Paris Hilton blames the network for her reality show’s terrible ratings

Paris Hilton’s new reality show, The World According to Paris, premiered on the Oxygen network last week. It was a “ratings bomb,” according to multiple reports and got just 409,000 viewers. Reality TV World explains that those are low ratings “even by the women’s cable network’s fairly modest standards,” and adds that by comparison Aubrey O’Day’s reality show got 704,000 views for its premiere episode.


What’s more is that Paris has pulled out of promoting the show. She cancelled a bunch of scheduled press appearances, not that they would have made any difference, after Barbara Walters called her to task on The View last week. Barbara and Whoopi questioned why Paris hasn’t done any charity work and why she’s doing a reality show yet again, and Paris got defensive but handled herself well. (You can watch that video here if you’re in the US.) It was too much for her, though, and she couldn’t be bothered to show up for anything after that. This explains why Paris’ cat-faced mom, Kathy, was on The Today Show alone yesterday to do an interview about the show. Do you think the Kardashians would ditch a morning television appearance like that? Of course none of this is Paris’ fault, and it’s not due to the public’s lack of interest in her. It’s all the network’s fault:

“Paris is furious that the show didn’t premiere at the time it was supposed to,” an insider tells me when speaking about ‘The World According to Paris.’ “She worked her tail off doing promotion and publicity for the show and then because of a technical mistake, the show aired at a completely different time in a lot of markets.”

A representative from the network denies that there were any glitches in her premiere episode.

“The show premiered at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, June 1 as was promoted,” an Oxygen spokesperson told me in a statement. “There were no technical mistakes. We look forward to a very exciting run of the series.”

This week’s episode brings together Paris and Charlie Sheen’s ex, Brooke Mueller, whose ongoing substance abuse struggles will be addressed. The rep said this week’s episode with feature Brooke’s “cry for help.”

Her busy week of promotion also included a rough interview on ‘The View,’ where Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg grilled the socialite on the frivolity of her show. She reportedly flipped out backstage and got into a shouting match with a producer. In short, it was a disaster and she canceled events because of it.

“Paris’ second season on that MTV show where she found a new friend was a disaster and she hasn’t been able to sell a magazine cover since the Kardashians arrived,” a TV insider tells me. “If the numbers remain less then the 400,000 that tuned in last week she could get pulled off the air.”

By comparison, the March debut of singer Aubrey O’Day’s show drew 724,000, and 1.7 million viewers tuned in for the premiere of the most recent installment of ‘The Bad Girls Club.’

“This could be the last nail in the coffin,” a senior marketing manager tells me. “She has been replaced by Teen Moms and Snooki. She would have been better off not doing a new reality show at all then doing one that proves no one cares.”

[From Popeater]

I agree with Whoopi and Barbara. Paris is a twit. If her life is so great and she’s got so many businesses going why is she doing reality TV again? I know, she wants to show that she can compete with the Kardashians and the Jersey Shore kids. Only she can’t, she’s old news, and she’s never matured beyond the party girl doing drugs and dropping racist slurs that we saw in those “Paris Exposed” videos. This is her life, and she doesn’t have a lot to offer. We’ve all known this for some time. It’s Paris who will never get it.




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  1. brin says:

    Spot on, CB. Paris is boring. Paris is history.

  2. Jess says:

    I hope this knocks her down a few pegs.

  3. Quest says:

    “The World According to Paris” ??? are they fn kidding me…what could that be. Paris just likes the spot light.

    Her false lashes are coming off in that second pic. 🙂

  4. yt says:

    At least we know there are only 409,000 twits who care about Paris.

  5. Anonandonandon says:

    She is violently unattractive.

    I really hope this is the end of her career on television. There needs to be a backlash against our worthless celebrities.

  6. anyhoo says:

    This story makes me so happy 🙂

  7. Lisa says:

    1 down 4 more to go. Oh future reality tv famewhore that will exterminate the Kartrashians where art thou? We need you now!

  8. Meg says:

    KorTRASHians watch out this is your future. I can’t wait.

  9. Samigirl says:

    She is not smart, attractive, glamorous, or relative. This is NOT 2005 and nobody gives a flying f*ck about Paris Hilton except for Paris Hilton. End of story. In fact, if Paris is on a talk show, movie, television show, etc, I turn it off immediately. I dislike her. Can you tell?

  10. Maritza says:

    People are fed up with her smug up attitude. She is so boring.

  11. guesty says:

    A collective yawn from the public. Ouchy.

  12. DanDan says:

    I never particularly liked Paris, but this must hurt. Poor girl…she should really stick to what she was doing, and not go back to the reality TV. Shame, shame. 😀

  13. duh says:

    She always looks so bored that it eventually became contagious. Now everyone is bored. With her.

  14. Sarah says:

    aw, I love starting the morning with such a feel good story. 🙂

  15. Disco says:

    @Sarah…I know, right? This just made my morning 🙂

  16. tapioca says:

    Time to have a PR-friendly baby!


  17. Jazz says:

    Thank God she’s finally over!!

  18. lucy2 says:

    It may be mean, but this story fills me with joy. She has no one to blame but herself.

  19. Jules says:

    Good riddance, and what is up with that asinine pose? Now let’s get rid of the Krapdashians and Snookie.

  20. Dorothy says:

    I believe that the 15 plus minutes of fame are long up. It’s a wrap for her; fun while it lasted, time to move on. Buh-bye! 🙂

  21. Splat says:

    Paris maybe needs to realise that she isn’t as “important” as her bloated ego thinks she is.

    All these reality show “stars” IMO have a shelf life and Paris’s expired ages ago…and of course it isn’t her fault, when is anything her fault.

  22. Masque says:

    Dear Paris,

    Get. A. New. Pose.


  23. Crash2GO2 says:

    I think the news about her neglecting her dogs to the point where some died has seriously affected her popularity. As well it should.

  24. aloe juice says:

    You summed it up so well.

    Is this 10 years ago? Another Paris reality show, really!?! Even back then it was reality garbage. Now it’s OLD garbage.

  25. NoFrank says:

    Between the heels and the constantly outthrust pelvis, that girl must have some serious back problems. Maybe that’s why she keeps trying to make herself relevant. She needs money to pay her orthopedic surgeon.

  26. Relli says:

    When I had cable i watched Oxygen a lot because i have a sincere addiction to the show Snapped, its a great show. I saw all these promos for Paris’ show and i couldn’t help but thinking, WHY? She is old news and once again relying on her far more interesting friends lives drama then her own. I never like Parasite and never will….. 15 minutes are almost done.

  27. mia girl says:

    Well, maybe the real problem is that the program reeks of her perfume… that would certainly keep people away.

  28. Nanea says:

    Paris’ poses are pathetic.

    As to Paris herself – she’s got no personality, not an ounce of anything that makes her interesting, and her racist and other antics are quite off-putting.

  29. JoJo says:

    Bitch. Please. Noone cares about some whiny tramp who thinks she’s all that with her so-called “fashion” poses. Hahahahahaha! Go back to making porn because that’s all you’re worth.

  30. Mizz Tickles says:

    Crash2go that seriously happened with her dogs? That is harsh.

  31. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ Masque
    “Dear Paris,Get. A. New. Pose.

    lolol Dude, right on! the first thing I thought was “Thank god! Now we don’t have to suffer more of her ‘Im so f*cking hot’ exagerated pose anymore.

    Thank god she’s bombed!
    Noone cares anymore Paris. And good riddance to you!!!!

  32. lexirei says:

    LMFAO. This trick is finally realizing her 15 minutes of fame expired centuries ago! Why can’t she do something positive and productive in her life without cameras following her? Oh and it’s so typical of her to blame someone else for her problems. She seriously needs to grow up.

  33. newtsgal says:

    Why is it that when these “famous” people are having their pictures taken they stand there with their legs crossed?. It looks like they have to pee or something

  34. the original bellaluna says:

    She’s just nasty. If there is such a thing as reincarnation or other planes, I hope she has to come back as one of her pets. It would serve her right!

    @ newtsgal – Because some idiot told them it would make their legs look thinner/longer. And they BELIEVED IT! (Apparently said idiot doesn’t have kids, because to us, it looks like a step in the “Pee-Pee Dance.”)

  35. dorothy says:

    Newsflash Paris! Your 15 minutes are over and have been for quite a while. Thank god, now if we can just write off Lohan as well all will be right with the world.

  36. heb says:

    I didn’t even know it was going to be on….

    when was it on again?

  37. teehee says:

    Very sad. I would prefer to have her instead of the teen moms and snookie, and that is saying a lot (of very sad words) but that jsut proves what garbage is continuing to pop up and manage to out-garbage the previous season.

  38. snappyfish says:

    I was riding with someone the other day and they were listening to Opie & Anthony on Sirius XM. She was the guest. She is extraordinarily vapid. They stopped the interview as she refused to say anything but the name of the show and the timeslot.

    Then when she left the interview they let her have it. Oddly they mentioned she wasn’t revealing…there is nothing to reveal. This girl has nothing to reveal..Plain, dull and stupid.

  39. Hayley says:

    I’m pretty sure her show got terrible ratings because it’s a terrible show. Her narrations sound like she’s reading from a script, she’s horrible to her boyfriend, she’s nasty to the other girls, using a stupid baby voice to get her way, wearing high heels to do community service and then complaining about them… the list goes on. Paris, we were stupid for thinking you’d changed during your time in gaol. If anything you’ve gotten worse than you were during the Simple Life.

  40. AngelMay says:

    Aubrey O Day got twice Paris’s ratings! That’s gotta burn. It’s so over girl. Maybe she can beg Auntie Kyle for a guest spot on RHoBH.

  41. Incognita says:

    I never particularly cared for Paris. When “The Simple Life” was on television, the real star of the show was Nicole Ritchie. Paris, in my opinion, was just part of the scenery. I was cracking up last night while watching the voice over commedian on TMZ talk about Reese Witherspoon’s rage against reality show stars at the MTV awards. The paparazzi descended upon Kim Kardashian to get her take on Reese’s comments and then he quickly noted, “Paris Hilton – irrelevant!” That pretty much sums her up!

  42. Mary Jane says:

    MichaelK calls her show TWAT Pee…

    Can this skank just go away now?

  43. anne_000 says:

    the problem with her show was that she came off as unlikeable. she kept complaining about everything little thing. almost every scene centered around a complaint about something. the other scenes were of her getting ppl to do things for her, even tho they didnt want to. then she’d complain about that. it was almost like watching kate gosselin except without the kids.

  44. over it says:

    Boo hoo..who cares its not like she doesn’t have money anyways…she needs to just do what she does best and sit on her flat ass and collect from the Hilton empire…who really cares its not like the bitch is gonna starve. And she’s the idiot for going on the view in the first place doesn’t she remember how they tested hugh hefners friends from the show the girls next door apart? Did she actually think that they would be kinder to her

  45. Faye says:

    That first pic is so bad. You can SEE where her natural hair ends and the extensions start. And they probably cost as much as a semester of my college tuition.

  46. Kim says:

    The fact that she is even doing another reality show shows her 15 mins are long over.

    Although i will say i would rather watch her than the fugly Kardashian tranny whores any day of the week. So if bringing Paris back means we will get rid of the Kardashians – LONG LIVE PARIS!

  47. ctkat1 says:

    I agree with #44- she’s very similar to Kate Gosselin: both whiny, unpleasant women who are never to blame for anything and who make every situation that much worse with their bad attitudes. However, she doesn’t have 8 cute kids to prop her up, or Nicole Ritchie to bring a personality.

    It’s the evolution of people famous for being famous- back in 2005 the public was obsessed with the famous last name and the party girl lifestyle. Then we got to know her and realized that she’s terminally stupid, racist, and generally unpleasant.

  48. Amanda G says:

    Paris is finally learning what we’ve all known for years…no one cares about you. Go away.

  49. Missy says:

    All this criticism and I’m not sure anyone here actually watched the show. I watched it on Hulu. If you are looking for good laughs (at Paris’ expense) in between nodding off (the show is so ridiculously boring), please watch the show.

    The ‘lovely’ thing about Paris is that she is so stupid, that every ‘misconception’ that she tries to dispel she actually confirms through her actions. She is idiotic, BORING, lazy, BORING, fake,…

    P.S. Brooke Mueller is also on the show. Who knew that a 30-something year-old can look 45 and sound like a 60 year-old chain smoker? Rich stupid people are a blast, y’all!

  50. Dingles says:

    Poor thing, too stupid to even realize it’s not 2005 anymore.

  51. Elizabeth says:

    Bang on Kaiser. Snooki and her gross-out contemporaries have taken over the spotlight! Yet another reason I do not own a TV.

  52. fizixgirl314 says:

    now why can’t this happen to the kardashians?

  53. hollywood101 says:

    she’s still got the wonky eye

  54. Kartman says:

    Blames the network? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. She needs to realize she is over and is very lucky she lasted so long for having done nothing to earn her success.

  55. Lia says:

    Nobody gives a rat’s ass about Paris Hilton. I can barely tolerate looking at her ridiculous self in print let alone walking and talking on television. Blah.

  56. Nikki Girl says:

    Great story! It’s poetic justice, truly. This girl is an embarrassment to the U.S., and also just women in general. Good riddance.

  57. Laughternrain says:

    I absolutely cannot understand why anyone gives this piece of trash any airtime. And that goes for The View, which I thought only had legitimate guests on. I must have been wrong. Anyone these day can create a reality show and get famous. Its a joke. This ‘woman’ is garbage. My respect for Oprah has all but disappeared since she put this thing on her Network. Why oh why are people giving it any airtime? I could say more, but I better not.

  58. dayna says:

    All of my friends watch the show
    World According to Paris. She has a
    real nice group of caring friends.
    and she is compassionate.
    She has a understanding Mother which
    is important.
    No one should judge anyone in less they have walked a mile in there shoes.

  59. Jody Hurrish says:

    I did watch just to scoff. What I loved was that she is fat, now. And that man whiskey voice, when she babytalks is really icky.