Charlene Wittstock’s Armani wedding gown: gorgeous or unflattering?


Here are some photos from yesterday’s church wedding for the now Princess Charlene (formerly Charlene Wittstock) and Prince Albert of Monaco. On Friday, Charlene and Albert had their civil ceremony, so there were already technically married. Yesterday’s service was just for the Catholic Church’s blessing and stuff (I don’t know the technicalities of it, nor do I care). The bride wore Armani, and I HATE it. The skirt and the bodice of the gown isn’t terrible at all, but for goodness sake WHY do this neckline on a woman with extremely broad shoulders?!? Armani made Charlene look like a linebacker. Beyond the gown, I think Charlene made a somewhat better show at the church service than at her civil ceremony, where she looked kind of drugged out (tranq’d out). But we now know why she (not so allegedly) tried to bolt – there’s probably another illegitimate kid in the mix for Prince Albert:

It may have had all the superficial trappings of a fairytale royal wedding, but as Prince Albert of Monaco tied the knot with his reluctant bride yesterday, the scandals surrounding their often tense nuptials took yet another awkward turn. Officials in the Mediterranean enclave chose the day of his glittering wedding to former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock to announce that the Prince would have to take a paternity test for a possible third illegitimate child. A palace aide said that one of 33-year-old Princess Charlene’s first duties would therefore be to stand by her husband if there was another public scandal.

Albert, 53, already has an illegitimate six-year-old son called Alexandre through a Togolese former air hostess called Nicole Coste, and a 19-year-old daughter called Jazmin with Tamara Rotolo, an American estate agent. Both were kept away from Albert’s marriage to avoid ‘media exposure’, an official inside Monaco’s royal palace said.

The source added: ‘The truth of the rumour is that Albert faces paternity tests following a claim by at least one former lover.’

But none of Albert’s illegitimate brood will have a claim to the throne, with the official saying: ‘Even if a third or even a fourth child is confirmed Albert will not have an official heir until Princess Charlene bears him one.’

The tests will go ahead in the next few days, said the source. French magazine Public has attributed two new illegitimate children to Albert. One is said to be 18 months old and the son of an Italian woman who is preparing to tell all. Other magazines have suggested Ms Coste has had a second baby with Prince Albert – an idea that gained credibility last week when the 40-year-old was pictured in Monte Carlo. Ms Coste received a multi-million-pound settlement when a DNA test showed Albert was Alexandre’s father, while Ms Rotolo has also been supported financially by him.

Lawyers for Prince Albert have said categorically that the rumour he fathered another child is false – but they made similarly fierce denials before genetic tests proved he had fathered the other two children. The source said he hoped yesterday’s Roman Catholic ceremony in the Palace courtyard, a day after the uneasy civil service, would ‘overshadow’ the latest revelations about secret children – although that seems like wishful thinking.

There was an audible sigh of relief when bride and groom said ‘I do’, ten days after Charlene was allegedly intercepted at Nice airport as she tried to flee home to South Africa. She has looked uncomfortable, even sad, in recent appearances while Albert also looked ashen-faced during yesterday’s service, despite the apparent glamour of the event.

All saw Albert wink at his new bride after she had said ‘Oui’ when asked by the Archbishop of Monaco, Bernard Barsi, if she wanted to marry him.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder Armani dress, the new Princess Charlene’s gown took the designer’s team 2,500 hours to prepare, of which 700 hours was spent on the embroidery alone, using ‘kilometres’ of platinum-coated thread sewn into 130 metres of off-white silk.

The gown would have been heavy for the new Princess, as she would have had to carry the weight of 40,000 Swarovski crystals, 20,000 mother of pearl tear drops and 30,000 ‘stones in gold shades’.

The dress’s crowning glory was the five-metre long train made from 20 metres of silk tulle, which took 100 hours to make.

The groom looked smart in a cream summer uniform of Monaco’s palace guards, with his sleeves embroidered with oak and olive leave.

[From The Mail]

So, Albert probably has another kid, conceived about two and a half years ago, when he was technically WITH Charlene (they’ve allegedly been dating since 2006). Most people think that this is the little scandal that Charlene learned about last week, and that this is what made her try to do a runner. My opinion? This scandal was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back. I think Charlene realized just how terrible all of it was going to be. I know she’s a princess now and everything, but I feel really sorry for her.

Oh, and here’s the dress she wore to the reception – I think it’s Armani too. Meh. It’s cute, I guess. The neckline is much better.


More photos from the wedding:







Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. carrie says:

    he’s known to be a player who doesn’t use condoms and a huge rumor says he’s bisexual

  2. Kiki says:

    I didn’t think it was gorgeous… It was EXQUISITE.

    @Yesterday’s service was just for the Catholic Church’s blessing and stuff (I don’t know the technicalities of it, nor do I care)… Sometimes, I find some of your comments too harsh.

  3. Honey B says:

    Shame. Well if ever she gets tired of it all, she can come and take my nine to five. I’m black, South African and love to fly (private preferably) so me thinks Albert will take to me quite well.

    On a serious note, I wish her well. If she truly is unhappy and Albert is the sleaze he appears, hers will be a well publicized marriage. I think the Brits are happy to have a young in-love snooze fest instead of this approaching calamity.

  4. katnip says:

    I love love love her dress. She looks amazing to me. and those little flower girls are precious. I hate what Albert is wearing.. maybe it is the fit???

    But all in all her dresses are beautiful.

  5. crtb says:

    She should be crying. She married a pig. This is just the comming attraction of what her married life will be like. Illegitimate babies popping up and swept away with lots of money. She will have a very sad life.

  6. Theuth says:

    I disagree with you, Kaiser: I loved her wedding dress. It was very simple, yet full of details, and she looked gorgeous – but drugged…her face was literaly frozen! Her shoulders are really large, so nobody can’t do much for those, but the neckline is good, it minimized them.
    She was A LOT BETTER than lady Middleton.

  7. dorothy says:

    They don’t look like a couple in love.

  8. Jamie says:

    Poor girl! This whole run and passport “held” story sounds like something out of the Middle Ages!! She is probably crying in those later photos because the full force of her “contract” has hit her.

  9. Toe says:

    That prince sure as been globetrotting to try differet flavors.
    The dress is meh, it looks like Armani really wanted to put attention to her shoulders, because now she will have to carry all the shit coming her way!!!

  10. Girafe99 says:

    Totally agree, awful neckline for a swimmers build and why does his suit look to big a fit, just meh all round.

    They don’t look very happy either, is it awful to say doomed from the start?

    Do I detect bridesmaids in milkmaid outfits?

  11. jackie says:

    I’d be crying too.

  12. skinanny says:

    Beautiful dress!! She looks beautiful, and elegant and tasteful!

  13. teehee says:

    I almost cried when they were driving for the procession….(had to hide it cos I wasnt watching alone) the amount of support and people gathered and cheering them on, singing for them, moved me too :>
    I wasnt hot for the dress… but if it is her fairy tell dress, then her happiness is what matters. 😉

  14. BeckyR says:

    She has married a toad with no morals. Even a fat bank account can’t mask the stench. Pity her.

  15. OriginalGracie says:

    “A palace aide said that one of 33-year-old Princess Charlene’s first duties would therefore be to stand by her husband if there was another public scandal.”

    What the f*ck century is this? What the bloody hell? I would kick old Albert in the nuts and run for my life. Swim home if I had too.

    All of this just sounds so sleazy and illegal to me. Oh, and mysognistic, too. It’s like something out of the 12th Century.

  16. Fabianne says:

    I thought she looked beautiful, especially the veil and diamond hairpiece. I don’t know what to say about their face expressions. IMO she looked sad, spaced out. He looked like he didn’t want to be there. Even if everything that’s been said is just a rumor, it’s still a terrible way to start a marriage.

  17. SRM says:

    The expression on everyone’s faces is in such sharp contrast to those of Will and Kate’s wedding. It seems more like a funeral to me. So sad. Beautiful dress tho.

  18. brin says:

    Yuck….poor woman should have worn black, more appropriate!

  19. kibbles says:

    Just off the bat, I seem to like Charlene more than Waity Katie. The neckline on her dress could have been better but I think she looks really pretty. The bodice is really beautiful. This seems to be a disaster waiting to happen. The only good thing that can come of this is that she and her family will be wealthy and financially secure for the rest of their lives. That is the only silver lining I can find whenever I hear about women marrying rich scumbags.

  20. Jackson says:

    It’s a really pretty gown, but not a neckline I would have chosen for her. Or me. But overall it’s nice. Her prince is such a turd, though. It’s incredibly amusing to me that only children born out of marriage can get the titles and the throne – they’ve still got that God-chosen Royal blood in them, don’t they? What a joke monarchy is. But if it makes people happy to see the wealthy and entitled dress up and wave, who am I to criticize?

  21. serena says:

    Ugh.. how could she marry such an ugly old man?

  22. OriginalGracie says:

    @Fabianne: “Even if everything that’s been said is just a rumor,”

    The first two children have been proven by tests to be his. No rumor there. Now there will be new test to determine if this 3rd child is his as well. Want to put a little wager on the outcome?

    Putting aside his cheating, he is putting Charlene at risk by not wearing a condom. How horrible to marry this royal skank-o-rama and be humiliated by not only him apparently trying to start his own child army…but then you get a sexually transmitted disease to boot.

    There is nothing charming or romantic about that. In the “old days”, this would have all been swept under the carpet and denied. Sick.

  23. ElleGin says:

    Meh, the dress looks like it was made of shiny cardboard. There are a lot of awkward bits sticking out. She’ll be a rich princess, but maybe not a very happy one. Then again, who knows, maybe Albert lets her run free and just want to have a legitimate heir.

  24. Blue says:

    I love the dress. I feel sorry for her. I swear their actions of stopping her at the airport and taking her passport, can’t be legal. But who’s going to tell him no. I can’t imagine how miserable she is with her husband running around getting everyone pregnant. If he is the father then that’s 4 illegitimate children. There isn’t enoughoney in the world to make me stick around for that.

  25. don’t remember the previous name I used says:

    Charlene is very shy and was extremely stressed out by all of this. And it can be seen through most of the pics. She seems like an introverted person.
    It can explain a lot.

    But I also feel sorry for her and her new life…

    I like the dresses, except the train of the first one : too long.

  26. brin says:

    Wasn’t Princess Grace rumored to be unhappy with her life, too? Sounds like Albert is taking after his father.
    Sad if true.

  27. Tara says:

    yuck – the dress is so 90s. The pic of her wiping tears from her face made me sad for her. But she’s an adult and this is the life she’s chosen for herself for whatever reason. it’s beyond me – this Prince is such a toad!

  28. JohnnieR says:

    Wait, I’m somewhat confused – the article posted above attributes not one but TWO new illegit children? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Albert is a real piece of douche work. Hey, Al? Ever heard of a F’N CONDOM?

    In regards to Charlene’s wedding gown, while I too think her large shoulders should not have been accentuated they way they were, I have to say that otherwise Armani did a great job. He kept it simple, with clean, straight lines. NO dress, any kind, should ever overpower the woman wearing it, and in this case, it didn’t.
    That said, the shoulder work on the dress IS quite beautiful..but Charlene should have opted to bypass it.

    I posted elsewhere on CB about Stephanie’s ATROCIOUS dress she wore to the “religious” ceremony. You have to see it to believe it. This woman has zero fashion taste.

    IF Charlene’s family are privy to the sordid goings-on behind the scenes, then they too are F’N douches for sitting there (at both ceremonies) and smiling through them. One supposes if they feel their gravy train has pulled into the station, and to hell with their daughter’s emotional happiness.

    Charlene, yes, worked her way into Albert’s life, and perhaps she is the gold digging dame from South Africa who found her diamond mine in Monaco…but I don’t blame her for making an attempted run for it. Perhaps she realized even she has limits re the price to pay for her place in the Meditteranean sun. Hope she got a killer pre-nup at least, because this marriage has the smell of hell all around it.

  29. Cheyenne says:

    Both dresses are gorgeous, but why in the world would she want to marry this slug?

  30. Franny says:

    I actual think that the off the shoulder is helping her. I think her shoulders look much broader than they do in her reception dress.

  31. SolitaryAngel says:

    This dress is absolutely breathtaking! She looks beautiful in both dresses.

  32. Truthful says:

    I agree with this post 100%, EVERYTHING.
    I feel sorry for her, but she’s a princess–I guess.

  33. fg-Kate says:

    Charlotte Casiraghi was the hottest chick. Her face is the prettiest in the world.

  34. JohnnieR says:

    I disagree that her Armani dress is “90’s”-it has classic, timeless simplicity about it. I do think the train was a bit too long,though.

    The sky blue ensemble she herself designed for the civil ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Charlene missed her call as a clothes designer – it was that out-of-this-world gorgeous. My jaw dropped when I saw it.

    Sorry, ladies, I may be a guy, but for some bizzare reason I love critiquing womens fashion! LOL!

  35. mln76 says:

    Disappointing that so many women in this day and age think it’s romantic that this woman has been kidnapped and forced to marry. I feel really bad for her. I hope she can escape somehow.

  36. HappyMom says:

    She’s been waiting around Monaco for him to propose for almost 5 years. She’s no spring chicken. She knew what she’s getting in to. I don’t understand feeling sorry for her-she’s chosen money and fame-it hasn’t been forced upon her.

  37. You don't say says:

    Give me the smiling, happy Catherine and William any day. Her dresses are attractive, but the off the shoulder looks confining. Don’t know anything about their history, so can’t judge. But the entire pomp, circumstance, cute children and happy smiling faces from Kate and William’s wedding looked sweeter and full of joy than this. The look is not of happiness, but maybe they are just more conservative.

  38. Oi says:

    As a girl with broad shoulders, I feel for her and i think this looks great. She does NOT look like a linebacker. Geez in the 40’s and 80’s women wore huge ass shoulder pads to look about like that.

    PS At least girls like us never look like bobble heads.

  39. mln76 says:

    @HappyMom so if the story is true and she was stopped at the airport and her passport was confiscated she deserves it because she wanted him to propose??? A person has a right to change their mind at any point.

  40. SEKB says:

    I don’t understand the commentators. Everyone says, “Oh, poor Charlene!” But this woman was with him for SIX YEARS before they got married. Clearly she knew what kind of a**hat he was, but didn’t care because she wanted a title and the cash to go with it. If you willingly decide to marry such a man, you literally deserve everything you are going to get. Sympathy is wasted on her. However, I do feel sorry for the women most likely manipulated by Albert into sleeping with him. There’s no way no amount of $$ would ever make me keep his spawn.

  41. Lady Satan says:

    I think the wedding gown is much more flattering than the second dress! I love that combination of somewhat opulent fabric and clean lines.

    Maybe it’s just the stress of all the negative press swirling around her, but she does not look happy in any of her photos.

  42. khaveman says:

    It’s the saggy-boob dress. Poor girl. I don’t think it did the most for her, but gorgeous detailing on the front!

  43. the original bellaluna says:

    Just the way I want to spend my honeymoon: waiting for the results of yet another paternity test of my philandering (now) husband.

    This marriage has the smell of a Princess Diana/Prince Charles-level disaster wafting around it. End well, this will not.

  44. sd says:

    I want to cry too in Monaco’s palace 😉
    and yes #36, I totally agree with you!

  45. Mia says:

    I loved her wedding gown. Very elegant.

    I feel for her. She seems relatively nice and to have all of this come out within a week of the wedding has to be hard. I wish her the best.

  46. Alix says:

    Think the dress was gorgeous, though it could’ve been fitted slightly better in the bodice.

    Girl should’ve called her country’s embassy/consulate and had THEM escort her out of Monaco. The scandal would’ve ruined Albert/Monaco for ages. Escape and revenge in one fell swoop. Ah, the missed opportunity…

  47. Tiffany says:

    Part of me thinks that this scandal is convient sinceno one had interest in this wedding. No one. Now all of a suddenenit is on everyone’s lips and for the weekend the headlines are not of Wills and Waity in Canada. Or, this suff is true and it just sucks. There were no smiles or warmth from the civil or religious, it was just…sad.

  48. Mr. Greek says:

    This may sound harsh, but I think some of the posts here reek of delusion. People, she’s a gold digging, scheming woman who damn well KNEW what she was getting into, so don’t portray her as the helpless victim here. I think her family are also scheming opportunists. Albert is a total asshole who has two, and now probably four kids spread around. He had the French police intercept Charlene at Nice airport and confiscate her passport so she wouldn’t get away for Christ sake. Monaco is rife with corruption, organized crime, smuggling, money laundering, prostitution, you name it. The Grimaldi family are muttons dressed as lambs, not to mention that Albert is a walking STD and is possibly infecting both the mothers and children, and now Charlene. WTF?

    So can someone explain to me how the hell any of this sickening PR charade is even remotely romantic?

  49. Sue says:

    I disagree with you too, Kaiser: I loved her wedding dress

  50. Boo says:

    I think she looked stunning in that dress–she is a beautiful woman.

    He looks like Mussolini.

  51. mln76 says:

    Soooo it’s okay to kidnap someone and detain them in a country if they are a gold digger. And if your fiance steals your passport to prevent you from leaving the country you should be happy that you’re going to get to live in a big castle. Feminisism 101 🙂

  52. aquarius64 says:

    Charlene may have the sleek gown, but the marriage has the makings of a mess. The royal shotgun wedding will likely end when the new princess produces the legitimate heir.

  53. thinkaboutit says:

    She has one of the most awkward, unattractive “smile” I’ve ever seen. Not just here (understandable) but in general. Something tells me she is not the sweet, unassuming middle class princess we would like to imagine she is. I think this chick is about as sketchy as the world she just married into.

    On a funny note, the family’s official website lists all of the princesses’ children, even Stephanie’s, all three of whom were born out of wedlock, but there is NO mention of Albert’s “personal life” until Charlene. Why even bother when the whole family is a mess???

  54. Turtle Dove says:

    #53 can you post a link to that website? 🙂

  55. anne_000 says:

    the fabric of the dress looks too heavy. the dress doesnt fit her form/curves. it makes her look bigger than she really is. it doesnt look like a high-fashion design.

    kate moss’ dress looked better and more ‘ethereal.’

    why does it look like she’s uncomfortable when kissing him?

  56. Sol says:

    I think she is waiting for the south african wedding as to run away.Once in her homeland maybe she feels safe to escape regardless if she is married or not.
    She looked miserable and didn’t make eye contact.One of the worst weddings.I loved Maximas, im Argentiniean, and Kate’s wedding.
    Monaco for me is the less royal and classy monarchy of all.It’s the jersey shore of monarchies.

  57. Pyewacket says:

    Gorgeous dress.

  58. Mickey says:

    I think she looked rather sad..and scared. She, nor Albert, sparkled like Kate and William. I think something bad is getting ready to be “discovered,” as in another child while they were allegedly exclusive. I think her hair, headpiece, and dress are lovely, but the neckline to the wedding dress is very 1990s. It may be Armani’s signature look, but I think that part could have been different. Charlotte Casiraghi stole the show. Wow.

  59. JulieM says:

    I think her dress is very elegant. Way more sophisticated than Waity’s dress. Which I liked, by the way. I also like the diamond pin thing in her hair versus the tiara.

    Sadly, I don’t think this is going to last. Hope she makes the best of it; have a couple of kids and live her own life. I’m guessing Albert is going to be very difficult to be married to.

  60. Grace says:

    I have no idea what ya’ll are talking about when you say she’s got broad shoulders. I think she looks very fit and lovely! The dress shows off that fact, rather than making her look like a linebacker.

    I haven’t been following Prince Albert’s escapades, so I can’t comment on that.

  61. sirsly says:

    Shoulders like a linebacker??? Are you high? This woman is tiny!

    Apart from that, this dress is at least much more sophisticated than K. Middleton’s… but at the end of the day it’s also dullsville.

  62. thinkaboutit says:

    Here you go, T. Dove:

    Read Charlene’s bio: although I think she is as cunning as he is scandalous, I feel kind of bad for her. This is a direct quote: “Her father, Mr. Mickael Wittstock, was born in 1946 and is actually a sales manager.”

  63. Ron says:

    Beautiful, simply elegant.

  64. thinkaboutit says:

    As for the dress I really don’t like the 80s style embroidery. And why does it look like there are two trains?? The train from the bottom of the dress is too wimpy, looks like an afterthought, and the train coming off the shoulders (or is that fabric attached to the veil??) is too heavy to start so high up. I think it’s kind of a mess…just like this sham of a wedding.

  65. kibbles says:

    Anyone, male or female, who marries into a wealthier family than their own can essentially be labelled a “gold digger” without all of the facts. The reality is that plenty of people do it, not just those who are featured in the press for marrying someone royal or famous.

    One can argue the ethics behind such a decision, but in the end it is a personal decision made after weighing the pros and cons. And no one can argue that millions of dollars isn’t a huge “pro” for marrying someone lacking in other areas including basic common decency.

    There are definitely celebrities (and other royal families) who rightfully deserve the title of “gold digger”, but I think if it’s true about Charlene trying to run away from this marriage, then clearly somewhere inside she believed that the title and money aren’t worth it. There are plenty of women who would have never thought of running away because the financial perks of marrying into royalty can certainly outweigh all of the negatives.

    Rather than doing a jig or smiling smugly about bagging a prince, she seems truly unhappy with this situation. A real gold digger would never be unhappy about marrying into royalty regardless of the circumstances.

    I think there is more to this woman than meets the eye and she definitely seems like a more intriguing figure than Kate. Trust that this couple will make more headlines than Wills and Wait. There is nothing interesting about Wills and Wait other than Wait’s outfits. That bodes well for their marriage, but not for tabloids and gossip seekers. This is the (hot mess) royal couple everyone has been waiting for.

  66. mimi says:

    I feel sorry for her.

    The more I hear about him, the more I feel disgusted.

    I hope she will pack her bags and leave ASAP.

    She looks beautiful but sad. The dress lacks “support” in the right places.

    She could do so much better. She should be a beautiful bride that is HAPPY with a real man who loves her and doesn’t have SO MANY ISSUES and gets away with every thing.

  67. Violet says:

    She’s pretty in her wedding dress, but her groom is ugly inside and out.

    Not only is Albert unfaithful, but he obviously doesn’t use protection. A few years ago, a HIV-positive German pop star wound up in court because she had unsafe sex for a decade without being honest about her status; one of her lovers came down with fullblown AIDS after only three instances of unprotected sex with her. It’s a good thing Albert never hooked up with her, but one of these days his luck is bound to run out.

    I think Charlene did try to escape, but Albert yields a lot of influence so she was forced to return and go through with the wedding.

    It’s a really grim situation, and I hope she can break free soon.

  68. Dhavy says:

    This family is a mess. The only one who seems normal is Princess Caroline and she’s been married 3 times!

  69. Maritza says:

    I love the dress but that is the saddest bride ever, you can tell she is trying to force a smile.

  70. kimberly says:

    does anyone else think she looks like she’s a little drugged?

  71. taxi says:

    Her dress is beautiful & she is a gorgeous woman. Yes, she has a strong athletic body, very fit. That’s a good thing, imo. Albert needs to hit the gym. There’ll be a lot ofn pressure for her to produce an heir quickly.

    The sisters? Stephanie looks far older than her age & can’t dress. The snake tattoo on her shoulder?? Caroline looks very hard & as if it would kill her to smile. The boys are nice looking. Charlotte is a less-pretty version of her mother at the same age.

    When Oleg Cassini wanted to marry Grace Kelly, she told him she’d “rather be a princess than just a countess.” Later, she said she felt trapped in that role.

    I hope that, in return for having a child or 2, Charlene gets a lot of freedom, away from this wacko family.

  72. Alix says:

    @ Sol: “the Jersey Shore of monarchies” — love it!

  73. shirls says:

    none of the Grimaldis looked happy – they think hes marrying below him . . . but no European royal would have him.

    This looks like a marriage of convenience. he puckers up to kiss like a geriatric. His eyes constantly wander. There is no eye contact and terrible body language.

    Sad …

  74. Minx2 says:

    Absolutely gorgeous dress, breathtaking piece of jewelry holding her veil in place. Gorgeous hair and makeup. This is how a veil should fall over the bride’s head.. Kate missed an opportunity here, her veil just fell flat over her long hair. The second dress is lovely too, good for dancing. She had a cute diamond band/fascinator in her hair. Overall, beautiful, elegant bride.
    As to Albert.. he has two illegitimate kids but he’s also 53. Show me a super rich guy who by this age doesn’t sire at least one kid. Not that I’m justifying it, it’s just how it is. Charlene knew what she was getting into, she’s not 19.

  75. Minx2 says:

    Dhavy, princess Caroline’s second husband, the father of her 3 kids and the love of her life, died in a speedboat accident when he was just 31. It’s not her fault that her first, Philippe Junot, turned out to be a philanderer (she was just 21 when she married 37 year od Junot). Her third, prince Ernst of Hanover (father of her youngest child, princess Alexandra) has a terrible temper and also seems to be a playboy. Caroline stays married to him (probably because of Alexandra who’s only 11) but they live apart. I would not hold any of this against her. Stephanie though is a basket case for sure.

  76. Violet says:

    @Minx2 – I wouldn’t feel too sorry for Caroline. She was friends with her current husband’s previous wife…until Caroline had an affair with Ernst.

    Considering how Caroline got Ernst, it’s no surprise that’s how she lost him. (Technically, they’re not divorced but they may as well be given their separate lives.)

    On a side note, Caroline’s eldest daughter is absolutely stunning. Charlotte looks exactly like Caroline and Stephanie at that age. But she needs to stop smoking and sunbathing, otherwise Charlotte is going to age prematurely just like they have!

  77. Chrissy says:

    I LOVE her hair and wish Kate would wear her hair that like … I LOVE the diamonds in her hair … and I LOVE her vail. Other than that … nothing. I couldn’t believe the dress. I was so disappointed … thought we would see another amazing dress b/c this woman is known for her fashion sense!! In some pics, her chest looks … odd. Like she isn’t wearing a bra or something. I do feel bad for her though. What a mess to be marrying into. All the wealth and diamonds in the world just isn’t worth it!!!

  78. Madison says:

    I’d be crying too. What a loveless wedding ceremoney so staged and cold. I think there must be something to that story about the curse on the house of Grimaldi, that is one messed up family.

  79. Jana says:

    Beyond stunning. I agree with whoever said it above, absolutely exquisite. Everything, not just the dress, which I loved, but the veil, her hair, etc, makeup. She was much more stunning than Kate’s wedding dress and look.

    I agree with Minx about this veil compared to Kate’s.

    And loved loved the second dress. Muce prettier than Kate’s choice.

  80. Jana says:

    Why does everybody feel so sorry for her? She’s been with him six years. There’s no surprises for her. He is what he is and unattractive and she wants him.

  81. miss silver says:

    Love the wedding gown. Shows off her swanlike neck.

  82. Gwen says:

    I think both dresses are very beautiful.

  83. Aurelia says:

    I think its not a case of Charlene finding out about the 2 illegimate kids. I think she discovered some new ones. As in since they have been together. And she probably found out Albert is into cock too.

    Anyho, loved, loved, loved her dress. Loved everything, except her looking like she just scoffed a bag of roofies. So elegant. Charlene had no dress sense before but has learnt from good stylists and designers. Unlike waity kate and hatchet faced pippa and mumma midds. They look tacky and ordinary.

    I resent being subjected to Kates fashion parade of mediocrity on her US Canadian tour. BORING. I could look at this Charlene bird all day.

    God Albert used to be a beautiful boy and young man. Shame he peaked at 13 and lost his hair. Kinda like William. Stephanie was gorgeous too. She modelled as well in NYC. Caroline was painfully gorgeous. Too much sun and booze though. Charlotte her daughter has the same magic. One of her brothers is a spunk and one is err … not.

    However, I give bert and charlie’s marriage 2 months.

    P.S does anybody else think Pippa Midds looks like Daniel Craig’s part Asian ex fiancee?

  84. Franny says:

    boring wedding dresses? hers and Kate’s are classic styles. I think both are gorgeous, although I prefer Kate’s. I don’t know what you guys expect from these women. They aren’t pamela anderson, getting married in white bikinis.

  85. Camille says:

    That is one miserable looking couple. Not to mention they doesn’t seem to have any (sexual) chemistry what so ever either. Very odd, unattached looking pairing.

    I don’t feel sorry for her, because surely she *does* know what she has gotten herself into by now…

    I too am not a fan of Charlenes wedding dresses. I much preferred Kates dresses, plus Kate actually looked genuinely thrilled about marrying her prince. She looked radiant.

    Countdown to Charlene and Albert divorcing in 5….4….3….

  86. eternalcanadian says:

    As I mentioned before in the other Albert and Charlene post, the dress is beautiful, and it is actually what I envisioned Catherine wearing. It may have not fit in some places on Charlene, but the overall look with the veil, train, and appliques is beautiful!

    I still can’t get over how awkward everyone looked. Like they all had constipation. Even Albert’s family looked like they wanted to be anywhere but at the wedding.

    Now Albert has to undergo DNA tests to see if he has a third child. 😮 If this is true, I wonder why Charlene would stay with Albert. Then again look at Catherine. She stayed with William through all his dalliances with other women (I’m surprised William hasn’t gotten pegged with an illegitimate child or two by now) and all those years because she wanted that kind of lifestyle. So perhaps Charlene is of the same mindset. It’s a pretty luxurious lifestyle being an European royal. Just squeeze out a couple legitimate kids and enjoy St. Tropez for the rest of your life.

  87. Dirty Martini says:

    I think her wedding dress is gorgeous. The blue suit she wore at the civil ceremony was also quite lovely on her. The reception dress isnt rocking my boat.

    He’s scum. But after 6 years, she knows he’s scum. No new news here folks. Did she try and run? If she did, cant blame her.

  88. Rosanna says:

    She is gorgeous and the dress is a perfect fit to her. I would have chosen a different dress (more like Middleton’s) but I think she looks stunning, like a real princess.

  89. Greg says:

    At least his HRH Prince Albert (AKA “Stud”) is going have the DNA paternity test.
    Unlike Arnie Schwarzenegger who went and DECLARED that he fathered a child with a lady called Tammy Tousignant’s (who was an air-hostess on his private plane). The woman had to take DNA paternity tests along with her son and husband (called Tom) to demonstrate to the media that Arnie Schwarzenegger was not the daddy!

    Another true story: my friend was so sure he was the father of a baby until a DNA test from a proper paternity testing company called Future Genetics (

    In paraphrasing Spec-savers, I think Arnold Schwarzenegger should have gone to Future Genetics before making his paternity declarations.

    At least Prince Albert is using his brain and looking to take a DNA Paternity Test.

  90. thebl0nde says:

    Seeing her cry like that after the wedding brought back memories of when I married my first husband. Everyone thought I was crying out of happiness. I never told them I was crying because I was not marrying the man I really loved because he had made it clear he would not marry me. I should never have married someone I didn’t love. Needless to say, the marriage ended. I feel so sorry for this girl and can imagine what she feels. I think she was forced into it and knows she’s made a terrible mistake marrying this awful man. I hope she finds the courage to get out before she wastes precious time on the farce of a life with him. She deserves better.

  91. Crystalline says:

    Its terrible that this charade was allowed to reach this point, so hopefully she can get out before being roped into a lifetime of raising a child with him. Horribly, I doubt he will let her go until an heir is sorted out.

    Also, I was wondering if the scandal would be another child popping up from their relationship. He has to have filled her ears with pretty lies to have kept her around this long (money really does only have an appeal for so long), I can see how she might be duped into thinking he finally gave that all up.

  92. Jag says:

    Love her wedding dress. Maybe I’m confused, but if she were “intercepted” at the airport, is that not kidnapping to take her from her flight and allegedly keep her passport?

    I can’t believe she married the pig. She must be getting a phenomenal monthly stipend out of the deal or something.

  93. Mr. Greek says:

    According to a story printed in today’s The Telegraph (UK) it would appear that Charlene attempted to flee/escape not once but THREE TIMES. In May, when she flew to Paris to try on her wedding gown, it is confirmed that she sought refuge at the South African embassy. Her other failed escape attempt was during the Monaco Grand Prix.

    Hmmm…I dunno…would a true gold digger attempt to get away from her sugar daddy three times?

  94. Jaxx says:

    Re: The first picture—somehow the bridal look is ruined by the obvious and erect nipples.

  95. anony says:

    Just FYI – She’s crying in the one picture because she has just laid her bouquet in the memorial chapel of the patron saint of Monaco as a gesture of union with the Monegasque people and the gesture, along with a young girl’s singing in the chapel touched her. NOT because she’s so sad she’s bagged her golden ticket.

  96. RocketMerry says:

    @Kaiser, “Yesterday’s service was just for the Catholic Church’s blessing and stuff (I don’t know the technicalities of it, nor do I care)…”

    The giuridical validity of a religious marriage depends on the agreements that each Church takes with every State. For instance, I don’t think that Islamic cerimonies are considered valid as a civil contract in, say, Italy or England, but the first one might be in France (since the number of Islamic people there is higher, France probably has deals with the Islamic Church of France).

  97. Minx2 says:

    anony: I watched the wedding and that scene at St. Devote church, when Charlene was moved by the singing was very touching. It seems like all the pent-up emotions came out at that moment.

  98. Minx2 says:

    As to stories of her supposed escape, I’m not convinced since her entire family (mom, dad, brothers) are living in Monaco now.

  99. Minx2 says:

    violet said: “On a side note, Caroline’s eldest daughter is absolutely stunning. Charlotte looks exactly like Caroline and Stephanie at that age. But she needs to stop smoking and sunbathing, otherwise Charlotte is going to age prematurely just like they have.”.
    I agree, Charlotte is a complete stunner. I’ve seen pix of her brothers smoking (Andrea though gorgeous looks haggard for someone so young) but not Charlotte (though she could be hiding it better). Caroline is 54, I believe, she doesn’t look bad for her age but Stephanie is a wreck. She basically spent her life at the pool and it shows. Smoker’s wrinkles around her mouth, also seen on Caroline (but not as bad as Steph). I have a close up of Stephanie’s face on my comp to remind me NOT to tan 😉

  100. Suzie says:

    One could argue that, unlike Kate, Charlene is immediately catepulted into executive sovereign status along with her husband as ruler of Monaco? William and Kate have a long wait before such responsibilities visit their door, and can have some fun.

    Maybe she was contemplating this awesome responsibility ahead?! I doubt she will just settle for being a mother to kids & nil else.

    Also the religious ceremony in terms of the language spoken was about ninety percent foreign to her. Only one song from her homeland, South Africa.

    The religious ceremony was also very heavy-weight and long, in this foreign language. She has only recently converted to Catholicism, but she should have started learning French in 2006.

    Many dignitaries present she had never met, much less knew.

    Last but not lease the glare of cameras trained on her constantly, beaming her special day round the world. Only a wise, poised bride would opt for reticence in such a goldfish bowl. Having said all that, her eyes did not seem to reflect inner happiness. Maybe we are all wrong. Lets face it, we dont know the facts do we. Time will tell.

  101. Snappyfish says:

    Albert is NOT an HRH. He is an HSH. a serene highness and not a Royal Highness. Monaco is a principality & not a Kingdom. These toads are an Ersatz Royal family. Only Caroline is an HRH due to her marriage to HRH Prince Ernst of Hanover & she makes everyone call her HRH to differentiate herself from the others. I agree that Charlotte is lovely.

    The dresses are bland at best. Armani has never really been tremendously successful with wedding gowns. His normal line are usually v v lovely, maybe the “stage” of a wedding gown throws the house a loop. Think the gown Armani did for Katie Holmes was better constructed than this, which is nice, but too stiff thus taking away from the elegant line they were clearly going for.

    Good luck to this girl as she will need it. She just sold her soul for the jetset life in a corrupt little place with an unattractive toad of a fake prince for a hubby.

  102. BigHair&Pearls says:

    @Minx2: I saw that ceremony too. Her pent-up emotions came flowing out cos the tranquilisers had worn off! He seemed quite irritated by her uncontrollable weeping, and at one point – I could’ve sworn – he turned to her and said “stop it”. She looked exhausted when they returned to the car, and he kept telling her to ‘wave’ every time she stopped waving.

  103. margaritachum says:

    i’ve never seen a bride looking so sad.=(

  104. brin says:

    I read that she tried to run off more than once…this little fairy tale will never have a happy ending. Poor Charlene.

  105. really says:

    Armani sucks! The dress was rather always tugging here and there (by the veil)…….. she has a lovely athletic body inwhich he did not showcase to its full power! CHANEL would have been better. Lagerfeld was in attendance…. anyhoo, she is a PRINCESS now!

    She will be fine if she forgets her husband (Prince Albert) slept with a disgusting nat from togo! And all these bastard kids are just that: bastards with no heir power………..

    So if I were Princess of Monaco ….I would smile and let every pathetic twat (such as that Togo mess, etc) kiss my Princess ass. I would focus on getting healthy-pregnant and fufilling my duties as a Princess. I would not BORE myself with something I cannot change (Prince Albert being a blind hoe)….life is too short to worry about trival matters as súch the case.

    THE FLOWER GIRLS made my heart melt into heaven!

  106. Eve says:

    I don’t know if this has already been said before here (didn’t read all comments) but while looking at the kissing picture, I can’t say who seems to be more disgusted with each other.

  107. zorba says:


    Armani sucks?
    If you mean that Armani is a classy designer for classy women and present cheap celebs and actresses or wannabes don’t appreciate an understated and elegant style like his, I agree. You know, after all all they want to do is to show their main asset, i.e. their fake boobs as much as possible.
    Of course, Coco was Coco, a genius, but present Chanel, meh. Boring and a pale copy of the original. But of course advertisement and rich campaigns can succeed in convincing people that the maison is still an innovative one.
    The truth is that these haute couture maisons are now making their best profits on accessories and fragrances, dresses are not that important anymore.

  108. blonde on the dock says:

    It appears she is trying not to vomit in his mouth!

  109. Micon says:

    She is exquisite. I agree with Kibbles in that I find myself a bigger fan of Charlene than “Waity Katey” – she seems to have accomplished her own goals prior to marriage and is involved in charitable works on half of Monaco. Princess Charlene’s wedding dress was beautiful and iconic – I gasped when I saw it (unlike the “other” royal wedding dress worn by Kate Middleton which left me feeling really disappointed (really, this is it?) I look forward to seeing more of Charlene and her fashions in the media.

  110. Chicken'sMom says:

    She’s been with him for how mny years???? And now the reality sets in? PUH=LEEZZE. The pressure is on her to reproduce and the “fun” is over. She could of left years ago…

  111. ZenB!tch says:

    I think there is a lot more here than his bastards. He has to be abusive and sadistic.

    Let’s be honest here, she knew his rep, she knew she was being sold. She could negotiate no sex and remain healthy. Insemination and anti-retrovirals (just in case).

    She doesn’t look stupid, something nefarious is going on here. God bless her, I hope she gets knocked up quickly and can enjoy a life away from him ASAP.

  112. ZenB!tch says:

    @Snappyfish Thanks for reminding us about HRH vs. HSH. In other words – these people aren’t royal.

    I know a bit about these people as my mother is Mexican and my father is Spanish/French and these people are much more popular in the home countries.

    From what I gather this principality started from some illegitimate child of some Duke from France, I’m not sure if that is true.

    Prince Ernst may be an HRH but he’s quite a winner too. I seem to recall my mom telling me he was caught urinating in public. Such royal behavior.

    @Minx2, Stephanie who must be all of 45 now and probably looks older than that photo of Roger Moore was never exquisite like Grace, Caroline or Charlotte. She looked like a manly version of Caroline and hasn’t looked young since at least 1988 (when did she date Rob Lowe?). I always felt sorry for her.

    Was she there, I’ve yet to see any photos of her?

    I’m actually somewhat impressed that Caroline has let herself go. Those of us who live in the States have seen the alternative. I keep hoping for a happy medium.

  113. Tina says:

    Charlene is a dull, unintelligent, uneducated, cannot even manage to learn french in 4 years, with no fashion sense other than buying expensive clothes, calculating gold digger who had at least 5 different procedures to look better ( with someone else’s money ) starting from botox, lips, teeth-she cannot even speak well with the new ones, cheeks and new breasts. And still looks much older than her age, nothing to do with swimming and sun and all that. Albert is educated and intelligent ( other than being a fool and making bad choices in women, thought he was marrying someone he can control but, big mistake here ) but, he is a real “sl.t”, he should probably see a shrink and sort himself out instead of sleeping with anyone, and I mean anyone. He is not abusive or sadistic when it comes to sex, he is not even interested in it, never understood his f…ing around so much, for a man who does it very mechanically according to a very good source. Charlene does not come as passionate either, cold and calculating, gave interviews of how they met straight away, no other woman he went out with ever did that. She loves all the money and attention. She gave interviews right before the wedding, telling everyone how she is going to change Monaco and bring life and energy into it, hardly the runaway bride. During the tears scene, it looks like he hates her and yes, the kiss, worse kiss ever but, that is what he kisses like, look at all his pictures kissing other women…Not a happy union by the looks of it. She will get pregnant and he will try to stay away from her as much as possible, he will be a good father as he loves kids, I am not so sure about her being a good mother, does not look like the tender, caring, motherly type. Pity the kids in a loveless marriage. It sort of messes them up, oh, just like Princess’s Grace marriage.

  114. Minx2 says:

    zaab “She looked like a manly version of Caroline and hasn’t looked young since at least 1988 (when did she date Rob Lowe?). I always felt sorry for her.” I did too. I think the accident with Grace really did her in. She dated Jean Paul Belmondo’s son before for quite a while and he was quite good for her, she was nice and stable, but she was too young and the tragedy with Grace broke her life. She started acting strange, dating strange men and generally made herself miserable. I think she was just craving love and stability. In all the wrong places. Stephanie has always been very sensitive. In the family, only Caroline seems to have a steel core.

  115. Anonymous says:

    She is GREAT. They must have been under stress because of the rumors. Who would not be. I think we should blame the press for spoiling their day. DID YOU NOT THINK SHE IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Far better than Kate Middleton

  116. Hanh says:

    Both Charlene and Albert’s clothes were awful because of the tailoring. Albert looked like he was wearing a size too big and Charlene looked way bigger than she actually is in her dress!

  117. Esmeralda says:

    I feel sorry for her. No doubt she got bullied into marrying him (you can’t do this at the last minute, the whole world is watching, the cost was exorbitant) and bribed. Does she think that once she breeds an approved heir for him that she’ll be able to just get up and walk out? Heck no, or not if she wants to take the child with her.

    Just awful – a prisoner princess, in my opinion.