Ben Affleck is a sloppy flirt

If you can sit through five nauseating minutes of Ben Affleck pawing a giddy French Canadian reporter you’ve got a stronger stomach than I do:

It was Sunday morning supposedly, so maybe he had a mimosa or two or he could be on some kind of prescription medicine. This interview is from 2004, so he wasn’t cheating on anyone yet and was probably high on life after narrowly escaping J.Lo’s clutches.

Thanks to Defamer for this gem of a find.

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7 Responses to “Ben Affleck is a sloppy flirt”

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  1. tina says:

    they have obviously met before, but still someone pass me the bucket!

  2. MizLiz says:

    God, who would want to be famous? I sure wouldn’t want some of the things I’ve done get plastered all over the internet. My sympathies to Ben.

  3. jess says:

    they are both SO drunk

  4. Jeannified says:

    What a tacky and unprofessional display of behavior! They probably went and screwed after this interview!

  5. maya says:

    What an ass!!!!! Has a beautiful wife, a child and still whores around! What an IDIOT

  6. millie says:

    AGAIN, it was BEFORE he was married and they both look plastered. Sheesh.. that’s how you get people on imdb say this is “proof” he’s a “rapist”… BTW, he just won Best Actor in Venice and I’m very happy for him and Jennifer.

  7. bitch says:

    Ben Affleck is ugly as hell. But then again so if Jennifer Garner… shes even uglier if thats possible. So its inevitable she’s going to get cheated on in one way or another