Us Weekly: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield “have been hooking up”


I called this. Kind of. When the news came out several weeks ago that Andrew Garfield had dumped his TV Girl girlfriend because he had become so famous, I suggested Emma Stone for him. Andrew and Emma are costarring together in The Amazing Spiderman, but beyond that, it just seems like they would fit well together, aesthetically and personality-wise. Sidenote: I also suggested Mila Kunis for him, but that was before I know that both Emma and Mila had dated Culkins. Odd, right? Anyway, my boyfriend Andrew (I had a really explicit dream about him, and now he is my beloved) is officially “with” Emma now. So, so cute.

Web-slinging sweethearts! Production on The Amazing Spider-Man wrapped in May, but the love story between costars Emma Stone, 22, and Andrew Garfield, 27, is far from over.

“They got close during filming and have been hooking up,” a source tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands now). The new couple decided to keep things quiet, the source adds, because Garfield split with his girlfriend of three years, Raising Hope actress Shannon Woodward, in May.

(Stone recently parted ways with Kieran Culkin, 28, her beau since last fall.) “They haven’t gone public, but he’s told his friends,” the insider says.

Sparks definitely flew between the costars at the MTV Movie Awards on June 5. First, the pair flirted throughout the ceremony (he was seated behind her). Then, at the afterparty, she squealed when she saw him — and they chatted for another 20 minutes!

[From Us Weekly]

Hm… I do wonder if there was some cross-over between Andrew’s relationship with Shannon Woodward and the beginning of his thing with Emma. But I won’t focus on that. Emma and Andrew just suit each other so well – both are up-and-coming actors with critical acclaimed performances, both unafraid to aim for true movie-stardom.

Lainey compared them to Sparkles and Kristen Stewart, which I find absurd, mostly because Emma Stone is a gracious, professional, stylish, talented young woman who stands up straight, doesn’t compulsively bite her lip, nor roll her eyes when approached. As for the Andrew/Sparkles comparison – uh, Andrew can ACT. Sparkles can do alright (meh), but in the coming years, Andrew is going to be up for Oscars and SAGs, while Sparkles will plateau at MTV Movie Awards.




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  1. Samigirl says:

    I hope this is true. They are super cute together 🙂

  2. gee says:

    I thought she was with Keiran Culkin?

  3. SANDIP says:

    Love her, can’t wait for The Help.

  4. brin says:

    They make a very cool couple.

  5. Halo says:

    What a coinincidence they also star in the next Spiderman film. Interesting way to promote the film and keep it in the headlines.
    In that sense it’s just like Twilight showmance.

  6. Sandra says:

    Mila dated Macaulay and Emma was with Kieran.

  7. normades says:

    This all rather very the Notebook/Twilight. But I hope it’s a true romance like the former and not a showmance like the latter.

    Love him, LOVE HER, love the thought of them together.

  8. Nah, nah and nah... says:

    Not a fan of young Hollywood at all, but LOVE HER. If this is the “Easy A” girl? Very market-transcendent, quirky and endearing. She’s the only one out there now who could bring back the whole Julia Roberts thing/career. Hope she picks well in the future. Looking forward to following her.

    **Race Card Disclaimer** – Boycotting “The Help”, tho. Seems the real-life help didn’t get helped by this book or movie. Since I have family members who actually lived that life and never had anybody write squat about them or cut them a check for it, I’ll pass. Im waiting for “The Boss,” written by said help and produced by The Smiths (Will & Jada or Brad and Angie – you make the call).

  9. padiddle says:

    hmm, interesting, I really thought they seemed very distant and cold to each other in the shots to them in the crowd at the MTV Movie Awards. They didn’t sit next to each other, and it looked like he left before it ended, while she was still there. But maybe they were trying to keep it on the down low. Either way, she’s cute, he’s gorgeous, they’ll be cute together until they meet someone else on their next movie.

  10. CG says:

    @Halo ITA! I’m sure it’s a *total* coincidence that they have a movie coming out together, and a coincidence that they need some buzz since no one’s really been talking about it much and it’s not due out for another year. (eye roll) I don’t think I buy it, despite all the reports of them “flirting” at the MTV afterparty.

  11. carrie says:

    i guess they have a movie to promote together:it smells the RP romance à la Laboeuf/Mulligan/MoneyNeverSleeps ( and for me,Stewart/Pattinson romance is fake)

  12. KM says:


  13. janna says:

    what a dorky guy.

  14. DES says:

    I feel like he put things on “pause” with his ex-girlfriend to start this showmance with Emma Stone. They are in an EXPENSIVE new franchise and need it to work. Bet Shannon stays single and Andrew sees her on the DL when Sony isn’t looking. I’m just not buying this “hookup” story. Emma Stone is a good actress but she also knows how to play the game to sell her movies.

  15. Mary Jane says:

    I LOVE EMMA STONE! She and Kat Denning should TOTALLY do a movie together!
    (Damn! I sound like I’m 16…)

  16. lucy2 says:

    I do not find him attractive at all.
    I like her a lot, but hope they didn’t get together while he was with Shannon, because I like Shannon too.

  17. Kim says:

    dont know who either of these 2 are??

  18. sonoa says:

    Team Shannon

  19. LBeees says:

    if/when they reboot LOTR, I want to see her as Galadriel. (And you know it will happen… I’ll look forward to those movies and also to the remakes of Harry Potter. Anyone? )

  20. LBeees says:

    …but he is not hot.

    *having said that, y’all totally called Chris O’Dowd as being hot, which from his pics I said TOTES NOT but finally saw Bridesmaids and had to agree. So I’m willing to reserve judgement until I see this guy actually speak in something.

  21. Charlene says:

    Why do you talk about them like you know them personally?