Leo DiCaprio & Blake Lively made a sexy, late-night trip to Disneyland


Here’s how everything went down last week: first, the initial batch of nude photos of “Blake Lively” came out. Blake’s rep denied that Blake was in the photos. Then the second batch of photos came out, and her rep still stuck to the same denial, only this time the denial barely got any coverage because people have eyes. Then, Blake is pap’d on a boat with Leonardo DiCaprio in Venice. She looks worried and pensive… yet breezy. You can see the photos here. That was Blake’s real response to the photo scandal – “Yeah, you’ve seen my boobs, but I still landed Mr. Hollywood. JELLUS?” Next up: Blake makes an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards. She didn’t back out, which I give her credit for, and she stood tall even though she became the butt of some jokes and some bitchiness from Reese Witherspoon. Personally (and I know many of you don’t agree with me), I though Reese looked like a bitchy, hypocritical prude while Blake earned some sympathy from me. But that’s just me – I admire her hustle, and I think Blake’s nude photos will end up helping her career.

Anyway, it’s looking more and more like Blake doesn’t need my sympathy. She and Leonardo must have flown from Italy to LA together, and Leo joined her later that night… at Disneyworld. Ugh.

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio just wrapped up an ultra-luxe, mega-romantic jaunt on the French Riviera and other Euro hotspots. What’d they do for an encore? They went to Disneyland!

After Lively, 23, made an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards (showing up on the red carpet and presenting onstage with Green Lantern costar Ryan Reynolds), the actress was spotted later that night with DiCaprio, 35, and a group of pals (most of them in their 20s) at the Anaheim, Calif. park.

According to a Disneyland witness, the hot new twosome and their entourage were escorted via private entrance to the front of the line on the “StarTours” ride past 11 p.m.. The Gossip Girl starlet wore a knit smock and a face-concealing hat, while DiCaprio donned jeans, windbreaker and a hat. The group — seen taking photos of one another with their phones — enjoyed their own private ride on the Star Wars-themed simulation ride, according to the observer.

After midnight, the VIP crew was spotted again (with a guest relations tourguide) hanging outside the penny arcade on “Main Street.” A little while later, with the park all but empty, the witness spotted to group “chattering and laughing” during a stroll through Downtown Disney back to their hotel.

Just last Thursday, Lively and DiCaprio were spotted on a water taxi in Venice, Italy, following numerous, luxe stops in Monte Carlo, Saint-Paul de Vence, France, and elsewhere.

“I’ve never seen him like this with a girl,” one DiCaprio source told Us Weekly.

[From Us Weekly]

Here’s my question: why is Blake so different from the other girls Leo has dated in the past? I seriously don’t remember Leo EVER being down with having this kind of relationship, out in public with sometimes daily updates. My best guess is that Blake is simply incredibly good in bed. Like… maybe she does stuff the other girls won’t do? That’s what I always think about pretty girls with hustle who manage to land guys out of their league. Is that a gross, misogynistic thought? Or was everyone else thinking it too?



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Happymom says:

    Star Tours just reopened on Friday. The wait, when we were in Disneyland on Sunday, was 3 hours. Celebrity definitely has its privileges.

  2. aenflex says:

    You might be right.
    Personally I don’t find her attractive, her nose ruins it for me. And her desperation. -1 for Leo.

  3. devilgirl says:

    No, contrary to thought, most men are not into “butt stuff”, so I hardly think that is the appeal.

  4. Bitchbelying says:

    My day is not complete without a Blake Lively update. I love it. She’s pretty and young. Hey man, he likes her thus far. So whatever.

  5. Flounder says:

    I think she’s got a weird hot thing going on…which also includes some butt-ery.

  6. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ Kaiser. You’re so right on! I’d bet my first born this girl will let LD to whatever, and I mean WHATEVER, he wants to her. Done. She’s not stupid.
    Having said that, I’ve always loved Leo, and i just cant anymore. wth Leo? She’s barely a step above a reality show famewhore imo. What a step down! I just cant. ugh. I really don’t get it, and I’m embarassed at the amount of disgust I have for this “couple” I don’t even know. But, god! *cringe*

    and those nekked pics are SO her! We’re not f*cking stupid or blind Blake.

  7. MarenGermany says:

    hahahaha butt stuff.
    but i think its true. not necessarily that SHE does it (who knows?) but the thing you said about girls landing guys.

    thats how i got my boyfriend
    (just kiddin, but as you know there is a glimpse of truth in every joke) :)

    PS.: Am I stupid or did you just erase the butt-stuff??? come on, not THAT offensive…

  8. nellie says:

    I have no sympathy for Blake especially with all the rumors swirling about her alledged affair with Ben Affleck. She looks like a user and I’m glad she got called out by Reese. If anything Reese called her out because she has got a young daughter, whatever the case may be this whole Leo/Blake relationship does not convince me in the least. Rumors about Leo sexuality have been going around for years.

  9. Heatheradair says:

    (the fact that she gets to skip the lines at disneyland would be worth whatever she does in bed to get there…!)

  10. Brittney says:

    Didn’t she go on Disneyland dates with Penn too? And was she the one who told the story about being in “Disney jail” as a kid? Looks like Leo’s trying to please her, not the other way around.

  11. Solveig says:

    IMO the difference between Blake and Bar/Gisele is that Blake is self confident, while the other two were just like boring gatte morte (dead cats). I think what men love the most is a woman who doesn’t depend on them.
    However Blake is gross, and I’m pretty sure he will be bored by her in no time.

  12. Maria says:

    I’m actually not surprised by this relationship. She’s totally his Leo’s type. Blake actually bears a fairly strong resemblance to Gisele in terms of coloring, height / body and face shape. I’m not saying she has super model looks by any means, but they look alike. Also, I think Blake is a step UP from Bar, who was only known for posing in skimpy swimsuits. At least Blake has some semblance of an acting career.

  13. S says:

    do you think Leo has a bigger scandal to hide, so he’s biting his tongue and dealing with this public relationship?

    And I think Reese was just trying to remind people that MOVIE STARS are different from CELEBRITIES, which today’s young generation doesn’t know anything about. The movie star is a dying breed and the dumbass reality show twats are an infestation.

  14. Roma says:

    @devilgirl: Actually, there are a ton of guys who are into the backdoor. They just pretend like they’re not so their gf’s don’t get offended.

    I am a chick who gets men who are vastly out of my league – I’ll admit it. And yes, I do some pretty dirty things in bed and it does help. If Bar was a little prudish in bed Leo might be in a biscuits haze.

  15. mia girl says:

    “I’ve never seen him like this with a girl”… well given that he’s been spending his time with fashion models, it would not surprise me that he might find a girl like Lively a bit more compelling in comparison. I always thought less of Leo bc of the “models need only apply” attitude he had towards dating. As someone who worked in that industry for a while (casting), as a group, models are trained to look pretty/skillfully pose, be skinny, travel and party. It is pretty much all that is required for success and so, that’s all they really need to do. In the end, they are all kind of bland. Beautiful but bland.

    Seriously, I think maybe Leo had an epiphany that he can find an attractive woman that might actually be fun to hang with and can understand him. I’m not a Lively fan, and I don’t think this will last, but she may have won him over just by sheer personality.

  16. Quest says:

    Hide Mickey Mouse please, can’t stand to see Minie get hurt by Blakes wondering vag

  17. amanda says:

    No idea why Reese commented on this at all, I always thought of her as a classy lady. These cheap shots have definitely lowered her. Now shes just another catty b*tch, spitting on another woman when she’s “down”.

  18. Trillion says:

    Maybe he’s realized how much sharing a common language and culture can add to a relationship. Foreign is exotic and wonderful, but it has it’s limits. Totally a guess. Her body is insane, but that’s nothing new for Leo.

  19. sassenach says:

    I see why Leo fell for Blake. I don’t think it has to do with sex. He can get freaky sex from any girl so that’s not it.

    What I gather from Blake’s interviews is she comes across as very charming and interesting. I don’t know how but she does. I think that is the appeal. I have say however I don’t know how she went from Gosling to Leo. I would much prefer Gosling.

  20. Kaiser says:

    CB made me take out the butt stuff! (but yeah, I still think she does it).

  21. dicktrix says:

    No pics this time unlike their daily coverage in Europe – WHY?!
    And since she already got major overhaul on her face & bod; “botox” is not far behind coz she actually doesnt look like her actual age – already looking like in her mid-30′s is much more plausible.

  22. You don't say says:

    I guess I don’t understand why people are surprised that DiCapio is with her and why it is made out like he is “slumming”. Is he something uber special guy who does not go after younger women for whatever reason? But since the rumored hook up with Affleck failed (or Garner had her kicked to the curb more likely), she goes to the next one on a list. They just seem like a rather boring couple to me, but not one I am shocked by.

  23. the original bellaluna says:

    Her face is…unfortunate…

  24. the original bellaluna says:

    @ HappyMom – Use the “fast-pass” or whatever they call it. Slide your Disney admittance ticket through the little thingy, and they’ll tell you how long to wait and when to be back to get “priority status.”

    (Yeah, I’m sure it doesn’t compare to “celebrity” status, but it works. TRUTH from a woman who’s daughter danced in the Disneyland Christmas Parade for 4 years.)

  25. Mick says:

    If I were Reese, considering that she has a daughter and a lot of people are saying that she made the comment to protect her daughter, or to set a good example. What about Reese’s slurred speech and the media saying she was drunk, how would a drunken mom look to her daughter? But, because a lot of us think so negatively about Blake, all we do is throw stones at her.
    Give the girl a break, she has beauty (in the eye of the beholder), body and brains! That’s a lot more than other
    Hollywood starletts who think they are hot possess.
    What transpired last week with the nude pics has put Blake in a whole new light.
    Green Lantern is getting tremendous media coverage on the super hero’s love interest! Plus, being with DiCrapio does not hurt at all.

    GO GIRL!

  26. Bitchbelying says:

    Mia, I think Blake is actually hotter than Gisele.

    And I still don’t think Leo is really all of that. he’s short and out of shape and dresses like a tweener at 36.

    RIght on Mick. Funny Reese was talking shit about blake..whilst drunk. Nice example hag.

    Blake on the contrary, can do better. But whatevers.

  27. bedro says:

    Ridiculous, and conspiracy theories are boring!
    If he has a bigger scandal is more easy to hide being low key and not dealing with a public relationship.

  28. Wendy City says:

    I think a major thing with Blake is that she wanted Leo BAD and she is willing to please. With Bar and Giselle…they r super models so that will only go to a certain extent.

  29. Violet says:

    Hmm, don’t really think he’s treating her any differently than any of his past hookups — most of whom look enough like Blake to be sisters — so I doubt this is true love.

    As for Blake, she should admit those nudes are her. Then again, her pathetic denials have stirred up a lot of publicity and I guess that was the point. Of course, she probably didn’t count on people making snarky comments about her breast implants, lol.

  30. silken_floss says:

    I ain’t even mad at her. Get it Blake!

  31. Sumodo1 says:

    I honestly think he’s trying (TRYING) to cheer her up.Top grades for that, Leo. Maybe he’s trying to erase past mistakes. Maybe he’s run out of gas and Lively makes him laugh. Weird things happen at 35. I know: I married a younger man, same age diff as Leo and Lively.

  32. GoofPuff says:

    All that access to wealth plus privileged and she can’t get her hair to look like it didn’t come out of a bottle? Ugh.

  33. rep says:

    It’s not the first time he brings his GFs to Disneyland. There are plenty of his &Bar’s candids having fun there. This also explaines that he is not necessarily out of her league… I mean, he must not be that smart as he pretends to be.
    He dresses like a 1990 teenager, he is vacationing 10 months per year, he is still compulsively partying like a young man in his ’20s, he’s still keeping that ridiculous p***y posse club alive, he never dates women with half a brain and when they are 25 and begin to have their own thoughts, he dumps them and restarts the process with a younger one. He plays the environmental activist role, but he takes private planes and rents huge boats for leisure.
    And I could continue.
    With reference to his looks dept, well, his body is far from being hot. And his pretty face is starting to look like a soccer ball.
    I know, I know, he is famous, and rich, and he can help in getting jobs…that’s it.

  34. Mick says:

    IMO, the pic leak was a very well thought out strategy. We are just ten days from Green Lantern hitting the big screen. What better way to get media coverage on the love interest of the superhero?

    Blake has brains, boobs and buns! She may not be photogenic, but with the three B’s, she’ll make it! Being gutsy helps, too.

  35. really says:

    Love them!!!!! baby daddy time!

  36. normades says:

    My theory:

    I have always thought that Leo must have the herp since he and his pussy posse screwed SO MANY skanks like Paris Hilton when they were young. With his reputation he can’t keep giving the gift that keeps on giving so he gets into contractual monogamous relationships with hot blondes. He disclosed this to Blake and offered her to be his steady which she gladly accepted (some of that shit can be controlled with meds). Now that it’s “official” he can’t go back and *gasp* he actually likes her because she’s a lot more fun than boring stupid Bar (who I am sure was OK with the butt stuff).

    I agree with Min76 in a previous post that the photos were not leaked by a rival female but by a crew member on gossip girl who could have easily swiped her phone or laptop. A woman would not want to show off Blake’s hot bod to the world but a jealous man would in an attempt to degrade and humiliate her.

    Rumor has it there are more pictures out there *fingers crossed*!!! I still think this chick looks like a horse and is short on talent, but she’s great for gossip and I’m starting to admire her tenacity. Go Blake!

  37. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Why so much more sympathy for her when it’s in such short supply for others? By this point, a photo scandal isn’t a suprise but a foregone conclusion and either you get that, or you lie about getting it. Birds swim, fish fly, photos leak. Theoretically, people can make up their own minds, but lately it’s become murder to judge a book by its contents. I haven’t a second of this girl’s work and public tirades are awkward, I guess. But this ‘how dare she be made to face the consequences of her actions?’ stuff is weak. It’s the MTV thing awards, not an evening with Dick Cavett and David Brinkley–they’re crass events. Do as you please, but don’t try to convince me that it’s shrine-building time because of what the mean ol’ lady said.

    I don’t know what strain of brave is defined as getting exactly what you want and subsequently basking in the afterglow. Exercising her rights? Yes. Freedom fighter? No. Lambasted in public? Yes. From a person who made no valid points? No.

  38. Turtle Dove says:

    Blake strikes me as intelligent, witty, and charming. Perhaps that’s the appeal. He’s been dating women with the brain capacity of squashed carrots for years (excluding Gisele in that). It must be a breath of fresh air to engage with someone who’s got a bit more going on upstairs.

    Blake seems nice to me and it took a lot of courage to get on that stage after the pictures leaked… and it was a leak because she looked very nervous and uncomfortable.

    I’m with Kaiser with the Reese opinion. More and more Reese strikes me as a sorority, mean girl type. I’m over her and her movies.

  39. Wilz says:

    Is nobody else weirded out by their age difference? How come it’s all people can talk about in the Fassbender/Kravitz posts, but here it’s no big deal?

  40. The Truth Fairy says:

    I think she’s not boning him yet. She’s making him wait for it and that is why he’s so crazy. Jen Aniston did the same thing with Brad. These guys are used to girls throwing themselves at them and doing whatever they want, so when a girl comes along who doesn’t give it up right away, it gets their attention.

  41. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Meh. I have no love for Blake, Leo, Titanic or Disney. That said, if I was banging Leo DiCaprio, I would make him take me some place better than Disneyland.

  42. neva says:

    I was, but as I explained earlier I realized there is no big difference mentally. Apparently he didnt grow up in the past decade, so I am convinced they have the same mental age. That’s why he trades them in for a younger one when they are 25. Still a couple of years to go for Blake!

  43. lin234 says:

    I’m not sure why there is so much Blake hate. She has a great body and ok face. But she’s not clubbing every night, doing the lilo thing and whatnot. She’s actually pretty clean cut other than the nude pics. As for the butt stuff, I’m sure Bar was willing too. It’s not like she’s in the same model league as Giselle.

    Blake does look like she has more of a personality than Giselle and Bar.

    As for Reese, there’s a pretty fine line she’s walking on too. In her earlier career days before got into the A-list club, didn’t she do movies with frontal nudity? I really don’t think Blake leaked out her nude pics. She just snagged a major and very private star. This couldn’t actually be worse timing for her. I like the theories it might be Jennifer Garner. Remember around the time of The Town, she suddenly dropped everything to be in Boston for a few days and got a 7 carat diamond ring? ( I think either dlisted or lainey brought that back up.)

  44. CarinC4 says:

    @ Wilz
    Maybe it’s the fact that Zoe Kravitz still looks like a CHILD while Blake definately has a grown woman’s looks. Chick looks 15/16 playing dress-up in her mother’s clothes even tho it somehow works on her….

  45. gabs says:

    Im not a Blake fan but maybe she is actually…a cool chick to hang out with? Why do we keep assuming she has no brain and is boring just because shes a really bad actress and shes hot. Maybe she is fun to be around. We dont know! That line though about leo never being like this with a girl made me laugh. I do not think he is in love with her or anything. He is just having fun.

  46. Aria says:

    LOL @ butt stuff!!! I haven’t noticed that Blake has a butter face.

  47. bubulle says:

    Just saw Green Lantern 8 new clips , it looks bad. She can parade around with who the hell she wants that won’t push people to see this movie.

  48. liv says:

    @the truth about fairy, jennifer aniston didn’t make brad wait for it. she told the world how she slept with him on the first date. but i think she did close down the biscuit factory prior to the wedding.

    anyways, i think blake does resemble gisele in a way – they are both very mannish.

    blake also took ryan gosling and penn badgley to disneyland. she has a thing for disneyland. she probably wanted to go because they just reopened star tours and opened the little mermaid ride on friday. but it’s not like they went alone, they were in a group. too bad they had to kick so many kids out of the front, if i was a little kid who wanted to sit in the front, i would be pissed (esp, if i had to wait for so long)

  49. ADS says:

    Blake has a great smile. Blake looks good naked. What exactly is the problem here?

  50. Wishes says:

    I wish I had a boyfriend like Blake…you know the kind that doesnt dump you on your birthday, which is today :(

  51. Turtle Dove says:

    Another comment about Reese… perhaps the puritanical mom who was SEVEN months pregnant at her wedding shouldn’t judge other people. I don’t normally give a sh*t about crap like that, but little Ms. High-horse irked me.

  52. dj says:

    Jo Mama Besser you are my new hero! Well, well said.

  53. k.at says:

    I used to like him- now he’s a washed-up tool who is so desperate to be “cool” that he dates vapid, moronic, worthless women. DOne, done done

  54. Aria says:

    @wishes, I’m so sorry for your jackass b-friend and happy b-day!

  55. Enny says:

    Didn’t she pull the same cheesy stunt with the Gosdong too? Does she have some sort of Disney fetish? That would be pretty interesting.

  56. Jill says:

    i thought reese’s comments were hilarious and spot on. someone was gonna say it. it seems very appropriate coming from her. everyone’s drunk at award shows, btw. its a moot point.

    and doing full frontal in a movie is quite different from snapping pics of your bolt ons in a hotel mirror to send to some dirtbag producer/director so he’ll put your can’t-act-for-sh*t-ass in his movie.

  57. Sasha says:

    First, it was not exactly a “sexy” date… as they were spotted with a group of other people. Gossip columnists are always exaggerating stuff.

    I don’t think she has more than others to offer, she is probably much more available, that’s all. And since she loves publicity, I think DiCaprio might go for a serious media circus if he insists on dating her. Good luck, Leo!

  58. Dee says:

    It’s funny how people go on as if Blake’s the one dating out of her league…if they weren’t celebrities and I happened to see them out on the street as a couple I’d be wondering how that guy managed to snag that girl. Yes, it’s shallow, but is it really shallower than saying he’s out of her league because he’s had more professional success???

    Also, I think he’s probably with her because she’s his type lookswise and seems fun and engaging and chill. Pretty sure that’s enough to snag any guy.

  59. geekychic says:

    @ Yo Mamma Besser:
    co-sign with DJ: Vow!! Great thoughts and completely agree!

  60. Shoe_Lover says:

    @ Kaiser- i thought Reese was being a b!tch also. Although i have heard stories that she really is a mega b!tch and the America’s Sweetheart thing is all an act

  61. kieslowski says:

    Hey I was just wandering if any of you go to LAineygossip.com, she posted a story about leo and Blake today (June 7th) but took it down. Did anyone read it? I’m really curious since she rarely takes things doen so she must have been pressured bu Blkaes or Leo’s team.


  62. Madisyn says:

    @ bellaluna, I left you a reply to your message. You know where to find it.

  63. kasper says:

    damn. b!tch got hit with an ugly stick.

  64. BlackMamba says:

    @kieslowski Lainey did mention in her Intro this morning that she had a Leo and Blake story coming but I kept checking all day and couldn’t find it. Like you said she rarely take stuff down and now I’m really curious too. If anybody read it please give us the 411! Sounds like there was some juicy stuff in that post…

  65. Rachel() says:

    The whole “Leo is out of her league” thing has nothing to do w/ looks and all to do with the fact that Leo is a GREAT actor. He’s gotta be in like the top 5 of working actors. What is Blake? The dullest character on a teen soap opera. (which of course kicks *ss, but no one gives a crap about Serena) She’s hotter than him, but he is way way more talented than her! That being said, at least he’s not dating another model…

  66. Bitchbelying says:

    Kielowski..what was the article about. What did Lainey say? I didn’t read it but she never takes anything down.

    I agree with you Dee, if he wasn’t rich, I would be wondering what SHE was doing with his short ass.

  67. Chicoulina says:

    She has an amazing body!!

  68. Isa says:

    I agree with Trillion. I think that he probably has more in common with her than the last two he’s dated.
    My husband was with a foreigner for quite some time. When we got together he used to explain EVERYTHING to me. I hated it, I thought he thought I was dumb! Finally I said something and he explained that he was constantly having to do this with his previous and it was just a habit.

    Plus she seems like a “guys girl.” One that would hang out with more guys than girls.

  69. Trashaddict says:

    Roma, what does it say about your self-concept that you should refer to getting guys “out of your league”? What self-respecting woman would look at herself that way? Hopefully you are doing dirty things in bed because you like it and not just as sexual currency. Because if that’s the case, it’s really sad.

  70. ava says:

    she kind of looks like his sister in that first pic

  71. Dana M says:

    @kaiser: my husband was thinking along the same lines as you. I didn’t think about it until he said that perhaps she does stuff other girls won’t do.

  72. beth says:


    Did you find out what Lainey had written? How do you that she posted an article if you didn’t get the chance to read it?

  73. Hazel says:

    Ugh, she’s really not pretty. She’s ‘hot’ only because of the tall, blonde, fake boobs thing that gets hetero males going (which I will give her credit for)…..but it won’t last.

  74. Chris says:

    Leo has discerning taste in movies and women. Those of you who’ve heaped scorn on Blake need to stop grasping at straws and just accept that you got it wrong

    Team Blake. :)

  75. Sketch says:

    I’m sure she’s great in bed and does the butt stuffs, but there’s a lot of girls who would do that for him. If he wanted to he could make Charlie Sheen look like a monk.

    My guess is she’s the kind of girl who will make you breakfast in the morning. If a friend came over she’d offer them a sammich and a beer. Didn’t I read one of her moves was to bake cookies and stuff for guys she worked with?

    I not saying she’s a doormat or anything like that. She may just be one of those kind of women.

  76. nev says:

    According to some reports, they made a 6 years old give up his front row seat so they can take it thanks to their VIP arrangements.
    What’s happening to Leo? I mean, I agree that there`s nothing wrong with adults having fun in Disneyland but in this case the people in the group were mainly in their early 20s, GF included. Doesn’t bother him being always the older guy in the group, room, bed or club? Doesn’t sound pathetic? I would like to know which is the real Leo. The decent one coming out from his wise interviews and his PR initiatives, or this sugar daddy who ridiculously refuses to grow up?

  77. Annie_Grey says:

    I guess only supermodels are considered pretty by some. The rest get called horse-face.

  78. ela says:

    @nev: and what is the problem????

    she partied with his friends in Europe during days and now he goes with his girl and her friends.

  79. tapioca says:

    @normades: “My theory:

    I have always thought that Leo must have the herp since he and his pussy posse screwed SO MANY skanks like Paris Hilton when they were young.”

    Good point, and since they’re being so unusually pap-friendly about their relationship, we’re talking about Leo & Blake, and we’re not talking about the “$100m international celebrity” who’s getting sued for giving another guy the Herp. On April 1st in Vegas, when LDC was (alledgedly) in Vegas.

    Oh, conspiracy theory!

  80. normades says:

    @ kieslowski: No, I didn’t catch that. Maybe something alluding to a Leo cover-up or the Weinstien connection. Maybe she’ll make it into a blind item soon (her blinds tend to be pretty obvious).

    I try to limit my gossip intoxication to just a couple of sites so I do this one, Lainey and dListed with less frequent jaunts to Blindgossip and the Fug girls. Open question to all posters: what sites do you visit?

  81. normades says:

    @ tapioca: Actually I don’t think that blind is Leo. I thought it was Travolta, but as was pointed out his primary residence is in Florida and the person was sued in California.

    What’s really awful about that blind is that it was never established that it was the herp and could have been aids. That whole “bug catching” thing is so wrong and immoral on so many levels.

  82. tracking says:

    She seems to be thrilled to be getting the PR from this high-profile relationship and so, oddly, does he. It does appear suspicious.

    I really hope someone outs the herpes blind, whoever it is. Potential mates should know what a dangerous scumbag he is.

  83. nev says:

    No problem, he can party h24 with teen agers if he likes it.
    It’s just that the kind of company he seems to appreciate during his spare time (which is most of his time, anyway), doesn’t match the oh-so- brilliant-and-committed DiCaprio character he has been playing for years and his massive PR job.
    There’s something fake in him, and I suspect it’s the committed part.

  84. kieslowski says:


    In her intro yesterday Lainey said she would be posting an analysis of Leo and Blake relationship and of Scarjo’s break up. She had the Scarjo story up but not Leo/Blake.

    Then in the liveblog, which she does with Sarah, Sarah mentioned that she really agreed with Lainey’s earlier post in the day analysing the Leo/Blake thing I went bsck to her wesbsite but it was not there. Sarah said the she thinks “leo has ceratin tastes that Blake allows him to indulge with her”.

    Another thing durin the liveblog LAiney came out falt out and said Leo IS NOT the herpes guy fromt he blind, where up to then she kept on saying and alluding that she thought it was him.

    So I came to the conclusion that LAiney must have said something really spot on that pissed of Leslie Sloan Zelnich (Blakes rep) who already hates LAiney and threatened to sue.

    I don’t know, I am so pissed I missed this. I have not been rivetted by gosip like this in a really long time.

    If anybody has any theories please let me know.

    Thanks I love this site by the way.

  85. normades says:

    @ kieslowski: Thanks for the recap! Yeah, Blake is just gossip gold, I’m really into this story too.

    “leo has ceratin tastes that Blake allows him to indulge with her”.

    So does this mean we’re talking about the butt stuff again? lol

  86. kieslowski says:

    @normades, it cant just be anal, that is too pedestrian it has to be something more, I would say orgies and stuff. I have seen Leo in clubs in NYC.

    HAve you seen the pics released today IN A CHURCH IN VERONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where it is obvious that they know that they are being photographed.

    I really think something is being covered up, they are trying to divert our attention from something, yes the nude pics that is Blake but what about LEo. Lets face it she is no Anjelina Jolie in the face dept. yes the body is tight the bolt on s are professionally done, so my question why is Leo agreeing to be papped and going public?

  87. Christina says:

    It all comes full circle :) but yes.. I am also quite curious re: laineys post yesterday since I did the same site trolling to find the original post hahah I cannot believe I’m so intrigued by this ;) interesting for today as well in my opinion is what seems like such a fluff piece on them considering whatever was posted yesterday must have been really good and juicy hahah

  88. normades says:

    @ kieslowski: I’m sticking with my theory in post #37. For now… :-)

    I really don’t think it was Blake who leaked the photos though I admit the timing is suspicious and she is getting a PR boost from it. It’s the second batch with the “faps” comment that throws me off. Seriously, that’s just embarrassing.

  89. kieslowski says:

    @Christina, totally its like today she totally changed her tune, I do not really go to other sited besides LAiney and this site, but out of curiosity I went to the comments of other sites and Leo and Blake are GETTING KILLED, I mean killed by everyone. I mean Just JAred commentators were so brutal I was even shocked. I went to fashionspot.com and they had a thread on this realtionship but they had to CLOSE it because of all the bashing of Blkae and Leo.

    I guess Leo’s and Blkae’s reps must have realized that this is not good for either of them and really pressed LAiney hard, because I noticed she was quoted by everyone on the internet (where I looked). Even on Leo’s imdb board he is being torn apart for this.

  90. Jazz says:

    I’m not really getting this “relationship” either. He’s a guy who can’t go anywhere without pulling a baseball cap down over his face so paps can’t get a picture. He’s going to tire of all this publicity soon, it’s on the cover of Us friggin’ Weekly or something!

    As for the nude is it her/not her photos, if I were Ryan Reynolds I’d be a little pissed. Isn’t Green Lantern supposed to be his big movie, the first since his divorce and the ex wife dating a big name actor. It’s supposed to be his time to shine, instead it’s all about titty shots and fake relationships. The movie’s not about her. In superhero movies you could stick any actress in there and the end result is still the same.

  91. BlackMamba says:

    @kieslowski and Christina…Yes I just read Lainey’s latest post on Leo and Blake, boy oh boy somebody got to her because she completely changed her tune…Maybe the Etalk people pressured her because they don’t want to offend anybody. How can she go from posting something she had to take down to saying how “SUPER cute” they are? But she did point out that it is absolutely crazy that Leo is letting himself get papped like that-I mean the photog must have been in the church with them-she thinks either he has his own bomb to hide or he has fallen for her. She chose to believe the latter. Man I haven’t been so excited about a story since Rihanna and Chris Brown lol I need help…

  92. kieslowski says:

    @BlackMamba, I am so with you I am rivetted by this gossip, I do not remeber the last time I have been so interested. But Lainey start her post today saying and I quote:


    It seems to me like she is trying to tell us something, to read between the lines, especially since the post after the Leo/Blake thing was “Pretend Dating”.

    I really enjoy reading the comments on this keep em coming.

  93. BlackMamba says:

    @kieslowski I totally agree with you regarding Lainey’s clues I did pick up on that. She always give little hints here and there and I love her for it.

  94. normades says:

    Wow and just wow. Those Verona pics are really cracking me up. I was all ready to plead the “he really likes her” angle but after photo assumption (staged!) and the headline FAKE DATING, I think Lainey is alluding to something else. WHY LEO???? WHY??????

    Meester really needs to step up her game. I was thinking that Gosling was just playing Blake but now it’s pretty clear she probably passed cause she had bigger fish to fry. Wouldn’t Leighton and the Gosdong make a cute couple? :-)

  95. STOPGOOP says:

    OK a couple of comments…
    The pics of them in verona: she looks FUN and normal and a great, spontaneous, happy person to travel with (what man doesn’t like a happy woman?)
    Her body is bangin’, even with the fake tits, and Leo has always been a body > face dude, so she really does fit his type. She isn’t ugly, but neither is Bar or Giselle… they all have amazing bods and nice/OK faces
    It’s certainly fun to bash her and her idiotic move on the nude pics, but I think most of us would love to enjoy her world for at least a few days… especially right now!

  96. Christina says:

    I LOVE me some gosdong… And you know what? I could TOTALLY get behind him and meester… They actually seem like a super cool match! Go figure… Let’s make it happen :)

  97. kieslowski says:

    I think Golsing totally slept with Blake, but refused to go along with the PR game and be used to up her profile.

    That is why it is so puzzling to me that Leo, such a private actor who does not need this type of exposure, I even think it kind of damages his reputation, is doing all this?

  98. jasmin says:


  99. loves says:


    for you information:

    Now get this … TMZ has learned the alleged sexual encounter occurred LONG BEFORE APRIL 1, 2011. The suit claims the incident occurred “on or before April 1.” We’re told the actual incident occurred many months before April 1, but attorney Davidson intentionally put April 1 so reporters would not begin speculating who was in Vegas and who might be the culprit.


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