Priest plays into Madonna’s withered old hands

A Dutch priest used his home phone to call in a bomb threat for a Madonna concert in Amsterdam and was easily caught. Police realized right away that the threat was a hoax and Madonna got more publicity for her tired gimmick making fun of the old Christian boys’ network.

A priest confessed to faking a bomb threat on a Madonna concert in Amsterdam, intended to prevent the diva from performing her crucifixion act.

Prosecutors in the Netherlands say the priest was arrested almost immediately after telephoning the threat from his home to the emergency services number, where the call was traced, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. said.

The priest appeared before a judge Friday and was released pending judgment. A prosecutor said he likely would seek community service as punishment since it was the priest’s first offense.

Madonna gets rich off the same schtick for 20 years, and these dumb old priests just play into her hands.

Here she is outside the gym in one of her gorgeous tracksuits and baseball hats. Her husband, the hapless Guy Richie, is also shown after working out. [via]

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5 Responses to “Priest plays into Madonna’s withered old hands”

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  1. Tinkerbelle says:

    I think Madonna needs to eat a burger, not hit the gym, LOL

  2. dupababy says:

    well actually, that priest wasn’t out to stop her concert.. he was trying to save the world from the woman’s carney hands.. ewww..

  3. bitch says:

    LOL omg dupbaby. that was funny =) hey, tinkerbelle, if she ate another burger, she would have to buy an even bigger sweatsuit. and that would be unfortunate. she is looking bad.

  4. Angelika says:

    This is one of the funniest things I ever heard. How dumb can you be? As a fuckin’ PRIEST! Good lord.. (Swearing and praising in the lord in the same line, bad girl =P)

  5. Randi says:

    I feel kinda sorry for the deluded old fool (I’m talking about the Priest). The only saving grace is that Madonna no longer has any pretext of Catholicism now that she practices Kabbalah. If she had any class (yes, I know she doesn’t) she’d stop using Christian symbolism like the cross and her name. I bet the Jews are so proud to have inherited her. I wonder if they have checked out her holy tome “Sex” yet.