Kim Kardashian shows butt x-ray as “proof” that her ass is real

Kim Kardashian has long insisted she hasn’t had any work done to her face other than Botox. It’s hard to believe that Botox is solely responsible for the cat-like change in her features, just as it’s hard to believe she hasn’t had butt implants, as she’s also insisted. Her ass is huge, and earlier photos show that she didn’t always have a bubble butt as she insists. The thing is, no one really photographed Kim’s ass before it became so prominent because she wasn’t famous back then and she wasn’t posing backwards on the red carpet to show it off. So all we have are some odd angled photos that can be interpreted differently. But whatever, Kim had something done to her butt definitely. (ha!) She says it’s all real though, just like her face and her life, and has offered XRays of it as “proof” that she doesn’t have implants:

After enduring countless accusations that her rear-end has been cosmetically altered, Kim Kardashian found a way to finally put those allegations to rest.

On the next “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Kim’s sisters Kourtney and Khloe accompany her to their family doctor to take an x-ray of her derriere in order to prove that it’s vacant of implants.

“Can we x-ray Kourtney’s boobs, so we can see what an implant looks like?” Kim suggested, taking one more step in solidifying her credibility.

[From ETOnline]

That was really bitchy what she said about Kourtney, but at least Kourtney owns up to the work she’s had done. Kim made a similar nasty dig at Kourtney in an interview with Hello! recently. She said she hadn’t had a nose job and that she just keeps her “face tilted down slightly to stop the shadows.” Then she told a story about how she asked about getting a nose job and the doctor offered one to Kourtney instead. Of course he did, because Kim is “all natural” and “perfect.”

Kim said “When I was younger I went to a plastic surgeon to see if I could get my Armenian nose corrected and he said he wouldn’t do it as I didn’t need it. Funnily [sic] enough, the plastic surgeon said he’d do my sister Kourtney’s nose, even though she was only there to hold my hand. It was very funny.”

There are all sorts of injections that can lift and fill out the butt without implants, like the “Brazilian Butt Lift,” which involves fat transfer to the butt, or PMMA injections, also known as “hydrogel.” None of these would show up on an X-Ray and the results you can see online (bare butt photos NSFW) are virtually the same as butt implants. So Kim might not have implants but that doesn’t mean her ass is natural.

June 2006:

June 2006:

June 2006:

From her MySpace, circa 2006:

June, 2011

April, 2011

Photo below via Khloe Karadshian’s blog:

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  1. mln76 says:

    Can’t you write another story about George Clooney 🙂

  2. foolery says:



  3. says:

    Well regardless of what it was, we all know she’s had stuff injected in her rear….*Ba Dum Bum*

  4. brin says:

    She needs to have her head x rayed to make sure she has a brain.

  5. Robocop says:

    OK, now just get your REALly huge, lardy, lumpy ass off the stage!!

  6. Quest says:

    It had to take a Kardashian to have a butt x-ray done. These people are so stupid and shameless.

    Shamelessly stupid famewhoring bitch

  7. Snazzy says:

    If her butt is natural, why is it that every few weeks we see pics of it becoming all lumpy? How does she explain that one? She was so much prettier when she wasn’t messing with her face. Now she just looks like the next Jocelyn Wildenstein.

  8. gee says:

    She cannot think we didn’t notice her nose job? Not seriously, right?

  9. Cherry says:

    I’m with mln76 here. Couldn’t care less about KK’s ass. More George Clooney and Eli break-up stories please!

  10. Rose says:

    She looks so much prettier and YOUNGER in the earlier photos before all the meddling. It’s strange and you’ve mentioned it before but the fashion seems to be to get work done to look ‘done’ . Like Lohan, locked into looking mid-late 30s, i’ll never understand it.

  11. You don't say says:

    Yes, let’s go back to the Cloonster please, pretty please!!

  12. Anna says:

    That doesn’t prove anything. You don’t necessarily need implants these days to surgically enhance your butt. Just as with a certain breast augmentation procedure, you can have your own fat cells strategically injected into your butt and then when you eat the right foods, the fat from them will make the cells in the area grow (inflate) and over time make the butt bigger. It’s done for breast augmentations when the women don’t want implants and it’s done for the butt as well. That would never show up on an X-ray because it’s all (fatty and muscular) tissue.

  13. Dorothy says:

    Funny, what some women (me included) were teased about (having a big butt), now it seems most woman lust having one. Strange, in the early KimK pics she is tiny and now this donk donk??? Hmm, well the truth will come out sooner or later….

  14. SallyJay says:

    I know it’s been said over and over again but WHY did she mess with her face? she was so pretty before. Now she looks like a fake, plastic, blow-up doll. As for the “my butt is natural” stuff….yeah….I don’t think so Kimmy, sorry.

  15. Jackson says:

    She is such a fool. Of course she’s had work done on her ass. And her face. Why does she insist on trying to promote this charade?

  16. lucy2 says:

    What a bitch towards her sister, and obviously she ended up getting the nose job anyway! Along with everything else, she’s about as natural as a plastic Barbie. She just thinks everyone’s as stupid as she is and can’t see it.

  17. Skins says:

    Ratings are tanking so catface is desperate
    to do anything to get them up, but this is an alltime pathetic low.

  18. samab says:

    what an ugly ass.She’s really misshapen and the funny is…she paid for it

  19. sasha says:

    She had a big ass – I’ve seen the sextape (shut up, I wanted to see if she got peed on!) and Ray J poses ‘cheek to cheek’ with her. It was big, but not mutant big like this.

    Ratings really tanking? Great!

  20. RHONYC says:

    what in the hell did that Gucci outfit do to her that she had to squeeze her fat ass into it & strangle it like that?! ugh! 🙁

    this is how the outfit is ‘supposed’ to be worn:

  21. mel says:

    wow what people will say and do to get attention. kim actually was a natural beauty back in the day but now her face is hidieous.

  22. Tammi says:

    So this is what her show has come to? No wonder the ratings are tanking.

    She was so pretty before now she looks like something manufactured.

  23. KLaw says:

    maybe she’s wearing a strap-on butt under her clothes?

    hahaha @ ms biggles !!!

  24. Roma says:

    @sasha: I watched the tape too, specifically to see if she had implants.

    First off, the rumour is that the peeing existed in the first tape but she wouldn’t’ sign off on its release until the scene was cut.

    Secondly, I totally agree. She has a bit of an ass, but not THAT ass. Those are implants, for real.

    So, because Kim and her sisters and her mother swear that Kim is all natural she must be, right? Just like how Lindsay and her sister and her mother claim that she’s sober as sober can be. Famewhore families would never lie… right?

  25. Miss says:

    Gross butt post.

  26. Faye says:

    Well…now I’ve seen an x-ray of Kim Kardashian’s butt. I can start my day.

  27. Leticia says:

    Brin, hilarious!!

  28. Emily says:

    She was so much prettier before.

  29. Nanea says:

    As Anna @ # 12 already mentioned, an X-ray doesn’t prove anything other than broken bones.

    Now if she were to submit to magnetic resonance imaging… then one could compare the density of tissues in the different areas of her butt which is as fake as so many other parts in KimK’s body.

  30. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Could she be anymore obvious about her jealousy of Kourtney? If I were Kourtney, I’d be inclined to list all of Kim’s procedures after taking all those digs at me.

  31. MeriJaan says:

    lol@ Brin!

  32. Novaraen says:

    So she just naturally has a dumpy fat ass?

    GTFO Kim. No one cares.

  33. Kloops says:

    The nose job is so totally obvious. She completely wiped away her ethnicity. I don’t see the appeal of a gigantic bum and why she would get injections, but hers is definitely larger now and the rest of her is not.

  34. bagladey says:

    Why does KK keep refreshing this subject? Her butt is FAKE – and now her face is too. I’m sick of her and her famewhoring. I feel sorry for that young, slightly challenged-looking Kris Humphries for getting tied up with these people, poor guy.

  35. Tiffany says:

    Wow. First, an unsheilded abdominal x-ray. Stupid for a child bearing age chick. We can also be sure at the time of that x-ray she wasn’t pregnant.

    In that pic from 2006 with the jeans, those are 7 for all mankind A pockets, and they run notoriously small in the thighs and ass. I have trouble fitting those correctly and my butt is only a size bigger than my top. Total BS. That is not the same ass that currently belongs to her.

  36. mdf says:

    I call bs. She’s had the Brazilian butt lift no doubt. her ass is made of fat from other parts of her body.
    So with that said, I really wish this vapid waste of space would quit insulting everyone’s intelligence by denying it all the while constantly getting it made bigger and bigger.

  37. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Plastic surgeons don’t tell you that you don’t need procedures. It would be bad business.

  38. Mugs says:

    She’s such an ass

  39. Tracy says:

    Why doesn’t the rest of her family/sisters have the same large backside? Isn’t that hereditary/genetic?

  40. ladybert62 says:

    She looked better before all the plastic work and her butt is ugly and hugh – not at all attractive in my opinion.

  41. Lucy says:

    If I was Kourtney I would have squashed Kim by now. What a biatch!

  42. vanessa says:

    wow, she was gorgeous. WAS. Now she looks like plastic shit. If she keeps going with the plastic surgery, she’s going to look exactly like her mother.

  43. stella says:

    What an ass…and by that I mean idiot. I think she wears the underwear with built in padding for the bigger ass look. Fredericks of Hollywood use to sell those for hookers. Now models and actresses wear them for that ‘just the right’ ass look.

  44. velourazure says:

    what’s that tumor-looking thing on her ass in the x-ray? shouldn’t she be more concerned about that?

  45. kris31 says:

    she’s starting to look like a mix of Michael Jackson & Peggy Bundy.. she looked so much better in 2006!

  46. Lizzy says:

    That gucci dress looks terrible on her, seriously stop trying to be a size 2 or 4 and wear properly fitted clothes.

  47. fannomore says:

    @brin…hahahahah the xray would be blank

  48. the original bellaluna says:

    Aw, what’s the matter, Lardassian? Concerned that all those tabloid covers and “completely unstaged” pix of your ass in 18 million bikinis only shows people the outside?

    What’s next, the release of your colonoscopy video?

  49. RocketMerry says:

    She used to be gorgeous. How depressing.

  50. luls says:

    SERIOUSLY, she even copies Paris’ “baby voice”! stupid bitches! Their voices are unbelievably annoying, and Kim’s is the WORST!

  51. 4Real says:

    I think she got it “lifted” like JLo…YEAH I SAID IT!

  52. Monique says:


  53. DMSR says:

    She can take all the X-rays she wants. It is not going to change the fact, that her tranny like tail section is bought and paid for. We all know that there are wonderous things that can be done with adipose tissue these days. She just needs to admit it and everyone would leave her alone about it.

  54. TeeTee says:

    she has injections, that’s why is sooo lumpy and sometimes is sagging to the back of her thighs..

    never seen someone w/such a tricky questionable BUM!

    she lies about everything and NO, I will not watch that kiddy show full of lies and make-beleive.

    She must think we are as stupid as she is…
    injections of hydrogel won’t show, she’s such a BIRD!

  55. kazoo says:

    will someone please just shove her in front of an oncoming bus? if her mom could be pushed as well, all the better.

  56. Thea says:

    Please. She has had something done to her ass. She needs to invest it in something besides her ass. She use to be a beautiful girl, but now she looks like a Tranny conversion.

  57. Dani says:

    First off there is no proof that the said xray is really Kim’s ass. Yes, I am cynical when it comes to this family. Kim you might have a big ass but you are also a sneaky ass.

  58. angela says:

    Is she really so self important that she thinks people care about her ass? Who cares if its real or fake…she still looks like a trashy street walker

  59. Mary says:

    Its like looking at a topographic map of Mount Everest.
    These people are like moths, forever seeking the light…..wheres the raid.

  60. Derrek Pauls says:

    She’s trying to obfuscate the criticisms of her butt surgery: nobody said she has ass IMPLANTS, they say she has (a) a fat, gross ass stuffed into multiple pairs of spanks, (b) fat injected into her ass, or (c) whatever they do to those girls in south america with the injections that swell the buttocks.

  61. Kim says:

    Kourtney is naturally prettier than Kim ever will be hence why Kim has so many surgeries and she still isnt as pretty as Kourtney. Kim is SOOOOO jealous of Kourtney and its not normal sibling rivalry. Her ass, boobs, face, personality, everything about Kim is FAKE!

    Look at the pics DUH posted – there is no denying photos. She is such a liar and she is making even more of a fool of herself denying all her work. The public is laughing in her face!

  62. blonde on the dock says:

    She was much prettier before she started messing with herself. Too bad!

  63. Micah says:

    She’s 100% ass.

  64. fake name says:

    This depresses me. She was pretty before, it looks like she’s even lightened her skin.

  65. gbehmy says:

    seriously i don’t know why women in hollywood get more attention when they have big butts.i’m an african woman and proud to say,my butt is WAY bigger than kim’s ‘post surgery’butt and it’s not special here cos most women here have big butts.hmmm,love my origin,we are naturally endowed(d’banj):-).how many people have money for an implant here anyway?

  66. 4Real says:


    I don’t need to see a colonoscopy video to know an asshole when I see one! LOL!

  67. Maritza says:

    Kourtney is prettier than Kim but Kendall and Kylie are gorgeous!

  68. Cherry Rose says:

    Wow, seeing those old photos of her really show how much work she’s done. Bitch has even fucked with her natural hairline.

    God, she looked so beautiful and fresh in 2006. Now she just looks like a freaky plastic alien.

    And yeah, that ass is fake. Wouldn’t her mother or her sisters have big asses as well? How did she suddenly get a large ass?

    And yes, Kourtney is the prettiest sister. I can’t believe what a bitch Kim is to her.

  69. Emily says:

    She looks so pretty in that Myspace pic. Sad she doesn’t look like that anymore.

  70. Andi says:

    This girl has WAY too much free time on her hands. She has gone under the knife quite a few times and no on really cares.

  71. the original bellaluna says:

    @ 4Real – GF, you funny! I’m LMAO right now!! 😀

  72. Kara Ann says:

    Don’t tease me about this ratings thing! I was actually excited when I read that. I so want them to go away.
    And whatever poster commented about the baby voices, thank you. It grates to hear any of the Kardashians speak and Hilton too. Not just the tone of their voices but the cadences of their speech when their having a “this is important” speech moment on their show. Yes, I’ve watched it.
    Lastly, to the commenter that recognizes an asshole, just thanks for that.

  73. Since the Feds put the smack down on the gambling ring,and thus leaving me with with nothing to do tonight,I decided to have me a celebitchy moment,and try to figure out whats going on with Kim’s butt.Screw you Tobey!

  74. O.K.,finally my investigation is finished.After viewing all evidence and photos and flushing my poker chips down the toilet,I’ve come to this conclusion: Kim has a big round butt.It could be real or it could be fake.Care to wager,anyone? To hell with you Tobey!

  75. NIQUEY says:


  76. Hakura says:

    As the proud longtime owner of a natural ‘bubble butt’, I can say with absolute certainty that her ass is as real as the foam they put in those ‘booty pop’ underwear. No matter how many ass-pumping sessions at the gym, one does not go from what she had in those pictures as a teen… to the huge gravity defying thing we have to see everyday… By natural means.

    Bitch, please.

  77. The Bobster says:

    I was expecting to see a toaster in each cheek.

  78. original kate says:

    i demand to see that butt’s long form birth certificate.

  79. JakeM says:

    Oh, just boycott this bubble-brained bitch and let her ride off into the sunset with her mentally-challenged dope of a boyfriend!!

  80. Larry says:

    Does anyone else see the similarities of K & K looking just like Lily & Herman Munster??!!

    Could you even dream up a more ridiculous looking couple than those two freaks with their exaggerated features!

    The wedding, if it even happens, will have to be televised on Saturday morning with the rest of the cartoons.

  81. Jaxx says:

    Who is that other girl in the top photos? Is that one of the younger girls?

  82. kourtney kardashian says:

    I’m so tired of Kim picking on me therefore I’ll let you guys in on a not so well kept secret. Kim had butt injections. She had major plastic surgery and she’s a whore. Take that bitch!

  83. krys says:

    she deny so much she have some work done, and is very stupid trying to prove it,,,,,cuz it shows more shes very worried about her non been natural at all…

  84. KZia76 says:

    i like this app because this site look & found celebitchy news so everybody likes this site & enjoy much.

  85. Kk's ass says:

    You guys cant see all these things that have been done to me? I have had implants, injections, surgeries and worst of all dicks inside me. Basically ive been through hell. And u guys think im natural? Or worse of u think i look nice?
    Think again people.

  86. really says:

    That is sooooooooooooooooooooo her ass! She is really pretty!

  87. MissVJJ says:

    Ive been an x-ray tech for 7 years now.. And I have a few things to say.. Lol. First, wtf is wrong with her? Radiation is not a toy! Its dangerous! What an idiot she is for promoting stupidity like that! Second, you CAN see implants on regular x-rays because of the density of it. For example, on chest x-rays, you can tell when a woman has breast implants, because of the round densities on the chest area of the film. Third, this x-ray doesnt show crap, isnt diagnostic, and the average person is NOT a radiologist. This film is white, which signifies a lot of soft tissue mass that was not adequately penetrated my the x-rays. Last.. That big ass black bubble located by her coccyx.. That is a big shit/fart that is seconds from exiting her butthole!! Lmfao!!!

  88. Ruby777 says:

    She is an annoying superficial twat with an enormous ass. I am sick of reading about these idiots.

  89. mina says:

    duh kim’s butt is fake!! the woman that does her butt injections is the same one that does mine!! in miami.

  90. June says:

    Ex-boyfriends or her ex-husband should be able to confirm… HELLO! where are you? haha :-p

  91. Hakura says:

    @MissVJJ – It’s nice to get an informed opinion on this.

    He knew the only reason she wanted to do this had absolutely *no* medical purpose. They say this guy is their family doctor… Given the risk of the radiation, was he even allowed to conduct an xray when there was no health purpose? I would think there’s some kind of ethics rule against that. He really should be held accountable for it.

  92. Less says:

    Ummm, Hello! She has INJECTIONS! DUH that is NOT going to show up on an X-RAY! I’m over this girl and all these lies…

  93. Anonymous says:

    Helloooo Fat injections will not show on a X-ray.. come on people her Ass is fake.

  94. Larry says:

    Really, you think we’re all as dumb as you, Kim? If that’s an x-ray of your rear — then where are your hip bones and connecting leg bones?!?? Highly suspect to have a smooth x-ray without any bones. So we are to assume that your ass is supported by nothing, then?!

    Give it up you fat-ass midget!!

  95. Micah says:

    First of all…that xray looks highly suspicious given the fact that it’s showing something that is completely solid with no “bones”. Second of all, even if this were a real xray, it still doesn’t prove anything!! Its called INJECTIONS!! My aunt had this procedure done to her ass and she went from having a small ass to a ridiculous 45″ ass!! I have a big behind myself but even she puts my ass to shame! Literally! So sorry Kim, you can’t fool everyone. Sometimes its better just to be honest and own up to the truth…

  96. annonamous says:


  97. Assbook says:

    That ass can’t be real. It’s totally out of proportion to the rest of her. It’s a shame because apart from a beautiful face, she also looks like she used to have an amazing ass on her…

  98. A Non says:

    I heard a story about Kim Kardashian, it might not be true, but the story goes that since 2000 she has been involved with a Romanian born businessman that has had interests in Europe, South Africa, UK, Africa and so on. Apparently he dealt in investments arms dealing and banking, as well as having political influence in many countries.
    He apparently is very aloof and stays out of the public eye, the story also states that he is very wealthy and comes from a very royal historical family, apparently he sought out kim and tried everything he could to have a relationship with her even letting her live the front of a reality star.

    His family apparently owns or has an interest in pretty much anything you can think of the only names that float around about him are Kirill, Beau, Mikail. That’s all that known about this guy.

    Fact or fiction who knows