Lindsay and Samantha caught arguing on the train

As much as I think the celebrity-following world appreciates Samantha Ronson’s influence in Lindsay Lohan’s life, I’ve also gotten to the point where I feel pretty badly for her. She’s not perfect or anything, but Samantha seems like a reasonably normal, sane, level-headed person – especially when compared to Lindsay. Yet they’ve supposedly been together for a long time – longer than there have been rumors. That’s pretty impressive, considering what a high maintenance woman Lindsay is.

The pair were recently caught arguing on the train from New York to D.C. – though by “arguing” it seems more that Lohan was bitching and moaning and Ronson was ignoring her. Which is probably the only way to get through a long-term relationship with someone like Lindsay.

SAMANTHA Ronson deserves a medal for putting up with gal pal Lindsay Lohan. The two took the Acela train to Washington on Thursday and “had a quiet fight” the whole time, our spy says. Lohan spent most of the time complaining about her staff and told Ronson, “I do what’s good for you, not what’s best for both of us.” Lohan was “whining incessantly and Samantha was trying to deflect it. When Lindsay would get up, Samantha would sigh and put her sweatshirt hood back up.” At one point, it escalated to Lohan telling Ronson, “Don’t (bleeping) lie to me!

[From Page Six]

I would guess that just about anyone who’s dated Lindsay for more than two weeks has had to invest in some Air Force-grade ear plugs and some kind of heavy duty “get the hell away from me” attire – aka the tightly scrunched hoodie. I’m glad Lindsay and Samantha are supposedly happy (though this doesn’t sound all that happy to me) but I really feel Samantha should be getting compensated in some way.

I see a lot of ways Lindsay’s life has improved since Samantha came into it, but not so many perks for Sam. She’s a little more famous, and if that’s something that she wants, then maybe it’s enough for her. But Lindsay seems to bring a lot more negatives than positives to her relationships – and bitching about one’s staff is one of the smaller ones.

Note by MSat: I hope it’s not true. The ladies looked very happy and in love during their recent getaway to Mexico. But I imagine that with someone like Lindsay, a relationship is a lot like a roller coaster ride. And this train trip sounds like a total nightmare. It’s reports like these that keep the breakup rumors going, and the scenario is always the same: Lindsay is needy and insecure, while Samantha is patient and lets these antics roll off her back. Wonder how much longer she’ll put up with it?

Here’s Lohan out and about in Manhattan last Monday – sans Samantha. Images thanks to Fame and Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. devilgirl says:

    Aren’t these two always arguing? I see a break-up in the not so distant future!

  2. Lauri says:

    Oh, please. Show me a couple that doesn’t argue once in a while. Of course, now the break up rumors will start.

    As for what LiLo brings to a relationship, we don’t really know that, do we? I suppose the only thing that matters is that SR seems to love her, and is willing to put up with the bad as well as the good. That’s a choice we all make in our relationships.

  3. Kayla says:

    What we do know is Linds is still using and lying to the public about it. And she will get worse. Sam will get hurt cause Blohan used Sam for publicity – not the other way around. Test Linds and you will not this coke head may have eased up – but not stopped. She is a famewhore like her mom and NOBoDY likes her anymore. Linds is not a celebrity! Make her go away!!!

  4. devilgirl says:

    Yeah, I am starting the rumor!

  5. Kate says:

    Well there has been huge pressure from the press and these past few days the events were awfull with the paps being so agressive.I must say though Lindsay has expressed her love to Samantha lately many times,while Samantha looks as if she is ashamed of her taking a distance not touchinng her and so on.As i previously said,many people want this couple to break up.Who knows.I guess a wreck drug taking Lindsay sells more.
    I wonder if they traveled together in Tokyo.Samantha sounded very happy.
    And iam sick of that Lindsay uses Samantha,Samantha is a grown up.She is 31,and Uni educated.She also has made alot from her association with Lindsay. 😳

  6. Obvious says:

    I blame MiLo and DLo. Linds never got the chance to see how an adult/mature relationship works. No wonder she’s emotionaly stunted and can’t figure this out.

    I feel for all the Lohan kids, and Sam who has to put up with Linds full time.

  7. aleach says:

    wow, sams 31? i woulda believed like…12.

  8. JaundiceMachine says:

    Linds looks cranked.

  9. Onions says:

    Lindsay has more love in her little finger than Ronson has in her entire body. It even shows in this argument — Lindsay wants reciprocation for her feelings and Ronson doesn’t care, because to her Lindsay is a commodity that drives up the price she can charge for spinning other peoples’ records.

    But of course LL’s not really gay. Like most people who are young she wants to be politically correct and to be liked by everyone, and gay is “in” right now. One day she’ll realize that the world she’s living in is fake and empty of the true, higher love.

  10. Bodhi says:

    If anything, I think that Sam is FAR more invested in the relationship than LL. LL clearly has the emotional maturity of an 11 year old (which more than likely is her parents’ fault) & I seriously doubt that she is capable of an adult romantic relationship. She strikes me as a whiney needy brat

  11. Megan says:

    Such sexy bodyguards… who’d date Samantha over them??

  12. DLR says:

    I think these two are going their separate ways. At first I was like, oh she’s experiementing, then I was like oh, well, they’re still together, but I think Lindsay has fallen off the wagon a few too many times and Samantha is probably fed up with it. Only so many times one can enable a recovering addict before things go kaplooey.

  13. Margie says:

    I don’t see any evidence that LL is still using. As far as fighting, everyone has disagreements in relationships. It might have been better, however, for LL to have it in a more private place. You can see that SR has been raised better than LL, by knowing not to air dirty laundry in public.

    I still buy the theory that LL had more drug problems when she was trying to hide her sexuality by dating a lot of males.