Christina Hendricks’ boob shelf corset dress: too tight or just perfect?


BOOBS. That’s what you wanted, right? When I complimented Christina Hendricks yesterday for finding an outfit that didn’t offend me on a deep level, many of you complained that she was too covered up. Well, Christina has answered! These are photos of Big Red at the Johnnie Walker Father’s Day gifting suite in NYC. She’s the only one photographed, which makes me suspect she was paid to show up in something boob-tastic and pose her rack off. I don’t know who did the dress. It looks like a corset-bustier thing, although I suspect any tight dress would look like a corseted bustier on Christina.

Should we talk more about her boobs? Christina claims they’re “so obviously real.” Some of you disagreed, saying that she got implants and gained some weight or something. I still think they’re probably real, but because they don’t look hard, bolted on or falsely “round”. Her boobs look – and I’m sorry if I’m being too graphic – soft and squishy, which is how real boobs look. Anyway, I wanted to bring this up again, because of the way her boobs look “rounded” at the top of this bustier, because I suspect that some of you will claim that as “proof” that her boobs are fake. I tend to think they look that way because they’re being hoisted up to God and beyond.

Meanwhile, Big Red was on The View yesterday (??…maybe) and she told the ladies that “Men don’t really approach me much… Women do come up and they sort of – they’re flirtatious with me. It’s funny.” I would totally flirt with her too. She seems like she knows how to flirt. She also talked about how “incredibly flattering” it was to be considered a sex symbol, but that “it sounds silly to me.” To read more or see the video, go here.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. embertine says:

    I think she looks heavenly. Yes, the girls are jacked up, but not uncomfortably so like she sometimes does. And the rest of the dress is classic and fits her well, with an interesting texture. Plus, let’s be honest, I totally would.

  2. carrie says:

    her face is beautiful,her hair(the color) is beautiful,her skin is beautiful but her boobs is “too much” for me

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Boobs indeed. Nice. I wanna say the dress is too tight. I think its far too tight. Can’t she find a dress that provides a nice little bench for her boobs that creates cleavage, but doesn’t make them seem like a cup overflowing.

    • Loh says:

      The dress is a little tight I agree but that’s what makes it look sexy , don’t we all own a tight little dress ? . If t was way too tight shel be spilling over the sides an she’s not so its perfect !

  4. gee says:

    Love it.

  5. Victoria says:

    Just one of her breasts is bigger than her whole head. She is gorgeous and the dress suits her very well, but the boobs are vulgarizing her look.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Yes, my figure’s pretty much the same as hers and that’s exactly what my boobs look like when I squish ‘em with my hands like that, or try on a dress one size too small! I totally believe they’re real.

  7. devilgirl says:


  8. trolleydolly says:

    I’m more interested in her hair colour, is she a natural red head?

    I have been cursed/blessed (depends on my mood) with boobs a similar size to her, I’m a 30H. If I was to hoist mine up like that (which I don’t, it can prove embarrassingly attention getting) they would look like that.

  9. Ashley says:

    @trolleydolly Sadly, she’s admitted before that she’s been coloring her hair since she was young. It bums me out that she’s not a natural redhead.

    REAL BOOBS FOR THE WIN! I’m always surprised by she shrieks of “FAAAAAAAAAKE!”

  10. guesty says:

    Love the dress. Her boobs look real to me but so do Coco’s & she admits to implants.

  11. Jessica says:

    Armpit fat + side boob overflow = real boobs

  12. Cherry Rose says:

    I think she looks great. This is the first dress I think I’ve seen her in where she actually looks good.

    I think her boobs are real too. I also kind of like that she’s cursed with the whole “one boob is slightly bigger than the other” thing. While I’m nowhere near as big as her, I also have that problem. If she had implants, both of her boobs would most likely be the same exact size.

    Her boobs, while pretty perky, also have that natural sag to them which implants don’t have.

  13. luls says:

    I think they are real too. She is VERY lucky to be able to gain all the weight in her boobs/ass, and not in her belly/arms/thighs….

  14. Quest says:

    It does not matter if you pay for them (boobs) or have them naturally…they are yours, just don’t may make a dash for it if given the opportunity.

  15. Ari says:

    I think its a TEENY TINY BIT too tight but in that last picture its like a perfect heart shaped masterpiece that the thought flew right outta mah head

  16. whybenice says:

    Dear God. I think you can show the world you’re a woman and still be a lady, not a cartoon.

  17. tango says:

    Geez, can’t this woman find a dress that fits her boobs? Why the need to continually push them up so they’re the only thing you notice?

    Frankly, if it wasn’t for her boobs, Christina probably wouldn’t get much attention. She needs them to promote herself.

  18. Crash2GO2 says:

    Well, from experience I can tell you, that even if you have implants, if your boobs where different sizes to begin with, they will be different sizes after, unless you go with different size implants. And even then, the settling of the implants is very individual in each breast.

    She could very well have implants, but because she already has SO MUCH natural breast tissue to begin with, it would be next to impossible to tell just from looking.

    She’s a lovely woman, and I love how she dresses herself. Chloe K could take some lessons from her.

  19. beth says:

    her face – i can’t get over how beautiful her face is!
    that corset dress is way too tight – i know the point is to show off her boobs, but i feel it’s trying a smidgen too hard.
    but her face, her skin, her hair – it’s perfect!

  20. Jag says:

    I saw a Playboy? picture of her when she was much younger, and unless she had a giant growth spurt, they aren’t real, imo. Her phrasing makes me think she’s being sarcastic.

    Love the dress. Just wish the top had a little more room in it so that she wouldn’t always be spilling out from one side or another.

  21. Alix says:

    Her cups runneth waaaaay over. Still think they’re fake.

  22. MJ says:

    They are definitely real. Like others have commented, I also have a giant rack (32H) and when I hoist the girls up, they look just about the same as above… which is why I don’t do it, personally. I’d like to see her with a teeny bit more coverage, but I’m sure she has a really hard time finding something that works. Overall, she is a super babe, and I don’t think she gets too many complaints about her cups running over.

    If you look at her recent swimsuit photos, it looks like she’s gained up to 50 pounds since the Playboy thing, and even back then she appeared to be at least a DD. It’s not really a fair comparison.

  23. Isa says:

    I still think there are implants in there somewhere. She just has plenty of breast tissue to hide them in.

    Also, I imagine she jacks the way up in her outfits because they probably are so heavy they hang down to her belly button. I kid, I kid.

  24. yepp says:

    her boobs look fantastic…they look real to me! they dont look hard and have some bounce to them. she looks great from head to toe!

  25. Cidee says:

    Real. And her skin is spectacular. Dress too tight but who cares. She is gorgeous.

  26. Eileen says:

    Crash-ITA agree with you. She’s gorgeous!

  27. sapphire says:

    Absolutely gorgeous skin, hair face, and shape. But would it kill her to get a corset that fit? She can afford the freaking alterations.

    Love seeing a true bombshell rather than skin and bones.

  28. Deven says:

    She has an absolutely gorgeous face. I don’t know if her breasts are real or not. I just know that dressing them in this manner puts one out of contention for being taken as a serious person. I’m not sure if ANYONE sees your face!

  29. curegirl0421 says:

    Yes, she should really get that tailored a bit. I’m all for cleavage but that doesn’t look really comfy, I’m sure she was hiking it up all night.

    As to the reality of the boobage… yes, they are totally real. As the owner of a huge set of quite real knockers myself, I can see the signs.

    However, it must be said…

    I don’t think Christina gives a rat’s ass if you think they’re fake or not. Just a thought.

  30. DreamyK says:

    Too tight. We get it, she has boobs. Way over the top…literally.

  31. babalon says:

    I just love her. She can do no wrong, IMHO.

    Frankly, she makes me want to gain weight. :p

  32. Samigirl says:

    She does looks soft and squishy. I’d flirt with her. She’s gorgeous. Her husband is a lucky man :)

  33. lolas says:

    She is a very pretty woman, with beautiful skin. But this dress is too damn tight and she CONSISTENTLY wears the worst shoes, they make her legs look dumpy. (I think).

  34. Larissa says:

    When even you arm pits are squished with your boobs, then your dress is too tight!!!!!!!!!

  35. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    As you wish. I know that it doesn’t matter what I think, and I don’t want to be the kind of person who always criticizes every thing about every woman every time, but this is ridculous. Boobs, yeah, I have them, what’s your point? Hollywood’s kind of a big ol’ cathouse anyway, so at least that fits her (yikes/ooh/sorry/but not very). Yes, I’m overly critical, I know. I don’t particularly like being that way but I’m sorry guys, this is just stupid to me. I’m retiring from her until the show returns, lest my eyes roll back into my treachea.

  36. Gwen says:

    She’s so pretty and I think the boobs are real but that dress is too tight imo.

  37. Dizzybenny says:

    Heeelllo!!(thumbs up)

  38. DSM says:

    She is smokin all over the place, the face, the bod, this woman is HOT!

  39. GoofPuff says:

    I love her deep red hair color with that alabaster skin and blue eyes. Its electric with a pretty face. The dress however, it looks really uncomfortable with super squished boobs.

  40. aenflex says:

    I think they are fake. I’m sorry, they could have been bigger to start with, and some expertly places, sub-muscle implants would look very realistic on already large boobs. BUT, I’m not judging her for it, it’s her body. If she wanted big tatas, well, that’s her bidness.

  41. original kate says:

    i think her boobs are real, too. also, she has lovely skin. yay for us pale gals!

  42. amanda says:

    i think those boobies are real. BOOOOOOOBS. I love her. As Michael K would say, that is one magnificent pair of chichis. I don’t think they’re fake, but if they are, whoever did them did a fantastic job…and who cares, anyway? It’s not just her boobs, it’s her whole thing, she looks the way women should and I love it! Also, I have a sizeable rack that’s real, and like others said, when I hoist my girls up like that, they look like that. Like soft, squishy pillows made out of marshmallows from heaven.

  43. StephanieMarie says:

    I have to agree with many of the posters above….Breast implants beneath a (albeit generous) amount of real breast tissue…
    That pic of her from years back is what changed my mind…Weight gain doesn’t always equal bigger breasts. In FACT, I’m in the processs of losing some serious weight (due to diet change and excercise) and I’ve been noticing my breasts have…falling (terrible word choice, I know) more nicely than they used to…And they look more rounded and dare I say bigger?
    It simply isn’t 100% true that weight gain or loss will impact your breasts THAT significantly.
    Still, since I don’t know for certain, her tata’s could very well be real.

  44. jessica says:

    I always thought she was the mother of the little boy who “sees dead people” in that movie The Sixth Sense…

  45. jdao says:

    little bit too tight – but if it were just a little better fitting, she’d look great.

  46. LOVE ANGELINA says:


    That was Toni Collete

  47. Dani says:

    Its great that she has boobs and all, but she shouldnt wear that type of clothes! Sorry, but its kinda gross

  48. Judy says:

    You know, I don’t think too many women (actresses) are truly beautiful, but she IS…skin, hair color…she’s gorgeous…BUT she has NO TASTE. This is horrendous.

  49. beth says:

    she should just lie down on my bed, and be my pillow, and bolster and all-around fondle… er, i mean, snuggle doll.

  50. TeeTee says:

    they are real!

    I’m a 34DDD, but I never hoist mine up like that, I hate the attention.

    she looks pretty

  51. Elizabeth says:

    @ whybenice :
    “Dear God. I think you can show the world you’re a woman and still be a lady, not a cartoon”.

    I get that she’s proud of the girls but I’d be afraid to stand in front of her in case one of them fell out and hit me! I just hope she doesn’t complain about no one listening to her or looking @ her face.

  52. AB says:

    her boobs are up to her face, dont get what the hype is all about, it must be uncomfortable if everyone looks at your tits the first thing…maybe she is comfy about it!

  53. kira says:

    Holy boobies. Sorry but the girls are too much here. She needs to get the dress refitted. Side boobs are a no-no. Her face is so pretty and she has gorgeous skin.

  54. Kloops says:

    I can’t tell. I’m leaning towards small implants under lots of real breast bc she was very small busted in that playboy photo. If she’d had ample sized breasts back then I’d attribute her breasts now to exclusively the weight gain. The proportions seem off. It’s not impossible they are 100% real, but it seems improbable. I have a friend who started with large breasts, sagged after breastfeeding, and got small implants. When she’s thin you can kind of tell there are implants, but when she gains weight it is impossible and they look spectacular.

    And the dress is too small.

  55. Owl says:

    God she’s goregeous. She has a lovely land perch for us owls. The dress is slightly tight, yes but the coloring is perfect which has always been my issue with her. She should be wearing solid bold colors not multi colored earth tones.

  56. Ron says:

    My sister has big boobs and she was trying on strapless dresses for the Canne film festival recently and I was along as her resident stylist. She put on the really beautiful cream chiffon strapless gown and came out and asked me what i thought, she was going on and on about how pretty the dress was etc. And then I told her what i thought about it..”Honey, no one is ever going to notice a single thing about that dress because all they will be looking at is your boobs” at that point she said she thought it was perfect and into the bag it went! No one, men, women, or children notice the dress when there are bodiacious tata’s like that in it.

  57. John Wayne Lives says:

    “motorboat!” said my husband! lol
    that is all ;)

    and I think she is beyond stunning!

  58. skibunny says:

    tasteless! her face is beautiful

  59. anne_000 says:

    dress too tight. has that same skin overlap that big-bossomed nene leakes has.

    if only the top fit her better, then her dress would be perfect.

    she looks good regardless.

  60. Amanda G says:

    The “boobs pushed up to your chin” look is never good.

  61. Lauren says:

    I think her boobs are real. I put on 15 pounds this winter and my boobs went up two cup sizes…and was accused to having a boob job! Now, I have lost 8 pounds, and my boobs are sadly shrinking. Some women simply are predisposed genetically to gain weight in their boobs. I have seen women that are size 16 on the bottom, and literally flat chested. Christina has created rabid boob-envy among women..leave her alone.

  62. B says:

    She poses so strangely with her legs all of the time. I think that this is far too tight and her boobs always look like they’re gasping for breath. I feel uncomfortable just looking at her most of the time.

    I also have an agenda against fake redheads.

  63. ladybert62 says:

    too tooo much – those boobs are hideous – get a boob job to reduce them then you might look better.

  64. Deven says:

    I think they look like bolt-ons in these pictures.

  65. Gal says:

    She is so beautiful – I wish she wouldn’t do that to her boobs. She just ends up looking cheap and trashy. We get it, you have big boobs. Now put them away.

  66. Kitty_Cal says:

    “She looked as if she was poured into her dress and forgotten to say ‘when’.” – P. G. Wodehouse

  67. lisa says:

    I think she is pretty, but not my idea of beautiful..She has amazing skin.. The dress is very nice, but it does not fit. TOO tight on top. I don’t care about real or fake boobs. But when you wear a strapless dress it should cover and fit on the top. I think she gets passes from people because of her size. People are a bit obsessed over actresses that are either naturally thin or those that are in health crisis.

    She is curvy, but her cloths usually are big miss. This is one of those MISS occasions to me.

  68. mew says:

    They’re spilling over!!! Somebody help!!!!

  69. Maritza says:

    I love that shade of red is looks very natural on her, the boob spillage is too much!

  70. Mingy says:

    i’d totally flirt with her too!
    ..there was an interview posted on this site a few months ago where she spoke about her relationship with her husband, and lots of cool shit.. it was such a good read, i’d love to read it again, all of it this time..f@ck i cant remember where it was from.

  71. Lucy says:

    those things could feed 2 small countries!

  72. Tomas says:

    Back fat, armpit fat, the double boob = GOD AWFUL LOOKING. And, without a bra they are swinging down at her belly button, don’t even try to think they aren’t!

  73. Pensol says:

    Dear God she is IMPOSSIBLY hot.

  74. anti says:

    that ankle pose is annoying…everything else is awesome!

  75. ZenB!tch says:

    I have larger breasts (but not that large) DD and hers look real to me. I don’t think her *DRESS* is too tight. I think it’s too small on top. There is a difference. The dress is fine everywhere else.

    I think she would need to get a dress 3 sizes too big and have it tailored to fit the rest of her in order to find something that fits her boobs.

    When I was a teen/20 something and had to wear button downs, I would buy a large and have my mom take in the waist. The small fit my torso but the large fit my boobs. When I was in my early 30s I remember going into Bebe and getting a “suit” – size 10 pants and a size 14 blazer which had to be taken in.

    I gain weight as I get older but the boob issue remains.

  76. Franny says:

    I don’t know if Tomas knows this, but almost everyone has a little back fat and armpit fat…and its especially noticeable when you wear a tight dress.

    Do I think the dress is a little exaggerated? Yes…for us common folk who wouldn’t wear something like this in our normal lives. But at least she is always cover, she doesn’t have any gross cleavage(you know, the sagging kind or, just squished together so you have one line between your boobs) and she covers up the rest of her body. I don’t think its tasteless. I think she is trying to work with what you she.

    plus that face! so pretty.

  77. Hakura says:

    Wow, these pictures make her fiery hair & porcelain skin tone so striking.

    I don’t like the way the strapless style of this dress. I’ve always felt that for the more busty women out there, the ‘strapless’ style is very risky, in that it really can’t ‘support’ the boobs well… Which doesn’t flatter a voluptuous body. I think a halter style would have been great, & she’d have a much easier time wrangling ‘the girls’ in a flattering way. (Not to mention giving the options of pushing them up, or going with a more relaxed natural shape.

    But In every picture, her eyes look totally uneven, one open more normal & the other sort of ‘squinting’. Is this just in these particular pictures? Or is it a natural trait that her eyes are shaped that way? (I’m just curious xD Couldn’t help but notice it.)

  78. Felicity says:

    The dress doesn’t fit – her boobs always look like they are being crushed and overflowing (they definitely look real).

    I know it must be hard finding clothes that fit when your boobs are so large and the rest of you is slim but her mad men character always manages too look amazing – she should take fashion tips from Joan.

  79. Pinky says:

    @1 are you cracked?? Fits her well?? It looks disgusting and like she can never stuff them into ANYthing. The dress looks at least 4 sizes too small up front.

  80. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Kitty_Cal: Awesome!!

  81. janna says:

    not a fan. looks uncomfortable.

  82. Dhavy says:

    Real! Let’s not hate, we know some of us want them as our own LOL

    I like the fact that she’s not striving for a size 2 and she has gorgeous skin

    She reminds me of Jessica Rabbit

  83. B says:

    I still say fake. Like someone else pointed out, enough body fat will obscure implants. I know someone who is a little bigger that has them. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear they were compeletly real. I’ve seen so many pics of Christina with that weird conjoined boob thing going on (like two rising yeast dough balls that have melded together).

    I agree that she is lucky to gain in all the right places. I’m endlessly impressed by her well-defined jaw and utter lack of a double-chin. She has no chin fat to speak of.

    It does seem odd to me that her shape changed so much, though. I mean, if you look at her body type from the much-talked about Playboy photo, it’s completely different. I’m not just talking boobs-I’m talking waist, too. My waist looks exactly like hers in that photo (almost no curve) and it only becomes more undefined with more weight.

    It’s well known that true-to-the-period undergarments like girdles are used on Mad Men. Maybe she wears them off the screen, too. Heck, maybe she does wear actual corsets. There are those out there who do.

  84. dr.bombay says:


  85. Snowpea says:

    I like her, but she looks trashy here..

  86. Helena says:

    She is quite attractive and seems personable, but I don’t think the breasts spilling over the top of the dress is very becoming. A dress with a little more room at the top which would allow her breasts to sit at a more natural level would be far nicer.