Beyonce’s new album might bomb, record execs want a Destiny’s Child reunion


I’ve been following some of the scattered news about Beyonce’s new album, 4. When Beyonce’s album release date was announced, and Beyonce began showing up on magazine after magazine, it was assumed that Bey was starting a major push to support her new album. But then some sources claimed that Beyonce’s label, Columbia, wasn’t happy with the album at all, and were considering pushing back the release date so that Beyonce could do more work on it. Now Page Six reports that the label is bracing for this album to be Beyonce’s worst-seller thus far, just because the former hit-machine has created an album with very few radio-friendly hits:

Columbia Records executives fear Beyoncé’s new album, “4,” could be a dud after she refused to return to the studio to re-record new tracks, sources say.

“They’re very nervous about Beyoncé’s new record,” an industry insider told us. “It doesn’t have the hit songs that her fans are used to. They asked her to make changes, but she said no.”

Bracing for the worst, Columbia suits are strategizing in case of slower sales and have had “quiet discussions” about the reunion of Destiny’s Child.

“Beyoncé’s career has stalled a bit,” a source told us. “Columbia seems to think they can get some mileage out of a comeback record with all of the girls.” Another source tells us Destiny’s Child could start recording together as early as October, with a suggested album title “Family Reunion.”

But Kelly Rowland might not be eager to join forces again. Our source said, “She has her own solo career now, why would she want to be singing back up for Beyoncé?”

A Columbia rep told us, “All I know is that the record came in . . . Nothing was ever discussed to change it.” Beyoncé’s rep said, “All of this is completely untrue. All of it.” Rowland’s rep didn’t get back to us.

[From Page Six]

I’m not sure all of this “Beyonce is flailing” nonsense is really necessary. Beyonce is still a very big deal, she just happened to take some well-deserved time off. It’s not like she’s attempting to comeback after some career failure – she just hasn’t released any new music in a while. That being said, the rumors keep on rolling about how this album sucks (hard), and I’m starting to believe it. I thought Beyonce’s first single, “Run The World (Girls)” sounded like Willow Smith – and that’s the “single” you know?






Promotional images from Beyonce’s ‘4’, courtesy of Beyonce’s website.

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  1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea WTF are they talking about? Bey is still the sh*t and I love “Run The World” thats a badass song. I love anything I can dance too but seriously who writes this sh*t? Come on Page Six get it together. Love these pics of Bey too.

  2. Lem says:

    I am decidedly not a Bey fan; what is going on with her? I’m not sure I quite believe the last photos on CB were even her and without the header caption, I’d have put these as Shakira
    When did she get Rihanna’s nose?

  3. Pyewacket says:

    As long as there is not a Single Ladies type song on it, it is a hit in my book.

    Not a fan of her music, but I admire her hustle.

  4. Sigh. says:

    On a popular “afternoon-ride-home” radio show here in Metropolis, they mentioned that her record company is talking about recouping their losses and releasing this album on iTunes for $.49. Not the singles, THE ENTIRE ALBUM! FOR $.49!

    IF that is true, that’s practically giving the album away, and record companies don’t care who someone is or was, they only have one bottom line: MAKE money, not lose it.

    Personally, I have always thought she was overrated, but the biz can be fickle as f*ck, and word-of-mouth can be devastating to sales.

  5. Jenna says:

    That last pic looks like a bad drag version of Britney Spears – not really all that much like Beyonce.

    Eh – never was a huge fan, her music has had some catchy bits, but the second she opens her mouth and starts going on about the Sasha Fierce stuff, I was gone.

  6. Whatever! says:

    I liked Destiny’s Child. Never thought B had what it took to make it as big as she has. But with Jay Z behind her…..and an unbelievable marketing team. Well, we see how far a talentless girl can make it. But we already new that, look at Brittney. I would love if they both just went away. Hold on….Hold on….let me get on stage and whip my hair back and forth, ha thats were the equally talentless pinkett-smith kid got it.

  7. sassenach says:

    @ #6. You may not like Beyonce and even I don’t like her music but she IS talented with strong work ethic for a young star.

    I can’t think of any other young singer that works as hard as Beyonce besides maybe Gaga. Not to mention that her life has been virtually drama free. She gives her all of stage and in anything that she does. I only wish she had better music because her music sucks but her fame is well deserved.

  8. Mia135 says:

    Yikes, what is going on in photo #4 with her posing on the bed?? That looks NOTHING like her! No way that is Bey in #4.

    I totally agree Sassenach. I admire that her life is drama-free, you don’t really hear any weird stories about her in real life like you do with some other celebs.
    I agree she is not the most talented, but she does work hard for what she has; I don’t get why people hate on her so much.

  9. jover says:

    Sign on sigh and whatever, she’s overrated, overpaid, a dim wit – have you seen any of her interviews – like most pop stars, she has most everything done for her – music, styling, marketing, choreography – just a tedious manufactured pop star. WIthout endless marketing and endless music vids, would she be as big. She’s a legend in her own mind, and 25 yrs. from now her crap “music” will be forgotten; Sade is way better and completely underrated, as many have commented on this site and others, bouncy has little interest in music; it’s just a means to sustain her celebrity lifestyle; if you want an example of a true singer performing when music mattered, as opposed to today when it’s a product, watch Janis Joplin’s performance at woodstock on youtube – that’s music not bouncy’s toy crap.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Maybe people have realizes that she ripp of other artist all the time. Seriusly look at Ciaras Like a boy

    But you know she just `paid homadge`(problebly spelled that wrong)
    to C. And the only reason im sure she wont steal Ride is because she cant dance like C.

  11. werty says:

    Maybe people have realizes that she ripp of other artist all the time. Seriusly look at Ciaras Like a boy

    But you know she just `paid homage`(problably spelled that wrong)
    to C. And the only reason im sure she wont steal Ride is because she cant dance like C.

    End of rant

  12. Ron says:

    You pulled out a Janis Joplin comparison?? Really. I can see my Granny saying “Look at the girl scream, that’s not music. Now Rosemary Clooney, that’s a singer” Not the same.

  13. RHONYC says:

    Aidan Shaw from SNTC:

    “not like bomb as in, ‘DA BOMB’!

    haha, ya know, nooot like the good kind”.


  14. Lem says:

    an old blind about a young hyphen or multi talent who had full unnecessary face lift +would be out of the public oye for a good bit as she was unrecognizable. Take away the lace fronts and that’s what you have here!

  15. Nancy says:

    @Jover I completely agree!

    Beyonce is so boring and overrated it’s not even funny. I mean it’s the same garbage over and over again she’s the black version of Lady Gaga, she just doesn’t have any appeal anymore.

  16. lucy2 says:

    She looks really different.

    I haven’t thought any of her music is all that great, yet she still sells big time, so I don’t know what they’re so worried about. If I were the other 2 girls, I wouldn’t be so eager to do a reunion album either.

  17. weslyn says:

    She has her core fanbase- the diehard stans…but most people I’ce talked to wouldn’t mind her taking a lllooonngg break and think the latest songs r hot garbage..and r loving the new Kelly Rowland song

  18. Luci says:

    Is anyone else scared by the pictures? 😛
    she looks like a disney villainess
    (with a pr0n attitude) 😛

  19. mew says:

    Already the last album was weak imho.. a lot of songs that didn’t make me want to listen any of them even once. The new single Girls run the world is definitely very Willow Smith only worse. Not good signs..

    Plus her pictures are starting to become just way too cheap.. equally like the whole House of Dereon clothing line thingy.

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    She jumped the shark long ago. Just don’t care anymore.

  21. June says:

    Gee…remember when Loreal made her a couple of shades lighter? Um- she straight up looks white here! And she has been showing A LOT of cleavage/boob action lately.

  22. reggie says:

    She has the voice of a shrieking peacock and a personality of a toilet bowl; I’ll never forget when she almost pushed Tina Turner off the stage with her conniption fit dance moves.

  23. HotLatino says:

    RTW flopped and her second single is flopping hard too!!! She doesn’t have a hit single in this era so 4 is gonna bomb and hard.

  24. spinner says:

    Beyonce…circling the drain.

  25. Shay says:

    I never used to mind Beyonce. Then she had to really overdo the slut thing and it annoyed me that she presented that example (that a female artist is only better when gyrating her punani, not to mention that her songs aren’t about any female empowerment at all. Putting a ‘ring’ on it? WTF?)

    The thing is, she doesn’t really carry the slut thing off that well,but not only that, the ‘slut’ factor is there because the songs are so lame and pathetic.
    She has enough money. She should just follow the mantra in her songs and retire now while she occupies a decent position in the music stakes.

    She has been lucky (if she hadn’t had the managers in her career, she’d be nowhere because she doesn’t have the Madonna or Lady GaGa smarts).
    As far as interviews show, she isn’t the brightest spark. Beyonce, retire or take a break and finish your basic education.

    She is getting whiter by the album no?
    That’s the other annoying aspect about her. She is that insecure but one some magazine shoots she’s done the black face thing.

  26. katielouisiana says:

    I saw her video debut of “Run the World”(girls) on American Idol. It was just awful. (I like Beyonce) I checked it again on You Tube thinking maybe I just was in the wrong mood for it-nope-still awful.

  27. jover says:

    12# what is wrong with the Janis comparison? Comparisons are made in many aspects of life, including music. Is you’re dismissal of janis a backhanded admission that bouncy’s “music” is weak, lame, pedestrian, and forgettable. Perhaps the tina turner comparison would be better; remember how tina and mick tore it up at the end of the We are the world concert – imagine bouncy doing that. FLat out as others have said she needs to retire.

  28. Amanda G says:

    I’m not a bit surprised it will bomb. The first single was awful. The 2nd single is better though and I’m surprised it hasn’t picked up steam. She’ll be fine though. I can’t believe people are calling her “talentless.” She may be a nit wit, but she does have talent.

  29. luls says:

    What she SHOULD have done, was EXTENDED her break and had a baby with Jay-Z already. Now’s the perfect time. Then come BACK after 2-3 years with an “inspired, deep” album, Alicia Keys style. She HAS the vocal chops for it. (dont care what her haters think) Her problem is that her music isn’t evolving.

    The woman makes really good music when she’s inspired. Just look at her 1st 2 albums. Amazing!! but the last one was annoying pop trash (except for a couple of songs on it) and it seems this 4th one is just as blah.

    Stop trying to compete with the likes of Rihanna, Gaga, Kesha…. youre ALREADY an established houshold name, have been in this business LONGER, and are worth MILLIONS more than any of them, honey.

    DANG! I should be a music manager…

  30. Rio says:

    I’m trying to figure out just who the Hell she looks like in the last two “Twin Peaks-themed Porno” photographs. Nikki Minaj maybe? It’s somebody, but it sure as heck isn’t Beyonce.

  31. blondie says:

    well, she only had a couple good songs before, but I think her album will still sell well because she has enough fans who think her **** don’t stink.

  32. Houston TEXAS says:

    Bey is a good singer but I think she should take off for a while…she just dont like to NOT be in the bright lights…she has to step aside and give someone else a chance…I use to buy her music all the time but now its time to her new sounds of music…she did an excellent job and just need to really take a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong break….then comeback…Kelly Rowland is doing really good though!

  33. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Shay “I never used to mind Beyonce. Then she had to really overdo the slut thing and it annoyed me that she presented that example (that a female artist is only better when gyrating her punani, not to mention that her songs aren’t about any female empowerment at all. Putting a ‘ring’ on it? WTF?)”

    THANK YOU for writing this! I have never understood why anyone thinks this woman represents anything to do with female empowerment. I mean, seriously, between the last album and even some of the later Destiny’s Child stuff (hello Cater 2 U!) the message couldn’t be further from female empowerment. The message is to find a good man (or at least a powerful one), subjigate your entire existence for him, and then manipulate him until he marries you.

    It’s a shame that her later music has no teeth and is often laced with conflicting themes about what it is to be female, because I thought the early stuff she did with DC was great. Independent women? Good stuff. Heck, even bills bills bills and bug-a-boo were more female forward than single ladies!

    *end rant*

  34. C-DUB says:

    Rhi Rhi and Katy Perry have over done the slut thing.

    How could a 25 year female who has followed her dreams and has made her own money NOT be empowering to women??? You don’t have to like her, hell you don’t even have to like her music, but you do have to respect someone who has been around for 10 years and is still doing her thing. Beyonce has never had a public breakdown or posted nude pics. I don’t understand why y’all are hatin’ so much?? Even when I am tired of seeing her, I still respect her determination.

    I’ll be buying the album and singing along real loud in my car!

  35. Carolyn says:

    Totally agree #9. Her and Jay-Z’s hyper inflated egos did it for me (as with the Sasha Fierce thing). I’m not buying anything these two are behind to support their obscenely rich lifestyle. I prefer Kelly Rowland’s work. She seems genuine. Hope she doesn’t give in and reform Destiny’s Child – they’ve had their day.

  36. Louise says:

    I think this story is false. I don’t know how anybody can say her career is stalling considering she hasn’t done anything in a year and her last cd was 3 years ago. For the last couple of years the biggest selling cd sold under 3 million so this probably will be Beyonce’s worst selling cd. I don’t see how a Destiny’s Child reunion would help. I know they were a popular group but I don’t think there’s an outcry for a reunion.

    Sigh: That story doesn’t make sense. Since it’s so cheap I don’t see how the label could make any money at all. Besides her album comes out in a week. I’m going to assume that a lot of cds have been printed and shipped plus all of the publicity costs. It’s kind of late to decide not to release an album.

  37. AngelMay says:

    I blame Jay-Z. She has no mind of her own and her father marketed her better.

  38. TG says:

    @Lem – thought the same thing Bey is trying to look like the gorgeous and sexy shakira. No one can compare to her. Remember the video of Beautiful Liars? Shakira has a naturalness to her moves that are very organic and sexy that way. Bey just looked like a slut gyrating around.

    That being said I do like Bey and a lot of her music and she I think she was smart enough to go away for a bit and now she is back so look forward to seeing her at the music awards next season. I would rather watch Bey than those annoying brats like Beiber and his showmance lover selena.

  39. Sigh. says:

    Louise: I acknowledged the validity of that story might be questionable (“IF this story is true.”)

    Selling it short COULD (in theory) make them a little more money. I and others might not buy a *rumored* bad album for $9.99 (all together now, IN THIS ECONOMY), but what do I have to lose at $.49? Or $5.49? I’m NOT saying it IS true, but it’s creative accounting/marketing to say the least.

    My point is that if they are preparing to be disappointed by her sales, these rumors, 2 low performing singles, and 2 delayed releases will only further dampen her selling potential. Granted her “failure” of selling 1-2 million short of say her usual 5 million would be another act’s victory, but in perspective, millions are funneled into her proven career/image and she might not make the money-makers their investment back this time. And that’s what it’s all about.

    But even if it tanks, they’ll just push her out on the road to squeeze every dime outta this album before it quickly disappears…and she’s got some “comeback” years left.

  40. Patricia says:

    These pics make her look really desperate – trying to keep up with the new talent by resorting to over sexualization. Sad. Reminds me of Brittany and Christina.

    She’s really getting too old for this – not that it looks good at any age – but if she was really talented she would not have to resort to this foolishness.

    Finally – I can’t respect any woman who dates Jay-Z, a person who brags about fighting Pitt Bulls. What an A-HOLE.

  41. ThatBoyLuke says:

    Um this is gonna flop, the exact same thing happened with Xtina’s “BIONIC” era, dumb lead single choice which flops (although “Run the world” flopped WAY harder than “Not Myself Tonight” and then the album leaks early which happened to “BIONIC” and “4”.
    If it can happen to Xtina who has sold 48,000,000 compared to Bey’s 25,000,000 albums i don’t see why it can’t happen to Beyonce, the writing was on the wall as soon as she fired her father, Beyonce is a great singer/Performer but she is DUMB it was always her father who was the brains of the outfit and letting Bey take controll resulted in a boring album sure to flop.

    P.S I hope there’s no Destiny’s Child reunion, Kelly is finally getting some recognition and to return to Destiony’s (favourite) Child (Beyonce) would be dumb.

  42. Sue says:

    I think this story has some truth to it comments I’ve read online on many other sites and from people on the streets are saying they’re not digging her new stuff or her new whiter look, so while I don’t think her album will completely boom I do think it’s not going to do as well as her past stuff.

  43. Dhavy says:

    @ Jover

    Totally agree, overrated and no talent

    They can bring back any band she was in and she’ll still bomb

  44. harfang says:

    I’m honestly surprised that the video and track “Man Down” isn’t bigger. I guess her main audience needs a summer single that is totally mindless — insanely hot vid and awesome beats be damned. If it can’t carry the album then the industry snarks may have a point here.

    I do not agree that Rowland would just blow the opportunity off with no thought. Seems like a potentially smart option for her.

  45. matt says:

    I have heard the entire album and there are a couple of decent tracks but way too many ballads, it has ‘rush job’ written all over it.

  46. anonymous says:

    What has beyeonce done to her skin she is two shades lighter. Granted she was a light skinned African American,but not quite that light, now she looks like a lizard or something, she lightened her skin opening herself up to skin cancer, why? To compete with Lady Ga Ga? The problem with Beyeonce’s music is you don’t enjoy listening to them the vocals is not there, they are pretty bad. Her thing seem to be video’s maybe she is a different kind of performer.

  47. Nah, nah and nah... says:

    I really want her to go away for a few more years, have a couple of longfacedbigbootied babies (girl/boy twins, of course), get her stretchmarks/c-section scar removed by laser, cool out, become her own adult instead of the world’s anthem machine and then make a comeback on some old chanteuse-y tip.

    You know? Do a Susie Diamond, Julie London, Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne-y type of act with songs for people between her and her husband’s age and videos that don’t make you think you just left a Zuumba class after you watch them sitting on your arse on the couch. Think her “Me, Myself & I” video. That’s a good direction to go in now.

    Girls might run the world? But, ummmm, she’s THIRTY! I said 30. Again, thir-tea. Like, hot-Soccer-Mom-aged thurdee? That’s not a darn girl (especially, like in dog years, in showbiz years) and, while I ain’t looking for these stellar chicks to prematurely Eartha Kitt themselves and start calling for Maaaaarrrrrcus!, they shoulda quit yesterday trying to do the whole Kesha/Miley/Riri thing. We got a few generations of SATC2-era Samanthas in popular music right now that just need to stop it. Forget jumping the shark; we’re nearing pathetic status. Just ’cause you can still do the routine and rock the dress don’t mean you should. Save it for your bedroom, Ma.

    I love her. I love Janet. They will always be iconic pop stars. I absolutely adore them, their contemporaries and what they used to do better than anyone else. Now, I need them to be GROWN ASS WOMEN artists and do something new better than anyone else. I need a new thing out here record company people. NOW! And I’m very confused as to why your demographic research and “The Voice” ain’t telling you that. Until then, it’s not really about whether Bey’s album sells, I ain’t spending no more money on nobody’s “projects” (aka albums).

    Madonna evolved and changed so much she pretty much has nowhere else to go in middle age. But, its almost offensive how the record companies have the Beyonces trying to hold on so hard to their “I’m so blingstatically special and interesting and talented and fresh and different” crowns as they age. You’ve already over-sensitized us to seizure status for a decade now; COOL OUT! Go on somewhere and start working on getting MamaTina’ReathaFranklin wide already. And, not just when the Sasha Fierce ego takes a nap.

    She’s old enough now for that to sell, folks. Dontcha think? I mean, she ain’t the only HOT! 30 year old in the world who should be moving into the next phase of their (10 year marketing plan, I mean) life.

    PS – Probably not buying “4” as an “album” but might do a single or two if something moves me. So far; not likely. No offense, but, I heard a single that included a few of history’s best music stars ever and it SUCKED! Still don’t know how (or why) they collectively managed to make that happen.:-(

  48. Ilovemee says:

    She had a great run, but maybe it’s time for her to hang up her sweaty black leotard.

  49. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Tossing on a banana (to match her hair–wig colour) skirt overtop of the garter doesn’t obscure the bottle of ‘House of Denial’s Whiter 4 U Hydroquinine Craze she’s likely shilling as we speak doesn’t make me feel very empowered. But then, if the only way to advertise your agency in a man’s world is to talk about all of the silly shit you bought… Still, rigtheous indignation is carrying things away. As uninterested and frequently confused and irritated as I am in whatever she does, I still think that categorically branding her as ‘untalented in perpetuity, let’s all celebrate who I deem to be derserving of praise, else prove your backwardsness to all, now prepare for the onslaught’ is a touch much. Look, I’m never, never, never going to buy any of her albums, but I get uncomfortable with the idea that music isn’t something that can be liked or disliked, it has to prove worthiness in a musical or extra-musical plane too. That’s the sense I got from Ron’s comment. No matter how special our idols are and how evolved we think we are for liking the ‘right’ things, a lot of smart people still won’t give a crap. There are many ‘elder statemen’ of sort regularly fellated by Rolling Stone who mean less than nothing to me. I’m not ignorant or unexposed. She’s not a classical music hater, but she hates Debussy and some years ago when I and and friend did a concert (which for reasons which were legitimate) included a good hour and a half of Debussy, I saw a moment when I truly thought her head was going to explode off of its foundations. Schubert and Beethoven, that would’ve poked her smile mechanisms.

  50. Str8Shooter says:

    @Reggie: Truer words could not be spoken, IMHO.

    I have never heard this girl sing ONE song that I could bear listening to. Her music is pure GARBAGE…and while she may have a great voice, it is wasted on that drivel.

    Destiny’s Child Reunion? What, so we get more crap like ‘Bootylicious?’

  51. AM says:

    the more boring her music becomes the more she takes her clothes off…

  52. Laura says:

    In the last photo she actually looks white :/

  53. Keller says:

    Ok I have read all 52 comments, and everything that I thought of has been said. Sadly enough and in my ipinion, she lacks originality, and I don’t understand her marketing or her cause for empowerment; She is a brand like Nike, and unless she takes full control and garner some common sense and realize a basis for education she will fade out with just being recalled as a booty shaker, her lyrics are fruitless,and a ego booster when you are about to hit the club, She ultimately sends mixed messages, she wants to be known as genius artist, but she steady promotes sexuallity, havin ass and a pretty face dosen’t always cut it even hoes have that. When your before the publics eye and thier listening to you that expect for you to say something, Kim Kadashian and Lady Ga Ga articulate themselves well and you get an opportunity to look pass their celebrity status, but Beyonce needs to buy a clue.

  54. obamarocks says:

    Everybody go to Youtube. Beyonce and Nicky Minaj are on a remix of her leading single Run the World Girls together. This guy name Fyuchur produced it. Its Hot!!! Both of their fans love it

  55. On the most of these pictures she reminds me so much of Lady Gaga, I think she copies her style a bit. I liked her original RnB style way better.