Jennifer Aniston’s new bf, Justin Theroux, just had his gf move out after 14 years

Justin Theroux with guest
This photo is of Justin and his girlfriend, makeup artist Heidi Bivens, in 2008. Credit: PRPhotos

Early last week we ran a story that was all over the tabloids, about how Jennifer Aniston’s new PR-friendly boyfriend, Justin Theroux, had a longterm girlfriend who was surprised to hear through the press that he was dating Aniston. This story was supported by a quote that the girlfriend’s mother gave Radar Online about how it wasn’t true that Aniston and her daughter’s boyfriend were together, and that they were just friends who happened to be out with a group of people when the tabloids (Aniston’s rep) decided to manufacture a new romance. I wrote back then that I couldn’t verify whether Justin and his girlfriend were living together, but according to The NY Post and the girlfriend’s rep they were, they’d been together for 14 years, and the girlfriend just moved out last weekend. It’s worth noting that Theroux is now repped by CAA, the same agency that continually plants Jennifer Aniston stories in the celebrity press.

Jennifer Aniston’s romance with Justin Theroux has ended his 14-year relationship with his live-in girlfriend Heidi Bivens — who moved out of their home last weekend, Page Six has exclusively learned.

Sources tell us Hollywood costume designer Bivens “is devastated” after Theroux abruptly ended their relationship as he got close to Aniston.
Aniston, 42, and Theroux, 39, met last fall on the set of “Wanderlust,” due in October, but in recent weeks they have become inseparable.

A source told us, “Heidi is heartbroken. She was completely blindsided. She and Justin had been together for years, they had a home. Then he met Jennifer and everything changed. At first he claimed he and Jen were friends.”

A rep for Bivens confirmed to Page Six: “Heidi and Justin have been together for 14 years. They met when she was 20 years old and he 24, and yes, she just moved out of their home last weekend. She has no comment.”

When Aniston and Theroux were first spotted dining together in May, her rep insisted they were friends. But it was reported at the time that Theroux is “edgier than the guys Jen usually dates . . . she really likes him.”

In recent weeks, the pair have repeatedly been seen dining out and reportedly spending weekends together, with Hollywood sources telling us that “things are moving fast. They are practically living together.”

Despite Heidi’s heartbreak, a friend of Theroux claimed, “Things were already over between him and Heidi before he got close to Jen…”

A rep for Theroux declined to comment. A rep for Aniston didn’t get back to us.

[From The NY Post]

Back when Aniston first started seeing this otherwise taken guy, her rep planted a “friendly dinner” story in People, and then denied the story to US Weekly. I’m thinking that Theroux got word of the People story and told Aniston’s people to back off and deny it, since he didn’t want word getting back to his girlfriend.

I’ll say what I said in the past about this story – we don’t know what kind of lines Theroux fed Aniston about his relationship with his live-in girlfriend. However, I’ll add the caveat that married and attached guys have hit on me using the “we’re just together for the kids,” or “she’s just staying here until she can get on her feet” line and I haven’t ever fallen for it apart from once when I was 18. (The guy wasn’t married, he was just living with someone and then I quickly realized what was up.) It’s usually obvious when a guy is creeping. When a guy is living with someone, smart women know not to go there, or at least to keep the situation at arm’s length and wait and see. Unless they don’t really care.

Why did Aniston play it like this though? Was this a fauxmance that went to the next level, or does she always immediately let her people let the press know when she has a new lover? You think she would know by now that she should play it closer to the vest.

Justin on 4/6/11. Doesn’t his face scream “douche” to you?


Aniston is shown on 5/5/11. Credit: Thanks to Kira for the tip!

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  1. gee says:

    He is not attractive, and what is he, like Z list? I’ve never heard of him.

  2. David says:

    14 years is a long time.

  3. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Love it! At long last the ridiculous ‘wronged woman’ tag can be rightly taken away

    Of course JA knew he had a long term girlf, but she didn’t care, she is ‘the darling’ JA after all and she can do no wrong

    IMO JA is far from a ‘wronged woman’ and sadly the media has labelled her ‘saintly’, c’mon, wake up peops, JA is not innocent

  4. tracking says:

    The whole story seems so strange. Is he a player who saw the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ and become instantly famous? Is this a business transaction? Is it genuine romance? It’s not at all clear. He does seem consistent with her type though: success, big personality, and humor (what Vaughn and Mayer had in common, leavened by the occasional pretty boy). Hopefully there was no dishonesty/cheating. If there was, they’re both scumbags. If not, still an incredibly sad breakup for JT’s ex.

  5. mln76 says:

    Let the tap dancing by Loonifers begin …Of course this girl doesn’t count because she isn’t famous right :)
    BTW Does this guy remind anyone else of a pretty boy version of Jessie James??? I am willing to bet he has a girl in every port.

  6. Reality says:

    Ok, so she moved out of their place last week, but maybe he moved out before then? I have a hard time believing that they were still living together when he was wining and dining Aniston, because it’s not like they could keep their alleged romance a secret.

    14 years is a long time, but some of these ‘no comment’ details are a bit sketchy….. And why does an unknown costume designer have a rep talking to the NY Post?

    Until i see a picture of JA and JT together intimately (not with other people at a hollywood afterparty) I think I’ll reserve judgment.

  7. sisi says:

    what Jennifer Aniston did was totally not cool ; )

  8. Micki says:

    Last time there were lots of comments about how a “relationship only” doesn’t equal marriage.14 years together is 10 years more than JA own marriage but to placate her fans I’d reffer to her as a couplewrecker rather than homewrecker.

    Doesn’t make it better though.

  9. gloaming says:

    His girlfriend should have released a statement saying Aniston was ‘Uncool’

  10. lucysaid says:

    @gee: he wrote the script to iron man 2 and d new tom cruise movie ‘rock of ages’. Was also co script writer with ben stiller on tropic thunder and apparently now on zoolander 2.

    Oh and he acts in movies ,tv shows and music videos as well: ‘muholland drive’ ‘american pyscho’, ‘parks & recreation’, the recent movie ‘ your highness’ and a few others.

    In terms of celebrity fame he might be considered a z list but seems he is doing well in d industry.

  11. nnn says:

    I can smell a sensitive chip lacking somewhere…

  12. clare says:

    Sounds like his girlfriend is in the same position Jennifer was in when Brad fell for Angelina…

  13. Anne says:

    I hope this is not true; if so shame on JA.

    It smells like PR to me though. I’m sure the girlfriend would be all over JA if she had stolen her man. Mind you he is an adult so don’t let him off the hook.

    If it’s true.

  14. Laughternrain says:

    Look; can someone please confirm, ONCE AND FOR ALL, if Aniston and Justin truly are together? Why is Aniston’s side very quiet about this? Will someone, ANYONE, tell us if they are TRULY dating? Because unless I have missed something, I haven’t seen it confirmed that they are even an item. Even though Gossip Cop ‘confirmed’ it, there is no actual statement from Aniston, Huvane, or from Theroux. As an Angelina fan, and knowing and believing in morals, faith, karma and justice, and proud of being on the right side, I never doubted that the sucker-punch that would explode the myth of the victim ms-goody-two-shoes butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth would eventually come. If this is it, then I’d like it confirmed *before* our side does any gloating or ‘told you so’ing. I have the champers on ice, but I really would love this confirmed, once and for all. If Aniston is innocent, then she is innocent and she should be left alone. If she’s guilty, it will be the biggest bitchslap around the net with her ‘team’ vanquished for good. I just want to know.

  15. Addie says:

    lol @ gloaming & @sisi

    But honestly, I’m hoping the ex girlfriend give a statement!
    It would be facinating to know the true story behind this.
    Could Jen actually be a “homewrecher”
    @Laughternrain 100% agree with all. Thanks for typing what a lot of us were thinking. Save me a glass of the bubbly, just incase ;-)

  16. Dana M says:

    JA is always involved in so much drama. It’s almost as though she seeks it. She is one of those people that loves turmoil in their lives…. So exhausting if you ask me.

  17. gloaming says:

    Theroux’s ex girlfriend should throw herself a pity party now.

  18. Ruby says:

    Care factor zero. I am sick of Aniston being the poster for single gals. CAA deserves a Nobel prize for bullish*t. Your PR sucks. I am so sick of hearing about her & her love life. So this will be the last time I comment on her. She gives me the sh*ts. It’s like eating the same meal all these years, need some variety.

  19. rraven says:

    If there’s no truth to it she will deny it soon enough. The one thing I will say is that she (JA) is a romantic and she’ll only date someone she feels a strong connection with, and IMHO that has only happened with Brad and John Mayer in the last decade. All the other rumored guys were just that, she felt no real “spark” hence the handy using for a fauxmance, but when she does feel it she’ll risk looking foolish or bad to follow the feeling. I don’t believe that she can’t keep a man or attract one or she’s secretly a mean cow, I just think she is a hardcore romantic and is emotionally guarded.

  20. tapioca says:

    I’m an old-fashioned girl, so it’s only “homewrecking” if there’s marriage and/or children involved, ie. a tangible commitment! If he won’t marry you after 14 years then I guess He’s Just Not That Into You

  21. The Truth Fairy says:

    God, Jennifer is such a butter face. She and Cameron Diaz are starting to look like the same person.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Shame on you Jennifer Aniston to stoop this low. WRENCH.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Justin cheated on Heidi what makes Aniston think he won’t do that to her.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Someone should come out and make a TRUE statement. They both got movies coming out. This makes both of them look bad. I hope they get crap yelled at them at their premiers.

  25. Josephina says:

    AAHHH…this is just nothing short of karma. Ain’t a damn thing nice about Aniston. Good girl my a**.

    Heidi JUST moved out of their home last weekend? WOW….Really?

    This is only a story because of the trifling and immature manner Aniston handed her own divorce in the media.

    This is not Jennifer at her finest hour. She is wrong from every angle:

    If this is just a fling- Aniston couldn’t find someone else who was not so physically entangled in a relationship?

    If this is just a PR stunt- again, Heidi and her mother are calling foul play…EARLY.

    If he is the “love of her life?” You cannot build your hopes and dreams off of someone else’s tears.

    Aniston, did you NOT cry to an interviewer in an August 2005 Vanity Fair article about how you were not ready to move on, that you still wanted the marriage to work out? Weren’t you STILL sensitive about Jolie in 2008 when you overreacted, revealing again to the public, your thoughts about Angie when you called her uncool? Did you not have a drinking bitchfest with Chelsea Handler in 2010 over Thanksgiving when the two of you were in Mexico? If you were over Angie, Then Chelsea would not have felt motivated to talk shit about Angie less than weeks after seeing you during her “comedy show” in early December 2010.

    But all is forgotten now that Aniston has some attention, finally, from a man? And this is how she runs with it? PFFFT.

    Aniston needs a really big mop to clean this mess up.

  26. ladybert62 says:

    Strange story – that girl in the picture has been living with this guy for 14 years?

    She doesnt look old enough to have been in a 14 year relationship! She looks like she is barely 14 herself.

  27. Chloe says:

    Ahhaha. I’m gonna SO enjoy it, even if it’s fabricated.

    So NOW it’s okay to become “friends” on the set, and then fall for each other, because the guy’s relationship is “over,” even though he still lives with his long time gf.

    I just love the double standard. Bring it on, tabloids.

    @Tapioca: so 14 years together don’t count if there are no kids and no rings? You should rewatch “He’s just not that into you,” unless you wanted to make your comment oddly ironic.

    • Sallyann says:

      Justin wasnt living with Heidi for three months prior to her moving out of the house. He had been living in a hotel for 3 months and gave her time to move out. Ask Justin’s friends they are the ones who said he was living in a hotel.Jennifer seriously you ought to let Justin help make decisions on everything. He put a portion into buying your LA house so he should be able to put his donation in as far as making decision to alter and decorate the house. YOU WILL LOSE HIM IF YOU DONT LET HIM MAKE DECISION. YOU WILL PUSH HIM RIGHT BACK TO HEIDI AND IT WILL SERVE YOU RIGHT. You seem very selfish about the redecoration of the house and you will certainly lose him.I am one of your fans but from where I am sitting you want to have the upper hand in it all. If you dont wish to lose Justin l;et him assist he must fell you are pushing him out and that will happen if you dont loosen your suffocating grip on him.

  28. someone says:

    its all speculation as far as Im concerned..All of the haters are probably the same ones who said that Jen and Brads marraige had been over for a long time..I guess thats only true for the Saintly AJ. Its not possible that Justins relationship had been over for a while??? If any of this story is true.

  29. Anna says:

    Idiot always thinks she is fascinating enough to change the bad boys.

  30. lisa says:

    I’m just going to read the comments and enjoy my day..


    @someone.. Aniston was the one that said her marriage was over the Summer of 2004.. So you need to point you crooked finger somewhere else. Or do the Aniston fans never read what she says in interviews. I know it’s hard to understand her between all the yeahs, and rights and hair flips. but she said that loud and clear.

    So leave Angie out of this shit. and Brad too. He and Jen are divorced almost 7 years. Several men have come between that time so stop all the past crap.

    maybe Jennifer is not that perfect little Saint her fans make her out to be.

  31. ShirlyMay says:

    Should we all just count down to how long it’s going to take him to dump her and marrying someone ten years his junior? I say within a six month span.

  32. mia girl says:

    @gloaming – I see what you did there… very funny!

    Could care less if and who homewrecked, but I remember at some point reading this woman lived in NY with Theroux (which is probably why Page Six has the scoop). So maybe Theroux has been living in LA for a while now, and they have not been actually living together during all this time. It was only now that she actually moved out of their shared place in NY.

    Also I have no dog in the JA – AJ hunt, but it is funny to see the take that many JA haters are rightfully stating (whose the homewrecker now Jennifer?!) But also funny is that if this Theroux/Anniston thing is for real, JA haters may possibly have to endure spin like: “Theroux and Aniston just fell in undeniable love that could not be helped. Anniston resisted until he could properly breakup with his current gf.” Sound familiar?

    It’s a giant irony fest for all!!!

  33. Thea says:

    I see all this as a stunt to change her (Jen) image. If a man (justin) hasnt married you (insert ex GF) in 14 years, well he isnt going to. And if her mother has to be her spoke person, well what kind of relationship is that. If a woman has to have her mom respond to the media, then that was not much of a relationship. It takes two. Just like with Brad and Jen. Wasnt all Brads, wasnt all Jens fault, wasnt all Angelinas. I wish Jennifer would just get some hot, sexy man and have some hot crazy romance, plaster it all over the media, wear matching blood vials, steamy sex in cars and get it out of her system already. Then we can move passed Brad/Ange. And the world can she she has moved on, because I think she had a long time ago. And Justin needs to shave that Unabomber beard off already.

  34. RobN says:

    14 years and no real commitment. I’m sure they both used the “We don’t need a piece of paper” excuse for not marrying, but guys who don’t want to get married after 14 years really just don’t want to get married to you.

  35. lucky says:

    Correct me if I have somehow misunderstood the dynamics between JA vs. AJ er’s but it this story is true wouldn’t that make JA just like AJ?? Not worse, not better, just… human? If we don’t impale AJ for ‘home wrecking’ why are we breaking out champaign because JA may have done a similar wrong? That somehow makes what AJ did right?? Very confusing logic.

  36. Sue says:

    This makes her just like Angie. She should be loved and adored now – right? Why would the same people who defend Angie for her actions – now say that Jen’s actions are wrong? the senario is exactly the same except that this couple was not married. And I agree with an above poster 14 years together and not married? He just was not that into you.

  37. garvels says:

    Justin did what Pippa did and traded up for status and money. They are fooling themselves if they think it was for love-lust yes-love-I don’t think so.

  38. Anna says:

    LOL @miagirl,
    “Theroux and Aniston just fell in undeniable love that could not be helped. Anniston resisted until he could properly breakup with his current gf.”
    that sounds like the fourth draft of what her PR agency will write for her. The first one will probably be something like this:
    “Theroux has never felt this way about any woman. He truly believes Aniston was a game-changer and inspired a commitment that he had never been ready for. It would have been dishonest to everyone had he not left his ex girlfriend for her. She carried herself with the utmost dignity throughout the situation, never agreeing to anything other than a friendship until he was single, and waiting a respectable period of time after their breakup to be seen publicly together.”

  39. Chloe says:

    @RobN, etc.

    So what you’re saying is, it’s okay because he “wasn’t going to marry his gf anyway?”

    more, more moral double standards please!

  40. Chloe says:

    @ Sue, Lucky

    People are criticizing JA for doing what AJ did, because of Aniston’s “holier than thou, can do no wrong” image. It’s the hypocrisy that is criticized, not the fact that she’s “only human.”

  41. Crash2GO2 says:

    IF it’s true, it was wrong when Brad did it to her, and it’s wrong for him to do it to Bivens. HE IS THE ONE LEAVING BIVENS FOLKS. Call me crazy, but I tend to hold the person who does the leaving responsible. For leaving. Imagine that.

  42. mln76 says:

    The thing I find telling that the mother stated that Justin was at a family event as recent as a month ago and they seemed by all appearances to still be a couple. Also the fact that they were living together up until last weekend AFTER Jen and Justin where photographed together at the MTV awards and had been widely reported as hanging out in several public venues. I also think this goes along with what many people have said behind the scenes about JA over and over again…That she likes bad boys. JT is ultimately responsible for his actions of course and he is the only one who knows what he told both parties about the situation. I do believe he was playing both the girlfriend and Aniston for as long as possible hedging his bets to see how much he could get away with. Who knows maybe he was trying to sweeten the negotiations with CAA headed by Kevin Huvane brother of Stephen Huvane Jen’s manager.
    Of course the obvious is there but in contrast it took almost a year between the Pitt/Aniston separation announcement to any actual photos of the Brange together. Imagine if Brad was still living with Jen when he was photographed on the beach with Angelina???

    This guy is a D-bag it’s obvious he can’t commit period. If he proposes to Jen it would only be to further his profile and it wouldn’t be very long before he would be stepping out on her just as he obviously has done many times on his longterm GF. I hope Jen is smart enough to only be doing this to promote her new wild/bad girl image for her next two movies because I don’t think she’ll get the same amount of sympathy if and when this relationship implodes.

  43. Anna says:

    and don’t forget playing to public pity and sympathy to be biannually cast in the most insultingly terrible romantic comedies of all time.

  44. REALIST says:

    Could Jen be a….homewrecker????

  45. mln76 says:

    @lucky maybe you don’t ‘impale’ Angelina but over the last 7 years she’s been attacked by many people close to Aniston, by talk show hosts trying to get publicity, by random internet trolls etc…

  46. lucky says:

    eh- the only ‘holier than thou’ I am reading is all the criticism!

  47. LucyOriginal says:

    If I were Heidi I would be devastated too, not for losing her douchey boyfriend… but actually for being traded off for JA….Come on, Heide is gorgeous! This could bring anybody’s self-esteem down…

  48. Josephina says:

    Someone- You cannot have it both ways. Many of us have never referenced Angie as a “homewrecker.”

    As a married woman I know the responsibility of the health of any marriage rests between the spouses and not an outsider. I think it is a classical, typical mistake wives make when they attribute the downfall of their marriage to an affair. An affair is only a SYMPTOM of an unstable relationship and not the cause.

    The problem is that the spouse WANTS to break the commitment because he/she no longer values the marriage to protect it. You cannot keep a man who wants to leave, i.e. see Justin Theroux as of late.

    If you pay close attention to past media coverage, the Pitt/Aniston marriage was a bundle of attempts to get things right/working and never had any sense of accomplishment. After 4 1/2 yrs of trying to make a marriage work, some may opt to leave. This is not rocket science.

    Plain and simple, Brad left Aniston, his marriage and did not look back. HOW he left and how he has ignored Aniston since then speaks volumes. Aniston was embarassed by how readily he was to move on, because Brad was about to shatter the “perfect, golden couple hollywood marriage” – because he no longer gave a shit. How does Aniston respond? She runs to the public for pity, starts the triangle–after all, why didn’t Brad mourn the “loss” of such a “great marriage” and spend years dating bimbos like she did? Ah Ha! It’s Angelina’s fault!

    She was no longer getting the love from her husband. That obviously hurt Aniston to the core. In response, Aniston inappropriately lashed out at Angie, a person she does not know, as her target and invited people like you to join her.

    That is when the world learned of her immature, snarky, vindictive and insecure character traits. Unfortunately, too many of you can identify with it.

    • Sallyann says:

      If your story is correct then good on you butJen actually kicked Brad out after he admtited his love fopr that other woman. I guess you must have missed when Jen and Brad had a holiday and still looked like they were still in love and just recently he was yelled at by his screaming partner for him telling Maddox Jen was woman he very much loved and was married to all hell broke loose. If Jen is THAT bad WHY DO THE PITTS INCLUDING THE SISTER THAT MOLIE DIDNT KNOW ABOUT AFTER ALL THIS TIME. Why on earth do the Pitt’s still look on Jen as a daughter and sister and are still really close to Jen. Are they all missing the beat. To me it shows how nice their once daughter in law and sister and auntie are stills o close. Why hadnt brad told Molie he had a sister and nephews.

  49. nnn says:

    @36 Sue

    Nice try but this is not about Jolie’s fans responses that stay mild, besides. It’s about the irony of the jen fans double standard reaction upon the same supposed crime.

    Notice that Jolie’s fans don’t mock or use derogatpory insults to describe jen’s supposed involvment in the ending of someone’else relationship, they just mock jen’s own words in the same situation and the jen’ fans so obvious double standards and sudden compassion and understanding for a same act done by her when the two women have lived the same situation with the same speculation.

    However you jen fans have made it a daily duty to make it an absolute FACT in the case of Jolie using insults left and right towards Jolie and her children.

    It’s about you, not about us. About you and your double standard and how you will deal now with the sanctimonous morality you have been throwing for the past six years. You have based all your attacks by opposing two image using extremes, Jen as the nice girl versus the witch.

    Everyday it was ‘why people are mad against Jen, she hasn’t done anything, she hasn’t stole anyone’s man.’ Well she has now according the same mindset you have used in the other case.

    Now it’s the boomerang effect, the mirror with a situation of a jen painted as not so white.

    Lets see how you will handle this situation now that the fingers of many people, the media thropughout the whole internet and not only the Jolie fans are pointed to Jen.

    This would have never been possible if Jen and her fans didn’t painted them as unblameable, virgin and too good to stoop to that level. Jen and her fans painted her as a victim. Now it’s Heidi the victim and since they made sure nobody forget about what Jolie supposedly did, now the finger are pointed to Jen and her blatant hypocrisy.

  50. Tara says:

    Eww. Old lady baked potato knees.

  51. Rena says:

    Josephina, BRAVO!!! So much truth in what you said.

  52. normades says:

    @Anna: you should do that professionally.

    I bet they’re still together and he’s just using Manny for PR. They’ll get back together later.

  53. Larissa says:

    FFs WOMEN, get a life! Given the amount of time and energy some of you put on idiotic gossip posts like this I wouldn´t doubt for ONE second YOUR hubsands ARE cheating or thinking about cheating on you, as we speak! hahaha

  54. Cheyenne says:

    Sounds like this guy is using Aniston to further his career just like Aniston used Brad Pitt.

    The beat goes on… and on… and on…

  55. Crash2GO2 says:

    @mln76: “Of course the obvious is there but in contrast it took almost a year between the Pitt/Aniston separation announcement to any actual photos of the Brange together.”

    I wasn’t aware of this. I thought that the photo of Brad with Angie and Maddox on the beach happened directly after the announcement.

    And I agree with the rest of your post!

  56. MollyB says:

    His ex is waaaay prettier than Aniston.

  57. someone says:

    lisa?? I never said Jennifer was a saint, but shes also not the lonely desperate clingy woman that you make her out to be….you can hate on her all you want..its your right, its mine to say what I want, and if you don’t like it, go on a whorship Angie jj. Im not the only one that brought Brad into this..some of you haters seem to think theres a parallel..theres not..Justin is not married, and it is possible that he and his girlfriend have been done for a while, just like you say Jen and Brad were..I never called AJ a homewrecker, I just thought that Brad could have been a little more sensitive in the way he ended he and Jens relationship.. I also said I didn’t really like AJ, and it had nothing to do with Brad and Jen..I didn’t like her before that! So stay out of my comments, and I’ll stay out of yours!!!!

  58. Violet says:

    Well, at least Aniston can no longer whine about Brangelina because now she’s the other woman. She practically kicked his GF out of his bed and he hasn’t even had time to change the sheets, FFS.

    He’s throwing away 14 years and for what? Aniston goes through douchebags like toilet paper, which is appropriate, I guess.

    I hope his ex rapidly finds someone better, she deserves to be happy after being dumped like that after spending her entire adulthood with this loser.

  59. Sue says:

    I have no problem if Jen had an affair. In fact I think it makes her kind of “bad ass”. Takes away the poor me that the tabloids love. I have said many times that I have no probelm with Brad/Angie having an affair. What I disliked was the lying about it and the trying to be so holy. As long as Jen doesn’t get all holy about this and tell the press that they never had an affair it is all good by me.

    What I love is the Brad/Angie fans trying to dig themselves out of the stuff they have been preaching all along and saying once a cheater always a cheater. I agree I think that Justin will cheat on Jen just like Brad will cheat on Angie. Give it time, give it time. brad and Justin / Angie and Jen they are all made out of the same stuff. This post is too funny to read.

  60. Laughternrain says:

    I’m not saying anything more on the JustinJen situation and I really hope Celebitchy or Kaiser could get the scoop and let us all know once and for all if Jen is dating Justin, and if Justin and Heidi were still in a relationship/living together at that time. It could be a great scoop for this site if they are able to nail down an Aniston interview or remark or something. But until then, I’m going to do something Aniston fans never did Angelina. Giving Jen the benefit of the doubt. As far as I’m concerned, she is innocent until this is all confirmed.

    People like Josephina, nnn – I’m very proud of you and wish I had your way of words. Your honesty and straightfowardness truly slams the facts in the end zone and I’m sure many other Brangelina fans are as proud of you as I am. Being on the right side is easy when you know you have the facts but made even easier when people such as yourselves are able to articulate in a way the Aniston fans could only dream of. And I truly believe that posts like yours make the Aniston fans and loonifers truly think twice and re-think their beliefs about them and Aniston being right, and about the rightness of their side, even if they never will admit it. Keep on keeping on. After all, fighting the good fight will always be worth it.

    Crash2GO2, that photoshoot was for work only. It was to promote M&MS. It wasn’t of them as a couple. People love to use that as some sort of ‘proof’ of something, but it was arranged by the Producer of M&MS. It was promo. Business. Nothing else.

  61. Anna says:

    I wish everyone else (or aniston sympathizers) were as perceptive.

  62. Ari says:

    @tapioca if they were living together for 14 years doesn’t it take only 7-11 to become a common law marriage in most states? I am sure they had plenty of joint assets, as well. *but le shrug, huh?*

    Aniston is a hypocrite.

  63. You don't say says:

    Actually, the first photos of Brad, Angelina and Maddox were about 6 weeks after Anniston filed for divorce, not a year. But, there were never any photos that would be suspicious before that, though people like to think so. It was almost a year before they touched in public though, but since she was pregnant a few months after they officially got together, they obviously touched in private.

    And I am curious as to why people think Brad ended his marriage badly? They had that horrid photo op vacation with Courntney cox and her husband, then they had a joint statement saying they were separating as friends, no cheating involved, so please, what did Pitt do that was bad? She filed for divorce, he didn’t.

    Come to think of it, if Mr. Pitt was not involved, this whole thing would never be a story. Annistion stealing someone no one has heard of is not that big a deal, to be honest. What hold does Pitt have on his exes? Paltrow is still talking about him, even his mother, Anniston, well, we know that story and Chris Martin admitted to being jealous of him. He has said not one word about any of them in years. What gives?

  64. Violet says:

    @You didn’t say – I agree. I thought their breakup was handled with a lot of class.

    Personally, I don’t think Brad left Jen for Angelina. No, I believe that he left Jen, because — despite her claims to the contrary — she didn’t want to have kids. He waited seven years for her to have a child with him, and his biological clock was ticking ever more loudly.

    Since their divorce, he’s become the father of six and Jennifer Aniston is still childfree. Clearly, he and Jen have very different priorities in life. (There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to have kids. What does bug me is that Jennifer isn’t honest about it.)

  65. Laughternrain says:

    Just a remark to Sue, yet again, it was proven long ago that no affair happened between Brad and Jen. Brad has never cheated, in fact thats one reason why his Hollywood peers hold him in respect. He is an honest straight-down-the-line guy. Out of Hollywood guys, hes the last to cheat. How many times must it be said, or do you want to cling to your delusion of an affair? Utterly bizarre. Unlike the backflipping Aniston fans, Angelina fans on this thread show that far from ‘digging’ (ironic, considering the source), we are saying what we’ve said from day one. I love that, and am proud of, the fact that Angelina fans are fair-minded and as shown on this thread, stand by what we’ve said form day one. And that is, in the absence of any PROOF, the person is innocent. Its easy to stick to the one line when you’ve done that from the very start. But look at the acrobatic backflips from the loonifers on here. Gone gfrom, they cheated (well, now we know Brad and Angelina DIDN’T cheat so thats no longer an issue) to, well, its not so bad because Justin wasn’t married, to – well, it makes her ‘badass’. Are you loonifers trying out for the Gymnast Olympics, Sue? I think you would win Gold.

    Btw, I wonder if you were cheated on, would you think your man/other woman were ‘bad ass’ and ‘cool’? You seem very immature (and not just because your bible is Star).

  66. Anna says:

    I still don’t understand how Jennifer Aniston being a plastic-and-packaged-to-within-an-in-of-her-life fraud and hypocrite is news even to her fans.

  67. Cheyenne says:

    @You don’t say: Brad Pitt’s “crime” was not so much leaving his ex as settling down and starting a family so quickly with another woman. I don’t think Aniston or her fans would have been nearly as upset if Brad and Angie had had a brief fling and then parted ways, even if he didn’t go back to Aniston afterwards.

    I have never seen anything like the intensity of the hate and vitriol thrown at Angie when the tabloids announced she was pregnant. It was as if that, not the divorce, was the final nail in the coffin in Pitt and Aniston’s relationship. Post after post after post from Aniston fans wishing Angie would miscarry, die in childbirth or that Shiloh would be stillborn, as if that would make Brad run back to Aniston and pick up where they left off.

  68. Cheyenne says:

    Violet: Personally, I don’t think Brad left Jen for Angelina.

    Well… yes and no. I think he wanted out of his marriage well before he met Angie and if he hadn’t dumped Aniston for Angie, sooner or later he would have dumped her for somebody else. But I think he fell in love with Angie and definitely accelerated things.

  69. Laughternrain says:

    Exactly Youdon’tsay and Violet. Brad, unlike Jen, is not the ‘kiss and tell’ type. He doesn’t talk about his exes. Its common knowledge (through her own admission in an interview) that Goopy cheated on him. Yet he didn’t throw a pity party. He didn’t cry on cue for a reporter. He didn’t accuse Gwyn of having a ‘sensitivity chip’ missing. He didn’t milk his engagement breakup for sympathy. He pulled himself up by his bootstraps and carried on. And then got married to Jen. Brad has never talked about, or mocked his exes in interviews. Its this classiness, its this air of dignity, respect and empathy that endears him to people. Once a relationship is over, to him its over. He doesn’t talk about exes. He (and Angelina) have handled this witch-hunt against them with dignity, aplomb and class. I’ve never been a big Brad fan, but I do respect him so much for how he conducts himself.

  70. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I don’t get why Brad or Angelina have to still be brought up in an Aniston post about her potential relationships. Then this continued debate about whether Brad and Angie had an affair. They didn’t. However main point is this topic can be discussed without bringing up Brad and Angie. Let Aniston stand on her own two feet for a change…this post is about her.

    I don’t know much about Justin and Jen. There is no proof of anything really here either. Still no real confirmation if they are even together but his girlfriend will live if thats even true that he has just broken up with her. It would be nice if someone fell in love her and took her off the market so we can end this nonsense.

  71. nnn says:

    @ 67 Cheyenne.


    I remembered a poll back then, showing Brad and Angelina and Jen and Vince.

    The jen fans who were in force won with a landslide saying that Angie, the skank, the h0, the crazy b*tch would dump Pitt cause she was not ‘wifey material’ and not serious enough to to want a committed relationship.

    Hell they even bet on her to never carry his children saying that Jolie would never cave in for that desire of his and that he should have stayed with Jen anyway.

    As for Vince he was dubbed as 10 times better than Pitt, more seroious and they predict they would get married within two years and have babies.

    The poll had an outlandish win for Aniston/Vaughn who was dubbed as being the more serious couple, the more who wanted a lasting relationship and the bets for the engagement date was already launched.

    The fact that Jolie got pregnant and troubled the prediction unleashed one of the most vicious hatred campaign i ever ever seen, only matched by the fact that Brad decided to adopt the two first children which launched disgusting racist attacks on two babies.

    The fact that Jolie later admitted that it was Brad who kept on talking to her about his desire to have his own children and that she had to be sure that he would love the adoptees as much before deciding, proves that Brad was into long term relationhips right rom the start…actually Brad has always been into long term relationhip.

    He is not a Clooney who likes to date models left and right. Clearly he could have managed to date beautiful women left and right, he didn’t and look for something more than the physique to be hooked.

  72. tapioca says:

    For those who asked, there is no such thing as “Common Law Marriage” in the UK. The US, I don’t know!

  73. Mia says:

    I’m grabbing a bag of popcorn because this is gonna be good. America’s Sweetheart Divorcee is a hypocrite.

  74. Barf says:

    Of Course this thread has turned into a non stop Angelina/Brad fan chat room. LoL

  75. You don't say says:

    @Love Angelina, you are absolutely correct. This is all about JustJen (name gotten from a blog) and that is the discussion that should be carried on. I also don’t know about this “relationship”. Maybe it is real, maybe it is all for show on all people’s parts.

    The Homewrecker item did not gain much traction last week as it was mostly ignored on blogs, (at least I think it was). This time it seems to have gotten more play. I wonder why? Plays to the “badass Jen” story for the new movie? What I am amused by is the lack of denials, so far, from Anniston. Before the ink is dry on most tabloid stories, GossipCop has a denial ready and printed, but not this time. Who are Theorouex and his girlfriend really. He suddenly has a new CAA contract and people are now talking about her as the “wronged” woman, that no one seems to have known about before, which works for her. Maybe this is all happening to milk the story, get publicity for all three involved and then, everyone goes back to the way it was, with everyone benefitting in some way. It all seems so calculated to me.

  76. Cheyenne says:

    @nnn: The adoption of the two older children (Maddox and Z) was what convinced me that Brad was dead serious and totally committed to that relationship. A woman may try to trap a man into a commitment by getting pregnant “by accident”, but no woman can trap a man by making him adopt her children. You don’t adopt a child by accident. Pitt wanted to be a father to those kids and he wanted Angie and the children to be his family.

    For months afterward, Aniston’s fans were in total denial that the adoptions had ever taken place. And let’s not even go into the vicious racist names they called Maddox, Z and later Pax after he joined the family.

  77. bluhare says:

    Et tu, Jennifer?

  78. jocular says:

    hmmm people really don’t seem to like Jennifer. Was there this much consternation when Julia Roberts got together with Daniel Moder, who was married to Vera? I think Julia was pictured wearing the ‘Aloe Vera’ T-Shirt…that seems rather crueler than anything Jen or Angie may have done. Nonetheless it all seems a bit moot until its confirmed she’s actually going out with Justin.

  79. Sakyiwaa says:

    i think us Jolie fans don’t need to bring Jolie and Pitt into it. we’re way better than that. the Jolie-Pitts are tucked away safely somewhere in the world. Just leave them out. This Aniston stuff hasn’t even been confirmed… Like Laughternrain said, i’m even gonna give Aniston the benefit of the doubt.

    @Tapioca, Sue, etc. Justin and Heidi were together for 14 years… Brad and Jen were together for 7 years. 2 of which were spent in counselling and therapy. You’re right, Brad and Jen definitely had a stronger relationship cos they were married… (shakes head)

    Nice day.

  80. Laughternrain says:

    jocular, people don’t like Jen because of the way her fans attacked Angelina and assumed an affair happened. Also people are now waking up to Aniston and her games and how she is not the Ms apple-pie princess she pretends she is, and they are seeing behind her veneer and seeing how she manipulates and orchestrates these attacks on Angelina via people like Handler. Also, she is certainly not without her ability to be cruel. Her attacks on Angelina and her passive-aggressiveness and spurring her ‘Team Aniston’ fans on to attack Angelina and Brad, attacks on Angelina via Vogue (the uncool comment) mocking Brad and his children, her palling up with Handler and hiring her as her pitbull attack dog ie Handler immediately calling Angelina those names and making racial fun of Angelina’s children – all this Aniston had a hand in. But you are right re Roberts. Roberts was more aggressive, than passive-aggressive. She wore a shirt that said “A Low Vera”, mocking Danny’s ex-wife Vera. What she did was outwardly nasty, whereas Aniston is more sly, sneaky and conniving, hiring others to do her dirty work.
    Oh, before I go, shout-out to Addie (sorry I missed you), and I will save you a glass. :)

  81. original kate says:

    “If he won’t marry you after 14 years then I guess He’s Just Not That Into You…”

    @ tapioca & sue: yeah, and i guess if he divorces you after 14 years he just wasn’t that into you, either. i find it amusing how many people think marriage is bullet-proof. it’s almost as if nobody ever cheats when they are married, which of course, they don’t. not only ia a piece of paper the ultimate commitment but it can be worn as a chastity belt too. it’s true!

  82. Eve says:

    @ Jocular (# 79):

    To be fair, I think Julia Roberts is a major bitch of the highest order. As much as I dislike Aniston, I couldn’t possibly feel about her the same way I feel about Roberts.

    By the way, is this the shirt?

    Apparently, Oprah brought that up (that Roberts wore that shirt) during and an interview and she answered that she stood by her shirt.

  83. TxGal says:

    “At long last the ridiculous ‘wronged woman’ tag can be rightly taken away”

    I believe she will now be tagged “Home-wrecker” LOL

  84. Barbara says:

    OMG….so happy, now the “poor Jen” tribe can shut up….

  85. nan says:

    Oh dear. Does this mean that Chelsea Handler is going to do her “sound-off” routine around this mess? 14 years is a very long time in Hollywood.

  86. skibunny says:

    @Laughternrain: Please answer, where is the “proof” Brad and Angie did not have an affair?

  87. kiikii says:

    I’m confused as to why a 14 year relationship is being diminished due to lack of marriage or kids???

    Not everyone’s goal in life is those two things. (especially when you get together at the age of 20!)

    And a lack of a certificate does not mean a lack of a relationship/commitment etc.

    My parents were married for less than 2 years before the relationship imploded. My mother has been with my “stepdad” for over 30 years – although they have never married. Not for that he “isn’t that into her” but more so that for my mother, marriage didn’t work the first time and she has more now than she had governed by a piece of paper.
    Now… which one is the greater relationship!

    Even if you are “old fashioned” etc … be objective people!!!

  88. jocular says:

    @Laughternrain Though I think you definitely know the whole story more in depth than I, I don’t believe that anyone lets loose Handler – terrible terrible woman who constantly sets the bar low with her racist ‘jokes’. She never gets called upon her insidious racism which shows such a flagrant lack of respect for anyone she doesn’t see as her target audience and yet she has been rewarded for her bigotry by a nightly show! I expect any attack she made upon the kids was due to her actual racism rather than any affinity for Jennifer and I expect her attacks on Angelina come from jealousy and again ‘comedic’ racism at her kids.

    That people thought there was an affair…is fair. The timing wasn’t coincidental – they worked together – maybe there wasn’t a physical affair but a transfer of affections did happen whilst he was married. That said – the transfer COULD NOT have occurred if things were fine with his relationship with Jennifer. So why should he have denied his love for Angie and lived in a loveless marriage? Anything that Jen did after the split I’m sure came from a place of hurt feelings – which again is fair. Though he may have fallen out of love – she hadn’t. I’ve done things I regret when coming from a hurt place. She’s only guilty of being hurt and not repressing her true feelings in front of journos. Again that said when promoting her films she is relentless in using all tricks to manipulate the public through the media. But Hollywood actors are paid not to act but to promote their films!
    @ Eve yes that is the T-shirt! A Low Vera – a ha! that was it, thanks!

  89. Cheyenne says:

    skibunny: @Laughternrain: Please answer, where is the “proof” Brad and Angie did not have an affair?

    Of all the ridiculous questions. Where is the proof that they did?

    Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. Nobody knows for sure but them. And after seven years, what freaking difference does it make?

    @Sakyiwaa: She deserves the benefit of the doubt until anything’s been confirmed. But I don’t think this guy is serious about her. He gives off major user vibes to me. As for Aniston, I don’t think she has any problem getting casual dates, I think she has a problem sustaining relationships. There’s just not enough to her to keep a guy interested for any length of time.

  90. Kim says:

    If things were over before he met Jenn why was his girlfriend still living with him up until last weekend?! I smell b.s. and a loser guy who is looking for attention and desperate Jennifer fell right into it.

    So Jenn was having an emotional affair with this guy while he was still involved with his girlfriend – HUM why does this sounds familiar?! Jenn what a hypocrite you are. This is no different than when Brad left her for Angelina. 14 years is a long time to date someone. He may as well have been married.

  91. skibunny says:

    #53 Larissa I was thinking the same thing! Lol

  92. skibunny says:

    @Cheyenne: it’s a ridiculous statement!! You’re missing the point so back off.

    @Laughternrain: I’d still like to know where the proof is.

  93. I Choose Me says:

    Yeah, Imma reserve judgment until it’s announced that Jennifer and Justin are actually a couple. If so then he’s the douchebag who left his girlfriend after fourteen years in order to trade up. It’s possible though that Justin and Miss Bivens were done for a while yet still on friendly terms with each other (14 yrs is nothing to sneeze at) but now that he’s actively seeing someone new it was best she move out. This is all speculation of course but I look forward to seeing how this all play’s out.

  94. meg says:

    congrats jennifer aniston! you’ve just lowered yourself to angelina’s level!guess you didnt’ really learn anything

  95. katiemarie says:

    Okay, but isn’t Jen all about manipulating her public image in terms of who she dates? She’s built this image on being the girl next door, the jilted woman, so I would think her PR team would strongly advise her against becoming the “other woman” in such a public way, because she stands to lose a LOT of sympathy and goodwill that’s been built up over the years. If this is true it’s a really bad PR move. But I like Jen, she seems like she would be a fun girl to have a drink (or four) with.

  96. fannomore says:

    what’s up with her kneeeeeees?

  97. nnn says:

    @96 meg

    You don’t even need to go there, the WHOLE godess circle are into this and have been into this for a very long time…from Courtney Cox in 1989 to Laura Dern, twice, to Oprah Winfrey (multiple times) to Chelsea Handler.

    They are just hypocrites for pointing fingers at others with the hollier than thou and saintly attitude.

    They yell louder than anyone, cricize publicly supposedly sinners when they have sinned themselves unquestionably.

    Those 4 have been involved PUBLICLY (some like Oprah admitting having slept with married men for years, getting pregnant at 14, did’t even know from what lover) with married men having little children besides and have been sleeping under the roof of men who were not even officially separated yet…some even with a pregnant wife.

    The hypocricy is the greater sin than the sin in itself and that’s precisely what is the bottom line of all of this.

  98. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    Well, well, well. If this is true, how utterly “uncool” of Jen. She is clearly “missing a sensitivity chip”. Can I dare to believe that this woman will be exposed for the melodramatic hypocrite that she is?

  99. Cheyenne says:

    @skibunny: Didn’t you ever learn in school that it’s impossible to prove a negative? Thus, your question “What proof do you have that they did not have an affair” is a ridiculous question. Nobody can prove it. Now pipe down.

  100. mzjask says:

    this is my favorite post of the day and its bc of all you nuts commenting.
    who cares about any of this THAT much?!?!
    i can tell you whether jen and justin are in fact “a couple” [which i doubt] and even if brad and angie did have a f**k fest while he was married to jen, none of us will ever know for sure and our opinions arent gonna stop them from doing it one way or the other. you guys act like any of them are your effing children and you need to defend them to the death.
    i just like to pass the time at work and read this nonsense!! get another hobby guys :)

  101. Kim123 says:

    There are pics of Justin and Heidi hugged up at a charity event in April the caption says Justin and his gf. Brad ,Jen and Angie said there was no affair before the separation. If this relationship isn’t a “fauxmance” let’s see what Jen’s rep says. He denies everything else.I’m sure if his client is called a”homewrecker” he will deny it. BTW he never denied the People mag story that Jen introduced Justin to her friends last week.Also he didn’t deny the sleepover stories at Jen’s house.We will see.BTW as someone said earlier you can’t steal someone’s man.

  102. Whatever says:

    Wow, lots of speculation for one dinner. I’ll wait to judge until there is a shred of evidence that they are even a couple, beyond nameless sources that I swear are verbatim quotes from old stories about other guys. Most of those stories were nothing. Time will tell on this one.

    IF she cheated with him, it was wrong. Just like it was wrong for Brad and Angelina to get it on during Mr and Mrs Smith. Sorry Brangeloonies, but I believe the crew member stories on that one. (his hands down her pants, making out on set, etc) Maybe they didn’t make it official until after the split, but he left Jen for Angelina and arguing otherwise is delusional.

    In the end, so what? As the Brange fans say over and over and over again, you can’t steal a man. I believe that and would say it is also true in this case, if there is even anything between them other than a dinner or two. If this guy and Brad cheated, then it is this dude and Brad’s fault. I’m anti cheating, but that doesn’t mean that people have to stay forever if they aren’t happy. They need to leave first and then look for someone else. Needing to have a jump off just tells me the person is weak and pathetic.

  103. kira says:

    The girlfriend’s mom is speaking to Radar, confirming it.

    “Nobody knows more about what it feels like to be a woman spurned than Jennifer Aniston. But now that she’s hooked up with Justin Theroux, the actress runs the risk of being seen in a different light with rumors that Theroux left his girlfriend of 14 years Heidi Bivens to be with her.

    But the costume designer’s mom, Marilyn Bivens, has exclusively told Radar that her daughter is “doing fine” despite her high profile, painful split. She said: “Heidi is doing fine and just trying to get on with her life.”

    According to reports Theroux, 39, and Aniston, 42, first hooked-up last autumn while they had been filming Wanderlust together. Aniston and her new man went public with a very public display of affection at the MTV Movie Awards bash last month at West Hollywood’s SoHo House. Bivens has refused to talk about the split, but has now moved out of Theroux’s New York home; they first met when she was 20-years-old and he was 24.”

    So, Justin and Jen worked together in the fall and the girlfriend is left in New York, wondering? OUCH. I know the mother said that he was not dating Jen and was still with Heidi May 25th on Radar, yet there were pictures of Jen and Justin dating early to mid-May? Another OUCH. In early June, Jen and Justin go public at MTV, and then Heidi figures out the obvious and moves out of their house in New York just last weekend. In your face OUCH.

    Boy, that must suck. I’m surprised that Aniston would go there, given all her talk of “screaming at the ocean,” and self-proclaimed “pity parties” when Brad abandoned her. But, I never bought her tear-stained act. It was always suspect to me because she was posing semi-nude while begging for sympathy. I don’t know of too many broken-hearted people who are simultaneously asking for people to look at their hot bodies, while acting all heartbroken? :-)

    In any case, my previous views of Aniston has been confirmed, whether or not she’s really in this relationship, or it’s all some PR sham. She sucks either way. She doesn’t have a genuine bone in her body.

  104. jocular says:

    @mzjask I can’t believe you deigned to take the time to write that.

  105. N.D. says:

    I love how Anniston alleged homewreking is all this girlfriend fault – why, she didn’t figure out that if he didn’t marry her after 14 years then he isn’t into her! Stupid bitch! Not even that Justin guy, I guess because what if he actually stays coupled with Anniston, it whould be quite problematic to congratulate her after declaring him a cheating and lying douchebag.

    I don’t really care what happened between them all, but these pathetic excuses are really funny. Especially that some excusers are the same people who whine about “St.Angelina”. Clearly the only saint there is JA, even her shit doesn’t stink.

  106. Ell says:

    And post of the day goes to mzjask…sanity at last.

  107. Katherine M. says:

    “June 14th, 2011 at 12:17 pm @nnn: The adoption of the two older children (Maddox and Z) was what convinced me that Brad was dead serious and totally committed to that relationship. . . For months afterward, Aniston’s fans were in total denial that the adoptions had ever taken place.”

    ROTFLMAO! They’re STILL in denial.

    Common law marriage does exist in certain states. Usually it requires that you present yourself to the world as a married couple in various ways e.g., referring to each other as husband & wife, calling yourself Mrs. Theroux (LOL!), etc.

    Is someone seriously asking for proof that something DID NOT exist or that something DID NOT happen? Really? That is too funny for words and kind of sad.

    How is this even a shock? Didn’t Aniston pull the same thing on Tate Donovan when he learned he was replaced by Brad Pitt from the media.

    Both Jennifer and Justin seem desperate for something other than love. They deserve each other.

  108. Katherine M. says:

    I meant to add I expect some heavy duty “leaks” trying to undermine Heidi Bivens in some way. They have to attack her or their relationship to make her seem unworthy and unbelievable.

  109. Whatever says:

    Of course the obvious is there but in contrast it took almost a year between the Pitt/Aniston separation announcement to any actual photos of the Brange together. Imagine if Brad was still living with Jen when he was photographed on the beach with Angelina???


    Reinventing history much? There were photos on a beach in Africa less than a month after they filed for divorce, not a year. One year later, she was about to give birth. And the stories from the crew were out in 2004, before the split. Not to mention confirmation from Angelina in an interview talking about how great that the kids can see their parents fall in love by watching the movie. Yet, the crazed fans still won’t admit the obvious. I like Angelina, but the truth is the truth. Trying to rewrite history just looks silly.

  110. NAD says:

    Jen es hermosa, alguien tiene que sacarnos de la duda, recuerden que asi paso con Kris Gartin, que la esposa hablo, la suegra tambien, y resulto ser nada.

  111. Dex says:

    The thing is ever since the Jen brad break up Jen has been getting a bad rep from the media the sympathy stage only lasted so long after that it was nothing but headlines like ” Jennifer aniston can’t keep a man” or “Jennifer still on the rebound” so I say if she is getting into a new relationship good for her! She’s still young and attractive & she has been way past over due for one. And she didn’t break them up things were already rocky so there’s no need to compare it to something that was done to her in her past… The only other thing I will say personally I think she can do way better .. but other than that good for you jen!

  112. mln76 says:

    I was mistaken on the dates they announced the split in early January 2005 and Brangelina were photographed at the end of April still several months after Pitt and Aniston announced their separation. I am not going by their divorce date because I think that’s silly as Aniston said publicly once they separated they were no longer married. The point is Aniston trotted JT out as her date while he was still shacking up with his GF. Maybe Jen didn’t know that Heather was still in the picture but very different than waiting months to come out in public.

    @kira absolutely it was always Aniston’s behavior and exploitation of the whole triangle that made me believe there wasn’t an affair (although of course there is no way of saying anything with 100% certitude). I just think she’s always been angry that Pitt moved on first and that once she left Pitt the chances for an Oscar and ‘serious’ movie career went away with him and she was stuck in rom-com purgatory unable to find a partner to match Pitt fame and power in the industry.

  113. skibunny says:

    @Cheyenne: I don’t recall asking you the question. I asked Laughternrain. She said there’s proof. I’d like her to back up that statement. I’m still waiting for her to respond. My guess, there is no proof. Therefore ridiculous comment. Not that I really give a shit!
    Now if you don’t mind please let her answer for herself.

  114. lisa says:

    Brad didn’t cheat on Aniston. So he and Angie have never had to act guilty or apologetic for anything. He and Aniston broke up in 2004, announced it in January of 2005. After that Brad was free to do whatever he wanted, especially since he knew he was not going back to that marriage. Aniston and her fans got pissed because he moved on and didn’t look back. because he didn’t mourn the lose of the marriage for as long as they thought was appropriate.

    Thing is I always laugh at her fans thinking that this 42 year old woman is some kind of virgin nun. Her last relationship (that she let the world see) was John Mayer why her fans act as if there have been no men in her life or bed since Brad is mind blowing. Vince was there before divorce was final. Then someone else and then Mayer. Why do her fans act as if she had been pure as the driven snow and has not had sex with other men since Brad. Heck John Mayer is her ex. so why is there no talk of her meeting him, or texting, or emails. NOPE it is always Brad. Shit. I read on WWTDD and he made a great point. If you read or listen to any of Brad’s interviews since he and Angie got together or before, you would never know that he had a relationship with Gwyneth, Julliette, or Aniston. He never talks about them or reference them in anyway, shape or form. YET they mention him in some way in several of their interviews. Brad doesn’t look back, and he doesn’t go back when it is over.

    And regarding the adoption of the children The fool fans of Aniston’s on IUC still to this day say that Brad has not adopted the 3 older children. That way when he goes back to Aniston (this is what they say) then he can talk the biological ones and raise them with Aniston so she doesn’t have to worry about losing her figure..

    *and people here call the jp fans crazy. Hell we have gotten nothing on those idiots that are her fans.

    Look I don’t know if this is real or not. But I will note that her camp is quiet when they usually are not at this point. His camp.. well I should say their camp since they are now represented by the same people is also quiet.

    Aniston’s PR guru (Huvane) usually likes to read the blogs and gossip sites to see how the tide is turning towards her. See how she will come out in this whole thing before they make a move. There will be something coming soon. Maybe a People mag cover…Jen finally finds love after Brad.. or I’m ready for Love..

    I won’t be surprised. but watching her fans spin it and twist it is a lot of fun.

    I don’t have to gloat, because Brad and Angie are not nor were ever cheaters. So that is the fact.

  115. Kitty_Cal says:

    Every time I see this guy I feel like I need a shower… His beard says Grizzly Adams but he’s demeanor says douchebag.

  116. Kim123 says:

    Whatever -Name these crewmembers you spoke to Oh yeah you read it in a tabloid. As for saying they fell in love on MMS. My husband and I fell in love at work but didn’t acknowledge it to each other until years later when we happen to see each other at a conference. I agree there were pictures of Brad and Angie in Africa in April 2005 with Maddox showing no affection publicly. The first PDA between them was in 2006 a year later, maybe that’s what the poster was referring to .The fact is there were pics of “heartbroken” Jen astride Vince Vaughn on a hotel balcony in Chicago in May or June of 2005 before the divorce was finalized. So I guess she got over her broken heart on top of Vince.We don’t know when Brad and Angie relationship moved from platonic to romantic but we do know that both couples relationships was physical before the marriage was dissolved.At least Brad moved out of the shared home before going out on dates with Angie unlike Justin and Jen.Sensitivity chip missing?

  117. Reality says:

    I love how people talk about knowing the ‘facts’ with any of these celebrities. Unless you were there, you know fuck all about what happened and you only embarrass yourself with your stalker-like delusions.

    These kinds of threads used to be a fun way to kill time, but are now getting boring with all this monotonous, bitter garbage that goes back and forth by the same posters all the time.

  118. kira says:

    mln76: Totally. Aniston said things like “I don’t know what happened,” and “I feel like I’m scrounging around picking up the pieces.” She acted like she was blind-sided. Yet, I also remember Courtney Cox saying that Brad told Aniston about his attraction to Angelina. Cox’s side sounded much more plausible to me, as she had nothing to gain from saying that, whereas Pitt and Aniston had more to gain from how the end of their relationship was read by the public. :-)

    And, I can’t believe Aniston’s fans defend her so vehemently, given how manipulative her interviews seem to me. And, they’re still doing it! The comments on the web are funny: Heidi is a nobody who is using this for sympathy and attention, if Justin didn’t put a ring on her finger then he was never that into her, their relationship was over and Heidi didn’t want to admit it, if they weren’t married then it doesn’t matter, Justin told Jen he was single and Jen believed him, Jen would never do that because she knows what a HO that Angelina is and Jen is sweet and classy, and Jen has only done this once unlike Angelina who had done it 10 times (at least!).

    Yep, the hypocrisy, double standards and excuses are priceless! Too funny. ;-)

  119. Cheyenne says:

    @skibunny: Sorry, hon, I couldn’t help laughing at your comment because it was so out there: “Please answer, where is the “proof” Brad and Angie did not have an affair?”

    Good lord, that has got to be the silliest question I ever heard in my life. First off, you can’t prove a negative. Secondly, NOBODY has ANY proof of ANYTHING that went down between these two. “Brad said there was no cheating. Angie said there was no cheating. Jen said there was no cheating.” Christ on a bicycle, what does anyone expect them to say? “Yeah, we cheated”?

    I don’t know what happened. You don’t know what happened. Nobody knows what happened. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. Who cares either way? I sure as hell don’t.

  120. nnn says:

    It doesn’ t really matter the truth at this stage. The fact is, here are two similar situations opening to speculation and leading to the same kinda conclusions.

    One was branded as a fact by a group who since then has launched one of the most despicable and vicious hatred campaign ever. From the usual skankelina and hollie insults to the digging of her young past to belittle or divert saint jen’s own sins. Note that for many of her fans, she is NEVER EVER responsible of her own actions, it’s always someone else’s fault, often Angelina’s fault for anything and everything.

    Jolie and her children who were all much younger than jen today were trashed more than Saddam himself and relentlessly, each and everyday of those six years.

    The jen hen brigade and i deliberatly use that word because they are operating exactly like a brigade launched a public lynching over 7 persons (Jolie and her kids) on allegations that nobody can even prove, on allegations that even if true didn’t deserved the unbeleivable level of hatred by one group towards one woman and her children.

    They made this branded the ethical card playing with both extreme images.

    They have lost that ethical card and the hollier than thou cruisade today. The fingers are now pointing right back at Jen’s supposedly behaviour and therefore right back at them and on how they will handle that new equation because they have lost the monopoly of saintity and innocence, which was their bottom of the business upon which they based and legetimated all their nasty attacks.

  121. whitedaisy says:

    @ Reality.


  122. serena says:

    Douche alert!

  123. BlackMamba says:

    AJ and JA fans are ridiculous just like Team Breezy and the Rihanna Navy. Endless dumb war.

  124. kira says:

    Where’s Aniston’s PR? As of yet, there’s nothing, and I know her PR is all over the web when something about Aniston comes up (denying this, getting her attention, etc.) What’s the strategy this time? Will he–

    1) DENY IT (their relationship was over before Aniston, even though Aniston was seen with Justin while he was still living w/Heidi)
    2) IGNORE IT (like he did when Aniston said “retard” on tv), OR
    3) SPIN IT?

    This oughta be good. ;-)

  125. Laughternrain says:

    skibunny, all 3 involved (including Jen) denying it. Various members of Hollywood popping up in Hollywood insiders only Variety magazine all vouching for Brad. Courteney, everyone else vouching for him. The dates they were together ie after the split. No rumors at all of any action on the set. And many other thing all go together to show their was no affair.

  126. Liana says:

    @whatever: I have several friends who worked on “Mr and Mrs Smith” and they all say that there was no untoward behavior on the set. So…. *shrugs*

    Anyhow… I can’t imagine having a rep or my mom talking to the press after a breakup. I would just prefer to lick my wounds in private. And then set fire to all his stuff on the front lawn. And then circulate rumors that he’s hung like a leprechaun.

  127. Laughternrain says:

    Whatever, there has never, NEVER, been ANY record of ANY crew member speaking of an affair or anything intimate. In FACT, on the CONTRARY. Members of the crew (a few inf act, I’ll find their names) went ON RECORD as stating they saw and heard NOTHING. Plus, the fact that the set was filled with people, AND Maddox.

    That film shoot in Africa, as already addressed, was a WORK SHOOT (don’t people read previous comment before posting?), it was a PROMO SHOOT for M&MS – set up by the DIRECTOR.

    Lastly, that whole ‘fell in love on set’ has been debunked on this site so many fricken times, its not even funny. Angelina said that about their CHARACTERS falling in love and trying to kill each other. She nor Brad, have EVER made ANY comment about them both falling in love on set as themselves, in real life. Their comments were about Jane and John falling in love, getting married, and being hired assassins to kill each other.

    With all the evidence that there was no affair, you are completely and utterly delusional to cling to the fantasy that there was. And basing your belief on TRASHLOIDS who made a story or 2 about ‘un-named sources’ seeing stuff on set, when they the crew actually made a POINT of going ON RECORD to say they say nothing, shows that you are gullible and believe the GARBAGE you read.

    The FACT is, there has never, not ONCE been ANY evidence of an affair. In absence of that, it is ‘innocent until proven guilty’. There was no affair. And there is NOTHING you can write that will show there is. Only trashloid bullsheet.

  128. Laughternrain says:

    “I have several friends who worked on “Mr and Mrs Smith” and they all say that there was no untoward behavior on the set. So…. *shrugs*” Are you in the business Liana? I thought I read somewhere else you were.

    “And then circulate rumors that he’s hung like a leprechaun.” bwhahahahaha roflmao! Oh, I must remember this, thats a real good line.

  129. Lee says:

    14 years….seriously???…that’s longer than most marriages today. If he did not marry her after 3 years, he never had any intention…..go TEAM ANNISTON.

  130. mia girl says:

    @CB and/or @Kaiser
    I think you need to do an intervention on this thread… some CB posters have officially jumped the shark with this JA / AJ madness!!!

    I used think the craziest comments section was Cassablanca’s Twilight posts, but this seriously rivals it!

  131. judy says:

    ROFLMAO JA has slept with half the men in gollywood , Americas sweetheart my ass. Bitch about AJ all you want here and Brad have been together longer than any relationship JA has ever had or ever will have. She married BRAD to try to be an A lister and she was ok until he figured her out,what JA reALLY WAS/IS. The only reason she is in B movies is because Brad Pitt was dumb enough to marry her . She is no better than anyone else.

  132. Anonymous says:

    He is a FUGLY douchebag. His hair is grease ball. Yuck.

  133. Louise says:

    These posts are hilarious. The justifications of the Jenfans are absolutely ridiculous: there’s no cheating because they are both single, 14 years of living together is not a serious relationship, etc. They are bending over backwards to defend Jennifer that they are blind to their own stupidity.

  134. nikki says:

    He’s wearing a black flag t-shirt, I love him.

  135. Liana says:

    @Laughternrain: yes, I am a coffee fetcher for hire (better known as a production assistant). I also get work as a director’s assistant (which is what I love since my dream is to be a director).

  136. Zara says:

    This all sounds like more of the same manipulation from Aniston’s PR guru. She’s trying to portray herself as this bad girl now, so she gets a new “edgier” (per her PR) boyfriend and some scandalous OMG!!! he left his long term girlfriend for her gossip to boot. It all sounds like an extended trailer for her new movie to get the public to buy her newly acquired man eater personae. This is a woman whose image is very tightly controlled. Page 6 is one her PR rep’s lackeys. You folks are being baited hook, line and sinker. Look at the number of comments on this post. Well played Team Aniston.

  137. Charlotte says:

    If she slept with him, seduced him or even just advised him in his relationship (to break it off, etc), then she’s wrong and a real hypocrite, seeing as she should know exactly how it feels. Her doing this, however, doesn’t make what Brangie did right. No one with dignity and self-respect should cheat, and no one should encourage another person to cheat with them. Plain and simple. Two wrongs do not equal right. If she’s guilty of helping to break up their relationship, then shame on her. His shame goes without saying.

    I’d like to add one teeny tiny fly in the ointment, however: we don’t actually know for sure that they’re together. It’s a rumor, yeah. But it’s not been confirmed at all, and she’s rumored to be with just about anyone she’s photographed with. If she’s truly with this guy, then yeah. She’s just as fake and bitchy as her archrival. But I don’t think we can go on “sources” from magazines to tell us the truth here. Brangie were photographed vacationing together, and she was pregnant before the divorce was final. If we see similar type photos of Jen and Justin, or get a relationship confirmation (being pregnant is a confirmation on a whole new level!), then she’s gonna burn for the hypocrisy. Until then, I don’t think we should assume much.

  138. april says:

    rraven: You just described me and coincidentally my initials are also JA! You’re good at reading people!

  139. kira says:

    So, you’re a PA and an AD, Liana?

    I was a stylist/wardrobe for some years, and then, I left the biz. Couldn’t stand the people. I wanted to do creative costuming–not shop for whiny little children. Now, I work in editorials but I have friends who work in celeb “journalism.” Boy do we have some stories to tell . . .

    Good luck with becoming a director–definitely need more representation in H-wood. I’ve only worked with two female directors and I was hoping the best for them both. But nothing ever became of one (her movie was never picked up), and the other was batshit crazy and became notorious for her dating life rather than her work. Oh well.

  140. lisa says:


    And Jennifer was sleeping with Vince Vaughn before her divorce was final. So I guess she was fine with moving on with her life. Why in the world should Brad and Angie not be together when she filed for divorce in March. What planet do people live on. He has the right have a life when he knew and she knew it was OVER. Thus a divorce. Seriously. Brad and Angelina were photographed ONE day on a beach. There were no other sighting of them during that period. NONE.. they were not flaunting a relationship in Aniston’s face. So whatever. And you have no proof of them “cheating” or anything before that divorce was filed. Just because you say a thing does not make it true. And if they were supposed to be monks while they waited for the technical decree then Jennifer was not an innocent during that time either. She was sleeping with Vince. So I guess she was cheating on Brad too.

    When Jennifer filed for divorce.. Brad was free to start his life. And as a fan I’m glad he did.

  141. lisa says:



    if anyone had any proof of anything on the set of Mr & Mrs. Smith there would have been BOAT LOADS OF MONEY TO BE MADE. With all the people out there that are desperate for fame, someone would have come forward to sell a story. But notice there have NEVER been actually people to come forward regarding any of the tabloid LIES. NOT one person. With all those unnamed sources and such, you mean none of these people want to make an easy million+ regarding the Jolie-Pitts.. heck the Tiger girls made bank on that story. But you have never seen anyone come forward in person regarding almost 7 years of tabloid stories.

    YEAH… that makes a lot of sense

  142. anom says:

    oh yeah. this balding fameho is just ja type. pr fcuk buddy. he WILL HIT IT but will dump it after their crap movie Wanderslut opens.

  143. Thea says:

    The story states they have known each other 14 years, and lived together 6. Just because 2 people live in a household does not mean that they are happy or in love still. And Heidi may not care that he is gone. He isnt married, Jen isnt married, and Heidi sure isnt married. It happens all the time. People fall in and out of love. Unfortunately, people get hurt. It is called life.

  144. LuckyLilGem says:

    His ex is prettier than JA. Are all actresses so hard up for men that they have to homewreck? This is like Natalie Portman’s story.

  145. skibunny says:

    “With all the evidence that there was no affair”.
    @Laughternrain: if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does that mean it never fell? Denials aren’t proof or evidence of anything. Sorry.

    And Cheyenne, hon, Laughter said “it’s been proven there was never any affair”. Her words not mine. That’s why I asked the question the way that I did. Dig???
    I’m not disagreeing with you!

  146. Liana says:

    @kira – I’ll probably end up using my degree in filmmaking to direct PSAs on the importance of toothbrushing, for all the opportunities H-wood gives women directors.

  147. thesea says:

    Jen Aniston is the only thing that keeps Brad and Angie interesting.

  148. nnn says:

    @ Louise

    These posts are hilarious. The justifications of the Jenfans are absolutely ridiculous: there’s no cheating because they are both single,

    Isn’t that funny ? The number of actors and actresses who have been called ‘cheaters’, ‘liars’, ‘homewrekers’ and were not married is as long as the Nile.

    Remembered when Jude Law cheated on his baby mama with the nanny ? Both him and Sienna Miller were called out names ! Both were singles.

    Or when Hugh Grant cheated on Elisabeth Hurley with who he was dated for years, with a prostitute…oh one of the most memorable scandal with those titles ‘why would a man CHEATS on Elizabeth ?.

    Or when Mayer dated Jen and they were plenty of jen fans warning him to not cheat on her ? Why so ? They are singleS and according their new rules, they are free to cheat.

    Even today, some are warning Jen to not date that Justin guy because he could cheat on her, since he cheats on Heidi b(supposedly) with her ? Why suddenly it’s a bad thing ? He can cheat on her with multiple girls if he wants, he is not married to her and that’s what the new rules in jen fans land state.

    You can’t have it both ways.

    From now one, I hope you won’t cry fools when Jen’s boyfriends will dump her because of another woman or will have other mistresses while dating her.

    From now on, you Jen fans, have decided that Jen, being single and dating men who are single is fair game to be cheated on because, oh well, it’s not really cheating anyway since she isn’t married.

    According to the sudden immoralitry of certain in here, everyone is free of cheating till they get married…that’s a lot of couples…that’s the majority of couples and that includes Jen in priority.

    I said it earlier and i say it again : the main event is not the supposed love triangle, it’s that this event (true or not) through the jen fan reactions has stripped them from their selfrighteous ethical card. They have lost the moral war upon wich they legitimate their attacks.

    You just have to look at the web and all the headlines. It’s a reminescence of their best expressions, it’s a right back at you attitude from the ‘Jeniffer STOLE someone else’s man’ to the ‘Jen is a homewrecker.’ It’s like the authors are taking deliberatly their expressions to mock them cause now they can’t play the ‘moral’ card anymore and are fair game !

  149. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Laughternrain: Since you went strangely silent, I did your detective work for you. Here is the direct quote from the New York Times article.

    “Nonetheless, she said, she looks forward to the day when she can put “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in the DVD player for the children; “not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love.””

    And here is the article in its entirety. Now, can we put this to rest?

  150. galaxy.girl says:

    No Way!

  151. Charlotte says:

    @lisa: *sigh*. I am in NO WAY defending Aniston if these current reports are true. I want to make that loud and clear. As for the other shit, it’s pretty obvious that none of us can know for sure whether Pitt SLEPT with Jolie, but he certainly transferred his affections to another woman and thus, left. In my mind, that is still cheating. If your marriage is dead, get out of it. Don’t get involved with a third party BEFORE you fix the shit in the marriage, or BEFORE you decide to end it. Pitt wasted NO TIME in taking up with Jolie and impregnating her immediately following the separation. That speaks volumes. At least, to anyone with common sense. If he was THAT unhappy with Aniston, he should have left long before he secured himself a piece in the wings. As for Jen and Vince? They worked together AFTER all this shit went down. They didn’t try to hide anything, and they never lied about dating. It was all in the open and not at the expense of someone else’s feelings. It’s pretty different. All that being said, and assuming this isn’t some terrible journalism/tabloid PR, Aniston is guilty of the same association if this is all true. There’s no excuse to be the third member of a relationship when one of the real parties is unaware. It’s disgusting and cheap. And if she’s done it, she’s in a world of hurt, because most people will be able to see just how deceitful that is. But make no mistake, an orange is an orange. As for people saying that there isn’t, nor has there ever been, accounts of people seeing things on the set of MAMS? I beg to differ. There were rumors for months, and I’ve had people tell me that they saw what they saw, regardless of what came out afterward. Does it not occur to anyone that it could be very possible that these people were told to shut up about it? Brangelina instantly became tabloid king/queen, and they became ultra famous (even more so than before) and worth a lot more money. Of course they’d want to hush it up.

  152. Nikki Girl says:

    If this is true, I truly feel bad for JT’s ex-girlfriend. How awful.

    But in a way, maybe it’s good because everyone can see that Jennifer Aniston isn’t an angel. You’d think she’d never stop this low considering what happened to her own marriage. I like the comments about how maybe she’s “lacking a sensitivity chip”. Ha.

    P.S. JT’s ex was prettier than JA is.

  153. jayvee says:

    hie guys am new and i hope am wellcomed I was one of Jennifer Aniston’s big fans but if she the reason why these 2 are no longer together she just lost one of her fans and thats me

  154. Liana says:

    hey Charlotte – I know my friends and coworkers. And I know they weren’t told to be quiet about anything. And all my friends said went down was that Brad and Angelina got along well and Brad loved Maddox and would play around with him on the set. No clandestine meetings, no displays of affection, nothing overt. So, who do you know who worked that set?

  155. teri says:

    Lisa you are dead on and just because people speculate on the Brad and Angelina’s relationship doesn’t make it true. I could sit here and bash jennay all day because I don’t like her but not going to waste my day on someone I don’t like. Jennay has played the poor victim to its death and I’m loving every minute of it. Have a great day.

  156. nnn says:

    You know when two people agree to divorce amicably it means that noone has some dirt about the other one or even some SERIOUS allegations that would make the divorce a true battle.

    When there are so called rumours about misbehaving from one party, that some poeple in here advance, you would think that Jen Aniston of all people would have hired someone to make an investigation about it before granted the divorce so easily.

    Again why there is never a single proof, wether a piece of paper to signal their presence in a single room, some employees proving that they were indeed doing it. Even the picture of Kenya showed an unromantic scene with two kids and two adults one with a baby, the other playing with the young child. You would think that people who traced them said that Jolie went there with her two children a couple of days earlier hiring a house while Pitt went there a single day hiring a hotel room. Why would journalists be able to caught them unromantically linked on a beach and not other pictures on their way to the same room or kissing, or holding hands, something tangible to prove they were a pair ? They were able to caught Jen and Vince in a obvious one kissing and lapdancing on a balcony of the room they shared but not even a holding hands of Jolie/Pitt or the room where they supposedly stayed with the children besides ?

    See what i mean. that picture on Kenya just prove that Pitt indeed flew to kenya where Jolie was already, played on the beach with Maddoxx and nothing more. You would think that the one with the scoop has made everything to caughtthat UNQUESTIONABLE moment that say : see they re dating. He’ didn’t because it didn’t happened ? That’s the only reeasonable explanation.

    And last but not least i am sorry but wheN Jen nand Pitt appeard outside the Court after jen introduced the divorce papers, they said it was amicable and Jen said that they were both free to live their life from now on. Why on Earth are people estranged from the couple the ones to judge how and when they can both move on when even technically they were both liveing in seperate homes since that day ?

    What kind of logic is that, thata as a new separated spouse going into divorce you have to refer your ex of the person you date when you don’t even share the same home ?

  157. Addie says:

    @ jayvee

    Welcome to the fold.
    I understand, I too was neutral about Jen and thought she was reletavly sweet/nice/harmless. Now I’m just not sure about her. She just does not seem very genuine.

  158. Josephina says:

    Thesea- No, honey. Jen is a non-factor when it comes to the JPs. Jennifer does not know Angelina Jolie. And that is part of what makes Jen seem so stalkerish. Brad never speaks about Jen. He keeps her out of his family life and has proven that fact consistently since 2005. His eyes are only for Angelina.

    FACT: It was JEN who kept bringing them up in interviews-shame. She is not a part of their lives. She and Steven Huvane do a great job of coattailing.

    She is a factor to her fans- the “hypocrisy crew,” the mini van majority, and the Goddess Circle of Friends (now all of them are no longer married btw.) If you aspire to be married or want to stay married- stay away from the Goddess Circle. These women are truly lost and will lead you into a ditch.

    As I have said before, Jennifer’s relevance is not that she is a memorable movie actress. It was perceived that Jennifer, the Princess, was robbed of Prince Charming (Brad), her magical fairytale lifestyle and her “rock-solid” marriage shattered into pieces—all because of the mean, dark, vampy, wicked Angeilina swooped in on her broom, cast a spell on Brad and “stole” him in the middle of the night.

    Again, there are a LOT of immature women on this blog and you have revealed yourselves for what you really are. Usually, when a relationship ends, it is for the better regardless of whether you intitiated it. For some reason, Aniston was not mature enough to embrace the opportunity. She talked the talk, but definitely was not able to walk the walk.

    Instead, she created a fan base that has ridiculed and defamed two people in love raising a multi-racial, multi-cultural family. Jennifer Aniston does not see any wrong in dragging the whole world into her pain and stagnant growth process. She is PR driven which makes her appear as lacking a sensitivity chip. You will notice that there has not been another celebrity who has followed her footsteps in handling the pains of a divorce. They seem to have common sense that Jennifer is clearly missing.

    Jennifer is exactly where she should be because she is a self-absorbed and neurotic woman. It was maybe a year ago that Angelina Jolie completed a photo shoot, in a black jacket, very similar to the one posted here.

    I amused by some of you. There is not enough “hotness” in the world to cover up the ugly insides of a person who is vindictive, catty, petty, insecure and immature. People like this are emotionally draining and can suck the blood right out of you with their neediness. Furthermore, it is difficult to maintain any functional, long-term relationship without it costing you.

    Now…what man would be interested in this type of sacrifice—unless he is just as twisted?

  159. rraven says:

    @ April: Thanks! If there’s any truth to all this I think that’s why she’s done it.

  160. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Charlotte: Nice post.

  161. Cheyenne says:

    @skibunny: You don’t answer one dumb question with another dumb question unless you want to look ridiculous also. Dig?

  162. flourpot says:

    @Josephina Very well said.

  163. skibunny says:

    Cheyenne if you were smart enough you would be able to comprehend what I was trying to get at and why it was written that way. But you aren’t. You just simply want to pick a fight. Get a life lady. You are too wrapped up in defending your beloved Jolie/Pitt. I dont have the time or the patience to deal with the likes of one such a yourself. Oh and you are ridiculous! Have a nice day!

  164. Chloe says:

    side note: saying that it’s okay to hit on a guy who is in a long-term relationship but isn’t married is extremely disrespectful to all couples that are not (or cannot be legally) married but are trying to make a home for themselves and their loved ones.

    That said, I do believe that people aren’t things and you can’t “steal” them.

    I’m not bashing JA for what she’s doing – good luck with the dude. I’m bashing her for the hypocrisy and double standards.

  165. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ Josephina, wow, great logic. I’m sold!

    @Violet, I agree. I always felt their split def involved the having/not having children aspect.

    I think JenA may just have killed her nice girl image with this one.
    At the very least, this whole affair, just seems questionable, and JA is looking more and more hypocritical.

  166. Stud says:

    I like both jennifer aniston & jolie along with brad and I gotta say you people are ridiculous the ones that are all like “you Jen fans are crazy defending her you don’t have proof that she didn’t know about it or that she isn’t a homewrecker well……. Neither do you! have any proof she did or is so quit being haters you just put little things together and assume that’s what happend even if you hear things like the guys friend saying things were already turning bad with his long time girlfriend so if I were I’d quit hating on people I’d get a life and if anything I’d feel sorry for Jen for dating such a plain looking ugly guy I mean she went from brad pitt to this! She could do a lot better and so could the guys long time “now” ex girlfriend don’t feel sorry for her I’m sure she’ll be just fine … Really if there is a enemy its that guy who broke things off with his long time girl and now seems like he’s using Jen to make a name for him self .. How pathetic…

  167. Kim123 says:

    thesea -I see this Jen story didn’t garner a cover story only sidebars which demonstrates she is not gossip news worthy unless the story involves Brad, Angie or a fake pregnancy. Being linked to Brad and Angie keeps her in the news. I’m sure there will be a fake pregnancy story next week- there was for Vince, John , Gerard, Bradley ,etc.BTW sill waiting for Huvane to say Jen was in no way involved in the breakup of Heidi and Justin and/ or The US weekly story claiming Justin Moved into Jen’s house is not true. Waiting tick tock….

  168. kira says:

    @Liana. You should keep trying. More than a few years back, a friend of mine put her own money into writing and directing a film, hoping to get a deal or to get picked up. She was accepted at Sundance, received some praise, but never got her deal. She did get a good job at Disney, working in production. She’s saving her pennies to do another film. She told me the tide has to turn sometime, and when it does, she wants to be there. So, you never know. It can happen. And, best of luck to you!

  169. wow says:

    you people are sad…GET A LIFE

  170. pato says:

    wtf…he´s a douche according to some of you because he didn´t marry? but they were together for 14 years, here they would have the same legal rights as a married couple. I don´t believe in marriage, so am I like him?
    so judgemental

  171. blasted1 says:

    Wow! You guys are HOT over this one! I’ve never been a fan of Jennifer Aniston (or Sarah Jessica Parker–I think they might be twins), but going after a guy you want, long time relationship or not, is not in the least bit immoral! Who cares if some misguided people think it’s “disrespectful” to other couples?! When “other couples” start paying my bills, then I’ll care what they think! If I had waited for an unattached man to come onto my radar, I’d still be a virgin. Hell, the guy I married was in a relationship when I met him. Sure, I’m sorry for the girl that got dumped, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. After all, “…if he liked it he would have put a ring on it….sometime in the last 14 years.” Don’t hate on men and women who go after who and what they want. Write your own rules and don’t give so much gravity to what other people think!

  172. COLLEEN says:

    I am sorry but I think Jennifer is much more prettier, sexier, and has more of a personality than his ex. I think bivens is average really…Jen is hot.

  173. I have not checked in here for some time because I thought it was obtaining boring, but the final several posts are great quality so I speculate I will add a person back to my daily bloglist. You deserve this my friend

  174. paula says:

    Jennifer runs angelina and brad down saying that angelina split them up.
    But she has done exactly the same thing although one difference she hadnt been with brad 14 years.
    I feel sorry for his girlfriend 14 years is a long time and she obviously loved him i just hope that when jennifer gets fed up and moves on she doesnt have him back!

  175. kristen says:

    the article says that justin met this girl when he was 24+14=38 that basically means that the relationship was over almost 2 years ago, that the girl stayed living in the house for X OR Y reason that’s a different story. probably justin was never home so neither thought it was that urgent for her to move out, but ones it was official that he an aniston were dating then there it did became rather obvious that she needed to leave.

  176. Lexila says:

    Jennifer Aniston is a pathetic media whore who took her breakup with Pitt as an opportunity to vilify Angelina in order to make her pain more bearable. The whole statement misery loves company is a fact and since she was miserable she wanted in some way to hamper Brad and Angie’s happiness in anyway that she could. she took the sympathy so that Jolie could be seen as the Whore and now that the shoe is on the other foot she is trying her best to make it seem as if she were not doing the SAME EXACT THING she talked so much shit about over her divorce. she deserves Justin who is a behind the scenes B actor who reportedly insulted her looks to a fellow actor before getting involved with Jen. He is clearly in it for the money seeing as how Aniston has been playing his sugar mama and financing all of his expenses on the trips that they take together. Jennifer you are a hypocritical whore, liar and opportunist who is so desperate to not end up alone that she has made herself a better tabloid career than anything she may garner for her acting