Britney to have a C-Section on September 14 – SP’s birthday!

Britney has scheduled a C-Section for her second child – to take place on little Sean Preston’s birthday, September 14th. She’s also planning on calling the baby “Jailynn” in honor of her parents and her sister.

Britney Spears has apparently found a novel way for hubby Kevin Federline to keep track of all his kids’ special moments. Star magazine reports that Baby No. 2 (Kevin’s fourth spawn, counting two others with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson) will have the same birthday as their son Sean Preston — Sept. 14 — and the same name as Brit’s parents. The planned C-section will deliver a daughter whom Britney will name Jailynn in honor of her parents, Jamie and Lynn, and Brit’s little sister, Jamie Lynn. Got that, Kev?

Now doesn’t that take a special day away from her current child, who is already getting a sibling at the tender age of one? It seems like a pretty dumb move on Britney’s part if it’s true. She’s having a scheduled C-Section, so surely she could have gone a few days before or after Sean Preston’s birthday. The little guy deserves to have his own birthday.

Not only is he subject to Britney’s poor (but well-intentioned) parenting, now he’s getting his damn birthday downgraded too. It just doesn’t seem fair to either baby.

Here is Britney nurishing her unborn child with some Taco Bell. Her companion seems to enjoy fast food as well. Thanks to BreatheHeavy and X17 for these photos.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. How prophetic that the name will have the word Jail in it.

  3. priscilla says:

    what i want to know is why the hell this woman can just sign herself up to have a c-section? let her vagina expand and rip like the rest of us! she just so damn infuriating. crackpot. hey, i like that “jail” bit in her name. hopefully, eventhough her children have a weirdo for a mom and a loser for a dad, will grow up to be good, honest, sane people!!!!!

  4. Celebitchy says:

    Priscilla, her first kid was born by elective c-section so it’s hard to find a doctor who will do “VBAC” or vaginal birth after C-Section, but it’s not impossible. It’s not like she wants to have a natural birth though.

  5. Angelika says:

    If it’s true, then I definitely agree with you – Twins should be the only siblings who share a birthday! She shouldn’t take that special day away from Sean Preston, each person deserves their own special day!

  6. millie says:

    “Jailynn”??? OMG, someone should take away that kid before it’s too late! How about Jailbait? Can you think of a worse, tackier name for a girl? She probably thinks it’s cute to have her kids share a bday.. I bet that’s why she scheduled it on the same day. That’s no coincidence. I can’t wait to see her handle two kids. That’s going to be entertaining.

  7. Celebitchy says:

    I’m sure many celebrities can think of tackier names LOL! Millie you are right as usual. It’s not cute to rob both your kids of their unique birthday in one shot. Jayelynne might be a better way to handle it, because it won’t have “Jail” in it, but I didn’t think “Jay-lynne” is such a bad name until you guys all pointed out that it has “Jail” in it! You’re a lot swifter than me.

  8. kelley says:

    No Vback within 12 months of a Csection due to the increased possibility of tearing open the old incision. Britney should not have this baby on Sean’s Birthday it’s just tacky. Elective C-Section is on it’s way to being made against the law anyway. The AMA (American Medical Association) has already come out againts unnecessary C Sections and it is only a matter of time before they start making it illegal. Dr’s who do this for women who are scared of giving birth should be strung up. A womans body was created to give birth. Hell, I was scared shitless when I was preggers, but I knew what I was going to have to do, and I was willing to go through it ti have my baby. In the end it is all well worth it.

  9. Farnsworth says:

    Jailynn? LOL. That just made my day.

  10. Celebitchy says:

    I agree with you Kelley. I had my kid in a birth center with no drugs, (not that there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just what I did) and I took classes so that I was prepared. You do what’s best for your baby and you. C-Sections are surgery and best reserved for situations where they’re absolutely necessary.

  11. millie says:

    I wish I had a c-section with my second child. His head was 95% and he broke my back, I’m not kidding. nothing compares to the pain I had from that, not even a third degree tear. the doc used a vacuum in the end but I ended up in physical therapy for months. Sometimes a c-section can save your life or health though I agree they overuse it and I’m really annoyed at this epidemic of celebrity “breach” babies.

  12. Keri says:

    I can’t believe people think it’s ok for the gov’t (mostly men!) to tell us HOW to have our babies. My body = MY CHOICE. C-sections are actually safer for the baby, anyway, but regardless; if people can have elective surgical procedures for bigger boobs, smaller asses, and stapled stomachs , then certainly women can choose to have a c-section! We should support each other’s right to make our OWN DECISIONS AND CHOICES about how/when/whether to be pregnant and give birth.

    How ridiculous that we don’t criticize the medical profession (mostly men!) for operating to inject foreign substances into our mammaries, but yet it’s somehow criminal that the doctors allow us to choose to give birth in a more controlled and less harrowing fashion (by having a c-section). Rip your vaginas if you want to; let me choose a c-section if I want to.

  13. Pecarrie says:

    And Jailin will wind up marrying Billy-Bob or Jimbo from up the creek…

  14. Celebitchy says:

    Keri that’s not true that C-sections are safer for babies. Countless studies have shown that they’re not, and I have a book at home that lists them that I can cite if you’d like.

    I understand what you’re saying about it being your choice, though, and you make a good point about how you should be able to use medical advances to choose what to do with your body.

    I agree with Millie that they’re overused, and I’m obviously on the other side of the issue, but I see your point about it being a matter of choice.

  15. amanda says:

    leave the kid alone for godsake. it here body her life and her kids .mind your own business. people didnt sit around talking about how you should do this and that with your own kids .dont do it to her.and for the name jailin maybe she spells it different.

  16. Caring Fan says:

    I really feel that Brittany should have let her body heal before having another baby, because when she gets older it’s all going to take effect on her body that she had children back to back. I honestly believe come three months from now she is going to be pregnant again, because Kevin is trying to keep his cash cow. “Why not keep Brittany knocked up, she will never leave me?” I think she should dump that loser because all he is in it for is the all mighty dollar. When Shar Jackson money ran out he dumped her for Brittany, who is he going to dump Brit for?

  17. Michele says:

    Kevin will end up with Paris Hilton or since he likes his kind, Kelly Osbourn?

    The fact that she is scheduling her c section is why it should be against the law in the first place!

  18. Action says:

    Very seldomly will doctors let a woman do vaginal child birth after having a c-section such a short while ago. Pisses me off though that she scheduled her first one a month early because she didn’t want to ‘go through the pain’. How is that better for the kid who’s not even full term??

    But, I can see why she’s doing c-section on this one. It’s a medical issue this time around.

  19. SISSY says:


  20. Val says:

    lol o0mg I cant believe how people react to this.. I use to love brittnay and still do..but she does make sum crazy decisiona and mistake the grl is a millionare and she dosent even noe how to dress or opinion is that c-sections are helpful for women that cant witstand the pain and if its and emergency situation.

    Lets see what happen nextt

  21. Action says:

    OMG, Val, were you drunk off your ass when you wrote that? Have you ever heard of spell check? That was just painful to read!

  22. Daisy says:

    I am definitely no fan of Britney, but give it a rest, people! So what if her kids have the same birthday? What makes you think that everyone MUST have different birthdays? My grandfather, mother and brother all have the same b-day (pure coincidence, I assure you) and none of them seem to have suffered ill effects as a result.

    As for the name, I think it’s nice that she is naming her for family. What’s wrong with that? It’s a little unusual, but in a celebrity world of Apples, Suris, Shilohs, Moxie Crimefighters, etc., Jailynn is downright ordinary, by comparison.

  23. Leslie says:

    Everyone is so fast to jump on the “I hate Britney” bandwagon. If you ladies would slow down for just a minute and read – you might see the “fine print”. It is “speculated” that she has scheduled the c-section on SP’s birthday … that’s not set in stone. And, as far as a c-section – it’s her body, her pregnancy, her child … leave it alone. For those of you that are saying that she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant this soon – well, you are actually agreeing with her. She’s made it known that this pregnancy wasn’t planned … that she had no intention of having her children this close together. For her the baby’s name – get over it! She picked a name that meant something to her because of her family. No-one is absolutely sure of the spelling – but seriously, get past the “jail” … look at how Jamie Lynn spells her name … it’s a family thing – leave it at that. So – before you fly off the handle again … do your homework ladies! She’s not as bad as you like to make her out to be. She’s just an easy target for all of you sitting around on your ass. Is your life perfect? What would we see if you had cameras following you around 24/7 documenting everything you do and only publishing the mistakes, or anything that could be seen as a mistake and then adding their own captions to it? Hhmm … how fabulous would you look? That’s what I thought!!

  24. amanda says:

    Leslie! that exactly what i was thinking.

  25. Monika says:

    Okay — When they say “Jailyn” is suppose to be pronounced “JAIL-LYN” or “JAY-LYNN” because “jail-lyn” is plain ugly, and “Jay-lynn” is pretty but needs to be spelled “JAY” not “JAIL” — Britney is crazy anyway – she had it all and chose to give it all up, she was voted the sexiest woman alive around 2003 or 2004, now, she’s with an embarrassment for a husband and two kids that have mixed half-bros & sisters .. kind of tacky .. not to mention shar jackson has a child or two with some OTHER guy besides KFed.

  26. Celebitchy says:

    I don’t understand why Britney just didn’t hire someone to help her shape up. She can get someone to make her meals and another person to do personal training. She could even do this safely while she’s pregnant. She is unwilling to get help in even the most important matters, so I don’t know why I’m surprised that she’s still having trouble with her image.

    Monika, I agree that it should be spelled Jayelynn or something, which isn’t as bad as having “Jail” in it.

    Maybe Britney really did make a choice to give everything up and that’s why she let herself go.

  27. Celebitchy says:

    And a recent study that shows that cesearians are not safer for the baby at all:

  28. Kearstin says:

    I think people should leave Brit alone. Why is it tacky that her kids have mixed siblings? I think it’s tacky that you think so. Look at Brad and Angelina’s gorgeous family. You should be ashamed that you think that way!

  29. stevens says:

    monika its JAI-LYNN not JAIL-LYNN moron. And you think she had it all. but obviously she wanted something more. a family. so get off it.

  30. I read this awesome blog for shallow news and tacky items! Please let us not go into birth stories and C-section speculation! I’ve done it and I don’t want to blog about it people! Let’s dish about the stuff that really matters! Of course Britney is a dumb ass to have her kids have the same birthday but I don’t think the kids will
    suffer. They will have there own mini jeeps and/or harleys by the time they are 3.

  31. joint pain says:

    I understand what you’re saying about it being your choice, though, and you make a good point about how you should be able to use medical advances to choose what to do with your body.