Jennifer Aniston is making big changes now that she’s got herself a man


Us Weekly has an interesting piece about all of the changes Jennifer Aniston is making now that she’s got a man (as opposed to a pillow boyfriend, I guess). Some of it is obvious stuff that we already know – Justin Theroux is a New York boy, and Aniston sudden itch to buy New York real estate was easily explained retroactively once we found out that Aniston was preparing a love nest for her homewrecked boyfriend. Justin’s also into tattoos, thus Aniston got a tattoo. But some of the “changes” Aniston is making aren’t so obvious, and they’re totally worth noting:

*Jennifer Aniston isn’t taking her eyes off Justin Theroux. “She only wants to be with Justin,” says a source, adding, “She has a pattern of doing this with guys.” Much like her transformation into “groupie” for John Mayer, Aniston is now constantly with her man in downtown NYC, whether it’s browsing through the Maccarone Gallery or strolling arm in arm after a June 25 dinner at Il Cantinori.

*She’s got new friends! Jennifer has traded in her California friends for her hipster beau’s favorite downtown bar, the Smile. And on June 22, Theroux’s BFF, controversial photographer Terry Richardson, released a pic of the pair taken after the trio dined in NYC’s SoHo. Aniston said cheese for a man who is notorious for his grungy, hypersexual imagery. But perhaps controversy is part of her new image. – with pals like there, expect rowdy bashes at the pad she bough just a stone’s throw from Theroux’s. She is, after all, in the mood to celebrate.

*She’s talking babies! “Jennifer really wants children,” says an Aniston confidant. “It’s something she talks about openly.” Since her split with Brad Pitt in 2005, she’s seen more duds than potential dads. “Everyone is rooting for Justin to be Mr. Right,” says the pal. “She hasn’t loved anyone as much as Brad. And she deserves a fresh start so she can have a family.”

*She’s going on hiatus! The actress is turning love into a full-time job! “jen’s taking a year off from work to enjoy herself,” says an Aniston insider. Indeed, a second source familiar with her schedule confirms that after Horrible Bosses and the October release of Wanderlust, the only thing on her plate is developing The Goree Girls, her production company’s years-old project about singers in a women’s prison. And guess who she’s picked to juice up the script? “She wants to collaborate with him,” a source says of Theroux. “She’s impressed by his ability to find humor in dry material.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

She wants to collaborate with Justin on the script? “Make sure you add ‘and then she touches her hair’ in every scene. And add something about wedges and scarves! There, we collaborated! Time for another bottle of tequila!”

Also – “Jennifer really wants children. It’s something she talks about openly.” First of all: OF COURSE she’s talking about children. Because that’s what every woman has learned to do when they’ve only been dating a guy for six weeks, right? What’s that? They’ve been seeing each other a lot longer? Shocking! Secondly: “She’s seen more duds than potential dads.” That’s on the dudes? Why is that not on Aniston? She’s the one who would rather date some racist, misogynistic closet case child like John Mayer than someone stable, well-adjusted and family-oriented. Thirdly: If Aniston had wanted to be a mom before now, she would have found a way to be a mom. Obviously, judging her from her actions, motherhood isn’t a big priority for her and I just don’t buy that she’s pulling the “baby crazy” thing with Justin. I just don’t.

Sidenote: The restaurant Il Cantinori was name-checked, and I’d just like to point out that Aniston seems to take all of her boyfriends or would-be boyfriends there. I remember reading about her and Mayer, and her and Bradley Cooper at Il Cantinori. Is that weird? Or is it just her favorite place to eat? If Clive Owen and Michael Fassbender come to town separately, I’d probably take them both to The Olive Garden.

By the way, Justin’s ex Heidi Bivens gave an exclusive statement to Star Mag, after they asked her about the end of her relationship with Justin: “It’s unfortunate. I’m not going to comment unless they comment first.” That’s so… NOT how Aniston would have handled the situation. Now I feel for Heidi even more.




Photos courtesy of WENN & Terry’s Place.

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  1. constance says:

    I think he’s a waste, but I hope he gives her a baby- so she can stfu. Does he have a child with his old girlfriend?

  2. naturegirl says:

    First on the list Bi#ch comb your hair off your face

  3. SANDIP says:

    I’m still only giving this 6 months. They won’t be exchanging Christmas gifts.

  4. Lem says:

    She looks pregnant to me or this new style is just super unflattering to the 5-10 pounds of happiness she’s gained.
    Her choices in wardrobe are not good lately. Go ahead and change your style love but keep the attention to cut that had served you so well

  5. snap says:

    Uncool HO missing a sensitivity chip.

  6. mln76 says:

    Poor Heidi she is classy, she could have sold her story to a tab and made a bit of money detailing everything.
    @Lem She’s not pregnant. She’s been puffy in the face since JGWI promotions she’s using some filler and it’s not flattering.


  8. Addie says:

    Glad that Heidi isn’t milking this. Classy move.

    Am I seeing things or are Jen’s lips and cheeks fuller? especially in the 3rd pic.


  9. Josephina says:

    Heidi: “It’s unfortunate…I m not going to comment unless they comment first..” Ha! Get ready, aim, fire! She has her gun loaded just in case.

    So, folks, … do you STILL think they (Bivens/Theroux) split amicably?

    Heidi is hurting, but she WILL NOT get coverage to do an obnoxious, 20-page spread in a popular magazine to talk and talk about her feelings being hurt from her ex-boyfriend. A mature woman who respects her privacy by her actions. Take some notes, Aniston.

  10. folly says:

    i think that heidi girl has a lot of class in her little finger than aniston in her whole body,and are we still name dropping brad?

  11. someone says:

    Im happy for Jennifer, I hope hes the one, only time will tell!!!

  12. alfabc says:

    Page Six had a blind item on May 19th:

    PAGE SIX/NY POST 05/19
    1. Which famous beauty who spends endless hours and energy toning her sculpted body is now concentrating on trying to get pregnant? She’s been undergoing secret fertility treatments in LA.

    Who wants to bet she announces a pregnancy?

  13. RHONYC says:

    that black & white photo looks like:

    -swarmy 70’s porn director

    -wannabe 70’s ‘Linda Lovelace-girl-next-door-type’ porn actress

    -swarmy 70’s rearing-2-go porn actor

    all preparing to make ‘art’ on screen.

    gross. 🙁

  14. nnn says:

    Kaiser, please don’t put anymore that shameful picture of a smiling serial pervert as Terry Handjobson.

    I really can’t stomach child molestors, woman abusers, sleaze inviduals and their sympathisers who have no problem posing with them smiling too like they are in good company..

    I am far from being a fan of her but if all these are true, good for her for taking a break and focusing on her private life. That’s a mature move. And if she wants babies, i wish her all the best. He is absolutely not my stuyle (just for the aquaintance of that pervert i wouldn’t touch this) but he’s her man now for the better or the worst. So good luck !

    And to Heidi : you are better off without him, trust me. I wish you all the best !

  15. Dhavy says:

    Did she inject her lips?

    Funny how she made those remarks about her previous relationship and now she’s doing the same thing she claimed she was a victim of all these years.

    Im sorry but a year off is not long enough of a break for some of us

    I hope she STFU this time for good.

  16. mln76 says:

    @alfabc I hope that’s true. I’d love it if she had her baby, her cover of People etc. maybe that will settle her down a bit.

    But I still think she’s filled to the max and you can’t get preggers on fillers.

  17. Laughternrain says:

    Someone else’s man, you mean.

    ‘someone’, I’m so happy that you’re happy for Aniston taking another woman’s man and being a homewrecking wh0re. You must feel so proud of yourself.

  18. Roma says:

    This is why I talked about nails on the last JA thread.

    The one thing I hate is everyone getting all up in her womb. I can relate to her: I want to have a baby but I don’t want one right now. A baby is personal. And yes, it’s showing up in her PR but maybe it’s as a response to the fact that people constantly say Brad left her because she doesn’t want to have kids?

    There are a thousand things to judge her on but holding off to have a baby shouldn’t be one of them.

  19. OriginalGracie says:

    If any of you watched Six Feet Under, Justin played Joe. After Brenda gets help for her sex addiction she goes to live in this apartment complex and he has the apartment across from her.

    They take it slow, fall in love, and then of course Brenda f*cks it up by sleeping with Nate again.

    He looked different then. Clean shaven and I think more attractive that way.

  20. Az says:

    Holy plastic fantastic, Batman! That face! Looks like Aniston is using the same doctor that Courteney Cox uses, no?

  21. OriginalGracie says:

    But seriously people: Jen knocked up, Jen having a baby, Jen getting married
    ………it’s all going to be a hell of lot more entertaining than the sad sack shenanigans that have gone on since Brad skipped off with Angie.

    I do envy her all her money.

  22. Isa says:

    Yea…changes like her upper lip. What’s up with that?

    I know her clock is ticking, but maybe she should really wait and see if this relationship is going to work out before getting pregnant.

    Say something nice: I like her shoes.

  23. Jackson says:

    I hope some of those changes include a bit of face work, the chin and the nose, specifically. Yeah, whatever, I said it. On a side note, that B&W pic is so incredibly skeevy I don’t have words for it this early in the morning.

  24. Theuth says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it just keeps getting better as days pass.
    There are not enough popcorn GIFs for this foolery.

  25. mln76 says:

    @Roma Jen has never not talked about kids since she was still married and filming Friends and has never stopped. The rumors that they were fighting about having children date back to before the MAMS shoot I personally wish she wouldn’t bring it up so much. At any point she’s been free to tell the press to stay out of her womb, but the opposite has been the case. She encourages the speculation because she knows it sells. She absolutely can choose to have a kid or not and I hate the comments that are disparaging of her not having kids they aren’t for everyone. And yes she has the resources to freeze her eggs and have a baby via surrogate in the year 2047 if that floats her boat. But she isn’t a victim. She can control her own mouth. Doesn’t have to encourage the press by saying ‘she’s going to be barefoot and pregnant soon’ or that ‘the thing that makes her happiest is the sound of a baby laughing’ etc.

    @Original Gracie I remember that character. I am still trying to remember who he was in Muholland Drive.

  26. Lem says:

    mln: her face does look horridly puffy and over filled but so do her breasts and her Pilates belly

    She appears oddly bloated everywhere; which (blind item) fertility drugs would certainly explain.

    Roma: normally I would totally agree, I think womb watch is crude.

    This Chick however, with her ‘ wha? I want a baby/ will have a baby’ yearly response and her need to make statements through pictures invites it with this odd fitting black frock and that grey # that highlights pooch…
    I’ll drop it now, but methinks Aniston is after a publicity baby. From Friends devotee to throwing side-eye shade at her every public move. I’ve sure come 180.

  27. Vickyb says:

    Totally off point but in the close-up from that event last week where she’s in that black lace dress (which I totally didn’t get… I don’t understand wearing something like that in pure sunshine) you can see someone holding up a publicity shot from Friends. It’s not very important, but I do kind of feel for her that that’s STILL the stuff people bring for her to autograph.

    As for all this stuff, I haven’t followed it closely (mainly because I still have NO IDEA who the guy is!) but if she was messing around with him when he was still with someone, then that’s not on – it makes a joke of all the post-Brad Team Aniston and Team Jolie interviews where she felt so sorry for herself. That said, I like her enough and I don’t buy all of this story – I don’t believe that even in her altered H-weird universe that a girl who’s been burnt as many times as her would think… ‘I know how to keep this one – baby talk! They freakin’ love it! And it’s worked so well before…’

    (I totally agree that she could have a baby by now if she’d wanted one, although I wonder if she doesn’t adopt as it would send the Aniston-copies-Jolie-stories into meltdown!)

  28. Iggles says:

    Heidi is made full of win! I wish her the best.

    Aniston is vile. Her identity/personality changes depending on who’s she’s dating. She’s a Brooklyn hipster now? REALLY?


  29. mln76 says:

    @Lem she’s looked about the same since Just go with it. People were wondering then if she was pregnant. Personally I think she put on a few pounds to make the fillers less noticable. Maybe I am wrong. If she is already on fertility drugs that blows the whole only dating for a month thing out of the water.

  30. FreeLoveForAll says:

    She looks like Olivia Newton-John.

  31. Laughternrain says:

    I agree with others. Its not the public that is up in Aniston’s womb, its the fact that Aniston herself encourages the baby talk for publicity and attention. Saying her favourite sound is baby laughter, for example? Since frikken when? She is so manipulative and staged.

  32. Lem says:

    Oh, my bad, I wasn’t aware we were buying the whole dating for a month thing. Even falling fast -that timeframe just doesn’t pan out
    I must be behind then as I certainly don’t watch Rachel’s movies. (Just the gossip) shame too… I have a truly unexplainable soft spot for Sandler

  33. Ashley Temple says:

    TEAM HEIDI!!!!!

  34. Deltona lakes says:

    What is up with her lips?

  35. She’s turning love into a full time career,well that explains everything!Her weight gain may attributed the the fact that Justin is refusing to do yoga for 10hrs a day.I can hear it now…I’m a natural hard-ass bad boy-this rump ain’t gonna do no yoga…

  36. Mei-Lu says:

    I wonder how Justin will change for Jen? I’ve read quite a few interviews with him over the years (he’s very talented, actually, very involved in the downtown arts scene, BFFs with Sam Rockwell, Amy Sedaris, Mary-Louise Parker and Billy Crudup). Anyway, he’s said on more than one occasion that he has no interest whatsoever in having kids.

  37. Eve says:

    She’s going on hiatus!

    One can only hope…

  38. ” If Aniston had wanted to be a mom before now, she would have found a way to be a mom. ”

    That’s so presumptuous. Maybe she didn’t want to be a single mom.

  39. Sari says:

    The skirt is too tight; don’t think she has gained weight. She has had cheek fillers and top lip enhancement. She is nuts to get this wound up in this guy. She needs to slow down and see if this will work. Don’t think babies are high on her list.

  40. really says:


  41. TexBrook says:

    She did Heidi a favor. This guy is such a poser–they both are. No doubt this one will be the one she has a baby with. Very Julia Roberts of her.

  42. Cheyenne says:

    Sari: She is nuts to get this wound up in this guy. She needs to slow down and see if this will work.

    She does this all the time. Three dates and she’s talking commitment and babies and wrapping herself around the guy like a boa constrictor, cheesing for the cameras. You’d think she’d have learned some restraint and some dignity by this time but both seem to be alien concepts for her.

    Heidi sounds like a class act and she should send Aniston a thank-you note for taking that douchebag out of her life.

  43. bluhare says:

    I’m enjoying this. It’s like reading a Nora Roberts “novel”.

  44. Sue says:

    THe article is correct in saying that if she really wanted a child, she would have one by now. Sheryl Crow did it – she didn’t have the right man in her life so she took charge. JA should be honest and just say that children are not in her future. THere is nothing wrong with not wanting children – a lot of my friends don’t have any and they are doing fine. I’m sick of her whining about wanting kids, YADA YADA YADA…

  45. Stephanie says:

    “Make sure you add ‘and then she touches her hair’ in every scene. And add something about wedges and scarves! There, we collaborated! Time for another bottle of tequila!”


  46. LondonParis says:

    “I really can’t stomach child molestors, woman abusers, sleaze inviduals and their sympathisers who have no problem posing with them smiling too like they are in good company..”

    THANK YOU. Nothing Terry Richardson is in or has shot should be posted anywhere on a site where perverts and pedophiles are not welcome.

  47. taxi says:

    She’s almost unrecognizable with the new lips & whatever else she’s had done. The nose job for “deviated septum” was an improvement, though. Maybe she’ll do something with that chin next.

    She’s got enough money & fame that she’s a big leap up for Justin, whose career hasn’t exactly caught on fire. Her production company can give him jobs. Wonder if he’s really into her or if he’s just an opportunist going for fancier digs on her dime & more photo opps.

  48. Tattood Honey says:

    So happy for her, every girl needs a “bad boy”. haha.

    Seriously, I think that everyone should just leave her alone. They bug her bc she is single and desperate and now that she is happy they find other reasons to bug her… She seems like such a sweet girl. GOOD FOR HER!!!

  49. Laughternrain says:

    Carol(middle-aged diva), when Aniston got into that huge public fight with Bill O’Reilley about that tukey-baster ‘The Switch’ movie, she give every indication that she feels that she wouldn’t mind being a single mum. It created so much controversy. Don’t you remember? She clearly has no problems at all with the concept. So YES. If she wanted children, she WOULD have had them by now.

    And might I remind you that she wasn’t always single. She was married to a wonderful man who was crying on tv about wanting her children.

    She turned her back on him. And threw her marriage away for a movie career. That man went on to have 6 children (3 adopted, 3 biological) with his partner. It was Aniston’s choice. And Aniston’s loss.

  50. Laughternrain says:

    Tattood honey, a homewrecking whore who takes another woman’s man like Aniston did to Heidi, is NOT a ‘sweet girl’. Faarrrrrr from it. Aniston is the EXACT OPPOSITE of a sweet girl. She is a dirty lowdown whore. An evil homewrecking slut.

    If anything, this ‘affair’, with Aniston breaking up a 14 year relationship shows that she will NEVER again be called a ‘sweet girl’.

    She has forever lost that claim to being a ‘sweet girl’. Never again will she ever be called that. She has buried that title – forever.

  51. Very telling says:

    Jen has stated several times including on Larry King and Extra adoption is not for her.So if she can’t have a baby herself I believe she will use a surrogate. @someone -what’s with the change of heart according to you there is no proof they are dating.Unless you believe the tabloid reports. I’m so happy with Heidi’s response. An amicable split is not”unfortunate”. My live in BF of 14 years who lied to me about cheating with another woman while we were still together is”unfortunate”

  52. Laura says:

    So it’s “hot” that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiz left their respective spouses for each other and got impulse married (which leads me to believe they were messing around looong before their partners knew about it).

    But you feel sorry for Heidi in this situation but screw those other people because Daniel and Rachel are so pretty! (I’m paraphrasing an actual comment from that thread).

    I mean, I get that some people can’t stand Aniston but come on. They seem to have and excellent PR strategy going on. So much so that it’s cool that TWO people got dumped (and were probably cheated on) and it’s “hot” whereas in this situation it’s all homewrecking, manipulative, staged!

    Isn’t that “hypocrisy!”

    I’m not asking for much, just asking for a bit of balance and fairness. I can’t stand the excessive negativity on these threads.

  53. LondonParis-I’m hearin’ya! Don’t forget adult child bullies.

  54. AngelMay says:

    There’s something really sinister and creepy about this whole setup. The fact that this guy is friends with Terry Richardson, the Scientology rumors. They’ll probably take dirty pics of Jen and blackmail her. I read somewhere that Richardson’s father, also a fashion photographer, did that to celebrities.

  55. Kim says:

    This is EXACTLy why she cant keep a man. She gives up her entire personality and morphs into what current beau is into. Just like Jessica Simpson. These types of girls are pathetic!

    Guys want a girl to be independent, secure and be herself and have her own interests and friends. All qualities Jennifer will never have.

    Feel kind of bad for her that pestering of her weight and that she was chunky and mediocre looking (still is really even after ALL the surgeries she has had) took a toll on her self esteem and she will forever be that pre-Rachel chubby, very average girl looking for acceptance.

  56. N.D. says:

    @mln76 ” she’s looked about the same since Just go with it. People were wondering then if she was pregnant. Personally I think she put on a few pounds to make the fillers less noticable. ”

    I think it started even earlier. She had this puffy look for quite awhile already. And I too think she put on a few pounds so it’s not all in her face.

    @Roma I’m all for freedom of choice but she’s 42. You have to be realistic about these things. And it’s not just about fertility per se, but the ability to raise the kid till their adulthood.

  57. Laughternrain says:

    Laura, I don’t even KNOW who tf Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiz are! FIrst place I ever heard of their names, was on here. They are hardly high-profile.

    And besides that, they don’t have a history of being American apple pie miss american-sweetheart miss-butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth who rallied everyone to feel sorry for them for being ‘cheated’ on.

    No hypocrisy, and I suggest you look up the meaning of the word in a dictionary, because you are comparing apples and oranges. The situations couldn’t be more drastically different.

    And perhaps some feel that, after 6 years of one sided attacks and villification, that we are ‘evening up the score’, so to speak, and aiming to balance the ledger after it being so lop-sided for 6 years. For some, this IS about BALANCE, fairness and JUSTICE. This is long over-due, its time for the scales to be more BALANCED.

  58. Esmom says:

    I think her window for having kids opened and closed a long time ago, while she was still married to Brad. I think she was actively trying to get pregnant back then. In fact didn’t they write in her character’s pregnancy on Friends because she was working on it in real life?

  59. kira says:

    Anything to defend Aniston. Nobody knows exactly what happened with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiz as they are private people. There’s rumors that Arronofsky cheated on Rachel, and then, she left him for Daniel. If that isn’t the case and Rachel and Daniel cheated, then boo on them. But noone knows. Nobody from their camp talks to the press at all. Their whole marriage was a complete shock to everyone–and they got married in New York, too.

    These two don’t use their love life to promote themselves unlike Aniston. Her rep talks to the mags/tabloids all the time. Case in point, when Aniston was spotted with Justin in May, and X17 published pics of them out to dinner, Aniston’s rep went to many magazines and tabloids (People magazine twice, Us Weekly and Celebuzz) talking about her, stirring up the rumor mill, getting her press. Her rep also said that nothing was happening between the two. Everyone knew that the guy had a longtime girlfriend, Heidi, still living with him. You can just google it and see pics of the guy out with his girlfriend in April. Then, the girlfriend’s mother stated that Justin told her that it’s “all a big misunderstanding” and there’s “no relationship” between Justin and Jen. BUT, Justin and Jen go public at MTV awards show on June 5th, while Heidi was STILL living with him. Heidi moves out of their apartment and releases a statement on June 14th. ONLY days after the girlfriend moves out, Justin and Jen go even more public, spending every day together, wearing matching rings, and getting happy, snuggling publicity pictures taken by Terry Richardson.

    That’s when the magazines pick up on the fact, and all of Aniston’s former quotes about Brad’s “missing a sensitivity chip” and Angelina being “uncool” come to bite her in the butt. It just makes her look like a BIG hypocrite.

    If Jen would have never used her relationship as PR bait (“Jen talks and talks and cries and talks,” “Jen: 5 years after Brad! Healthy, Happy and 41,” Jen opens up about being “happy” in her new relationship with Vince, with Mayer, with whoever), then people wouldn’t have much to say. If her rep isn’t talking to the tabloids, then maybe, the dating stories would die. But then she wouldn’t get all that attention, now would she? 😉

  60. Violet says:

    Heidi Bivens is discreet, classy and loyal — in other words, the polar opposite of Jennifer Aniston. One of these days, Justin is going to wake up and realize what he’s given up.

    I don’t know if Justin has always been a douche, or whether he’s going through a midlife crisis where his career has become so important that he’ll do absolutely anything to get ahead, including hanging out with bottomfeeders like Jen and Terry.

    As for Jen, you are absolutely right. Her PR team consistently make her sound like a poor little girl, that none of poor romantic choices are her fault even though she’s already in her 40s. Jennifer Aniston is shallow and self-involved, which is why she’s been dating nothing but douchebags. Like attracts like.

    (Brad came to his senses, after hanging in there for a long time with marriage counseling. I suspect that Jen kept pretending to be the partner he wanted, someone eager to have a family and help others. People call Angelina a homewrecker, but Jen as well as Courtney Cox have gone on record saying that Brad told Jen of his attraction to Angelina and wanted to end his marriage before acting on it.

    And how does Jen repay Brad for acting with integrity? She spends years — longer than the marriage lasted — milking the public for sympathy and encouraging friends like Chelsea Handler to insult Brad and Angelina, as well make racist jokes about their children. We’re seeing the true Jennifer now. The one that ruthlessly pursued Justin, knowing full well he was betraying Heidi.)

  61. Laughternrain says:

    Esmom, thats baloney. Her character was pregnant, because her CHARACTER was pregnant. No other reason. Aniston was not trying at all to get pregnant – on the contrary. She was avoiding it the whole time.

  62. Is just me,or is she walkin’ down the street singin’-Stop in the name of love..?

  63. mln76 says:

    I almost made the comparison that Craig/Wiez were getting a pass unlike Brad and Angie. I didn’t because I don’t think it’s worth it. I genuinely hope they are happy and they are much more low key than the Brange or Aniston.
    I actually don’t like the term homewrecker. But I do think Aniston gets a medal along with her fans in hyprocrisy. I would think if her fans were so offended and hurt by the way that she was treated they’d be just as offended and hurt that she’s treating someone in a similar (or worse way). Because for seven years we’ve been hearing how horrible what happened between these three was up until the very minute Jen did the round about same thing and now this is OK for various reasons. Also by all accounts when she began trotting this man around town and leaking info to tabs he was still living in the same house as his ex. Therouex is a lying rat and ultimately it’s his bad. If Aniston hadn’t marketed herself as a victim for all these years I wouldn’t be as offended by her behavoir because I think many and most people in Hollywood play dirty tricks and cheat.

  64. Laura says:

    Well you know what I suspect? I suspect that Aniston and Pitt had a secret spaceship they were building together bur Aniston lost the plans. Pitt got pissed and tried to put it back together but it was faulty.

    Then he blasted off to the moon and found Angelina in her Moon Palace eating cheese off the walls. They came back to Earth and Aniston was angry that Brad had eaten Angelina’s Moon Cheese so she scarpered off with Tannin Von Hoffestein, 80s pop icon. They have three children together but the kids live in Norway.

    They’ve had to cover all this with PR about their respective boring ass relationship nonsense because the government doesn’t want anyone to know that once you eat Moon Cheese, you become obsessed with gathering as many children around you as possible.

    But that’s just what I suspect.

  65. Laughternrain says:

    “And how does Jen repay Brad for acting with integrity? She spends years — longer than the marriage lasted — milking the public for sympathy and encouraging friends like Chelsea Handler to insult Brad and Angelina, as well make racist jokes about their children.”

    Exactly Violet. And people call Jen a ‘sweet girl’. What sick alternative universe are they inhabiting, when someone who has done all of what Jen has done, is considered a ‘sweet girl’?? Wtf? What would these people consider a non-sweet person would do? I always knew the true Aniston who fooled so many was rotten to the core inside. I’m glad more and more people are waking up from the AniSTONED haze of smoke, mirrors and phony acts and seeing her for what she truly is.

  66. SL*T ANISTON says:

    Lets bury this old cvnt in shame

  67. werty says:

    Eh i dont belive theres much of a story here, cause we already heard everything before.

    And if she wants kids good for her, if she dont she should stop talking about it (so should the tabloids) she should just say it once and be done with it. But i also think they keep bringing it up because shes a woman and that pi** me of.

    Also when O Reily whent of on her for saying that you dont need a men to have a kid, she said
    “Of course, the ideal scenario for parenting is obviously two parents of a mature age. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on earth,” Aniston tells PEOPLE exclusively. “And, of course, many women dream of finding Prince Charming (with fatherly instincts), but for those who’ve not yet found their Bill O’Reilly, I’m just glad science has provided a few other options.”

    And thats one of 2 things i like about her (the other is friends witch i watched when i was younger)
    see i can be nice (=

    EDIT: Laura: thats my new theory, thank you.

  68. Cass says:

    She always does this. She lands a man and the next thing she is planning the walk down the isle and the man runs for the hills. She is way too old to be acting like a 16 year old girl who has puppy love.

  69. Larissa says:

    Lets just say in the real effing world man cheat on women , women cheat on men, couples break up after 2 months, 2, 15 , 22, 45 years
    and that is about it ffs! You are all delusional women!
    Are your lives really that messed up that u have to hate on other adults making their own choices or mistakes in life? She did not steal other woman´s man, if your man chooses to be with another woman that is what he WANTED, period.
    I was cheated on and I know better, is not the end of the fucking world! The hate won´t make u feel better, neither blaming others, including your partner. At the end of the day it did not work out, live with it, you will be happy and have a normal life.

  70. Ell says:

    I think Jen has a type, Pitt and Theroux are sadly that type.

  71. Laughternrain says:

    “If Aniston hadn’t marketed herself as a victim for all these years I wouldn’t be as offended by her behavoir”

    My thoughts exactly, mln76. I honestly think she could have gotten away with it IF she hadn’t made her self-righteous self out to be a paragon of virtue and gone looking for sympathy on all the talkies and calling someone else ‘uncool’. Sure, she would have still gotten some flack. But not as much. Aniston’s problem is, she chose her path early on and she set herself up. Unlike the classy Sandra Bullock (who unlike Aniston, WAS *truly* cheated on for real) who never even uttered JJ’s name and moved on not looking back (or for sympathy), Aniston chose out of spite towards Brad who moved on sooner than she thought he should, to character assassinate Brad and cast HERSELF as the victim, rather than what she truly was. She chose to play the victim for sympathy, even going so far as bursting into tears ON CUE, the second the Vanity Fair reporter entered the room (Brava, Jen! Oscar award there). She with Huvane’s help, had her vendetta and character assassination well-planned from the start. Getting in first with passive-aggressive planted ‘rumours’ of an affair, her tears, her “the world was shocked!!” quips meant who would believe Brad if he tried to tell his side? She sewed the seeds of doubt. Which effectively blocked him from telling his side. It was smart planning on her side, and she really fooled SOOOOOO many people who truly BOUGHT her phony act. I never cease to be shocked and amazed at how many people fell for it. There are suckers born every minute, rather than every day, where Aniston is concerned. I now understand how charismatic people are able to attract followers and form cults, such as Charles Manson, and that Jonestown guy. She’s a good *actress*. Ultimately, she chose her path, and unfortunately years down the track, its proving unfortunate for her because now she can’t go back and remove her self-righteous halo behaviour. Now that she has done the same thing she lied that Brad did to her, this makes her look WORSE than if she HADN’T said anything.

    She chose her path early on, and its because of that path that she is seen worse than others.

  72. Alix says:

    She looks like she’s getting facial fillers.

  73. Laughternrain says:

    How so, Ell? Pitt has never cheated. He is NOTHING like Theroux. Pitt was the last decent gentleman she had.

  74. Micki says:

    Aniston plans a hiatus.One can only hope her PR team will have one too.

  75. P.J. says:

    The item about fertility treatments puts a whole different spin on things. So maybe Aniston has had problems conceiving?

  76. Ashley says:

    Downtown? She’s so too boring for Downtown. Let’s be real Aniston you belong uptown and not even the Westside, we’re talking upper 70’s East.

    Are we going to see her hanging out at hipster joints in the LES soon? You’re not in your 20’s love.

    This reminds me of Brad Pitt when he got with AngieHo and went all edgy (you know cause he goes all chameleon with the latest). AHAHAHA Really these two have entered saddo territory.

  77. Laughternrain says:

    I doubt that she has trouble conceiving. She just doesn’t want to. The fertility treatments thing was bs. That was just something someone said, just because she was getting puffy in the face. Thats all.

  78. Laura says:

    werty: Better put that vodka on ice-looks like it’s going to be another barn-burner.

  79. penguin says:

    Her bodies bangin’ but her face has the look of someone who drinks, smokes and sunbathes too much.

  80. Esmom says:

    @64 Laura, lol, I just choked on my iced tea. Touche, we all have way too much time on our hands if we’ve put this much thought into these jokers we don’t even know.

  81. Nikki Girl says:

    Laura- I am inclined to agree with you about Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig- I don’t think there is anything hot about their relationship or marriage, especially in the wake of both of their exes being left at the wayside, I don’t give a crap what the back story is. There’s nothing “hot” about it IMO.

    Laughternrain- I agree with you about Jennifer Aniston, I’m no fan of hers or what’s she’s doing, but I think you need to tone it down a bit, you seem to be arguing with every single person on here that doesn’t share your opinion. Every person is entitled to their own opinion and you can’t force them to share yours, so please chill out because you’re acting like a bully and it’s offensive.

  82. Micki says:

    Statistically seen the average woman at 40 has only 5 ovulations in year(age factor) compared with 10 whe she was 20 years old.Even if there is one the average chance of getting pregnant is about 30%.So every OB who’s not BS-ing you will advise treatment if you plan a pregnancy in your 40s.Just because many celebrities do “find time”so late and can afford the therapies made the whole look like a piece of cake.Some of my acquaintances were for a rude awakening after 1-2 years of trying.It put an enormous strain on their marriages too.

  83. Laughternrain says:

    Nikki Girl, you are being rather very precious. I have just gone back and re-read every post by me on this thread, and not one of them was worded in any way, even the slightest, as bullying. Perhaps you’ve never experienced true bullying, if you think my congenial posts in any way qualify. Simply because I address posts, does not make it bullying. I’m a straight-forward pull-no-punches straight shooter. I make no apologies for that. But I am absolutely not guilty of bullying or even sounding remotely like one. I think perhaps you should take your own advice and stop being so uptight and chillout, or find somewhere else to post if the pace and tone of these discussions between adults and people having their say by the way of back and forth debates/discussions are too much for you.

  84. werty says:

    Laura: Way ahead of you 😉
    I always read these threads cause there so entertaining (except when the death threats starts)

    But im getting bored its just the same over and over, and i think i have linked and qouted the same qoutes 5 times in one week, bur i dont really have anything else to do so lets takl about the real story.

    Jen didnt loose the plans, she hid them, why you ask, well she heard about a guy named E.T who supposedly kidnapped every pretty boy he could find. So she was protecting Brad but he didn belive her so he built his own spaceship and went of but after a day in space he was abducted by “a small dude who kept calling him homie” (thats a qoute from the CIA file about his abduction).
    But just before being turned into an alien incubator (they need human men to give birth to their offspring, its very much like alien) Lara Croft showed up and kicked everyones ass and saved Brad.
    He then realized that Angelina Jolie was an character Lara had created to be able to get in to hollywood afterparties where alot of ancient and alien artifact were traded, when Brad confronted Lara about this she told him he could never speak of it.

    But that wasnt what Brad had in mind, he too wanted to save the world so he asked if he could join her, she ofcourse said no.
    But Brad didnt give up, after Lara helped him back to earth she was aked to play his wife in a mivie and she agreed (she needed the money tight shorts arent cheap). During the shoot of their movie Brad did everything to prove he was worthy of fighting alongsode her, and after several months Lara agreed to let him join her on the dangerous mission she called life.

    Tune in next time to see how they concered the world!

  85. kathug says:

    I don’t know what she sees in Justin….I do not think he is attractive in the least!

  86. pizzaface says:

    Laughternrain – you have so much anger and disdain for someone you don’t even know that you practically argue with every person who has stated a different opinion. That ain’t healthy.

    Go out, smell the roses, get some sunshine. Be happy.

    The same goes for everyone else bashing Aniston. Come on, people! If you don’t like her, why are you following her every move and getting yourselves all worked up and angry? Don’t tell me, “Well, she’s being shoved into our faces!” because that excuse won’t fly. Many people have been able to tune out celebrities and don’t follow them, and so can you. All this bashing and disdain for one person who probably doesn’t even care what you think are not good.

  87. Laughternrain says:

    Pizzaface, considering your prime concern and motive is that people are bashing Aniston, I will take your pointed and loaded post with the consideration it deserves… 😉

  88. penguin says:

    i still think she has a chance of conceiving naturally. My aunt had her kids without IVF at aged 40,42 and 44 and that was even after being told chance of conception was very slim due to my uncle having chemo for lymphoma.

  89. Layzo says:

    @roma I would have totally agree with you and that would make total sense if it wasn’t very well known that Brad Pitt always wanted a family-a large family with tons of kids. I remember reading that about him even when I was a kid and he was just starting out. So it would make sense that he would eventually leave her to find someone else to have kids with.

    I also remember around the time they broke up that Brad had been waiting for JA to finish “Friends” so they can focus on starting a family but she booked herself project to project. I do believe that BP left JA because he wanted to start a family and she didn’t. And he found the woman he thought would be the perfect mother to his children.

    I don’t hate JA or love her. I think she’s bland and beige, but something always seemed “off” about her. That behind that sweet facade was a raging bitch who would do anything or step over anyone to get what she wanted. Seems like she’s finally showing her true colors. Pathetic. She puts all women to shame.

  90. Werty-You just keep those factual little fingers pounding away at that keyboard until they callous over into the next world,otherwise I will have to do it-and we all know how that will go down,considering I can’t keep a straight face after four sentences.

  91. werty says:

    Hanna of Marchars: I will do my best to perform my most sacred duty with pride and sarcasm for aslong as i am bored

    Now i have to google to find out whos in charge of giving out the Pulitzer price cause im gonna get me one!

    (If there is anyine stupid enough to belive this, please recomend me for the Pulitzer if you happend to know one of those “book” reading people)

  92. jocular says:

    Nikki girl and pizzaface both fair and well written posts. I couldn’t say it better. Picking over the bones constantly over and over again, isn’t pretty but its worse to attack someone with a diffrent opinion to you. @laughternrain I admire passion but not in this case. It’s just too much and unnecessary and yes it does seem like bullying.

  93. Laura says:

    werty you don’t know the FACTS ok.The dumb bitch lost the plans because she’s so desperate and stupid. And I know all of this based on some pals of hers who speak to the media for money and a source close to Brad and Angelina.

    I don’t know how you found out about Lara Croft but I specifically remember on page 29 of the official CIA report that Brad said the small dude kept calling him BRO not homie, BRO. ok? get your facts straight. I will agree that Lara and Brad have been trading secret alien artifacts, I’ll give you that.

    The only reason why this Justin Theroux business is happening now is because Jen’s trying to cover up jacking the Three Blades of Xopstual-ancient city of Maya from that pervo Terry Richardson.

    See Terry and Justin had been hiding it in their lair and only Heidi knew about it. She hated that Justin had the Three Blades because they sent out blue energy and everyone knows that blue energy attracts desperate, hair-flipping women. So she gave the Three Blades to Jennifer thinking she’d leave them alone but alas-they ended up taking off with the Blades to sell on the black market.

    The problem is that the blue energy is the same energy Angelina’s moon cheese gives off so now Jen is trying to attract children to herself. Angelina can smell a micromolecule of blue energy within 10,000 miles of wherever she is and she must have her blue energy since she doesn’t eat food anymore.

    She’s totally tricked Brad into thinking that she’s Angelina Jolie but I know for a fact that she’s Lara Croft and now she’s on the hunt for the Three Blades and since she’s a man-eating turbo whore, she’ll steal Justin away and keep him in her Moon Palace just to spite Aniston.

    And I know all of this because of my Aniston confidants and insiders. I can’t name names though. Because they only exist in my mind.

  94. Louise says:

    Must there be a story every time Jennifer makes a comment or she’s in a tabloid? These stories used to be funny because of Jennifer and her fans’ hypocrisies but now they are getting boring.

    There’s nothing new about the Us story. Jennifer always takes about 6 months off following her promotional year. She makes 3 or 4 movies a year and they come out the following year. Eventhough some are low budget, limited releases she promotes them like her life depended on it. That’s a lot of exposure. She always talks about having kids even when kids and family are not involved with the movie. As others have mentioned it’s obvious, accept to her fans and tabloids, she doesn’t want kids.

    I guess Il Cantinori is Sunset Towers of the east. When she wants to be seen with a new love interest, Jennifer always goes to Sunset Towers.

  95. Shy says:

    But how embarrassing is it for Justin Theroux. He is basically her toy. It’s like she lost her dog Norman and bought herself new one. And the way she talks about him… It’s kind of too obsessive. He looks like it’s just another fling for 2-3 months. But she looks like she wants to spend 24 hours a day with him. He will get tired from this very quickly. Man don’t like that.

    And you know how it looks like when rich girl dates poor boy. Everyone feel uncomfortable. Specially when poor boy can’t even pay for dinner with his girlfriend. He can’t even buy her expensive engagement ring. And she pays for him everywhere. And he feels embarrassed.

    That exactly the same with Aniston and her boy-toy. She is very rich. He? He is some unknown actor. He is not getting big paychecks for his movies. I don’t think he can pay for Aniston every time. And they go to the best restaurants.
    She is big celebrity. He is no one. He can walk with her to every place. But he will come solo there next day and they won’t let him in. He is just like her tale. Really like her favorite doggy. I don’t think they can be equal in their relationship. He will be the one who will drop her. Every man has his pride.

    Oh and I hope he knows that that relationship will not bring him Lead roles in Tarantino or Spielberg. It doesn’t work this way. Gossip sites starts are not movie stars. Just ask Blake Lively or Zac Efron. And I hope he knows that from now of he will be only known as Jennifer Aniston Ex. Just like Vince Vaugh. He was successful comic but not people only see him as her ex.

  96. jocular says:

    Nikki girl and pizzaface both fair and well written posts. I couldn’t say it better. Picking over the bones constantly over and over again, isn’t pretty but its worse to attack someone with a diffrent opinion to you. @laughternrain I admire passion but not in this case. It’s just too much and unnecessary and though you can’t see it because of all that passion yes it does seem like bullying.

  97. Carolyn says:

    I think @someone’s (#11) a flunkey for Team Aniston/Huvane, posting such an inane pro-Jen post. It’s been well-documented that long term weed use mucks up your brain and body. With all the mega $$ Aniston has spent on body/ face upkeep she still looks old & haggard. Party lifestyle over many years does that to you ladies. Cameron Diaz is now looking haggard too. If Aniston is really happy with latest man #125 I hope she sails into the sunset and we never have to endure her again.

  98. werty says:

    Laura: NO Brad knows she Lara and hes totally in on it. He is the smartest, prettiest man in the UNIVERSE!!

    And the moon cheese thing is FALSE.
    I happen to know that cheese melts on the moon so theres no way Lara could have cheese walls in her moon CASTLE (shes owns castles not palaces, on 3 continents on earth and atleast 2 more in this galaxy)

    I will continue my rant tomorrow (its 00: 30 here so im gonna try to get some sleep) and prove that im right cause I KNOW IM RIGHT!!!!

  99. anon says:

    @laughternrain your post don’t seem like bullying to me. These bullying complaints from people who can say something negative about charity work when they don’t like the celeb. I am also bored; keep these Aniston threads coming. Thanks to all who contribute

  100. Laura says:

    Carolyn: Because no one would ever in a million years actually like Aniston and post inane nice comments about her unless there was some money changing hands.

    I don’t know how to do an eyeroll on this thing but I’m doing one in real life reading that comment.

    I don’t think she looks old and haggard at all. You know who looks old and haggard? That witch queen from Snow White when she doesn’t have her pretty mask on. I mean damn. Talk about a crone. Or Donatella Versace. I think Aniston has about 15 more years to go until she looks haggard.

  101. jocular says:

    To be fair though Justin isn’t a high profile actor that shouldn’t invalidate the work he has done and as far as I know writing film scripts pays hundreds of thousands of pounds if not millions. I think he can afford a dinner or two regardless of a recession. they’re are all over paid for what they do.

  102. katnip says:

    If someone has made this observation sorry for the repeat. Have not read all the comments

    Regarding Heidi’s comment.. It to me is priceless.. One can say so much with so few words. I take her comments as. It they dont’ start shit there won’t be shit. I think Heidi is waiting for either of them to publicly say something about the break up between Heidi and Justin happening before he ended it with her. If they come out and LIE on camera.. not talking about all these unnamed sources. Then I think she is going to bust that shit wide open.

    I like her play.. and yes as many have said CLASSY woman. Not playing the feel sorry for me card. A woman handles her business. A little woman/child allows the world to believe a lie to make themselves look the victim.

  103. LunaT says:

    She’s boring, rich, and thinks no one notices her pr strategy is the same for every movie. And she’s boring.

    Ditto on Nikki Girl and pizzaface. Chill, baby, chill. I felt like I was in the cafeteria in HS w/some chick going off on other girls.

    @Carolyn—I’d chalk up any problems you have w/Aniston’s appearance to her time spent in the sun. And putting crap into her face. And Diaz? I just don’t think she’s aging well.

  104. Lisa Turtle says:

    Yeah, I mean Jennifer Aniston is a real shitbag. She doesn’t offer much, but she’s really been dealt a lucky hand of cards since she’s rich as hell and doesn’t have to give a shit about any one or anything. But she’s a total douche. I bet she’s just as racist, misogynistic, and immature as John Mayer, just a bit quieter about it.

    Also, this is TOTALLY A REBOUND ROMANCE for Justin Theroux.

    I can’t wait for that ugly old bag of bones to get herself dumped again, and pose for a bunch of creeptastic “edgy” Terry Richardson nudes where he’s covered her with his jizz. Wow. okay I took that too far. Point is – I give it one year before she’s on the cover of a magazine saying “What Justin did was SO UNCOOL!”

  105. Jollyjolie says:

    Post away laughternrain…I don’t see any bullying in your posts. Like someone said, some of those who are complaining are the ones who are quick to attack Angie’s UN work.

  106. Crys says:

    I’ll never understand these women who become so obsessed with the men they date, they become attached at the hip. Its grossly unattractive and quite self-deprecating.

  107. K McFarlane says:

    I don’t see any signs of plastic surgery or injectables. And clearly there’s no botox in that forehead.

  108. Trashaddict says:


  109. Addie says:

    Just IMAGINE if Heidi came out with a short and to the point statement of “What Jennifer did was uncool”
    That would be EPIC!!

  110. N.D. says:

    Laura & werty thanks for entertainment 🙂

  111. mk says:

    Good for her! How wonderful this new love must feel to her right now. Hope it works out for her.

  112. mannequin says:

    Let her fall and learn a lesson about stealing. Just don’t come crying to us little miss homewrecker.

  113. Me says:

    Hey do you know what? Maybe Justin was booored with Heidi after 14 years together – it is quite normal. And maybe he is even in love with Jen?

    I wish Jen all the luck, maybe this is a moment she has been waiting for so many years! Of course she is doing all the changes now…

  114. Claire says:

    There is absolutely no way you can deny there are fillers or botox or something in that face. She now has that puffy look that they all end up with – like Fergie and Courtney Cox who looks like Janice Dickinson now. I think she is only just starting to look like this now though. Figured she had done stuff but now its getting obvious.

  115. d says:

    Jen did what she had to do in order to remain popular. I do not blame her. Angie does by children and charity. Don’t blame her either. She said uncool because it is like adding insult to injury. Angie does the same thing – swooning over Brad. Nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is that she is so vulgar about it. Jen is a lot better looking as she ages than what’s her name. Nicole Kidman talked about infertility after she and Jen worked together so I guess Jen had problems that she does not want people to know and was taken advantage by both Angie and Brad.

  116. Laughternrain says:

    Oh please, d. Aniston didn’t have problems conceiving, she just didn’t want to conceive. End of story. If she had fertility problems, she definitely would have talked about it, especially since her best pal Courteney had problems and and no issue breaking down the fertility stigma and discussing her and David’s IVF treatments. Besides, if she was infertile or had problems conceiving, you bet your bottom dollar, your house and life she would have done interviews claiming thats the reason Brad left her, and isn’t he such a heartless cruel meanie to do that to an infertile person, to get MORE sympathy. No, she didn’t want to have children and clearly still doesn’t. And neither Brad nor Angelina took advantage of her. She on the other hand, took advantage of the gullible public for sympathy and attention.