Amy Winehouse’s entire tour was canceled and she’ll be ‘going away’ for years

Yesterday it was announced that Amy Winehouse’s planned 12 city European tour, two dates of which had already been canceled, would be entirely scrapped. I read this news in The Sun along with the detail that she’ll be going away “for years” and waited to hear official confirmation. It’s true, we won’t be seeing Amy for a while. Amy did play one disastrous gig in Belgrade, in which she swayed and mumbled, scratching her arms and struggling to stand upright. The video was painful to watch. She’s clearly in the throes of addiction and needs treatment, or at least to be taken out of the spotlight for her own well being. It’s the right decision.

A musician from the band who opened up for Amy just told The Sun that Amy had to be pushed on stage to perform, and that she was protesting and “obviously needed help.” What’s more is that people around Amy tried to keep all booze and drugs away from her before the show, but she got ahold of some anyway. Sad.

ANA ZOE KIDA, whose band ZEMLJA GRUVA shared the bill, said: “Four British bodyguards simply pushed her to step up on stage.

“She did not want to and was making a scene trying to escape them.

“It was distressing to see, she obviously needed help.”

The Sun revealed management were baffled how Amy got sozzled so quickly as she arrived at Saturday’s Belgrade gig sober and booze was banned at her city hotel.

[From The Sun]

As a side note I googled “Amy Winehouse tour canceled” and found this story from 2007 when she canceled her UK dates back when her then-husband was in jail. Amy has been in a bad state for some time and she probably won’t reach a level where she can do an extensive tour again. Maybe she’ll be able to record more music at some point, though. It’s just a shame that she’s turned out like this, but maybe once she’s out of the spotlight she’ll be able to recover like she did before. I was surprised at how much better she got over the last couple of years when she went on an extended vacation to the Caribbean and had some down time.



Amy is shown out on 10/8/10. Credit:

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  1. curegirl0421 says:

    Poor girl. I imagine her family is terrified for her.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    So, so sad. She’s got talent out the wazoo, but she’s been traversing a very dangerous path for quite awhile now. I really, REALLY hope she gets help.

  3. Sha says:

    She’s never been sober. She may have stopped using as frequently to get clean for a gig, court, save face for a bit- but as a former addict, I can tell you that “going away for a bit” isn’t going to get her sober. Its years and its hard emotional work, changing everything/everyone in your life from the inside out- thats why Lindsay Lohan will never be sober.

  4. Celebitchy says:

    @Sha – I don’t see her getting sober either. I see her maintaining and hopefully not binging if she’s not performing and there isn’t any pressure on her. Sad.

  5. nnn says:

    Amy Whinouse = Withney Houston = same battles, same sour taste in the mouth of wasted talent !

    Amy is still young though and has still a shot at coming back sober and successful but she really, really needs to want it and get her act together.

    She needs to fix her shit ASAP, once and for all.

  6. imabrat says:

    She’s got Jolie leg syndrome.
    I feel sorry for her, and wish her the best. The girl really does have talent, a talent that it’s a shame to barf down the toilet.

  7. brin says:

    Very sad, she has such talent. I wish the best for her.

  8. Emily says:

    I was just staring at her face trying to figure out how it looks so good. It’s because she’s finally taken off that really thick winged eyeliner.

  9. Thea says:

    Poor woman. I hope she can get clean and salvage her career. She really has talent.

  10. Lee says:

    Amy Winehouse is really a tragic story of run-away self-destruction, and it seems unlikely she’ll EVER be motivated or strong enough to turn this train around and create a happy ending. Very sad.

  11. lucky says:

    I know you folks are goop friendly, but all I can think of is ‘Country Strong’ it was so hard to watch someone self destruct in that/ this way.

  12. Ell says:

    On the radio they were just playing a recording of Amy singing live with the BBC Band. She sang ‘Love Is A Losing Game’. She’s so talented, the way she can interpret a song and the emotion she is able to portray is incrediable. I was wondering if she wasn’t so intrinsically sad would she be able to slip inside a song so well.

    Anyway I wish her well and hope she is able to recover fully.

  13. Faye says:

    Best wishes to her, honestly. I hate to see this, that video was devastating. It’s awful to see anyone in such a condition.

  14. Lala11_7 says:

    Man…I truly LOVE this chile…

    I will NEVA understand why people push damaged artist back in the limelight and ALWAYS seemed shocked when they fall apart, touring is the WORST thing for an addict to do (El Debarge, Whitney Houston, etc.)…

    Why can’t she just live on that island where she seemed the happiest and release music when it moves her…

    Leave the touring to people who have the stamina for it…

  15. ghoulish_moose says:

    I really like Amy Winehouse and like everyone else has said, it’s an immense shame that she can’t seem to sort herself out. A massive waste of a genuine talent.

    I couldn’t even bare to finish watching that video of her the other night on stage. I fear we may never get the old Amy back. Its just such a shame. I’m genuinely sad for her. It’s a miracle she’s still here I think!

  16. Lem says:

    Oh Amy, Amy, Amy
    Please get well…

  17. Luci says:

    I really hope she gets the help she needs. AW is awesome

  18. bluhare says:

    I agree with everyone; she could have a great career; she can sing. But she can’t leave her demons alone. So the only way she can ever get sober is if she finds a place where her demons can’t find her. Don’t think being in the public eye is it. I bet it brings on all the insecurities which is why she starts the substances to shore herself up.

    The story was she was in “rehab” at The Priory for a week prior to the tour. That wasn’t rehab. It was detox. Detox doesn’t get you sober; it gets you detoxified. So an obvious late state alcoholic chugs vodka in the store on the way to detox, detoxes for five days, comes out and is supposed to go on a big tour two weeks later? Her management needs to be fired. No one inher condition could ever do that kind of tour with the withdrawal she must have been going through. It’s almost abusive.

  19. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @Emily: I thought the same thing about her face. I wondered if I would have to RUN after saying that her face looks (gasp!) good and actually pretty. She is an extremely talented young woman, and I agree that it is such a waste when she is living her life wasted.

    Go away and get the help you need Amy, and get better!! God bless.

  20. Ron says:

    It’s interesting the “aww poor baby, hope she gets better” responses here, but if you changed the name to Lindsay Lohan, there would be venom. What’s the difference? Both girls are talented and dealing with the same issues. Perhaps if they were left alone for bit to get things together and heal, they would get better, but the media will not leave either of them alone long enough for that to happen. i wish them both the best in their recovery, which is a life long road.

  21. velourazure says:

    i think amy has damaged her brain so badly, a la whitney, that she will never be right again.

  22. Lantana says:

    The video link above was pulled by YouTube in their policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content…?? I’m not sure I get it.

  23. Shay says:

    I’m surprised she hasn’t been sectioned.
    I too think that she has suffered long term brain damage. An interview I read a year ago, where a journalist spent a few days with her in the Bahamas, indicated that Amy displayed infantile behaviour.

    C’mon Ron, there is a huge difference between Amy and Lindsay Lohan. The latter is not only a liar, but a thief and a psychopath. What was it that she had written on her fingernails when she was in court? ‘F-k you’ wasn’t it? So obviously she thinks she is better than everyone else and repeatedly lies, whereas Amy is like a lost child. She doesn’t intentionally set out to hurt others.

    I’m not an Amy fan. Frankly, I can’t stand listening to her sing (not my favourite type of music), but there is a huge difference between the talentless Lohan and Amy.

  24. kwoww says:

    talent wasted.

  25. KB_explosion says:

    makes me want to cry. i hope amy winehouse recovers & releases music but doesn’t feel the need to tour. it’s obviously full of too many temptations & loopholes (even when the alcohol/drugs are banned).

    so back to the island amy & get your life straight. go back to writing music for you, it’s when you’re the best.

  26. Stubbylove says:

    I really hope she can get her shit together and come out the other end…and NEVER WEAR THOSE FRIGGIN BALLET SLIPPERS AGAIN.

  27. Calli Pygian says:

    Pretty sad. She hasn’t an ounce of fat except for what is accumulating around her liver and middle. Look at the muscle fascicles on her thighs. Malnourished & physically wasted.

    She’s so talented. But I honestly see her doing herself in via her addictions. They have too powerful a hold on her

  28. Calli Pygian says:

    What do you suppose she weighs, minus the bolt- ons? 85lbs? 90?

  29. Camille says:

    Sad. I hope she finally sorts herself out. All the best Amy.

  30. Emily says:

    @DoMaJoReMc, yeah, I was weirded out at first. I think it’s also because she looks like she’s bathed, or at least washed her face.

    I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I hope she gets better. She really does have talent.

    @Ron, I’ve never heard a story of Amy taking a bunch of people hostage and then driving them around LA while high as a kite, or hitting a pram while driving, or stealing from stores, photo shoots, friends…

  31. hollywood101 says:

    stubbylove #26 ITA – what is it about those slippers? Maybe they’re like a security blanket? At least the pair she’s wearing are new and not all raggedy and tattered.

  32. Kosmos says:

    It’s hard to believe someone would throw their life and career away. I agree, that possibly she might never be the same again. When she first came into the wider public view, I’m not sure if she was addicted even back then. Very sad story. Will she be able to beat this, who knows.

  33. Nah, nah and nah... says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this child. She is the zeitgeist of the pained side of her generation. The “Re-hab” album, while on the surface looks kinda shallow, whiny and immature, will be studied like (Bob) Dylan in music, culture and literature classes decades from now. Mark my words.

    “Frank” is one of my all-time favorite albums and I put her up there with The Beatles & Stevie Wonder because of it. The way she articulates her pain is simply fascinating.

    “My destructive side has grown a mile wide. And, I question myself again…” And ya’ll really wanna know how she scored in Belgrade? She just asked somebody for it between going from the bathroom to the stage and they gave it to her (for free, probably).

    She has the whole pain/persuasion/victim/conquerer thing going on like that. As skanky as she looks, she’s that much more compelling. I mean, how deep do you have to be to look and act like she does and still have people all over the world trying to come to your concerts? And you only been on the scene for a few years? And the bulk of your work comes from two albums? Not your average horseheaded, addict, musicfamewhore. She’s something special.

    Unfortunately, Amy has no choice but to go the way of Billie Holiday. I just think with her (and Whitney), it’s not just addiction. I see health problems, mental and physical, that humans don’t ever heal from – they die from. It’s the kind of stuff not even the best PR people can spin for long. Even more unfortunate is that this is what will always make us feel their music that much more.

    May I be totally wrong on this call and may God be with her (them), regardless, but I think she’s going away for a much longer time than “a long time.” She ’bout to be on some Janis Joplin time.

  34. Huntress says:

    Rest in Peace Amy

  35. Kiki says:

    I feel so sad that you couldn’t get healthy Amy. You were a wonderful talent and also an inspiration in some ways.
    I actually felt incredibly sad when I read about your passing away. RIP child.

  36. Fox says:

    She did go away for years. Just not how you meant it at the time. 🙁 RIP Amy!