George Clooney dumped Elisabetta when he finally realized she’s a famewhore


You know what surprises me in the wake of the George Clooney-Elisabetta Canalis split? First, I’m surprised that other people are surprised. Did you really think it was going to last? Granted, it lasted longer than I expected, but still. Secondly, I’m surprised by how much information is coming out from Team Clooney. I expected Elisabetta and her people to talk – even if some of the Team Canalis people are careful not to alienate Clooney, like the Italian dude yesterday, who came out to defend Clooney’s virile heterosexuality (and the “golden gagging clause”). But Clooney usually doesn’t have to release information about his breakups and exes. He just dumps ‘em, and the world realigns and everybody is happy. But for some reason, there have been some Team Clooney pieces in the American press, like the piece about Elisabetta “driving Clooney nuts” and how they had separate lives. Now comes another hit piece – and I think this one is right on the money. Clooney dumped Eli because she’s a famewhore. Sounds about right.

Fame monster? A source says George Clooney broke it off with girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis in June because he was sick of her spotlight-seeking.

“On vacations, she’d spend forever in her room, primping in her bikini, then go strolling on the beach for photographers to snap pictures of her,” the insider tells Hot Stuff. “She was obsessed with the attention she got.”

A second source concurs that the notoriously private actor, 50, “lost interest when she showed her true colors.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

Um, he “lost interest when she showed her true colors”??? She showed her true famewhore colors when she was two seconds into the relationship! For the better part of two years, she’s been organizing photo ops and taking any job that will put her in front of camera. While I think that Clooney might have dumped Elisabetta partially for her famewhore ways, let’s not pretend that it happened suddenly.

And now, suddenly, I feel kind of bad for Eli. She’s not very bright, she likes having her picture taken, she’s a famewhore and a hustler, and Clooney is worried enough about what she might say that he and his team are releasing information about their breakup. I hope Eli speaks up in her defense soon. Or maybe not – she’s already on a yacht, flashing her surprisingly larger boobs at an ex-boyfriend. Hm… well played, Eli.

(PS… didn’t Sarah Larsen get a boob job as a parting gift too? Well played, Clooney.)





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  1. carrie says:

    he was with her because she was a famewhore and now their agreement is finished

  2. NeNe says:

    Big surprise. She’s a fame-wh*re. I think she was a little to manly looking for him. George is still a babe.

  3. gg says:

    Well hello Eli, duh, this happens every time. These chicks just can’t resist, can they?

  4. mia girl says:

    I think you need to correct headline to read “George Clooney dumped Elisabetta when he finally realized she’s a MAN”

  5. Rita says:

    It could very well be that Eli dumped the Cloon and she’s letting him vent his pain to heal a broke heart….how’s that for thinking outside the box?

  6. Jana says:

    Dream on, Rita. That girl was hanging on to him for dear life. And when women dump George, he really does it by his passive agressive behavior eventually forcing them to break it off. He disappears on location for a movie and uses work more and more as an excuse not to be around.

  7. Kaboom says:

    Well that would make George an idiot. What does he expect when a highly recognizable celebrity starts going out with a (outside Italy) nobody? The alternative is to either only date celebs or to make the girls wear a burqa.

  8. Aqua says:

    Excuse me but isn’t George part of the fame wh*re problem by setting these women up or agreeing to acting jobs, interview pieces and what not.

    These brake-up release statements don’t make Mr.Clooney look any better either.He needs to be a gentleman and shut the h*ll up.

  9. You don't say says:

    I am sure that George wishes that she had gone quietly like the last one. He never gets this much ink. George’s publicist must be working overtime, as is hers. I am now convinced that all the “he is gay” talk is coming from Canalis and her group to make George look really bad after dumping her. Guess he did not pay her enough or get her more magazine covers like the last one. She was actually on the Most Beautiful People list from People magazine. She does like the spotlight though and that is supposed to be only for George, not his arm candy. But George has always been clear about not wanting anything permanent–marriage or children, so to expect otherwise is foolish.

    This might actually get interesting.

  10. WhiteNoise says:

    Ugh. She may have been a famewhore but he was happy to famewhore on the red carpets and elsewhere with her over the last 2 years. And she may also have run at the mouth a bit but when has she ever said anything bad or uncomplimentary about him? And yet here he is, getting his friends to dish the dirt to the tabloids? How cheap. This is making me actively dislike him.

  11. skuddles says:

    Headline should read “Clooney dumped her when he realized she was a whore” period.

  12. brin says:

    Why is he talking about it and keeping the story going? Maybe he should give himself a golden gagging clause.

  13. mln76 says:

    It just lends more to the contract theory. Basically he was gritting his teeth the whole time but stuck until the relationship ‘expired’ and Canalis is smart enough to get as much attention on her way out as she did on her way in. She won’t end up waiting tables like Sarah Larson.

  14. Meanchick says:

    Who cares? Clooney has already stated that he will not marry again. While I think he might, YEARS from now, like just before he croaks, the women in (and out) of his life need to process that and enjoy it for however long it lasts.

  15. Rita says:


    I think he might, YEARS from now

    Warren Beatty a’deux.

  16. Nikki Girl says:

    Good God she looks like a tranny. That’s the only thought I have about this story.

  17. Blue says:

    @ skuddles that made me LOL. She seriously looks like a dude. Yikes

  18. ZenB!tch says:

    I like her in the red – ladyboy or not but the black looks like she took a long dress and pinned it up.

  19. Thea says:

    Im sticking to the that chick is a man baby. Look at those hands and knuckles.

  20. Brittney says:

    She actually looks pretty in most of these pictures… either you stopped trying to find the worst angles of her, or you tried really hard to find ones that aren’t bad. The first pic is especially beautiful.

  21. Roma says:

    Well at least he leaves them with a lovely thing to remember him by. Because Kaiser’s right, those are new boobies.

  22. sent says:

    Why is his pr team working overtime to explain what nobody is asking for?
    Right now she’s already on someone else’s superboat floating around Positano. And the guy is younger and toned.
    Maybe this is the problem, here. They should have agreed an appropriate compensation to have her visibly sad and brokenhearted playing the widow role for a reasonable time, let’s say a couple of months. Instead, he has now to dismiss the gay rumors. Tsk, tsk, bad move, George.
    I bet he will remember to put this clause in the next contract.

  23. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Give it up George, and go gay already.

    IMO, Clooney should play the lead in the “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” campaign!

  24. Cherry says:

    @8. Good point. This problem wouldn’t exist if george would go out with ladies that have a life/career/actual JOB of their own. He just happens to love famewhoring trashy types. He’s made his bed-so to speak, and now he has to lay in it. But yes, it would look better now if he just kept his piehole shut. Eli is hardly worth the drama anyway.

    @22. ‘Right now she’s already on someone else’s superboat floating around Positano. And the guy is younger and toned.’
    Are you serious?? You think he’d be JEALOUS? He’s GEORGE FRIGGIN CLOONEY.
    Apart from that- sure she’s on someone else’s superboat. She’s Eli Canalis. That’s her job, being on boats, wearing a bikini. She can hardly be expected to put it away, now that she needs to show off her hot ass in order to scout a new rich&famous lover STAT.

  25. Sloane Wyatt says:

    @#10 whitenoise: I agree he’s a creep for blasting Eli, a perfectly good employee who did her job well!

  26. Tara says:

    What a boo-tay. I’m jealous (pretends to log off and head to the gym)

  27. Lauralee says:

    So what if she parades on a bikini all day long? He doesn’t want kids nor to be married and she decides to ride the perks of dating a celebrity. Does that mean she should be locked in her room while in Cabo? Sure she opened her mouth by saying she wants the whole family thing. I think she thoughts she got him in her hands and she thought also that she will be more in demand and she forgot that the reason she had “more booking” is due to her when really it’s only because she was dating the Clooney. She’s a famewhore but it’s not like Georgy didn’t know what he was into. He will never change so for him it’s not that of a big deal to split with the girl
    Of the moment since I guess he doesn’t plan a forever-life-with-you thing. And she does look like the brunette version of the blond Arquette transgender.

  28. sent says:

    Did I say jealous?
    But for sure her being already moving on is hard to explain. Why isn’t she desperate after George Friggin Clooney dumped her?

  29. the original bellaluna says:

    Maybe he saw her horrible “acting” on Leverage?

  30. J says:

    I still think Charlie Sheen and her would be a great couple ….. I hope she hangs on to her fame . She is definitely the gal we all love to hate . Clooney is milking this for all he can . All he has to do is have his PR guy let out these story’s about her and he dos’nt even have to pose for a single photo .

  31. jennifer says:

    Forget the boob job, if he really wanted to give her a good parting gift, he should have paid to have that horrid tattoo lasered off.

  32. Camille says:

    I will never understand why people think GC is some amazing prize and that he deserves some pure and innocent virginal woman or something. 🙄

    It seems to me to be quite obvious that his type of woman is obviously very different than what people expect of him. So why do people hold him to some high standard? After all, its none of anyone’s business who he dates/bangs/whatever. *shrugs*

    I will never, ever understand GC’s appeal. At all.

    His ‘relationships’ certainly seem to come off as ‘contractual agreements’ to me. Something is fishy there.

  33. Jana says:

    I don’t believe George is saying a word. He could care less what the public thinks about the demise of his latest relationship. He never even talked about her when he was dating her.

    I read in People magazine someone who knows him talked about how politically astute he was and extremely intelligent and he never dates his match in that way and they aren’t challenging. So, naturally, since he prefers these young, lithe brunettes (except Celine), with D entertainment careers (except Celine), he is into the physical attraction and someone who can fit into his life, and then when he’s bored, it’s over. Interesting, a man so intelligent and a humanitarian and great director and actor always gravitates to such women. But I guess it’s just that, he is a womanizer and they don’t challenge him, and he’s so busy that’s all he wants. A hot body for sex and great arm candy.

  34. olaf says:

    Famewhore vs. Famewhore

  35. Truthful says:

    wow, what big man hands you have grandma!!!

    good riddance to this dude!

  36. Madison says:

    I don’t blame Elisabetta for being a “famewhore” Geoge was using her for 2 years so why not use his fame and access and to the media.

  37. Jaana says:

    I always question George Clooneys sexuality. what is he doing in between not having a highly publicized relationship?

  38. LucyOriginal says:

    @Kaiser: She maybe be smiling, posing for pics with her new (ex) boyfriend, but her face seems a bit harsh, doesn’t it? (or does her face look naturally like that?) and she is back to smoking… emotional distress? Nah! I am glad she found someone who doesn’t mind to famewh*re with her, :). The only thing is she makes her mother looks silly for saying her daughter was down in the dumps…

    @Cherry: “That’s her job, being on boats, wearing a bikini. She can hardly be expected to put it away, now that she needs to show off her hot ass in order to scout a new rich&famous lover STAT.” You described her job really well. She was known in the soccer world to be a soccer serial dater and this is not a good compliment.

    @Aqua: As far as I know, George did not say anything about any of his girlfriends, not even when he was dating them. On the contrary, there is an interview released on July 4th he stated he understood that at one point his girlfriend will want more from he relationship and he also said he went through therapy after his divorce, etc.

    @Camille: I understand you don’t see the appeal in him, I wish people understood when I say I don’t see the appeal in Brad Pitt…

    @You don’t say: I guess he did not pay her enough because after they released the split her PR said when Eli was ready she would face the press…hahaha… I wonder what makes her so important to face the press,what a moron!

    @Madison: she got many opportunities as the girlfriend of… so spare me the time by saying he used her…he opened many doors to her and she didn’t bother keeping them because she doesn’t have any artistic talent other than posing wearing a bikini or no clothes + her smout face and arrogance don’t help either.

  39. Firecracker says:

    I love the saying “for every hot woman, there’s a man somewhere that’s sick of her crap”. Maybe that fits here.

  40. Snowbunny says:

    @Firecracker, well said and probably true!

  41. Callumna says:

    For every man who tells that joke about hot women to keep from crying in his beer, is a sad louse who lost a good woman and regrets it but decides to get nasty.

    AKA “sour grapes.”

    (But how’d this dumped not so swift girl get in that discussion? She’s not the big catch in this story).

  42. Aqua says:

    @Lucy Original- My issue is more that he is “supposedly tired of her famewh*ring”.He is somewhat responsible for putting her more in the spotlight by getting her an acting job that she otherwise would not of had or indirectly by Ely getting more print/ T.V. interviews simply because everyone wants to know about their relationship.As far as I concerned He’s not entirely off the hook here if he didn’t like what she was doing/saying.Maybe he needs to make sure that the “Gag order” is more securely in place,as in “absolutely no interviews with anyone or if you do, no talking about us.AS far a the “Break-up release statement” goes they are simply overrated no matter who’s “camp” it comes from.

  43. april says:

    olaf: I agree with you – Famewhore vs. Famewhore. Both are culpable for their break up.

  44. Cherry says:

    @28. I seriously doubt she’s all over it and already moving on. I mean, yeah, from an emotional point of view, okay. I’m sure she knew that she wouldn’t be with george for the rest of her life- even she can’t be that dumb. But missing out on all the award shows? The red carpets where everyone suddenly wanted to take her picture? The paps who suddenly cared so much about her? She is seriously going to miss those.

  45. normades says:


    She came to fame in her native country by flashing her T&A in the Velina contest. All those chicks are skanky and none too smart. The rumor in Italy is that he literally saw her on TV and was like “that one”.

    He was only interested in having an attractive escort from the beginning. It wasn’t like he was EVER interested in her brains or personality.

    This is what you get George. I hope she makes a big stink. haha.

  46. Cherry says:

    @normades EXACTLY.

  47. now says:

    This whole story makes me think he isn’t any better than her, as a person. Richer or more famous and successful than her, for sure.
    Not smarter, or classier or more educated than her, thou.
    I dislike them both.

  48. GG says:

    I thought he started dating her BECAUSE he realized she was a famewhore. Same thing with the Sarah girl. These women are so desperate for fame, they’ll take any amount of crap from George to get it.

  49. Esmeralda says:

    Let’s admit it, ALL celebs are fame whores or else they wouldn’t be in the business seeking out attention.

  50. Chickie Baby says:

    Well, if he would quit going after wanna-be actresses that are younger than him, he wouldn’t have these problems, now, would he?

    Cloon-dog, go with someone who has a non-industry-related career (modeling is included in that) and her own private life, and you might find someone perfect for you! Geez, men. Just can’t figure anything out without an explanation.

  51. LOLA says:

    Chickie Baby,
    1) He chooses D list industry types and models ONLY because of their looks.
    2) If he happens upon someone that he’s physically attracted to that is non entertainment industry (i.e., Sarah Larson) he will make an exception.
    3) Personality/intelligence doesn’t appear to be a factor.
    4) He wants women who can, and are willing, to abandon their life and cater to him and his life. You see this time & again. He doesn’t want anyone with a career or their own private life ’cause then the focus wouldn’t be on him.

    I don’t think you need to explain to him what’s “perfect” for him – he’s not interested in a long-term relationship or marriage. Good looking, brainless women is what is perfect for him for his shallow, short-term goals.

  52. april says:

    LOLA – you’re right he has “shallow short-term goals.” It will be interesting to see who his next conquest is.

  53. WhiteNoise says:

    @LOLA – agree. Which does make me wonder what women find attractive about him and why anyone might think that he is interested in anyone with a brain? Or more to the point, why any woman with a brain and a life of her own might be interested in him?

  54. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Prince Albert could learn a thing or two from the cloonster.