Brad Pitt’s post-apocalyptic vision involves man-scarves


Here are some new photos of Brad Pitt on the Malta set of World War Z, which I think he’s going to be filming for most of the summer. I guess this is his style for the film too, because I think they’ve already started production. I have to say – Brad is looking really good to me lately. I liked it when he was looking all mobbed-up in NOLA, but now that his mullet has grown out and he looks cleaner, he’s working a genuinely attractive vibe. Plus, the man just looks good in blue (that scarf should go, though).

Considering I never really thought World War Z would ever get off the ground, I’m playing catchup as to the plot. It’s some kind of post-apocalypse story where Brad plays… a diplomat?

Brad, along with partner Angelina Jolie and their brood, have relocated to Malta while he films his new post-apocalyptic horror movie.

He plays the lead role of role of Max Brooks, an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission who published a report a decade after the Zombie War.

Brooks scours the world collecting the stories and experiences of those who have survived the conflict that almost eradicated humanity.

The film, directed by Marc Foster, also stars Mireille Enos and Matthew Fox.

[From The Mail]

You know the name “Mireille Enos” because she’s the redhead on The Killing. You know the name “Matthew Fox” because he’s a douche, and he was the least-liked lead character on Lost. I fear that working with Brad will only go to Matthew Fox’s head and he will become utterly insufferable.

But I guess that we should be grateful that after the apocalypse comes, there will still be A) Handsome Brad Pitt-esque diplomats and B) Man-scarves.





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  1. Twez says:

    He needs a European man-purse to go along with it.

  2. mln76 says:

    Brad looks really good the only actor of his age who still looks this hot is Johnny Depp. Maybe hot enough for Hot Guy Friday???

    BTW If anyone knows of a 47 yr old who looks this good in real life feel free to post his digits 😉

  3. lisa says:

    I saw the pics and I think he look very yummy.. but Brad is forever with me.

    He will only be filming in Malta for about 3 weeks. So they will be heading somewhere else after. The shoot will have several other locations. Glasgow, Scotland I think is one. And it will go until around October, although I don’t think Brad will necessarily be filming that long.

    I love the hair and the beard. It is an Zombie movie.. I doubt people at that time give a rats ass about cutting hair.

    He is not playing a diplomat.. but a journalist. Writing about the Zombie War.

    He hot as hell and I love the way he walks.

  4. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    O.M.G Brad Pitt is doing a zombie movie? Badass!!!!! I don’t think Brad has ever done a horror movie…oh yea Seven. So I guess this is at least the second one he has ever done. Awesome.

  5. Jen34 says:

    Brad needs a haircut. Only Johnny D. can pull that look off.

    I’m laughing my ass off at your description of Matthew Fox. I hope that douche doesn’t ruin Brad’s film.

  6. foozy says:

    he is gone back to being sexy again!! plus he has damn good taste in clothes

  7. Cheyenne says:

    I’m reading the book now. Not giving anything away but this should be one helluva movie!

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    Depending on where he’s supposed to be in the movie – especially if it’s post-apocalyptic – the scarf is a necessity.

  9. tnt says:

    BP is a douche too.

  10. werty says:

    If i ever met him i would problably just say:
    Me love you long time!

  11. constance says:

    teehee. Love those kneepad pants. Did he get them from the Lohan line?

  12. lucy2 says:

    I thought Matthew Fox was giving up acting for a while? Guess a movie offer was too good to pass up. He does seem like a pain in real life, but he was so amazing in the Lost finale that I forgot about how frustrating his character could be!
    That’s the best BP has looking in a LOOOONG time, but he still doesn’t do it for me.

  13. Bee says:

    Angelina should give him plastic surgery voucher. Maybe face lift + eyes job + botox.

  14. lisa says:


    that’s funny because you and other are forever claiming he and Angie are always getting plastic surgery and botox

    YOU may want to pick a side and stay on it.

  15. Safety Jan says:

    Can you say JAX TELLER? Twins…

  16. Laura says:

    I tried to read the article, but I just ended up looking at all the pretty pictures instead. Yum yum yum yummmy yum!

  17. RobN says:

    Meh. And aren’t they jumping on the zombie popularity bandwagon a little late?

  18. Well says:

    Love everything about Brad in these pics.
    Really hoping for a very cool film.

  19. Sleepy says:

    He’s lame and his acting in the moneyball trailer is hilariously bad. How does he have blonde hair and a face full of wrinkles? LoL

  20. Well says:

    Clearly your name is spot on. Go back to sleep honey.

  21. Hex says:

    For those of you who haven’t read this book, I highly recommend you pop down to your local library and check that bitch out! Sure, it’s got plenty of zombies, but it’s also an extremely well written story about humanity in a global crisis.

    Brad Pitt’s character is neither a journalist nor a diploma. He’s more of a bureaucratic anthropologist, gathering accounts of the war against zombies for an exhaustive report on how the outbreak started and what humanity did to survive.

  22. J O'C says:

    After the zombie apocalypse comes- and it IS coming; I mean, my God, you’ve all seen the soul-sucking transformation of Katie Holmes…wait. I lost my train of thought. Oh! Right! So after the zombie apocalypse, accessories are going to be everything, people. Everything.

  23. nan says:

    He was great in Se7en. I found that to be a horror movie (for me), and Interview with the Vampire (which was a very low-key part). Looking forward to this one.
    Stay away from botox Brad. Age naturally.

  24. jon says:

    World War Z the novel takes place AFTER the zombie’s are already all dead. The novel itself is just interviews with people about their experiences during the “war.”

  25. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Twez. LOL!

    @Laura. Me too! ‘Yummy’ is definitely the word. 🙂 I think if I was standing next to him right now in this get-up (minus, the scarf, of course, teehee), I’d certainly lose my ability to form a coherent sentence…

    (Shrug) maybe; he needs the scarf to protect himself from inhaling zombie-polluted air in a particular locale his character has to travel to…

    if BP didn’t exist, i’d have NO other male celebrity crush… 4real.

  26. lisa says:


    I stand corrected

  27. Laura says:

    Brad in a horror movie? Interesting.

    The book looks good-I will definitely get it and read it. I love zombie stuff.

    I hate that middle-parted hair though.

  28. N.D. says:

    He look really good and manly there. Let’s hope he keeps this look after filming is over.

  29. Kiska says:

    He looks really good for his age. I like the look kind of ruggedly european.

  30. nnn says:

    Brad’s body and swagger at nearly 50 has been sick since his first days in Hollywood.

    I don’t know where he has the time to train. I never see him entering a gym club but damn, his neck, arms, tummy, long legs and butt are as fionnnnne as twenty years ago.

    He is one of the few men who has never had a problem with his body, never too fat, too skinny or flabby or beer belly or bloated, never not even once !

  31. Camille says:

    @mln76: Agree! 😉 😀

    @lisa: I also agree with you. 🙂

    Brad is looking gorgeous.

    I have high hopes for this movie.

  32. Isa says:

    daayum bradley is looking so much better sans goat gruff on chin…plus this is a movie i’d go see. love that Mireille is in it, too…good combo. hawt.

  33. fannomore says:

    I love it, a Zombie with highlights…they could’ve used Heidi

  34. Sakyiwaa says:

    just had to come back to stare! Troy was on TV last night. HOT piece of a**!

  35. Louise says:

    What happended to Hot Guy Friday? I haven’t seen it in a few weeks. Also in most post-apocalyptic and desert movies I always see men wearing these type of scarfs(sandstorms?). I don’t have any interest in this movie. I may change my mind after seeing the trailer.

  36. LittleDeadGirl says:

    LOVED the book and I was very excited when I heard Brad Pitt would be doing this movie … I also didn’t think it’d get off the ground so the fact that they are filming is fantastic news for me.

  37. orion70 says:

    @jon, not completely. There were some scenes in the Arctic or something where some were thawing out or what not, if I remember correctly.

    The book is excellent imho, but I do tend to like post-apocalyptic stuff like this (Zombie Survival Guide is also pretty good). I really hope it transitions well into a movie, but MB apparently gave Brad the stamp of approval so what do I know.

  38. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @constance- “Love those kneepad pants. Did he get them from the Lohan line?”

    Hahahahaha! Thanks for making me spit out my wine.

  39. lisa says:

    I don’t care where he got the pants from


  40. Sakyiwaa says:

    you said it, lisa!

  41. shay lee says:

    Brad is back to being Hot Brad.All I can say is Welcome Back, We missed you!
    He never lost his talent so add hot Brad back to the always talented Brad and it sounds like a great movie already!

  42. sandy#1 says:

    hot, sexy, brad,, i will go see this movie, brad is talented,,very handsome.

  43. Katherine M. says:

    jon: “World War Z the novel takes place AFTER the zombie’s are already all dead.”

    Careful. There’re not ALL dead. Don’t forget the ones that are still walking around on the ocean’s floor. LOL!

    Seriously, this is a great book. Max Brooks’ creation of a world 10 years after VZ – Victory over Zed – and the aftermath of a worldwide epidemic that almost wiped out humanity is chilling and funny and scary and poignant and politically topical. The story is told in vignettes by diverse people around the globe and Brad’s character travels to talk to them: the doctor who initially stumbles upon the first known victim/zombie – the 12 year old boy in rural china, the Battle of Yonkers with soldiers fighting and losing terribly until they can figure out a winning method of warfare, the Japanese computer nerd lost in his own world who doesn’t realize what’s going on in his apartment building with zombies all around, the female fighter pilot supplying defensive outposts east of the Rockies whose plane crashes in enemy/zombie territory, the Battle of the Five Colleges, the idiot celebrities oblivious to their danger, the sewers of Paris, Israel’s invitation to all Jews and to all those born within its borders to come home as they race to build a defense, the Chinese submarine pilot, the diablical plot by the South African government to survive, and about 25 other stories. Almost all interesting.

    There. Just a taste. Kaiser, go get the paperback and at least read a few chapters. Seriously, this is a pretty well known book. I’m kind of amazed so many people here don’t at least know what it’s about. Because it’s broken up into short chapters – each specific story from a different character – it’s ideal for commutes.

    Big problem will be which stories to include. Many fans of the book were urging that this be an HBO series instead of a movie since there were so many good stories.

    Oh, and Brad looks hot as hell. This man is beautiful. Unfair because it’s mostly in the genes.

  44. really says:

    The scarf probably has ANGIES SCENT on it, so he doesn’t go loco………

  45. amanda says:

    If you watch Soylent Green with Charleton Heston, he is wearing a neckerchief.

  46. Cheyenne says:

    Katherine M.: Many fans of the book were urging that this be an HBO series instead of a movie since there were so many good stories.

    My feeling exactly. Then they could tell the whole book. I’m about 3/4 through it and it’s very well written and scary as hell.

  47. Sakyiwaa says:

    @really: lol!

  48. The scarf seconds as a zombie lasso,just incase you drop your rifle or compound bow.Lara Croft doesn’t know everything!

  49. Toe says:

    @Hanna of Machars LOOOLLL.
    With Lara Croft as your wife, he is well prepared for a zombie war..