Prince Williams flirts with Paris Hilton in London

There are obviously some pretty awesome perks to being a member of the royal family. But there’s also a downside – at least by most people’s standards. You have to be very polite at social dinners. You have to be careful what you say. And if Paris Hilton wants to hang out with you, you probably have to do it. Most of us could deal with a little polite chitchat over lobster. It’d be stuffy and formal, but I think we could adapt. But I really don’t feel like even the average person could handle 30 seconds of chatting about pink things and cell phone jewelry with Paris Hilton.

Unfortunately for Prince William, he got stuck hanging out with Paris Hilton on Wednesday night. Of all the royal duties, both official and unofficial, acting like you’re having a good time with Paris has got to be one of the very most challenging. The British press is acting like they’ve caught Will doing something naughty, but I think he probably just lost a bet with Prince Harry and this was the punishment.

Oh dear, he WILL be in trouble when Kate Middleton finds out her Prince Charming spent the night getting Dirrty with two showgirls. We watched Prince William snuggle up to pop star Christina Aguilera and socialite Paris Hilton in the VIP room at Whisky Mist in London’s Mayfair. The night was a right royal knees-up. We got there at midnight to see Wills, 26, and Prince Harry, 24, necking vodka cocktails and singing cheesy pop songs…

[Pairs] tried to cosy up to him on the couch and he even turned his shoulder and started talking to a mystery blonde on his right. But when that girl went to the loo, Paris moved in. We were about to rush to William’s rescue, then we saw they were swapping phone numbers…

Half an hour later we saw Paris apply more lipgloss, while asking Wills: “Does this look OK?” Not the best chat-up line, but it seemed to work. Wills was glued to her side or the rest of the night. When Christina [Aguilera] sidled over on her way out at 2.30am, a miffed Jordan [Bratman] moaned to his missus: “You’ve already said bye – and SHE’S with him.”

As the lights came on at 3.15am, the royal bodyguards tried to round up the Princes. But Wills was reluctant to go. “Make sure she [Paris] gets out of here OK,” he ordered one flunkey.

[From the Mirror]

The Mirror says there was also an embarrassing incident when Wills went over to Christina Aguilera’s table to say hello, but her minder didn’t believe he was who he said he was. Apparently it took some convincing, but the prince eventually got a chance to chat with the singer, until Paris came along and made the whole evening about her.

The Mirror makes it sound like the prince was into Paris, but I’m assuming that’s just for a good story. I can’t imagine he could be interested in her as anything but a joke. Obviously he has a girlfriend, but even if he didn’t, Paris is about as tacky as you could get. Though she does already have several tiaras, so maybe it would be a good fit after all.

Here’s Prince William and Paris Hilton hitting the party scene at Whisky Mist in London on Wednesday night. Images thanks to WENN and Bauer-Griffin.

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17 Responses to “Prince Williams flirts with Paris Hilton in London”

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  1. Kaiser says:

    I hate to say it about *my* prince, but Paris seems more like Harry’s type- leggy, vacant blonde.

  2. Baholicious says:

    They invented the body condom and no one told me?

  3. Holly says:

    This is a really interesting story, given that the one I heard was that she threw herself at the princes, but it didn’t work and she wound up alone and embarrassed.

  4. geronimo says:

    100% bullshit Parisbullcrap.

    Edit: And Diva, being kinder than I am where Paris is concerned, tells it exactly like it is.

  5. Kate says:

    The mirror has pics of William sitting with both of them drinking and talking and exchanging numbers.Its been years since he was hot.Since Diana died,he is another character.He has become cold,arrogant,spoiled and very very isolated in a rich world.Harry is a better character and way hotter.William looks and is like his father now.And he is also very close to Camilla.
    Harry kept his distance,and he is the one actually making Diana proud with his charity work.

  6. Diva says:

    Yeah, I read the same thing, Holly.

    I’m gonna go with somewhere inbetween… he was nice to her, as a gentleman would, but he wasn’t flirting. She didn’t get to hang out all night with the Prince, but she wasn’t rejected outright, either.

  7. Alina says:

    William is hot, but Paris is so NOT HOT, so I doubt the price has hitting on her…

  8. california angel says:

    I’m sure that Prince William, when contemplating conversing with aforementioned Paris Hilton, figured that no matter the situation, Paris would come up looking like an idiot and he would be thereby disassociated from her idiocracy, despite the fact that he was indeed associating with her. If I was, firstly a boy, and secondly the Prince of England/Heir to be King, I would not give two rats you-know-whats what was written about me in any paper.

  9. spoonman says:

    Paris is trying to hit the jackpot!!!

    Prince Harry is too smart to be caught with that Ho.

    But hey I’m available-Blog me Paris!!!


  10. Chun Li says:

    Haha You have to wonder if Paris texted the paps before she “moved in.”

    PS stop it ladies. Will is MINE! :o

  11. vdantev says:

    His dad cheated on Princess Diana, one of the prettiest women in the world once upon a time- these guys are NOT woman-smart in the least.

  12. RAN says:

    Ahh… Dante hit the nail on the head. :lol:

  13. different story says:–alas-hes-spring-chicken.html

    Paris finally finds her Prince after being snubbed by Wills and Harry… but alas, he’s no spring chicken

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 2:42 PM on 17th October 2008

  14. smit33 says:

    The Hottie and the Nottie the Return. I can’t decide which one is Hottie and which one is Nottie.

  15. Rio says:

    “His dad cheated on Princess Diana, one of the prettiest women in the world once upon a time- these guys are NOT woman-smart in the least.”

    Am I alone in thinking the Prince Charles/Camilla relationship is 10 times more romantic than Charles/Diana? I always got the impression he always wanted to marry Camilla but couldn’t, and the Diana thing was more because people expected it. I don’t know why, but I always sided with him on everything. He always seemed to be wanting to do a little something more than what he could do. There’s this GREAT book about English architecture that he wrote, essentially about how horible current (for the 1970s-80s) English public housing/civil service bulings were and how awful they were for the people who had to live and work there. There’s a picture in there of him behind the wheel of a wrecking ball, in a hardhat, Wellies, and a 3-piece suit, about to demolish a thoroughly depressing council block– and he just looks SO HAPPY.
    And…um, I always thought Diana was kinda ugly, with a really awful haircut, and it pained me to see my English godmother try to emulate her– because she would have been so pretty if she hadn’t. :oops:

  16. hello says:

    He did always love Camilla. He wanted to marry her in the first place, but couldn’t because she had been divorced already. Him being allowed to marry her now called for some huge changes in law.

  17. anonymous says:

    8) 8O :o :-) :P because prince harry i want she afair william but she isnt so pretty