Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband Chris Martin hits journalist for mentioning Brad Pitt

Gwyneth Paltrow’s temperamental husband, Chris Martin, has a history of overreacting when journalists mention his wife. It’s ok if he brings her up, but if you ask him a question about her you never know if he’s going to walk out, fire back a nasty retort, or get physical.

Back in June, Martin made it clear that he feels competitive with his wife’s ex fiance, Brad Pitt. He told Rolling Stone Magazine that “If your wife went out with Brad Pitt, you’d want to prove yourself, you know what I mean?”

During a recent interview with Q Magazine, Martin punched a journalist in the chest after he made an offhand comment about Pitt that didn’t seem like it was meant maliciously. Martin was the one who jokingly brought up the subject of leaving his wife, but when Pitt’s name came up he got all serious and ended up punching the guy:

During a Q interview and in an acceptance speech at the recent Q awards, Martin had expressed his admiration for the cashiers-made-good from Girls Aloud and so later during the night of the awards, Rees decided to bowl up and compliment the singer on excellent taste in women.

Martin explained to him that he had been told by his wife that he was only allowed to leave her if it was for one of the pop starlets, and by a reciprocal arrangement, she had chosen… Irish crooners Westlife. (F’ck knows why, but then again anyone who thinks eating pulses is a good idea can’t really be trusted with anything can they.)

Clearly bemused by Paltrow’s choice and not giving himself time to engage his brain, Rees blurted out: “You could have at least told her Brad Pitt.”

All well and good, given the number of women who’d froth at the mere thought of it.

Except, as Martin so eloquently put it….

“She was engaged to him, you f’cker.”


Realising he’d just committed a massive faux pas, Rees tried to comfort Martin with a fatherly arm round the shoulder while pointing out that Paltrow had at least dumped the Hollywood A-lister for him.

But sadly these words too failed to resonate with the musician, and he proceeded to execute a swift blow to the chest accompanied by the word “cunt”.


It looks like a lot of fame and success still can’t help the scrawny musician avoid feelings of inadequacy when it comes to his wife’s ex lovers. Paltrow has been with Martin for over five years, they’re married and have two kids together. That pretty much trumps any relationship she had in her mid 20s, even if she was with one of the most famous fellow actors in the world. It sounds like Paltrow was still hung up on Pitt even five years after their relationship ended, though, and maybe he’s become this legendary figure in her past that Martin feels threatened by.

Paltrow said in 2003, back when she had already started dating Martin but right before she married him, that she “made a mess” of her relationship with Pitt and said that she was the one who ruined the engagement because she was going though a tough time. The two broke up in mid 1997, which is over 10 years ago, and were together for under three years. She seemed to regret the way it ended and said that she was lucky to have spent time with Pitt.

It certainly doesn’t take a lot to push Martin’s buttons, but it looks like that journalist stumbled on a real sore spot. I wonder if these two, who haven’t been photographed together in years*, are going to last. Maybe they’re doing fine and Martin is just a sensitive jerk, but that can’t be easy to live with either.

*They were photographed in a limo together outside Jay-Z and Beyonce’s wedding on 4/4/08, but both covered their faces. They do have a policy not to pose together on the red carpet, as do Gwyneth’s ex Ben Affleck and his wife, Jennifer Garner. There are plenty of other photos of Affleck and Garner together, though. It may be unfair to compare them as Affleck and Garner live in LA and Paltrow and Martin are in London. It’s kind of surprising that we haven’t seen one photo of them out together in years though.

Chris Martin is shown on 10/6/08 at the Q Awards. Credit: Bauergriffinonline. He is also shown performing on 10/2/08 in Rotterdam. Credit: WENN.

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45 Responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband Chris Martin hits journalist for mentioning Brad Pitt”

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  1. Enonymous says:

    UGH. This guy is not talented enough to have such an ego and constantly act like a B*TCH. Get over yourself dude.

    FYI Chris, I had no idea who you or your shitty band were before you married Gwyneth Paltrow. She made you famous. He properly knows that and thats why he does not talk about her and rarely seen with her in public. Insecure much?

  2. geekazoid says:

    He needs anger management.

    • coldplay says:

      Dud if you don’t know Coldplay your nobody-___- so just shut up and the person runing this website clearly dose not like Chris so he/she is burning him

  3. Leanne says:

    Chris Who?????? 🙄

  4. sassyspank says:

    i think it’s a bit much to say “she made him famous” – erm, do you have any clue as to how huge Coldplay is? in Europe, Asia and the States? How many times their songs have been used in commercials? Granted that he’s a big douchebag – but the guy has earned his star stripes on talent.

    Gwen has always come off as whiny and annoying. i can see why they found a match in each other. This guy is a grown man and still acts like an 8 year old. Maybe it’s because Gwen was his first girlfriend??? (yup – it’s true!!) So if he’s acting like he’s protecting his first gf . . . then it’s because he is.

    I would be mortified if my father acted in this way. He needs to grow up.

  5. Kaiser says:

    I too think Gwyneth never got over Brad.

    But still, Chris should grow up.

  6. Rosanna says:

    This man is majorly unstable. If I would punch a person in the chest when hearing my bf’s ex name, I would probably be either sued or admitted to a psych ward. Well, the same thing should be done to Gwyneth’s husband!

  7. PJ says:

    Whatever his other issues are (and he obviously has a few), the hairtrigger temper and tendency to hit people isn’t good. I just hope he doesn’t punch Gwyneth or his kids next.

    Being insecure is no excuse for physically attacking someone — especially a guy who apologized immediately and clearly wasn’t trying to be offensive. Chris handled this situation poorly. He could have just said “let’s not talk about Brad” and ended the conversation.

  8. Codzilla says:

    He’s a chump and his band sucks.

  9. poopie says:

    Chris Martin and Madonna !! what a TEAM!

  10. geronimo says:

    Really dislike their music but sissyspank is right, Gwynnie had nothing to do with their success. Did not know she was/is his first girlfriend tho’. 😯 Seriously?

    No wonder Gwynnie is begging Madge not to leave. She doesn’t want to be stuck on her own this side of the pond with him. He really has problems.

  11. boobaloob says:

    Um, overreact much, Chris? Just go on and sing your whiny songs; then everything will be okay.

  12. Payton says:

    Who could “get over” Brad Pitt? Problem is that Gwen and Jen did not appreciate him when he was betrothed with them. Foolish women! Now Angie is the benefactor of all Brad’s nuturing love & goodness. Brad is sexier than ever, because he is a devoted dad to six children. That is unheard of in this cold, selfish world.

  13. Payton says:

    Sorry, I mean “nurturing love”. Brad still makes me weak – I was just remembering him in “Legends of the Fall!”

  14. Anne says:

    Ooooh, he’s so badass!

  15. devilgirl says:

    Insecure much Chris?

  16. debra77 says:

    I have always wondered about Gwenny and Chris. They are apart a great deal of the time. She never speaks of Brad. And she was with Ben Affleck after Brad so why no comparison to him. I loved her in Emma and Shakespeare in Love, but she has become so stuck up after marring him. Just like Madonna. I don’t know what happens when Americans marry Brits. They act like they have married into the Royal Family. Brad Pitt is a hard act to follow. I think he really knows how to treat a woman, and it must suck like hell to loose it and see him with someone else. Chris has some anger issues. Maybe Gwenny is saying things in her sleep.

  17. Monalicious says:

    I don’t get the ‘not posing together” thing. Doesn’t sound like a very happy marrage if you won’t be seen with hubby/wife in pics or public. Like they are ashamed of them or something. Why?

  18. Rio says:

    I seem to remember (I was only 10 or so at the time, so forgive my memory if it’s not up to par) that after Gweneyth and Brad broke up, she ran into him in a club or something and slugged *him*.
    Birds of a feather?

  19. DLR says:

    Wow, tactless of the person to ask about Brad Pitt. No one likes to hear about past lovers, etc., especially if they’re better looking or more famous than you are, ya know. So yeah, good on Chris for clobbering that journalist.

  20. czarina says:

    DLR; tactless, perhaps, but Chris Martin is famous and, therefore, to some extent, a public person. He should know by now how do deal with journalists, paps, interviewers, etc. bringing up personal or sensitive subjects. He may not like it, but overreacting makes him look like a fool and an insecure moron.
    If he’d said “Brad…who?” he’d have had a sense of humor AND made it obvious he wasn’t intimidated by her former boyfriend.
    He did more to call attention to the issue by behaving like a two-year-old, than the guy who brought up Pitt in the first place.

  21. NotASurprise says:

    Chris Martin’s problem isn’t just that Paltrwo used to be engaged to Pitt. The real problem is that he knows the reason Pitt broke the engagement and dumped Paltrow is because she cheated on him. He probably figures if Paltrow would cheat on Brad-freaking-Pitt, then what chance does HE stand. It doesn’t help that to this very day Paltrow continues to bring up Pitt’s name in her own interviews. She hasn’t spoken to Pitt for more then 10 minutes since he dumped her 11 years ago – but she continues referring to that BRIEF TWO YEARS they were together. We get it, Gwynnie, Brad’s a hard guy to get over. Go commiserate with Aniston and give your poor husband a break!

  22. Amy says:

    The fact that they don’t like to talk about each other in interviews or pose on the red carpet is a way of keeping their private lives private and sacred IMO.

    He’s one of the biggest rock stars in England (and the world) and she’s one of the biggest movie stars. Maybe they are trying to minimize paparazzi frenzy and not whore themselves out like Brangelina?

  23. Rio says:

    I ALWAYS hate commenting twice on one thread, but…am I the one girl in the world that doesn’t find Brad Pitt even *remotely* attractive? He looks…dumb. I have seen him in a grand total of 3 movies (“Interview with a Vampire”, “The Devil’s Own” and “Snatch”) and in every single one I fund myself faaaaar more attracted to various costars than him. Mmmm, ‘Snatch’…Jason Statham…
    I also seem to be the one person in the word who also thinks Angelina Jolie looks dumb and unattractive. Again…birds of a feather?

  24. Jeanne says:

    He’s a wanker.

  25. Sharon J. says:

    Wow…are you guys kiddin me? Chris has one of the best voices of modern music today. Coldplay is one of the best bands..Of course any husband would come to the defense of his wife when asked about her ex..come’on now…if you dont believe me, look up Parachutes by Coldplay..Classic.

  26. czarina says:

    Sharon J: the brilliance of Coldplay or Chris Martin’s musical talent is entirely seperate from his embarassing display of insecurity and lack of self-control.
    Moreover, when re-reading the article, I fail to see how Gwynnith Paltrow was being insulted. In what way did he need to “come to her defense?” The idea that she might leave Martin for Pitt–who, aside from everything else is beyond not available–is not an insult.
    That Chris Martin would treat it as a real threat makes him look ridiculous, and perhaps he should think about getting a publicist (or becoming BFFs with Tom Cruise!! Maybe we can get him a spot on Oprah?)
    What this has done is made me feel sorry for Gwynneth for being married to such a thin-skinned, jealous, humorless idiot.

  27. debra77 says:

    I have to post again, Brad Pitt is a good looking man. He is. There is a reason he is known world wide. Think.. There are a great deal of good looking men in Hollywood. But there is and will only be one Brad Pitt. The man has survied in an industry that changes its mind and passion at the drop of a hat. He has staying power. While I respect other opinions on who is hot and not, I argue the point the Brad has IT. Lets see how many of the “new guys” last past 3 to 5 years in this business. Then I will revisit the subject of Brad not being attractive. Gwenny just developed the not “posing together” thing when she met Chris. I wonder if that is more him then her.:wink: 😮 I love his music and find him quite talented. She has lost a lot of her glow for me. She has become someone that i just cant get my mind around.

  28. Ana' says says:

    the mention of Brad’s name is not the only time that Chris has displayed silly childish behavior. he’s legendary for being moody and taciturn during interviews. I’m beginning to think infantile peevish outburst are just his personality traits. And as for his music, if you ever wanted to utilize noise as a torture mechanism, put on Coldplay. that’ll do the trick.

  29. Because I say So says:

    I agree with fellow posters that Coldplay is a highly over-rated band. I can’t help but hear Radiohead every time I hear Martin’s whiny, uninspiring vocals. He and Paltrow deserve each other for their arrogance and mediocre skills. These are two celebrities that just annoy the piss out of me

  30. AP says:

    Forget Coldplay for a second….. doesn’t he have kids? That tells me right there about his character. And walking out on interviews? What a hack.

    Nice behaviour there, DAD. Didn’t he hit someone in Australia a few years back as well?

  31. lady garden says:

    Every time i see him giving it the “Bono” i cringe-he needs to get over himself

  32. Anoneemouse says:

    Is it just me, or does he strike you as someone who loves to dress up in his wife’s high heels and put on her makeup when she’s not there? In any event, he has some serious issues he needs to work out.

  33. anno says:


    i dont think hes hot and never got it, he has the horrible nostrils that just flare out, and bleck just all over, not attractive

  34. Daniella says:

    Dear Chris! I wish you would read just this one thread……..I know you are in love with your wife. I understand that kind of love, too, because my husband and I are so very much in love. But maybe this will help….seriously…

    Okay, Brad Pitt is decent looking. He seems like a good enough guy although he left his wife for a black widow, which makes him totally uncool. He’s a decent actor but somewhat overrated.

    You, on the other hand, are viciously talented. Your songs, your music, reach the depths of a woman’s soul like nothing else can. I think you are absolutely gorgeous (those blue eyes are killer…way more dreamy than Brad’s), and when you put the whole package together….well, seriously…my loins get hot and I start to tingle! You are the ONLY celebrity male that does THAT to me! I’m not kidding!!! Dude, I can understand why Gwyn fell in love with you. Trust me, you’ve got “it” ten-fold over Brad Pitt any day!

    So, seriously, don’t let all the hype about Pitt get to ya. He’s really not all that it seems……….

    Can’t wait to see you rock in November!

  35. jeni says:

    you must be ugly to say that about Brad and Angelina

  36. Yourself says:

    Chris may come off as insecure but no one wants to be reminded that their wife was once enganged to a dumb pussy whipped loser like Pitt. He has had days when he is cute but over all, I think he is over hyped and over used.

  37. joe says:

    YOu are taking Gwens comments from a few years ago. If you asked her now I am sure that she is so happy she dumped Pitt when she did. Gwen is private. If they were together there would be no pictures on national magazines, or selling out her children. No one has ever asked her the question of Brad since he let Jennifer either. Remember she said that Jen and Brad had to public a life and Jen agreed with her. Gwen probably thinks that she is lucky to have left Pitt behind otherwise the same thing would have happened to her as happened to Jennifer. Brad has been around don’t kid yourself he has had more lovers than most hollywood types just in his old age he is slowing down. Honestly you guys here are just over the top with Brad. Give me Johnny any day. Honestly you could ask at least a hundred women who have been Brad’s lovers over the years and I think that they have all gotten on fine.

  38. bite me says:

    is this the same fishsticks that cheated on pitt

  39. PJ says:

    Rio, I agree, I never thought Pitt was that good-looking. He was cute when he was young and blonde, but not sexy. Now the dark hair and scruffy beard just makes him look like he needs a bath. He’s 45 years old and dresses like a teenager.

  40. LinStev says:

    I think Chris Martin is an adorable , handsome guy. His Band is great and he’s a tempermental artist…we should all be as talented and famous…so knock yourselves out!

  41. BeigeCamo says:

    Chris’ losing his temper when interviewed by Q Magazine casts him in an unfair light. I’ve watched Chris in over a hundred interviews and know him as a gentle, soft-spoken and sharp-witted man. I’ve seen one interview in which the interviewer failed to show Chris and rest of Coldplay the respect that they deserve by asking them an insulting question: that a local DJ had said referred to them as “Radiohead Light.”

    That question revealed the interviewer’s own negative bias. In response, Chris reacted appropriately by saying that “you can tell Leo that we don’t give a flying f***” what the quoted DJ had said about them.

    I thought that was a wonderful, refreshingly appropriate and honest answer, and given the demeaning manner in which the interviewer had conducted the whole interview up to that point. You would have to have seen it to understand this, believe me.

    Even so, Chris tried to smooth things over to avoid hurt feelings by asking if Leo, the critic was planning to see their show that they would be doing there in Amsterdam, and that if he were, Chris felt that they would have to work harder to win him over. Now, that was something that only a very sweet person like Chris Martin would say. He never responds inappropriately.

    Chris’ angry reaction to the Q interviewer shows character. From studying him, I have come to the conclusion that Chris is one of the most intelligent men I have studied. Everything he does is planned and intentional. He and Coldplay are living legends. We are very fortunate to have their beautiful music and to have wonderful people like them on this planet. They should be given the highest respect because they are precious artists.

  42. Is. says:

    Oh my god. The guy’s Chris Martin. There is NO rival.

  43. bite meee says:

    if chris is gonna punch a journalist for mentioning brads name than what is he gonna do to gwyn if she mentions brad?!

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