Hide yo’ wigs! Angelina Jolie will be coming back for ‘Salt 2′


Hide yo’ wigs! Angelina Jolie is officially doing a sequel to her hit film Salt. Jolie starred as (SPOILER) a covert Russian spy living in America who ends up helping and defending her adopted country. Did I ever talk about my feelings on Salt? I didn’t like it very much. I thought the whole storyline and general feel of the film was extremely dated, like the film was a half-decent Cold War film circa 1984. If the film had actually been set in 1984, I think I would have enjoyed it better. Considering it was supposed to be a modern spy story… it didn’t make much sense. I did like Angelina’s wigs, though. And yeah, I get a kick out of her giving everyone beatdowns. But the plot was nonsensical from a purely “one person can completely take out all White House security – FOR REAL?!?” standpoint. So… there’s going to be another one:

Sony Pictures is moving forward on its much speculated Salt sequel. Kurt Wimmer has begun writing it for Angelina Jolie to reprise her role as Evelyn Salt, the CIA agent who spent the first movie running for her life after being outed as a Russian spy. The studio smartly left open a window for a possible sequel at the climax of the original, which was directed by Phillip Noyce. Now, Universal Pictures tried to draft a sequel of Wanted and it didn’t happen. This is different. Jolie wants to do to do the Salt sequel if it comes together right. I’m told that Wimmer has officially signed on and is working away. The original grossed around $300 million worldwide for Sony Pictures.

[From Deadline]

More spoilers: The reason a sequel to Wanted never got off the ground was because Jolie’s character friggin’ dies at the end. It was complete idiocy to try to work Jolie’s character into a sequel.

As for this Salt sequel… well… ugh. I hope they make it feel more modern. I hope there’s actual SPY stuff, rather than Angelina/Evelyn just running around, taking down armies of men single-handedly, because apparently all spies do is run around doing hand-to-hand combat all day (??).



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  1. ladybert62 says:

    I find this hard to believe as I thought salt was not very successful.

  2. dorothy says:

    Why? It was not a very good movie.

  3. Crash2GO2 says:

    I do like her in the bright clear colors so much better than black. And she looks so healthy here!

  4. Rose says:

    It made 118 million in the US and 300million internationally, on what planet is that unsuccessful?

  5. cz says:

    Yeah, Salt was awful. The main thing that annoys me about Jolie’s action characters is that puckered up squinty eye thing she does when she’s fighting/shooting people and the fact that a toothpick can not pull off stunts like that (you do need some kind of muscle tone to be an actual bad ass). I don’t particularly think she is a great actress and I’m bored with her.

  6. yeppp says:

    i wish she would retire already! I feel like i see her do the same thing in all her movies. she is either wants you to believe that she can kick everyones ass or wants you to feel sorry for her those are her only two setting… im so over Angie!

  7. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Excuse me Salt was very successful. Also Yay!!!! I am so thrilled Salt is getting a sequel. I thought it was badass. I liked seeing Angelina running around kicking ass. I thought the story was good. Honestly. This isn’t just a fan talking, this is a movie lover and industry intern who can say with all sincerity she thought the plot was hot. Its still a movie, you have to suspend a little belief but I thought all the action sequences were sick. Plus Angelina looked fabulous. Angie looks fab in that red dress too.

  8. Reality says:

    Eh. I didn’t watch the first one, so I could care less about a sequel. Not my cup of tea.

    She looks smokin’ in that red gown though…

  9. mln76 says:

    Salt made like 300 mill WW over a 100 mill in the US and came a decent second to Inception. I liked it alot ( are you surprised). And Angie should get credit for doing a straight up action flick and not just playing a seductress.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    They should have gone with the extended cut in the theaters and then they wouldn’t have had to make a sequel. The extended cut on the DVD wraps up all the loose ends very nicely.

  11. Sue says:

    I like the movie “Salt” it kept me on my toes, I hope the sequel is good and it stops there.

  12. sassenach says:

    While I love Angie and I think she is a great actress but Salt was not good at all. It was really hard to suspend belief because she was so thin, smaller than she is now when she filmed it. Maybe if she had some type of muscle tone I could have bought that she was kicking all that ass but the way it was I just couldn’t suspend belief. I think Salt 2 would be a bad idea.

  13. tapioca says:

    @LOVE ANGELINA: “Plus Angelina looked fabulous.”

    I think you might have seen a different Salt to the one the article refers, as the reviews were almost universal in remarking how frail & unhealthy Angelina looked, and how ridiculous the action scenes were as a result!

    FYI, It also made $293m total Worldwide, and is behind the Bournes on a larger budget.

  14. Stephie says:

    I’d like a little more spy stuff/plot in the sequel. I liked Salt enough to see the next installment if they make one.

  15. Daphne says:

    The worst movie ever made and Jolie wants to do it again? I don’t know what is on her mind. I guess she does want to retire very soon.

  16. mln76 says:

    On the thin thing, bitch did most of her own stunts, causing Salt to win the riskiest film of 2010 award. Some skinny people can kick your ass and I think the wiry Angie is one of them ;)


  17. tracking says:

    ‘Salt’ was poorly written. I’m a little shocked they’re going back to the same screenwriter. I like AJ in action films, but Evelyn Salt was not a character that stays with you (and warrants a sequel, a la ‘Bourne’).

  18. small? says:

    Angie kicked MAJOR butt in a very credible way- we see a ton of action films & Salt had some of the best fight scences ever. If Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith can fight, why not Angie- you don’t need to the Rock to fight. This movie will also make huge money- it’s cool to have this to look forward to!! I do wish her sweet husband could come back- maybe some movie magic?!

  19. I thought Salt was boring. Would it kill her to add some muscle mass for these parts? She just seems all lazy and breezy about doing action films. After I put my kids down for the night, I’ll go film this action flick. Be back in time for breakfast kids!

  20. sweet husband says:

    Oh, I loved Salt’s husband too! They were very cute together. He was sweet, but did you see him in Inglourious Basterds? WOW- the LAST thing you would call him is sweet. What an incredible range he has- THAT’S an actor!

  21. Amanda says:

    One of my least favorite of her movies. I thought it COULD have been way better than it was. I thought she looked terrible– there was nothing “kick-ass” about her. She looked thin and frail. She needed to have looked like she did in Mr/Mrs Smith, but she didn’t.

  22. nnn says:

    Making a sequel to SALT is understandable since the movie was made first as a pre launch for a franchise and made sure the end offer that option.

    If they could Make a sequel of the supid ‘The Hangover’ or ‘Little Folkers’, they sure can make it fir SALT

  23. lisa says:

    It is always fun to read the comments on how terrible an actress Angie is.. YET these same people keep running to see her movies.

    SALT was fun ride and Angie was great in it.. The audiences love it and wanted more. So if you don’t like her then stop seeing her films..

    she has a very large fan base and we will support her films.

    never understood why it is so necessary to trash everything she does. I doubt many that are posting even saw the film. And if they did they should have saved their money.

    The DVD sales for the movie were huge as well. And if it had opened in China that would have put it way over the 300 million mark.

    He movie made more then her male counterparts. And the perception that a woman has to be overly muscular is silly. The fight sequences were not about her being bigger or stronger then the men. She was smaller and quicker. And she did her own stunts and didn’t use that go to blue screen.

    Good for her. And like the many of us that enjoyed the first. we will be looking forward to the next. Some of you should save your money this time.. so that you won’t have to bitch and moan about how much you didn’t like it..

    but me thinks you did. But of course because it is Angie you have to be negative no matter what.. LOL

  24. Hollowdoll says:

    Wish I could say I was surprised that they are making Salt 2. It was a crap movie and she wasn’t believable as someone who could win a fight. Damn I miss the old Angie.

  25. foozy says:

    can’t wait for more….

  26. munchies says:

    I CANT Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love SALT. Period.

  27. excellent news says:

    She did do top-notch stunt workbon Salt, but it was her amazing acting that made the movie so special for me. Don’t want to spoil anything, but there is a scene with her master & her husband that showcases acting as good as or better than any Oscar performance- male or female- in the past decade. This will be another big hit and a great treat for her fans!

  28. the original bellaluna says:

    Didn’t see the first Salt; won’t see the second one. Moving on…

    (FYI – Her Salt character was a man in the original story-line.)

  29. Hayley says:

    I really liked Salt! I’m glad they’re making another one. Angelina Jolie is and will always be the world’s greatest actress.

  30. Mia says:

    Loved Salt. Can’t wait for the sequel.

  31. someone says:

    I didn’t see the first one, and won’t see this one either…

  32. olivia says:

    Believe it when there’s a shoot date.

  33. WhiteNoise says:

    Uh, no thanks on the Salt sequel. Once was bad enough.

    But she looks fab in that red dress.

  34. loop says:

    I like SALT, really fun – is she or isn’t she bad?

    re: kaiser “one person can completely take out all White House security” ?

    ok, maybe not the WH, but hellllo, have you not seen a Hollywood movie before? the star, usually a guy, always saves the world by taking on everyone.

  35. werty says:

    if its true YAY!
    i liked the fighting scenes because she fought dirty and when she was hit it was more `real` than most fight scenes ive seen in a very long time.

  36. SillyOne says:

    I agree, I really didn’t care for the movie either.

  37. 4Real says:

    I usually really like her action movies but Salt was seriously ridiculous. No way can this waif of all about 98lbs take out “armies” of men without a cape, mask and a sidekick.

  38. Mary K says:

    My family and I LOVED SALT! In a world where everything is digitalized.. Here we have a WOMAN who does her own stunts… Funny when Jet Li or Jason Statham (love both) take down entire security branches single handledly no one cries foul! It’s a movie.. It’s not rocket science. If you like action great.. I don’t go to movies for an education (unless it’s a documentary), I go to be entertained. So SALT made 293 Million world-wide not 300 million.. That is still a huge amount given the fact that so many movies are downloaded, pirated, and frankly watched at home on DVD or rental in these hard economic times. Give the woman credit! Why do we build up men.. But tear women down? My hubby and I the minute it ended looked at each other and said “sequel”! and cannot wait!! (as for SALT taking on the entire secret service staff and winning… Again it’s fantasy.. But no one complained when Jason Bourne took out an entire company of trained spies w/ more experience than him, along w/ my examples above.. Besides If you recall..she was trained by both countries to be the best at what she does…and to know she does her own stunts is a special treat. She may be the gorgeous small boned mom of 6 children w/ many interests and different backgrounds, does countless hours of charity work around the globe to make a difference in others lives, gives huge amounts to said charities, finds time to be w/ her man and his moments on the red carpet (as well as for family time), and make Oscar winning movies (she was robbed in Changeling and Mighty Heart)… This woman needs an S on her chest cuz she is Super Woman and can do it all.. Including kicking a few behinds in real life if she so chose to since she knows a variation of martial arts. No wonder she forgets to eat! bring on Evelyn SALT.. I cant wait!!! Love Ang..always have…she is an amazing human being and actress!

  39. Solveig says:

    I quite enjoyed Salt because I didn’t expect it to be a good movie to begin with. Of course she was ridiculous as the superspy who fights and wins against men three times as high. And the trout pout, and the plot… it surprises me it was a hit at the box office. Eh, the power of stardom. If Milla Jovovich and Charlize Theron were more gossip-friendly they would be the true action heroines of our days (and they would be believable).

  40. Sakyiwaa says:

    omg! just yesterday, i was chatting with a friend and we’re wondered if Jolie would be up for a sequel to Salt.
    Dayum! i totally loved SALT soo my friend and I are DEFINITELY gonna see this!

  41. the original bellaluna says:

    @ MaryK – Yeah, but Jet Li is a marshal arts master and Jason Statham is built like a mofo. Jason Bourne was “specially trained” (read the books), whereas AJ is just…anemic-looking.

    I’m all for women’s empowerment, but let’s at least ATTEMPT to be marginally realistic.

  42. Ari says:

    I really liked the movie because of the framing of her, how it was set up, the background of her child-hood and the people that were still in her life after she tried to get out and do the right thing. I love movies like that. And when the tables get turned – even better! Will definitely want to see what the sequel entails.

  43. nnn says:

    Amen to that !

    You forget to mention that noone whine when :

    - those thin and sometimes petite frail women of Charlie’s Angels do some Matrix stuff to avoid bullets and other unbeleivable stunts to take down 50 muscular young men without any bruises…or when they jump from a building roof to a car moving fast…

    - When they are able to open the door of a Boeing without the Boeing having problems od depressurization, while able to desarm a bomb as they going down…all this in the first installment in the first 5 minutes…or

    - or when Jason Bourne is able to jump on some male body in motion going down the stairs without having any serious harm or

    - when the midget Tom Cruise is able to jump from a car in motion to an helicopter in motion without any serious bruises …

    - And don’t get me started with the James Bond, the usually model type Bond girl and those gadgets. That installment is the fakest spy like action movies, always was.

    It seems that when it comes to movies and therefore fantasies, the ‘fantasy component’ rule applied to anyone but Jolie.

    And again,for an action movie with a first installment led by a female she did better than most male in the same environemnt, including better than the two first Bourne. SALT was released with the very much anticipated INCEPTION, yet it delivers financially where other male stars in action don’t, including Denzel Washington

    The videos sales were also good and weeks after it was released only, i remembered reading that some TV network already bought the rights for TV.

    So my guess is, they made lots of money with it and it was in par with what they could have expect for a first installment by a female without the 3 d component in it.

    Hell she did even better ALONE as a female in an action movie than the 10 male iconic action stars did with the Expendables that was released two weeks after SALT. And yet, Stalone said at the times that he was working on an ‘Expendable’ 2, calling it a mega hit and saying F*ck you to the critics.

  44. Nanz says:

    I JUST got around to watching Salt last weekend on Netflix. It’s been in my queue for months. Anyhoo, I thought was OK (not great). And although I’m a big Jolie fan, I found myself eonderjg howuch longer she can play these kick-a*s roles. I’d like to see her fo something else. She was great in The Changeling. I’d like to see her do more dramatic stuff.

  45. teri says:

    So happy to hear this news, the first movie was great. Still looking forward to seeing her new directing In the Land with Blood and Honey. yay

  46. Tori says:

    I loved Salt!!! Everyone in the movie theater with me loved it!

  47. PICOPINK says:

    I actually liked Wanted but for some reason Salt doesn’t appeal to me. Wonder why her last 2 movies didn’t do so well, even with Johnny Depp in one.

  48. StephanieMarie says:

    I don’t understand why SJP get’s lamb-basted for taking two months to film a movie with *gasp* new babies at home(!!!!) yet Angelina Jolie is applauded for taking on action roles and doing her own stunts for movies while she has 6 children at home.
    Filming a chickflick while babies are home with dad seems like a less risky proposition to me.
    It’s hypocritical.

    *Sorry if this is a repeat comment, but I wasn’t sure if I properly posted a previous comment or not.

  49. Mary K says:

    @ Original Bellaluna… Have you forgotten she was trained to shoot dead on.. She was trained in a form of martial arts for the Lara Croft series, her love and use of knives, and lastly… Never judge a book by it’s cover! When I was 89lbs at 5’3 I could take down a man twice my size.. It’s skill not always size. Plus you forget one thong… IT’S A MOVIE! Not a Documentary.. So your saying Men can take out entire regimes as long as they are trained.. But not women. Then w/ your theory and one’s reference to Charlie’s Angels.. I hope you found their abilities impossible as well.. (

  50. Salina says:

    Salt was wayyyy better than the tourist. I liked it only because it was better than I thought it would be when I saw it at the theater. I wouldn’t see a sequel though unless it was on netflix or something cheap/free.

  51. skibunny says:

    They should have used a guy or woman with some muscle for this movie to be any good. AJ can’t carry an action flick anymore. She looks too fragile and it comes off as ridiculous. I think a sequel to this movie would be a stinker for sure.

  52. mln76 says:

    MaryK & nnn great points!!!

    @StephanieMarie I personally have no problem with either women working. People treat movie making as if they are regular jobs with regular hours where kids aren’t welcome. I am sure that every mother who posts here would be willing to work for 2 months, bring their kids with them to the office (with childcare) for a fraction of Jolie or SJP’s salary.

  53. Cheyenne says:

    @PICOPINK: “Salt” made $295 million and “Tourist” $273 million. Most studios would be delighted if their films did “not so well” like that.

  54. mike says:

    If that little midget Matt Damon can break bank playing a badmofo spy, well, so can Angie.

    Really, her skinny arms should make zero difference because I don’t care if you look like Arnold circa 1984– you’re still not gonna take on more than three trained fighters, like Daniel Craig or Jason Stratham does. All three– Craig, Stratham, Jolie– have fake fights that can enver happen in real life.

    So who cares if Angie is badass on screen?

  55. jinni says:

    I think one of the reasons why it’s hard to suspend disbelief for Jolie in action roles is partly to do with her image. Before when she was putting out the image of being a badass, wild girl, who was dark and edgy, even though she still looked skinny (because she’s always had extremely thin limbs and a boxy torso) people were more able to think of her as capable of kicking ass. Nowadays she keeps pushing this image of being soft, motherly (in a traditional sense), uber-feminine, mushy, gentle, and girly. This image doesn’t really gel well with the publics idea of a person that can fight, so now because of her newer image people are looking at that same skinny body and instead of seeing a wiry scrapper, they see her as a frail, helpless, girly-girl and can’t suspend disbelief anymore.

    The kind of image an actor puts out there for the audience and media can seriously affect their believablity in certain roles. This is why it was hard for Meg Ryan to be taken seriously in dramatic roles because she was too well known as the sweet, lovalbe,”Girl Next Door”, or why comedians have a hard time getting serious parts. I think Angie has shot herself in the foot by so drastically changing her image and making it harder for people to see her in the role as action hero, which is really her niche.

  56. Kim123 says:

    Can’t wait for Salt 2. The success of the film demonstrates why AJ is the highest paid actress in Hollywood.She earned $20M from Salt upfront I wonder how much she will make from Salt 2. Way to go Angie.Looking forward to Cleopatra.BTW Salt made almost 300M despite the fact she was a mother of 6, her image in 2011 is no different than in 2009.She is the same weight she was for Salt and it was successful.

  57. mln76 says:

    Here is the reason she is getting (another) franchise. It wasn’t based on a comic book, novel, or video game. It didn’t have a huge known director. The only thing that sold SALT was Angelina Jolie and her bad ass self. And it outdid the first Bourne movie and came in a close second to one of the most anticipated movies of 2010. People can complain that she’s too thin or whatever but that’s not going to stop her from kicking some Russian booty in Salt 2.

  58. Eve says:

    I already knew that. The first Salt’s ending clearly points to a sequel and it was successful — you guys can say whatever you want and discuss the numbers ad nauseum, but the movie was considered a hit whether you like it or not.

    Oh, and I f*cking loved it. LOVED IT.

  59. Eve says:


    I’m only sad Liev Schreiber’s character got killed in the first one — although it was an awesome scene. I loved his scenes with The Jolie and only a big guy like him can look like a badass adversary for the badass version of her.

    About August Diehl…I was surprised to see him looking so sweet in Salt (I know, it’s called acting). But he truly scared the hell out of me in Inglourious Basterds. That’s how I always pictured movie’s versions of Nazi officers: cold, insistent, annoying, paying attention to the smallest details as in to spot someone who isn’t acting like they should be.

    I mean, I wasn’t afraid of Landa, sorry. Many people talked about how creepy Christopher Waltz was and I just couldn’t be afraid of him — I totally got that he was a cunning asshole, and that was probably what made him scary for most people: he’s all polite and apparently kind but then BAM! He finally shows what’s up to. But in a hypothetical situation, let’s say if he wanted to kill me, I simply wouldn’t see that coming. It would be something like me thinking: “What a nice gentleman, why do people say these horrible things about him anyway?” Then I’d see the gun pointed at my forehead: “Oh…”.

  60. jinni says:

    I’m not saying that being a mother has stopped people from taking her seriously in action roles. She was still considered kick ass when she adopted Maddox. Even when she gave birth to Shiloh and adopted the other two she was still seen as a badass because she was still dedicated to putting out that particular image of herself out there.

    All I’m saying is that around the time that the twins were born she’s been really pushing this extra-mushy, cuddly image about herself. I think this is one of the reasons why critics and audience are saying she not as believeable in these parts anymore.

  61. nnn says:

    I think one of the reasons why it’s hard to suspend disbelief for Jolie in action roles is partly to do with her image
    This consideration is actually irrelevant because those who b*tch about Jolie unbeleivelness in an action movie, using it as a reasonfor the so called ‘fail’ in the movie contradict even more figures and her huge demand for those those movies as she has more financial successes in these that many big guns males have.

    There are enough people who like her in those flicks to make her an action heroin more than they beleive the like of Jason Stahman, Stallone or Denzel to be action heros.

    Just because they are more vocal won’t erase that reality that Jolie, a woman is able to pull out nearly 300 millions in a leading role of a first installment in an action franchise with INCEPTION as a direct competition which is usually two times as much as what Debnzel usually pull out in action roles with no competition whatsoever, which is usually 10 times more than Sthatman could, which again exceeds in both markets the ensemble cast of the “Expendables” with loads of muscles.

    People can be loud and vocal pretending that people don’t like her because she isn’t beleivable in those roles, that the movie fail because she is frail, ect…, figures however prove another story that people wether in the US or abroad will rather see a Jolie action movie who doesn’t even have a franchise, an already build in financial basis guaranteed upon which she can build a secure ROI than any action flick with leading roles made by muscles of Denzel, Sthatman or Stallone with his super muscular buddies.

    And to Cheyenne, TT did not reach 273 millions, rather more like 278+ millions pre DVD & Blu ray sales.

  62. Kim123 says:

    I don’t understand if she has been pushing the “cuddly image” around the time the twins were born.Why did Salt make almost $300 Million at the BO and over $30 M in DVD Sales. They movie and DVD came out over 2 years after the twins were born and after the breastfeeding pics etc. The twins were born in July 2008 Salt was released in July 2010, DVD in Dec 2010, So despite 2 years of this “cuddly image” you refer to, Salt was still successful.

  63. truetalk says:

    i loved salt but i couldn’t get past how thin she looked because i had not seen her a long time before then.
    i am however getting tired of angie playing lara croft over and over again even though d movie has a different name.

  64. Mika says:

    Seriously? I love Angelina, but that film was BALLS. Apparently EVERYONE in the US government is a Russian sleeper agent everyone. Did I just spoil the movie for you?? GOOD, now you won’t have to sit through it for 2 painful hours.

  65. RHONYC says:


  66. JustBored says:

    LMAO @ Hide Yo Wigs.

  67. Camille says:

    Cool. I liked the film for what it was; a fun action flick.

    I will see the sequel if it gets made.

  68. N.D. says:

    Actually Angelina Jolie was the only believable thing in this movie. Because she can act. All the fight moves and such, there are stuntmen and CGI for that if she can’t pull it off herself, but to sell the drama, the thriller, the character’s arc – for that you need a good actor, something most action movies don’t have.

    I only hope there won’t be anything/much “russian” in the next one. The whole theater was laughing out loud when scenes that supposed to show “russians being openly russian” were on screen. Those things are better left as vague and as off screen as possible.

  69. Solveig says:

    The reason why she wasn’t believable in SALT is that the movie was supposed to be taken seriously as a spy story, and it’s not an action cartoonish movie like Wanted, or Charlie’s Angels. I haven’t many suspension of disbelief problems watching Wanted because the movie is over-exaggerated in every kind of way possible, curving bullets, regenerative wax and all, AJ’s frail figure was the least of the unbelievable things in that movie.
    However it’s also true – and already said ad nauseam – that she’s not just skinny, but fragile looking, while the three lead protagonists of Charlie’s Angel were muscular skinny.

  70. Louise says:

    Are people lying about seeing Salt? It’s baffling that all of the comments say they hate Angelina and can’t stand her acting and movies yet they claim to have seen all of her movies. Salt was okay but not great. I also don’t get why people keep say the movie is unrealistic. It’s a movie. Why it’s fine for other movies to be unrealistic but attack Angelina is baffling. Also if Angelina was so weak and anorexic as claimed, she wouldn’t have been able to do most of her stunts. There’s photos and video do stuntwork. Also she doesn’t look much different from Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Salt. I don’t get why people are acting like she was 50lbs heavier 5 years ago.

  71. kasper says:

    Never seen salt, but do we get to see angelina do an accent? i soo love her accents. she manages to sound like someone has clipped her vocal chords, and yet maintains a look on her face similar to what Goopy would like if she were to force her way into a children’s spelling bee and then win. yet, all the while she hits all the low notes in her famously wooden acting style. what a juggling act! please please please tell me she does an accent. her accent was the only thing that made the Tourist watchable – it’s the Plan 9 of accents.

  72. nnn says:

    Thank you !

    People keep on saying she is unbealeivable like it’s an ultimate veracity universally shared as to justify the failure of the movie according to who ? Cause the only objective measure is a financial one based on number of attendees and guess what, for all the critics about Jolie not being credible, SALT is still the action movie people have watched more than full testosterone all male action movies THAT year alone, or even out the for the three last years.

    Actually few action movies that are not sequel or part of a franchise have done better during the last decade.

    Bruce Willis failed as did Denzel as did Matt Damon in most action movies they did that wasn’t part of a sequel.

    Jolie did better than Cruise did (oustide his sequels).

    The only male star who is able to beat her consitently with any non sequel action movie is Will Smith.

    So which one is it ? the movie sucking and failing because of Jolie frame yet that movie did better than those full of testosterone heros whose movie failed evenmore according the same definition !

    And its not even like Jolie doesn’t fit the action type heroin frame. 75 % of action heroin are frail lean from Zoe Saldana to Anne Parrillaud (who was a model and a notorious vegan) to Christina Loken to Lucy Liu to ect…

    Call it the cobra lethal type of figure as Chiwetel described Jolie, but from the original action heroin who was vulnerable yet physical (eg. Jane from Tarzan) to Jolie’s SALT & Neyteri’s Saldana, to Supergirl, most action heroines in Hollywood when they get a leading role where they are not upstaged by a male or a machine are made with slender sometimes even skinny lethal type of gals, even androgyn like at times.

    The Michelle Rodrigues type is rare and never as a lead. It’s women who usually could pass as models. It was already like that on TV from Wonder Women to Charlie’s Angels, to Cat woman to the Bionic Woman, ect…

    People can pretend all they want, figures tell another story and are the only reliable and objective measure of popularity, hence ‘peole dig that action movie more than any other of the genre’.

    So peole can’t pretend that all of a sudden it’s unbeleivable. It has ALWAYS been like that.

  73. firefly says:

    I honestly couldn’t even watch the 1st one b/c she was so emaciated.

    Why don’t they just cast Woody Allen in a re-make of Superman.

  74. Sakyiwaa says:


    @jinni, Really… Like Cheyenne said; “Salt” made $295 million and “Tourist” $273 million… I think it’s safe to say action movies are Angelina’s No. 1 NICHE.

    @firefly; Don’t torture yourself.

  75. I Choose Me says:

    Who says waif like/slender women can’t kick ass? I for one had no problem suspending my disbelief. After all we’ve had Milla Jovovich as Alice in Resident Evil, Saoirse Ronan in Hanna and Summer Glau as River Tam in Serenity kicking serious ass and I don’t see people quibbling about them. I liked Salt and would be interested to see what they do with a sequel.

    I see nnn is on the same wavelength as I am. I forgot about Zoe, she was fierce in The Losers.

  76. cirka says:


  77. Maritza says:

    Wow, the woman looks fabulous in red, she should wear it more often. I do hope she gains at least 10 pounds to make the action spy thing more believable.

  78. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Solveig – Thank you! You put it much better than I did. As a child of an active duty Marine during the Cold War, I take my spy stuff pretty seriously. I didn’t even see the Bourne series of movies, because they tried to make it relevant to now.


  79. sandy#1 says:

    i rather enjoy jolie in these roles, apparently so does most movies goers, it’s entertainment, she’s quite believable, she’s a versatile actress, not many left in hollywood, she is also easy on the eyes. it’s not Jolie with fake stories about fake relationships for attention, her life has substance all around, again, she can play or be any thing and be believable.

  80. Flan says:

    Liked Salt and am happy to see it gets a sequel.

    Some guys fly through roofs, while kicking three guys in midair and shooting two others, but somehow people only complain they can not believe it when the action hero is female.

  81. Kartman says:

    Salt two? Did anyone see Salt one?

  82. Freya says:

    I really enjoyed Salt, and look forward to Salt II. Anyone who doesn’t like Jolie for whatever reason doesn’t have to go see it. They don’t even have to post in Jolie’s thread!

  83. Flan says:

    @Kartman: Only one American, who paid 118 million dollars for his seat.

    The three foreigners got them on the cheap, only 100 million a ticket

  84. nnn says:

    Super waif and ballerina Zoe saldana will kick some major ass in the upcoming BESSON’s “Columbiana”.

    A female action hero and assasin like ‘La Femme Nikita’.

    I am waiting for the unbeleivelness comments adnauseum surrounding the androgyn frame of Saldana playing a female action role in Hollywood, the city of fantasies by excellence where only action males and some selective club of females chosen by certain are granted the right to do unbeleivable, out of this world stunts, kicks and tricks without ever beeing questioned about their unbeleivableness versus revenues though their movies end up being less popular or successful besides…

  85. journey says:

    believable? if i want believable i’ll watch documentaries on pbs. bring on salt 2.

  86. anonymous says:

    Can’t wait Salt movie was awesome, anything Angie does is awesome, bring it on! It’s laughable to read what her critics are saying, the actress they worship is into soft porn, in all of JA movies she takes off her clothes, because JA knows her acting skills are mediocre, Jolie on the other hand is an oscar winner, look JA just got an award for mis thang, at 43 at JA age she should hve been an accomplished actress and up for an award at the oscars or golden globe but look where she was at this week-end at a show with all of the young beautiful starlettes who are just comming up, JA looked middle-aged and out of place amongst the crowd. It’s sad, to look at where Brad Pitt’s ex-wife end up as a middle-age soft porn actress.

  87. CoffeeTalk says:

    nnn: HEROINE with an E. Heroin is the drug that Jolie is rumored to be functionally addicted to. Freudian slippage?

    (that’s a sarcastic comment by the way-I don’t think Jolie is addicted to heroin)

    Anyway, maybe I’ll watch Salt on Instant Watch one day while I’m bored. Or not.

  88. Charlotte says:

    @Louise: she probably WAS 50 lbs. heavier when she filmed Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Hell, she looked great in that movie! And that red dress she’s wearing above is one of the greatest fashion moves she’s made in about 5 years. It looks good on her and it was one of the rare times she didn’t look as sickly. As for Salt, the entire premise looked stupid to me, and when several of my friends told me that it was ridiculously far-fetched and badly acted/stunted, I listened to them and didn’t see it. Especially since those said friends aren’t especially picky about what they view, and they all raved about “Prince of Persia” and “A-Team”. I figured I would be ok to sit it out. The only movie I’ve liked her in in a LOOOONG time was “A mighty heart”. Her accent wasn’t weird, she was believable and she didn’t spend the entire film pouting her lips or screaming. It was a good movie and I wish she’d do more like it. As an action character, she’s simply not believable.

  89. Charlotte says:

    As for the numbers at the BO that this movie raked in, I have to shrug. Jolie has a crazy fan kingdom that probably went to see this film in the theatre at least twice per person. Seriously, the Twilight franchise has raked in the same amounts of money. Says nothing about the actor’s ability, but more about their popularity. I’m just saying. Her dramatic roles didn’t earn a whole lot of money, though critics liked them, especially AMH, but her fans like her in her action movies.

  90. nnn says:

    Jolie was naked in movies she made in her early twenties, JA still does it at 42. That’s desperate and cheap for any given actress her age when it’s the twenty something like Megan Fox who does it.

    Only soft porn actresses wil do it regurarly in their 40ies…Shannon Tweed anyone ?.

    I hope Kate Winslet will stop doing it soon, just like Halle has hopefully stopped doing it.

  91. trish says:

    Angelina was brilliant in Mr & Mrs Smith and the Tomb raider films. She was a decent weight in all those films, seeing her so much lighter does not help. I get distracted by her lack of weight, she looks as if she is starving herself. She can act, she is versatile, but her weight loss is too much.