Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux & the Terry Richardson conspiracy


Here are some new photos of Justin Theroux and photographer/pervert Terry Richardson, hanging out together yesterday in NYC. Theroux is getting pap’d now, which happens when you date Jennifer Aniston and her media team officially rolls you out. Richardson, as you remember, took those photos of Theroux and Aniston that we discussed yesterday. I have to thank all of you bitches for your comments and conspiracy theories yesterday on the Aniston post. I didn’t even notice Aniston’s hair – but in the Terry Richardson photos, supposedly taken two nights ago, Aniston’s hair was much longer than it’s been. Her hair looked pre-haircut, meaning the photos may have been taken BEFORE mid-February, when Aniston chopped off her locks during the European tour for Just Go With It. Of course, her hair in the Richardson photos could have been extensions. But she didn’t have extensions yesterday, when she was photographed in a see-through skirt.

So… what does this mean? Is there some kind of conspiracy involving some months-old photos taken by Terry Richardson, which Terry only released when Aniston and Theroux gave him the go ahead. And if they were taken months ago, is it proof that Aniston and Theroux were in the midst of a romantic relationship months before he officially ended things with his live-in girlfriend of 14 years? That’s what Us Weekly’s cover story is about this week – we had the first excerpts of the story yesterday, but Jezebel had even more:

The magazine lays out a timeline for the Aniston and Theroux relationship. In March, Theroux’s ex, Heidi, was super excited about her relationship with Justin and they were even talking about getting property in Hawaii together. She had no idea he was about to dump her. But he had known for months, because he’d been getting closer to Jen on the set of the appropriately titled film Wanderlust. Even though Heidi believes that J and J never became intimate on the set, Jen was renting a huge lakehouse while filming, and would hold parties there. Then the parties turned private. DUN DUN DUN. Justin’s friends would joke, “Have you broken up with your girlfriend yet?” But he was too scared — he felt indebted to her, since they’d been together so long. Sigh. We feel really bad for the girlfriend and it kind of sounds like Theroux is an a–hole.

[From Us Weekly via Jezebel]

Meanwhile, OK! Magazine claims that Aniston doesn’t want Theroux to live in the same apartment that he shared with his girlfriend of 14 years, so she’s finding him a new apartment. She’s also planning a vacation with him and introducing him to friends, etc. In Touch Weekly says that Aniston and Theroux had a public date in NYC WEEKS before he ended it with Heidi.

Basically, there was an overlap. Did these Terry Richardson photos happen during the overlap? I think they might have.

Also: Theroux has a bald spot.






Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News and Terry’s Diary.

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  1. brin says:

    Re: bald spot….guess that’s one thing Jen didn’t cover up…lol.

  2. anom says:

    bitch was screwing balding eddie munster behing the gf’s back.

  3. DenG says:

    For the second time today, I’ll say “I find him supremely unattractive”. Not to mention her.

  4. Sue says:

    This is so funny because it is a re-play of the Brad/Angie get together. They started to like each other on set. The x-girlfriend doesn’t think they slept together. I am just sitting here laughing. I am sure that the Angie/brad fans will defend Jen because they have been defending Brad/Angie for years now. To funny! As I have been saying all along good for Jen for changing her image. As for the hair – who knows and who cares when the picture was taken. The Brad/Angie fans are obsessed with Jen. be happy that she found love the same way as Brad/Angie and move on. Oh and as usual this post will get over 100 posts within minutes. Why is it that people are so obsessed with this woman?

    And as for his looks. I don’t think that Jen was ever really into pretty boys. She has a type for sure and it is not pretty boys who love their mommies.

    also he has a bald spot becuase he is almost forty happens. Unlike someone else we know who has hair plugs. Love a man who can age without the facelifts and hair plugs.

  5. mln76 says:

    Not even bothering to mention anything about the timing I think we all knew this anyway, and we all know her fans don’t care because Heidi isn’t famous and Jen can do no wrong…Just wondering does JT’s close relationship with Terry Richardson matter to anyone? the guy is a major perv, not quite Roman Polanski but close.

  6. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Terry and Justin make a GREAT looking couple!! They are made for each other.

  7. Lee says:

    I don’t know, it’s kind of hard to tell from that one photo in the see-through dress – her hair is in layers, and it could have been behind her shoulders. In these black and white photos her hair still doesn’t look as long as it was before the big cut, so not yet convinced these are old pics. Oh, and the dude’s facial hair? GROSS.

  8. mia girl says:

    @brin – you always bring the funny!

    Maybe part of this is an effort to loose her girl next door sunshine image. She probably wants to move towards more serious or edgy dramatic roles, but is stuck in a rom-com hell of her own making.

  9. Rose says:

    Under all the beard and stuff, he DOES have a hell of a body, please to observe-

    Although his accent in Charlie’s Angels was one of THE worst Irish accents I ever heard.

    Please to also observe-

  10. Enny says:

    The beard doesn’t do anything for him, but if you ever watch old reruns of Sex and the City or Six Feet Under, he was HOT HOT HOT.

  11. Violet says:

    It’s pretty clear that Justin and Jen have been hooking up for months, and Jen was aware of his live-in girlfriend the entire time.

    His poor ex. Justin Theroux — a guy I’d never even heard of until this scandal — obviously screwed her over six ways from Sunday.

    Aniston’s PR team is amazing. Her career began and ended with Friends, her marriage ended years ago, and yet she still manages to keep in the public eye all these years later and has a ‘good girl’ rep despite friends like Chelsea Handler and lovers like John Mayer. If you judge a person by the company they keep, Jennifer Aniston is a complete skank.

  12. Enny says:

    Not to mention Mulholland Drive – HOT!

  13. imabrat says:

    Little Miss Sneaky Pants caught with her hand in another woman’s cookie jar.

  14. Mr. Greek says:

    You know, for the life of me, I can’t comprehend the fact that so many people just don’t get it with this over-rated skank Aniston. Her entire freakin’ life and career are one continuous publicity stunt orchestrated by her “publicist”, Prick Whorevane. Every male co-star in a soon-to-be released A-bomb of hers is ALWAYS her latest and newest and bestest love ever! And people fall for this tired shit again, again, and again.

    Aniston has always sent out severe skank vibes (for me, anyway), same with her BFF, Cocks. Aniston is very good friends with fellow skanks – rapist Joe Francis, Chelsea Handjob, etc., and it’s a well known fact you ARE the company you keep.

  15. Gwen says:

    He seems to be a real dick.

  16. munchies says:

    birds with same feather flocks together.

    therox has short and small… legs. total downgrade from all guys she slept with…

    how about theroux vs o-face meyer?

  17. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Ha!!!! I am watching Sex and the City on E! right now and they are playing Justin’s episode. Uhhh…I don’t cry over spilled milk, his gf is gone, they broke up…*shurgs*…like what else do people want? What I want is to see how Justin and Jen fair since they are newly coupled. When will they finally come out as a couple? Is he the one Jen will have babies with? I mean regardless of how they started, Jen has a new man.

  18. Whatever says:

    Yeah, her hair was much longer than that before she cut it off. It looks like it has grown back in, but stil isn’t nearly as long as it was. Nothing to this but photo assumption, unless someone actually knows when they were taken and that doesn’t appear to be the case.

    One thing this story does show is that he wasn’t in love with his gf and was staying out of obligation. Never a good thing. Of course, people should break up and spend a few months alone before moving to a new relationship, but most people are insecure and weak, which is why they need a jump off before they leave, staying for years and years in dead relationships.

  19. brin says:

    @mia girl…just couldn’t resist!

  20. Iggles says:

    Justin’s friends would joke, “Have you broken up with your girlfriend yet?” But he was too scared — he felt indebted to her, since they’d been together so long.

    What a douche. Ugh.

    Jen is vile too.

    Haha at his bald spot. It’s only gonna get bigger..

  21. Reality says:

    Yep. That’s exactly how i thought this conspiracy would play out. Forget that her hair was the same longer length in the candids of them on the street and that everyone in hollywood rocks extensions, or that he’s wearing the same leather jacket in these pictures (in June OMG!), or that she appears to be wearing her new ‘Jennifer’ ring, or that the pictures were taken in Soho while they filmed the movie in Atlanta, or that these two guys just happen to be at the same NY location 2 days later.

    Nah, lets just use these pictures as proof that she’s just as bad as Jolie and they were totally all over each other while he still had a girlfriend! Way juicier. Viva la triangle!

  22. Sue says:

    Oh and as for the hair – her hair is the same length here as it was in the pap pictures with the rings the other day. She obviously had extensions and then took them out. Move along.

    And why would you feel sorry for heidi when we all know that the individuals posting here love it when a man leaves a woman under less then good circumstances and then moves on without looking back. Remember guys how proud you all were of brad when he left jen and then never looked back. A strong man who loves his woman you all say. Well same goes for this guy. You should be loving him. He is actually exactly like brad.

  23. Jackson says:

    Who the hell is Justin Therwhatever anyway? I’ve never heard of him. An actor, I assume??

  24. says:

    In what way, are tight-as* pants, with your CK briefs hanging out over a slight beer gut an attractive look? Seriously, whoever is directing Hollywood and their “fashion” needs to just stop

  25. Mia says:

    Well, well, well…Little Ms. Aniston was doing something uncool and the release of these pictures might mean someone’s sensitivity chip malfunctioned.

  26. Cheyenne says:

    *GAG* What a trio. They totally deserve each other.

    @Sue: You can try to spin this in Aniston’s favor till the cows come home, but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a world-class skank. And the hypocrisy of her fans is mind-blowing.

  27. zesty says:

    He gets his style from Pete Wentz and his glasses in the bottom photo from my dad, circa 1982.

  28. mia girl says:

    @brin – Never resist! I count on you :)

  29. mln76 says:

    People keep saying that Angie did it to Jen so it doesn’t matter what happens now and good for her.
    Did I miss something did Angie change her name to Heidi? Jen isn’t getting back at Angie by screwing some lame ass wanna-be biker with a girlfriend on the side.
    Whether or not there was cheating Heidi is an innocent bystander she isn’t famous and although she’s trying to get out her side of the story she’s not going to get a cover of Vanity Fair or Vogue to air her grievences. What may have happened between Brad & Angie really doesn’t excuse Jen’s behavior in this matter.

    EDIT: OH and I am still curious if anyone (especially those who hate Roman Polanski) have a reaction to the Terry Richardson connection????

  30. Ari says:

    I can easily see Theroux being bent over six ways from sunday by some bear

  31. kibbles says:

    Douche sandwich. I think Aniston did the girlfriend a favor. The ex-girlfriend is still young. She can find a much better guy than Theroux. This relationship will be over soon enough and when that day comes I hope the ex-girlfriend doesn’t take his ass back.

  32. Kaboom says:

    The irony on this one is so thick, you could bottle and sell off most of it and still have a life’s supply left.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    @ mia
    Right on target – thanks for the funnies!

  34. Laura says:

    Ew, I do not get the appeal of that dude at all. Yuck. And the fact that he hangs out with that perv photographer. Gross.

  35. flutters says:

    I’ve now added “uncool” to the list of attributes Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie now have in common. Previously the list of common attributes included “desperately attention seeking,” “relentlessly image obsessed,” “horribly overexposed,” and “obscenely overrewarded for average talent.” Oh and “attracted to bland, equally overrewarded actor” too.

    Brad Pitt obviously has a type.

  36. sonoa says:

    Wow, him and Terry look like total scooby doo van child molesters. And Justin is LOVING the pap attention, look at him posing basically. Gross. Jennifer Aniston seems like an idiot.

  37. Embee says:

    It’s karma. Plain and simple. I do hope that Heidi was given a bit of a head’s up. What a devastating turn of events for her.

    ETA: I don’t mean that Heidi had this coming. I mean Jen’s karma.

  38. nnn says:

    @ 22 Sue

    He is absolutely not like Brad. For all we know, there are actually two persons involved in each situation that paint it differently : Courtney Cox and Heidi’s mum.

    For all accounts, in Brad’s situation, Courtney said that Brad talked about his feelings to Jen and said that he wanted to divorce to pursue Jolie as a free man. That at first Jen didn’t want it and kinda suggest him to do it undercover and let it out of his system, thinking it was just lust but he refused.

    In that case, we have a man who from Heidi’s mum’s mouth admitted in late may that he was only friends with jen when he was confronted to the rumors. So he lied straigthforwardly like a man who doesn’t really want to break up with his woman but wants to lead a double life the longest possible.

    It’s a case a la Jessy James : a man who doesn’t really want to end his relationship with his woman but miss something and want to have it with some ‘in betweens’. Those men are able to jump from one bed to the other one within a few hours and put an act as if they are happy with each of thieir ladies.

    I think he has cheated several times during that 14 year relatiopnhip. The classic case of a man who can’t be happy with one woman at a time and need to have some ‘entertainment’ in between a committed relationship.

    That’s what i think in relation to his hesitation of breaking up with his woman and inhability to take any opportunity given to him to say he is through with her. Instead he lied and put up a show like he was still in love with her.

  39. KsGirl says:

    If it went down like some are speculating, then it’s uncool, period. Doesn’t matter who does it – Brad/AJ or Jen/Justin or Nonfamous/Nonfamous – it’s a shitty thing to do.

    I am WAY more grossed out by the fact that Jen appears to be buddy-buddy with disgusting creep Terry Richardson, and her new boyf seems to be close to him too. Richardson is…not an awesome human being. Ick.

  40. nan says:

    What an “uncool” couple. A conniving skank and an Eddie Munster wannabe. They deserve each other.

  41. Reality says:

    nnn please can you provide a link that Cox said any of that? Especially the part about ‘let(ting) it out of his system’. I find it hard to believe that Anistons best friend would rat her out like that. It sounds like Brange fan fiction to me.

    And how do we know this Heidi’s mother wasn’t lying or making statements when she had no clue what was really going on? It’s all hearsay! We don’t KNOW anything.

    And I agree Richardson is a total creep, but a lot of famous/well respected people associate with him. Like Obama, Robert Downey Jr, Daniel Day Lewis, Tom Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc. Being a perve doesn’t get you shunned in hollywood…

  42. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Who is Terry Richardson?

  43. Ally says:

    Yeah, the fact that he’s hugging-buddies with noted exploitative pervert Terry Richardson makes me instantly loathe him.

    I hope he had a penicillin shower afterwards.

  44. Cherry Rose says:

    @Cheyenne – There’s hypocrisy with Brad and Angelina fans as well. Some of the Brangeloonie fans on here are just as bad with their posts as the Jen fans on Female First are.

    All the things you hate that the fanatical Jen fans say about Angelina, you return the same vitrolic hate at Jen. The reason there is still this triangle is because fans of Jen AND fans of Brad and Angelina constantly have to compare Angelina and Jen, and who is better and whatnot. It’s getting tiring. Especially since fans of either side blame the other for keeping on the triangle.

    Look at LOVE ANGELINA. She’s a well known Angieloonie, and yet she’s not on this post calling Jennifer a skank. She realizes that this whole comparison and “triangle” thing needs to die down. I have to applaud LOVE ANGELINA for her post. She could have said something mean about Jen, but she bit her tongue and just expressed her wish that the “triangle” will now die down.

    While I’m not a fan of Aniston, I do have to admire her hustle. She’s trying hard to stay in her spot in the fickle land that Hollywood is. Just the same as pretty much any other celebrity who are trying to keep their spot.

    I’m not really a huge fan of either Jen or Angelina, but seriously, the hate and devotion/obsession for either woman is seriously out of control.

    EDIT: @LOVE ANGELINA – Terry Richardson is a photographer with some questionable tactics when he is photographing female models. He sexually harrasses them, but nothing is done because a lot of the females he photographs have no leverage and are not well known and will end up getting blacklisted if they try to complain or do something about the way he treats them.

  45. someone says:

    Knowing how the media loves to hook Jen up with any man she talks to, then until I hear her admit to the public (which she really doesn’t have to do) then Im not going to rag on her for something Im not even sure shes doing..the rest of you haters get your kicks running her so much!

  46. sassenach says:

    @ Reality In Jen’s famous Vogue article, Courtney Cox said that Brad told Jen that he had feelings for Angelina but that he had not acted on them. She then said that Jen suggested that they separate but by then she could tell that Brad wanted more than separation.

    I am not sure how any of this is relevant because Brad and Jen have been over for a very long time and this thread should be about Jen and Justin who she should promptly dump. I think he is using her and I think he was cheating with Jen on the Heidi but I don’t think Heidi or Jen knew what was going on. He seems to have played them both.

  47. Vey telling says:

    Congrats I just read Jen is pregnant. As I said weeks ago Its very telling that a rep who will deny that Jen is on a “baby food diet”, deny she is adopting from Mexico, deny she had a meeting with her ex husband has yet to deny that she has been dating a man in a 14 year relationship. Oh yeah Jen is due Jan/ Feb 2012. I hope she has a girl. Sassenach It was in her 05 Vanity Fair interview that has the CC quote about BP mentioning his feelings If you google Vanity Fair The Unsinkable Jennifer Aniston the the quote is on page 4.Courtney said BP was honest with Jen about his feelings about AJ. Well You can read it yourself

  48. Bellabumbum says:

    Can’t trust a guy that wears skinny jeans and rides a motocycle.

    Every damn pic I’ve seen of him has him arching that left eyebrow. Major poser. He’s a pretentious tw*t.

  49. Wendy City says:

    Jennifer is really missing a sensitivity chip (smirk).

  50. bored says:

    I googled images of this guy. he really loves that outfit. LoL time for some new clothes, dude.

  51. mln76 says:

    @very telling…. well there is a pic of her yesterday doing the classic ‘touching belly for paps’ move we all know that will be on the cover of at least one weekly next week. I am sure she’s trying to encourage the speculation LOL it’s what she’s been doing since way back with Vince Vaughn.

  52. Reality says:

    @ sassenach. Thanks for replying, but again, link please, or it never happened. Your story sound more plausible, but I’d still like to see where Cox said Aniston suggested that Brad ‘do it undercover and let it out of his system’ like nnn claims.

  53. nnn says:

    @ 41 Reality

    Of course everybody can lie. You just go with what you observe and pick up things you hear from people around them and decide to give credit to some or not. That’s why if you have decided to not beleive it, it’s your prerogative and it’s not my job to convince you.

    No other person in a relationship knows exactyly what went that the ones intimately involved.

    But the CC quote is notoriousely known about Brad saying to jen that he had feelings for Jolie and wanted to end their relationship and proceed to the divorce. hence nobody in that divorce fought or said nasty things about each other because Brad was determine to go through that and move on quickly to another house of his as soon as it was announced.

    He also admitted (if my memory serve me well in an interview in France) that he chased after Jolie wooing her to convince her that he was serious about loving her and wanting to build a serious relationship, hence the move to adopt her children then convince her to have his babies.

    And since we all go from assumptions, personal feelings, quotes and observation, i will say this : Usually a man who want to cheat on his wife/woman, wants to preserve his marriage and will go undercover lying often to both women to maintain a double life that often will go on for years.

    Someone who want to end a relationship to jump to another one, has stopped loving you and wants to be free to live the next monogamous relationship. He would not accept putting an act with you, will probably stop touching you using excuses and will accelerate the end to that relationship . He will want to put an end to it quickly and without remorse becaus ehis heart doesn’t belong to you anymore.

    On the other hand a cheater will show remorse by being overly kind with his woman after he has seen his mistress. When he is caught he will beg for forgiveness and another chance. He doesn’t want the break up, he just can’t be monogamous and is bored with one woman. (jessy James, Tiger, Arnold ect).

    Those are the profile of cheaters, aka, men who will cheat on wife and mistress to maintain a double life.

    Those cheaters are usually serial cheaters and will even go as far as having another family, sharing their times between the two of them and lying to at least one of the party, sometimes both of them.

    They have engaged their d*ck not their heart. Men who enganged their heart will end up a relatiopnship to be free to live the other one and act like they are FREE AT LAST as soon as the the official separation is set.

    Those who have enganged their d*ck won’t be happy with the divorce and beg for forgiveness.

    Because what’s the point of cheating to your wife if you want desperatly to divorce her the fastest possible ? You cheat to keep her…

  54. waq says:

    She’ll get a pass for this and it will all be forgotten. Just like the retard comment she made. Just like so many of her other countless manipulations and lies.

    Her publicist will make sure of it and the public will happily go along because they won’t be able to handle the thought that the woman they have attacked for 6 years was not at fault. And it really is so much easier to just blame Angelina for anything that goes wrong, isn’t it?

  55. mln76 says:

    @Reality these are the quotes nnn was talking about… this won’t change any opinions on this subject because because there are other quotes that imply other things. The triangle is dead long live the triangle.

    “She was committed to the marriage,” says Bendewald. “He wanted to figure out who he was and what he wanted, but he seemed to want to do it without being married. She wanted him to figure out what he wanted and stay married. He didn’t think he could do that, so at that point she was like, ‘O.K., go figure it out.’”

    then later on Courtney Cox says

    “There was a connection, and he was honest about that with Jen. Most of the time, when people are attracted to other people, they don’t tell. At least he was honest about it. It was an attraction that he fought for a period of time.”

  56. jocular says:

    @sassenach do you think you could possibly find that Courtney quote? I went to the article you mentioned on the Vogue website – Courtney’s name is never mentioned (I did a search), but perhaps I have the wrong article?

    I am always drawn to these posts as the comments are always so interesting.

  57. Derpy says:

    While I’m nowhere near a fan of Jennifer Aniston, or this Justin guy.. I got bored and decided to go to Richardsons site from the original post yesterday and pull the image and look at its metadata. While it CAN be changed.. The data on the photo stats that it was taken on 6/16/2011 at just after 10 PM.

    That being said, as a Brangeloonie, I am accepting of how they got together and feel a tad bit sympathetic for Heidi and how things went down, as I did with Jen… but that wained with time and pity parties.. My issue and calling out the hypocrisy is the way Jens fans have been justifying what has happened while still skewering Angelina. If people think the Brangeloonies should defend Jen and what has happened, then those same people should be defending the Brange and dropping the namecalling as well.

  58. Hey,Jen and Justin aren’t married. He can hug up on Terry all he wants to. So,there-damnit!!

  59. Vey telling says:

    someone- so the pic of her nuzzling his neck and her hand on the inside of his thigh is not enough proof they are dating. For two weeks you have been claiming there is no proof( no pics)they are dating now you want her to admit they are dating before you believe it GMAB.Hanna LOL

  60. sassenach says:

    @ jocular I am sorry, it was Vanity Fair and Vogue. mln has posted the EXACT quotes that I was referring to.

    I wish the sad silly fantasy of Brad and Jen that everyone believes would just die. They have both moved on and they both didn’t seem into being married to each other. Whilst married Jen told W magazine that she didn’t believe that Brad was the love of her life and Brad told Details magazine that he didn’t believe marriage was forever. I think the people who believed they were just this lovely and beautiful couple who were happy before Angelina just wasn’t into celebrity gossip before their break up because the writing was on the wall for a long time.

  61. CdnDutchGirl says:

    Is it just me, or does this guy look like Joaquin Phoenix back when he was playing crazy?

  62. MikeyAngel says:

    I didn’t like AJ after the crap, but she has won me over with her humanitarian work and her love of her family. I always was a JA fan, but I must say, she sucks if she started dating a guy who was dating someone else and she knew it. No excuse, total suckage. Very hypocritical of JA fans if they give her a pass for this. Loonies on both sides need to chill the hell out. YOU DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE PERSONALLY AND THEY DONT CARE IF YOU LIKE THEM OR NOT. Some of the people on this site act like they birthed, loved, and cared for these people and will defend them to the death ***cough, cough LOVE ANGELINA** (to be fair your comments on here LA were quite thoughtful, but many of your comments make you sound like an AJ crazy stalker)

  63. MikeyAngel says:

    Oh and two more things. As a former JA fan, and current FRIENDS fanantic, in the episode BP was in, I thought they had NO chemistry. and 2, Terry Richardson is a disgusting creep. Oh also, this Justin guys seems like a total creep, with his 15 year old emo kids pants, and his social climbing eyes, plus the leather jacket in june, the ughhh hair and Yetti beard, I just don’t get his appeal to her, or anyone else.

  64. jocular says:

    @sassenach thank you. @MikeyAngel, actually i think nnn & Josephina are the most fanatical re the rehashing of the ‘details’. It should be dead and buried but its not, so I am making an effort to ask people to back up their various quotes with proof (all the gratuitous name calling, just gets too nasty for me.) e.g as above the Courtney Cox quote is actually true. I didn’t believe it was true because of the phone call after two weeks thing from the Vogue article was not true. I’m not even going to get into that. Somehow I’ve got sucked in but at least shall do a small part to clear up myths on both sides and hopefully promote some sanity re this whole story about strangers.

  65. Cheyenne says:

    @someone: Muchacha, you have taken willful blindness to a whole new level. What will it take to convince you that they are hooked up? A video of them having sex?

    @jocular: What you call “fanatical rehashing” is actually nnn and Josephina setting the record straight. Many people on here appreciate it.

  66. The Truth Fairy says:


  67. MikeyAngel says:

    Maybe on this one jocular, but in many other posts she acts like AJ is the second coming of the Messiah. It is comical although crazily endearing. :)

  68. curleque says:

    I really don’t want to defend Justin on a superficial level, but he looks no different than many of the urban hipsters who live in Manhattan or one of the boroughs, even in June and despite the heat and humidity.

    Did anyone see that pic of Jen and her sheer dress from yesterday? THAT is abnormal for New York. Justin fits in, more or less. Jen needs to reconfigure her wardrobe for East Coast living. Last time I checked Manhattan is not beachfront.

  69. June says:

    Theroux needs to manscape his bush down there

  70. Cheyenne says:

    @Cherry Rose: Oh good lord, how in the world can you compare the hate Jolie gets to the hate Aniston gets? Apples and oranges. Aniston gets ridiculed plenty but I’ve never seen anyone on any web site posting messages wishing her dead. Messages wishing Jolie dead get posted all the time. And we won’t even go into the shit Aniston’s fans post about the Jolie-Pitt children.

  71. someone says:

    vey telling??? I don’t know when that picture was taken!!! Her hair was a lot longer than it is no!!! I won’t believe it until I know its true..I read two different stories in two days..One said they had moved in together..the other one said she didn’t want him living in the same apartment he shared with his she was looking for him a new apartment…duh!!! whats truth and whats not..Im not going to pretend to know!

  72. MikeyAngel says:

    One last thing (sorry I really don’t know how this turned into this, or why I care because most days I dont)as I said I used to be a Jen fan, didn’t think Angie was the devil, just preferred Jen. But as the years have gone on Jen has either stayed the same or reverted, and Angie has grown up and become a great woman who uses her star power and money for good causes. People on here are always saying she does this to further herself or whatever, but I don’t know anyone who would keep up that charade for as long as she has done the work she does, especially given she would get work either way. Angie seems like a someone who is trying to make a difference, Jen seems like someone who is trying to get a man, tan, and her drink on, and that is fine, but I respect that Angie is trying to make this world a better place. She travels a lot, which can have both positive and negative effects on her kids, but they are her kids to raise how she sees fit. She puts her kids in the public eye a lot, and I think she has the means to prevent that more than she does, but I am sure she has her reasons. The people who always criticize Angie are seeming more and more bitter at this point. Ok, sorry end rant. I got issues today.

  73. mln76 says:

    @curleque yeah and a lot of people in NY hate that kind of poseur hipster BELIEVE ME!

  74. jocular says:

    oh hello! @Cheyenne yes over and over and over again.

  75. curleque says:

    @mln76: But they are still around–that’s my point to the conspiracy theorists. I’m not saying it’s a good look or that people DON’T think they are poseurs.

  76. nnn says:

    @ Jocular

    I for one try to never use derogatory words and name calling unlike many Jen fans.

    I also have a feeling that me being precise and straightforward derange some people who prefer to let certain details hidden when it suits them in order to not let some truth being told.

    I also think that the definition of being a fanatical is embodied by people who like to name other posters and pass their own judgement and appreciation on them when CB is one of the best moderated blog where people equally practice their rights at gossiping and assuming.

    Only a fanatic person would go to that extent of nearly trying to moderate other people’s posts.

  77. Ron says:

    Justin Theroux is an actor and writer primarily.. He wrote Tropic Thunder with Ben Stiller, Iron Man 2 and Rock of Ages which is filming right now. As an actor, he was on six feet under, Parks and Rec, John Adams on HBO and my favorite, the smoking cowboy who fcuks with Janeane Garofolo in Romy and Michelle. His career is A list in Hollywood whether you recognize him or not, and he certainly doesn’t need Jen’s money to get him a new apartment.

  78. lucy2 says:

    He looked pretty good all cleaned up in a nice suit on Parks & Rec, but yucky here.
    Those are some serious ’70s pervert glasses Terry is wearing. Appropriate for him, unfortunately.
    I think Jen must have serious self esteem issues when it comes to men, she seems to make extraordinarily bad choices.

  79. Anonymous says:

    June 23rd, 2011 at 12:36 pm
    @ sassenach. Thanks for replying, but again, link please, or it never happened. Your story sound more plausible, but I’d still like to see where Cox said Aniston suggested that Brad ‘do it undercover and let it out of his system’ like nnn claims.

    Heres the link

    I havent read all of it so dont know if it says anything about *getting it out of his system* But VF has the entire article up so read it for yourself

    heres a quote from it (page 4)

    *Their friends are still trying to parse what happened with Jolie. “I don’t think he started an affair physically, but I think he was attracted to her,” says Courteney Cox, who vacationed with her husband, David Arquette, and the Pitts on Anguilla just before they announced their separation. “There was a connection, and he was honest about that with Jen. Most of the time, when people are attracted to other people, they don’t tell. At least he was honest about it. It was an attraction that he fought for a period of time.”

  80. jocular says:

    @nnn yep you are right, I’ve got too interested in the crazy comments & rehashing and am on the edge of being fanatical about debunking and replying – when I don’t care about any of the people involved, too much time on my hands of late. Must stop before I become a lunatic too. As entertaining as yours have been I don’t think I can take the obsession and anger for a while. All the best

  81. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @RON – OMG Ron are you sh*tting me!?!?!?!?!?!?! He co wrote Tropic Thunder…and he was the smoking cowboy in Romy and Michelle High School Reunion!!!! OMG I am in love both those movies and I just loved that Cowboy and his speech impediment in Romy and Michelle. (I would have liked to be Heather in those bushes) Wow Justin just got alot more impressive in my eyes.

    @Cherry Rose – Thanks for telling me about Terry Richardson, I had no idea. I guess thats why he one of the fashion photographers I know the less about…people can’t really be hiring him for big recent campaigns, right?

    @MikeyAngel – How do my comments sound like I have stalked someone?

  82. sassenach says:

    @ Ron I haven’t heard anyone say anything bad about his career. But let’s be clear, he wrote the screenplay for Iron Man 2 but the others he has writing credit but didn’t write those screenplays on his own.

    Even still I wouldn’t consider him an A list screen writer. Obviously he doesn’t need Jen’s money to get an apartment but it seems as if he does need and enjoy her star status. It is no accident how fast he has changed over to CAA after hooking up with her. He can keep trying to be the faux hipster with mismatching shoes all he wants while talking down on Tom Hanks, but by being with Aniston he is essentially putting himself in the same situation he was SO against. To me that is fake. You can’t crap on Tom Hanks for being too much in the public eye and then turn around and date Aniston. He is phony and was HORRIBLE in CA2.

  83. Nah, nah and nah... says:

    Dear Jen,

    Atlantans thank you for making Wanderlust. Day work for extras was GREAT, I hear.

    Thank you for making 40+ look so great – extensions or not. That water really is kinda smart, huh? And we all know you’re a natural brunette, so who really knows whether those pictures are pre-shearing or not. Could be a wig? A stand in? Your Bizzaro world twin who would definitely take up with some other woman’s dude and blame it on some other chick named Karma.

    Congrats to you and your new fella. He seems like a keeper (although Brad did, too).

    In closing, good luck and don’t forget to pick up your gold watch on the way out as a thanks for your many years of devoted service to our company. You should have a rich life on the “Friends” retirement plan. Were I you, I certainly would, right…about…now.

    Thanks again,
    Other Chicks, Inc.

    (A transcript of this retirement roast speech can be ordered for .99 at http://www.chelseaismybestfriendandwearehaters

  84. Reality says:

    So wait…. Courtney Cox never told Vogue that Jennifer told him to ‘do it undercover and let it out of his system’? Someone named Bendewald said in Vanity Fair ‘She wanted him to figure out what he wanted and stay married’? Well colour me surprised!

    I know some fans are prone to hyperbole, twisting the facts to suit them, and down-right fiction, but at least own up to it when you’re called out.

    Thanks to those who provided links, I must have missed that whole VF interview or forgotten about it.

    Now onto more important gossip, like the Lindsay Lohan courtroom drama.

  85. TeeTee says:

    sooooo she’s just like Angelina then???

    more importantly, why does he has all of those keys and gadgets like a janitor??

    she lowered her standards with this one, he looks old and crunchy–he is not a looker , JMO.

    if they were to have a kid (which I doubt) the newborn would look 42, this dude looks old but I do like his work.
    MEN sure have it easy, he lucked up and got a desperate to be loved, mega-rich chick-that is pretty at his disposal.

    with his looks, wowwww

    In the 80′s women called the shots and we have not had the upperhand since, smdh.

    he is short and he does not have a sexy body, again he looks short. –le sigh.

    He reminds me of Lenny and Squiggy from LaVerne and Shirley..maybe he is a sweetie, smhsmh

  86. Chloe says:

    a bald spot, but a tuft of hair just above the belt, so it all evens out.

    (am I just being nasty? Why yes, of course!)

  87. mln76 says:

    @curleque yeah I get that can only speak for myself when I see pics of this guy I get a douche vibe. If I saw him walking down the street or in a bar I’d think the same whether or not he was dating Aniston.

    And about which fan’s are crazier/meaner. Even at Just Jared (which I can’t take because alot of those fans are rabid) I have never seen the kinds of posts some of the demented Jen fans make from Angie fans. As people have mentioned they’ve made racist & homophobic comments about Brad & Angie’s young children (just like Handler) they make derogatory comments about Angie’s departed mom and they land psycho accusations at Angie basically accusing her of everything short of all out murder.
    There are definitely fans that crossed a line on both sides but the crazed Jen fans take the cake on demented thinking.

  88. MikeyAngel says:


    This is why:

    June 13th, 2011 at 8:37 am
    Maybe you have a secret thing for feet. LOL. There is nothing wrong with her feet. I seriously don’t see anything wrong with her feet, when people say they see something wrong with something I do look and try to get on their page no matter the topic…they aren’t even the focal point of the picture for me. The amazing scenery, the serene, calm look on Angelina’s extraordinary face and then you see this Louis V bag. I think it was a brilliant idea on LV’s part to give Angelina creative lease with the photo shoot. Smart move. It gives LV more depth. The picture almost looks like a painting.

    (Seriously AJ creative lease and how brilliant, and you know this because???)

    June 9th, 2011 at 11:20 am
    OMG That picture of Brad holding Angie in his arms in Cannes is sooo sweet.
    I hate when people think there is some sort of power thing in this relationship. Its pretty clear they operate as equals. There is no leader or follower. I like their relationship because they respect one another opinions and they say as much in interviews. Thats just obvious to me, why others can’t see it is beyond me.
    2nd I agree that Angelina does want to marry but Brad opened his big mouth and made that statement about waiting for Marriage Equality before he would marry. Which was just stupid because he has been married before, why wait for marriage equality now? Brad was probably hesitant to marry again. He made that statement early in their relationship and now that they have worked out so well I think Brad does wanna marry Angie but he has to figure out a way outta of his statement. I remember when Cali was voting on Prop 8 and he donated, like what, 100k to help end that ridiculous bill. I thought that was super sweet and quite telling.

    (operate as equals, no leaders or followers, respect one anothers opinions? You say this like you know them personally. You act like you are right there, watching them in real life. Like I said, it is sweet and endearing, but a little delusional, but hey if it makes you happy…)

  89. Dana M says:

    It’s obvious she wears extensions on and off for years.

  90. Ja says:

    This bitch has plastered herself all over us in the past few years so now we can figure it all out very quickly. When this bitch cuts her hair, it’s a statement. When she buys black and white photos to be made, it’s a statement. We get it. Bitch thinks she’s smarter than us…??? Hahaha!

  91. mln76 says:

    @MickeyAngel leave LoveAngelina alone!!! Her posts were harmless…she’s not hurting anyone :(

  92. nnn says:

    @ jocular

    But you care enough about the comments of certain posters to pass a personal judgment on them. That makes you a fanatical one.

    I don’t love all comments in here, but will never cross that line of pointing fingers naming posters whose comments doesn’t line up with my appreciation.

    It’s like moderating them and nobody in here but the blog’s owner has that right or can flatter oneself to decide which post should be featured, how comments of named person should be renderred, which poster has a right to post and how it should be posted to get some kinda of validation of you.

  93. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @MikeyAngel Well I didn’t honestly think Louis Vuttion came up with the idea to do the shoot in Cambodia. I don’t think Louis Vuttion choose to style Angelina so simply. I also don’t think it was Louis Vuttion’s idea to hire Anna Lebowitz to shoot the pictures. These ideas seem foreign to LV based on past photo shoots they have done and just based I on what I do know of Angelina…they seem like her ideas. I could be totally wrong but I don’t think I am…if I am…then I shouldn’t state things in absolutes.

    In the second post you completely ignored the fact that I said “…they say as much in INTERVIEWS.” In interviews with Angelina, when talking about her relationship she mentions they are more so partners. Also yea its just my general observation that they seem like partners but again maybe I shouldn’t state things in absolutes. Even still these posts don’t sound stalkerish at all.

  94. Ron says:

    He is an A list screenwriter. His two films have brought in over 800 million at the BO. Regarding agencies, with his BO history alone, any agency would sign him. If it was just Iron Man alone, he could get CAA, ICM, WM.

  95. MikeyAngel says:

    I know mln76, she is harmless, I just get tired of hearing about Angie the Angel. She is a good person, but she is no angel.

  96. miri says:

    aniston got even richer when she divorced BP, what did the ex-girfriend get after 14 years with this guy?
    I’d really like to know…
    I think the same as zesty, he tries to dress too young, and he’s old for thise pants… he might be talented for something (never seen him before, but I saw tropic thunder and it was ok), but he looks like a wannabe young, a wannabe hipster, a thing like that.

  97. jocular says:

    @nnn I have agreed with you. I noticed you and a couple of others because your comments are always quite lengthy. I admit however I don’t actually read them anymore because they seemed to say the same thing over and over again, though often I do believe you were just replying to different posters making sure they got your point. I said fanatical rehashing I believe, I should have said fanatical reposting. I’m not sure what your argument is anymore. You say moderation, I say questioning.

  98. jocular says:

    oh maybe you were referring to the below comment I posted on the last Jennifer article. It wasn’t meant rudely but perhaps it came across that way. Apologies.

    @nnn I think you may need a break from this story. No stranger should ever make you that bitter sounding. In this case you’re arguing against no one as there really doesn’t seem to be anyone (or just a couple) supporting Jennifer and Justin at least on this site and there hasn’t been any derogatory mention of Angelina either. I’m sure she’d be happy to know she had your support but it all seems quite unnecessarily angry.

    p.s You have been manipulated by the tabloid media to sell magazines and get clicks on websites for the last 7 years. Don’t make it 8.

  99. MikeyAngel says:


    Listen, you do normally come off like you are their best friend. But, normally you say positive stuff, and you are perfectly harmless. I apologize if I have seemed to attack you, that isn’t what I was trying to do, but apparently what I have done. Like I said earlier, having a bad day, but it doesn’t excuse me being an asshole to a perfect stranger.

  100. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Ron LOL You inspired me to check out his IMDB page and turns out Justin also did a voice…get this…in Megamind. That blew my mind.

    @MikeyAngel I don’t ever make Angelina sound like an angel. Angie has done some bad things and good things…we all do. Angie is still an amazing woman in my eyes though.

  101. Josephina says:

    Cherry Rose:

    Don’t get it twisted. When Jen and her fans stop talking about Angelina, then and only then will I believe that Jennifer is over Brad, because Angie is an extension of Brad. People are still upset about how Brad left Aniston. Aniston made it very clear that she was left behind.

    No matter who Jen “hooks up” with, she will take with her her immature woman-child ways into the relationship.

    It has been said over and over again. Jen’s choices in men (John Mayer, Gerard Butler, the grip guy, Vince Vaughn and now Justin Theroux)are a reflection of her character.

    Thank you to those above that have taken the time to reference the infamous statements that Aniston and Courtney made in the August 2005 issue of Vanity Fair. I implore ALL OF YOU TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE. In that interview she was overwhelmed and cried uncontrollably when the interviewer informed her of Angie’s pregnancy. That was probably the second time Aniston should have realized that Brad was serious about his feelings for Angie and was not coming back.

    No one is coattailing Aniston. Who the hell would want her life? Her love life is full of unfortunate events and embarassing situations. Her professional life? She is at best a side-kick to a male, A-list movie star. She has completed over 20 films, and she still is not known for any memorable roles nor has she been critically acclaimed for her “acting” chops. And she is 42! Not impressive at all.

    But the Jen fans already know these facts. Jen will never have Brad’s baby nor the adoration that the Brange attract worldwide. The box office numbers and the screaming fans do not lie.

    I think Jen likes Theroux. Is he enough for her to finally let go? We will soon find out.

  102. yeahyeahyeah says:

    She’s HUNCHED OVER. Yes, her hair is going to look longer that way. I can’t believe hair is what’s being used as “evidence” of homewrecking.

  103. WhiteNoise says:

    LOL! All this angst and obsession and denial and triangle-revisiting over a relationship that will probably only last about a month and will go the same dreary PR-filled way as all Jen’s relationships do ie. nowhere.

    But this thread really proves, if it were needed, that it’s not the tabloids that are keeping the triangle going, it’s the obsessed fans. The tabs are just feeding a very unhealthy and quite frankly quite scary need!

  104. Runs with Scissors says:

    thanks anonymous:
    “Heres the link

    heres a quote from it (page 4)

    *Their friends are still trying to parse what happened with Jolie. “I don’t think he started an affair physically, but I think he was attracted to her,” says Courteney Cox…

    “There was a connection, and he was honest about that with Jen. Most of the time, when people are attracted to other people, they don’t tell. At least he was honest about it. It was an attraction that he fought for a period of time.”

    @Reality: “Thanks to those who provided links, I must have missed that whole VF interview or forgotten about it.”
    Yeah, I think a lot of Jen fans have “forgotten” about articles like this, because it shows Jen to be a manipulative bitter cow who has attacked and exploited this family for YEARS not because Brad cheated, but because he dared to move on with another woman.

    Brad and Angie have consistently taken the high road. It’s been a one-way bashing for almost 7 years. It’s no wonder Jen’s fans have “forgotten” the truth.

  105. nnn says:

    @ Jocular

    Everyone in here comments with his/her past, his/her feelings, her/his emotions, temper and assumptions.

    And not everyone is a native english speaker. English is my 4th language out of 6 and i am originally a french speaker and an analyst (financial analyst, then functional analyst in high techs then project manager).

    I write the same way i render any functional analysis i make, the way i dissert a subject, a matter, a situation. That’s who i am, i have a strong analytal mind and like to use words, especially in french which is more complex than english.

    Again, everyone come with different colors, with his/her background and though i may not agree with some comments i will never name a particuliar poster to write as i see fit.

    I beleive doing so is like touching the person’s personnality, not the blogger’s comment on specific subject.

    ps : i beleive you should consider taking a break since you are the one annoyed by poster’s comments to the point of wanting to control their comments or leave like a self appointed controller. Noone should ever get oversentive and so invested over comments about a specific celebrity to the point of suggesting the poster to stop commenting and leave…

    And for the records, i don’t know where you have read that i was talking about Theroux and Jen. If you ha followed the conversation (since you admit not even reading but yet feel the need to judge), i was replying to the asdsesment of a poster (sue) nothing more.

    And again, it’s not about Aniston, oit’s like many other people point out, about the double standard of her fans.
    Just sayin…

  106. jocular says:

    @nnn yes you are right and looking back you did seem very analytical. All the best

  107. Cheyenne says:

    @Runs with scissors: That cover blurb is hilarious: “Jen finally talks! And talks and talks. And cries. And talks…” Somebody should have told the woman that sometimes it’s better just to STFU.

  108. kitty says:

    I like that JA has found herself a NY dude who is aging well and has street cred. Finally someone to compare Pitt to. This could be her ever after. LA was a broken fiddle. Same ol’ same ol’. New life new love. Bingo.

  109. TRT says:


  110. stella says:

    Typical guy, can’t leave the girlfriend until another comes along. Oh well. The girlfriend should have known something was up after 14 years. I usually figure that shit out in two. You want to play pretend then it’s on you. If she was sooooo in love with the guy she should have gotten pregnant, like all the girls do. Then he would have married you. Now Jen gets to do the honors. Live and learn, doll.

  111. Violet says:


    A guy who’s aging well? Really? He’s dressing like a man half his age, posing for the paps, trying to look cool.

    Seems to me that he’s going through a midlife crisis. After years of putting down others for selling out, he leaves UTA and joins CAA. He cheats on, then dumps, his partner of 14 years for Jennifer Aniston, someone who’s been flitting from douchebag to douchebag since her divorce.


    Even if Justin had been married to Heidi, with a kid, he still would’ve cheated with Jennifer Aniston. The guy has no integrity and neither does Jen.

  112. lucy2 says:

    #104 – Given that the VF article was…6? years ago, shortly after their divorce, I’m not sure how that proves she’s been “attacking the family” for years. I’m curious what makes you think she has. Lots of celebs have a big interview after a divorce (Sandra, Nicole, Maria Shriver at some point probably!) I’m sort of puzzled why this one has stuck with so many people.

    Take away all the tabloid nonsense, and I’ve seen very, very little comment from either side about the other party which, given the amount of attention STILL fixated on all of them, is pretty amazing. But I think it’s because they all moved on AGES ago.

  113. Cheyenne says:

    Stella: If she was sooooo in love with the guy she should have gotten pregnant, like all the girls do. Then he would have married you.

    Honey, how old are you? Fourteen and a half?

    A bajillion unmarried mothers can tell you from experience that you can’t trap a man into marriage by getting pregnant.

  114. Maritza says:

    I find Justin handsome. Life is short,good for Jennifer to go for it. No one is obligated to stay with someone if you don’t love them anymore, that is what he did.Lets hope JA thinks outside of the box this time and changes her routines so she won’t bore him to death when they settle in.They should seriously think about having a family she is not getting any younger.

  115. layla says:

    Aniston from the back, yesterday.
    Guess its not a case of longer layers being tucked behind. The colour is of interest too. Hmmmm

    Just saying.

  116. Reality says:

    @Runs with Scissors, yeh I’m not really a ‘Jen fan’ so I don’t keep up with her interviews and I was maybe 21 when that article came out. Thank god the Brangeloonies are here to keep me so well informed.

    Still doesn’t come close to what nnn claimed the article in ‘Vogue’ quoted CC as saying, but lets not focus on that. And there’s a difference between criticizing a (spurious) post and moderating a poster.

  117. almond says:

    I could not get past the first page of that vanity fair interview. That leslie bennetts authour is a disgrace to every serious journalist out there. Such blatant bias and overt favouritism are disgusting. It literally gave me second-hand shame for her.

    And how could Aniston make such a public spectacle of her pain and suffering? Who of you would consider sharing such difficult, trying times with the media? Is that really the natural response when you’re heartbroken? You do a magazine spread?

  118. kira says:

    There’s new pics of Justin and Jen together YET again on Popsugar. I’m sorry but they are classless. His ex-girlfriend recently left the apartment they shared–”Heidi and Justin have been together for 14 years,” Bivens’ publicist stated. “They met when she was 20 years old and he 24, and yes, she just moved out of their home last weekend. She has no comment.” This was on June 14th. Jen had been phtographed with Justin going back to May. And, he told Heidi’s mother there was nothing going on with Aniston, they were friends, and it was all a “big misunderstanding.” Jen’s PR said they were only “friends,” too.

    BUT NOW, days after Heidi leaves, out pops Aniston and Justin wearing matching rings, and having oh-so-cute PDA shots taken by that porno-guy, Terry Richardson? And, her PR tells People
    that she would never date a guy who has a girlfriend? Does she really expect people to believe that they just started dating? That they went from 0 to full-blown public PDA and spending every moment together in a week or so? Don’t buy that at all.

    And rubbing it in your ex’s face with the full publicity blitz is tacky. I feel bad for Heidi. To get treated like that after you’ve known someone for 14 yrs has to be hurtful. :-( And to think, I actually felt bad for Aniston when Brad left her. Well, not anymore.

  119. Kim says:

    He is an ahole who will do same thing to Jen when he tires of her – wait no he will probably marry her for the publicity, have a kid with her then dump her.

    Whats with the leather – is he a biker? plleeaasssee. This guy is such a tool, egomaniac, desperate for attention.

    His ex is better off without him. Just sad it took so many years with him for her to see his true colors.

    And Jenns true colors have certainly come out havent they! There will be backlash for her for sure so i hope she really loves this guy because she is now hated by alot & viewed as a hypocrite (which she definitely is).

    She has lost her girl next door nice image for good by hooking up with this guy and it will hurt her career but something tells me Jenn is such a desperate person she doesnt care. She seems like the type who morphs into whatever her current beau is. Sh ehas no sense of self/low self esteem and all the money and fame in the world cant help that.

  120. Runs with Scissors says:

    You said it’s hard to believe that Cox would ‘rat her out like that.’ You wouldn’t think it was ratting Aniston out unless you believed that Jen has been exploiting the ‘Brad cheated, pity me!!!!’ game, and Cox outed her.

    Then you go on to ignore the part about Brad NOT cheating and instead, nitpick the minutia of a non-native speaker’s comment and cling to that? Whatever, you’ll see what you want and ignore the rest, but you’re not a Jen fan, pffft, riight. :)

  121. Toe says:

    I’ve read the whole VF article: Jen didnt want Brad to leave her. she expected him to wander and come back, and when she saw the mag pics and Angie pregnant, she knew then there was no coming back from Brad side.
    Now that she has a man that did the same to his gf, i think she can understand the feeling Brad had when he left.

  122. ASFan says:

    According to some tweets, someone spotted Aniston and Richardson at the Omen restaurant last Thursday, which was a day after she was first spotted with the extensions. The photos were probably just posted yesterday even though they were taken last Thursday.

  123. fannomore says:

    Just waiting for when she gets dumped so we can all read the ‘poor jen’ crap, why can’t she go away? just one jen-less week?

  124. Derpy says:

    I like how my post about the metadata on the photograph was glossed over by everyone…

    Think about it… on one hand it either proves when it was taken..

    On the other… if you love conspiracies and generally put on your crazy hat every morning…. they manipulated the data to show a more recent date for whatever the hell PR campaign you believe she’s on right now.

    I somehow thought a bit of the slapfight back and forth would focus on technology stating when the pic was taken and people throwing out their next lines of defence or attacks based on that.

  125. werty says:

    Runs with Scissors:
    June 23rd, 2011 at 3:54 pm
    thanks anonymous:

    Dammit when i write something that get me a thanks, i always do it as anonymous…
    not that i care (i do)=

  126. layla says:

    Im confused …. so somewhere around June 6th, no extensions. Somewhere around June 14 extensions, somewhere around June 20 no extensions.

    Who does that ?

    Especially when all public appearances during this time were done with no extensions.

    Were they just for the Richardson “totally candid and not staged” photoshoot????

  127. werty says:

    June 23rd, 2011 at 6:03 pm
    I’ve read the whole VF article: Jen didnt want Brad to leave her. she expected him to wander and come back, and when she saw the mag pics and Angie pregnant, she knew then there was no coming back from Brad side.
    Now that she has a man that did the same to his gf, i think she can understand the feeling Brad had when he left.

    wow you got way more patience than me, i couldnt read ONE page (pg 4 and really it waas half a page)
    thanks for putting the (interseting)parts together.

  128. katnip says:

    Popsugar has new pics of the happy couple (meh)

  129. whitedaisy says:

    ANYONE in the orbit of Terry Richardson will never receive another entertainment dollar from me.

  130. Reality says:

    “nnn please can you provide a link that Cox said any of that? Especially the part about ‘let(ting) it out of his system’. I find it hard to believe that Anistons best friend would rat her out like that. It sounds like Brange fan fiction to me.”

    My original quote! The whole ‘rat her out’ thing was regarding Aniston letting Brad have a hallpass, something a friend (like Cox) would not mention about another friend (like Aniston). I said nothing about Cox simply echoing Aniston’s own words about Pitt not physically cheating.

    And as to my ‘nitpick(ing) the minutia of a non-native speaker’s comment’, if someone is posting a complete fabrication on an english thread, not being a ‘native’ isn’t going to stop me from asking for verification. It had nothing to do with me being a fan.

    nnn seems perfectly capable of defending herself without your help, and doing so much more eloquently than you, I might add = ‘pffft, riight.’

  131. Mary says:

    Oh my God, now everybody is overanalysing her new relationship and better, making it similar to Brad/Angie beggining and discussing every aspect of this.
    Clap clap clap, Aniston did it again.
    The bermuda triangle will never ever end. The gossip magazines brainwashed all of us.

  132. Mary says:

    OW, and getting into 128 commenter, yeah, Aniston indeed get extensions (
    Hey, wait a minute… the old lady in front of them… isn’t she Pitt’s mom?
    LOL, it is not true, but I’m just getting into you guys, let’s do crazy conspiracies.

  133. werty says:

    June 23rd, 2011 at 4:39 pm
    #104 – Given that the VF article was…6? years ago, shortly after their divorce, I’m not sure how that proves she’s been “attacking the family” for years. I’m curious what makes you think she has. Lots of celebs have a big interview after a divorce

    Take away all the tabloid nonsense, and I’ve seen very, very little comment from either side about the other party which, given the amount of attention STILL fixated on all of them, is pretty amazing. But I think it’s because they all moved on AGES ago

    Jeniffers pre movie checklist

    1 Date a famous guy
    2 “Racy” mag photos
    3 “Tell all” about ex husband

    Alot of celebs do the photos and interviews but they usually dont talk about someone they broke up with years ago. And she does seem like she always has a famous guy with her whenever shes promoting a film

    And no i don have a life (Broke and unenployed)

    EDIT: check old interviews to see the *bashing* shes done and also see Chelsea Handler. IDLITW also has a post about CH rant (right after a vacay with jen) and when JA came out after shed been bashing jolie which you can find for yourself.

  134. Runs with Scissors says:

    Aniston has attacked and harassed this family countless times over the years by painting herself and the lonely ‘wronged’ woman, constantly bringing up her marriage to Pitt “Jen, 5 YEARS later” articles, talking about their children by name, saying she keeps old voice mails from Brad and won’t erase them, on and on and on. Not to mention her BFF attacking Jolie, including racist remarks about her children, or calling Jolie “EVIL” and then introducing Aniston, who comes trotting out with a big grin on her face two seconds later. She’s been on the show more than once, taken trips with Handler, etc. she clearly supports these attacks.

    Aniston knows what her fans are like. She knows all she has to do is keep this alive and the fans will hate Jolie.

    Aniston could have called the dogs off AGES ago but she’s chosen, consistently to try to bring this family down.

    Imagine the stress this witch hunt has caused. I have great respect for Brad Angie, neither has ever struck back except to say clearly, that there was no affair and they try to not let the attacks get to them.

    Since they don’t bring it up every chance they get or attack Aniston back, people believe whatever Jen wants them to.
    Once Jolie was painted with this brush, it was too late. Jolie is harped on for turning Shilo into a lesbian, doing heroin, and ZOMG, doing charity work, for god’s sake.

    It’s been a one-sided harassment campaign for years, exploiting her ex and his family for fame and money.

    Even if there HAD been an affair, her behavior is bitter, manipulative and cruel. I used to love Aniston, but now she makes me sick.

  135. werty says:

    Reality: Please read the comments and youll find the link and, no i dont think she said those exact words but its implyed. (someone posted another part of article which was also was from page 4 of VF interview just read it)

    June 23rd, 2011 at 6:03 pm
    I’ve read the whole VF article: Jen didnt want Brad to leave her. she expected him to wander and come back, and when she saw the mag pics and Angie pregnant, she knew then there was no coming back from Brad side.
    Now that she has a man that did the same to his gf, i think she can understand the feeling Brad had when he left.

  136. jocular says:

    Well done @Derpy only just opened your previous link with the screen-cap of the metadata. Great and seemingly indisputable way to prove/disprove a point; actual physical data!
    Refreshing people have posted links to the articles referenced in their comments and some quotes have been proved to be true, others not. Some progress! Wonderful!

    Hopefully both of the couples are not the absolutes that the media and fans depict, as that would be sad. Maybe they all want to make the most of their lives and try to be as normal as possible and as happy as the next person.

  137. katnip says:

    OT I guess.. regarding Handler.. the thing that stunk was she use to make fun of Aniston as much as Jolie. Then she goes to a b-day party out of the blue. YEAH and according to Handler “People want to be my friend so I don’t rag on them”.. and as she later said. Her friends are off limits. That has been the case since Jennifer became a friend. Aniston is off limits.

    The other reason I call FOWL on that filthy term C…is that Handler said on her show that “Brad needs to go back to Jennifer where he belongs”.

    now that does not sound like comedy. That statement sounds personal.

    Well Handler is in trouble with her big mouth. She made so ignorant comments about Serbian people. And Serbian hackers crashed her site, not to mention they attacked her FB page.

    That needs to be a thread quick. Sometime I don’t get why people think it is fine to attack another nation, but if it was said about your own then hell would break loose. She forgot that free speech is not an armor against bigotry and ignorance..

    Can not stand that woman. Jennifer needs to pick her friends better, or are they all of like mind.

  138. Runs with Scissors says:

    @jocular, you left something out of your post:

    not saying the pics were tampered with, but even Derpy said, “While it CAN be changed.. The data on the photo stats that it was taken on 6/16/2011 at just after 10 PM.”

    So those dates can be changed. Thanks Derpy, both for the link as well as being honest about the date’s significance or lack thereof.

    and thanks again for taking the trouble Werty!

  139. Ruby says:

    @ sonoa – scooby doo van molesters that cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh!

  140. layla says:

    But the bottom line is this….
    All this pre-calculated rolling out of men and movies:


    Ummm. NO. She isn’t that great of an actress and has played Rachel over and over and over again.

    In the end… Now, lets get back to more conspiracy theories – this is fun!

    Surely by now, we can play 6 degrees of Jennifer Aniston! ;)

  141. geekychic says:

    @ MikeyAngel: i co-sign your post #72. totally! i was even team aniston in the family discussion (i know, we’re dramatic, we’ll use everything for subject)-the first year.
    but i do believe you’re wrong regarding, at least nnn (as “fanaticly rehashing”); she sounds pretty sane in her arguments and rationale to me.

  142. Anonymous says:

    … but the guys are wearing the exact same things in both photo sets here… what does that mean?

  143. jocular says:

    You’re right, but I’m trying to believe their human and have better things to do than tamper with metadata. I assume its the internal date on his camera so he’d have had to tamper with his camera before taking the picture I think… I presumed that @Derpy took the screencap and has no reason or time to tamper with it. I’m not one for conspiracy theories I’m afraid, that’s a personal belief though so each to their own.

  144. geekychic says:

    actually,now i’m sorry i wasn’t more patient-i CO-SIGN your post up there about JA and the heidi/justin and everything-june 14th!!
    this was so very well said.

  145. Whitey Fisk says:

    Lord, look at Terry Richardson in the photo of the three of them. He takes creepiness to a new level.

    Jezebel did an article about him-


  146. Toe says:

    More pics of Jennifer and his piece on PopSugar!! She went with him to a taping of Inside the Actors studio.

  147. Sue says:

    someone@ You just get your kick by running down Angelina. Let not talk about hating I’ve read some of your comments on Angelina post talk about hate but I will give you credit for not hating on their kids like some other Jen fans.

    Sue@ What new image? She cut her hair to a style she had in friends more than 6 years ago. Your comment about Jen and Justin being so REAL and the other two are fake is just too funny. Just like your comment yesterday Jen (she doesn’t try to lie about it and say stuff like “I would never do that”. Don’t mind cheating – hate lying and trying to get good press) she and her people did lie when they said that she wasn’t dating him when they were photograph together and it came out that he had a girlfriend, trying to get good press!.

  148. lucy2 says:

    Runs with Scissors, I guess you and I just see it differently. I don’t see a lecherous plan to attack the family, I really think everyone has moved on with their lives, and it’s the media (and super-fans on both sides) who keep it all going.

    Very rarely have I ever seen her flat out talk about it, no more so than any other celeb who’s gone through a very public divorce. Just google the phrase “opens up about divorce” and you’ll see plenty. Recently, as covered on this very site, Shania Twain was going on very publicly about her husband and friend cheating several years ago, but I don’t recall any similar comments towards her. You probably won’t agree, but that’s just how I see it.

    I will agree with you that Chelsea Handler is ridiculous about it, she knows it gets her lots of attention I think, and Jen should have avoided her. Her taste in some friends seems on par with her taste in men.

    (By the way I like your screen name, always makes me think of Frasier on Cheers when he was trying to not be so good “I am running with scissors!” as he circled the bar)

  149. anoni says:

    I truly believe that Aniston feels, and has felt all these long yrs, that Jolie stole her life. She should be on his arm at Cannes, she should have all of the serious directors/producers wooing her, her films should make $300 million plus worldwide minimum, her every move chronicled by serious journalists. Must be tough to be one half of the “golden couple” than have it taken away (but it’s not her fault, never is). She never could find his equal, the “star” that would elevate her definite “b” list finely toned butt to “a” list territory. Now she’s trying to create the second “golden couple” (we’ll call them silver). A talented, quirky (slimy?) aspiring writer/actor whom she may get a good role out of and definitely plenty of PR (good or bad), who left his long-time live in (just WHEN is the question) to pursue fortune and fame. Guess after all the yrs of relentless attacks on the mother of her exes children (think Pitt had a clause in the divorce settlement that she couldn’t attack him) she’s finally decided to “join them, not fight them” and hope the new Jen can mimic the life and career of her nemesis. Also, a new movie coming out where she’s the “bad” girl, but I’m sure that has nothing to do with it all. Good luck Heidi, sure you’re better off in the long run.

  150. Josephina says:


    PLease reread the earlier posts where a number of people have already provided too many examples of Brad/Angie’s name coming up in conversation when she is in interview. She has been in relationships with a few men since her divorce yet she still references Brad/Angie by far the most, even as late as last Thanksgiving.

    Aniston’s snarky remarks and unbridled jealousy towards Brad/Angie DID create and continues to fuel the rabid fan base…which then indirectly created the rise of an Angie fan base to defend the racist and death threats as well as to point out her jealousy and lack of self-esteem.

    So this “triangle” idea is not so accidental. The triangle concept justified and disguised the coattailing for a while…but after six years, it gets old, obvious and tiring.

    And this is what makes Aniston such a twisted woman. She is responsible for this crap. There is no other actress hunted like Jolie, all because Jennifer could not let go.

  151. Mia says:

    @anoni *slow clap* Excellent post!

    Heidi, have a margarita, burn his shit & celebrate the fact you no longer have that douche canoe in your life. He’s Jen’s problem child now.

  152. LuckyLilGem says:

    His girlfriend is lucky to be out of the relationship. Guy is not attractive and he’s douchey!!!

  153. Cheyenne says:

    @anoni: Excellent post. Co-sign.

    It may take Heidi a while to realize it, but Aniston did her a big favor.

  154. Katherine M. says:

    whitedaisy: “ANYONE in the orbit of Terry Richardson will never receive another entertainment dollar from me.”

    I agree. I am sure Obama and others out of the industry are pretty out of the loop about Richardson but you can be sure that Theroux and Aniston know all about his history. My mind is still reeling that they would be this chummy with him.

    And a big GET REAL to the Theroux shill posting the hilarious PR that Theroux is A List in anything. That’s probably the funniest and silliest idea on this whole thread. Let’s just say that Theroux is lucky he has such productive friends to throw him work.

  155. ILLNana says:

    Dude, Justin Theroux may be balding and a cheater…but he is fine as hell to me. and also, yes he and his girl were together for 14 yrs, but he wouldn’t marry her ass. she shoulda got that ring before he started that fling. hey,Jen critics gonna criticize–live your life, make love how ya wanna, make money. Haters.

  156. ILLNana says:

    and ps: Justin Theroux may not be a household name but he is pretty powerful in Hollywood. While you guys were eating bon bons laying up on the couch he was writing the scripts for Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2.

  157. anom says:

    that main pic on popsugar at the taping of inside the actors studio is BAD. aniston looks like estelle getty from golden girls..bwwwaaaa!

  158. ZenB!tch says:

    Jen is slumming! Eww! They both look like scummy pervs.

  159. Laura says:

    The fans are the ones keeping this going. The nasty back biting is on the FANS part. Brad, Angelina and Jennifer rarely say anything about each other. The fans keep this going, not the actors.

    And the fans are the weirdos making the horrible comments on BOTH SIDES. This whole thing isn’t one sided-if it were one sided, the constant “debating” back and forth wouldn’t exist.

    I’m sick to death of hearing the whining pity party stuff about how there are death threats on other sites about Angelina and Brad and racist comments about their kids on other sites. who cares about what they are saying on other sites?

    I bet I could dig up some death threats from the Brange fans on Jennifer Aniston if I did a three second search-and honestly I’ve seen some harsh stuff on this site about Aniston (mostly that she’s barren and that she’s “sloppy seconds” which is such a horrifically sexist term that i can barely type it).

    The point is, both sides of the fence have their crazies. Neither side’s crazies are worse than the other’s-they are both equally nutter butters.

  160. Venus says:

    I have to get this — totally MY OPINION — off my chest. This whole Team Jen v. Team Angelina has really gotten out of hand. The fact is NONE OF US know what actually happened.

    But, as someone on the outside looking in, I really think that Brad & Jen broke up because he wanted to start a family & she didn’t — and, btw, as a woman who has chosen not to have kids, I’m not bashing Jen for that. However, the same way I don’t think a woman should have kids just because her husband does, I don’t think a guy should not have kids just because his wife doesn’t want them. In other words, when you are in a marriage, one person wanting kids & the other not wanting them is a *good* reason to break up.

    These days people seem to get divorced at the drop of a hat for no “real” good reason other than boredom, wanderlust etc. But I don’t think that happened with Brad & Jen — I think it was the issue of whether to have kids or not, which is actually a big issue.

    I surmised all this because right after Brad & Jen got married Brad was on Oprah & talked about how much he wanted kids. He continued to say that in interviews the entire marriage. Jen said some things publicly about waiting until Friends finished, etc. for kids, but Friends kept getting extended, etc. I began to think (and again, all MY OPINION ONLY) that because Jen kept saying she wanted kids but not having any that Jen was feeling pressured to have kids because that is what society expects (unfairly) for a married woman to do. Also, probably Brad was pressuring her too. Which, btw, is NOT a good reason to have kids. Again, I don’t believe a woman is “incomplete” if she doesn’t have kids. It is perfectly legitimate for her not to or to wait to have them & society shouldn’t make women who choose not to have kids feel like they are “less of woman” for making that choice.

    Anyway, I honestly believe that is the place they got to in their marriage — truly irreconcible differences over the question of kids, which will destroy a marriage. Like I said: no woman should have kids just to “keep a man” but a man shouldn’t be left with no kids if the woman doesn’t want them. In other words, they SHOULD break up if that is the scenario they are living.

  161. Laughternrain says:

    “Knowing how the media loves to hook Jen up with any man she talks to, then until I hear her admit to the public (which she really doesn’t have to do) then Im not going to rag on her for something Im not even sure shes doing” But Someone, you didn’t take that tactic with Angelina, did you? Oh no, I remember you calling Angelina skankalina and whorelina, before anything was confirmed. Its dispicable that loonifers go on about morals, yet they are the first to sell their morals to the devil to support Aniston.

  162. werty says:

    June 24th, 2011 at 1:24 am
    and ps: Justin Theroux may not be a household name but he is pretty powerful in Hollywood. While you guys were eating bon bons laying up on the couch he was writing the scripts for Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2.

    Seth Rogen wrote Pineapple express while i was at home taking naps and eating junk, and i actually liked that movie but neither of them are A-list. And no you dont have to be A- list to be good so there, i saw tropic thunder and it sucked, even tho Jack Black was in it.
    Havent seen Iron man so dont have an opinion about it.

  163. werty says:

    Runs with Scissors: Youre welcome (=
    Venus: I think youre right about the kids/divorce thing and there isnt anything wrong about not wanting kids. But she should just come out and say it and be done with it.
    Ive been reading CB for years and there is attacks from both “sides” but i dont really remember anything about killing Jen here or on some other sites i visits (but theres millions of them and i ueually just read comments on CB so i could be wrong)

  164. nnn says:

    @ Venus – co-sign.

    I am sorry but in ALL cultures having children or not and when is not only a deal breaker but one of the main reason some marriage fail. It’s one if not the most reason it fails in 3/4 of the planet, in third world countries.

    Hell in some cultures, society, family even encourage the woman or man who is stuck in a childless marriage with a betterhalf who is sterile to break it or have a child with someone else staying married. If you are not pregnant within the first year, it becomes an issue of the whole family.

    So yes children or not, when to have it can speed up a marriage or quicken a divorce if you are not in sync anymore, if you feel you got punk’ed.

    In any case, it will always influence your judgement in the search of the person you want as a partner, wether it’s better for you to have a partner in synch with your vision regarding a family more than a partner you are madly in love with but who doesn’t sahre that vision. The ideal is one person representing the two but it’s not always the case.

    There is a say that a man pick a wife,thinking about the future children he will have with her and that woman can’t be necessarily the one he would have loved the most. On the contrary, some man will date you but will never consider you as a potential mother to their future children.

    I beleive in that case of Jen and brad, that he wanted it so bad since his Gwyneth’s days and when they had to break up he went finding a mother to his future children more than a betterhalf.

    For some reason Jen appears to be that woman. Rememberred she was a sitcom actress, older than Gwyneth and therefore more perceived as potentially interresting in started a family quick since she was entering her thirties. And i beleive the marriage was made to start a family right after (since they dated 2 years already and could have go on just dating). Hence Brad deciding deliberatly to not work and preparing his home, a nursery for the upcoming of a child.

    I really think that he was more emotionnally involved in that project than jen was. And that causes the famous counselling and therapy. They were never in sync with the subject and after two years in therapy let things rotten and made every step they could to live months away from each other, which was already the swansong of a deadend marriage.

    I really beleive that was the heart of their problems and that every tension originated first and foremost from the growing bitterness of Brad and the nervousness Jen felt due to pressures. It’s really a classic case which is reinforced by Brad’s quick move to Jolie who fell for the mother figure first and foremost by seeing her interracting with Maddox every day on the set of MAMS.

  165. Flan says:

    The Angie/Brad fans are obsessed with Jen!?

    And complaining that this will get more than 100 posts is pretty silly if you make 2 of them.


  166. Minx2 says:

    his entire look and attitude scream “douche” and a user too. She’ll get what she deserves. BTW, it’s funny to what length JenHens go now to defend their idol.. “she’s hunched over” that’s why her hair suddenly appars longer. Yep, by about 20 cm. Dream on. If Aniston really wanted love and happiness, she would have hooked up with a normal guy, not a flavor of the month Hollywood bad boy. She just wants to remain in the spotlight and goes for the worst type available. She’s either very immature or very vain or both.

  167. Minx2 says:

    I took a closer look at the black & white pictures and they are downright creepy! Particularly the one with all three of them.. those guys look like pervs.

  168. Addie says:

    If this Justin thing is the real thing, Jen should take a page out of Brad & Angie’s book and let the press be spectators in their relationship and not participants.

    Jen just seems WAAAY too focused on the media and less involved in REAL people, just look at some of the company she keeps ( Handler, J Fransis and now Richardson??) Shady characters.

  169. Minx2 says:

    here is a nice story about Jen’s new best friend, Terry.. Yuck!!

  170. TRT says:

    I don’t believe it’s a real thing. I don’t believe she is over BP. The whole picture of BP & AJ bothers her, and hardly she’ll ever be over it.

    Wait for the first interview and she’ll be “I didn’t know about Justin’s long time live in girlfriend. I was not presented to me that way!” The same words she used when her marriage was over.

    She is ALWAYS misled! There are just some similarities between BP and JT (bad boy type). And that’s why she is with JT and that’s why she is concentrated on media just to show off. Pour soul….

  171. TRT says:

    On the 5th picture from the top (three of them) where she has crossed fingers you can see something like a ring (which I think it is a matching ring) on her left hand. Which means from the early start they had those rings.

  172. Michelle says:

    @GeekyChic it wasn’t me that said nnn was fanatic, or whatever

  173. Michelle says:

    Minx that article was scary. Poor girl. I don’t understand why these creeps get a pass.

  174. MikeyAngel says:

    Wow, the last two comments were me, too early, wrote my actual name. Stupid me. @geeky chic I didn’t say nnn was rehashing that was someone else, and terry richardson is a creep extraordinaire! Disgusting.

  175. Ruby says:

    Seeing all these comments including my own goes to show you Jen and her beloved CAA have got us all talking about her. Mission completed.

  176. mln76 says:

    @Venus totally agree with you. Funny enough I think if the sexes were reversed and a woman dumped her husband who didn’t want kids people would understand.

    As for whether or not Justin is an A-list screenwriter I am sure he’s successful in the industry but there are several of C-actors (sorry that’s what he is) who have written really successful movies. That may get them respect in the industry but that doesn’t make them huge stars or guarantee sucess in the buisiness because ultimately the studio owns the script and can have any number of people in to write on a movie.
    In the past month he went from being a character actor to multiplying his ‘Q’ rating a thousand fold. The announcement of the relationship timed perfectly with him signing with CAA an agency Aniston has ties with. And it’s been alleged several times in the press that she uses CAA as a dating service.

  177. TRT says:

    Ruby you are so right. I would say her mission is just partially completed since many people will NOT see her movie(s). I don’t know how many are out at the moment or in a near future. All this didn’t make her a better actress.

  178. Skipper says:

    I say this is nothing but a PR stunt: Jen’s rom-coms all suck, so now she wants (*needs*) edgier roles. Her agency hooks her up with a seemingly edgy actor, JT#2… now they are being papped, oh look… he dumped his gf (fake break-up), oooh, they’re being so naughty! Jen needs the home-wrecking rumours to stay relevant and get some decent movie roles, but in reality I’ll bet this is all a set-up and that JT#2 dude will be back with his girlfriend by the end of the year.

  179. Eve says:

    I agree with Skipper (# 179) except the last line.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say Terry Richardson is f*cking gross. Just absolutely REPULSIVE in every single way. I LOATHE him and do not see any “art” in his photographs. Cheap porn magazines’s photographers do the same for much less.

  180. Hunny says:

    Sounds like Jennifer is doing the same thing like what Angie had done to her, except Justin is not married with her 14 yrs ex… thats pretty bad too.

  181. gingergingham says:

    181 comments? For a bunch of people who think this girl is all washed up, you’re all pretty fired up about her! And not just here, but in all her other posts. Brad and Angie seem happy with their family, so why is it so important to you that you continue to rip Jen apart? You hate her, hate her, hate her. Everything about her. You hate her new boyfriend. So why are you perpetuating her newfound image? If more people left them ALL alone, I’m convinced that none of them would have the relevance they do today. Yet, curiously enough, I think all three of them really want to stay in the limelight, and they all use each other as the means.

  182. Tracy Bussan says:

    Here’s more photos of re-shoots on June 14th with Aniston’s hair long, maybe that is when the photo was taken:

  183. Codzilla says:

    Terry Richardson looks like a child toucher.

  184. Camille says:

    @Venus: ITAWY.

    This Justin guy is super fugly. Yuck. Wouldn’t touch him even if he was the last man on earth. *shudder*

  185. Pat'sMom says:

    If the stories about Terry Richardson can be substantiated why isn’t he in jail? Ughhhh! How can anybody work with him? And I have to admit it’s always bothered me that JA is friends with Joe Francis. Something about it doesn’t add up. Why would you associate yourself with total scum? Chelsea Handler is pretty douchey too. What’s up with your friend choices, Jen?

  186. Yvette says:

    I know this thread is over, but I just had to say this. The movie Jen and Justin worked on together, “Wanderlust,” was filmed in the fall of 2010. So to say that this photo was taken in NYC and the movie was filmed in Atlanta means absolutely nothing. Also, despite the fact that Justin seems glued to that leather jacket in a sort of ‘I’m a cool bad boy’ kind of way, please PLEASE notice that he is wearing a heavy, warm hoodie under the leather jacket, which he ‘would not’ wear in June no matter how cool he thought he looked. And has anyone else noticed Jen’s jacket next to her (to the left) on the bench they’re sitting on? This photo ‘had’ to have been taken sometime between November 2010 and the middle of April 2011.