Gerard Butler trolls the CFDA event: compulsive bachelor or total sleaze?


For some reason (I have my theories), Gerard Butler was in NYC last night for the CFDA Awards. Butler has been a hard dude to keep up with lately – I think it was just a few days ago when he took Jessica Biel “for a ride” on his motorcycle, answering the eternal question, “Who WON’T Jessica Biel stalk?” And then after that outing, Gerry was in Maui – you can see those photos here. Gerard has been keeping the weight off, and I think he looks damn good (but scruffy). Anyway, I guess Gerry flew directly from Maui to NYC for this CFDA event. Why, I wonder? It’s not like Gerard is some super-suave clotheshorse. He’s been wearing the same ugly leather jacket for years! So obviously, he doesn’t care about fashion in the larger sense, like some men and many women do. Here’s my theory (and many of you have already noted this before):

My theory: Gerard Butler was trolling for his “extra” girl. Whenever there’s a big push to see him with someone – like, Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Biel – Butler plays the game with them and makes sure there are both denials of the relationship AND photos of he and the girl looking friendly. Then there are hundreds of stories about “Are they dating?” which often include Butler’s rep’s denials. Then, Butler goes for the “extra” girl. He’ll make out with a street performer. He’ll spend the night with a coed. He’ll pick up a reporter interviewing him. He’ll go to a big event where there are lots of models and pretty girls, and he’ll work it. For whatever reason, this is his MO. I used to think he was trying to send the signal to whoever (Aniston, Biel) was trying to get him to play along with fauxmance stories. Now I just think that the dude is a compulsive bachelor who will never, ever settle down.

PS… I love Gerard’s hair right now. He’s sexier when it’s long and shaggy.

By the way, I’m throwing in a photo of Matt Bomer at the CFDA event too, just in case you like ‘em fancy. WHITE COLLAR TONIGHT!!!




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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49 Responses to “Gerard Butler trolls the CFDA event: compulsive bachelor or total sleaze?”

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  1. Luci says:

    he works that tux

  2. Ari says:

    mmm bomer and butler sitting in a tree…F*CK EYE N G lol

    What a great RPS that would make 😀

  3. Mary Jane says:

    Not usually my cup of tea, but damn! Mr. Butler is lookin’ fine…

  4. yuya says:

    He is not aging well. I have a good 5 years on him and look at least 15 years younger.

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    to me Butler is like Bradley Cooper.

    some pics I see and go “WHOA! Damn, that boy fine!”

    and some pics make me go “EWWWWW…dirty sleazy gross”.

    he’s looking pretty good here…

  6. Sumodo1 says:

    Love “the extra girl” theory. He must be THE KING of Showmance.

  7. Chickie Baby says:

    Ah, yes…the annual “Keeping Up With Gerry” summer reality show. He sort of disappears during the winter with a few sightings here and there, but then emerges with the onset of hot weather to drive us mad with crazy, silly, unexplainable lust. God love the man. At least he keeps us entertained!

    I like his hair longer, too. Makes you want to run your fingers through it!

  8. You don't say says:

    Like the three piece tux, but it does not really fit (the jacket is too short and too tight) and he needs patent leather shoes The other guy is rather delicious looking. Butler has never done a thing for me and I hated the movie 300. All he did was yell while wearing a diaper showing off mostly CGI abs. He usually looks like he needs a good scrubbing. The whole “is he or isn’t he” thing with Anniston was annoying and they both played it to the hilt.

  9. brin says:

    How about our beloved sleazy bachelor?!
    He sounds like he’s taking a page from Jen Anniston’s playbook (are they or aren’t they dating?).

  10. sassenach says:

    Butler looks like he has been getting Botox.

  11. Violet says:

    If he was in his 20s, he’d be a compulsive bachelor. At his age, he’s a total sleaze who’s well on his way to becoming a dirty old man.

  12. Zoya says:

    he’s very….orange

  13. Bubbs says:

    Kaiser, while I don’t feel for Biel one way or another, I doubt she would have to resort to “stalking” Butler. The bike ride is just the first of the PR s*itstorm that is to follow to promote their craptastic new romcom. Besides, isn’t this the same dude who was photographed (probably by his buddies) shoving his tongue down some random street chick’s throat a while back? It doesn’t look like it would take much effort on any woman’s part to get this guy’s attention.

  14. Fabianne says:

    Love him in this tux. But he could use a trim. I like him better with short hair.

  15. Malia says:

    he’s a man who could still be hot, but too much std collecting and alcohol consumption has made him a bloated mess. Gross, don’t get the love for him here. God is matt bomer gorgeous or what though?

  16. sasa says:

    He looks waxy.

  17. KateNonymous says:

    I do not see it. Not at all.

  18. Christine says:

    Thank you, Kaiser. sigh. GB is working the hell out of that tux.

  19. Jen34 says:

    That tux doesn’t fit him at all. He looks greasy and rough.

    That other guy puts him to shame.

  20. Ron says:

    Gerry looked great last night. That tux fit his bits like a glove.

  21. Quest says:

    I knew you would find those pics of Gerry, my dear Kaiser…fab in that Tux

  22. Obvious says:

    white collar. can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. karena says:

    He looks like that scary uncle that my older sisters warned me to never ever be in the same room alone with…greasy, creepy and filled with nasty ideas.

  24. bluhare says:

    Bomer’s looking good . . . but I am SO over those nerd glasses.

  25. Amanda says:

    He looks really yellow. And the jacket is not long enough.

  26. gabs says:

    He is so unattractive. Ew.

    @karena You are so right! He does have the creepy uncle vibe!

  27. rkintn says:

    I have to disagree, I don’t like his hair so long. It would look better shorter, especially if he’s letting the color grow out. Those pics in Hawaii….HAWT STUFF lol

  28. wtf? says:

    sigh…well i don’t care if he works every model/fashion event in the world. i don’t think he’s there for the fashion advice that’s for sure, hahaha!
    he sure is purdy to look at imho.

    i wonder if he passes each twig he fancies a number like the bakery does?

    …serving #42…#42!

  29. Cheyenne says:

    Yuck. Just… yuck.

  30. JuJuBee says:

    GB looks like complete sh*t in that second pic. I like your theory Kaiser, but instead of reinforcing his bachelor image it only makes the gay rumors seem more plausible. Someone needs to tell GB that the bachelor game is only for the young. There comes a time when it starts to veer into pathetic territory.

  31. Nance says:

    No matter how sleazy greasy he has become those baby eyes are always there to melt any stone cold heart!

    Don’t know why but his suit is always a bit on the short side. My hairdresser around the corner in a small town USA can put his hairstylist to shame. Horrible color and style but at least it isn’t greasy this time.

    Kaiser you don’t sound as lusty for the Scotish dong this time and I wonder what’s eating you.

    BTW I may have said it before but you and I have the same taste in picking Gerry’s pictures. I love your picks each time.

  32. Blue says:

    I usually say ewwww when I see him but he looks damn good in that tux. That other guy is yummy too 😀

  33. Louise says:

    How can anybody look at a photo of Gerard Butler and Matthew Bomer and get hot and bothered over Gerard? He’s gross. Not just physically but characterwise. Also I seriously doubt that that Jessica had to stalk Gerard. When it comes to women he’s not discriminating.

  34. Kallan says:

    Looks great from chest up (although could do with a hair cut). Like comments before me – suit jacket is definately to short and tight – makes him look like a ‘Ken’ doll. Maybe there’s a market for a ‘Gerry’ doll….??

  35. Elizabeth says:

    @ Malia
    ITA. Gerry is looking rather bloated – too much booze, etc. Bomer looks HOT! although I think he bats for the other team. But he is easy on the eyes! Saw him first in “Chuck” and he is still looking fine!

  36. Madisyn says:

    @ bellaluna, I left you a reply to your message. You know where to find it.

  37. kasper says:

    he looks like someone who’d give you crabs just by sitting on a chair he’d used.

  38. FreeLoveForAll says:

    I personally don’t like the cut and fit of that suit. It seems too small as far as I’m concerned. And the long, yellow-grey hair is just all kinds of wrong.

    He is still capable of stirring my loins though!

  39. taxi says:

    Looks like Gerry is dyeing to hide the gray! Needs a better tailor & a better hair colorist.

  40. rosmarina says:

    @kasper: lol

    I don’t get the GB lust. I just don’t. Give him 5 years and he’ll just be a lech.

    Top pic: my first thought was, “is that Arnold Schwarzenegger?” Coincidence?

  41. galaxy.girl says:

    His Hair is looking good…The gold or lightened bits blend well 🙂 & that tux must be magic, Yummy.

  42. Karin (from BRAZIL) says:

    Gerard*sigh*Butler is dressed up like a King and he holds it so elegantly. What a gorgeous, fascinating man to look at… and the pic of him smiling as he carries himself so fitted at 41 just glows like a *sigh* precious gem. To me, here´s perfection, from head to toe.

  43. Shay says:

    He wishes he had a milligram of the appeal that Warren Beatty had at his age.
    Seriously…how women find this man attractive is beyond me.
    He needs a goddamn shave. That stubble is so George Michael, circa 90s.

  44. deva says:

    Ralph Fiennes. Sex addict.

  45. Ria says:

    for the record – I don’t like compulsive bachelors.

  46. Bill Hicks is God says:

    What’s with the yellow on Butler’s face? Dude looks like he passed out in a bowl of curry.

  47. Boo says:

    A man in a tux should NOT look like he has an hourglass figure. Get a suit that fits, Gerry.

  48. pat fox says:

    I don’t know about Butler’s personal habits, but all men are alike, hardwired to behave like dogs, some have the ability to hide it and behave like gentlemen but mostly, they are what they are. If there were more “Ladies,” in society, men would behave better, but women are so insecure they have learned to be as doggish as men. I just have to say that since Gerard Butler has gotten back into shape, he’s better to look at, that’s for sure.

  49. b anonymous says:

    Gerard Butler is the handsomest guy in the world.He makes that other guy look just plain ugly.No man can stand up to the beauty of Gerard Butler.He is one in a million.Most women if they have a working vagina can’t take their eyes off of him.