Janice Dickinson in a bikini at the age of 56: is it time to invest in a one-piece?


These photos were one of the first things I saw this morning. Every photo agency has photos of Janice Dickinson in a bikini today, so I just clicked to see how bad it was. To my surprise, I didn’t wince once. Janice Dickinson has a better bikini body that Kelly Bensimon, in my opinion. Sure, there’s some Iggy Pop happening (as there was with Kelly Bensimon too), but overall, I think Janice looks pretty good for her age – bitch is 56. We should all hope to be flaunting it when we’re that age, I think.


My biggest problem? Janice’s face, not her figure. That face is not the result of aging – that face is the result of too much tweaking, stretching, pulling, injecting, filling, cutting, lasering, and more. My second biggest problem? Why don’t SOME women realize that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a one-piece swimsuit? Why is there this obsession with trying to pull off a bikini at any age, at any size? Sometimes a lady’s figure and yes, HER AGE, means that a one-piece is more flattering, more appropriate, and just better overall.

Of course, I’m not going to show you Janice from behind. It’s too… much. But if you’d like to see, go here. *shudder*




Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. Angela says:

    The sad thing is her poor botoxed face in the top photo made me think it was Courtney Cox.

  2. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Janice, sweetie, you should invest in a Burka! I say this out of love – get into treatment for your eating disorder.

  3. OtherChris says:

    I think at some point, probably your mid-30s, a bikini is too girlish. You may still have the figure for it, but it just looks like you’re trying to hard. My sister-in-law is 45 and still wears one and while her body is perfect, it just looks too . . . young.

    She doesn’t look bad at all, it just looks off. And really, she needs to stop playing with her face. I think she was literally the most beautiful model out there in the 70s and 80s. I wish she would have let herself age a little more gracefully.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Eesh. Skeleton with orange band-aids.

  5. Quest says:

    OH Good Gawd and all that is natural….my fn eyeballs just caught afire. Trying…..to …. scratch…them ….out…..EYEBURN!!!!

    I know 60 year old women (my mom included) that looks far way better than this at the beach.

  6. MeMyself says:

    Not quite sure why you would think there is anything wrong with her body.
    Nothing is hanging out, nothing is too tight and her body looks great, trim and toned.

  7. Addie says:

    How can anyone pay good money to have a face like that?!

    THEN tell aspiring models on ANTM what she finds wrong with THEM?!

  8. Marie says:

    OMG, I just googled her name for pictures when she was a top model and she was, as you said @OtherChris, beautiful. But her face now is scary.

  9. dorothy says:

    Re: first pic…
    Ribcage make’s her look like she has a second set of breasts hanging under the first ones.

  10. Pyewacket says:

    Not sure why you have to be in a one piece the minute you get older.

    Who is it bothering that she wears a bikini? Is it hurting anyone? If she wants to wear it, why should it matter?

    It may not be pleasing to the eyes, but some people’s faces are not pleasing to my eyes, but I do not expect them to wear a mask for my comfort. Live and let live, I say.

  11. Eve says:

    is it time to invest in a one-piece?

    If by “one-piece” you mean something that covers her whole body, including her head then yes, it’s time to invest in a one-piece.

  12. Cherry says:

    There’s nothing wrong with her body in itself. Of course there isn’t, she’s an ex-supermodel with exceptionally long legs and great bone structure. She totally pulls off that bikini, better than I would, and I’m 25 years younger than she is. But that’s just it. It makes me sad how we applaud women for looking half their age, indeed even codemn them for looking as old as they are. Look at this lady’s tweeked face, those bulging biceps, that fake tan. She probably hardly eats and spends two hours a day at a gym. Really, at 56, I really hope I’ll have better stuff to do- even if that means I’ll have wrinkles and a fat ass.

  13. Judy says:

    She looks good except for that first pic where it looks like she’s had ribs removed, and she looks deformed. At this point, Janice has had so much work done that I wouldn’t doubt it.

  14. Tierra says:

    I just had to look at the ‘from behind’ pics and they really weren’t all that bad. She actually looks better from behind than say Tara Reid and some others Ive seen.
    Her body inst whats shocking, it is her lips/face from all the PS. Makes me wonder how some of these celebs would look had they not done all the tweeking over the years.

  15. Jen says:

    My 7-year old said, “She is not fat, she needs to eat some brownies”. Amen, kid.

  16. teehee says:

    She can wear what the hell she wants.
    Its her body, and her being known by us, does not give us the right to dictate how she should dress, just to suit our nosey pallettes.
    (Im just trying to think of it, if I were her)
    If you dont like it, dont look…

  17. melangie says:

    @ Angela
    ITA sooo courtney cox in 10 years. good call

  18. sd says:

    I think she should have just left her face alone as she would still have been a beautiful older woman. The face is just sad.
    In regards to her body, good for her! I wish I looked 1/2 as good. I’m 39 and my ass looks like a 90 year-old man’s, and my body is just one stretch mark after another and cellulite everywhere, due to various eating disorders. First, anorexia, then overeating due to losing my brother to negligent murder. I gained 30lbs in one month and my body has never recovered.

  19. Kiki says:

    @#16, i agree with you 100%. in any event, she looks pretty good- a hell of a lot better than those fat younger women overflowing their bikini tops and bottoms. whatever. the face is another matter altogether….

  20. Bailey says:

    she looks good.
    a lot better than Kelly Bensowhatever!

  21. Ann says:

    I think women should wear a bikini whenever the fuck they feel like it. I’ve seen enough grossly obese guys in speedos who walked around like they owned the world. Women don’t need to be monitored all the time about what they should or shouldn’t wear.

  22. Chloe says:

    Nicely put, Cherry.

  23. Samihami says:

    I don’t see any reason why she shouldn’t wear a bikini, however I think that particular style is unflattering on her.

  24. Flounder says:

    Looking good!

  25. silken_floss says:

    Too sinewy and leathery looking for me, but hey, you do you Janice 😀

  26. MourningTheDeathofMusic says:

    Helen Mirren at 63 (2008) looked SMOKIN’ in her bikini photos.
    What’s one of the main differences? – Helen still has some meat on her bones, which fills out her form, making her look more feminine. To add to it, I don’t know if Helen has had any (if minimal) work done to her face.

    These pictures of Angie make her look even older.

    And as to the comments that after a certain age you should stop wearing a bikini – I completely disagree.
    I would say that the style/color/cut should be taken into consideration. Some are far more youthful and should be avoided – those are the ones that make a grown woman look like she’s trying to hard.

  27. Quest says:

    Granted that Janice was once so beautiful but what I cannot get is why f**k up yourself in this way.

    I agree that anyone can wear and do anything they want to themselves but to alter your physical being that morphs into ones interpretation of beauty will take a toll on the body, and Janice is known for that but you just cannot stop the aging process no matter how much you alter

  28. mew says:

    There are actually people who look good at that age, even in bikini. Her skin hangs off her, she looks really bad. I guess that’s what her lifestyle choises has done to her.

    Still, great bravery from her, wanting to look perfect and yet walking around almost naked, looking like that.

  29. Chickadees4me says:

    Droopy biscuit & emaciation, bad combo.

  30. Tiffany says:

    Look, I am from CA, we wear bikinis until we die. What’s the problem? I have been a beach baby for 42 years, my mom even still wears a bikini. There is no age attached! Kiss off if you don’t like it.
    What’s with the weird swimsuit attitudes by some of you? It’s the beach, not a night out!
    Cherry, ITA!

  31. Nina says:

    @MourningtheDeathOfMusic: I was just going to bring up Helen Mirren! She looks AMAZING in a bikini and she’s over 60:


    I think pulling off a bikini as you get older is mostly about realizing that women look better (and younger) as they age if they put on some weight. Staying skinny once you start trudging through middle-age will age a woman a lot, both in the face and the body.

  32. Truthful says:

    her face is scary and so is her girlfriend’s face..

    she should WANT to put on a sexy one piece, she should save the 2 piece for her younger boytoy and put it on in the house and flaunt it in her pool away from Paps.

    I see now she is talking about neck surgery, with the incision from the back..DREADFUL

  33. RHONYC says:


    her AND that Kelly Bensimon.

    absolutely gross. 🙁

  34. guesty says:

    She’s an obnoxious mess; but she looks good,not great, but good.

  35. poster 1 says:

    So this is what Courtney Cox will look like when older….mhm…..

  36. Kloops says:

    I have no problem seeing bodies of all ages and sizes in bikinis. I think it’s cool to rock a 2 piece at any age. What I have a problem with here is that she clearly has major body issues. She appears to be starving herself and she has completely jacked her face and that is just sad. Seeing self loathing in a 2 piece is a total bummer.

  37. TL says:

    Why do I hear steven tyler singing, “Dude looks like a lady”?

  38. GoofPuff says:

    Her face is a plastic surgery nightmare. Her ribs are anorexic. That bandeau top makes her Bolt-ons look horrible. A one piece would have been more flattering and sexy.

  39. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Yes, most definitely a one-piece…a straightjacket.

  40. Turtle Dove says:

    She looks good to me. Her figure is very trim – maybe 10lbs would give her a a nice little plump. My only complaint is that she should get the h*ll out of the sun.

  41. the other mel says:

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

  42. Blue says:

    I guess I’m looking at different pics because her whole image scares me. She can wear a bikini if she wants to but I wish she wouldn’t. In my opinion her body looks weird/ gross.

    Something nice- she has nice legs

  43. Rio says:

    I’m all for “f*ck it, I’m going to wear what I want”, but homegirl is NOT looking good. All I could think of was, “I bet that’s what Clint Eastwood would look like in a bikini.”
    When my mind goes there of all places, you need to seriously reconsider your wardrobe.

  44. Deb says:

    If she was going to wear a bikini, she should have picked a more flattering style. The top offers no support for her breasts, so they look really droopy in it. The bottom would probably look better if it covered her bumpy lower abdomen better and had high cut leg holes to draw attention to her long legs. Really, I think bathing suits are the least of her problems. She really messed up her face!

  45. jesikabelcher says:

    perhaps a “moo moo” is in order..

  46. JohnnieR says:

    Janice and Courteney Botox are looking more and more as if they could be placed in the “separated at birth” category. This chick’s face is so ruined by the injections and lifts, and Janice was smokin’ HOT in her heyday.

    Sorry, this is one guy who feels many older women suffer from severe and serious delusion in regards to wearing a two piece at an older age. It doesn’t work anymore, ladies – that, and long hair in your forties – it makes too many women look “haggish”. Plus, too many older women opt for darker hair colouring, when a lighter shade would suit them soooo much better. Beauty has its own definition at certain ages in life, and the 40’s and 50’s and beyond offer so much tasteful fashions for women, who too often ignore them so they can delude themselves into thinking they’re eternally 25. Sad.

    Sooner or later, a gal has to realize that at forty, she’s no longer twenty.
    I see women around me all the time making utter fools of themselves, dressing twenty years + too young. What a shame, considering how good they could look if they opted for age-appropriate fashion choices.

    I am a male who thinks a one piece bathing suit on a woman is very very classy and elegant. My mom wore them all the time, and she looked great.

  47. Isa says:

    I’d probably opt for a shaping one piece but I’m not offended by her in a bikini at all.
    Her face is another story. Why did she do that to herself?

  48. Ferocity says:


  49. 4Real says:

    Thank you MEL! Words to LIVE BY!

  50. guilty pleasures says:

    @Ann, well said! How often do we see beach ball belly men wearing speedos??
    We are so mean, so judgmental. Who really cares what a person wears to the BEACH??? Or really, anywhere…
    She is far more successful than I, too bad she fell victim to her perceived necessity for the quest for eternal youth, but threads like this are the reason these women chase the needle.
    In the words of Rodney King, ‘can’t we all just get along?’ and be nice to one another?

  51. Grace says:

    I’m 58, in good shape, and still wear a two-piece. Not a “bikini”, but a two piece. I’m very tall and have trouble getting a one piece that is long enough for my torso.

    I don’t understand this so-called “requirement” that once you hit 50 you are no longer allowed to show your stomach on the beach. I’m not doing it to get attention, it’s just comfortable, and I don’t believe I’m offending anyone.

  52. JennJenn says:

    The face is frightfully stretched and puffy, and the color and style of the bikini would challenge even a fit, toned 20-year-old to pull it off. Janice does have a trim midsection and decent-looking skin for someone her age and ethnicity with decades of sun exposure. Nevertheless, JohnnieR’s words of advice from a man’s perspective ring true. Beauty does have its own definition at each stage in life.

  53. blonde on the dock says:

    I’ve seen women in their twenties,thirties and forties looking way worse than that. The top is not that flattering and she should have left her face alone, otherwise, not that bad.

  54. Pyewacket says:

    @Grace- Yes, there seems to be an age requirement regarding long hair, two piece suits, certain types of make-up, and I am sure by people all in their 20’s, who when they hit 50, will be bitching about people telling them what they should and should not wear.

    I am not near 50 for a long time, but I think this b.s about “Once your 40…blah, blah, blah” Since when are things solely for twenty somethings? I had someone tell me the other day “Once you reach 35, you should cut your hair” WTF? My hair will stay long for as long as I like it long, and if it offends people, too darn bad! It’s my life, my hair. Just because I am not 20 doesn’t mean a thing to me.

  55. TXCinderella says:

    Wow, she used to be so beautiful and now she has messed with her face so much that she now has the Jokers mouth. She is muscular, but WAY too thin. Yes, a one-piece would look way better.

  56. luls says:

    BARF! I beg to differ! Kelly Benismon has the slightly less revolting body.

  57. anti says:

    the one nipple 🙁

  58. JohnnieR says:

    Pyewacket wrote:

    “I am not near 50 for a long time, but I think this b.s about “Once your 40…blah, blah, blah” Since when are things solely for twenty somethings? I had someone tell me the other day “Once you reach 35, you should cut your hair” WTF? My hair will stay long for as long as I like it long, and if it offends people, too darn bad! It’s my life, my hair. Just because I am not 20 doesn’t mean a thing to me.”

    Like I was saying…

  59. Get your crazy on girrrl!I’ve got too many crazy-ass girlfriends that I’ve learned sometimes you just have to smile and look the other way.

  60. gab says:

    OMG forget a one piece, this one needs a burka. Yuk – what has she done to herself? I’d rather see a naturally aging woman of her age any day!!! Put it away, dear, before the buzzards come for you on that beach!

  61. Hootie Hoo says:

    Wow. just wow.

    I wonder if she left everything alone and kept herself at a healthy weight if she’d would of retained her beauty. I”m sure substance abuse hasn’t helped with the aging process.

  62. sassy says:

    well, I look way too stubby in a one piece. I’m 37. i can still wear a bikini. so I will. you don’t like it, you can look away. and I ain’t cuttin my hair, either! i have curly hair that will puff out like an afro from the 70’s. besides, I think it looks purty long!

  63. Belle Epoch says:

    This is what she USED to look like. The plastic surgery in her face is not holding up well. She looks like she’s melting. How did she get such a huge mouth, when she started out like this:


  64. Sloane Wyatt says:

    50 year old, longish hair, modest two piece wearin’ vintage fox chiming in!

    I don’t really think anyone posting here cares much about the ‘rules’ of what to wear at what age; from what I read here, most posters have evolved past tired sexist and ageist “truisms”.

    BUT, if a post invites us to get our snark on, I say lets get to snarking!

    That’s why it’s called ‘CeleBitchy’!

  65. Jamie says:

    She looks better than most 56 year olds, body wise. Really should’ve chosen a different top style, uniboob @ it’s worst. Apart from the top being unflattering, anyone notice how it’s upside down? haha why?!

  66. Sheigh says:

    In the first pic, I seriously wondered myself where her breasts were. I wanted to go down her bra, where her ribs looks bigger.
    Too weird and too scary!

  67. hollywood101 says:

    Oh my! Is all that I can think of and I too thought Courtney Cox when I saw the pictures.

  68. gg says:

    Dude, we would all look better in a bikini if we had so much lipo and body and facelifting. Why are we giving kudos to surgery and starvation?

    I know she works out too, but it’s because she obviously is dealing with body dysmorphia issues due to the extreme nature of her uh – sculpting.

  69. Amanda G says:

    Oh wow…that’s just a huge pile of wrong. I’m not even going to comment on her body, it’s her FACE that’s the most f-ed up! Why would anyone do that?

  70. Erin says:

    Her lips look like Steven Tyler…I think she STILL has body image issues and really needs help…chica needs to eat to fill out the skin!

  71. Esmeralda says:

    I must respectfully disagree with Celebitchy on the matter of Janice’s body. My sis is only a few years younger and her body is great – doesn’t sag or stick out like that. It’s time for Janice to please just put it away because it’s no longer nice to look at, and that’s the whole reason behind wearing a bikini, right?

  72. original kate says:

    she looks like a rotisserie chicken from boston market.

  73. Mary says:

    she needs to swim in a burka.

  74. lachica says:

    in her mirror she is young and hot. we should all have mirrors like that. great for the self-esteem.

  75. Twez says:

    Oh my god. Her poor, poor face.

  76. Dea says:

    When I get older I want to be fatter – I think I would look better than being skinny. Looking forward to drinking and eating in my golden years. Lol

  77. skinanny says:

    I have been in yoga classes with her before. She really has a great body for her age, but she has destroyed her face with plastic surgery!!

  78. Becky says:

    I don’t like “rules” when it comes to age and fashion. If you look good in a bikini (or if you feel good in a bikini) wear it! Having long hair, wearing miniskirts, wearing bikinis, etc. shouldn’t have to end once you hit some arbitrary number. As cliched as it sounds, it’s about wearing what makes you feel good. If other people don’t like it, tough.

  79. Aries_Mira says:

    AGH!!! Kill it with fire!!!

  80. Hellen says:

    That bikini is really ugly.

  81. crtb says:

    I should look so good at her age.
    She should wear whatever she wants to wear. I think she could needs to gain 10 to 15 pounds to cover up those ribs but it’s her body and she needs to feel comfortable in it. Who am I to say ?

  82. Tiffany says:

    Johnnie-awfully judgmental, aren’t we? My 42 year old self says Ha, to your rules. I have long brunette hair, wear a bikini and am nowhere near haggish. That’s pretty funny. Wonder what you look like?
    Some of us poor, old, haggy women can still turn a lot of young guys heads. Sophia Loren never cut her hair and she is still hot at almost 70.
    I really wish everyone had to post a picture of themselves sometimes.
    I guess it is time for me to chop off my crowning glory, sell my clothes and start dressing like a granny.
    Janice obviously has an ED, and maybe she doesn’t look great due to her self mutilation, but I still defend her right to wear a bikini.
    What age do you think we women expire?

  83. the original bellaluna says:

    Yes, yes it is. I can see lipo scars and other various assorted scars. Not only is it not pretty, but scars are extremely susceptible to sun burn/damage.

    Also agree with those who say putting on a little weight agrees with an older face: I still get carded (at 41) – and NO, they are not just being nice! – I tell them my birth-date and they don’t believe me. (And I still have long hair – it’s all one length.)

  84. april says:

    I think she needs a one piece. Also add a little weight. She’s too boney for her age.

  85. Shay says:

    I don’t know what people expect. She is 56, not 16 or 26.

  86. neema says:

    Is she preparing to be an extra in a new Resident Evil movie?

  87. really says:

    how about a moon-suit!

  88. Micki says:

    May I propose you find 200 photos of average women on the street who are 36! and not 56! and we have this discussion again? There are girls in their 20s! who should better never show a face outdoors following the comments on the topic.

  89. laura says:

    I think she looks, and I also think that must of the above negative comments are from women or girls with low self-esteem. I guarantee that most of you people knocking this lady, won’t look half as good as she does, when your 56 years old.

  90. Claudia says:

    I totally agree with you 1000% Tiffany. Having men trot out the rules for women is so old school. Wonder what he looks like, indeed. I’m a 40-something brunette (w/olive skin) who doesn’t seem to scare the men (or boys) away — and even Vogue magazine has said that the old “cut your hair after 40” rule is long dead.  (Dude is showing his age.)  Dea, the young woman looking forward to eating and drinking in her 40s and beyond, I hate to tell you this but at 45 I eat less than I did at 30, exercise more, and still weigh 15-20 more lbs (as hormones decline,
    metabolism slows). I don’t mind an extra ten, and it seems that yes some extra weight keeps one looking younger.  But trying to get off the other ten is rough. At 30, no problema. I read an interview w/ Goldie Hawn ten yrs ago who said she did the stairmaster an hour every morning (in addition to 3-4 personal training sessions a week) had tea and an apple for breakfast but had a normal dinner (or if she wanted a couple drinks, just a bit of 
    fish and veggies). I remember thinking geez she’s not even that skinny (more of a normal weight) and that’s all she eats? As I got older, I discovered that gaining weight just starts to happen in the 40s, even with the diet that used to keep you thin. That’s why Courtney Love has been lipo-ed all over her body at least twice. Janice may have a better metabolism but she no doubt does starve herself – as for the rib cage, it’s because she is holding her stomach in! And sad she thinks she needs to.

  91. aly says:

    Nah she looks amazing, for any age.

    I’ve seen 20 year olds that wont even look good in a one-piece black bathing suit, Janice D. might be crazy and all but looks ok in a bikini. She might have tons of things done on her but u can tell she also works out, so good for her.

  92. Venefica Delirium says:

    Yeah, I don’t think there’s a certain age women should stop taking care of their bodies and flaunting it if they’ve still got it. However, Janice Dickinson looks skinny fat. I *don’t* agree with people who believe that all people who don’t look as good as others should have to hide. I guess fat people should never be allowed to go to the beach or even go outside, period.

    The comments coming from some of you really disgust me. Has it ever occured to you guys that this site has twenty-something readers who struggle with their self-image? Bet I’m not the only one.

    I’m fat and don’t take care of myself, because I’m extremely insecure, brinking on depression. Not taking care of myself is a result and cause of said unhappiness. Some of these comments are extremely mean spirited and are very discouraging, the way some of you paint young women as mutants.

    It’s a double standard, just like the Coco thread.

    You people are posting on here attempting to spare the feelings of an aging supermodel who has centered the past decade of her life to criticizing people for their flaws, applauding her for confronting social norms about body shame but some of those people from that same exact group of commenters remark that some of us shouldn’t even be allowed in public?

    Way to contradict yourselves.

  93. Alex says:

    Except for the botox this is the future for all of us including men. It’s just age, we have no choice. I have seen some men with great bodies in speedos and that to me is gross. So to each his own.

  94. Daisy Kenyon says:

    I think she can wear whatever the hell she want to.

  95. GirlyGirl says:

    there is no god….

  96. LisaJ says:

    Who are we to judge Janice we will never understand what it must be like to see such beauty fade. Like being Bill Gates one day than gradually losing everything. Can’t be easy.

  97. bobby says:

    Can not wait to see Kim Kardashian up in age. At 31 she already looks like a middle aged cougar with all the formulaic surgeries/cheekbone enhancement.nose job.lip reshaping,skin bleaching,hairline like Vinny from Jersey Shore,eyes reshaped,botox. More…This is a 31 year old. Sad. She also has the kind of body that will hag out very poorly. Americans were force fed the Kartrashians in a disgraceful full on K diet. Terrible role models. Not good ones.

  98. Shelly says:

    She looks like a bag of bones in that second pic. I think she looks hideous.

  99. Janey says:

    GIVE ME A BREAK! Do men wear wetsuits or shorts and tshirts to go swimming? full piece bathing suits are not always comfortable, they dont dry quickly, and you stay wet and cold, and you cant get a tan. You havent been to europe where everyone wears bikinis, and you arent original in a black string bikini in europe! And women of all shapes and sizes are in bikinis because they are comfortable and it is HOT out! She looks fine, I dont agree with plastic surgery, she looked great without it…anyways, but bikini is fine!

  100. tiffany cufflinks says:

    You already know therefore considerably in terms of this topic, made me individually believe it from so many various angles. Its like men and women don’t seem to be interested until it is something to do with Lady gaga! Your individual stuffs outstanding. Always deal with it up!