Gerard Butler looks exceedingly sexy & tabloids still have him with Jessica Biel


These are some new photos of Gerard Butler, looking good enough to eat. I get it, though – I mean, I understand why so many of you aren’t in to it. He’s a man-slut and he’s rather unapologetic about not seeing the need for meaningful relationships. I understand why you think he’s gross. Just know that I’m very happy with how gross he is. And he’s been so much grosser in the past. Nowadays, he’s keeping the weight off, growing out his hair, wearing better clothes and generally bringing the hot Scottish dong fantasies. Sigh… I love him. I would have hit it (hard) when he was mooby, but now that he’s all slim and hot… oooh… I just need to stop.

Anyway, this week’s tabloids are currently on his fauxmance with Jessica Biel. It’s like that Ashley Greene thing never happened – which is his pattern. He gets to rub the ass and crook his little finger at various “extra” ladies while his main fauxmance rages on in the tabloid world. This is exactly how he played it with Jennifer Aniston too. It’s his thing. Sidnenote: E! News got a quote from him about his love life a few nights ago. He was asked how his love life was going, and he growled, “It’s terrible.” SWOON. So here are the highlights from two Biel-Butler stories:

The Enquirer says that Jessica Biel is keeping it casual, but that she liked Gerard because he’s a “bad boy” who doesn’t care about his appearance, he just “seems to roll out of bed and seize the day…he‘s a bit coarse and rumpled around the edges, and that‘s like a breath of fresh air to Jessica after Justin.” What was supposed to be simply an on-set fling turned into something more and Biel “surprised her friends when she continues the flirty relationship with Gerard after the movie wrapped.” Biel knows Gerard is a player but she likes him because “he put a smile on her face again… he treats Jessica like she is the only woman in the world when they’re together – and that’s enough for her right now.”

Star Magazine claims that Jessica is just romancing Gerard to get back at Justin Timberlake. Apparently, Jessica and JT were at a friend’s baby shower and “they spent a lot of time talking – it was obvious that they still have feelings for each other, especially Jessica.” Days later, Jessica was spotted on a motorcycle ride with Gerard because “Jessica would never get into a real relationship with a playboy like Gerard. But I think she figured that seeing her with a guy like him would make Justin jealous.” The Gerard stuff has made JT have a change of heart: “He’s suddenly telling friends that he could see them getting back together… but Jessica is giving Justin time to figure things out.”

Yeah… uh, it sounds like Biel got Butler’d. He slept with her and moved on. As is his pattern. And now Jessica is trying to play it like he’s pursuing her and she just wants to have fun.






Photos courtesy of Fame.

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47 Responses to “Gerard Butler looks exceedingly sexy & tabloids still have him with Jessica Biel”

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  1. Jez says:

    Where you see “exceedingly sexy” I see “vomit face”

  2. someone says:

    I think hes very sexy..if hes with Jessica, wheres the pics??

  3. fannomore says:

    Oh swell, now I’m nauseous

  4. Ari says:

    lmao @ jez

  5. DanDan says:

    He looks kind of bloated, especially in the last picture. Not my type at all, sorry…

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    I’d imagine Gerry would be a breath of hot Scottish air after being w/ JT. JT strikes me as someone who individually names his hairs.

    And yeah, I would totally make Gerry’s head spin, I’d hit that so hard. And so WELL!! (Don’t judge me!)

  7. saintdevil says:

    I’m with jez!

  8. Cuchulain says:

    He can act and seems sexy…but NOT ATTRACTIVE AT ALL!

  9. Jb says:

    That looks like an outfit Jennifer Garner would wear.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    He looks about as sexy as tree fungus.

  11. garvels says:

    Butler is soooo hot and he doesn’t require a stylist to make him sexy!

  12. brin says:

    I hope Biel wasn’t Butler’d, but if she was he’s over it and on to new & non- clingy vadge.

  13. Jezi says:

    He’s looking pretty good. He looks better without the added weight. I’m not really digging the shag on his face though. What turns me off from him is the fact that he’s a dog…but you got to give him credit, he doesn’t make any promises or commitments to these women.

  14. normades says:

    jez/jb/cheyenne: Co-sign and big lol

    I really don’t get what you see in this dude, he’s so skeevy/smarmy and not in a hot Ed Westwick/Jonathan Rhys Meyer way. He’s just gross. Not even on the DL. Never. Fassbender, I get it. This dude, just no.

  15. LindaLoo says:

    I think he is hot!!! Love is look. Who is the girl in the pic with him?

  16. clare says:

    Ah, Gerard! Get yourself out of Hollywood, and back to the East Coast! You have become much too jaded living in LaLa Land!

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    @ brin – Heh-heh. Butlered. I’d LOVE to be Butlered! I would VOLUNTEER to be part of his “Tag and Release Programme” (but without the wanna-be skank part)!

    *waves @ brin & Jezi*

  18. Bill Hicks is God says:

    What is with the Russell Crowe hair? He looks like he hasn’t slept in days and for the Love of Haggis, shave, man!

  19. lisa says:

    The tabloids have him still with Biel, the mags and web sites are still rehashing the Ashley Greene story e.g today anything hollywood claiming things are heating up between the pair. I,m just waiting for them to claim he’s butlered AnnaLynne McCord. He’s just being socialable and flirty. they just want to link him to any available young starlet who needs the publicity.

  20. Chickie Baby says:

    As usual, I’m totally with you, Kaiser. He’s looking pretty dee-lish lately. I guess it takes a certain amount of age (on our part) to truly appreciate his!

  21. Novaraen says:

    Bloated face. Ick.

  22. brin says:

    @bellaluna…waving back. Let’s sign up for the Tag & Release Programme (anything to get Butler’d)! Bet Kaiser would join, too. LOL!

  23. OtherChris says:

    I think he’s very cute, but he looks like he might smell kind of bad.

  24. Quest says:

    I like Gerry he is harmless once you keep your vagina under wraps.

  25. Ann says:

    Too bloated. The cherub curls are kinda girly.

  26. Mari says:

    He’s slowly slipping out of my Top 5…but he’s hanging on by his little crooked finger.

  27. carrie says:

    nice hair and it’s just it!

  28. JustPassingBy says:

    Hand porn.
    Hair porn.

  29. Jen34 says:

    He looks like someone who has been backpacking around Europe for a month. He’s in shamef*ck territory.

  30. ladybert62 says:

    He looks awful – he looks lazy about his appearance – get a decent haircut and shave that nastiness off of your face – then maybe you will start to look good again.

  31. Tee says:

    I’d bang him like a screen door caught in a hurricane…OMG, he is on my permanent “hit” list!!!

  32. legends says:

    How can you NOT say that this man is gorgeous??!! You honestly think that if he was walking down the street in your hometown, you wouldn’t give him second look? He’s striking and he’s sexy as all hell! Maybe you all are too used to the pretty BOYS that Hollywood usually tries to sell us.

  33. jinni says:

    legends: Oh, I’d give him a second look, but only because he looks like a creepy pervert (especially if he tried to “eye-f*ck” me, eww). I’d want to make sure he wasn’t following me.

    Despite what I wrote up top, I will say that his hair looks nice curly.

  34. ADS says:

    Waow, CB your standards are slipping severely. This man is a bloated mess. He used to be v sexy but he seems to be suffering with a touch of the Russell Crow’s. You know a total slob when not working but when you see him on the movie screen he miraculously gets hot.

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    @ brin – Consider me signed up!! 😀

  36. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    It isn’t about his relationships making him icky, I mean, they kind of do for me, but who cares what I think, or what consenting adults do as long as they’re upfront with each other? Even I kind of don’t. It’s the ‘pass the strigil’ look that’s icky. Wouldn’t a squeegee help? Maybe someone should start up a line of full-body blotters for men, absorb what the pores can’t hold, right? The Avon ladies could make a killing with some sort of Support Group For Grease. They wouldn’t necessarily have to exacerbate the initial embarrassment by saying that it’s just plain-ass soap, but before you start experimenting with increased hirsuteness, for the love of Cthulu, attend to what hair is there first and then branch out towards the body state that would garner a greater need for personal hygeine fastidiousness. That’s not being uptight, that’s being considerate and smart. I’m right.

  37. Madisyn says:

    ”The Gerard stuff has made JT have a change of heart: “He’s suddenly telling friends that he could see them getting back together… but Jessica is giving Justin time to figure things out.”

    In her DREAMS!

  38. mdf says:

    What is it about this guy that reminds me so much of Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid)?

  39. Anonymous says:

    He does not look good in these photos

  40. kibbles says:

    Yeah, he’s a douche but I agree that he has that cute Scottish quality about him. I thought he was very sexy in P.S. I Love You and The Ugly Truth. I think he is like Warren Beatty. He might settle down when he is old enough (like in his 50s or 60s) and wants a family. And I’m betting that if he does he’ll settle down with an intelligent woman or someone unconventional like an Annette Bening or Hilary Swank type. These guys have been around enough to know that settling down with most of the women they hook up with would be a huge headache. They are playing the field until they are ready to spend their senior years with a decent woman.

  41. kwoww says:

    i get it, he’s got a cute crooked smirk, and he looks like a bad boy. dirty boy…

  42. Mallory says:

    I met Gerard in New Orleans a few months back. He is as hot in person as you could possibly imagine. His eyes are so green and his bod looks really good. A little too intense and laughs at his own jokes a little too loud. But nevertheless HOT!

  43. Jaxx says:

    I think he looks like a hillbilly. I hear dueling banjos when I look at him. His hotness died hard after 300 and it is not coming back.

  44. janna says:

    yuck!! lookin stinky gerard!!

  45. lisa says:

    New photo of Gerry on Perezfit and TMZ he’s half wearing a wet suit after surfing in LA

  46. Frank says:

    Who is the sexy bird with the big boobs in the last photo with him?