Kelsey Grammer gets bitchy about his custody battle and potential reality show

When Kaiser ran the Tony Awards pictures yesterday she wrote that she thought that Kelsey Grammer’s young jumpoff, Kayte Walsh, was probably pregnant since she looked a little bumpy in her white silk dress. (Kayte sadly miscarried Kelsea’s baby last year.) Now we have a bunch of supporting quotes from Kelsey and Kayte about how they want kids and how Kelsey is this great dad. Kelsey even goes on to disparage his ex wife Camille, in a roundabout way, saying that he won’t “play out my personal life in front of the cameras.” ORLY? What about the reality show production company he started? It bugs me, and it’s typical for this faux blue blood douche.

What’s more is that Kelsea has filed for primary custody of one of his children with Camille, his son Jude who turns seven in August. He hasn’t filed for primary custody of his daughter Mason, nine, though. He calls the reports that he’s only after custody of the son “bullsh*t” despite the fact that there are official court documents to back it up.

Here are the lovey-dovey quotes from Kelsea and Kayte, from various sources.


On his marriage
“[It’s] like it’s never happened before,” the actor told reporters of his “fantastic” marriage before Sunday’s Tony Awards at New York’s Beacon Theater.

The former Tony-nominee, who presented at this year’s ceremony, had Walsh, 29, by his side just a year after he walked the red carpet with now ex-wife Camille Grammer.

On the best part of their life together
As for the best part of his life with Walsh, the two agree: “[It’s] waking up together,” Grammer, 56, told PEOPLE.

Added Walsh: “And going to bed together. He’s just … perfect.”

On his kids and having another one
The actor plans to spend Father’s Day with Mason, 9, and Jude, 6, his children with Camille. “I think we’re going to have a barbeque,” he said, adding that his kids are “very excited” about the possibility of one day having more siblings.

“They’re very, very cool about it,” Grammer told reporters. “My son, Jude, especially, he’s like, ‘When are the children coming?’ ” – People

On not doing a reality show
“I made a conscious decision that I wouldn’t play out my personal life in front of the cameras. That’s just respectful for the situation and respectful to Kayte, as well.”

On his custody battle
“It’s going to be a long, drawn-out thing,” he revealed to Life & Style about the custody battle. “We’ll be tortured and it will be unpleasant I’m sure, but not on my side.” – Life & Style

Kayte gushes about Kelsey
“He’s such a good father. I’ve never known a man like him,” Walsh says of Grammer, dad to daughter Mason and son Jude. “He’s just so full of love and he’s wonderful. You couldn’t ask for more.” – US Weekly

[From People, Life & Style, US Weekly]

So Kelsey and Kayte talked to every outlet that was at the Tony Awards about how they’re so happy together, are ready to have more kids and about how wrenching Kelsey’s son away from Camille is this huge ordeal for Kelsey. Remember last year at the Tony Awards, when Kelsey made Camille come to support him and then said during a toast afterwards that was shown on RHOBH that he was grateful for the support he was getting from his fans, and that “I’m particularly thrilled with the love I’m getting from the British people?” Kayte is of course British. Kelsey is slime, and he’ll do whatever it takes to malign Camille after he cheated on her. Camille is a piece of work don’t get me wrong, but no one deserves to be treated like that. Kelsey is the one who told Camille to do Real Housewives and he’s the one who started a reality show production company but now he’s trying to act like he’s taking the high road in regards to doing a reality show. We’re not buying it. He may be able to talk a good game, but he really showed his true colors by how he’s treated Camille and has continued to treat her after 14 years of marriage.





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33 Responses to “Kelsey Grammer gets bitchy about his custody battle and potential reality show”

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  1. Luls says:

    Delusional Goldigger
    perfect fit

  2. eny says:

    What a pathetic worm.

  3. capepopsie says:

    I´m with you, Eny.

  4. Launicaangelina says:

    What a pompous & arrogant jerk! You know Camille had to do some nasty sh*t with him but Kayte now has the pleasure. Yuck!

  5. tracking says:

    His behavior toward the mother of his children is truly despicable. His new bride, like many former mistresses, is both crafty and naive.

  6. Marmot says:

    They look so much alike.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Marmot, NO KIDDING!

    I thought “they look like father and daughter”, especially in that second picture (the close up from the shoulders up).


    (your name made me think of The Big Lebowski…”Nice marmot.”)

  8. Jackson says:

    Only an old pathetic fool would not realize how absurd he looks with his too-young-for-him wife. He is a piece of work and I hope the courts smack him down for trying to take custody of one child, and then lie about it. I hope his dumb show fails and his new bride takes him to the cleaners. Again.

  9. anoneemouse says:

    I think there is way more to this story than is being published. I just wish I knew the gory details…:)

  10. Thea says:

    His new wife needs to remember all this, because this is how he is going to treat her in a few years, and their children. I use to like him as an actor, but now all I can think of is that he is a arrogant a hole.

  11. kells-bells says:

    SCUM. BAG.

  12. Bonfire Beach says:

    Ew, she admitted that she likes going to bed with Frasier.

  13. djork says:

    Conservative Republican Family Values at play!

  14. ladybert62 says:

    He is a slime bag. The dress on her is ugly and she needs to gain about 30 pounds in order to look normal at which point, slimebag will probably dump her pregnant or not.

  15. lucy2 says:

    He’s a jerk, but one who I think needs some serious psychotherapy, instead of constantly rushing into marriage with gold diggers. He clearly has a lot of issues.

  16. T. Redd says:

    These two homewrecking, no-regard-for-children DICKS have nothing to laugh about.

  17. Violet says:

    At first I thought it was his oldest daughter in the photo with him! The age gap is definitely big enough, but I immediately realized that he doesn’t spend time with his kids after he’s lost interest in their mothers so it had to be his latest golddigging jumpoff.

    Kelsey Grammer is a terrible father. My heart especially goes out to his youngest daughter, being rejected like that must be devastating.

  18. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Kelsey Grammer is a human carbuncle.

  19. kieslowski says:

    I’m with the 1st poster, asshole and delsuional golddigger, indeed. I thought Camille was bad, but I hope she get this scumbag real good.

  20. bluhare says:

    He can treat whoever he wants however he wants as far as I’m concerned EXCEPT his kids. Filed for custody of his son but not his daughter . . . I hope he’s got a fund started for his poor daughter’s therapy bills. Poor kid; getting shat on by her own father.

  21. Tomas says:

    He is GROSS and she is FUG.

  22. Lushus L. says:

    @ Tomas, Thanks for doing my dirty work!

  23. Amy says:

    I would feel sorry for his ex if she were anyone but CAMILLE. Obviously, the only victims here are the children but I can’t really hate on Kelsey for some reason.

    Maybe because I love Frasier Crane so much? It’s hard for me to separate the two… maybe I should try to picture him as Sideshow Bob when I read these quotes…

  24. misspdx says:

    I used to like him as an actor although I was never really a Fraiser fan..however from everything that I see of him now.. I change the channel.

    I mean seriously, he KNOWS that the process is long and drug out and he STILL wants to put his kids through this?! Watch..they will get split custody and two very shell shocked kids out of this whole ordeal. He seems to be the kind of dad that says to his son ” Your mom is crazy and messed up ( insert other negative comments here ) and you are coming to live with Daddy forever ” 😛 DOUCHE!

  25. misspdx says:

    And by split custody I mean I know that one parent is the primary custodial parent but I am sure their parenting time will not end up being much different..judges don’t like uprooting kids lives especially if they are ok with their mother ..

  26. Elizabeth says:

    There is the possibility that he is not asking for custody of his daughter because she has made it clear to him that she wants to stay with mom in California. And the son has said he wants to be with dad in Chicago. Likely? I don’t know. But possible.

  27. Chrissy says:

    I’m with Elizabeth. I think there is a lot more to this than just the papers that were filed in court. I find it interesting that the papers were leaked because wasn’t there some sort of gag order?? I thought I read that on TMZ awhile back. I’m no longer a fan of Kelsey’s but I think he deserves a medal for putting up with Camille for 14 years.

  28. fabgrrl says:

    Elizabeth, Chrissy: Seven and nine year olds don’t get to make that kind of decision.

    Also, “He’s such a good father. I’ve never known a man like him,” Walsh says of Grammer, dad to daughter Mason and son Jude.” — Doesn’t he have two OTHER children besides these?

  29. wunderkindt says:


    Now that cheap skank Camille will be further unmasked as the truly horrible mother that she is.

  30. Ruffian9 says:

    This Kayte chick sounds like she’s on some serious drugs.I’ve always thought that Kelsey Grammar was a sad, complicated, self-loathing man.

  31. Gossip Owl says:

    As much as I don’t like Camille, I’m on her team when it comes to her divorce/custody situation. Personally, I don’t even think that her kids should be around this pondscum and I hope she takes him for the maximum that she can.

  32. Hatedoodle says:

    They’re not smiling with their eyes. Especially Kayte.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    @ fabgrrl
    I agree children that age don’t have the deciding vote. The judge does. And a judge won’t move a kid that distance just on stated preference. But a parent may take action (or not) with that in mind. i.e. Kelsey thinks Camille is a bad mom and wants kids. Daughter Mason says she hates Dad and would run away if she was sent to live with. Kelsey might think, Hmmn, maybe Mason should stay with Mom for now but I still want her to live with me eventually. I’m not saying Kelsey is that sensitive or that this is anything but a shit-disturber power grab from him. The trading in for a younger version of the blond trophy wife does not reflect well on him. It creeps me out.