Suri Cruise photos to be published tomorrow

Photos of a baby that’s proportedly Suri Cruise will be published in Vanity Fair tomorrow. Tom and Katie supposedly had the pictures taken by famous photographer Annie Liebowitz soon after “little” Suri’s birth, so her current age is impossible to tell. Speculation is rampant that Katie was already pregnant when she hooked up with Cruise, which would explain the suspect birth certificate, the couples’ unwillingness to take the baby out in public, and the odd size variations in Katie’s pregnant belly. Cruise has no other biological children, and is said to be sterile.

Katie was photographed looking tired and dazed outside of an LA spa, where she was treated to a much-needed massage.

The exclusive photos reportedly show baby Suri nestled against Tom’s neck as he sleeps. Another is said to show Suri sleeping on the couple’s bed, with Katie grinning at the camera.

That picture is a far cry from one taken of Ms Holmes this week, showing her looking bleary-eyed and frazzled.

Bags under her eyes and looking dazed, even Hollywood superstars cannot avoid the harsh realities of first time motherhood.

So as Katie Holmes made her way to a Los Angeles hotel for a relaxing, full-body massage, she looked to have the weight of the world on her hunched shoulders.

Struggling out of a chauffeur-driven car, and into the exclusive Beverly Hills Hotel, the stress of the past five months was evident for all to see.

Despite doing her utmost to hide her bleary-eyed face behind an oversize designer handbag, the 27-year-old actress, who gave birth to her daughter Suri in April, could not avoid the harsh glare of the photographers’ flashbulbs.

Wearing a pale pink shirt and her hair worn long, she plodded wearily into the hotel’s luxury spa suite for a £120 massage and facial.

Katie and Tom are said to have insisted on perfect pictures of their newborn. The photoshoot took place over 21 days and required lots of retouching. Suri was rumored to be a “runt” at the time, but in all likelihood she’s much bigger than she should be for a four and a half month-old.

In the only pictures seen of Suri so far, taken via helicopter outside the Cruise compound, Suri looks much bigger than a four month-old baby.

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  1. MizLiz says:

    Tom Cruise is a world-class idiot. Does he really think he can hide the truth forever? Eventually, someone’s going to talk, despite all his threats. If Katie ever gets nerve enough to leave him, I hope she gets a sample of Cruise’s DNA — it will prove what we all know…the kid is NOT his.

  2. Celebitchy says:

    Bravo, Liz. Agreed!

  3. DJ says:

    With all the $ Tom has you would think she would have a nanny or two to help out. Look how fabulous Heidi, Gwen, Brooke and others look. Katie is much too pretty and young to look so old and stressed. I dont think it is the baby that is making her look old…….

  4. Poor Boopie says:

    Love that picture of Katie! Looks like she’s coming off a bender. She probably needs to stay loaded to put up with Tom Cruise’s bullshit!