Star: Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively’s romance is “calculated”


As you’ve probably seen by now, Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio barely skipped a romantic beat following her naked photo “scandal”. While some of us gave Blake a “Girl, watch out, Leo doesn’t play it like that” look, Blake continued her Leo romance, undeterred. Leo followed Blake to LA, where they hit up Disneyland. Then they were just in Verona (for real) – go here to see the photos. They looked seriously loved up and… dare I say… genuinely happy together. In Touch Weekly is trying to stir something up with a small story this week, claiming that a friend of Blake’s says that Blake was very anxious about Leo’s reaction to her naked photos: “Blake and Leo were on vacation in Europe and it put a damper on things.” Really? Go look at those photos again. Doesn’t look dampened to me.

Which brings me to another point, and another tabloid story. Just how long have Blake and Leo been doing this dance? They seem super-comfortable and “established couple” very, very quickly, right? By most accounts, Leo and Blake met for the first time last November, and since then, there were random reports here and there that they might have something on down-low. Star has more:

Dreamy yacht cruises, cozy dinners, romantic strolls hand in hand along cobbled streets: Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively’s love fest was much more than a another hot vacation hookup. Star can reveal that it was actually a calculated coming-out party for the pair after months of keeping their romance under wraps.

They first connected last November, soon after Blake learned she was going to dine with Leo – who was still with Bar Refaeli – to discuss costarring with him in The Great Gatsby.

“She was a nervous wreck but played it cool and treated him like a regular guy, which Leo really liked,” says an insider. “He was into her from the start. They began meeting regularly after that dinner.”

The new duo flirted conspicuously at Jeremy Renner’s birthdya party in January, and Leo “asked her back to his place that night.” By March, Blake and Leo were getting so tight that she was slipping away from her hectic duties on the show’s NYC set to spend time with him in LA.

Leo finally ended it with Bar shortly after refusing to attend one of the fashion world’s biggest events, the Mat Gala, on May 2 – because he knew Blake would be there.

Adds the insider, “Bar is going to be incredibly upset when she learns what was really going on all along.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Er… yeah, Bar already knows! She knew it in Cannes, thus all of those “LOOK AT ME” bikini photos. While I do think Leo was technically cheating on Bar, I doubt Blake was the first “other woman” and I doubt Bar thought Leo was being totally and utterly faithful to her. You never know, though. What Bar might lack in common sense, she might make up for in boobs.




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  1. werty says:

    “Blake and Leo were on vacation in Europe and it put a damper on things.” Really? Go look at those photos again. Doesn’t look dampened to me.
    what does dampened/damper mean??
    (english is not my first language… obviusly)

  2. tapioca says:

    “Bar already knows! She knew it in Cannes”

    Bar looked really rough and red-eyed in Cannes. I think she may have originally hooked up with him as a career-boost, but she seemed genuinely upset about the break-up, and I know a lot of people don’t like her but she seems pretty harmless to me.

    As for Blake – well, having seen the God-awful Green Lantern trailer, I seriously doubt it’s going to make an A-list star out of her. And I so wanted it to be good, ‘cos I adore Ryan Reynolds, sigh…

  3. Ruby says:

    Leo obviously has a type. I got nothing against Blake but she is so meh. After the phone pics I think she is trying too hard. She did accomplish what she wanted getting all this attention- yes she leaked them herself I am convinced.
    Now Leo he is just like George Clooney why get with women who aren’t their intellectual equals? Yeah they get hot chicks but hotness only goes so far.

  4. nev says:

    People that have been following Leo’s behavior for a while have seen this coming for months. It’s a fact that his relationship with the former GF had been looking quite odd since the very beginning. No red carpets, no formal events (with rare minor exceptions), always hiding in public, running from papz, never smiling, no candids of them spending time together with his friends). But things went visibly even worse after last Summer vacations.
    They were apparently in different locations most of their time, which was strange, considering she is basically unemployed as a model and her main asset was her relationship with him.
    He was obviously looking for an upgrade (according to his standards, of course) since months, maybe more.

  5. jinni says:

    Not being argumentative here, but is there any proof that Leo is intelligent? I don’t really read his interviews, so I’m just asking those that do. Because everyone keeps saying that he shouldn’t be with dumb chicks, but from the few tv interviews I’ve seen he doesn’t sound exceptionally smart, just average. The same for Clooney.

  6. bubulle says:

    I think Leo and George feel intellectually inferior and dating smart women would only remind them of that plus they strike me as huge egomaniacs they don’t want anyone to steal the spotlights from them.

  7. normades says:

    They say when you get mega famous you stop maturing emotionally. Leo was 23 when Titanic hit, same age as Blake now…

    Also Gisele was 20 when they got together and lasted 5 years. Bar 21 and they lasted 5 years….

    It’s “official” now and I am loving this story! Wait for Blake to be replaced with a younger blonde in 2016.

  8. kazoo says:

    @werty, in this instance it means “ruined the moment” or “brought their happiness down.”

    i thought this report was going to say the relationship was calculated as in a PR stunt. i still think there’s something…off.

  9. normades says:

    @jinni/bulle: Yes I also don’t think Leo is as intellectual as his pr tries to make him out to be.

    I can’t respect a man who dates vapid fame hos à la Clooney and I adore men like THE HAMM or Kevin Bacon who can sustain long term relationships with mature smart women.

  10. originalgracie says:

    I DO NOT like this pairing and I can’t even say why. This chick bugs me for reasons I can’t even articulate.

    Of course now that I said that they’ll get married or something. Ugh. I thought Leo had better taste than this chick.

  11. sapphire says:

    @bubulle, I think you’ve called it. Clooney doesn’t do interviews and neither does Leo. Other that charity work (pr inspired), there’s no involvement in the real world.

  12. Hautie says:

    Maybe he actually likes Blake.

    She grew up with her parents and her siblings all working in the LA entertainment scene.

    Blake is known in American without having to rely on DiCaprio. She works constantly. Has her own income. Is one of Wintour’s favorite girls.

    So she has her own thing going on.

    Maybe he enjoys knowing she does not have to use him to get a job.

    Or just maybe he wanted a new 23 year old to date. :)

  13. duh says:

    jinni: I think Leo is more of a type you would call ‘sophisticated’ (the same goes for Clooney). He usually is rather distanced and reserved, and gives out an impression of being a serious guy (as opposed to your typical in-the-face, loud & dumb type). He also has a good luck for picking great roles. I think he’s smart enough to find himself a nice wife/mother of his children and if he goes out with this girl, it means she must be ok.

  14. Sumodo1 says:

    Let’s see how long this goes. 2016? Shall we start a betting pool?

  15. Mia says:

    It’s definitely calculated, but since she’s meh & he’s the walking embodiment of Entourage, I don’t care.

  16. insidescoop says:

    Im still not buying it that they are a couple. They have a movie coming out and this seems like a perfect ‘romance’ to sell it.

  17. Diane says:

    @originalgracie I sooo completely agree with you. I’m not a big DiCaprio fan. I will admit he has made very smart choices in his life. My secret shame is watching Gossip Girl but I always felt Blake was one of the weakest link (acting wise, not looks and style.) But Leo strikes me as a man not looking for competition, which is why he tends towards vapid models, and Blake is such a fame whore. I do not like this pairing and yet, strangely, I don’t care.

  18. Cpt. Obvious says:

    Staged? File this under “No Shit Sherlock”.

  19. really says:

    So, they are HOT………. I can’t wait until he knocks her up, baby daddy yes and yes! Love Blake!

  20. Kayla says:

    @Cpt Obvious – haha my thoughts exactly!

  21. loves says:


    sorry but no movie coming out together.

    KAISER i am with you, the look really cute in Verona pics.

  22. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    Good for her. She made the dude from the poster in her room circa 1997 her real life bf- that takes commitment!

  23. kieslowski says:

    I still think this is a calculated ploy not a real relationship. There is an article in the NYTimes about “The Gren LAntern” the movie is released by Warners (Leo’s production company Appian Way is anchored at Warners) and they want The Green LAntern to be the ne HArry Potter, for real these are the exact words of Jeff Rabinov the main CEO there. Tracking for the Green LAntern was terrible up to last week, now of course it jumped up and they are expecting a 50 million weekend BUT they are already making a sequel!! The nude scandal and now the high profile realtionship, which is so out of character for Leo, it just seems like a fauxmance.

  24. sonoa says:

    I don’t get the leo worship, besides being a good actor. He gets uglier and more bloated with each year, he comes off pretentious and entitled(and has been since the the 90s), he is a member of a “pus sy posse” for crying out loud, he doesn’t come off intelligent really, he dumps his gfs when they get all old at about 24. I find him to be quite distasteful and anyone who dates him is distasteful by extension cause he treats women like race horses.

  25. kieslowski says:

    @sonoa, totally agree. He is really aging poorly. And the whole environemntal stance while he takes prvate jets to Vegas, laughable. And yeah I have had the displeasure of seeing his behaviour first hand and he is a real a**hole.

    But he is a good actor who knows how to choose roles, you gotta give to him that he is a real Hollywood player.

  26. Bitchbelying says:

    So they were staying in the same hotel room when those first pics of them hugging on the yacht came out? They were already serious, and he introduced her as his gf? That hug seemed strictly friendly, but leo never shows affection towards any of his love interests and he is so open now. I think she’s giving him something the others couldn’t I guess.

    I like them together.

  27. Turtle Dove says:

    Ohhh……. intel…….. (#25)kieslowski dish it friend. We can keep it on the DL.


  28. Thea says:

    I think this is a faux mance. And Blake has an awesome body but that face, not so much. I think this is a diversion for something thats going to come out about him on down the road, like the 20,000,000 lawsuit hookup in Vegas.

  29. kieslowski says:

    @Turtle Dove, nothing out of the ordinary I am located in NYC so I have had the “pleasrue” of being in a club with him in “his area” b/c they ususally hold a special area for him and his pussy posse, and he is always super arrogant treats women like they all should thank him they have been allowed to be in his “space”, blow jobs under the table or taking a couple of girls to the bathroom. Stuff like that.

    On a sidenote he is definitely not gay.

  30. Mouse says:

    Le sigh. Loved Leo back in the day on Romeo&Juliet, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and Titanic, but he doesn’t do it for me anymore. He’s lost his hotness and his habit of dating only dumb twits until they turn 24 is a turn off. And this obvious publicity stunt makes them both seem even more boring.

    She looks like Christopher Eccleston in that one photo. No offense, Chris.

  31. TeeTee says:

    They both seem to be having a good time and who am I to think she is not his “type”..maybe he just wants to have some fun.

    or he is changing it up, because it did not work w/those model types.

    I’ve been to sites and ladies are really pissed off, making excuses as to why he is with her, its crazy!

  32. pop says:


    You need a life!!!

  33. jinni says:

    Thanks to everyone that answered my questions.

  34. bluhare says:

    @sonoa/kieslowski: Yay!!! Two other people who don’t like diCaprio!!

    I don’t know how someone could think he’s good looking. I mean, look at that first photo. He was a cute kid whose looks didn’t translate well to adulthood. And he’s a jerk on top of it? What a catch.

  35. ADS says:

    @ kieslowsk- Totally agree. Leo all of a sudden is ok with being photographed with a woman he barely knows and being tactile with her. He was with Gisele for ages and still it pained him to admit in interviews that he was with her. I know people change but he kept this up even with Bar and now this. I have heard gay rumours about him and while I am not sure about that, I can say that the only other time I see him this relaxed and happy is when he is with his boys. Just saying.

  36. kieslowski says:

    @33 thanks honey, have quite a nice life, just a real boring internship. But thanks to sites like this and commenters like I have a nice laugh.

  37. cute says:

    Leo was pretty openly affectionate with Gisele, kissing during Lakers games, holdinh hands … same with Bar and their long tongue kiss in Milan…

    The only difference is the media seems to care more about Blake, so the pictures of Leo and Blake are everywhere.

  38. John Wayne Lives says:

    you know, I can totally see it going down like this.
    maybe they really are into eachother, and kept it quiet so Blake wouldn’t be labled a jumpoff and him a cheater and it became this big scandal.
    I bet the negative backlash about them even being together at all was something they didn’t expect!
    soo I guess I kinda feel bad about hating on them so hard.
    except he’s got a wandering dong, and i totally believe the Affleck rumors..
    sooo, not so much anymore ;)
    lets see how long Leo can stand the heat.

    damn it Leo in the second pic! Stop being awesome! it’s making it harder for me to talk sh!t on your new relationship happiness!

  39. Kim says:

    Plleeaaassee! Bar is beautiful. Blake is not. She looks like a man-maybe thats why he likes her.

    Its pretty obvious a guy who always wanted his privacy but is suddenly ok being pictured all the time with his “girlfriend” is just using her for publicity.

    His “girls all the time” is an act. He goes on the prowl in NYC very much in public, on purpose, to make it appear he is really into girls which is NOT the case.

  40. firefly says:

    Please. This guy has NO chemistry with any of “his ladies”.

  41. Caz says:

    For all the media coverage, Leo and Blake together are actually quite ho-hum and very mundane. No news here. A lotta fuss about very little of interest.

  42. Jaana says:

    Blake is a really gorgeous girl so y wouldnt he be attracted to her?

  43. Camille says:

    @jinni: I agree with you.
    Making smart/lucky movie choices doesn’t necessarily mean the guy is some huge intellectual.

    I like these 2 together. They are making for some entertaining gossip. Love it. Hehehe

  44. kajg says:

    I agree with number #24…remember Don’s Plum?