Jennifer Aniston brings Justin Theroux to her taping of ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’


Here are some new photos of Jennifer Aniston exiting her taping of Inside the Actor’s Studio in New York City last night. She arrived and left separately from her homewrecked lover, Justin Theroux, who was on hand to support her during the taping. There are even some shadowy photos of them together at one point – you can see them here and here. First – Aniston is deemed worthy of an Inside the Actor’s Studio?!? That show has been going downhill for so long – they made Ed O’Neill, a veteran character actor with decades of work, do the show with THE CAST of Modern Family, rather than give him his own show. Ugh. Anyway, I guess Aniston is worthy of an episode – she is a career inspiration to many young actresses with more hustle than talent. Here’s how everything went down at the taping:

Their relationship is only a mere few weeks old, but there is no doubt that things are getting serious between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. The former Friends star, 42, brought her 39-year-old new beau along with her for moral support as she taped an interview with James Lipton for Bravo series, Inside The Actor’s Studio.

The couple were spotted standing side-by-side as they made their way out of the Pace University in New York, where the actress’ appearance on the show was being filmed. Once again the couple tried to avoid getting snapped together, by leaving the building separately. Jennifer made her way out through the front exit and the smile plastered across her face said it all.

The actress was like a giddy teenager, beaming as she showed off her great figure in a conservative knee-length fitted shift paired with a black tuxedo jacket featuring leather-trimmed lapels. She accessorised the look with a pair of black satin Christian Louboutin kitten heels. She also kept the matching gold ring that she shares with Theroux firmly on her wedding finger. In fact, Jennifer proudly displayed the bling as she waved to her fans.

Theroux’s appearance was certainly more scruffy compared to his new ladylove as he continued to sport his beard and favourite leather motorcycle jacket. Earlier in the evening, the couple also arrived separately with Theroux arriving on his motorcycle just moments before Jennifer made her entrance through the front door.

It came during a tumultuous week for the pair – with Jennifer being branded a ‘home wrecker’ after Theroux’s long-time girlfriend Heidi Bivens revealed that she had only moved out of the couple’s house the previous weekend. Costume designer Miss Bivens is understood to be devastated over the new romance. Jennifer met Theroux last autumn when they shot the film Wanderlust together, and the pair made their first public outing at the beginning of June at an awards ceremony after-party in LA. They have been spotted on dates at various Hollywood haunts, but have largely avoided being photographed together.

[From The Mail]

Did anyone else think, “I wonder if Justin and Jennifer will still be together by the time the show airs?” Just for the record, I think they will. Justin isn’t some John Mayer-style boyish d-bag who gets frightened by attention and media. Justin has been in and around Hollywood for decades – he’s with Aniston because he wants to be with her, with all that entails. I’m not saying they’re going to last one year. But I think Baldy McZipperProblem might be her date to this year’s Oscars.

UPDATE: People Magazine has an absolutely exhaustive report on what went down during Aniston’s taping. According to a source, Theroux was “sitting in the front row, and she made eye contact with him… Whenever there would be a lull, she would just look at him and give him a wink and go back to what she was doing.” Aniston also made some “quips” – here are some highlights:

Aniston on what drew her to the 2006 movie The Break-Up: “Well, you know it’s something I have a lot of experience with.”

What turns you on? “Generally or currently?” she said with a laugh as she placed her face in her hands and shook her head. “A great pair of shoes” – prompting Theroux to laugh and applaud.

What turns you off? “Flats.”

What’s your favorite word? “Norman,” said a slightly teary Aniston, referring to her 15-year-old Welsh corgi-terrier mix, who died in May.

What’s your least favorite? “Stupid.”

What sound or noise do you love? “A baby hysterically laughing.”

What sound do you hate? “Car alarms.”

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? “Attempt is a good word … interior design.”

What profession would you not like to have? “Be the President.”

If heaven existed, what would you like to hear God say to you at the Pearly Gates? “Never thought I’d see you here.”

Ugh. Meh.




Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News and Terry Richardson.

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  1. Lantana says:

    Geez he needs to loose that beard. And I still think Aniston exudes pathetic-ness.

  2. Rose says:

    * awaits ‘someone’ to cast doubts over verasity of relationship now*

  3. mln76 says:

    Is James Lipton really going to wax poetic about the Bounty Hunter and Marley and Me??? I’ve got to see this.

  4. whitedaisy says:

    Anyone associating with Terry Richardson, Joe Frances and Chelsea Handler reveals more of their true character than their photo ops and carefully-worded, but vapid and uninteresting, interviews.

  5. jojo says:

    You’ve got to be kidding! Jennifer Aniston on Inside the Actor’s Studio?!!!? Don’t you have to be an actor?!!!! She doesn’t deserve to walk on the same stage never mind sit and be interviewed. I think maybe James Lipton is going senile! ‘Wow, and this comes on the heels of a star in Hollywood!?!?!? She’s not that good…..

  6. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Why would Aniston be going to the Oscars? Is it her turn to be a presenter again? I do agree though Justin would be her date. I also have to agree that Inside The Actor Studio has gone down hill. The most recent one I watched with Bradley Cooper was very good and you learned alot about him but it was like…his career is just really starting…why interview him? Why not wait until he has done something other than, a few bit parts in rom coms, The Hangover and had more leading roles. IDK. Aniston, I will admit, has done alot in her career and had a successful 10 year TV show, I can see why they would have her on the show.

    I suppose this does confirm that Justin and Jen are dating…why else would he be there?

  7. mln76 says:

    @Love Angelina there is already Oscar talk about you-know-who this year so of course she’s going ;)

  8. KLaw says:

    Did anyone else notice that those are not “kitten heels,” as the article indicates? Or am I going crazy?

  9. Scribe85 says:

    Totally need a break from reading about her.

  10. WillyNilly says:

    Summer fling. I hope. And look – her hair is magically shorter again.

  11. Jenn WInd says:

    @ Love Angleina – I have to say that your posts these last couple of days have been really great! I know you don’t like Jen, but you have not said anything negative or bashed at all!! You have been completely fair.

    Jen has been around a long time, and has done a lot of movies, and a huge TV show. She may not be oscar worthy, but she has had a huge hit in Friends.

    I hope Justin makes her happy, I am still sketchy on how they got together, but no one knows the hoest truth, only the people involved. Just like with Brad and Angie, if you fall out of love with someone, and happen to fall right in love with someone else, well, it sucks for the person that got dumped, but sometimes that is the way it goes.

    I still won’t blame the woman in either situation because they were not in the relationship, that is all on the men. I feel bad for Heide, but don;t know what that relationship was all about, so until we do I will not pass judgement on anyone.

  12. Embee says:

    KLaw I thought the same thing! Perhaps everyone has become so accustomed to 6 inch heels with platforms under the ball of the foot that they now think a normal stiletto looks kittenish?

  13. Cheyenne says:

    KLaw: LOL you’re not going crazy. Whoever wrote that doesn’t know kitten heels from stilettos.

  14. Eve says:

    First – Aniston is deemed worthy of an Inside the Actor’s Studio?!?

    I asked myself that when I read the headline.

    P.S.: I think Ed O’Neil deserved his own show at Inside Actor’s Studio. His contribution to American sitcoms is bigger than Aniston’s, for instance.

    P.P.S.: I don’t know what’s going on with FOX in Brazil (paid channel). They’ve been airing commercials that show scenes from new episodes of Modern Family but the second season hasn’t even premiered yet! I’ve been waiting for it since last year.

    Instead, all things Glee related are shown (and others are going to be aird soon, like “the Glee Project”. This is revolting.

    That’s it: someone on FOX Entertainment truly HATES me with a passion.

  15. Laura says:

    I know I’ve said it a thousand times on here but he’s SO GROSS. You shouldn’t be wearing those type of outfits past 30, 35 at least. It just comes off as trying way too hard.

  16. spinner says:

    I don’t know but I’ve got a funny feeling this is the real deal.

  17. Cheyenne says:

    @Laura: Inability to accept their age and trying too hard seems to be something they have in common.

  18. LucyOriginal says:

    @Love Angelina: “Why would Aniston be going to the Oscars?”

    My thoughts exactly, she has not been nominated to any Oscar’s category… she should not go to any award if she is not nominated…

  19. LOL! Why is she been interviewed when she is a horrible actress? I think the Actor’s Studio just lost lots of credibility.

  20. Onyx XV says:

    KLaw, I noticed that too. Those are most definitely not “kitten heels.”

    I know plenty of people who still wear leather and/or biker jackets well past the age of 35. Don’t see what the big deal is about that, other than the fact that it is June and might be a tad hot. I went to school with Justin and I have to say I don’t love the beard, and think he looks better without it, but whatever. He has always had a super outgoing, fun, and hilarious personality. I remember back in the day he would get everybody laughing their a*s off. Jen’s a lucky girl! (Although I’m not quite sure how she ended up on “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” but again – whatever.)

  21. Rena says:

    Think he will be around for a while, will escort her to the premieres of her 2 new films this year, HB and the one they are in together. They seem smitten with each other, but they are actors, time will eventually prove if this is just PR for the both of them.

    Guess this is one of the “whys” that helps explain the NYC move and sale of a house that took 2 years and who knows how much money to make over.

    Not really sure she should be on this program but it might be a ratings sort of thing.

  22. mln76 says:

    I don’t have a problem with the jacket on it’s own with a simple t-shirt. It’s all the little touches that make him look like a douche. The five thousand hooks and keys on his pants are really pissing me off. He wants to dress like he’s a carpenter but everything he’s wearing is probably worth thousands. And he’s trying to present himself as a hardass but he just goes to lunches with other rich bastards everyday. The one thing you can say for Jessie James is he at least really is a biker. This guy is an obvious wanna be.

  23. KLaw says:

    Thanks for the “kitten heels” confirmation. I was worried for a second that I’ve been calling my heels by the wrong name all these years. :D

    A man probably wrote the article, lol

  24. Runs with Scissors says:

    His gut is hanging out of those t-shirts because they were made to fit BOYS.

    This guy is such a huge poser, if I saw him on the street at his age dressed like that, I’d laugh my ass off. (agree with mln76, it’s all the douchy details that reek of try-hard)

    Could he be wearing that ridiculous get-up (in late-June heat) and posing his ass off in order to make those photos seem more recent?

    He’s actually wearing an Anarchy t-shirt while signing with CAA and hooking his wagon to the most vanilla, vacuous, play-it-safe, “actress” of all time?

    Something is very fishy here. Does CAA get dirt on its clients and force them into this shit?

    Justin Faustus anyone?

    An LA Times headline says, “If CAA plays matchmaker for Jennifer Aniston, do they get 10% of her wedding gifts?”

    People have been joking about this in the mainstream press for years.

    “…The alleged backdoor setups by her agents are some sort of spin control to make Aniston seem desirable”

    I think they’re hanging out with a pedophile because his friends have probably dumped him and stuck by his girlfriend, and the pedo is the “hippest” staged photo shoot they could manage.

  25. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @mln Oh thats exciting news? which film, because 2 come to mind. I really hope Jen doesn’t get invited if thats the case. That should have been wonderful night and it was just…not even though I can tell it wasn’t that a big deal for 2 parties involved.

    @Jenn Wind – LOL I try and I truly harbor no ill will toward even though I think she is kinda of passive aggressive.

    @LuckyOrignal – Jen has been a presenter a couple of times, they do need presenters.

  26. werty says:

    My 1st thought was why would Jennifer be at the oscars?? but L.A beat to it. Same thing with the oscars but now that i think about it she has been before and i didnt get why she was there then either.
    And im guessing that shes on ITAS because shes an icon (from playing Rachel Green)
    so yeah she is not the biggest “huh” when it comes to that.

  27. werty says:

    Runs with Scissors: Well if i remember it right both B and Jen said that it was their agents that set them up so i dont think thats a secret. But if it was, it was a horrible kept secret.

  28. Tiffany says:

    Yes, not kitten heels. Yes, hair is magically short again. No way that is the same hair in the loved up pics. Nope.
    I have CL kitten heels, they are about 2 inches high and really curved in, nowhere near stiletto looking.

  29. Shay says:

    Inside the Actor’s Studio?
    Are the choices in Hollywood now so lame or limited that they had to resort to having Aniston or the Queen of the Singular Dimension?

    Come on…She is Rachel in every film she is in.

    In all fairness, one of her redeeming features is her ability to laugh at herself.

  30. Mary K says:

    Inside TheActor’s Studioused to be one of my favorite shows. However, as of the last few seasons it has gone down hill! Prime examples are some that are given in here..I LOVE Bradley Cooper but definitely not ITAS worthy yet. His career is just taking off. Ed O’Neil a much seasoned actor in film and television who has so much to share has to share w/ co-stars of Modern Family? I don’t think Jennifer Anniston is worthy yet…though Friends is an Icon, there are so many more actors and actresses that have much more experience than a television show and a dozen or more mediocre movies. Jen and BradleyCooper could still be students themselves if you look at most of their movies. Sighs.. I see cancelation in the shows future, as they let so many seasoned Actors/Actresses in their craft slip thru their fingers…what interesting stories and glimpses into ones life as they tell it and lessons they’ve learned that will never be shared.

  31. Jenny says:

    Why don’t people accuse Anniston of having boyfriends under contract like Clooney has girlfriends. They seem to have very similar histories–need partner for movie promotion, partner gets nice gifts (this guy gets press and a big CAA contract), Mayer got to go to the Oscars and then the next day, he was history.

    He follows her around like a lost puppy. Maybe he is her replacement for Norman.

  32. mln76 says:

    @ LoveAngelina TOL is getting early buzz but we’ll see since Award season doesn’t start for months.

    @werty there have been other people she dated who coincidentally signed w/CAA just as they started dating Jen which is what the LA Times article details.

  33. nan says:

    Inside the ACTORS studio bimbo…ACTORS. I can picture this interview clearly….hair twirling, talking like a teenager “I was like”, and “She was like”; giggling like the village idiot. Oh yeah, a bimbo interview written all over this.

  34. Funnylilou75 says:

    I think she is pregnant! she is pulling her jacket to cover her stomach on every pic … very odd and not really a habit of hers…

  35. Eve says:

    I had to google “kitten heels” because I didn’t know for sure what that meant. I thought it had to be a short heel, I mean shorter than the ones Tom Cruise usually wears, but I wasn’t sure.

    I guess I’m really not into fashion (and I’m a girl).

  36. layla says:

    Actors Studio and Jennifer Aniston – should NEVER be in the same sentence.

    James Lipton: So explain to us your craft/method/technique?
    JA: Touch hair, play Rachel
    James Lipton: How do you prepare for a role?
    JA: Practice touching hair and playing Rachel.


    I don’t even care about her “budding” (read as PR STUNT) relationship – I just want someone to man up and admit the hypocrisy here.

  37. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @mln76 Thats one of the ones I was thinking of. Plus MB looks really good too. But your right award season is a while away, I do hope it gets nominated though as well as him.

  38. Eve says:

    @ Layla:

    James Lipton: So explain to us your craft/method/technique?
    JA: Touch hair, play Rachel
    James Lipton: How do you prepare for a role?
    JA: Practice touching hair and playing Rachel.


    P.S.: To be fair, I’ll give her credit for making Rachel a likeable character in the series. But that’s it.

  39. Cheyenne says:


    James Lipton: So explain to us your craft/method/technique?
    JA: Touch hair, play Rachel
    James Lipton: How do you prepare for a role?
    JA: Practice touching hair and playing Rachel.

    ROTFLMBAO!!! :lol:

  40. Maritza says:

    She has a solid fan base and since she has done so many movies whether they are so good or not people still like to hear from her. If that weren’t the case than why would they still be hiring her to make movies? People can bash her all they want but she is laughing all the way to the bank.

  41. Anna says:

    Lol, Aniston on Actor’s Studio. A day’s clinic in twirling and covering your face in your hair.

  42. Magsie says:

    Think of the crowd that would show up for Anniston’s taping of “Inside the Actress” SRO

  43. Minx2 says:

    Oh, look! Her hair is short again. :)
    BTW, what is she doing taping Inside the Actor’s Studio? Talking how to play the same character over and over again? I imagine her at 50, still doing the same thing: tanning at Cabo with her girlfriends, hanging out with another douche (they’ll be getting younger) and trying to remain relevant with a new book: “Surviving the Triangle: 15 years later”

  44. Anna says:

    @Minx2 “Surviving the Triangle: 15 years later”


  45. WhiteNoise says:

    What’s your favorite word? “Norman”

    What’s your least favorite? “Stupid.”

    C’mon now, give her credit, she didn’t say ‘retarded’. :wink:

  46. werty says:

    mln76: yeah her agents set her up, which was my point, and its been going on for a very long time. And since she admitted it a long time ago, its not really a secret.

    EDIT: BTW whats the actual name of that movie (TOL)?

  47. Laughternrain says:

    “You’ve got to be kidding! Jennifer Aniston on Inside the Actor’s Studio?!!!? Don’t you have to be an actor?!!!! She doesn’t deserve to walk on the same stage never mind sit and be interviewed.”
    Agreed, jojo. I was stunned reading that she is going to appear on the Actor’s Studio. She is a celebrity bimbo, not an Actor. Its rather like someone inviting Britney Spears to a sort of Inside the Opera Studio. Aniston has absolutely NO BUSINESS even entering that studio, let alone being a guest. It really is a slide down and shameful.

  48. Jessica says:

    Her hands look old! First time I’ve ever seen the veins in them like that.

  49. Pyewacket says:

    I get so tired of the Aniston hate. If you don’t like her, fine, but saying the same tired crap over and over is kind of stupid.

    Yes, we know many of you think she is needy, pathetic, clingy, an attention whore, she is a home wrecker, ugly, has a horrible chin, should act her age, should do more charity work, is an awful actress, is irrelevant, too tan, too worried about her hair, a horrible person who doesn’t deserve to live.

    Have I left anything out? Oh yeah, and she is a horrible daughter and hangs out with terrible people.

    Jesus, find something new to complain about o move on.

    I like her. She isn’t Meryl Streep but thee are worse people and worse actors out there making more money and movies than she does.

    End of rant.

  50. Runs with Scissors says:

    @layla, too funny! :)

    You forgot ‘icing my nipples’ and ‘sucking off a banana’ ‘sucking off a hot dog’ ‘sucking off a popsicle,’ etc.

    Then he’ll make a big deal about ‘The Good Girl,’ and call her ‘brave’ (for looking like her homely self instead of a blow-up doll) but couch the ‘brave’ diss in ‘performance’ speak. Then she’ll get all serious and try to look ‘deep.’ uggg.

    I had high hopes for her in ‘The Good Girl.’ Her performance in that was different (for her) but average for most actors. When no one crapped their pants over her acting, she ran back to the iced nipples, rom-com roles. Sigh. I liked her in ‘Friends with Money,’ but again, average performance for an actor and really just another Rachel.

    Even when I loved Aniston, I thought her ‘Rachel’ character was selfish, manipulative and whiny, but funny at times with the right script.
    Phoebe and Chandler were the funniest (and best actors, imo).

  51. Violet says:

    @layla, so funny and true!

    The CAA must have a lot of pull to get Jennifer Aniston onto “Inside the Actor’s Studio” because she turns every role she has into Rachel.

  52. You don't say says:

    I have never kept up with her really. Never have seen an episode of Friends, but I hated all those yuppy shows of the 90s with people who seemed to never work but had alot of money. I was also not sold on the “golden couple”.

    But lately her hypocricy has been glaring. She gets to do what she wants and no one calls her on it or asks where her sensitivity chip is. I can imagine next week’s People cover–”Jen has finally found love after BP” and describe her perfect match–again. I wish them the best.

  53. sapphire says:

    You know, this woman is so staged-managed, PR’ed and heavily marketed, no one here has any clue what she is really like. My bad, we have one clue-that she apparently needs to be packaged rather than put herself “out there”.

  54. garvels says:

    This will be a painful 60 minute exercise for the Interviewer and audience, especially since Jennifer has difficulties in stringing together coherent sentences for 5 minute segments on Letterman and Leno.

  55. Bellabumbum says:

    Her new BF wears the same thing over and over so no one can take a guess at when a pic was taken of him. Clever or dirty? He’s such a poser.

  56. MeMyself says:

    Wow, such simple questions she could have rocked with some original, inventive banter, even laughing at herself, but it was just so…..vanilla. Snore.

  57. I don’t begrudge someone finding love, I just have a hard time processing how someone can nash and bitch about being wronged by “the other woman” for years, only to turn around and do the Same. Exact. Thing. To another woman.

    I’ve known self-absorbed people (“Friends”) like Aniston, but I’ve always tried to keep that type of personality on the periphery. They take too much without reciprocating. Utterly exhausting.

  58. Raised Brow says:

    {shrugs} I don’t understand the JA-bashing, but to each *their own, I suppose. I just hope she was sober during taping.

  59. folly says:

    this woman looks totally pregnant at the press conference pictures of horrible bosses.

  60. Boo says:

    That she mentioned Norman makes me love her.

  61. layla says:


    Agreed. As a dog owner/lover…. that she answered that her favourite word was “Norman” was very very sweet.

  62. Laura says:

    Pyewacket-so true.

    Get some new material kids, your constant needling with the same ol’ same ol’ is gag-inducing.

    Yea she’s on Inside the Actor’s Studio as she’s had a successful and prolific career as much as some people want to say she’s been unsuccessful her track record speaks for itself.

    And no one said that she was going to the Oscars except the OP-clever ruse to get the blood pumping in those who despise Aniston’s very existence.

  63. The real Jenny says:

    Baldy mczipperProblem=pure genius

  64. Thea says:

    @ 34. I noticed that also. The jacket thing. Then I looked at her face and then said OMG it looks different (besides botox)….then I thought OMG I have become a site stalker. (cough) Anyway, whoever likes her or not, I like her. She is doing something right because she is a millionaire .

  65. Thea says:

    @ 31. I would say Mayer was history when he wanted to play spin the wheel with the feces. GAG. He is such a nasty little tramp. Maybe women are dumping him (no pun intended. cough) when he starts with the fecal fetish. And the faces when he sings, could you imagine when he has sex. (kvetches in mouth)

  66. kira says:

    In the Justin photo where he is posing for the paparazzi, IS that his pube hairs peeking out of his Calvin Klein underwear? I JUST noticed that. Ugh, gross, gross, gross…

    She’s doing the full-on publicity tour and his ex=girlfriend just moved out–like a week ago. And, of course they were dating and lying about it while Justin was living with her. So hypocritical, insensitive, classless, tacky, you name it…

  67. blonde on the dock says:

    She looks happy. And gorgeous!

  68. miri says:

    @Runs with Scissors:
    twirl hair, move hands, act like rachel, icing nips, wear a thin bra, put hair over face, mmm what’s left about her acting?
    Gosh, CCox and Lisa Kudrow were more talented IMO, but this JA was the one BP married, so she gets press and a string of bad comedies right before and after friends ended. If any other of them had been married to him they would be in the interview instead.
    well, she’s been lucky, she got tons of money, press, movies, and a bunch of crazy fans out of the divorce.
    I SO do not think she would be who she is without BP, his fame, money and connections.

  69. Cheyenne says:

    @Thea #66: I would say Mayer was history the second time he dumped her. The first time he dumped her she went crawling back to him. Apparently the fecal fetish didn’t bother her all that much.

  70. Ramona Q says:

    What is wrong w/ John Mayer not liking attention and the media? Don’t you usually bash people for being media whores? And if he doesn’t like the media, then he dated Aniston despite the attention, because he really liked her. That all sounds very sweet to me.

  71. fizXgirl314 says:

    WOW, this interview is dumb. Are these typical interview questions? sounds like a conversation between morons.. did she throw in “what’s your favorite color and which backstreet boy she likes best” in there somewhere?

  72. lrm says:

    why would she NOT go to the Oscar’s?
    I mean, lots of people attend b/c they are on the invite list for the audience.
    You obv. need an audience, not just presenters and nominees…
    That said, I almost typed pretenders instead of presenters.
    Freudian slip with JA, anyone?

    Something’s off-but time will tell.
    Great if it’s real; I have no problem with her specifically, since they *all* have images made by their publicists…not just JA.

    But something is fishy with this gig.
    so yea, we will see about that.
    and I agree it was surprising that she was on actor’s studio.
    Though I did like her in Friend with money and that other one iwth kevin costner. She was decent in a few of her movies….and purely awful in others. Depends on the script and her co-stars, which means her performance fluctuates by who she’s with…..she’s a very inconsistent ‘actress’….
    Some elevate others; most are mediocre at best.

  73. Chloe says:

    Hrm. When I look at the header picture I am willing to admit that JA did not have any serious facial surgery. Then I look at other pictures and I don’t know again. I am so *conflicted* [waves arms in despair]

    @ kira – yeah, I was grossed out by the pubes yesterday too.

  74. ctkat1 says:

    I think that this relationship started in the same way that Brad and Angie started- as in maybe there was no physical cheating during the filming, but there was definitely falling in love happening behind the back of the unwitting partner.

    Brad and Angie fell in love while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith, then Brad and Jen broke up (which was a several month process, as the ending of a long term relationship usually is) and then Brad and Angie went public with the relationship.

    I think Jen and Justin fell in love while filming Wanderlust this past fall, Jen made some large scale changes to her life (selling her LA house and moving to NYC- this is a woman who doesn’t like change, so this was pretty big) and Justin broke up with his partner in March, and then they went public with the relationship in May.

    In both cases, the relationships overlapped, and in both cases the new relationships were happening long before the couple went public.

    You don’t bring a guy you’ve been with for a month to your Inside the Actor’s Studio taping- you bring your boyfriend of 6 or so months, after you both made some big changes in your lives to be together.

  75. Chloe says:

    PS “You don’t bring a guy you’ve been with for a month to your Inside the Actor’s Studio taping- you bring your boyfriend of 6 or so months, after you both made some big changes in your lives to be together.”

    well said

  76. bogie says:

    These people are not in love. She is desperate and he is desperate…wants the fame/more money. I found people’s statements about him dissing people like Tom Hanks just shows how fake and how much of a hater he is.

  77. bogie says:

    “What is wrong w/ John Mayer not liking attention and the media? Don’t you usually bash people for being media whores? And if he doesn’t like the media, then he dated Aniston despite the attention, because he really liked her. That all sounds very sweet to me.”

    Everyone has got to be joking. JOHN MAYER LOVED THE ATTENTION, THEN HE GOT MAD WHEN HE COULD NOT CONTROL WHAT PEOPLE SAID ABOUT HIM IN THE MEDIA OR ON MESSAGE BOARDS. People with his type of success think they can control everything then get pissed when they cannot. John was a total media whore. He just dated her cause she was easy and he did not have to pay out cash for her to chase him around while he traveled touring. Liked her?!?! How many times did he diss her publicly…lol. He was a media whore and I guess he got over it cause he has disappeared. Happens with us all. Get out there to get a bunch of attention then find out it is not all it is cracked up to be.

  78. Kbomb says:

    I think he is so hot. He looks like he would be a dirty beast in the sack (in a good way!)

  79. melikesit says:

    While JA on Inside the Actor’s Studio seems odd in that she’s not exactly known for her acting skills, she has had a relatively long career and she can actually speak to the ups and downs and struggling to find that big break.

    ITAS hasn’t been about the art and craft of acting when issuing their invitations for awhile now IMO. They’re increasingly confusing notorious with talent. I guess I find her more “deserving” than some of the other guests they’ve been bringing on over the past few years whose careers have absolutely nothing to do with acting/producing/directing or whose invitation is just WTF to me(Uh, Kate Hudson?)

    At the rate ITAS is going with some their invitations I’m half expecting Justin Bieber to be a guest for his 18th Birthday.

  80. bluhare says:

    @boo/@layla: With you on the Norman thing. Gotta love someone who loves their pooch.

    Well I don’t exactly love her; I think she’s fake and, frankly, she was playing herself on Friends.

    Ed O’Neill should have had his turn. His characters are all different, unlike JA who plays the same person over and over. His Al Bundy is one of my all time favorites. Used to love Married With Children.

  81. kira says:

    ctkat1: “I think Jen and Justin fell in love while filming Wanderlust this past fall, Jen made some large scale changes to her life (selling her LA house and moving to NYC- this is a woman who doesn’t like change, so this was pretty big) and Justin broke up with his partner in March, and then they went public… in May.”

    I agree, except for one thing, his camp SAYS they broke up in March. But there are pics of Justin and Heidi together all of April.

    Look at this picture taken April 25th, 2011:

    And the caption: “ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Justin Theroux is accompanied by his longtime love, stylist Heidi Bivens.”

    Right after this, he’s running around town with Jen, telling people that he’s just friends w/her, and the romance rumors are not true and a “big misunderstanding.” Jen’s camp also issued PLENTY of denials. Ugh. So sad. Heidi probably didn’t see it coming at all. What a way to treat your “longtime love.” :-(

  82. Josephina says:

    Aniston, you are killing us!

    Between Layla and Minx2 ingenious comments, I cannot keep my keyboard clean from repeatedly spitting out my water! LOL!

    I believe I will enjoy this coupling! Forget any weekly sitcom, this couple will provide all the entertainment for the next few years…for free!

  83. Catherine says:

    He is gross. She had to break his relationship for a piece of that? Vomit.

  84. Louise says:

    Well one mystery is solved. Jennifer hates the word stupid so she uses retard instead. I don’t know why people think bringing up Norman is sweet. She looked perfectly happy during those promotional appearrances and candid shots after Norman died. So I find it hard to believe that she almost burst into tears now. Jennifer being on The Actor’s Studio isn’t shocking. For the past couple of years people who have no business being there have been guests.

  85. Cheyenne says:

    @ckat: I don’t think it’s mutual. I think she’s calling it a big romance and he’s calling it something else. This guy is looking out for good ole number one and she’s too dim to see it.

  86. lauren says:

    JT has been givin Jen his dumpsterbikerlovin’ for more than a montH..she is glowing! Jen was good in Office Space with her Flair. Along Came Polly was decent too. Jen just needs some good lovin from a loyal man, hope she has finally found some.

  87. Lucy says:

    ok…lets begin…jennustin? annistheroux?…nope, this relationship just won’t work, there is no good name mash-up.

  88. Ally says:

    I forecast they’ll be together at least until the next Oscars. Justin wants a front-row seat and leading-man roles!

    I think they’re a good fit of desperate ambition. (Though I did like Friends With Money and Tropic Thunder.)

    On a SATC nerd note, Justin Theroux actually appeared twice on the show as two different Carrie love interests — a hipster poseur (natch) and then much later, Rhoda’s quickdraw son.

  89. Reality says:

    Hmm. Nobody batted an eyelid when Katie Holmes was on ITAS. Or Kate Hudson. Or Amy Poehler. Or Teri Hatcher. Or Jennifer Lopez. Or even 21 year old acting rookie Daniel Radcliffe. It’s hardy the most discerning program, and I can’t watch it without thinking of Will ferrel’s excellent SNL impersonation.

    About the Oscars- again nobody questioned why her co-presenter and non-Oscar winner Jack black was there that year. Or what Tina Fey was doing there, or Ben Stiller. If these awards were just attended by winners and nominees nobody would watch, and they’d need a much smaller venue. Seems like the real objection is a personal one.

    I agree this guy needs to sort out those hipster jeans and stupid mass of keys, and a shave wouldn’t kill him, but I think he’s kind of hot in an ‘interesting’ way. He looks smart, which is more than I can say for ANY of Aniston’s previous beaus.

  90. BlackMamba says:

    Am I the only one who thinks he’s kinda hot? Like not in a pretty boy way but in a “I’m Major Douche and I will f*ck your brains out at a cottage party kinda way(never mind that we will never speak again)”…lol I have issues…

  91. Boo says:

    He was Rhoda’s quickdraw son on SATC? Oh, ewww. He’s like a poor woman’s Chris Meloni.

  92. Kara Ann says:

    You wrote what I was attempting to articulate as I read the other comments.

    Anyway, I like JA. I get that others find her vapid, untalented, or silly. To me JA reads as fun, sometimes silly, and very friendly. I also think that she’s got a edgy side and, like most of us, tries to be positive and happy. I just don’t understand why people hate her so much (given, now you could argue homewrecker). Again, like you I think it is a very personal dislike that I can’t find a reason for. IMO, at the least, she is comedically talented and, if she’s not for you…well okay. But other actors/actresses that are much less talented are attacked not at all or with much less vitriol than JA.

    Last thing, I am disappointed with her for her JT choice. I’m sorry but she seems to have bad taste in men. John Mayer, Brad Pitt, and now this JT guy. That’s just my opinion and I hope I am wrong about this JT guy.

  93. Runs with Scissors says:

    @Reality: “Hmm. Nobody batted an eyelid when Katie Holmes was on ITAS. Or Kate Hudson. Or Amy Poehler….”

    How the hell do you know we did or didn’t ‘bat an eye’ at?

    As tons of people up-thread have fairly said, ITAS has gone DOWNHILL in recent years.

    Now, Daniel Radcliffe, even though he’s only ‘a 21 year old acting rookie’ is still WAY more popular than Aniston (as well as much more articulate, and, despite his ‘rookie’ status, lol, he could hire Aniston to wash his socks.)

    The difference between Jack Black, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Ben Stiller is that they’re FUNNY and TALENTED, Aniston isn’t anywhere near the same league, they can carry films and entire tv shows on their own, (and don’t even have to pose nude except for a necktie to do it) lol, big difference :)

    I’ve never noticed David Schwimmer presenting at the Oscars, but wouldn’t have a big problem if he did. I never had a problem with Aniston presenting at the Oscars, I just figured she was of public interest because of Brad and Angelina.

  94. courtney says:

    Inside The Actors Studio is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel now if their letting people like JA on who has done nothing note worthy. that show used to actually be amazing with stars like Alec Baldwin Barbara Streisand Joanne Woodward Elton John & Robert Redford ect.

  95. katnip says:

    Why do people naturally assume that he is using her and not the other way around. He is not as famous, but seems waaaayyy more talented. He is a writer. She is getting to the age in Hollywood when she needs someone to writer her some material. Thing is she is not the kind of actress Directors are pinning for. Regardless of the HB script. Which is not a huge part. There are actually 3 bosses. despite the fact that they are acting as if she is the only one in the film. And the people screaming “she can so better”. WHAT? really. Why is he so below her. Why is she so much better than he.

    The seem do be PERFECT for each other. Take that as you will.

  96. yuya says:

    I think that they’re a cute couple. I can see them together if you know what I mean. The guy dated and lived with his ex for 14 years, he wasn’t gonna put a ring on it. 14 years is a good run, but sometimes the race has to end. Sometimes crap happens and people meet other people that are a better “fit” for them.

    Jennifer is adorable, he is hot, what’s to hate? After what Brad did to her, good on her for finding new match. This Justin guy is oodles more sexy than Brad. (he’s pretty to look at but, meh)

    She’s got cash, looks a great body, she’s single, seems happy, let her enjoy herself.

    I just can’t find anything to be pissy about. They’re both adults. Well, if they lost Terry Richardson’s phone number it would improve things a lot though. Man is creepy!

  97. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    A few disjointed thoughts:

    if she is pregnant then her tranformatiom into Angelina will be complete.

    Also, that groundbreaking performance on The Leprechaun must certainly be worthy of Inside the actors studio?

  98. Cheyenne says:

    yuya: Jennifer is adorable, he is hot

    First off, a 42 year old woman who is still being described as “adorable” is pathetic. She’s a grown woman, not some goofy teenager, no matter how hard she tries to be taken for one. Her real problem with guys seems to be not so much getting a man but keeping him around for the long term. There just isn’t much to her. She’s shallow, superficial and vapid, and after a few months of that the guys just lose interest. Looks aren’t enough to keep a guy committed to you.

  99. katnip says:

    Oh please yuya..

    can we get off “what Brad did to her”. she was emotionally stable to date Vince Vaughn right before her divorce was final. Not to mention Brad is her Exhusband. not her last relationship. There have been several men since that divorce. Why do people always act as if her divorce was yesterday, and not coming on 7 years. Nobody does that with any other woman. Brad didn’t cheat. He just moved on faster after she filed for the divorce. It was over and he was not going back and had a right to find happiness. OH and all that he is more sexy than BRAD. what? why is Brad always the yard stick in her life. Talk about the men after him.. there were several. But of course you can’t stop bringing him up. That speaks volumes.

    Man no matter what you fans of hers always find a way to make an underhanded dig. Get over that he left. LEFT. 6 1/2 years ago. DANG

    If you are so glad for her STOP TALKING ABOUT BRAD.

  100. blonde on the dock says:

    I think, minus the beard, this guy is hot. I bet she’s havin great sex!

  101. Ruby says:

    Why does everyone keep bringing up Brad Pitt & John Mayer? The divorce from Brad was years ago he is now a father and committed partner to another woman. John has been working on his new album and has kept a low profile. Everybody seems to have moved on. Let it die people! Seriously some peoples comments and the media act like they are writing a ph.D thesis on Jen’s love life.
    Some of you could run the class! Lol

  102. Venus says:

    yuYa wrote: “Sometimes crap happens and people meet other people that are a better “fit” for them.”

    Exactly right. My problem is that the JenHens REFUSE to say the same thing about Brad. That’s called HYPOCRISY. Look it up.

  103. miri says:

    I think that they’re a cute couple. I can see them together if you know what I mean. The guy married ,lived with his ex for what? 4/5 years, they were separated “working” for a good lenght of the time of that marriage, with the longest separation with only 1 or 2 visits in between. but he wasn’t gonna make up for lost time ina dead-end relationship, they had separate paths in life…. 5/ 6 years (marriage/dating time) is a good run in HW, but sometimes the race has to end. Sometimes crap happens and people meet other people that are a better “fit” for them, and that have the same goals in life, not just compromising tto get along wih the merger, staying with a love in your life, instead of being really in love, and get to multiply your love with a large family if that is what you wish.

    Angelina is beautiful and accomplished, he is hot and a good business head, what’s to hate? After that lost time with partners that were too different (BBTfwho did not agree much with the adoption of Maddox, and BP and Aniston growing apart, with a house as a common interest, good for all of them for finding new match.
    This Justin guy is oodles more sexy than Brad. angelina is sexier than Aniston, and they have constructed a new life, and now finally the very very rich well preserved ex-wife is making lines for getting on with her 3rd/4th more serious relationship after several times enjoying single life. Finally, after choosing men who were just for fun, that Vince guy, Mayer, and a few others that I do nremember, she is eager to make headlines with this one

    Aniston’s got cash, looks a great body, she’s single, seems happy, let her enjoy herself and stop the victim PR, please.

    I just can’t find anything to be pissy about. They’re all of them adults. richer than us, and i bet Jen and her PR team are having a good laugh at the attention this well planned “coming out with the boy! friend is getting! good for her. Her move will be well publicized.
    Now to more interesting things…

  104. Katherine says:

    “ok…lets begin…jennustin? annistheroux?…nope, this relationship just won’t work, there is no good name mash-up.”

    How about Anthroux?

    Pronounced Anthrax

  105. Andi says:

    Jennifer Aniston is more famous for her relationships then her acting ability. Every movie she makes tanks. She must have dated the producers of the show to get her on.

  106. A- says:

    She is a brilliant comedic actress. Maybe cb readers ate too young for friends, but she’s really good at what she does.

  107. Kara Ann says:

    I enjoyed Post #105 and it gave me an idea. I would like to have a post devoted to objectivity. For example, those who glorify Angelina/Brad but Hate Jennifer could say something positive about Jen for a change (no snarkiness). And, those that glorify Jen but hate Angelina and/or Brad could say something postive about them (no snarkiness). You know, it would be good for some to practice the skill of objectivity and positivity. Also, could prove funny……..Sorry, stupid idea. Besides I find nothing funnier then someone who thinks someone else is either all good or all bad.
    Continue Celebitching!

  108. Cheyenne says:

    @katnip: Her fans are never, ever going to forgive or forget “what Brad did to her”. It’s really pathetic. Going on seven years and they still can’t get over it. Never mind all the guys she’s had between him and this one. As you said, Brad is the yardstick they measure all her men by. Sick.

  109. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Most of you must be too young to remember what “Friends” was. That show was a phenomenon. It was so huge, it made those actors the biggest stars in the world for a long time. It may just be a corny syndicated thing to young people, but it was a commercial and critical success for years. Aniston is the only actor who emerged from that show and had an enduring film career. They certainly all tried.

  110. jocular says:

    Yeah I never realised people thought she was such a bad actress until coming on CB. I agree she is a great comedic actress as illustrated by her and all the other cast members of Friends. She has good timing which is hard to achieve without looking like you’re trying. I know it was a while ago but it was still a great show in my opinion! Btw Bradley Cooper has been working for a long time as an actor, he did a great stint on Nip/Tuck a while back, his character attempted to fellate himself! but got his big breaks later than some. I think its of benefit to highlight and give a pat on the back to someone who has worked their way up – he could have given up, most do.

  111. lily says:

    … not all of the friends were married to A-listers…nor got so much publicity before and after. that certainly helps, and in this current world where people spring to fame from being in reality shows and tabloids, be a fixture in them it is certainly a plus. Milk it all the way!
    riends was ok, but it was tiresome afer a while… it should have ended on season 6 or 7, 8 at most, not ten!
    And Lisa Kudrow and Courteney are very good actresses, bt quirky Phoebe and maniatic Monica did not have the romantic “lead” of the ross and rachel love story for most of the seasons. Tha engaged audiences, and got people to believe she was her nice character.

  112. Laughternrain says:

    Pyewacket, what? Are you serious? She has only *JUST* started to get a little hate, after so many years of being Teflon Jen, and you are whingeing already? wtf? The hate is LONG overdue!!

  113. Laughternrain says:

    Mrs Odie2, I won’t comment on the masses liking absolute trash like Friends, but I will say that Aniston’s success when the other ‘Friends’ didn’t have much, proves that Aniston’s success is due to marrying Brad.

  114. Theuth says:

    @Mrs.Odie: You’re right, but JA was able to reach this fame not because of Friends, more for her marriage and love life. I don’t think she’ll be this famous if she wasn’t married with Brad Pitt. Hell, outside the USA she’s still “Brad Pitt ex-wife”, NOT “Friends’ star”. Most of her work in these years was STILL connected with her real life and not with her acting talent even in movies.
    I was waiting for some real movement in this story before commenting, the same I did at the time of the divorce, but now I can actually say that yes, they are together (for PR or love, we’ll see) and no, they don’t fell the need to hide this relationship: I’m disgusted by the evolution of this story and the double standard many are building, especially considering her past. And how people seems so naive about JA and gossip world, thinking that she’s some kind of poor woman mauled by the press when she’s represented by one of the biggest publicist who basically control ALL these publications (meaning that if they wanted to limit damage, they could have done it without any problem) and has spent the last years building her reputation you read on everything; it’s very telling for me that at the time of her divorce, her then-husband decided to leave the CAA and work without a publicist, maybe one of the reason why JA side worked this way.
    And please, on a more shallow note, can we talk about these photos? She’s really ‘ugly’ (sorry for the word) here. She looks like an aging bimbo who’s desperating trying to keep what little she had in the past: I see botox, fillers and a face who’s slowly melting and revealing a Joker-style bone structure no surgery is able to fix.

    What I don’t understand is: if all of this is just a PR for promoting her next movies (could be), how they could be so stupid to be involved in this mess? Now she’s stucked, because if she’s going to break with JT in the next months, it’s gonna be ugly, maybe worse than during the first period of her ex-husband’s affair when everyone thought it was just a fling. The least she has to do is having a child and marry this man, to certify this relationship.

  115. nnn says:

    I don’t get why some people always assume that Jennifer Aniston is dating losers, naming the guys she dates, not assuming that she is equally if not more of a loser herself and is right at her place.

    I am sorry but those guys are usually better looking that she is beautiful, more articulate that she ever was, more talented in their core business (even John Mayer) that she has ever been in hers, credited with successes, and granted worthy awards (even if it’s just nomination…Oscars, Grammies, They have more intellect that she ever shown, ect…

    So i don’t understand the idea that somewhat she is better, can do better, deserve better, had a better value than those men in the dating department while objectively it’s the other way around evenmore when she dates more and more younger men who can dates women 10, 15, 20 years younger than Jen, more beautiful, from college graduates to models, to aspiring actresses, to entrepreneurs who have the time, their youth in their side to become better and generate more if i can put it that way.

    The fact is, Jennifer often dates out of her league in terms of trading values with partners who have more than the physique to offerand and she cannot do better with the poor intellect she has. She has stature and a body but it’s not enough for many men.

    That’s why before and after Brad she dates men with a lesser stature than she had in the business though they were/are taleneted. Because at the same stature, a man has plenty of other opportunities and can do way better than her, not the other way around.

    A woman her age who is attracted to the likes of Kim Kardashian can’t attract those types of men, at least for the long run. You need more than a body to do so.

    Now back to the subject, i beleive those two will last more than a couple of months and kinda matched. I beleive that jen Aniston more than Justin is seriousely in love. So good luck.

  116. nnn says:

    Lol at the people always comparing Jen’s toy of the year with Brad.

    Sorry but even being 8 years older, Brad is still sexier. Body and face wise.

    And personally i don’t find appealind at all tiny men with disproportionated body : short legged and long trunk.

    The last 2 exes of Aniston, Sculfor and nasty Mayer were better built and tall.

    And to close that chapter the most beautiful man in the world would become totally unappeling in my eyes if one of his close friend is Terry ‘Handjobson’, the Nasty Ejaculatorman.

    It will be a HUGE red flag for me personnally and there is no way that i would agree accepting sitting next to that ‘thing’ for a photoshoot.

  117. katnip says:

    I will say I watched Friends a few times, but many of the posters here act as if Aniston carried the show on her lone two shoulders. There were 5 other people in that cast. 5 people who were not supporting characters to her, 5 people who were much more talented. If you are honest the funniest characters were Lisa, Matt, and Matthew.. next David, Courtney and finally Aniston. She was good on the show but not the best of the cast. So why is it that the person that was NOT the standout has gotten more attention. Do you all seriously think that without her haircut or Brad she would be where she is. NOPE. She would be where the other 5 cast members are. That is a fact, and people can spout off Comedic timing all they want. Her movie career has lasted because she was smart in that she knew she had to costar with a big male lead. If you look at any film where she was the bigger name it tanked. That is a fact. If you look at women like Sandra, Reese, Julia who are more known for comedy have all had a blockbuster or two that they carried with their name as the draw. Aniston HAS NEVER EVER ACHIEVED THAT AT ALL. so that is why many people question her star power. The moon is bright, but it needs the sun to illuminate light. Aniston is the same. take away Adam, Vince, Ben, Jim and tell us what movie success has she had on her own. Same with HB. This movie is being promoted as if she is the lead and she is not.

    Yes Friends is shown all over the world, and she is known, but she is not what one would call an International Star. Her movies do more domestically. Mainly because of the MALE LEADs. She has YET at 10+ years of doing movies to carry a film on her own to some BO success. When she does that then people will listen a bit more about her deserving the A list title. She has gotten that from being a MOON to someone else’s SUN.

  118. mln76 says:

    @Jenny Why don’t people accuse Anniston of having boyfriends under contract like Clooney has girlfriends.

    Because Clooney’s girlfriends are prostitutes he barely even tries to hide it. Aniston’s guys have jobs (male model excluded). I think she does have relationships with them. There is just a set-up by her agents and a lot of perks/publicity that go along with the deal and I doubt she’s actually got a formal contract with them like George seems to.

    @MrsOldie2 how old do you think everyone is 12 ??? I think we’ve all seen an episode of Friends in our lives. Personally I’ve always found the show overrated and kind of bland but not terrible. Of course it’s the last big sitcom but it’s never been as good as Seinfeld or others that came before. She’s no Mary Tyler Moore or Valerie Harper(yes I am old enough to remember Rhoda), and there are many contemporary actresses that are funnier than her.
    BUT I don’t actually begrudge her the Actors Studio interview because as others have pointed out she’s got a long career and there have been less appropriate guests. Heck I am going to watch it because I think its going to be hilarious (in a trainwreck way) but I think even many of her fans can admit she hasn’t made a decent film since Friends with Money.

  119. I'M LAUGHING!!! says:

    UNCOOL HO Missing a Sensitivity Chip

  120. I"M LAUGHING says:

    UNCOOL HO missing a sensitivity chip!!!

  121. Jen D says:

    I am old enough to remember friends when it first started. I remember how it was promoted as a strictly ensemble comedy. In fact, I seem to remember (could be wrong on this) Matthew Perry refusing a nomination (either an emmy or a golden globe) because he had been nominated under a best actor category. He felt that all the friends stars should have been nominated under supporting actor.

    I remember when she started to get famous: because of her haircut, and because of her famous marriage. The other actors on the show got attention as well, especially Courtney Cox.

    I don’t think Aniston has any acting range, but she’s not alone in this. I think a lot of people don’t like her because she seems to get more than she deserves. I don’t think there’s anyone in Hollywood who’s better at PR. She’s damn good, and she’ll be around for awhile longer. Her tricks might be getting a little stale, but there are still people who are interested (hello, 100+ comments on this thread alone).

  122. nnn says:

    @ katnip

    For what i have observed, Friends is/was popular in the US, the UK and Australia mainly.

    Ask anyone in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain if they know the name of the show Jen Aniston used to act in and 50 % won’t be able to name the show. Ask any of them the name she had and 80 to 90 % wouldn’t be able to say ‘rachel’.

    The huge popularity she had consequent to the show is relly confined to the english spoken world and elsewhere her name is mainly known because she was Brad Pitt’s wife because nobody can even give the name of the other five actors, nor the name of each character.

    If you want to talk about global phenomenon as a show ask ‘who is JR’ and people will automaticaly be able to name “Dallas”, the ultimate US MADE show, only one massively released in Africa too (the only Continent where Hollywood usually doesn’t release its movies and shows) where you have people in non english spoken african countries named after JR, Sue Ellen, Pamela and Bobby..

    Just to say that popularity can’t be the measure to explain her lasting popularity. It’s more related to the Brad Pitt long lasting effect. And like someone said, outside the US, jen Aniston popularity as a member of a show was nil, it’s her being Pitt’s wife that has even made people knowing her real name where i come from.

    It really is. And concerning Reece Whitherspon, i dare you to ask 100 people in the streets of France, Belgium, Italy, in many non english countries, ect if they can name her, showing a picture of her. You’ll find less than 5 people if you are lucky. Same with Adam Sandler. They know they have seen him somewhere but are unable to recall his name or the titles of his movies.

    Just to say that popularity is really a tool with various indexes according the country you are in and that there are very few globall assets among stars : Pitt, Jolie (whose household name was as huge and even bigger than Pitt in certain countries…because of Lara Croft and her UN involvement), De Niro, Julia Roberts, Streep, Smith, Cruise, Depp, Hopkins, Shwarzzenegger, Stallone, Willis, Diaz, ect…

    Those are the names most people around the world, in the five continent are able to name as ‘international stars’. They are globally known and perceived as global assets. No Sandler, No Witherspoon, Not even Sandra Bullock who iS more known that those two but still not on a global scale.

  123. folly says:

    @nnn,good point,i am an african,i dont ever heard of aniston untill her break up with brad and jolie is a very popular name here

  124. Snicker says:

    Every word this chit ever utter is coming back to haunt her but perhaps in her vapid brain empty head it doesn’t apply to her….fried brain too?????

  125. munchies says:

    well, one thing is certain here. she cant stay long for 14 yrs like theroux had with his ex.

  126. John Wayne Lives says:

    He is so douchy looking, and I just can’t give her a pass any more. Oops kids! Those black and white pics of “last nights” dinner only served to show you outed yourselves as cheaters! I hope your publicist is sh!ting himself right now lol

  127. Chloe says:


    I totally agree about Aniston not really being an “international star.” In America she is insanely popular (by which I mean everyone knows who she is) but if you ask moviegoers in Europe, many will have no clue unless you clarify “Rachel from Friends” (same goes for “Chandler from Friends” etc.) A lot of women will also know her through the Brad Pitt connection, as the ex-wife.

    But ask anyone about 1-2 movie titles and.. not really. I agree, people here will know Streep, for her supreme acting and wonderful films, or Schwarzenegger (for uh.. movie appearances), teenagers will know the Twilight cast (the madness spreads everywhere) but no, JA is no *international star,* no matter what. Even the gossip columns and celebrity don’t really write about her – the irony of the current situation got mentioned here and there (in a *pot calling the kettle black* context)

    I don’t mind her getting that interview, though. It’s not that JA is *worse* than K. Holmes (I mean, they were both likeable as Joey/Rachel and don’t have much more to offer acting-wise) and Kate Hudson had one good role, as far as I’m concerned – in “Almost Famous.”

  128. Sue says:

    First Cheyenne I call 80 years olds adorable. A man or woman of any age can be called adorable. Second no one cares what Brad did to her anymore (only Brad/Angie fans). What people do care about is the fact that Brad/Angie lied and tried to make themsevles look perfect. i could not care less that they had an affair. My dislike for them has nothing to do with Jen. I dislike someone who tries to sell a purse worth thousands of dollars by exploiting a country where people can barely eat. I dislike that they try to imply they are perfect parents, make sure all the pictures they arrange have no nannies to try to paint a picture with is not true. I could go on and on. My dislike has nothing to do with Jen. i think that Brad/Angie fans continue to use Jen because if Brad/Angie had to stand on their own without Jen always being brought up they would look like the lying couple they are.

    If Jen had an a affair good for her. I am not excusing her if she did – I am still a fan. I like her – loved her comments in the actors studio.

    And for those of you trying to make out that she is not a famous star. You are really grasping at straws. Her movies make money. As long as that is happening she will continue to work. You guys really need to stop this hate it cannot be healthy

  129. Chloe says:

    As for the popularity of Jolie/Pitt team, I’d say the image of Pitt transformed from “that young hottie” into “a good actor” some time ago, with his performance in “12 Monkeys,” and has stayed this way from that moment on.

    With Jolie it’s different: it’s mostly her being “the sexiest woman alive” that accounts for her widespread popularity. I’d risk saying it’s a bit like with (gasp, the comparison will get me killed) M.Monroe – and now calm down, I’m not comparing Jolie to Monroe, I’m saying MM (despite the fact she was actually a very decent actress) is remembered mostly because of her iconic looks.

    Jolie had some outright awful roles (Alexander – I still cringe) but acted her ass off in several movies and I don’t think anyone sane can deny it. I mean, her Oscar was one of the deserved wins.


    edit: @Sue, we’re discussing acting skills vs. popularity and reasons for it, which is kind of related to the main topic of this post – the ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ interview.

    And re: “grasping at straws, her movies earn money” – dinousaurs in Jurassic Park also made money but nobody praises their “acting.”

    To be fair, I don’t think JA was any worse than any of the “Friends” cast – maybe except Kudrow.

  130. Chloe says:

    @ Sue – continued:

    Re: “I dislike someone who tries to sell a purse worth thousands of dollars by exploiting a country where people can barely eat.”

    The Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

    Sigh. I guess we could debate this for ages, so let’s not.

  131. folly says:

    @sue you are really angry,since when is expressing opinion means hate,i never heard about aniston before her divorce and i am sure so many people wil say that as well.i dont know how that is classify as hate,aniston fans are really funny,now you dont care that she actually stole somebody’s boyfriend but you can go on and on about jolie is a homewrecker,and if you have read jolie lv post you wil have known jolie donated the money for the advert to them in cambodia

  132. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Friends premiered in 1994. Aniston started dating Pitt in 1998. She won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a SAG award for her acting. You may hate her, but she is not a star because of Pitt. She paid her dues and earned her success. And good for her.

  133. Cheyenne says:

    @Sue: Spare us the BS, hon. Brad and Angie need Jen like a moose needs a hat rack. They are international stars in their own right whereas mention Jennifer Aniston’s name on most places on the planet and the reaction will be “Jen who?”

    OTOH, Jen needs Brad and Angie to justify her very existence in Hollywood. She’s been feeding off the triangle like a vampire for the past six years. If it wasn’t for the tabloids keeping the crap going, she would have faded into the obscurity she belongs in a long time ago.

    At least she’s been canonized as the patron saint of scorned women, so I guess that counts as some kind of dubious achievement.

  134. anonymous says:

    And Blah, blah, about Jen’s new man being hot, let’s be honest her fans are disappointed because he looks vampireish or a Charles Manson lookalike and that’s the honest truth, JA wasted too much time after her divorce by obsessing with Brad and Angie when she was younger, now the real A-listers don’t want her because she is too damn old! so she has to scrape the bottom of the barrel and take what she can get and her fans are trying to build up the Abe Lincoln lookalike. Face it the man looks creepy! He is no Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt irregardless to what the haters might say is down right handsome and a real man’s man as Angie have stated, and she is one damn lucky woman, and I bet JA has more money than Justin or whatever his name is. I would have thought with all of JA noce in the air attitude whe would have found someone who is loaded.

  135. Very Telling says:

    According to AJ is donating her entire fee from LV ad to charity. According to Phnom Penh Post- Cambodian newspaper by bringing the LV campaign to Siem Reap province has been a boost to the enonomy from tourism and employment and valuable experience to cambodians working on this expernsive campaign. This coupled with the millions Angie has donated to her Conservation project and the Maddox Jolie Pitt center demonstrates her committment to the region.Comparing Angie and Brad’s career with his exwife’s career is laughable. Angie is the highest paid actress in Hollywood commanding $20M/film up front + points. Brad’s ex wife(as she is known in most of the world)$6-10M /film. Brad’s Plan B has produced critically aclaimed films like The departed, Tree of Life, A mighty Heart. Jen’s production co.Echo nothing. Brad and Angie have being nominated for multiple GG’s,SAG’s, Oscars for their film roles the ex none for her film roles.Brad and Angie are recognized for their acting roles and charity work on many list like Time magazine Influential list and Vanity fair’s establishment list. The ex is recognized for her hairstyle.Yeah Brad and Angie need to be linked with her. GMAB. Lastly I see Jen got her first tattoo I guess she is in love with Justin oops the tattoo is for Norman.

  136. khaveman says:

    I agree — NOT a great actress.

  137. Laughternrain says:

    When did Brad and Angelina lie, Sue? Any proof, other than what you WANT to believe, despite all evidence to the contrary?

  138. Laughternrain says:

    The ones who go on about Brad and Angelina are Jen fans who cannot defend her on her own merits, so they have to compare her to Angelina by comparison. Read ANY gossip site for evidence of this. On Jen threads, her fans will come in and say something like “She has a hot bod, unlike beepalina.” Its like some Aniston fans are so obsessed with hating Angelina, they cannot praise Jen, without giving Angelina a backhander. You rarely see Angelina fans doing this. Angelina doesn’t need to be compared to someone, she stands on her own. Too bad some Aniston fans didn’t think the same of Aniston. When Aniston stands her own, its obvious what a conniving and manipulative liar she is. As if this latest affair of hers wasn’t enough to prove it. Oh, and so great that you dislike someone who has no hold over the paps and who does nothing but help pump money into impoverished countries via her LV ads, but supports someone who encourages pollution and environmental vandalism and degredation by littering our environment with heavy oil-created plastic bottles. I could go on. Again, more examples of the “selective” morals of some Jen fans.

  139. Sue: If disliking Aniston is unhealthy,disliking Angelina would be equal to what:two serving sizes of vegetables? Anyways,heres my very healthy opinion:Brad is a babe,Angie is great(inside and out),and I really feel Aniston played the pity party role for a long time.And I say that because I seen that dumb-ass,six years after Brad cover.And Whhhyy?keep listening to phone messages from your ex-husband!And I will say while Aniston is in great shape,Whhhyy?run around New York with your nipples sticking out.You could hang a coat up on that mess. BTW:I’m only saying we all have opinions.

  140. blonde on the dock says:

    Jennifer Aniston is beautiful, talented and very well respected by her peers. Whether you like it or not that’s the truth. She doesn’t need Pitt or Jolie. Never has.

  141. nnn says:

    @ Sue

    If Brad and Jolie have lied according to you who were the fly on the wall during the whole affair, so did Jen and Courtney who said there were no an affair and no bad guy..

    So who is lying ? You or the four of them ?

    As for your definition of being more famous because of selling more, Emma Watson movies sels AT THE VERY LEAST 10 times more than Aniston’s and she is nowhere near as famous…

    The same that i can assure you that Dustin Hoffman and Jodie Foster are both much, much more famous than her on a wordly scale, yet their movies sell less.

  142. Sue:If disliking Aniston is unhealty,then disliking Anglina would be equal to what:two serving sizes of vegetables?Anyways,here is my very healthy opinion:Brad is hot,Angie is great(inside and out),and Aniston has played the pity party for all its worth.I say that because I seen that dumb-ass,six years after Brad cover,and then some.And while I will say Aniston is in great shape Whhhyy?run around New York with your nipples sticking out!You could hang a coat up on that mess.BTW we all have opinions

  143. Chloe says:

    @ blonde on the dock


    Fun fact: I actually kind of liked “Friends.” But please.

  144. mln76 says:

    People bring up the Oscars when Jen was invited she sat in nosebleed seats that shows exactly how big she is. She’s never been nominated for any of her film work, and never worked with a major director. Heck even Kate Hudson was nominated for an Oscar. If you put her in the same room with real A-listers she’s small potatoes. She should have stuck to television it’s the only place she’s ever won any acclaim.

  145. kira says:

    Jen “doesn’t need Pitt or Jolie. Never has.”

    O RLY? Then, why did she do this People magazine interview when promoting The Bounty Hunter–“Jen: 5 years after BRAD: Fun, Flirty and 41!” The whole tone of the article was how she’s doing so much better–with comments like “looking good is the best revenge!” (take that, Brad). It was totally designed for all the fans still invested in the tabloid battle. I find the whole thing funny. She’s been name-dropping Brad LONGER than she was married to the guy. ;-) I have no idea who uses their ex for attention for this long except Hollywood celebs. Gotta love it. :-o

  146. Funnylilou says:

    @nnn: I am French and I went to an Europena college so I have a lot of german dutch, italian, swede and dane friends and we ALL know Friends , the show was actually HUGE here!!! I mean HUGE!!! and “the rachel” was storming at every haidresser so your point is actually not true

  147. Dex says:

    Oh some of you people need to stop hating on aniston and get a life you can’t prove anything negative you say about her and this growing power couple and in the end your negative comments mean nothing to them there names even go well which put together should be “jenstin” what do you think speaking of Justin I use to think / say that aniston was to good for him and that he was ugly but now getting a better look at him in these pics I gotta say he’s kind of a turn on!….he just needs to lose that beard anyway I’m happy for them

  148. Chloe says:

    On a final note (since I’m amused enough by the implication that the Pitts need JA to actually bother with a google search) – here’s a short digest of how JA is NOT MARKETING her divorce.

    Like I said, all it took was one google search, I’m too lazy to go through more. I tried to pick only the authorized interviews. Please, find any magazine covers on which Pitt/Jolie refer in any way to the Pitt/Aniston split to prove me wrong.

    Vanity Fair, 2005
    Jen Finally Talks. And Talks and Talks. And Cries. And Talks.


    Entertainment Weekly, December 2008
    [cover]Jen’s fresh start: candid, confident and so over gossip, Jennifer Aniston moves on.

    Vogue, December 2008
    [cover]Jennifer Aniston: What Angelina did was very uncool

    GQ December 2008
    [inside] “we all go away to The Hamptons on the weekends,” jokes Aniston. “That’d be hysterical: I’ve got Zahara on my hip, and Knox …

    Marie Claire, March, 2009
    [inside] I still have the cassette tapes of messages from my first boyfriend (..) my husband… it’s like saving love letters.

    Cosmopolitan, May 2009
    [cover] Why THIS is the BEST time of my life.

    Elle, April 2009
    [cover]Face to face with Jennifer Anniston: “Why I have no regrets”

    Vogue (Italian edition) April 2009
    [cover] Jennifer Aniston: Quella Volta Che Angelina. L’Ultimo (finito) amore, l’affetto Per Brad, La rivale, I 40 Anni Prima intervista a cuore aperto (Davvero)

    (my Italian is very rusty so I’m not gonna translate but the key words are easily recognizable)

    Harper’s Bazaar, May 2010
    [cover] Jennifer Aniston: “It’s time for my rebirth”

    People, Jan 2010
    [cover] 5 years after Brad: Fun, flirty & 40! Happier, hotter than ever, she’s loving the single life – AND her sexy nights out with Gerard Butler

    People, February 2011
    [cover] Jen’s Most Revealing Interview Ever! Over coctails and girl talk the world’s most misunderstood star sets the record straight: I’m happy, Really.


    Miss Aniston, I’d say you contributed quite a lot to being *misunderstood*

    Yawn. And now I’m going to bed. It’s almost midnight here.

  149. WhiteNoise says:

    @anonymous – “And Blah, blah, about Jen’s new man being hot, let’s be honest her fans are disappointed because he looks vampireish or a Charles Manson lookalike and that’s the honest truth…”

    Too funny! I’ve been trying to think who he reminds me of and it’s him! Manson! Between that and the new tat, I guess we’re seeing the new ‘edgy’ Jen.

  150. Stud says:

    Some of you people really need to stop hating on aniston and get a life you can’t proof anything negative you say about Jen or this growing power couple and in the end your negative comments mean nothing to them they seem well and happy together even there names go well Jen and Justin there couple name should be “jenstin” what do you think and speaking of Justin I use to think Jen was too good for him and that he was kind of ugly but now that I get a better look at him in these pics he’s kind of a turn on!.. He’s just needs to lose that beard anyway I wish them the best I’m happy for aniston she deserves this…

  151. Micki says:

    Why not duscuss the fact that she managed to mention 1.separation laughter 3 interior design again?

    Nothing ever changes (ops, apart from the dude’s name)

  152. SolitaryAngel says:

    I have always believed that Brad checked out of their marriage long before AJ came along; and the more this vapid woman speaks, the more I realize she has nothing to say and never has. No matter what a woman looks like, there comes a point where, if she bores her partner to tears, it just won’t last.

    It is much easier for JA to blame AJ than it is to accept that her husband lost interest; around the time all this drama happened, I remember him saying that he had wanted children desperately but she kept putting off getting pregnant because she wanted an A list career.

    Now here she is, all these years later; she has no husband, no children and no A list career. Serves her right.

  153. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Jennifer had the nerve to be heartbroken when her husband left her for another woman and publicly humiliated her in the process. And she didn’t smile and blow kisses and wish them well. She cried and admitted she was hurt that her husband of 4 years left her for another woman. What a bitch.

  154. Sue says:

    “i never heard about aniston before her divorce and i am sure so many people wil say that as well” Honey you need to get out more. I assume that you also never heard of Brad Pitt then as well because like every women with Brad these two were in the news all the time together.

    Once again I like Jen, like her movies (and by the way they make money and she will continue to make them – so hard for some to admit I know). I am not the type of fan that has to have her as “perfect”. We all make mistakes – I like her anyway.

    And for your information the “charity” that the money from her commerical is given to is there own charity. They take the money they say they donate, give it to themselves, hire help for the charity (including family) and then give a small amount back (again with a news release about how much they donated). They never give the same amount back. Look at the pictures in People. How much did they make – I think almost 20 million with two covers. Have they given 20 million to charities in the last 5 years? No of course not. But as usual their loyal fans actually believe them. Fine – I for one don’t like being fooled and being made a fool of. But obviously you guys don’t care. You just take everything they say as truth (no affair – yeah right, hands on parents with hardly any help and no night help – sure of course, except for the staff of 15 including chef, 6 nannies, cleaners, etc, giving all the money from the photos and LV add to charity – sure they would never lie.

    I long for the day that their names are not mentioned in connection with Jen. and no she does not need them for her fame. That idea is to pathetic to even comment on.

  155. lily says:

    I am latin american,and unless you had cable in the 90s (not everywhere, but just medium to major cities), or got a parabolic antenna, you could not watch those channels with english comedies (that in the case you were interested in them).
    So, only people who spoke english were maybe interested in that sort of comedies, and cheers, and stuff like that.
    After a few years it started being trasmitted in open channels (no cable) but late at night once a week, because let’s face it, it was not a family friendly show, funny if you liked that kind of shows, but there was a lot of casual dating, speaking about sex, sex jokes, etc, that weren’t well received more than 10 years ago. So, no, I am sure that JAniston was a tv actress as there are many.
    I remember seeing a pic of her kissing Matt Leblanc in the mouth outside a building in a Vanidades magazine years and years ago when she was THE wife, and it was funny, because AFTER the breakup, she got those interviews for movies she was doing where she was promoted and talked about because of her divorce.

  156. lily says:

    A little OTT
    but since I love movies and English language, I had to say this;
    Oh, and BTW Brad was THE man, in my country, as I remember, noone was considered as handsome as him, in those times. Of course, it was also Tom Cruise’s time for nicer movies, tom Hanks too, and Kevin costner!!! Bruce Willis,
    The last nice movies of harrison Ford, and in comedies, robin Williams.
    The cutest, the first one women would say his name, was Brad Pitt. Since he is a blond, I don’t remember a man with darker hair that cause this, maybe antonio banderas a little, Andy Garcia, alec Baldin a little too. .
    Later , Leo DiCaprio for the younger girls,
    all times favorite: Al Pacino and Robert de Niro.
    movies were bigger since there was not that much cable tv, a lot of people went to the movies for entertainment.

  157. nnn says:

    I for one don’t like being fooled and being made a fool of.
    You know, it can be applied to anyone including to Jennifer.

    The thing is you shouldn’t blame people for not loving (or hating) Aniston when your feeling towards Jolie and Brad are equally the same and based on the same perception towards her that you have towards Jolie.

    Jen is not immuned of not being loved and she is not devoid of a lot of critics too, including a blatant tendency to hypocricy.

  158. nnn says:

    @ 149

    You and your friends may know ‘Friends’ but you and I are not representative of the average european in that reagrds, especially the French. Again ‘Friends’ was released in many countries in Europe without being the most popular one.

    French people, especially don’t adopt as easily than Dtuch gfor example, typical american show. they adopt some, and make a french version of an american concept for others (like the R.I.S show based on the american C.S.I). Hell i even met people in the street of Paris who don’t know who is Beyonce though her picture was often plastered all over theTube in the l’Oreal ad.

    The average French is unable to name name the charachter of this show. They adopt their national shows stars more than any European and few international name I have given.

    @ 158. I agree with you Lilly. It often work that way. In Portugal they put their shows and the brasilian ones. In Spain, they put their show and the ‘telelenovellas’ from America del Sur. Brasilian shows are also often baught by african lusophone countries and others (mainly the francophone ones) because they cost less and are often more traditional oriented than liberal.

    Friends was too liberal to be featured in most asian/muslim countries except Japan and maybe Korea.

    A daytime soap like the “Bold and the Beautiful” or ‘The Young and the Restless” is featured in many more countries included Turky.

    You also have to understand that many countries dubbed that show. A country like Holland doesn’t do it and usually put a translation. Hence they often get more american show easiluy because like the Belgians, they are multilingual and speak english fluently.

    Oprah show was never, ever featured in a francophone belgian or french channel. But she was in the flemsih and dutch channel.

    A few years ago she had a nasty experience in a french luxury boutique because french people didn’t even know who she was, her stature, ect..

  159. blonde on the dock says:

    Now here she is, all these years later; she has no husband, no children and no A list career. Serves her right.

    Wow! So a woman has to define herself by a man, children and an A list career! What decade are you living in?
    She seems really happy to me.

  160. Zara says:

    @Sue wrote “I for one don’t like being fooled and being made a fool of.”

    The irony of you making that statement…..,ignorance really is bliss.

    to Stud & Dex, it might be helpful not to cut and paste the same comment if you’re going to post under multiple names.

  161. layla says:

    I respect your right to like JA – her movies and her as a person.

    I too, reserve the right to think she is an overrated, average looking (at best) “actress” who lucked out with a horrendous haircut that became famous (I still have no idea why) and happened to fall into a successful ensemble sitcom where she didn’t need to act, but only play herself.

    I really do not care the ins and outs of the JA/AJ/BP scenario and like you don’t really care either way. But for someone who cried “done wrong by a homewrecker” for so long, I’d appreciate to own up to her own hypocrisy.

    I also think you should perhaps revisit:
    “I dislike someone who tries to sell a purse worth thousands of dollars by exploiting a country where people can barely eat.”

    - As opposed to JA who hawks a petroleum based plastic packaged product whilst spending A LOT of time, 5 star styles, no doubt costing thousands of dollars in a country where many people also struggle to eat.


    “They never give the same amount back. Look at the pictures in People. How much did they make – I think almost 20 million with two covers. Have they given 20 million to charities in the last 5 years? ”

    - Whilst I have no idea how much money actually goes to those in need (the same can be said sadly for many charity organizations as most gets gobbled up in admin BS) … I’d just like to pose the question to you – HOW MUCH HAS JA EVER DONATED???

    We all have the right to our opinion. However objectiveness is appreciated.

  162. layla says:

    Oh – I forgot. (in the spirit of objectiveness)

    I think JA has a banging body. But so too would I if my sum existence in life was my hair and my body. ;)

  163. Cheyenne says:

    OMFG, I can’t stop laughing. Someone on another blog described her as Ruth Buzzi without the hairnet.

  164. Katherine says:

    “Mrs. Odie 2: Friends premiered in 1994. Aniston started dating Pitt in 1998. She won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a SAG award for her acting.”

    Aniston won ALL these awards AFTER she married Pitt except the 1996 Ensemble Acting Award by SAG which all 6 of the co-stars won as a group. The cast of Friends never won another Ensemble Award from SAG. Lisa Kudrow, however, won an individual SAG Award for her Friends role in 2000. Aniston never won a SAG for her individual work as an actor.

    Aniston wasn’t even nominated for an Emmy until after she married Pitt. That’s 6 years into the show’s run. She finally won an Emmy in the show’s 8th year in 2002. I remember that well because there were jokes at the time that she was never going to win an Emmy for Friends. Again Lisa Kudrow had previously been nominated for an Emmy 1995, 1997 when she won her Emmy in 1998.

    Aniston won her GG AFTER she married Pitt. Even her one other GG nomination for Friends was after she married Pitt.

    Even Aniston’s People’s Choice Awards came after she married Pitt.

    When she married Pitt Friends had already been on the air 6 years. Even with the popularity of Friends, do I think her hook up with Brad and later her marriage to a man hugely popular in the industry and with the general public helped her get these awards? Absolutely.

    Sometimes, facts speak for themselves.

  165. daisy says:

    yes finally. shes happy for a while. can the bp aj ja shenanigans be over? its been what 6-7 years? go back to your business people.

  166. Carolyn says:

    To blonde on the dock – surely you jest. Poor Jen would be nothing without Brad. She’s a very mediocre actress (that shrill voice,the fussing with her hair!) who got her start by her father (don’t mess with Victor Kiriakis, for those who remember Days of our Lives) and has been lucky enough to have milked it ever since. I don’t begrude her making millions. She’s not and never will be a role model for women over 40. I’m over the PR fakery.

  167. jocular says:

    Well I’m glad that’s cleared up. Well done you all.

  168. Mina says:


    I am french too and ALL of my friends and people around me, know Jennifer Aniston and Friends. I don’t know who you hang out with but Friends is very well known in France, and yes, french people do adapt to US shows very well, please don’t make us sound like a bunch of ignorant dummies.
    Also, just for your information, RIS is based on an italian series called Delitti imperfetti, not on CIS. Thank you. You are not the authority on France and Europe.

  169. nnn says:

    You are not the authority on France and Europe.
    That was unecessary and could be apply to you too.

    I say that Jennifer Aniston’s name is more known thanks to her marrigae to Pitt that to a show called Friends because I AM pretty sure that most people don’t even know the real name of the other memberS of the cast, which is a proof that she is known more as Pitt’s ex status than as jenniffer Aniston’s Rachel, star of a very popular show.

    Thank you!

  170. Chloe says:

    Yes yes,

    JA is a great actress and her films make loads of money. That’s why she needs a publicist to publicly announce the news of her pooch’s death when other people (*cough* real actors *cough*) are in Cannes with their movies competing for awards.

    Sorry, I think it pretty neatly sums up the whole issue.

  171. truetalk says:

    people, please for the love of all that is holy,STOP IT!
    these back and forth is getting way beyond ridiculous.

  172. Laughternrain says:

    I love it when people put up Aniston’s movie sales as any kind of marker of success. Hell, Britney Spears is a successful star, but would you call her a ‘musician’? PARIS HILTON, is a ‘movie star’. Both of these, come from the same moral and talented pool as Aniston. Look, the public, the common masses like pure filth and trash. Which explains peoples obsession with Aniston and her peers and equals, Lohan and Spears. Trash sells. These days, people would rather buy a Britney Spears CD than attend a classical music symposium. Cheap trash sells. Thats the explanation for cheap and trashy filth like Aniston selling.

  173. Laughternrain says:

    Mrs Odie2, if you truly buy that Brad left her for another woman (when the proof is to the contrary) and she was truly ‘hurt’ and ‘humiliated’ (yeah, all the way to her publicist) (rather than HER doing the humiliating and hurting and manipulating public opinion against Brad who she hurt, humiliated, betrayed and knifed), then you are very brainwashed. Same with Sue. She seems to believe that the only way she can prove she is a fan of Aniston is by claiming Brad and Angelina had an affair, which we now know was a pack of tabloid LIES. As I’ve said before in other places, Aniston could commit murder and her brainwashed fans would deflect and make excuses for her. You have all been fooled and manipulated and you are too brainwashed and starry-eyed to see her for what she truly is. She has made a fool of all of you. WAKE UP!

  174. Laughternrain says:

    I was too late for an edit, but – Oh and by the way Sue, as a taxable organisation, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation’s financial affairs are PUBLIC record and public domain and a cursory glance on Google will show that they have spent the money from the photos and other campaigns just as they said they would. If you had bothered to do your research instead of spew ignorance, bias and preconceived hate out of a misguided and brainwashed *need* to attack Angelina just to be an Aniston fan, you’d know that.

  175. Jen D says:

    @Truetalk: It’s not going to stop any time soon. I love the side arguments, like who’s more European, or when JA cut her hair. It adds a little spice to the same old formula, which is basically:

    - Haha, Jen is alone and desperate!

    - I wish people would stop linking AJ and Jennifer Aniston

    - Get over it, it’s been x number of years!

    - Jen has a great body

    - I don’t get why people hate JA

    - Steven Huvane is the devil

    I’m not pointing fingers, as I’m guilty of it myself. Maybe next time there’s an article about Jennifer Aniston I could just copy and paste the above and save everyone a lot of time. If it’s an article about Angelina Jolie I’ll add in a comment about how she only donates money when there are cameras around, and about how she has ugly hands and/or taste in clothing.

    Am I missing anything?

  176. Funnylilou says:


    Yeahhhh since I AM French and ACTUALLY, maybe .. just maybe I can give a more accurate outlook than you on wether or not JA is famous in my own country!!
    friends was HUGE!!!! HUGE!!!! incredible ratings!! magazine covers etc…
    and she is maybe more famous overhere now… I mean gracing the cover of french ELLE, cosmo or glamour are not opertunities offered to unknow people… let alone many many times…

    I gave you the example of my foreigners friends to give you a glimpse of how it was in europe…

    But I am confused… you seem to be really assertibve: are you even from Europe? Because it’s bit unreal to give a perspective believed more accurate thant its actual citizens…

    so sorry if you are not pleasef but JA IS a HUGE star overhere!!! If you want to believe otherwise it’s your right but it is not an actual REALITY!!!

  177. werty says:

    Friends were pretty big in Sweden, and i think they still rerun 2 episodes a day on one channel (kanal 5) but i really dont think anyone cares about her that much now (except people who goes to these kind of sites). And someone mentioned that Sandra Bullock werent that big outside the US, she is here. Especially after Jesse James, But that didnt happen with Jen. (cause most of the people that actually cared about it, belived there was no foul play, he wanted kids, she didnt. End of story )
    So atleast in Sweden shes not seen as a international star.

    And you cant put all of Europe in one category because every country has its own culture (some with more US influence, some with less).
    Here shes known from friends and as Brad Pitts ex- wife.

    But hey, she almost got 200 comment on CB, and Sandra doesnt get that.
    And no im not speaking for all Swedes, this is just what ive seen/heard over the years.

  178. jocular says:

    I actually can’t believe anyone would call another woman ‘filth’ it doesn’t demean them, it demeans you. In another post I’ve seen her called ‘cockroach’ by a different offender, I’m not quite sure how that one got through moderation. It is uncalled for in any intelligent debate but especially one where the subject is not accused of any criminal act. I can understand nobody wants to give credit where it’s due as it would undermine your argument but that sort of language towards another woman is not necessary. I’m actually shocked at some of the vitriol above and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Shame.

  179. Nia says:

    ctkat1: “I think Jen and Justin fell in love while filming Wanderlust this past fall, Jen made some large scale changes to her life (selling her LA house and moving to NYC- this is a woman who doesn’t like change, so this was pretty big) and Justin broke up with his partner in March, and then they went public… in May.”

    I agree except the part that infers that Brad and Jen were still happily married when he was falling for Jolie.

    Cosmopolitan ran body language articles on Aniston and Pitt and they realized that their feelings for each other had changed months before he started shooting ‘Mr and Mrs. Smith.’

    I think his marriage to Jennifer Aniston was going through a rough patch and they didn’t know if it was something they were going to weather or not and that’s why they didn’t rush to seperate or divorce. I think they realized it and it was a long time to break up and divorce because it was a long term relationship as you say and then he moved on more quickly because he fell in love with Jolie.

    That why the timing and everything looks weird and his divorce overlaps with his new relationship. I think all parties involved know this but Aniston didn’t like (rightly so) when Angelina talked about Brad and falling in love or whatever and their W spread for other reasons not because there was cheating or anything just because it looks bad and reminds people or looks like a weird sitch.

  180. Victoria says:

    what did she do to her face!?.. she is so not haute.. blah.. vanilla w/vanilla syrup on a PLAIN CONE

  181. Laughternrain says:

    jocular, so calling someone a ‘skank’, a wh0re’, and ‘skankalina’ and even ‘vag.elina’ is okay, but using a non-swear word, an ordinary word in the common English language like ‘filth’ isn’t? Ooookaayyy. The selectiveness of people ONE-sided outrage on here is far too obvious. And you wonder why after all these years, people reply to like with like.

  182. Addie says:

    She is positivly glowing. I really do think she is inlove for real.Maybe now she and the mags can move on from Brad and Angie’s family life.

    Also, quite telling that she is mentioning “babies laughter” as her favourate sound. She knows that will get the public and press talking about her being very “maternal” and wanting kids.

  183. Laughternrain says:

    I love it when people put up Aniston’s movie sales as any kind of marker of success. Hell, Britney Spears is a successful star, but would you call her a ‘musician’? PARIS HILTON, is a ‘movie star’. Both of these, come from the same moral and talented pool as Aniston. Look, the public, the common masses like pure filth and trash. Which explains peoples obsession with Aniston and her peers and equals, Lohan and Spears. Trash sells. These days, people would rather buy a Britney Spears CD than attend a classical music symposium. Cheap trash sells. Thats the explanation for cheap and trashy filth like Aniston selling.

  184. jocular says:

    I don’t think any of those words are ok to use. They are both good examples to women for the fact they earn their own money and have managed to get to the top of their professions. I doubt either woman would have got far slinging that kind of language around. You don’t need to celebrate that but you also don’t need to abuse either of them. If you’re on a crusade you can celebrate one without denigrating the other. Kind of like taking the high road. It is likely to take more effect. Neither would thank anybody for spouting hate in their name.

  185. jocular says:

    Lead by example as Angelina tries to.

  186. Laughternrain says:

    Tell it to the Aniston fans jocular.

  187. jocular says:

    I thought I just did. Anyway I think that’s more than enough preaching from me. My shit stinks as much as the next person. All the best in your crusade Laughternrain

  188. Laughternrain says:

    As to the word filth, perhaps you don’t think that doing lolita shots at 42 years old is filthy. Or stripping naked at 40ish to sell a children’s movie is filthy. Or stripping and going naked all the time on interview covers in her 40s is filthy. Or walking around with deliberately iced nipples is filthy. Or bragging that you beeped your husband on the first date, is filthy. Or that dating men who urinate on you during sex is filthy. Or hanging around someone like Terry is filthy. Or having a foul-mouthed racist as a friend is filthy. Etc Etc. Perhaps you don’t think any of these are filthy behaviour. Well, guess what. I DO. And so do a lot of others. Her behaviour backs up the term I used, and I 1000000% stand by it. If she didn’t prove it in spades and give ammo, I wouldn’t have a reason to say it. Basically, it all adds up to ‘the truth hurts’ and as I said, I couldn’t stand by it any more than I do.

  189. jocular says:

    A pasion filled crescendo of hate. Bravo

  190. Laughternrain says:

    Nope, just the cold, clinical, bare FACTS. With exhibits to prove it.

  191. jocular says:

    An objective analysis, well done

  192. coucou says:

    Justin’s cute – wasn’t he on sex and the city way back eons ago? Got blown off for Big…well, Jen, she could do worse…go for it babe, i would, but i’d have to tell him that those freaking hooks in his pockets are so NOT sexy, nor are they cool, and i hazard to doubt they are even remotely useful…what the hell does he need to latch onto, other than Jen and her limo door handles? rock on babes…

  193. Camille says:

    Very unattractive couple. *shudder*

  194. Dex says:

    @zara simply put I was having phone issues and saw it as if my comment had not gone through the difference in the name is simply out of the 3 nickname s names I go by it makes no difference which I use and believe it or not there was no copy and paste there but rather sher memory now that I see the first comment did go through and compare them I really wasn’t that off… Haha.. :)

  195. tan says:

    This is so typical Hollywood. I like Jennifer Aniston simply b/c I enjoyed Friends during its time on TV. It is what it is. Not every actress can be Meryl Streep and not every movie a Academy Award winner. But has anyone checked out Justin’s IMDb page under ‘personal quotes’? I had no idea who he is so looked him up. He basically disses main stream actors and actresses. Does he not realize who he is dating and if these quotes are true does she know about it?! Allegedly he says: If I was roped into a seven-year TV contract I’d probably hang myself.

    From his IMDb page:

    It’s like, once you’ve seen Tom Hanks win the Golden Globes, the Oscars, you’ve seen his wife, what kind of car he drives, when you watch his movies, you can’t fully get really lost in them.

    I watched the movie Cast Away (2000). It’s a perfectly fine movie. But you can never fully believe that movie. How can we believe this man is being cast away? We know it’s Tom Hanks and we know the color of his couch in his house in L.A. because we saw a picture of it in People magazine. His celebrity has corrupted his art form.

    If I was roped into a seven-year TV contract I’d probably hang myself. It’s a TV show – selling cars, cereal, soda pop. TV is like that. The shows are incidental to the commercials. I always laugh when TV shows pat themselves on the back for being cutting-edge. I mean, an interracial kiss on “Ally McBeal” (1997) is cutting-edge? I’ve never been shocked by anything on television, except the news.

  196. Feedback says:

    This guy is a poser and pretender – he couldn’t BE more Hollywood! All his “anarchy” posturings are hilarious as he drives around in his studio rented Audi and stays in luxurious studio rented suites at the Chateau Marmont and follows Ms Aniston around like a cheese eating school boy. By the way – the studio’s that crank out comic book trash like Iron Man 2 that he was a part of are the antithesis of anarchy and at the center of greedy capitalism – which your poser adores! The guy is almost 40 and still wears his pseudo punk jeans at the bottom of his ass to show his anarchist Calvin Klein underwear like 17 year old suburban school kid. Please!!! – give me a break pal!!

  197. snoopy says:

    she sounds and acts like she’s coked up