the place ;)

  41. gg says:

    Oh please don’t compare ancient tribal practices of having several wives with anybody in the 21st century, people. Think about it – the tribes were miles and miles apart. They had no choice unless they wanted to impregnante their sisters. Populating is what they were trying to do. For a zillion reasons, we don’t do that anymore. Find a better analogy, please…

  42. Mindi says:

    These people are not Mormon. They have said so on numerous episodes. They are some long ago break off church like that compound in Texas that the Feds raided.

  43. gg says:

    Reasons why this is offensive:

    I think I would be a little more receptive if there were two wives and they all kept quiet instead of making a tv show out of their lives, but three wives is “taking the piss”, and four is just obvious.

    Kody saying to Meri he thought it was sick to allow more than one husband is very telling. The whole deal is women as subordinates by custom.

    Most importantly, if everybody did this, the gene pool would sprout another set of legs from inbreeding, which it has done in the past, and for which it was outlawed. It’s not rocket science.

    But I agree with those above who said they think nobody is qualified to say what Jesus or God or Buddha or The Great Intelligence thinks of anybody or if that is even a relevant question.

  44. Sharon Chicago says:

    Kody Brown and his Jesus comment is outrageous! That’s what I hate about his “Cult” Religion …. they incorpoate Jesus when in fact they don’t believe him to be the son of God …. They think he is on a planet producing spiritual babies. Creepy huh ….

  45. Sharon Chicago says:

    I find it disgusting that TLC when writing on their blog about their show Sister Wives …they refer to Christine as Christine Brown Kody’s third wife!!
    This is rediculous …Kody has only 1 wife and he fornicates with 3 other women but TLC is playing house with them and pretending right along with them… puke!

  46. Sharon Chicago says:

    Their religion is a break-off from the Morman Church …. many years ago the Mormans also had many wives then decided to stop having what they call multiple wives. you see the more babies they have the more points they get up in heaven. They should really I mean really review how their religion started and it is creepy.

  47. Moot Point says:

    It’s all for naught, anyway, since nobody up there is watching anyone down here. It’s a story told to you to soothe you because the fact that sometimes there isn’t justice is too hard to bear, and the thought that you’ll never seen dead loved ones again is too hard to bear. Facing reality is not easy, nor is it pleasant. It’s a struggle. It would be much easier to pretend there’s a big eternity in the sky. And if that’s what you need to tolerate life on earth, then I don’t begrudge you that. But Kody really doesn’t have anything to worry about.

  48. Lucy says:

    I admit that I am adddicted to the show mostly out of facination about how this can possibly work. I could not care less how many wives he or any man has. My problem is how this is affecting the kids. Many of them seem overly stressed, and will surely need therapy. He is a complete idiot and so obviously controling the wheel. He is also in lust with Robyn and happy that he found another baby maker. I wonder if he gets air miles whenever he is a new sperm donor. Robyn and her doey eyed wonder with everything Kody makes me sick. She also needs to stop the water works. “I literaly JUST unpacked boxes like three months ago” waaaaa. Why do they think that escaping to Vegas in the middle of the night is going to make any difference in potential charges being laid? They would have been better off staying in the house they already had. So now what, they have a mortgage and 4 houses to pay rent on. My question is, where is the father to Robyn’s kids?? All I hear I that she is divorced. How is it that she can just take off to Vegas? Where is he? The whole thing is stupid, they will end up just like Jon and Kate.

  49. Deb says:

    I think what Consenting aduts the magic words being Consenting adults do in their own home and life is their own choice no one was forced to mary anyone and no one was under age when they got married. All the kids are happy their is NO abuse of any kind going on every child is loved and I think if ya don’t like it or what they do don’t watch the show that’s your Choice I don’t belive the law should have any say in what they do they are all adults.

  50. I am genuinely pleased after I read the posts!

  51. Cheryl says:

    I have been studying polygamy for almost 30 years. Polygamy as it exists in Africa is very different than what we witness in America. Polygamy in Africa has been around for thousands of years. It is rooted in society, tradition, culture and religion. The man is the patriarch of the family but the fear factor of leaving or divorce as we are experiencing it in America is not the norm. In addition, there is a structural support within the society such that the people living it are normal and decent human beings.

    I have to say that this version of polygamy in America sickens me. American polygamy has only existed for a little over 100 years and is more rooted in lust and creating kings than anything else. There is a lot of literature on polygamy which should be read to understand what is going on here. Kody Brown and his family, wives and children, are in trouble and instead of enabling this dysfunctional family, perhaps we should be providing counseling and support. American culture and society does not support this type of behavior and without the structural support in the society, only misfits can really live it which then has massive repercussions on the children.