LeAnn Rimes tweets professionally photographed bikini shots of her “curves”


As we talked about yesterday, LeAnn is on another needy, crazy jag where she’s tweeting bikini photos of herself and making some big fuss about how she’s so healthy and she doesn’t know why people continue to harp about how skinny she is and she’s eating so much and she’s America’s Sweetheart and everybody is just yelling at her all the time and it’s NOT HER FAULT. So, what to do? First, I would suggest that LeAnn and her doctors sit down and figure out the right medication and dosage and everything, because the neverending cycle of manufactured drama is making my eye twitch, and none of it healthy.

Anyway, LeAnn tweeted the two black and white bikini photos on Sunday with the comments “CURVES… They are there LOL” and “Beach Bum…” Barf on that, but beyond her bones, how weird is it that LeAnn hired a professional photographer to take artsy bikini photos, just so she can post them on Twitter? These are totally professional, hi-res images – which just proves A) LeAnn has too much time on her hands that she’s organizing this kind of dumbass photo shoot FOR TWITTER and B) Bitch needs a prescription. Note: the photo of LeAnn and Eddie is from Saturday. Because they’re so in love.



Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. Chloe says:

    This woman is a walking definition of trying too hard.

  2. MissilePanda says:

    photos of her bolt ons more likely

  3. Ari says:


  4. N.D. says:

    Her body DOES look good though. Hard to argue with that.

    And I don’t see anything wrong in hiring a professional. My gf did that too after working on her body for about 18 months. She wanted a picture she could look at when she’s 70 🙂 Plus, she uses them in her FB as an avatar. Works wonders 🙂

  5. Sisi says:

    probably no magazine was interested in the pics so she had to publish them herself

  6. gee says:

    These don’t look professional… they look like they came off an iphone.

  7. Jezi says:

    This is what her life has become…she’s a sad delusional mess. In every photo she’s in she has her iphone in her hand. On her family vacay, she’s on the beach with her phone. Scary sh*t!

  8. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Black and white photography can’t disguise her toothpick thighs.

    God, somebody put me down with a shotgun, that oil slick Eddie Cibran is a HOT pretty boy.

  9. Truthful says:

    How dreadful, this chick is past annoying..geesh.

    if used to be fun, but now its sickening. does she make country hits anymore??

  10. JoJo says:

    Wewe is a waste of what little space she takes up. The children were pap’d out once again. I never once saw these children when Queen Edward was with Brandi. This is proof it all comes from Leann and her in youre face insane tactics.

  11. RHONYC says:

    his face says one thing: ‘i.want.out!’ 😉

  12. Klassy says:

    i think she looks better here than in previous bikini photos. still think she’s an arrogant homewrecker with a twinge of some sort of mental disorder and that I will never again support any product she puts out…but I will give her that she looks better than she did in previous bikini shots on this site.

  13. Dana M says:

    She is obviously very insecure. Pathetic!

  14. aquarius64 says:

    Bikini photo complete with tramp stamp. Talk about truth in advertising.

  15. Posh says:

    Hi Kaiser, Celebitchy and Bedhead! I love your web site and I love your posts! There are new Victoria Beckham pictures around the net. She looks amazing and her baby bump is really big. I think you should post them. Keep up the great job!

  16. brin says:

    Wonder what they talk about (if they even talk to each other)…how many tweets she tweeted today? Pathetic.

  17. whitedaisy says:

    Wow. She has some serious mental health issues that require attention. Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Borderline Personality, I don’t know.
    The sight of her makes me stabby.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Forget medication. Just get her admitted to the nearest psych facility and take away her iphone.

  19. Sloane Wyatt says:

    @truthful: You have a point.

    LeAnn DOES have a voice; maybe she and Celine Dion could do a ‘pro ana’ concert tour and wear each others’ children’s clothes.

  20. DesertRose says:

    They’re overexposed in b&w so that it hides how bony she has become, although I must admit she looks great in them. I wonder how bad her behavior will get when RHOBH starts airing and Brandi gets press.

  21. dr.bombay says:

    agreed-“sad & delusional” sums it up!

  22. judyjudy says:

    ::yawn ::

  23. brin says:

    B&W also hides stretch marks.

  24. lasherola says:

    I don’t know if this chick got completely screwed up by fame but she hasn’t seemed “normal” since she was a teenager. The harder she tries the more bat shit she comes across. We get that YOU are proud of your body, but WE really couldn’t care less! Maybe try to cut a great song and we might care.

  25. Quest says:

    Mentally insecure to get professional shot to post on twitter. Serious famewhoring syndrome.

  26. guesty says:

    She looks good from behind @ least in that pic. Lol. That was my say something nice for the day.

  27. Roma says:

    I saw all of those pictures and all I thought was “instagram!” By far one of the best apple apps.

    LeAnn – meh.

  28. GoofPuff says:

    Hired a professional so they can fake the curves with lighting and photoshop. Too bad we already saw real pics and have those to compare.

  29. TL says:

    Nice but photograpgh your personality next time. Oh wait, you sort of did and you’re a vain, superficial and shallow person showing off your body.

  30. Pyewacket says:

    Has anyone alerted her to the fact she is suffering from a serious mental illness?

    Good grief, the porn actress I follow on Twitter (she is funny. Don’t judge!) tweets fewer photos of herself than this idiot.

    LeAnn just keeps making me dislike her more and more with her desperate need to try and be a raving beauty. Gain a pound or 10, bag over the head and STFU, and you MIGHT be likable. MIGHT!

  31. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Run-of-the-mill celebutard body dysmorphic disorder. Next!

  32. mary jones says:

    She is so fugly, doesn’t matter how skinny she is can’t help that unfortunate face.

  33. teehee says:

    “Professional”? Looks amatuer… hell even I can make a pic look like that.

  34. Tierra says:

    @Desert Rose (or anyone that knows)

    when does the RHOBH with Brandi start?

    Ive never watched the show but plan on
    just to see Brandi. Crazy LR will be tweeting pics of herself nonstop just for the attention….I cant wait! I’ll bet there will be a lot of SWFing her outfits too.
    LR’s mouth looks really odd in that first pic and Eddy looks like he’s had enough of her pics in the 2nd.

  35. irena NL says:


    it’s a camera phone and she’s looking at the photos she has taken. You act like she cheated or wronged you personally. Ease up!

  36. brin says:

    Tierra….last I heard it starts sometime in Oct.

  37. GeekChic says:

    @Kaiser, are you sure these are professional photos? Did she say somewhere she hired a photographer? Plenty of people have professional-grade cameras and Photoshop (myself included), so it’s entirely possible that a friend or family member (or even her jerk husband) took them. I would think if she hired someone to take the photos then they would have been done in a more professional setting. I could be wrong, of course, but as a photography geek I don’t think these look professionally done.

    Irrespective of who took the photos, though, she is definitely suffering from a mental illness (or three or four or five…). She used to be so low-key when she was married to her ex. I know that some psychiatric disorders tend to first overtly manifest when a person is in his or her twenties, so maybe that’s what happened with her. I really wish she would go away and get some help.

  38. jb says:

    wow, she’s getting desperate. ouch.

  39. dorothy says:

    Good lord…enough with tweeting bikini photos of yourself. It makes you look insecure and pathetic.

  40. Jana says:

    I used to love the person LeAnn was. It’s not the relationship with Eddie. It happens. It’s how she handles herself on twitter and her obsession with herself. She’s terribly immature.

  41. Isa says:

    It looks like she just edited the photos. There are super easy programs you can use like picnik and it’s online.

    Anyway, her boobs crack me up they’re soooo far apart! And she has the elbows of a 45 year old.

  42. Jezi says:

    @irena NL funny coming from you that I should ease up. Aren’t you the one who comments about me on every post that I comment on, even non-related LR posts? Why don’t you go find someone else to stalk! Um-ok now bye bye!

  43. EbonyShiksa says:

    Another day, another delusional photoshoot on Twitter to her dear, sweet Fans. Sorry, Le. No one is buying the farce.

  44. Rita says:

    Between tweeting (which doesn’t allow for much) LeAnn scours the internet hoping someone is talking about her and responds to whatever nonsense is being offered. This obsession is particularly acute when Brandi tweets. If Brandi tweets about her children liking milk and cookies, an hour later LeAnn announces that she bought a cow and a bag of Oreos.

  45. betty says:

    @irenaNL Get your idol some help seriously. She seems to be crying out for help. Normal people do not act this way. Why the need for all this attention if she was happy and blissful?

  46. why? says:

    Does anyone find it odd that LR “curve” photo is just LR copying the Hawaii photos of BG? That is just so creepy.
    I remember one site posting those photos of BG and commenting on how LR would look sickly if she did that pose. And sure enough, LR does the same pose, only she does it in black and white so she doesn’t look as sickly.

    LR is trying hard to sell herself as “hot” and “sexy” because she thinks that this will convince people that EC isn’t cheating on her or make people think that he wouldn’t want those “hot” and “sexy” women who work on the set of Playboy because he has such a “hot” and “sexy” wife. This just makes it even more obvious that EC is cheating on her. Why would she have to go through such lengths to prove that EC is so into her? He is her husband. What person is going to spend 24/7 posting twitpics of themselves in bikinis to prove that they are “hot” and thus that EC isn’t cheating?

    I wish the media would stop sugarcoating this and just point out the obvious. Leann and her obsession with bikini twitpics=she is trying to convince us that EC is being faithful (aka she is “sexy” and “hot” so EC won’t cheat on her).

    What I notice? That lately LR mega media blitz results in some site posting about how Playboy is being boycotted. Poor NBC/Playboy, perhaps they shouldn’t allow EC and LR personal life to overshadow the show. They are going to have to do something sooner or later. It’s not coincidence that each and every round of their attention seeking ends in a article about how Playboy Club is being boycotted.

  47. hateonit. says:

    she took the second one herself why would a professional photographer want another person in the background if you hired them to take pics of you?? she looks fine when yu cant see her face. i dont think she eats a lot but shes not all skin and bones. she just looks skinny. which is bad because she has football shoulders….and when you lose weight theyre more noticeable and make you look less feminine. its all so sad. she loves the attention. and i dont understand how she cant see how crazy she is…and her husband doesnt see it either? gimme a break. theyll be over soon and everyone will laugh especially me.

  48. TXCinderella says:

    Well now that she bought herself some knockers, she can buy herself some lips too, anything to distract from her horsey face.

  49. why? says:

    What is Leann promoting this week? Does she have some big concert or interview coming up?

    Don’t tell me that the staged daily photo-ops and the bikini twitpics are because LR thinks that she is a STAR just because she and EC were featured on an episode of the Kardashians?

  50. Messenger Of Truth says:

    I see that LeAnn’s fitness trainer is…Michael Jackson! (Rita?)

  51. EbonyShiksa says:

    And PLEASE Wewe, pick your poison. At first she claimed it was a “medical issue that was resolved” that made her lose all the weight. THEN, she said she just had a “fast metabolism” because as we all know, when you get closer to 30, your Basal Metabolic Rate just SKYROCKETS. And now her trainer is coming to her defense saying she works her ass out….when she has proclaimed she doesn’t “work out that much”.


  52. N.D. says:

    What is so wrong with posting pics on twitter? What do you think twitter is about? it’s to post your whereabouts and random thoughts and pics. Millions of other people do that, LeAnn’s isn’t any different from average twitter account. Don’t like to know all these minutae about her life, don’t follow her. It’s that simple.

  53. brin says:

    I think this twig is about ready to snap.

  54. Rita says:

    @Sloane Wyatt

    I’ll take the bait on your promotion of a Celine Dion and LeAnn tour (makes me ill to even put their names in the same sentence).

    Celine Dion is the greatest selling female artist of all time (Mariah’s a close second). Celine has sold more perfume than Rimes has all other stuff combined. Celine’s world tour sold out in 12 minutes…yes, that’s 12 minutes and she’s doing a 3 year multimillion dollar show with a 31 piece orchestra in Vegas. In addition, and most importantly, Celine has her own children and husband. Celine is a beautiful woman in every aspect of her life.

    On the other hand. LeAnn didn’t sellout her House of Blues concert in the middle of LA last week where the tickets went for $10.50. A few weeks ago, LeAnn gave a “benefit” concert where only 150 tickets were available to the general public….she didn’t sell out. Her concerts can’t support a five piece band so she sits on a stool next to a guy playing a guitar. LeAnn’s last 4 songs debuted at 95 on the country charts but were gone the following week. Her record company won’t release her music so LeAnn pays for her videos, production, and promotion. By my estimate, she’s lost some $200,000 on her last 4 songs and videos.

    Where as the world is Celine’s oyster, LeAnn exists in a bat-shit covered snowglobe. (Yeah, big fan of Celine. What Adel is to Kaiser, Celine is to me.)

  55. jen says:

    At least her hubby gets to look at hot chicks on set.

  56. Sassy says:

    The pics don’t look professional to me – especially the last shot of her on the towel. You can see someone else’s legs behind her – not a great backdrop for a professional photo! Regardless, she’s a douchecanoe.

  57. MeMyself says:

    I really think the cut of the bikini makes it look like her ass has more shape.

    Still, though, it looks better than mine.

  58. mauibound says:


  59. why? says:

    I just read that Leann is going to post a video of herself on her blog boxing to prove that she doesn’t have an eating disorder. What? How does that make any sense? She says she wants people to stop talking about how skinny she is, yet she continues to fuel the talk by posting photos and videos that support what we are saying.

    What is wrong with posting things on twitter? In Leann’s case, when what she posts on twitter doesn’t get the reaction she wants, she bombards the media with article after article(inspired by her tweets) telling people to mind their own business or to not judge her. She has to understand that the public isn’t going to respond to her staged photo-ops and twitpics the way that People mag and Dailymail does. They are being paid, so they are going to write what she tells them to.

    At this point the bikini twitpics/”I don
    t have an eating disorder because I tweet each and every thing that I had for lunch and dinner” tweets will stop when more and more of the media starts addressing the REAL issue. Which is that EC is cheating on LR. LR and EC spent how many days with this Liz person over the weekend and in the end, LR goes berserk and posts bikini twitpic after bikini twitpic as if she is in some competition with that woman for EC love and affection.

    If the titles produced by the media were: Are EC and LR having problems in their marriage, I wonder how long LR would continue posting these bikini twitpics?

  60. Kelly says:

    I’m not at all clear why this woman is relevant… why is she in the gossip columns and on magazine covers? I’m not even sure who she is or who her husband is.

    She also has a really white-trash face, sorry to say. That’s something no amount of styling (or even plastic surgery) can change.

  61. Sloane Wyatt says:

    @#55 Rita: Thanks for the schooling on your Celine Dion, your idol.:)

    Normally, I’m live and let live when it comes to body shapes. It’s just that anorexic bodies disturb me on a personal level…probably from knowing a few who were less than great human beings in their behavior towards other people.

    Super thin to the point of being very ill is the ‘beauty ideal’ that’s pushed on us day after day really turns me off! I have no problem with large or small shaped persons, but anas get me all judgey.

  62. Kim says:


  63. Patricia says:

    Implanted curves don’t count LeAnn.

    Hubby looks over it.

  64. Thea says:

    Can someone give this ape faced freak a job so she can stay off twitter? How about donating some plastic surgery to fix her refund gap and her face. I dont care how hot the bod looks (meh) the face would stop me. And her smug little attitude. Cant wait in about a year just to see how smug she is. How does he stand her?

  65. Thea says:

    It just came to me that she reminds me of Lindsay Lohan with all the attention seeking. Maybe they can hang out.

  66. brin says:

    Maybe the reason she takes all these pictures is to document this part of her life so that when Eddie moves on and she’s in the psych ward, she will have her scrapbook of memories.

  67. Lucy says:

    I think she should be more concerned about the leg coming out of her head. (second b/w photo)

  68. Jenn says:

    Those are absolutely professional photos, and someone did her hair and makeup, too. Maybe the photographer was trying to make it look random, just like we’re supposed to believe that paps follow this nobody all over the place. I feel no sympathy for EC- hope he’s as miserable as he looks- but what the hell is he thinking at this point? This anorexic cesspool of needs and narcissism is truly off her rocker.

  69. Esmeralda says:

    Still can’t get away from that face, or personality.

  70. SEF says:

    How can you make a big deal about your curves when you bought them at the doctor’s office?

  71. DSM-R says:

    Narcissistic personality disorder appears strong with this one….

  72. Ellie says:

    She is so unattractive. her nose drives me crazy! She seems so desperate.

  73. JennJenn says:

    That perfectly rounded booty on a bony frame with bolt-ons screams “Photoshop!”

  74. Camille says:

    The only curves she has are the ones she paid for.

  75. betty says:

    @N.D. Only you would think twitter is a personal diary.Only insecure people or fools post all their personal business on twitter.

  76. Lucy says:

    I officially like Lindsey Lohan more than LeAnn Rimes….and I can’t believe it….

  77. Twez says:

    How crazy is this bitch? I mean, we’re getting into personality disorder territory here.

  78. Dea says:

    I always say that she is naive for doing all this stuff, but I think she also feels liberating to do things that she never did while being married for quite a long time, with the very only one man she met at a very young age. Her behavior as a result was very conservative until she met her “prince”. Same things happened with Paltrow. From a very conservative woman she has changed completely to doing things that to many readers sound either pathetic, middle-life crisis, personality disorders, trying too much to be relevant, etc, etc. Maybe these weight-loss drugs are to blame also for their brain-loss 🙂
    I also have come to conclusion that Eddie does not give a damn that LeAnn tweets silly stuff almost every day as I think he likes the attention they get on the media. So as long as there is Twitter on the market, LeAnn will twit. Thank God there is a limitation to words you can twit.

  79. Mimi says:

    too bad she can’t change her ugly face or nasty personality. I can’t wait till he messes around on her…it will be great!

  80. @Roma – i agree; i think it’s instagram and it is a great app!

  81. Rita says:

    @Dea 79

    I hate to focus on your comments two days in a row, but do you know anything about LeAnn Rimes? The reason people thought she was a nice person is because Dean Sheremet straightened her out and made her go to church.

    Before being engaged to a slime ball for 3 years, LeAnn pursued and boned Bryan White in the back of his tour bus until he let her out at the next stop for her obsessive behavior. When the slime ball broke up with her after he cheated he said, “That chick has some real issues”. After that guy she did a three month stint with Tiger Woods…need I say more.

    LeAnn’s dad understood her career in country music was over if the Tiger Woods fling got out of hand so he encouraged Dean Sheremet to step up.

    Naive? She sued her father, record company, body guard, and put together a crew to make this Eddie thing happen before she even met the guy.

  82. Becky says:

    That’s pathetic. What a narcissist! I guess I’m getting old (almost 39) but I don’t get the need for people to tweet posed photos of themselves in a bikini. If it’s a group shot it’s one thing, but individual, posed bikini pics? It screams narcissism to me (sorry if I spelled it incorrectly!). When I was in college back in the early 1990’s there was a girl who had bikini pics of herself prominently displayed in her apartment and my friends and I thought it was really odd. It seems like now that sort of behavior is considered much more acceptable (people post scantily clad pics of themselves on FB, send nude pics of themselves, etc.). If you look good in a bikini-great! Go to the beach, pool, etc. and wear it with pride! Wear sexy lingerie for your partner and enjoy how good you look. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your appearance, I just don’t get the need to broadcast sexy photos to everyone who follows you on Twitter or to all of your FB friends.

  83. lucy2 says:

    I really think she needs a good psychiatrist.

  84. Dea says:

    Rita: LeAnn and Tiger went on a few dates and I have read about that story which is nothing in fact. It was not a relationship at all. Come on!! I do not want to sound as I am against your opinion (I respect everyone’s opinions here) but she was 20 at the time she went out with Tiger and I do not know your age but hasn’t it happen to you to date a guy for a couple of months only? It has happen to me many times. In fact Tiger was all over LeAnn but her dad did not want her to continue and she listened to her dad. Maybe daddy was a racist to begin with. Have you ever thought about that?? He claimed he did not want his daughter to go out with such a famous person, but who doesn’t like fame? I bet he did not want his southern daughter to date a black man. I really do not know nothing about this other guy as haven’t read much. I know that she was married for such a long time and Dean in fact was devastated as he really loved her. I bet he saw something good on her unless he was stupid or looking only after money.

    Anyways, do not hate yourself to write after my comment as I am totally open to constructive discussion. I may be among the few people who really enjoy different opinions as I learn from them and see things in a different perspective and be open minded.

  85. Charlotte says:

    What does she “do” exactly? I mean besides the incessant tweeting and pap opportunities? How does she make money anymore? If every person who got smeared in the press, on blogs, etc., for the way their body looked that’s all that would be on the Internet. Let it go LeAnn!!! If someone says they are worried because you look too thin, say “thank you for your concern” and move on. Good Christ – go work in a shelter or volunteer at a school for at risk kids with all that damn twitter time. That would be a great way to make Eddie’s ex look like a worse person than you…

  86. Tara says:

    @Pyewacket #31
    omg you made me lol! Leann Grimey is starting to scare me. It’s almost not funny anymore…

  87. brin says:

    @Charlotte….good post. Sadly that thought probably never crossed her mind, but even if it did, she would turn it into a photo op about her and ruin the good deed moment.

  88. Nikki Girl says:

    She is a complete freak. She’s embarrassingly insecure and desperate, and has absolutely no shame to be constantly posting pictures like this. She has flushed any trace of dignity down the toilet, along with her morals.

    And it doesn’t matter how much plastic surgery she gets, her face is still ugly and her personality is vile. And her boob job is awful anyways. Puke.

    On a side note, how entertaining is it going to be when Eddie cheats on her?

  89. Jade says:

    Ah, she will always be the little dumpy girl who sang terrible country songs. SO LAME, near Kardashian-annoyance levels.

  90. Lucy says:

    Gotta give Eddie C. some props for doing LR…cause when I look at that I think “not for all the money or attention in the world”…How high matenance do you think she must be…WOW

  91. Shelley says:

    Whether she’s eating too little and/or working out too much, I wish she’d face reality: her body fat percentage is too low. If she were an athlete and/or doesn’t care about how she looks, fine. I’m among the few, I guess, who think she can look pretty in a unique and interesting (meaning, not cookie-cutter-bland) way – but her face becomes angular and manly, almost skeletal, when her body fat is down like this. Honestly, she looks her best at least 20 lbs above this, when her hair is down, soft, and wavy, and her makeup also soft and minimal. So anyway, JMO, I think her being fit is great, I understand she used to be chubbier and is I guess terrified of that and of losing Eddie. She looked so good on that last ‘Shape’ cover, whether photoshopped or not,but this isn’t fit, this is starving, and the impact on her face is tremendous. My grandmom used to say someone looked ‘gaunt and drawn,’ ie, after a long illness had caused them to waste away, and this is that look. And please – I had breast implants too, OK? Taking a photo of your implants is *not* taking a photo of your ‘curves.’

  92. Jezi says:

    @Dea In order to know the “real” Leann you should google the court documents for when she sued her father. Her stepmother actually recorded a conversation where she said that she will get what she wants in court because all she will have to do is cry to the judge. She’s a manipulative person who wants what she wants and goes after what she wants with her money. She did it with Andrew Keegan and she did it with Eddie. I think Dean really did love her, probably the only man who ever did. For an understanding of who she is and what she’s about you can just take a look at Dean’s sister’s twitter page and see that Leann was not who she pretends to be.

  93. Dea says:

    Jezi: Actually good for her that she sued her father. I am not sure how much have you read about that story but he along with her previous manager really did steal millions from her. The case was settled. I work in legal industry for 15 years and I so well know that when a case gets settled there is always a guilt on the party being sued. If her dad settled do you think he was not guilty?? If someone sued you for stealing would you settle if you in fact did not steal?? I am sure not. Same happened with Kim Kardashian when she was sued by Brandi’s mother for using her credit card without permission. The case got settled for an undisclosed amount. Kardashians would never settle if they are not guilty like they did not settle about the recent suit on the credit card scam. They won that case in fact.
    But back to LeAnn. I think she is treated like a whore and her ex-husband like a gentleman. This man got engaged within months after divorce and this man made millions out of divorce settlement and this man started recently to trash LeAnne on things they did while married. I believe that people would do crazy things for money and especially in the US. If Dean really loved her he would not speak about his sex life with LeAnn during marriage.
    I am not a fan at all of what LeAnne is doing with tweets and stuff. But I think she is hated more than she deserves it in fact and it is only because of how she handled this new relationship and because she is a complete naive. If she did behave differently I think people would not be so harsh to her.

  94. skilo says:

    Leann is not naive, she’s nasty. She knows full well what she’s doing where Brandi is concerned.

  95. betty says:

    @Dea People don’t settle because they are guilty, a lot settle because they don’t want to got through a trial.Eddie sued a tab mag but their was no settlement he probably dropped the case. If Leann was treated as a whore that because that’s how she acted her ex conducted himself LIKE a gentlemen he didn’t shack up with his woman until his divorce was final unlike Leann. Dean does not owe Leann anything she showed no respect for him.She is only naive when it comes to letting men use her , Dean probably is the only man that loved her and she dogged him out.That’s where it stops out side of that she is a deceitful,conniving manipulating bitch.Not only that she has shown no respect for the mother of the children of that scumbag she married..So she is just getting what she gave.

  96. Dea says:

    Betty: it depends on the cases being settled. If one has done nothing wrong they will never settle but go through trial because they will win and get attorneys fees also. I really don’t want to write so much about LeAnn because she does not deserve my attention to begin with, but I write sometimes on posts about her because of the controversy she has created herself. Believe me, I do not like at all what she did. I never liked cheaters, being a woman or a man. I agree that her acts put her in the situation where she is. And again, I think because she is stupid and does not have a strong and polished character, however, I can not call her a whore in the meaning of a whore. She admitted that she wished things were done differently when she got involved with Eddie and it seems she regrets how things were done. We should give her that credit. Why not? How many famous people have done what she did? Too many. There are worse persons than her that have never gotten this kind of treatment in fact and again this is my belief. I am sure she will get her karma back. I believe in karma as I have seen through friends and family. So let these two deal with their sins.

  97. Baylor says:

    Anyone else finds it interesting that all of LeAnn’s “interests” reflect those of others in this saga?

    Dean- Professional chef. LeAnn never had any interst in cooking until well after the divorce. Just so happens that now she LOVES to cook.

    Sarah-Dean’s fiance- Professional photographer. All of a sudden, LeAnn has a passion for photography.

    Brandi- Former model and was really into all sorts of dancing. All of a sudden Leann has to photograph herself in bathing suits and whatnot constantly. Not to mention those dancing classes she was taking all of a sudden.

    Not a single original anything with this woman!

  98. betty says:

    @Dea Suing is easy recovery is hard but I respect your opinion.Leann has no regrets she stated she could not live with regrets and had no regrets how it turned out.That itself shows no sincerity.Its not just her past actions but also her current actions that cause people to dislike her,especially when it comes to Brandi children.She exceeds her boundaries ,as a woman you’d think she would respect that mother.She’s tried to takeover the role as their mother which is fruitless on her part because she is the one trying to compete and Brandi does not have to.Declaring love for them but using them for her self promotion.Its the children most are concerned about not the couple they are non factors.

  99. Marianne says:

    I am tired of these bikini shots. And seriously the fact that she needs to defend herself constantly says something. She needs to prove to us that she is fine. But you know, I would believe your fine if you didn’t feel the need to prove how healthy you are (via bikini pics) every 2 seconds.

  100. Laughternrain says:

    “I work in legal industry for 15 years and I so well know that when a case gets settled there is always a guilt on the party being sued.”

    That is the most naive and absolutely absurd thing I’ve ever seen posted on this site. Sorry, but you couldn’t make it any more obvious that you DON’T work in the legal industry. Or if you do, its as a coffeegirl. I honestly can’t believe you said that with a straight face. Legal 101 FAIL.

  101. Deutsch says:

    @Dea #94: LeAnn’s lawsuit WAS NOT “settled”, LeAnn LOST completely against all parties, dad, manager and Curb! Curb Records, and Curb Records ONLY, subsequently renegotiated their contract with LeAnn, because it included requirement for a gospel album, and with her bad Hollywood lifestyle she was pursuing, Curb felt it would lose money! CHECK COURT RECORDS, Use truthful facts – stop the lies!

  102. sapphire says:

    @Dea-I don’t believe you ever worked in the legal industry.If you’re not guilty, you go to trial, win and collect attorney’s fees? There are so many inaccuracies in that statement, I can’t spend the time to write Cliff Notes!
    Anyway, you are also wrong about the outcome of the legal actions. Check the docket sheets.

  103. Dea says:

    Wow you haters of LeAnn are really full of anger aren’t you?? My posts about LeAnn always are under moderation before they get published by CB. I write what I read and that is my opinion. To the one that wrote ” stop lies”. Can you prove my lies by actual real documents you have that prove the opposite? I say to you just stop accusations. Should I publish my JD to you guys?? Unbeliavable!! Get a life.

  104. Dea says:

    @celebitchy: you did not post yet my response to Laughternrain. Thanks!

  105. why? says:

    DEA sounds a lot like IRENA.

  106. why? says:

    Leann’s Single is ranked 60 on Country Billboard list, which is odd because once again her song is not ranked at all on Itunes. After 4-5 days on Itunes, it fell off the chart.

    Last Wednesday(this is the day that the NEW list for Billboards comes out), one of Leann’s “fans” showed up saying that her song was going to be on the Billboard list for this Wednesday(7/6/07). So we must ask, why were LR and her “fans” SO confident that her song was going to be on the Billboard list for this Wednesday? That would mean that LR has made some sort of deal with the radio stations to play her song and that she is buying spots on the lists. She was telling people that her song was going to be on the Billboard list a WEEK before it actually came out, mind you you the day that the NEW Billboard list had just came out.

    It’s very odd that we are seeing the same pattern once again with LR singles, her song is ranked on Billboards(which based on LR tweets is the result of the “parties” she throws for her radio friends), yet according to ITunes the song does very poorly.

  107. TennRain says:

    Is it true that Curb Records will drop her soon? Just wondering if it was true or rumor.

  108. sapphire says:

    Virtually every JD I know can distinguish between “guilty” (criminal action) and liable (civil action). Virtually every JD I know knows how to use PACER and the docket system. Virtually every JD I know is aware that a denial of liability is contained in every release for settlement. I can keep going…

    I’m not a Leann hater. I just don’t agree with her actions. And I really dislike fakes.

  109. why? says:

    Leann and Eddie have papped themselves out EVERYDAY of the week since last Friday. We know that they are tipping off the paps, even big Alisters are not spotted 7 days in a row or 2-3 times in one day. LR and EC are not very bright and they still haven’t learned that their staged photo-ops are so obvious just because they go overboard. No one likes EC and LR and the media outlets that are posting these staged photo-ops are LR and EC mouhtpieces(ie-Dailymail, People mag, In Touch, etc…)

    What exactly are EC and LR promoting that it requires them to stage a photo-op everyday of the week? LR and EC must think that their appearance on the Kardashains this Sunday has made them STARS.

    I wonder how NBC/Playboy Club is going to try to spin the fallout from EC and LR constant attention seeking. With as much as LR has papped herself out this week, her song should be ranked in the top 20 on Itunes.

  110. Baylor says:

    Brandi has gone to the animal shelter with the boys and they rescued a dog. Wonder if LeAnn will now do the same thing with the boys. I know she already has several dogs at home, but none of them “belong to the boys.” Lets watch and see.

  111. skilo says:

    Leann has herself papped at the beach on Wednesday in a pink bikini similar to one some site posted that Brandi wore on Monday. Leann goes to the beach in makeup and wearing her big ugly ring, a lot of gold bracelets, and those big chandelier earrings. The only reason you’d go to the beach in all that would be to have your picture taken. Leann is never gets the water, so she is just going to have her pic taken or to stalk EC who actually, surfs or paddle boards, and has been photoed in the water!

  112. Ash says:

    Not even a butterface

  113. why? says:

    EC and LR are getting creepier by the minute. LR has staged a photo-op with EC and her friends at Red O. They have papped themselves out everyday since Friday of last week. I get the feeling that they are trying to upstage the CA trial by staging these back to back photo-ops. I also get the feeling that perhaps that maybe all of this overexposure is because they are gearing up for a reality tv show.

    Why are EC and LR date night staged photo-ops with their “friends” odd?

    1) Once again she SWF BG. BG was spotted at Red O a while back, and how odd that LR and EC are spotted at this same restaurant.

    2) LR really is reading what people are writing about her and EC. Many people pointed out how LR doesn’t have friends and the next thing you know she tries to fix it by staging photo-ops with her friend L (which some are saying was BG friend) and making tweets after tweet about this woman as if this will convince people that she has friends.

    Secondly many people pointed out that we hardly ever see EC and LR out with EC friends and how that they are so disliked that other couples and EC friends don’t want to be bothered with them. So how does LR fix this? For the second time she sets up photos of her and EC dining out with his friends(which are probably really EC mistresses) and she made sure to include tweets about it.

  114. why? says:

    EC and LR are on a major mega media blitz. They are staging a photo-op EVERDAY now and it doesn’t show any signs that they are going to stop. They have been at this since July 1. It only makes them look worse because no one is HW is spotted EVERDAY over a course of 2 weeks.

    Are they gearing up for a reality tv show or something because they are going overboard with these back to back staged daily photo-ops.