The ‘Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol’ trailer, can we take Tom Cruise seriously?

Ah yes, it seems like just yesterday that Tom Cruise and his bizarre, lumpy stomach were waltzing around (repeatedly, no less) with toy guns and glass-cutting hipples in tow on the set of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, but now we’ve finally received a trailer for the movie. As expected, Cruise performs a lot of running, kicking, and death-defying stunting in this trailer, but it feels a bit odd to watch him doing all of this to the tune of Eminem’s “Won’t Back Down.” Also, I hate to say it (really, I do), but if Cruise were any other existing action star (like, say, Jason Statham), the entire thing wouldn’t seem so ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that, while Cruise had a decent run as super-spy Ethan Hunt in the first three installments of the franchise, his public persona has suffered so much damage that everything that he does nowadays seems like a spoof; and that’s clearly not the vibe that the producers were going for here. Anyway, Jeremy Renner looks great in the trailer, so there’s that, right?

Interestingly enough, Katie Holmes was recently asked for her opinion (as if she’s allowed to form them) on Ghost Protocol, and she describes the movie as “intense.”

MTV News caught up with Cruise’s better half, Katie Holmes, Monday during the press day for Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, [and] we asked if she’s seen any of the film yet.

“I have. I had an advanced screening,” she said with a laugh, adding that it’s a perk of being married to the film’s star.

As for her thoughts about Cruise’s death-defying stunts in the film, particularly those he performed atop Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building), Holmes turned the question over to Guillermo del Toro, who produced Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

“What did you think, Guillermo, about the Burj?” she asked him.

“I love it!” he said, at which point they both agreed that Cruise’s stunts were scarier than their film, which revolves around the demonic activities of a group of terrifying little creatures that seek out and kill humans, particularly children.

“It’s amazing,’ Holmes continued. “The movie is going to be very cool and intense and the best Mission yet.”

The actress also mentioned that she’d be game for a role that required a few crazy stunts herself. “I think it sounds fun,” she said.

[From MTV]

Oh, Katie. So many things spring to mind when botwife is permitted to speak; but it suffices to point out that, when MTV asked her a question that did not result in a pre-rehearsed answer, she had to deflect the unanticipated inquiry towards the person (in this case, Guillermo) sitting next to her. A Scientology richochet, if you will. Also, it’s rather amusing that she still desires an action movie career, since her first “meeting” with Tom Cruise reportedly occurred under the guise of an audition for Mission: Impossible 3 but was truly an “audition” for the role of Mrs. Unhinged, Lift-Wearing Midget. How romantic.

Now and because I know you all asked for it, let’s just revisit Tom and his epic moobs on the set of Ghost Protocol last October and December, shall we?





Tom Cruise butching it up last fall on set courtesy of WENN and Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. Mia says:

    Tom is the most unbelievable part of the entire trailer. His scenes “running” from the explosions were laughable. The rest of the cast looks good (especially Renner). Snarkiness aside, I’ll see this just to bid a fond adieu (hopefully) to Ethan Hunt. Bring on the reign of Renner!

  2. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Ewww. Is that horizontal scar between Tom’s nipples for his moobjob and gut implants?

  3. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, I actually think this shit looks good too. I’ll buy whatever Jeremy Renner is selling. Was that Paula Patton?!?

    As for Tom, I think he looks pretty good!

  4. Nina says:

    Can we take Tom Cruise seriously?

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  5. Heatheradair says:

    Nina: 🙂 🙂


    (I’ll still go see it…..I’m a sucker for things exploding. prefer to watch things exploding with Jason Statham running away from them, but, ehhhhhh….I’ll go see it. And giggle my way through it….)

  6. Rose says:

    I think it looks like a high octane popcorn film, nowt wrong with that.

  7. annie says:

    No- no we can’t. He needs to retire

  8. Jackson says:

    Wow, I love Tom’s Mission series! I bought them all after paying at the theater to see them on the Big Screen. Awesome. Another action packed winner.

  9. the original bellaluna says:

    “Amazing”…well, she’s got one of the Sci-Co verbs down pat. Now where’s the rest?

  10. NancyMan says:

    Nina nailed it……

  11. gabs says:

    Its looks like its going to be pretty good. Yeah, Tom Cruise is ridiculous in real life but Ethan Hunt can still entertain me for an hour and a half. Ill prob see this. Why not? The eminem song was a good choice.

  12. teehee says:

    All religious sacrements aside, this guy is just as good of an actor as he ever was before we knew of his personal lifestylte. He was this good back in Interwiev with a Vampire; even as adament in interviews then as he is now. I think knowledge of his religious choice is really tainting peoples view.
    Honestly the only thing i ever have issue with is the ridiculous unrealism of films in general. When are they gonna stop with the blinking lights and beepity beeps of electronic gadgets? Its like watching Star Trek. All the overly visualized aspects of a film when what counts is a wuality script, dialogue, characters, and meaning. Oh yeah thats right- hollywood doesnt like that kind of stuff.
    Oh well. But Tom is doing a good job.

  13. ElleGin says:

    @ Teehee, “When are they gonna stop with the blinking lights and beepity beeps of electronic gadgets?” Never, and it will only get more shiny, flash, sparkly sparkles. 😎

  14. azurea says:

    Looks like a good time-waster….as long as he keeps his shirt on.

  15. sapphire says:

    I think the problem is that his image changed-couch jumping and all the ancillary issues are highly inconsistant with the action star icon. What I think is weird is Cruise doesn’t seem to understand that the public perception of him is way different that 10 years ago.

  16. Hollowdoll says:

    If I see the movie, it will have nothing to do with Tom Cruise and everything to do with Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Michael Nyqvist.

  17. bhardt says:


  18. Devon says:

    I think the only reason I’ll see this film is for the fact that part of it was filmed outside my husband’s office building (he was watching filming out his window) and that I know an extra in the film. And I really like Simon Pegg.

    Edit: Also for Michael Nyqvist.

  19. Dizzybenny says:

    aaaaahh hell ya baby!!looks good!!
    the 3rd was the best so far and this one looks like it could beat it.
    He always has great actors around him in his movies.
    Amazing that the public is turning on him yet great actors still want to be in his movies.Why is that?

  20. Mauibound says:

    Seriously people? Did anyone see knight and day? OMG ! It was horrible!!! Tom was awful, it was total crap. He hasnt done anything worth watching since rainman! I wish he would just let it go. Tom, mel gibson, and kevin costner let go boys, all of you have a fork in ya! Your done!

  21. the original bellaluna says:

    @bhardt – Is that SAWYER as in from Lost? (Because otherwise, I’m out.)

  22. Tiffany says:

    Has anyone ever taken Tom seriously???

    BTW, Don’t be afraid of the dark…is that a remake of the old one? Because that movie freaked me out in a serious way for YEARS!Scariest movie ever when I was a kid.

  23. mia girl says:

    @Tiffany – YES! It is a remake AHHHH . My sisters and I are scarred for life from the original. My dad still taunts us by leaving voicemails saying “Sally, we want you”

  24. Ron says:

    no. Just NO.

  25. gab says:

    @Dizzybenny: Tom, take a break, dude. Don’t overwork it. Too obvious.

    Still laughing:great actors still want to be in his movies. Ahhhhh, thanks for the laughs!!

  26. Eve says:

    The ‘Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol’ trailer, can we take Tom Cruise seriously?

    I know I can’t. Never again.

    He’s been a walking joke for me for at least ten years.

  27. Str8Shooter says:

    This thing is gonna bomb HARD given the public’s dislike of Mr. Cruise.

    And seriously dude…get some sun!!!

  28. cookb says:

    PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON – ya trying to make me sick

  29. Maritza says:

    I love action movies, Tom Cruise still looks handsome to me and he is a good actor.

  30. SolitaryAngel says:

    I will see it for one reason only: SAWYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since Lost has been over, I am suffering extreme Sawyer-withdrawals. o_0

  31. Lou says:

    He looks so strange these days, and I just can’t put my finger on it. Definitely not the body of an action hero, and that’s a fact.

    Maybe he should stick to campy parts – he’s really good in them.

  32. Lou says:

    OMG, Tom is not but Renner is sure HOT!

  33. katnip says:

    I think Tom looks really good for his age or any age..but the stomach is weird. The scars are for the films. He is fit, and he seems to have really put a lot into this movie. It think after K&D and the other movie he passed on, he needs to establish that he is the Action Star King.

    I have only seen one of the mission movies in theaters. I don’t find Jeremy R. attractive at all, I think he is goo actor. Love Simon so that could get me there.

    This will make money.. lots, especially overseas because Tom is one of the few International Stars left. And there are only about 5 or so that can be counted on to make big Overseas money. Tom is one of them.

    OT a bit: Why does Katie always always refer to Tom as “my husband”.. we know she is married to him, why does she never say Tom..Always “my husband”.

  34. RHONYC says:

    he was really scaling that building in real life? sure he was.

    and Angelina was really 10 stories high scaling that building in Salt too, huh?

    what liars. 🙁

  35. this says:

    TC is a good actor no matter what his religious beliefs are. Actually – I really don’t care what his believes are.

  36. janna says:

    cruise looks pretty good and the moving looks interesting enough. i’m sure plenty of people will watch the movie and not let cruise’s personal affairs blunt their enjoyment of what looks to be a decent action flick.

  37. Eve says:

    @ RHONYC:

    and Angelina was really 10 stories high scaling that building in Salt too, huh?

    I don’t know about Cruise, but Jolie certainly was (supported by wires, obviously, but that is really her — I saw it in the extra features of Salt’s DVD).

  38. You don't say says:

    Yep, jolie was supported, but was out on that ledge in Salt. Tom really needs to keep his shirt on as it is not pretty. Lumps are not abs.

    Short answer to question: No
    Longer answer: Hell no.

  39. Sue says:

    I can’t take him seriously, never like him but could put up with his movies, I won’t support any movie Tom is in by giving him my money so maybe I will buy a bootleg copy that why I can see the movie because I like everyone else in the movie but Tom and still not give him my money.

    RHONYC@ like Eva said Jolie was really 10 stories high scaling that building in Salt supported by wires you can see it in the extra features of Salt’s DVD. Tom don’t know but it maybe in the extra features when this movie comes out on DVD if not then while never know.

  40. TG says:

    @the original bellaluna – I think the 3 words stepford can use are: Amazing, Intense and magical.

    And I will probably rent the movie since I have a baby and can’t go to the movies for a long while. But, why can’t these people come up with an original plot. All action movies are about world domination and someone/organization trying to either take over the world or blow it up. It used to be every plot involved Russia trying to destroy something now they have moved on to nuclear weapons. It just gets old.

  41. Tiffany says:

    I guess I am in the minority, I liked Knight and Day. It was Cameron Diaz’s Boston accent that was killing me. One minute it was there and then gone. I will be at the theatre in Dec. for MI4, it looks great.

  42. Turtle dove says:

    This movie actually looks good. Action, humor, and the sexiness provided by Josh Holloway and Renner…. it’s a go see.

    Cruise looks good. I see doughie a**ed 40-50 something guys daily…. if I had Cruise to look at I’d like my job more than I do.

    The couch craziness made me actually like him. It humanized him in my books. I don’t like ‘apple pie’ and he was too by the book for me. Now…. better.

  43. Gypsy says:

    You gotta be kidding me, Tom Cruise knows how to produce entertaining action movies.
    Jason Statham isn’t an actor he’s just a stuntman, Tom is both.

    Why do people get carried away with personal lives of actors? They produce we pay to watch and then we all go back to our personal lives

  44. atorontogal says:

    Personally I didn’t like him before the Scientology and couch jumping. He can’t act in my opinion. Much more deserving actors out there.

  45. Ruffian9 says:

    I’ll watch just about anything with Renner in it, but CANNOT DEAL with the freak show that is Cruise. So, unless Renner is featured pretty prominently in MI4, I’ll probably have to pass.

  46. cindy says:

    Did he have some type of plastic surgery body job. I see guys in gym his age and even the really rip ones dont have a tummy that looks like that. Had a girl friend that had lipo suction and that is what it reminds me of. It never went away on her it was like the doctor tried to do some sculpting and it just didnt work.

  47. lucy2 says:

    I think it looks pretty good, and the rest of the cast is great (Josh Holloway!). However, Tom’s “real” life has way overshadowed his work, so I have a feeling it will be like watching Tom Cruise, rather than his character, and that’s not good.

    All Katie ever says is “amazing…”

  48. pnwperson says:

    Tom? He’s an old loose skinned fart! Get someone younger and hotter!!!!

  49. DeeVine says:

    This movie will do fine at the box office as Tom Cruise’s public image is only bad in the US. Outside the US there is not much talk about the couch-jumping, Robo Katie, scientology and closet gay side of his life. He is still a bona-fide movie/action star.

  50. rachel says:

    OMG Renner is so hot I will see it for sure!

  51. Gypsy says:

    It’s called the “shiny object syndrome”.

    Would you like your boss to use something you did at home to judge your job performance or use that as a factor in your promotion – OR, it’s just none of you boss d*** business.

    I tend to take the mature position, I have no intentions of moving in with Tom Cruise so I only judge him on his past movies, let God, his children and his wife judge him on his personal life…Am I so wrong?

  52. endoplasmic ridiculum says:

    I think Tom’s a B- Cup.

    34 B to be precise. But he should get fitted regardless.

  53. Vibius says:

    No. 3 was a really good movie, but its hard to take him seriously anymore.

  54. dj says:

    I thought he gave a good performance in “Knight and Day.” I liked the movie…a good popcorn movie.

  55. RovingLass says:

    This one might turn out better for him than most people think. He was a decent action star and now he is surrounding himself with the likes of Renner, Holloway and Pegg (love Simon). With an ensemble cast, in his genre, this could be the a success.

    He tried the same thing with Valkyrie, with Branagh, Wilkinson, Nighy, etc. He isn’t a great actor and being around such talent just emphasized his weaknesses. At least with MI, he is back to what he knows and does reasonably well.

  56. Andie B says:

    I have always had a strange unexplainable crush on Tommy since the film Cocktail when I was 13. Society as a whole, friends, relatives, etc are telling me it’s wrong, but I still have it burning away quietly, even though he acts strange sometimes and is getting older. I try to see every film he is in, even if it’s crap, just to see him. There, I’ve got that off my chest now. Do I need psych help?

  57. munchies says:

    i want to puke everytime i see tom’s naked chest or arms, esp his heels.

  58. Marianne says:

    I think Mission Impossible 4 looks awesome. Now I don’t personally care for Tom, nor do I for Scientology but he still makes good movies.

  59. tamarind says:

    No Doubt are reuniting (again), Beyonce will play the lead in the remake of ‘A Star Is Born’, and Tom Cruise is back playing his “INTENSE!!!!!” onscreen self.
    Important P.S. that might change your opinion of Mr. Cruise: He is abetting his tiny bff David Miscavige, Scientology’s insane & violent leader, by getting him out of the country to avoid multiple (horrendous) criminal charges. TC and his “church” are also being investigated for fraud.
    Google these things, share the info…and don’t support Cruise by spending money on this film. Buy snacks instead.

  60. Desert Cat says:

    Damn, he looks old and busted. Seriously, he looks awful. The fact that he is a crazed, egomaniacal Scientologist just adds to the “yuck” factor for me.

  61. ru ok miss? says:

    @Gypsy It’s called “suspension of disbelief.” I respect, appreciate and enjoy actors such as Gary Oldman, Don Cheadle, Kevin Kline, Cate Blanchett. Tabloid Dahlinks these actors are not. That is, not only are they gifted enough to completely immerse themselves inside their characters onscreen, they manage to share very little of their personal lives when off duty. Therefore, I, as an audience member, am more likely to allow myself to invest in the characters these actors are playing. Just my experience…

  62. myTbean says:

    Sawyer!! (dry humping the screen)

  63. MI4 says:

    I think he looks good for a 49, but he couldn’t be only *49* he’s been there for like ever

  64. Matt says:

    People overreact to the Oprah couch thing. Tom Cruise does not live a normal life, you don’t go from running around the world’s tallest building to just casually sitting on couches when you have an audience full of screaming women, and you’re in love and the whole thing is just a rollercoaster ride. The Scientology stuff is fair game, but the couch jumping? Not that nutty really. It’s not it’s Oprah’s living room, it’s a set.

  65. Dave says:

    Oprah is more ridiculous then Tom Cruse will ever be.