Jennifer Aniston’s new boyfriend has a girlfriend, does anyone care?

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We haven’t really been keeping up with Jennifer Aniston’s lovelife, because the collective response to our last story on it was a big shrug. She’s been rolling out this relationship with actor Justin Theroux though, alternately having her publicist confirm it to People and then deny it to US Weekly for maximum coverage purposes. The latest story on these two has them making out at an after party for the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. (This link has photos of them together.) Good for Aniston I guess, but could she possibly date someone without having her people leak stories about it to various outlets?

In the tabloids this last week was a potentially more juicy story about Aniston’s latest conquest. Apparently Theroux had a longterm girlfriend right up until he hooked up with Aniston. That means that he was cheating with Aniston. It’s possible Aniston had no idea about this, or that he fed her a bunch of stories about how they were split up already. This was news to the girlfriend, who is said to be heartbroken by all this. We sort-of heard this story already, when Theroux’s girlfriend’s mother told Radar that it’s not true that Theroux was hooking up with Aniston, and that he was at a dinner party with her and a bunch of other people. I guess we know why Aniston’s rep denied this story to US Weekly after leaking it to People – either it’s a fauxmance to promote Aniston’s latest movie, or her boyfriend is cheating on his girlfriend.

The tabloids are claiming that Aniston knew about this, but I think they’re just saying must have known, which probably isn’t accurate. The guy was possibly very sneaky about all of it. In this story they mention a website that posted personal vacation photos and quotes from Justin’s girlfriend Heidi about a trip they took to Hawaii over the winter. You can see those photos here, and they were posted on May 16, 2011.

On May 16, the fashion website refinery29 posted an interview with NY City based stylist Heidi Bivens, who had raved about the vacation she had taken last winter in Kauai, Hawaii, with her boyfriend, actor/writer/director Justin Theroux…

Two days after the post – apparently, without Heidi’s knowledge – Justin was spending the evening at a Los Angeles dinner party getting close to Jennifer Aniston, with whom he filmed the upcoming movie Wanderlust last fall. It was the beginning of a whirlwind string of intimate get-togethers for the duo over the next few days, including a weekend stay at Jen’s Beverly Hills home!

Now Heidi, 34, is “heartbroken and doesn’t know for sure what’s going on,” a close friend tells Star. “And the most shocking thing is, Jen definitely knew about Heidi. Even if Justin had been telling Jen he was suddently single, you’d think she would be 100 percent sure before cutting in on another woman’s man, after what happened to her with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. That is so sad…”

When asked if she had heard the new details of Jen and Justin’s get-togethers [when contacted by Star, Heidi] replied, “I don’t want to know,” before adding, “I have no comment.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, June 13, 2011]

In The Enquirer they have the detail that Justin and Heidi have been together “for years,” but I can’t find any information on whether they live together or not. Either way, I don’t think it’s Aniston’s fault that her new man had a girlfriend. He may have kept her in the dark about it. Although he did step out with his girlfriend to a play in January, and there are pictures.

In related news about Jen, her BFF Courteney Cox has denied that they’re fighting at all. Cox told Life & StyleI’m so sure I’m not in a fight with Jen.”

Justin and Heidi are shown in the header in January, 2011. They’re shown below in August, 2008. Credit:


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  1. brin says:

    Whatever, this guy’s a douche.

  2. Crash2GO2 says:

    Wait. I don’t see the confirm and deny. I see a ‘they are friends’ in both statements.

    I think this is getting a big shrug because we’ve been through this so many times with her before. Just because she goes to dinner with someone doesn’t mean it’s the beginning of some great romance, as much as the tabloids love to jump all over it.

  3. neva says:

    you nailed it: big shrug

  4. mln76 says:

    I am of a couple different minds about this. First off I see this as just being another fling to promote her movie … I could easily believe she wouldn’t care about a ‘little person’ who wasn’t famous getting hurt just like her good friends Laura Dern , Sheryl Crow, and Chelsea Handler. Or she knows he has a rep as being a skeezball and is attracted to the ride.

  5. Reality says:

    I don’t get the ‘has’ a girlfriend in the title of this post? Surely it’s ‘had’ a girlfriend and thus a complete non-story because they obviously broke up?

  6. Kloops says:

    Is he related to Louis Theroux? I like Louis. Beyond that: big shrug.

  7. sassenach says:

    Of course she knew he had a girlfriend. If they just filmed a movie together then I am sure his girlfriend used to call and come on the set. It hasn’t been a couple weeks since the girlfriend’s mother said that Heidi and Justin were still together.

    People won’t care and the press will not focus on it because Jennifer gets a lifetime pass on everything since her divorce.

  8. mln76 says:

    @Crash so the fact that he escorted her to the Spike awards isn’t enough proof to you that they are in fact dating???

  9. Quest says:

    And I should care, Why?

  10. LucyOriginal says:

    I honestly don’t know if JA knew about the girlfriend. But, I think that , at this point in her life, she doesn’t care about anything anymore. A lot of people criticized (still do) how she handled the divorce, or whatever…

  11. sandip says:

    This is to promote the film. She has a film coming out soon and did not want to be the single woman on the red carpet. I give it 4 months.

  12. ale says:

    will chelsea call her homewrecker in her show?

  13. DenG says:

    Aniston = nonentity without Pitt connection

  14. jc126 says:

    I hope so. Only because I’m tired of hearing what a frigging saint JA is.

  15. mia girl says:

    If all the women posting on this site had a dime for everytime a guy told you he had broken up/was no longer with his girlfriend… well we could all buy Kaiser and CB each a new car! (Bedhead too probably)

    Give Anniston a break.

  16. dannyexplosion says:

    He looks a little old to be dressing like he is in some crappy Ska band.

  17. Nicole says:

    Why anyone cares about this desperate, leathery hag anymore is beyond me. BIG SHRUG INDEED.

  18. tapioca says:

    There’s a pretty big difference between boning a married dude and one that may/may not have a girlfriend! If you stand up in front of your friends/family/God/the Universe and pledge a lifetime’s commitment you f**k your wife; if you haven’t you can f**k everyone else…

  19. John Wayne Lives says:

    (Damn it, my first post was soo much better! but i hit submit without my email and I lost it. Oh well)

    ” I don’t think it’s Aniston’s fault that her new man had a girlfriend.”

    Right, It’s only her fault she broke them up. IF this is true, I can totally see her pulling a “You have to break up with her first, if you want me” either way she’s responsible for the break-up. IF this is true. god, what a hypocrite. Is it too much to ask for the jilted gf to spill it all. I would love to see the Saint Jen mask fall. god, i really used to love her. But now, I just think she’s a famewhore :(

  20. You don't say says:

    This little technicality will all be explained in the upcoming People Magazine cover “Jen, In Love at Last….And is finally over Brad after nearly seven years”. Afterall, People has already said this is her “new man” and has introduced him around. USAToday has it on the front page, so I think that is pretty much proof, until this part comes out, then they would back date everything and then declare they are “just friends”. It is fine though as she will always get a pass, deserved or not.

  21. Whatever says:

    Um, most of the stories of her with a guy are not true. A single dinner becomes a relationship. It used to be that everyone knew tabloids were bullshit. In recent years, I’m amazed to see that tabloids are now equated with journalism by so many. Speculation is speculation, not a story.

    And why is a dinner or two a fling? I don’t get it. That’s why its a shrug because tabloids are full of sh*t. Even the Cox story was bs. They just make stuff up randomly. Like one will say, hey I haven’t seen them together for a while and then it becomes a made up story that gets repeated on every celeb website. I haven’t seen where her rep confirmed the relationship, so it probably is nothing.

  22. tracking says:

    He’s an interesting multi-talent and on the surface a good fit for her. There seem to be three possibilities here: 1.) friendship/attraction on set ending up with LT romance breakup (timing seems suspect, though ex-GF doesn’t seem to have close tabs on him either) 2.) mutually beneficial PR fauxmance 3.) he’s a self-serving liar confirming her craptastic taste in men. Time will tell.

  23. Dorothy says:

    Celebitchy fans, you ever wonder why JA seems to attract men who are on the fence, off the fence or don’t have a clue about a fence? Why not for once attract a guy who is STABLE with out the DRAMA? I feel a ‘meh’ coming on myself! :-(

  24. RobN says:

    Tapioca said it perfectly. Until there’s a commitment you get to change your mind anytime you want, and date whomever you want.

  25. Canuck says:

    I would add one possibility to what Tracking said:

    Ex-girlfriend who knew she was an “ex” is P.O.’d that he’s found someone else and is trying to sabotage his new budding relationship.

    I’d also say that the chances of this being a “set up PR Showmance” go way down when you realize that his girlfriend and her familiy aren’t aware of the plan.

  26. MJ says:

    Laughing my ass off at dannyexplosion’s comment! Good call…

  27. kazoo says:

    HEYYYY, he’s the dude carrie dated who ejaculated whenever she touched him, right? and his mother was played by a famous actress (can’t think of her name).

    anyway, the huvane brothers need some new tricks.

  28. Canuck says:

    @kazoo: He was also the really hot bad boy in Charlie’s Angels 2.

  29. someone says:

    Where is the proof that jen is actually hooking up with this guy??? Just because they were in a picture together doesn’t prove anything…every time she speaks to a guy, the media has her playing house with him..and the Enquirer…really????

  30. lisa says:

    Wow.. so I guess when you break up it is fine to move on to another relationship.

    oops forgot the double standard

    Heidi is cute… that all I have left to say.

  31. echolocate says:

    Good call dannyexplosion on Justin’s ska get-up. I was thinking more that he looked like he was dressed up as a ventriloquist’s dummy.

    What’s with Jen’s dress in the photo above? Is it on backwards? From the hem and the fit, I thought someone snagged my 7th grade home ec sewing debacle from my parents’ garage sale.

    If the story’s true, he’s the famewhore and the one who acted badly. They’re an odd match. I can never figure out what her type is when it comes to men.

    If he’s been with Heidi for some time, he’s probably stepped out on her in the past. The problem here is that it’s lousy to be cheated on and dumped, and even worse when it’s with a person who is national news. She’s better off ultimately, but in the short-term she’ll want to avoid the checkout line.

  32. Shirly May says:

    One Trick Pony

  33. kazoo says:

    @canuck, yes! i just looked at his imdb page. i didn’t realize he’s been in so much.

  34. albeli says:

    Who cares? Jen may of may not be dating him. He may or may not have still been with this other girl. And he wasn’t married to her.

  35. whitedaisy says:

    Soooo siiiick of Aniston. I wish you would boycott these stories for a week or two.
    Or how about a no-Aniston July.
    All in favor? Aye!

  36. Canuck says:

    @kazoo: Make sure you check out his IMDB screenwriting credits, producer credits and he even wrote a song on the Megamind sountrack.

  37. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ white Daisy

  38. Hautie says:

    I am stunned that Aniston would give a him the time of day.

    Between the tragic side burns and the man jewelry, he just looks suspect.

    Is there not a retired athlete/now sports caster… out there that needs a really rich, high profile girlfriend?

    Yet here she is wasting her time with really questionable men.

  39. AngelMay says:

    He’s the cousin of Louis Theroux, who’s the son of writer Paul Theroux. They’re all darkly handsome Canuck types.
    I think this is a fauxmance and Justin’s prob still with his gf. Jen can’t do the press tour alone.
    What I don’t understand is she’s attractive, great body, why can’t she get a real boyfriend? Maybe Chelsea can give her some tips. Chelsea always has a rich boyfriend.

  40. Carlotta Love says:

    @whitedaisy- Let’s go for a hat trick and make it no Aniston, no Pitt and no Jolie for July. Tired of all of them and 99% of the stories are false anyway.

  41. Jenny says:

    @whitedaisy–Not going to happen as she has a couple of movies coming out and he is in one of them I think. Plus, there has to be a “Brad is so Jealous” story to come, so this will be with us for quite some time, spun out of control no doubt.

  42. Redicarus says:

    Wait, so Angelina Jolie and Sienna Miller are “homewreckers,” but Jennifer Aniston either “had no idea” about this guy’s girlfriend or was “fed a bunch of stories about how they were split up already”? Is this woman EVER going to be anything but a victim in the media?

    @whitedaisy — AYE!

  43. Fefa says:

    Something is going on, but only time will tell us what it is.
    He wasn’t married guys, let’s remember that. I don’t really care if she did or didn’t know he had a girlfriend.
    Maybe it was some press trying to change the “poor” Aniston image.

  44. Canuck says:

    @hautie: Maybe this:

    or this:

    might help.

    @AngelMay: You would think that if it’s a fake romance, his girlfriend and her mother might have been clued in to play along.

  45. 4Real says:

    I don’t get why this woman can’t find a decent man. I’m beginning to think she might secretly be gay…

  46. annie says:

    @mln76 She went solo to the Spike Tv awards Saturday night he wasn’t there. He was hanging with her at the MTV awards. There is no real photo of them acting like a real couple. They are just friends.

  47. nnn says:


    takes two to tango.

    Maybe decent men don’t find her decent or appealing enough for their taste.

    After all she is an actress who went out with un-decent men like John Mayer and bragged about his way of thinking..

    Decent men would probably want something else than a physique to last the attratction. The mind, the intellect may play a big part in it.

  48. PICOPINK says:

    I for one don’t. She has played the same character in every movie except the Good Girl, and that didn’t do well. I don’t get the appeal, I mean yes, she is attractive, but how much more mileage is she going to get from Friends?

  49. Violet says:

    Ever since her divorce, she’s dated nothing but jerks. If she’s become an alcoholic, that would go a long way towards explaining why she’s so drawn to all these douchbags.

  50. Whatever says:

    I don’t get why this woman can’t find a decent man. I’m beginning to think she might secretly be gay…

    Or she doesn’t want one? Seriously, there must be a lot of young people on here. When you’re 20, finding a man feels like a priority. Older, financially stable women don’t always want or need the same thing. All women don’t need the same things, either. Not being married and not having children is a completely acceptable life choice in an overpopulated world. I have a few single female friends who are every bit as happy and fulfilled in their lives as I am with my many children. The whole Jen thing comes from women who think Brad is so great she couldn’t be over him and that every woman needs a man.

    The stories portraying her as a pathetic mess who can’t find a man are greatly exaggerated. Tabloids lie, look at recent stories about Cameron Diaz, Jen’s ‘break up’ with Courtney Cox and a million other examples. Or every single story written about the triangle that doesn’t exist.

  51. Runs with Scissors says:

    “It was the beginning of a whirlwind string of intimate get-togethers for the duo over the next few days, including a weekend stay at Jen’s Beverly Hills home!”

    Weren’t there photos of him leaving her place?

    @RobN “Until there’s a commitment you get to change your mind anytime you want, and date whomever you want.”

    I’d call dating for YEARS a commitment.

    She’s as fake and manipulative as they come, but of course she’ll always be the victim.

    What happened to that story while back about her sleeping with her friend’s husband? They had an interview with the woman’s mother I think. That got buried quickly.

  52. mln76 says:

    I really get stunned by how some commenters still don’t get it. Not just talking about Aniston but also Biel/Butler and Dicaprio/Lively. If they are photographed together they either are fucking or want you to think they are fucking. Aniston had him as her official date to an awards show after party where she knew she’d be photographed. There is also a whole write up in US along with the several others in People. I am beginning to think she probably doesn’t mind that some are questioning the timing of this relationship because being a bad girl dating a guy that may or may not have an ex in the picture goes along with the bad girl image she’s trying to develop for Horrible Bosses. One thing about Aniston is that she is much smarter than she looks and has surrounded herself with PR that will keep her name out there even as her career fades to middling.

  53. GoofPuff says:

    I don’t think Jennifer cares if the guy she is boning is in a relationship or not. I think she is just happy NOT being in a relationship, having the time of her life without being tied down, and totally loving it. Not every woman feels the need to be married with children.

  54. Onyx XV says:

    As others have said above, the bottom line here is that none of these people are married. They are all single, so anything goes. I’m not saying that’s nice, or easy, or even pain-free. That’s just the way it is.

    @ Whatever: Thank you! I personally love being single and child-free. I enjoy my life. I have very little stress and lots of free time. You’re right, it is a perfectly acceptable life choice. I’ve always suspected that Jen is having a great time. If I had her budget, I sure would be!

  55. Esmom says:

    Sorta reminds me of Julia Roberts and her stolen husband…and Jessica Seinfeld, too. Examples of unknowns dumping their unknown significant others for “A-listers.” Upgrading. Yuck.

  56. kira says:

    Everything she does reads as calculated. Just weeks ago, People put out rumors about Bradly Cooper with her Rep’s comments, of course! :-) Now, her Rep is talking to every tabloid in town (People several times, Us Weekly, Celeb Buzz, Gossip Cop, etc), promoting this latest romance.

    I remember last year she did the same thing with Gerard Butler. She invites Butler to her birthday party in Cabo, and then, invites People magazine and Access Hollywood for interviews, of course! :-) Then, they show up at the Golden Globes, “they make out,” and all the rumors go wild. Before that, she brought Mayer to her movie promos. Before that, it was her and Vince Vaughn. It all feels so calculated.

    And, who knows what this women wants? She tells the press, “I would give up everything for love!,” and she can’t wait to have kids. Yet, her actions indicate that she would want nothing more than to be a bigger actress. I agree with Kaiser–a big meh! on her–for being so completely disingenuous. :-)

  57. The Truth Fairy says:

    I saw pix of him and Heidi together as recently as May, and they have been together over 10 YEARS so yeah, Jen knows.

  58. Cheyenne says:

    nnn: Maybe decent men don’t find her decent or appealing enough for their taste… After all she is an actress who went out with un-decent men like John Mayer

    I can’t for the life of me think of one decent man who would want John Mayer’s sloppy seconds.

  59. Kim says:

    MLN 76- I think its WORSE if its fake and for media attention. If he really has a steady girlfriend who cares if being with Jen is fake – its still a loser move on both parties. Her keeping her name out there by being the girl who dates unavailable guys is pathetic.

  60. You don't say says:

    If this other woman was with him for 10 years, then that trumps Anniston’s 4 years of marriage for long term commitment. He seemed more married than she was, so the “they are all single so who cares” thing does not really work. I do agree that it goes with the bad girl image for her movie, a professional involved in sexual harrassment.

  61. mln76 says:

    @Kim sure its’ worse morally speaking but on a simple level of PR it works she keeps her name out there, and she scandalizes the minivans in a lukewarm way. I am guessing that she really is dating this dude but if after HB and Wanderlust comes out in the fall she can take him or leave him like she did Mayer after the Oscars.

  62. tracking says:

    “He seemed more married than she was?” For real?? JT did not take vows, he was not engaged, they did not have children together or, so far as we know, live together. Just because they hung out for a long time does not mean they were in a super-committed relationship. We know NOTHING about their relationship. And won’t until Heidi or Justin decides to tell us.

  63. gabs says:


  64. Kim123 says:

    Apparently you are only a “homewrecker” if the wife is famous. I’ve never heard Chelsea Handler who had an affair with her boss @E, or Coutney Cox who had an affair with married Michael Keaton, or Rita Wilson w/ married Tom Hanks, etc labeled a ‘homewrecker” As for ‘Jentin’ as they are called I predict OK mag will have a Jen Having a baby with Justin cover. While In Touchweekly will claim Brad is jealous of Justin. Life& Style will take the wedding by the end of the year angle

  65. N.D. says:

    It’s crazy to call someone who was in relationship for (10!) YEARS single.

    Did I got it right and all of you “”but they were not married” people only respect the piece of paper but not actual people’s feelings? And all that talk about sisterhood and being a women’s woman is strictly burocratical – got the paper/ring then you deserve to be noticed, got none – you and your heartbreaks are null and void, move over sister?

    wow, just wow.

  66. Eve says:

    I can’t think of anything anymore about whoever she dates or not, if it’s for real or not. It’s like a broken record (those old vinyl records)…you know, one with that scratch on a certain track that kept repeating the same sound over and over again.

  67. Diana says:

    There is a reason for people marrying and thereby committing themselves to one another publically. If people choose not to that is also a very valid choice for which there is a reason. You cannot equate living together, long-term relationships with marriage. As much as some people want JA to be a homewrecker, she just isn’t right now. Hold onto your panties ladies, she may eventually break up someone’s marriage and ya’ll can be happy. Or, if like the majority of people, JA wouldn’t with a married guy, you all can keep pretending she did.

  68. Cheyenne says:

    @Kim123: I’ve never heard Laura Dern labeled a homewrecker either, and she got pregnant by Ben Harper a month or two after he impregnated his wife.

    The double standard reeks.

  69. mln76 says:

    Well then no one can put down Blake Lively for ‘stealing’ Leo from Bar then. Face it Jen-fans you are acting like us loons and changing the girl-code so that you can like your favorite actress.

  70. aquarius64 says:

    If this is true and JA messed with a guy who was already in a relationship she needs to shut up about Brangelina once and for all!

  71. averie says:

    The true bottom line: Jennifer Aniston broke them up.
    I know Heidi and Justin, they have been together for over 10 years, lived together for over 7. He broke up with her last month, and confessed to her that he’s with Jennifer last week. Sad, unfortunate, etc.etc. This wasn’t the first time Justin cheated. End of story.

  72. Liana says:

    Girl code? The girl code is NEVER in play in Hollywood. And I’m not even a Jennifer Aniston fan. I don’t give a flying Wallenda who’s sleeping with who in Hollywood. Once again, all I said was “People are free to change their minds, date who they want, and begin and end relationships and/or marriages. I just think previous relationships should be ended before new ones are begun.” I believe I’ve ALWAYS maintained that.

  73. annie says:

    @averie: How the hell do you know…Once a cheat always a cheat..If this is true he will do the samething to Aniston…but..there is no confimation that they are a couple..that was denied by her rep they are only friend..

  74. truthSF says:

    So you’re only a homewrecker if you have an affair with a married person…WTF??!! So damn anyone else whose in a long term committed relationship with or without kids. What kind of bullshiit excuse is that.

    So basically I can go and take your man away from you because you don’t have a ring or signed some papers, and I won’t be a home wrecker.

    You women should really think before you type. That is absolutely one of the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard.

    And those of you using that excuse as a defense for Ms. Aniston sounds like some Class A idiots!!!!

  75. Camille says:

    Well, well, well.

    @mln76: Excellent comments, I agree with you.

    This Justin guy (who I had never heard of prior to these PR shenanigans- well done PR team! Way to sell the movie) is seriously fug. His ex-girlfriend is pretty though.

  76. N.D.: “It’s crazy to call someone who was in relationship for (10!) YEARS single.

    Did I got it right and all of you “”but they were not married” people only respect the piece of paper but not actual people’s feelings? And all that talk about sisterhood and being a women’s woman is strictly burocratical – got the paper/ring then you deserve to be noticed, got none – you and your heartbreaks are null and void, move over sister?

    wow, just wow.”

    You said it so well the first time, I thought it beared repeating. Wow.

  77. Solveig says:

    As someone has stated before me, I don’t see/read any reliable proof that confirms that they are dating, but since a tabloid is saying they are a couple, then that must be true.
    I think there is no different from homewrecking a married couple and homewrecking a couple that has decided to commit to each others according to what is on the basis of being a couple: love. I suppose that he was not so involved, after all.
    Marriage is nothing more than an agreement, respect and commitment are not directly connected to what marriage is supposed to be.
    But well, who gives a *? It’s Hollywood and things there don’t work on the same way they work for us stupid mere mortals.

    PS: if it’s true then finally Aniston is getting rid of the image of innocent next-door girl and american sweetheart, whatever it means. I call it an improvement.

  78. nnn says:

    Well then no one can put down Blake Lively for ’stealing’ Leo from Bar then. Face it Jen-fans you are acting like us loons and changing the girl-code so that you can like your favorite actress.
    Or blaming Jolie for BBT & Laura Dern.

    Laura Dern wasn’t married to BBT, she just made sure to have an affair with him and begged him to divorce his ….fourth wife for her.

    Plus BBT admitted that she is a liar and that he broke up with her weeks before he met Jolie.

    She was just another ‘I won’t be ignored Billy’ kinda obssesed woman who kept on stalking and persuing her former lover. She got mad and even when he married quick Jolie (often wondered if he did it quick on purpose to send her a final message)..
    She must have git bittered and mean after she made all those efforts and intrigued for him to dump his wife and marry her, then shock, when he got free, dump her and marry someone else in a wink.

    And you wonder why that ‘sweet’ woman tricked with pregnancy her second prey to make sure he divorce hos pregnant wife to marry HER THIS TIME !!!

    Also don’t blame Portman too !

  79. Canuck says:

    @averie: sure you know them. Pigs fly too.

  80. kira says:

    @Kim 123: “Apparently you are only a homewrecker if the wife is famous. I’ve never heard Chelsea Handler who had an affair with her boss @E” called that.

    So true! What’s worse is Chelsea calls out others as “f’in whores,” and this is the lady with a sex tape who tweets pics of herself making out with 50cent. It boggles the mind. I think some celebs let the fame go to their heads and they develop a classic case of narcissism–”you can’t do that! But it’s ok for ME because I’m special, edgy and cool.”

    And your tabloid comment is right on the mark.
    The tabs will run with this, per usual. The stuff they print makes me laugh.

    I do find the timeline of this relationship odd, as the girlfriend’s mother thought they were together late May? And the pics of them together on May 16th? Did someone not tell them they were part of a PR Blitz? :-) Odd.

  81. stella says:

    What’s up with Jennifer’s hair? The dark roots and ten different shades of straw….I know she has the money to get that fixed. It boggles the mind when people with money allow their hair to look like crap. why?

  82. Jenny says:

    Let me tell you a story of two very similar relationships. Both couples met on the set of a movie. The male was in a relationship, the female not. Though there were rumors of hanky panky, there was never any real proof of anything but friendships for both couples. One relationship ended very publicy, the other ended apparently very quietly, but lets say it did end. One couple began seeing each other publicy after the public split, the other couple also got together after the split.

    Both relationships started for all we know after all people were free to move on. So, let’s give all involved the benefit of the doubt and say they all waited. So I ask why is one of the women involved called a “homewrecking bitch” and the other is an innocent. Either both are “homewrecking bitches” or both are not. You cannot have it both ways.

  83. mln76 says:

    @Crash maybe I ‘lose’ it on Brange/Aniston posts but me thinks anyone ready accuse Brad Pitt of emotional abuse with zero evidence may also be guilty of the same, non????

  84. Canuck says:

    I think it’s rather entertaining to read about Aniston being a “homewrecker” from the very same posters who claim that it’s a Fauxmance, and therefore not real. The very same who maintain that her husband “suffered though the last 4 1/2 years of marriage” and so that made it ok for him to cheat on his wife with AJ.

  85. Anon says:

    I love how so many on here are all ready to buy a third rate tabloid story as truth – when did people get so gullible?

    What we know for sure: Justin was with Heidi (since 2005, so 6 years, not 10); he and Jennifer seem to be dating (since about 3-4 weeks). What we don’t know: if/when he and Heidi ended things. Since Justin and Heidi aren’t high profile celebs, there was no big announcement or report of them splitting – but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. There are just as many reports that they split earlier this year as there are that claim they might still be together.

    Besides, her mother’s own comments were that she wouldn’t discuss her daughter’s relationship with Justin – she never claimed they were still together, just that Justin and Jennifer were just friends. Jennifer’s rep has only commented to say they were at a friendly dinner with others (after the first time they were spotted together) – he hasn’t said anything since, nor has he commented to say they are together. This statement that he said one thing to one tabloid and another to another is completely false. If they are dating it shouldn’t be shocking to people why they would have those around them denying this – look how things get blown out of proportion and their every move scrutinized once the relationship goes public.

    Unless we learn that Jennifer and Justin were carrying on a relationship while he was still with Heidi, I see no reason for anyone to attack any of the parties involved. It could be just as simple as he and Heidi split, and he and Jennifer are now dating – pretty common and how the dating world works really.

  86. Ell says:

    @ DenG…’Aniston = nonentity without Pitt connection’

    Of course she is, that explains the 86 comments so far on this thread. Love her or Hate her, the fact is she’s still relevant and this story has nothing to do with Pitt.

  87. Louise says:

    The justifications and excuses that the Jenfans have are hypocritical and creepy: it’s okay to cheat if you’re not married, Jennifer was lied to and didn’t know , etc. Come on.

  88. Liana says:

    You can only wreck your own home. Someone can aid and abet you in wrecking your home, but ultimately, you’re responsible.

    And I know people who are NOT married but are in a committed relationship that is stronger than some marriages I know. The legality of the union is not equal to the level of comittment.

  89. Whatever says:

    “People are free to change their minds, date who they want, and begin and end relationships and/or marriages. I just think previous relationships should be ended before new ones are begun.”

    This. People have every right to break up and move on, regardless of the reason. Telling someone to end a relationship before starting up something with them is indeed the right thing to do.

    Married or living together is irrelevant. It’s about the commitment. Some people who are living together are more committed than some married people. On the other hand, just dating for a long time or even living together does not necessarily imply commitment. Guys who keep cheating, probably not committed.

  90. annie says:

    He cheated.. once a cheat always a cheat. Aniston I hope you wake up because he is going to do the samething to you. He was rumored to do this numerous times to Heidi Bivens than she took him back. Get a real man to have a real relationship with…

  91. nnn says:

    I have a lot of respect for the institution of marriage but marriage can become a double edged weapon when people stay married or evven get married for wrong reasons.

    That’s why i also beleive that people who are not married but committed to each other for years are more likely to stay together for a good reason.

    They are less likely to rest on their laurels and are more prone to stay focused on working on issues on times because no legal paper bound them just their commitment and feelings, so they will work hard at preventing them to fail apart

    However, sometimes i feel, some married couple take marriage for granteed and as a guarantee. They hide their issues because they think that marriage will last no matter what and therefore they don’t work that much on preserving the flame.

    Married couple are also more prone to stay together even when there isn’t love anymore.

    Many not all couple function like that and grow bitter towards each other.

    Again, i have a lot of respect for married couples but i will also gives props to people who are not married yet committed towards each other because i beleive that the only reason they stay together inspite of not being married is because of love.

    It’s not always the case with married couples who think that marriage papers is enough to guarantee some harmony in the couple and feelings to blossom. Love needs working at it every day. Often married couples forget that more than those who are unmarraied but committed towards each other even more cause their situation is a riskier one versus the security of the institution of marriage..

  92. Sue says:

    This is great: Now Jen is not an angel and perfect anymore. I say go for it. If cheating on someone gets you the man and makes you happy then why not. It worked for Le Ann and Eddie, Tory Spelling and her man and Angie and Brad. Perfect. In hollywood this seems to be the only way to get a man. If there is cheating involved and someone getting hurt then this is probably the real thing. this poor man Justin was in a relationship which was dying for at least a year but didn’t have the guts to leave – sound like anyone else we know (that is if you believe the pathetic excuses fans give).

  93. anoni says:

    she broke up her bff’s 10 yr marriage and when it hit the tabs she dumped him and his kids (who were getting emotionally attached to her) fast (can’t let go of that wronged girl image). the woman involved (and her talkative aunt) were quickly silenced (that’s what a multi-million dollar PR hack does best). Now she breaks up a 10+ yr committed relationship (7 yrs living together, think that equates to common law) but she’s not a home wrecker because they weren’t legally married. The only thing that matters to her is her career. Love takes a back seat and always has. All the talk about starting a family, giving it all up for true love, is total bs. Pitt found that out the hard way (nothing like realizing you’re being used by someone you care about and hoped to start a family with). When will people wake up and see this fame wh_re for what she is? And yes, if it weren’t for Pitt and that she-devil Jolie, there wouldn’t be 90 hits on this story, believe me, she’d be standing behind Debra Messing on the unemployment line.

  94. Maritza says:

    I guess she thinks breaking up a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship is not the same as a legal marriage, just saying…

  95. waq says:

    June 7th, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    Love her or Hate her, the fact is she’s still relevant and this story has nothing to do with Pitt.


    Lol. This has everything to do with Pitt and Jolie. People are calling her out on her hypocrisy. Jennifer threw a huge pity party for herself after Brad dumped her and she continues to use her past connection with him for publicity. Did you happen to forget the cover of People magazine with Jennifer that said “Five years after Brad”. Don’t think for a minute that Jennifer’s PR didn’t have a hand in that. Now Jennifer is accused of breaking up a long term relationship and her fans are twisting themselves to come with excuses for her.Even if this whole thing is a PR ploy, it’s still funny to watch how she is always being given a pass.

  96. Maritza says:

    I guess she thinks breaking up a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship is not the same as a legal marriage, just saying…They are probably just friends with benefits like all her past relationships.

  97. ZenB!tch says:

    I guess Heidi cares – if this is true. And if it is, I stand by my usual opinion of the Aniston: PATHETIC and will add FAME WHORE for Justin.

    If it’s not true, I feel bad for Justin for being dragged into the web of pathetic that is The Aniston, regardless of his status with Heidi.

  98. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Whitedaisy; aye!

    @#88 El?; U gotta be kidding me…I’m with DenG ’Aniston = nonentity without Pitt connection’

    Only… Aniston is a non-entity without not ‘only’ the Pitt connection …but also withOUT the ‘Jolie connection’… To Jolie though, she’s probably like the UNSWATTABLE FLY… jux keeps buzzing in your ears and won’t go away…

    There was an article on section) the other day and it was about a certain comment CHELSEA H made about ANISTON. It was like Aniston thought the KARDASHIANS were nice and wanted to hang out with them (rather famewhorey)… but CH said ‘no’. But she said that she only said it because CH thought people would think ‘she’(CH) had set it up. Of course, the selfish CH was thinking about her own ‘reputation’… but what the heck? That ain’t the point…

    The point is… the 95+ comments on here so far have been a study in whether or not Aniston should be considered a homewrecker and you and I know… The Jolie is America’s most ‘famous’ case study in the ‘Intricate Art of Homewrecking’ (insert great, big, sarcastic eye-roll here)… so umm…duh…

    Plus, I so agree. That Justin fellow is definitely ‘mug’ = ‘meh’ + ‘fug’.


    PS: I choose to believe Averie.

  99. waq says:

    I just read on (Nikki Finke’s site) that Justin has signed with CAA. So right on cue. I was wondering if he was another CAA client. He wasn’t before but now he is. Maybe Jen is doing a favor to get CAA’s newest client some publicity.

  100. Gabe says:

    She did the same thing to Minka Kelly with John Mayer! Minka said she was really surprised because he’d once told Minka that he just “didn’t get” what the big deal was with Jen. Somehow, the story never got any traction, but now that Justin makes 2, maybe people will start rethinking how perfect their poor little Jennifer is.

  101. skibunny says:

    JA is so boring and irrelevant. That’s why there are now 97 comments from the same crew who said the same thing on the last thread that featured Jennifer.

  102. Jojo says:

    Unfortunately, this only makes it clearer that Jen loves a good douche. When I google images of Theroux I see him either in a douchey top hat or sporting a sigmund freud-esque beard that you know must reek of Summer’s Eve. If the beard is for a role it can be excused, but for the love of god – the hats are unforgiveable. But he is cute.

  103. Overrated says:

    @anoni My thoughts exactly

  104. the original bellaluna says:

    *opens door; peeks in; ducks back out*

    Just checkin’.

  105. Kip says:

    Seems like Jennifer is so desperate for a man!

  106. Cali says:

    “I don’t get the ‘has’ a girlfriend in the title of this post? Surely it’s ‘had’ a girlfriend and thus a complete non-story because they obviously broke up?”

    What she said and he is/was NOT married so what is the story here?

  107. Flan says:

    Never liked JA. Friends has been over for a long time now as is her marriage to Brad Pitt, can’t she become non-famous again?

  108. Crash2GO2 says:

    @mln76: Umm…I’m not a judge or jury, so I can’t ‘accuse’ Pit of anything that would be of any consequence to him. But I can speculate (which I we all do here) based on the evidence (which I clearly outlined in my posts).

    Stop with the attack mode. I’m not your enemy and I’m no enemy to Pit or Jolie. Just a commenter on a gossip site with an opinion. Nothing to get excited about…

  109. Kartman says:

    So funny how this woman is more famous for who she is dating then her acting career.

  110. tracking says:

    Anyone in a LT relationship, living together or not, understands there’s no legal commitment. No joint ownership of property or children even outside the issue of marriage. This is called dating. Either party is free to check out at any time, even though it is hurtful the longer the relationship lasts. Don’t get me wrong, after 6 years, Heidi probably feels incredibly hurt right now and that’s sad. But just because she had expectations of a LT commitment doesn’t mean it was there or shared by JT. Marrieds can reasonably expect a damned good effort to salvage the relationship at risk of a split–it’s called taking vows. Big difference!

    And I do think whoever’s been the ‘other woman’ in a marriage split is a jerk–Laura Dern, AJ et al Though of course the man is the primary jerk, it says a lot about a woman’s character when she facilitates the end of a marriage for selfish reasons in lieu of trying sincerely to help or staying completely out of it. But I think ‘other women’ eventually get a pass after time shows the relationship led to marriage/kids and had real ‘true love’ longevity, e.g. Rita Wilson and Joanne Woodward. Don’t worry, AJ fans, she and BP are getting there (for the longevity part, I mean)! Hopefully this will soon be a non-issue. I for one hope the marriage rumors are true. Good for the kids, and should quiet everyone down about the past.

  111. Laughternrain says:

    Canuck-Ex-girlfriend who knew she was an “ex” is P.O.’d that he’s found someone else and is trying to sabotage his new budding relationship.
    Actually, thats exactly the premise Angelina fans have been saying for 6 years now. That is what Angelina has had to deal with. Aniston being upset Brad moved on. Hence the sabbotage and lies of an affair. You nailed it in one this time, Canuck. Now you see reason.

  112. Laughternrain says:

    If, and thats a BIG *IF* this is true (so far Teflon Jen has gotten away with everything she has done in the past), I am loving the karmic reputation retribution, but moreso am tickled pink at the backflips Aniston’s fans are doing to defend her on this one. These days, more often than not couples are together for years even live together as defacto husband and wife before, if ever, marrying. It doesn’t make the ‘homewrecking’ any less because they don’t have a certificate with a govt seal on it. Ever heard the saying ‘two-timing’ used in high school? Cheating was still and still is, considered cheating. Whether married or not. I always knew her hypocritical fans would bend over backwards to change the social rules if Jen was involved in cheating. The acrobatic acts some on here are doing would defy the best contortionist act by an Olympic Gold Gymnast. This is very entertaining. I hope this isn’t true btw, but if it is, her fans have a very serious moral dilemma and crossroads to deal with. Lets see how you guys handle it. Lets hope this page is not a taste of how the majority handle it.

  113. tracking says:

    Again, we don’t know much, even whether they in fact lived together. But he couldn’t have cut and run easily if they had joint property ownership, merging of finances, etc–what most couples do who wish to live together but not marry, and are in it for the long haul. Look, if it turns out they were sleeping together on a movie set and lying to the girlfriend, I’m happy to say they’re both jerks. But *at the moment* it looks like a legitimate breakup (dating) followed by another relationship (dating). Distinction between dating and marriage is important. No moral gymnastics necessary.

  114. Canuck says:

    @laughter: First, Aniston isn’t an ex-girlfriend, she’s an ex-wife. Second, she hasn’t really said anything nasty, in fact I believe she was quoted as saying “there was no bad guy”. Third, I said it’s a possiblity (which of course it is), not a fact. Fourth: I’d say that after 6 kids, Brangelina are out of their “budding relationship” stage, wouldn’t you?

    Lastly, for the record and just so you know where I stand… I personally think that Pitt is gay, I think he didn’t tell Aniston that, I also think that when she found out she divorced him and I think that he set up the whole “Brangelina love story” and “she wouldn’t have my babies” thing so that if Aniston spilled the beans, he could claim she was just a jealous ex-wife, oh and by the way, my new girlfriend is pregnant so there is no way I’m gay. So you see, I don’t think AJ broke up his marriage, I think Aniston kicked him to the curb once she realized he wasn’t going to give up his boyfriend(s) and AJ is his willing beard/accomplice. That’s probably why they have never gotten married, btw.

    Sorry if that offends anyone (or more like, just about everyone on this board), but I truly do believe that is what happened. So, if you are going to tell me that “I’ve seen the light”, maybe it would be better off if you know what I’m really thinking. That gives you the context of what I said on an earlier post about thinking that Pitt deliberately threw Aniston under a bus and how I would very much like to see karma at work in Pitt’s case.

  115. Laughternrain says:

    Again, I’m tinkled pink by the lies and the distortions and the, what must be excruciating, moral gymnastics. Honesty is important, whether dating, or whether in marriage. If you are ‘going steady’, you are recognized as a couple. A couple is a couple. No person on here with a straight face can say a government seal makes one, rather than the other, better or stronger. A couple is a couple is a couple. There is absolutely NO difference WHATSOEVER, in a married couple or a commited going steady couple. There is NO distinction and no one with a straight face can say there is. It is very important that people realise that there is NO distinction between marriage, defacto or a committed couple of 7 years. A relationship is based on trust. That trust is there, whether married or not. Marriage has absolutely nothing to do with the issue.

  116. Micki says:

    Es kann nicht sein was nicht sein darf!

    I just love it!It doesn’t matter if it’s PR or real, I find JA defence posts highly entertaining!

    Now the unmarried are even more “unmarried” if it comes to JA (possible involvement). I think though that after a certain time together these partners get to have legal rights concerning houses, money deposits, children, pentions and so on when/if they separate. May be limited rights than in a “real marriage” but still rights. Just mentioning…

  117. allie says:


  118. werty says:

    June 7th, 2011 at 2:51 pm
    It’s crazy to call someone who was in relationship for (10!) YEARS single.

    Did I got it right and all of you “”but they were not married” people only respect the piece of paper but not actual people’s feelings? And all that talk about sisterhood and being a women’s woman is strictly burocratical – got the paper/ring then you deserve to be noticed, got none – you and your heartbreaks are null and void, move over sister?

    wow, just wow.
    thank you lady with a heart:)

  119. Micki says:

    Oh, I forgot mentioning: Thats so UNCOOL Jen! Even for PR stunt

  120. Laughternrain says:

    Thats ironic Canuck, considering the rumours for YEARS about Jen’s sexuality. Maybe you’re saying all that to take the heat off of Jen’s perported lesbianism? After all, all one need is look at the picture on CB here about her and Courteney ‘breaking up’ and see how poor David was walking alone in front, whilst the lovers were walking behind arm-in-arm. Not to mention David’s quip about Jen coming between him and Courteney. I think you could be right about sexuality breaking up Jen and Brad, but NOT how you see it. Jen’s pattern of behaviour, ‘relationships’ are very suss to say the least, as is, as many say, her ‘crush’ on Angie. hence her throwing Brad and her crush Angelina under the bus. But, I guess you’ll believe anything if it means Aniston comes out of it squeaky clean, won’t you? Even if she is publicly outed as a lesbian which I’m betting will happen within the next 4 years. Oh, and karma is at work in Pitts case, as it has been for 6 years. But karma truly is punishing Aniston – and karma never lies. She gets what she deserves. And she very much deserves the pain. And hopefully more.

  121. mln76 says:

    @Crash if you aren’t a judge or jury why judge my posts ??? I didn’t address any one poster or attack anyone but said in general in reference to several celebs I think many commenters are naive with the ‘just friends’ label because there is obviously a desire on the part of the celebs themselves to be seen as an item. With all the press releases on this relationship including conflicting ones from camps inside Aniston’s PR team that is more than obvious. In none of my posts did I call Jen a name or even judge her personal life just really talked about her PR strategy and the hypocritical nature of Jen’s fans defending what are very similar circumstances to the alleged infidelity in the ‘Bermuda Triangle’. Whereas your ‘abuse’ accusation was much more serious and judged the character of someone you have never met etc. which IMO crosses a line. Of course you have the right to do it but then to turn around and judge another’s post as over the top and or losing it is a bit of a stretch. And again since in my post I never singled you out because I was talking about several posters both in this item and in other posts on different celebs I don’t see where the ‘attack’ accusation comes from.
    EDIT: Sorry I notice where I asked you a question but still I didn’t attack you in any post. I just expressed an opinion.

  122. mln76 says:

    @Canuck if Brad really is gay than Jen fans need to shut up about the triangle already since there never really was one.

  123. nnn says:

    I agree that there is more ‘food’ for the alleged lesbianism of Aniston than the alleged gayishness of Brad Pitt.

    There were rumors of an affair with Marky Mark’s female cousin and also rumors of jen and her yoga teacher to who she bought a house. Plus she like them girlfriends a lot and the salacious jokes around CC and David breaking up so that Jennifer could finally have CC for herself in a romantic way.

    Plus for a particuliarly gay guy, Pitt is rarelly seen in company on only men. It’s not like the Eddie Murphy and the Johnny Gill connection where there is actually a Johnny Gill often sleeping in one of the guest home of Eddie Murphy. I don’t even see Jolie with a gay guy, she will go straight to a female or man’s man and i don’t see Pitt hiding his gayishness the same way i don’t think Angie will hide hers if she was loving a woman.

    I however could see Aniston hiding it. So if ever the gay rumors were true, it’s more on jennifer’s Aniston’s shoulders than on Pitt in my view.

  124. Laughternrain says:

    Exactly nnn, and I think the FFers know that, they simply cover it up in a pre-emptive strike by claiming Brad is gay. Brad’s never been around men much and doesn’t give off the vibe that he cares too much for male pals. Aniston, on the other hand, is MAJOR, MAJORLY suss. The hiring of gay model Paul Sculfor to pose as her ‘date’. After all, no danger in a gay and a lesbian being seen out? Her long-standing love affair with Courteney that rivals any Gayle King-Oprah Winfrey goss. The fact that Jen broke up David and Courteney’s marriage, and DAVID’S OWN WORDS that Jen was always around and him and Court had no marital time because of that. Her secret rendevouz with Handler – making Courteney jealous? Getting back at her for seeing another man? Jen constantly dating men, in an effort to hide her true sexuality? The irony in the pre-emptive strike on calling Brad gay, is that Aniston SCREAMS lesbian. There is nothing about Jen that seems straight, at all. The whole Brad Angie affair hoax whereby Aniston threw Brad under a bus to save her own hide and cast blame onto Brad was a setup to cover for the marriage breaking up due to Aniston’s being lesbian. Come on! Do the math. Aniston has this big girly fan base: if they knew she was lesbian, they would be shattered. It suits her to create this tabloid hoax to save her hide so she comes out clean. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if her and Huvane planted the cheating rumours in the tabloids when Brad was filming M&MS, when they were planning to seperate and divorce. It meant that Brad could never tell the truth about Jen. Because after all; who would believe him? The rumours of an affair were already sewn. If he told the truth, it would look like he was just getting back at Jen by calling her gay. Jen got in first to ensure Brad would tell no one the truth about her.

    It all FITS! Canuck was on the right track, but probably spun that to cover up what they, deep down, know. Brad was Jen’s beard, same with the non-threatening gay model and all the other guys after that. I have absolutely, and I mean absolutely NO DOUBT, that some day, if she is, the truth about Aniston being a lesbian will come out. It all fits far too well. And if she is and it does come out, her fans will truly be shattered and shocked that they were completely on the wrong side from the beginning. I have faith. I know she’ll eventually be exposed for what she did to Brad in her marriage, which ever way it goes. Her fans that had the wool pulled over their eyes and were completely snowed and blindsided by her are in for a truly rude awakening.

  125. Crash2GO2 says:

    @mln76: I’m sorry if my posts about Brad were offensive to you. I guess that is the name of the game on gossip boards though, no? And thanks for realizing that I was answering a direct question when I responded to you.

    Peace out.

  126. Stacy says:

    It just really chaps some people’s ass that Jennifer is successful, beautiful, popular and happy! She looks great, has a banging body, a happy life, tons of friends,is one of the most popular actresses these days and doesn’t give a hoot about the handful of bitter betties frothing at the mouth behind their computers. I love it!

  127. Sue says:

    Actually marriage has everything to do in these types of situations. When you marry you promise (before God and witnesses) to honor, love, etc this person until you die. It is a vow a promise. With a girlfriend/partner there has been no such promise in a formal/legal way. Even if you live together for years you still have not committed to be in that relationship until you die. that is why people don’t get married because they don’t want to feel tied for life.

  128. Laughternrain says:

    Stacy, right back at you re Angelina. Though I’m not surprised you have nothing to say about the topic. Bit too awkward, isn’t it? ;)

    Sue, honesty, honor and love apply when in a committed relationship – whether married or defacto. There is no way you can twist it to say it doesn’t. Sorry. Honesty is honesty. It has nothing to do with vows of any type. If you are going steady with someone, you have the right to expect that the person won’t cheat on you, ergo will be honest. Cheating is not honest. Cheating is cheating. Whether you cheat on your spouse, your defacto, your fiancee, or your long-term girlfriend/boyfriend. Marriage is not the only setting that requires honesty. ANY relationship is about trust and honesty. Sorry, you can’t spin it any other way.

  129. Stacy says:

    Huh, I didn’t mention Angelina Jolie because the topic isn’t about her. I made an observation that some people seem to have a hard time accepting that Jennifer is happy, as if her success and happiness is a personal offense to them and they would feel better if she really was desperate and sad and fit the image the tabloids have created for her.

  130. Sue says:

    Laughternrain: Agreed honesty is important in any relationship – however if there are no promises about staying together for life in a legal way then there is no surprise that one party decided they wanted out. Unfortunately frequently one party often finds someone else this before they get out of the relationship (mostly men because they don’t have the b*alls to get out before they find someone else eg. Brad Pitt). And when someone is married that makes it all the worse because you are breaking a promise. In a partner type relationship not a marriage you have never made that promise to the world. If you do not marry a person after many years it is obvious that the person does not mean alot to you. Why else would you not want to show the world that you will be with this person until you die in a leagal way? Girlfriends/Partners know that either party is free to leave when they want – no ties. In this type of situation expect cheating. It happens all the time.

  131. Laughternrain says:

    Then the man is cheating, and that makes Aniston as guilty. So that makes Jen a homewrecker, or at the very least, a w h o r e.

    Btw, stop with the HOAX. Brad didn’t cheat on Jen, we all know that by now.

  132. Courtney says:

    God… I don’t care who you are, that has gotta hurt. Being with someone for years and years and them being with someone else RIGHT after you. Sad!

  133. mln76 says:

    @Sue except there is this thing called divorce which is at a high rate in this country AND some people don’t believe in GOD so if an athiest cheats on their spouse does it count? AND I have to say you have no idea why people choose to get married or choose not to get married. I have friends who got married so that one could stay in the country, friends who got married for health insurance, and friends who got married so that they could get good presents…They all happen to be happy as far as I know for years but their reasons weren’t due to a solemn commitment in the beginning just convienence. I also know couples that have lived together and have every intentions of being together for life and just don’t believe in marraige that doesn’t make them any less in love or committed.

  134. Laughternrain says:

    Stacy, any comments on the topic itself of Jen being what you accuse Angelina of? I guess not.

    Sure, again, more backflips from a gold medal gymnast. Marriage is irrelevant. A boyfriend’s promise to be faithful to her by going steady with a girl but then two-timing her is no less of a BREACH OF TRUST, than when you have a piece of paper. Spin it all you want until you are going faster than a hampster in the wheel. Fact is there is NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL in what Angelina was said to have done even though we now know she didn’t, to what Jen has done, IF she has. NO difference at ALL! In the end, it comes down to YOU and your PARTNER. Paper or no paper. In the end, it comes down to TRUST. Cheating, whether married or not, is a BREACH of that TRUST. A a woman starts seeing a taken man, whether he is married or defacto or just in a steady long-term and recognised within his friends and family, relationship, is still in the wrong. Sorry Sue, but take the high road. Don’t try to spin something that CANNOT be spun, and CANNOT be defended. Period.

  135. Stacy says:


    Actually no, I have no comment, because we know NOTHING! I do not tend to believe tabloid reports, so I do not know
    1) If Jen is really dating that guy or if they are just friends
    2) If he has/had a girlfriend and whether they separated before or after, or whenever.
    Point is we know NOTHING and everything is speculation.

  136. Stacy says:

    Oh, and @laugtherrain, I have no beef against Angelina Jolie, but her fans, man…I don’t know if they realize that they are the reason why so many people have turned to disliking Brad or Angelina.

  137. Laughternrain says:

    Stacy, so you avoid the issue and instead attack people ADDRESSING the issue. Nice. Btw, the main reason I hate aniston is because of her fans and apologists. Here, FF, IUC – Aniston has the craziest nay – psychotic fan group there is and are the ones who are truly turning people off Aniston. Before they started this ‘team’ bs 6 years ago, I was neutral to her. But her fans are truly evil.

  138. nnn says:

    I didn’t know that for certain people, you could technically kiss or make love to someone else than your betterhalf the HOUR before you tie the knot and that won’t be considered as cheating and be ok since you were not technically married by then….

    I guess the likes of Johnny Depp is free to date anyone else and that makes anyone involved in a relationship pre marriage SINGLE and free to have multiple date without having the adjective ‘CHEATING attached to them….

    That’s 90 % of couples actually since none of us marry the one we love into the next 5 minutes after we begin dating and agreeing to be a couple.

    90 % of couples out there fit the description and are actually SINGLE and not considered in committed relationship with its subsequent duties because they didn’t officialize it legally.

    Sounds great, let’s all kiss and make love….. cause we ain’t cheating ! (sarcasm…)

  139. John Wayne Lives says:

    omg, really there are so many interesting posts on here, with so many interestining opinions. I just gotta say.
    But please, please Heidi, make a statement. Either way, isn’t it about time the truth about her comes out?! I’m dying to know, really I am.

    @laughternrain, what a concept. I really have never given much thought to the “she is gay” rumors, but hhhmmm.

  140. Canuck says:

    @laughter: The only “rumours” about Aniston being a lesbian come from the mouths of Brangeloonies. Even you don’t seem to believe it, since and here I will quote you from above “Then the man is cheating, and that makes Aniston as guilty. So that makes Jen a homewrecker, or at the very least, a w h o r e.”

    Which is it? Lesbian or homewrecking whore? Can’t really have it both ways, now can you?

    Anyways, I’m not here to convince you to my point of view, but the next time you decide to put words in my mouth as in “I’ve seen the light”, you might think twice about it. I speak for myself, you don’t speak for me.

    @mln: If Brad is really gay and in light of his atrocious behavior after they split, then he owes Jen big time. If she benefits from being seen as the “poor ex-wife”, well too bad, Pitt has also benefited from portraying himself as being so much in love. There isn’t much he can say to contradict her if he’s the one who created the situation.

  141. Sue says:

    Laughternrain – got to love you. Um yes Brad and Angie did cheat. They have both admitted as much when they stated they fell in love on set. Once again cheating is not just physical it can be emotional as well. When you say you fell in love on set with someone when you were married to someone else then that is cheating. Hate to burst your bubble. And yes if Jen fell in love on set with this guy when he was in a relationship(I will even you that far even though he had decided not to marry this girl after years – rude in my book but whatever) then yes Jen and Angie are the same now. Both homewreckers both cheaters. But you love Angie so now I assume you willl love Jen as well?

    I personally do consider marriage different in my book. Until I married my husband I felt that I was a free agent, if I loked someone better I had every right to find greener pastures. However once I made that promise and commitment I don’t believe I had that right anymore. personally i believe that anyone who lives with someone for years and can not commit through marriage just really doesn’t love them that much.

    And also the people at ICU and FF JJB are not fans of Jen just very strange people their posts are mostly sick. What are you doing there anyway. I can’t believe that someone would go there. Fans of Jen are at real fan sites. Anybody who goes to those sites needs help. I actually can not believe that you would even mention those sites.

  142. Laughternrain says:

    Actually Canuck, the rumours about Aniston have been going on for YEARS, on talk shows, tabloids even. Nothing to do with Angelina fans. But the ‘rumour’ about Brad being gay – I hadn’t ever heard THAT before, but of course its a manifestation of the loonifers such as yourself who dream up ways to cast Brad and Angelina as the bad guy and excuse Aniston and make her come out clean. You’ve even said before you think they cheated, so why would YOU say that, if you truly believe he is gay which, lets be honest, you honestly don’t believe.

    Sue, NO, he did not cheat. Put down the trashloids. It was shown long ago that he didn’t cheat. And that so over-used line about falling in love on set, she actually SAID: “get to see their parents falling in love AND THEN TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER”.

    Sorry, hate to burst your bubble, but she was talking about the CHARACTERS of Mr and Mrs Smith falling love, marrying, and then being hired assassins and TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER. Unless you somehow think Angelina and Brad tried to kill each other in real life? lol Sorry, but that myth was debunked LONG ago. Jen herself said no cheating happened, everyone said no cheating happened. And its more than obvious, given no comments from the set etc etc, that NO affair happened.

    So lets put that to bed once and for all.

    Oh, and Sue, so as nnn said, if your husband cheated on you the day before your wedding, then thats not really cheating? pmsl, sorry, but you cannot HONESTLY believe what you are saying.

  143. mln76 says:

    @Canuck find it difficult to even adress this point with you…because it’s so silly. I honestly don’t think either Pitt or Aniston is gay.This is just one of those theories that floats around on sites like Female First that plays so well to very deluded Jen fans just like the ‘Angie never gave birth to twins’ topic you guys like so much.

  144. Laughternrain says:

    Sue, I agree with you coughCanuckcough re FF and those sites. However, don’t kid yourself. They TRULY believe they are actual fans of Aniston. And from what I’ve seen (a couple of visits was enough) and on more congenial sites, they are pretty representative of the Aniston base, if you want to know the truth.

  145. Sue says:

    Jen actually said she believed her husband when he said he didn’t cheat. I think she has changed her mind now.

    Actually I was not referring to Angie’s comment I was referring to Brad’s comment about falling in love on set. And yes angie also did say they fell in love on set. And yes there were multiple stories from on set about Brad and Angie in the trailers etc. Lots of blind items as well. Star covered this story about them cheating nultiple times. I don’t know why Brad/Angie fans are so desperate to try and ignore the fact these two cheated. I wish they would just move on and say yes they cheated but I love them anyway. Is that so hard? Being a Jen fan I could not care less if she cheats or not. It is the way of hollywood she doesn’t live in my world. What I dislike is stars who try to deny it. I actually have no problem with people like LeAnn as she admitted it and moved on. What bugs me about Brad/Angie is they cheat and then try to be all holy about it. There public image was so important to them it annoyed me how they tried to play the “we are perfect” routine. And what was even more annoying was that people fell for it. Just admit it and move on.

    And please don’t mention FF here. I honestly cannot believe that you guys go to that site! That site is just crazy only about 10 people go there and post over and over – are you some of them? If you are you need some help. And no they do not represent the Aniston fan base any more then the crazy people who reply to them represent the Angie/Brad fan base. Those people on that site are just plain crazy.

  146. Canuck says:

    @laughter: I don’t know why you are trying to argue with me, as I said I’m not trying to convince you, my opinion is my opinion. I do think he’s gay, I think he screwed over Aniston big time, and I think he’ll eventually do the same to AJ.

    As for FF. Please feel free to link to any thread that I’ve started or even posted on concerning fake pregnancies. You won’t find one. You will however, probably come across my having said the same thing that I have just said here, so “let’s be honest”, yes I do think he’s gay. Frankly, that in itself is obviously no big deal. But throwing someone under a bus who doesn’t deserve it because you’re afraid that people will find out is despicable.

  147. mln76 says:

    @Sue On MAMS Due to Pitt taking a break to film Ocean’s 12 shooting for MAMS went on for nearly a year. When he began the shoot he was married but he separated from Aniston during the Ocean’s shooting and by the time the reshoots were done for MAMS he and Aniston had announced their separation. According to Pitt that is when they got close and fell in love. If you are stating that tabs should not be believed in this case when they are stating that Aniston is getting involved with a man with a serious girlfriend the same would go for Pitt and Jolie.
    FF only mentioned to point out certain posters from FF who are too lazy to change their name when commenting here.

  148. Laughternrain says:

    Actually, not only did Jen say there were no villians, her ‘close’ pal Courteney said there was no cheating. Everyone involved and those who know them, have said there was no cheating. Why are you so DESPERATE to cling to the belief that there was?

    Brad didn’t make any comment about falling in love on set. Again, put down the trashloids.

    Again, Angelina’s comment said AND TRIED TO KILL EACH OTHER. Links have been posted here about it, but her interview was truncated so it looked like she said something she didn’t actually say, and it put a whole entire different spin on it. She nor Brad, has EVER, EVER, said they fell in love on set.

    Star? pmsl roflmao. My god, PLEASE put down the TRASHLOIDS! Star? Are you serious? Are you really that determined to cling to your wish that there was an affair, you are resorting to using a tabloid that was exposed as LYING about Angelina and Brad? Sat? Are you SERIOUS? Btw, NO ONE came forward from the set. No named sources, NO ONE. So again, don’t base your opinion and judge as condemned, someone via a trashloid. And Star especially? You have GOT to be kidding! The irony is that you say and rely, on the same methods the FFers do. You really are not that different from them.

    Just accept that it was proven false, and that no matter how much you WANT to believe the STARTRASHOID hoax of an affair, there never was one. Why its so important for you Jen fans to believe an affair happened, and its always the Jen fans that so FERVENTLY believe there was, as I said, and as you are showing, FF IS representative of her fan base, you are just like FF. Refusing to accept the truth because you don’t want to accept that you condemned an innocent woman for something she never did.

  149. Laughternrain says:

    Canuck, I’m not trying to argue. I’m simply posting evidence that Jen screwed Brad over, deceived him, and threw him under the bus. You are infatuated with Jen and refuse to see she is less than 100% pure as the driven snow, and you will even invent typical FFer deranged lies to cover up Aniston’s manipulations. Face it. Aniston truly hurt Brad, and now she is paying for it. She is the one who did the dirty on him, and your little inventions to make Aniston look good won’t work. She is evil, conniving and manipulative. And sooner or later, you will have to take of those glasses and see her for what she truly is.

    Sorry, still pmsl that someone (rightfully) condemns a site with the sickest and most deranged and toxic people, but then uses STAR of all things, a trashloid so far in the GUTTER, its not funny, as ‘evidence’. Using Star as ‘evidence’ of anything is sick. A trashloid roundly regarded as just above the national Enquirer for truth. Star has NEVER had ONE article that had ANY truth. It is 100% lies. That trashloid is so far in the gutter, its in the sewer. I can’t believe anyone dares use that. Far more like FF in mentality than they know.

  150. mln76 says:

    @Canuck the fact that you are a Female First poster taints all your posts. It doesn’t matter if you believe everything there but by being a regular poster on that site you are condoning some of the most despicable and sick minded people on the internet. A lot of the people on that site are demented and need serious psychological help.

  151. Canuck says:

    @mln: Oh, is it de rigueur to hide behind multiple monikers?