George Clooney’s Italian BFF says Clooney isn’t gay, doesn’t fake-date


Yet another interview from another “insider” to the George Clooney/Elisabetta Canalis romance. This time, it’s not someone on Team Canalis speaking it – the guy who is talking is named Manuele Malenotti, and apparently he’s “friends” with boy Eli and George. In fact, he takes credit for introducing them, which… I don’t know, it sort of sounds like he makes a lot of “introductions” for his older male friends who want the companionship of younger ladies. Anyway, this dude says definitively that Clooney isn’t gay, he just doesn’t want to be married or have kids, and he expects the girls he’s with to be cool with that.

Newly single George Clooney’s best friend in Italy has confirmed that he split from his girlfriend because the actor did not want to get married and have children. Manuele Malenotti, who introduced Clooney, 50, to model and actress Elisabetta Canalis, 32, at a dinner two years ago confirmed suggestions that had been swirling Hollywood since the couple split last month. Malenotti, who owns bike gear firm Belstaff, also dismissed rumours that Clooney was gay and that the relationship with Elisabetta was all just a publicity stunt.

Speaking to the latest edition of glossy Italian weekly Chi he said: ‘I have known George for ten years. Of all the actors I know in Hollywood he is the one I see the most and we have done lots of charity work together. I know about their relationship because I was the one who got them together. George wanted to meet Elisabetta and he asked me to make the introductions. I did as he asked but inside I always knew that it wouldn’t last – to be honest I was expecting it.’

‘You will have to ask them for all the specific reasons. All I can say is that George, when it comes to love, has decided that he is not going to get married again and he is not going to have any children and he won’t change his mind. Big stars like George need people by their side to help them and they are always under immense pressure. For a partner it’s never easy because everybody has their own requirements. To suggest it was a publicity stunt is a lie. I introduced them, I saw them together and I can say that their love story was very intense. In two years they shared numerous moments. He opened the doors of his life to her, introducing her to his friends and family. I totally exclude that it was all made up.’

‘I can also tell you that I have known George for ten years, I have spent a lot of time with him and a lot of women have passed through his life. You never know in life, and men are having an identity crisis but I can tell you George is not gay.’

The couple are said to have had a furious row at his lakeside home Villa Oleandra at Laglio near Como in Italy following an interview she gave last month which suggested marriage could be on the cards.

Addressing Clooney’s reputation as an eternal bachelor, she said: ‘I could never be with someone who every time he opens his mouth says he doesn’t want a child with me or to marry me.’

Elisabetta had also been unhappy at the fact that she had been on holiday to Mexico on her own recently as well as attending the Cannes film festival and her best friend’s wedding without him.

Elisabetta is believed to be spending time with her friends and family in her home island of Sardinia and has yet to speak publicly about the split with Italian reports suggesting she has signed a golden gagging clause.

[From The Mail]

OMG, “Golden Gagging clause” – yes, that sounds right up Clooney’s kinky alley, doesn’t it? Golden Gagging clauses, strippers, escorts, soft-core porn stars, Berlusconi’s bunga-bunga parties, chicks with Adam’s apples, and… LOVE. I honestly think Clooney’s friend has it right – I’ll have fun with Clooney and the gay rumors, but at the end of the day, I do think Clooney is just a (mostly) heterosexual dude who likes really trashy, budget women, and he doesn’t want to ever settle down. I don’t think it’s an “identity crisis” either – Clooney has always been like this. It’s just that as more time goes by, people are starting to notice that he has pretty awful taste in ladies, and that he NEVER goes for the “nice girls”.




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  1. brin says:

    Ugh….the gay rumors sound better! Hope he gets tested after every trashy hook up.

  2. Bitchbelying says:

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Whatever. He’s really not that good looking, I don’t get the fuss.

  3. ladybert62 says:

    Sorry dont buy it – I still think that female is a tranny male and I think clooney is at the very least bi-sexual.

  4. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Whatever Gorgeous George is up to, gay or not, he DOES keep his women signing the Golden Gagging Clause!

    George Clooney is keeping ex-girlfriend Celine Balitran in the manner to which she’s become accustomed – giving her cash, a house and a lawyer to make sure she stays in the country. The sexy One Fine Day (1996) star says when he split up with French schoolteacher Balitran after three years, he went out of his way to make sure she was still able to maintain her luxurious LA lifestyle. He says, “She pulled up roots and came here for me. So I felt it became something of my responsibility to make sure that even though we’re not still together, her life is not bad because of that. So I made sure that she had a great place to live. And I made sure that she had cash. And still talk to her and make sure that she has a lawyer who will help her with her visa.” Clooney adds that, even though the relationship had ended, he instinctively wanted to help Balitran – because he’d feel too guilty if he didn’t. He says, “Quite honestly, I don’t want to be sitting in the lap of luxury and hear, ‘Well, Celine had to go back to Paris because of the lawyers, or because her visa kicked out or she didn’t have any money.’ I’m actually a much better ex-boyfriend than I am a boyfriend.”

  5. knowitall says:

    Yep, because his friend would confirm he’s gay. /sarcasm

  6. Thea says:

    Yeah. Right. And when he.she Eli comes out with the truth about her gender, maybe I will believe her/him.

  7. Jane says:

    I never thought he was gay. Just because he isn’t married doesn’t mean anything other than he is not capable of a building a lasting relationship with anyone that includes commitment and giving of himself other than on a temporary basis. He is a rich, handsome celebrity who is not willing to give up his freedom and he is too spoiled to want to stick with one woman through thick and thin.

  8. You don't say says:

    I like George, but I hate when someone feels they have to deny rumors. His PR people are very similar to Anniston’s as they always have to say something about what is hot on the web or in tabloids, no matter how silly or mundane, which means they must read the junk, which is a waste of time. It is better to be like Pitt/Jolie and just ignore it. This type of story just brings attention to it, and raises eyebrows about the need to deny it, which I don’t think was what they intended.

  9. kwoww says:

    so he learned from past failures and decided not to get married again. He’s out doing what guys til they get bored and something better comes along. at least he’s not leaving a trail of children in his wake. everyones too quick to jump to the “HES GAY” theory.

  10. J says:

    I feel sorry for him . He will probably die alone . I can see him as an old man without a career going from one whore to the next sporting bad plastic surgery . How pathetic and sad . I don’t think he’s gay or bi . I think he’s messed up . One day he’ll be kicked to the curb like the rest of the old guys . He will wish he had someone who loved him .

  11. Runs with Scissors says:

    god, Brad Pitt made some inane joke on Letterman (I think, Ocean’s 13 era?) about George being gay and it stuck.

    If he really was gay, do you think Pitt would make a joke about it on national tv?

    And now, since he doesn’t want to get married (again) everyone ran with the joke as the TRUTH.

    It’s like the new go-to “attack” on celebrities, if someone doesn’t act the way society wants them to act, they’re called gay (as if it’s some enormous put down). It’s kind of stupid actually.

  12. MMF says:

    He can call me up, i can be real trashy if I have too.

  13. observer says:

    “Chi” is a horrible, dishonest tabloid in Italy. If you can believe it, the Italian tabloids are even worse than the British tabloids, and “Chi” is the worst of the Italian tabloids. They published false stories numerous times throughout George’s publicity contract with skanknalis. “Chi” had said they were going to get married the past two summers and the past two Decembers, among the many lies they’ve published about the fauxmance. All they care about is selling their tabloid rag. Also, George ended his friendship with Manuele Malenotti over a year ago. Gee, wonder why? Maybe it’s because he does crap like this.

  14. cindigirl says:

    Here we go again, the old “not married, must be gay” theory. What does being married have to do with being gay? There are tons of married men who are gay and hide it.

    What, does he have to get married just to dispel gay rumors? Ridiculous.

  15. lrm says:

    No, I believe there were photos of him at hardcore ‘leather’ gay bars in australia and maybe other places? I think there has been more than just rumors….but this was awhile ago-so i dont remember details….nor do i care enough to research it.

    but i do believe these pics were what started the on-going rumor, and his ‘lifestyle’ just added fuel.

  16. Jana says:

    A lot of people don’t get married, Goldie and Kurt, Susan Sarandon and her ex, but the relationships last for years and years. There’s plenty of women that would live with George without the paper or children, if it was a committed relationship. The problem is he doesn’t even want that at this point in his life. He seems to fall in love hard and fall out of love in two years just as easily. Someday he will settle down. Physically I think Elisabetta was his type, but her mouth would wear on him after a while. Her stupid comments in the press when he’s a private guy are a no-no, and her practically bragging that they would be married with kids one day – without outright saying it in the interview. She thought she had him and was arrogant. Guess again. The next one needs to be a little smarter.

  17. Truthful says:

    yeah, OK–winkwink.

    I saw a video of GC in Italy w/a group of very attractive fem men–all gorgeous.

    well they were following behind him, acting like they weren’t with him, and then tey showed them leaving and they were in a small pack and slowly disbursed once TMZ zoomed in. He reminds me so much of Rock Hudson, all the way down to his lifestyle, low key.

    I wish they’d stop talking about this, it just makes it more obvious.

    no one cares, he can live his life but I am very happy he got rid of Liz, LOL.

    she/he was annoying and self assuming.
    lord those pics of her looks like a man, geez.

  18. Jana says:

    J:, think again. He is not only an actor, but a director. He will have longevity in his career. He isn’t the type to have no lines on his face, so forget about bad plastic surgery. He always has someone on his arm, so I doubt he will die alone. Plenty of people die and the children they raised and/or their spouse aren’t even there for them during their illness or maybe there’s no love anymore with the spouse so they feel alone anyway.

  19. really says:

    he is sooooooooooo gay! rock hudson reincarnate!

  20. LucyOriginal says:

    @truthfull: where’s the video?

    @lrm: I don’t know in Australia, but in my country when artists do not want to be followed by paps they do go to these bars, not because of being gay. But they know they will have privacy… It seems homossexuals do respect others more than heterossexuals…

  21. LucyOriginal says:

    I guess in American schools the behavior we have in this thread would be called bullying, right? What do you call this behavior when it’s displayed by grown ups?

  22. katnip says:


    I swear.. I laughed so hard at your comment..

    Seriously. Just before I read it, I was thinking about that Country song (I like my women a little on the trashy side)

    I don’t think George is gay.. but he does have a guy crush on Brad (hehehe)..

    George likes arm candy. Like it light and easy. Likes to have fun and keep it clean. Eli forgot that she was not the STAR in the relationship. She was the arm Candy. When these things end the STAR continues to shine.. the arm candy get a little attention then fades away.

    Eli is fading… fading…fadi..fad…fa.f

  23. Marytere says:

    I just don’t get the appeal of this man.

  24. nop says:

    You now what?
    I’ve heard this Malenotti is a closeted gay, too.
    And looking at his interview, the way he talks and walks and moves his hands, well, I can believe it.
    This could explain why he is so desperate to convince us that his Bfriend George is not gay.
    Malenotti explains that George did see Elisabetta advs and asked him to arrange a dinner with her. Doesn’t it sound a business meeting more than a love affair?

  25. Blue says:

    I don’t think he’s gay. I think he’s looking for girls to have a good time with and doesn’t really take them seriously. He doesn’t seem to want to have a long term commitment to anyone. If you’re a commitment-phobe, you don’t want to meet a nice guy/ girl because you’re afraid you may fall hard for them. George is a determined bachelor and doesn’t want a nice girl who might change his mind about his choice to remain forever single and child less.

  26. k says:

    The only reason I don’t think he’s gay is because he’s a very confident, outspoken person who goes out of his way to support various causes. He can pretty much say/do whatever he wants; no one seems to mind. There are so many rumors about his sexual preference, and yet he is still A list. So, he knows that (if he were gay), he wouldn’t really lose anything career/reputation – wise by coming out.

    He just seems like an eternal bachelor, and had to dump Eli once she was so vocal about her marital plans.

    my 2 cents.

  27. Aqua says:

    Since when did George Clooney start needing help being introduced to women?

  28. Betsy says:

    I WISH that George liked boys.

    But sadly, I think Kaiser is correct. I see nothing wrong with being gay and everything wrong with being a misogynist pig. And Clooney oinks with the worst of them.

    The last time George looked really happy was with Celine back in the late 90′s. Of course he mucked it up by heating on her. I think she is married now so good for her for getting away from the Cloondog.

  29. nnn says:

    I don’t think Georges always go for the trashy types. His ex wife wasn’t trashy. Celine Balitran, his french ex girlfriend wasn’t either.

    I still beleieve that Clooney has been traumatized by his only marriage.

    I also beleieve that someone who is sensitive to causes like Darfur, who is melting to Sandra’s liitle son, Louis isn’t really against children.

    He just love to stay with no string attached and is pathologically attached to the idea of staying single, hence dumping every woman when they became to focused on a greater commitment.

    But i am sure that if a woman ever get pregnant by him, he won’t ignore his child.

  30. TG says:

    I would like to believe that he is one of the only, if not only, celebrity who is smart enough not to get married and leave kids trailing in his wake (thanks to @kwoww for that part) when the relationship reaches its inevitable end. We are always criticizing the Jude Laws, etc. and wishing they would not get married if they can’t stay faithful and wishing they would use protection so why can’t Clooney be that one intelligent male out there.

  31. blue says:

    @nnn I’m so glad you mentioned that. George probably got snipped. Because you know bitches would totally “accidently” get preggo by him. He’s no fool and not taking any chances. Bitches be crazy.

  32. Jana says:

    Trashy girls? Lisa Snowden wasn’t trashy. Celine wasn’t trashy. He was rumoured to have an affair with Renee Zelwieger quietly. But he does date women that can fit into his life, not someone who is really busy with their own life.

  33. ADS says:

    His whole career is based on him being this eligible bachelor and a fantasy figure to women. No wonder the poor bloke won’t come out. Far too much to lose.

  34. mln76 says:

    I don’t necessarily think he’s gay but I do think his girlfriends are high end prostitutes. Canalis was named in a prostitution scandal just last summer.

  35. ADS says:

    @ blue no’33. As if George is actually have sex with these women. Lol.

  36. Violet says:

    He probably doesn’t date “nice” girls because they’re usually interested in getting married and having kids, and he’s not.

    I don’t why some people think he’s gay. Is it because they think that’s only possible reason someone might not want marriage and children? Or is it just wishful thinking on the part of the gay male population?

  37. observer says:

    I want to add that George is most definitely NOT gay. He did the publicity contract because he prefers to keep his business life and his private life separate.

  38. Camille says:

    Yeah this interview by Georges BFF wasn’t necessary. Now it just looks like old Georgey-boy is doing the dance of ‘He doth protest too much’. ;)

    Either way whether he is gay or just a complete commitmentphobe, I’m not a Clooney fan (I don’t find him and his old man body and thin lipped face at all attractive), so I have no horse in this race.
    I will miss Canalis somewhat though as she was great for a laugh. Heehe

  39. observer says:

    From “Us” magazine:

    According to another insider, Canalis was a bit of a spotlight hog. “On vacations, she’d spend forever in her room, primping in her bikini, then go strolling on the beach for photographers to snap pictures of her,” a source tells the new Us Weekly. “She was obsessed with the attention she got.”

    Notice that this source said HER room, not their room. As has been previously reported by other sources since the Venice film festival in 2009, skanknalis was always put into a separate room when she travelled for publicity photo ops with George. Publicity photo ops were the only time and the only reason she was allowed to be near George.

    Also gotta barf at “Chi” falsely stating that Manuele Malenotti is George’s best friend in Italy. The only thing the “Chi” article told the truth about is the fact that George is not gay. The whole point of the “article” seems to be to try to make people think that skanknalis hasn’t told numerous blatant lies for the past two years, but that ship has sailed.

  40. louiset says:

    I don’t believe they are friends. George’s friends never talk about him to the press. This story seems odd.

  41. LucyOriginal says:

    “Notice that this source said HER room, not their room. As has been previously reported by other sources since the Venice film festival in 2009, skanknalis was always put into a separate room when she travelled for publicity photo ops with George. Publicity photo ops were the only time and the only reason she was allowed to be near George.”

    Congratulations Observer. You are so keen in letting people believe/know this was a publicity contract (for whatever reason) that you have greatly contributed to the gay rumour. Congratulations again!!!

  42. Madison says:

    If he’s not gay and he doesn’t fake date then he needs therapy. The problem with GC is he can’t seem to maintain a relationship that lasts longer than 2 years and he always goes for girls who are 20 years younger than him, it’s only normal that most women that age want marriage and kids. If GC doesn’t want marriage or kids then date a woman his own age. The older he gets more and more George reminds me of Hugh Hefner.

  43. Camille says:

    @LucyOriginal: I was thinking the exact same thing! :lol:

  44. april says:

    Madison – I’ve said the exact same thing you are saying. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to date young women but then he gets upset if they bring up marriage. DUH??? How is that ever not gonna happen? He wants a young, beautiful woman who doesn’t want to have children or get married. Good luck! Even Donald Trump, and thousands of other older men know better than that.

  45. observer says:

    @”LucyOriginal” a.k.a. skanknalis’s publicist: George would rather be thought of as gay than be thought of as having had a real relationship with skanknalis. I’ve always posted that George is not gay. It’s you and the rest of skanknalis’s publicity team that have constantly gone around posting that he is gay because you thought that might make him extend skanknalis’s publicity contract. It’s over, and you and skanknalis lost. Deal with it and move on.

  46. LucyOriginal says:

    Observer: if you had read any of my posts about GC and now I can gladly say his ex (Eli), I was always saying he is not. No, I am not anybody’s publicist. I am a graduate student… Just scroll up and read what I wrote earlier or in any other GC thread for that matter … Who cares if it was real or not? but the more you say it was a contract, the more people will think he’s gay. You should be aware of it… You’re indirectly contributing to the gay rumour, deal with it!

    @Camille: thanks! I am glad I am not the only one.

  47. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    It seems that with their similar lifestyles George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston having chemistry as a couple; if they were to do a project together, I’m sure it would attract a wide audience.

  48. Juliesunflower says:

    People shoulnd leave George alone – I feel for all celebrities for the unwarranted speculations over their lives. Also, why are we gaybaiting George like animal baiters?

  49. J says:

    Observer . I think your right about the Sandra bullock hook up . He hardly seems her type . He normally goes for yuckie . ( with the exception of his ex-wife and the French girl ) the Sandra – George hook up will be the tabloid story of the century . Where did you hear about contracts ? I know publicists do fake dates all the time . In the past there were fake marriages to keep stars in the closet. Why would Clooney have to do that ? If he were gay he would be out by now .

  50. the truth says:

    He is gay. He is not fooling the public. He needs to date a very nice man and forget about what we think.

  51. Addie says:

    @ Kaiser: the guy who is talking is named Manuele Malenotti, and apparently he’s “friends” with boy Eli and George.

    LOL. With BOY Eli…Kaiser were you thinking about how much Eli looks like a boy??

  52. Lorenzo says:

    Ah, here we go again with the good old gay rumors.
    Coincidently he is gay after dumping the hooker, he was also gay while working and not being papped with the hooker, now he is gay, because he didn’t want to marry the hooker, yesyes, aha, ok.
    He has long term friendships, so he is able to keep people around if he wants to, no need to worry he couldn’t have a long term relationship.
    The comparison to Rock Hudson is not good, because I never saw Rock Hudson wearing pants which didn’t suit him, in this department Mr. Clooney has to catch up…it is no science to wear a jeans, I am talking about jeans, no tent for 2 persons…

  53. Cherry says:

    Hmmm, I love this story. Indeed, I totally think the gay rumors are coming from team Canalis, which at this point consists of the entire Italian entertainment industry, who just lovedlovedloved the Clooney/Canalis coupling and are trying to get back at him for dumping her. I think the line of reasoning goes something like ‘He doesn’t want to get married and have kids? With ELI FCking CANALIS? He MUST be gay.’ Remember, Italians are traditional people. Marriage and family are their core business. Regardless, I really don’t think George C. gives a flying rat’s ass about what the Italian media think. He’ll have another hot brunette ‘actress’/'model’/'dancer’ on his side in no time and just lets the ‘Is Betty McWhatever the lady who is finally gonna tie Clooney down?’ rumors start all over again.

  54. Poppy says:

    Sigh…. not gay , bi perhaps, but definitely not gay.

    As for the Manuele interview above, Observer is correct they had a huge falling out while he was filming the American in 2009 and they haven’t spoken since. I think this interview is his attempt to try and get back in Georges good books. Apparently the argument was about Eli, exactly what it was all about no one seems to know.

    George was due to go to some charity event the Malenotti brothers were organizing in Italy, Manuele turned up at the hotel George and Eli were staying at in Rome to talk to him about it, (he was still not talking to Manuele at this point). George refused to see him, Manuele sat around in the bar for hours but George never came down, leaving him with total egg on his face and George never made an appearance at the charity event.

    I don’t believe George has forgiven Manuele yet. It must have been some humungous argument to kill a ten year friendship, because George says friends are the most important thing in his life. The argument was definitely about Eli, Manuele had known her for a few years and she travelled with him to LA for the ‘Ingloriuos Basterds’ premier , 6mths before she hooked up with George. Maybe he told George what she was really like and George didn’t want to hear it.

    Yes, there was a contract, but that doesn’t mean George didn’t care for her, as much as he can care. I don’t think he is capable of really falling for someone, he is too obsessed with being in control, too afraid to let himself go in a relationship so he chooses women who he knows he will never fall in love with.

    And please enough of this ‘damaged by his marriage’ nonsense, George’s regular bar tender back then said he was totally surprised when George said he was getting a divorce, because he didn’t even know he was married, he’d been partying like a single guy, till all hours of the morning 3 or 4 times a week for years. In one of the few statements Talia made she said that he spent more time out with his buddies than he ever did with her, he never changed his single man ways.

    George is just a selfish man when it comes to his emotional relationships with women , it’s ‘my way or the highway’ . It amazes me that any of them stay around for more than a few months.

  55. LucyOriginal says:

    @Juliesunflower: I am with you on that. Gay or not, contract or not… Leave him alone people!!!

    @Cherry: Yes, I think some Italians took it very personal that he dumped her, did they really believe in the fairy tale? come on!

    @Poppy: as louiset commented I don’t think they are still friends because his friends don’t go around in the media talking about George’s personal life. There’s a video of Eli on youtube that a friend of mine translated to me and she said there that He took a picture of them in his blackberry and sold to Chi magazine in the very beginning of their relationship and that’s when George ended the friendship… I don’t know if it is true because she lied so many times in the media… Anyway… I am surprised that the US websites are just picking up now her new photos with her new (ex) boyfriend… it’s all over the internet, Thank God she has moved on to someone who allows her to flaunt her a*$ and famewh*ring…
    desperate much?! she might be thinking she is getting George jealous… Lol

  56. Princessa says:

    Sloane Wyatt:
    July 6th, 2011 at 12:08 pm Whatever Gorgeous George is up to, gay or not, he
    DOES keep his women signing the Golden Gagging Clause!
    George Clooney is keeping ex-girlfriend Celine Balitran in
    up with French schoolteacher Balitran after three years, he went out of his
    way to make sure she was still able to maintain her luxurious LA lifestyle. He
    says, “She pulled up roots and came here for me. So I felt it became something
    of my responsibility to make sure that even though we’re not still together,
    her life is not bad because of that. So I made sure that she had a great place
    to live. And I made sure that she had cash. And still talk to her and make
    sure that she has a lawyer who will help her with her visa.” Clooney adds
    that, even though the relationship had ended, he instinctively wanted to help
    Balitran – because he’d feel too guilty if he didn’t.

    The women George Clooney feels responsibility for or wants to help are the ones he knows will be believed if they tell their story.