Beyonce’s new music video features lingerie, a tacky gown & a tweaked face


Oh. My. God. Seriously, are there still people who actively believe that Beyonce hasn’t gotten tweaked?!? I wasn’t even five seconds into this absolutely AWFUL music video for “Best Thing I Never Had” (her new single) when I had to stop the video and just gawp at her odd face. She definitely did something to her nose, but I still thing there’s something weird with her eyes/eyebrow area too. BITCH GOT TWEAKED.

As for the video… WTF? Michael K is right – it’s part Victoria’s Secret ad, part David’s Bridal ad. I swear the song sounds like the David’s Bridal jingle too. Now, I’m not a prude (actually, I kind of am), and I can handle scantily-clad pop stars frolicking around in general, unless they’re underage raccoons….but is anyone else just uncomfortable watching Beyonce’s tweaked face stare down the camera as she wears this white Merry Widow and garters? Sometimes, Beyonce’s videos have a too-close “snuff film” feel, and this is one of them. I feel like we’re watching her honeymoon video, in which she was just recorded prancing around in lingerie, singing to herself.

And then the out-of-nowhere “video” from “1998”… with Beyonce tries a new wig, remarkably not blonde. This whole music video is utterly bizarre. I guess the video is about a blonde who hangs out in lingerie and wedding gowns all day, thinking about how her ex is a douche? The Jennifer Aniston Story, in other words.

That wedding gown is TERRIBLE too. Gold detailing on the bodice, and then those hip ruffles? Tacky. And to make it worse, her veil-tiara is much too big. Everything about this video is a disaster.

PS… who read CDAN’s revealed blind item about Jay-Z and his alleged 10-year affair with a French model? Interesting, isn’t it?



Screencaps from the video.

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  1. gee says:

    I take CDAN blinds with a grain of salt. Some of them are really obviously made up. Some of them though seem legit.

    Also, bitch definitely got tweaked.

  2. says:

    The song and lyrics are also just as awful as the video. I thought it was a joke, at first.

  3. regina says:

    That’s Beyonce?!?! That does not even look like Beyonce! TWEAKED is an understatement.

  4. Wif says:

    What a horrible video. I wish she’d concentrate on her talent rather than her looks.

  5. CallieTrichid says:

    In some shots, I swear she looks exactly like Jennifer Lopez.

  6. sapphire says:

    Whoa! New nose, brow adjustment! I always thought Bey was gorgeous as is-no photo shop, great curvy body, cafe au lait skin,etc. WWHY is she bleachingtweakingwigging etc?

  7. carrie says:

    nose job,something with her eyes and her lips also! i thought she was Solange in first

  8. How can anyone sing ‘and you showed your ass’ with a straight face?

  9. whybenice says:

    She doesn’t even look remotely like herself. Compare a still of “All the Single Ladies” to her now — couldn’t even be cousins.

  10. S says:

    Tweaked implies an alteration of a small and/or subtle level. This is not tweaking. This is an entire reupholstering. Also, I’m sure someone’s going to yell at me, but I am about 99.886% certain she has been getting gradually lightened/whitened over the years – by someone clearly more skilled than Michael Jackson’s surgeon, only now it’s so obvious I can’t believe everyone’s not making a big thing out of it yet. And it’s not just in photoshoots anymore, either…although her most recent album promo pics have clearly used so much flash that she pretty much looks like a whiter, bigger version of Nicole Richie. And she’d have ‘creative direction/vision/whatevs’ control all over those, so it can’t always be blamed on bad ‘shopping from the company/advertiser/magazine. This sh*t is intentional. Bey is being reupholstered AND repainted.

  11. LunaT says:

    Yeah, that was a bad video. Her face has looked kind of smoothed over for a while, hasn’t it?

    I bet House of Dereon designed the dress. Or Marchesa.

    Excuse a question that may be a little naive—-if a site, like CDAN, says something like the Jay-Z dating a model item and it’s not true, wouldn’t CDAN get sued? Or is it b/c it’s not a major mag the site wouldn’t get sued?

  12. S says:

    Oh, yeah, and the song sucks, too.

  13. says:

    At approx. 2:40 her boob is practically hanging out of that god-awful wedding dress… did they photoshop her nipple out or something? Otherwise, I don’t see how her breasts work.

  14. Mia says:

    I had a “WTF?” scowl on my face throughout this video. I’m still not sure what I was watching.

  15. Quest says:

    Bitch got tweaked to look like she just turned 30.

  16. katnip says:

    The music field for women is getting very competitive. Adele is out selling a lot of women without having to flash her assets.. Imagine.. all she is doing is singing.. and singing well..

    I miss that; miss real singers; singing songs that actually make sense.

    In the above 3rd pic.. she actually looks more like her sister than I have ever seen before.

    The video is not good. And she usually has great videos.

  17. zxc says:

    1998 was a tough year for Beyonce. She looked like a real black woman back then in her “prom video’.

  18. Jb says:

    She looks like Raven Samone!

  19. Anna says:

    “a blonde who hangs out in lingerie and wedding gowns all day, thinking about how her ex is a douche? The Jennifer Aniston Story, in other words.”


  20. GimmeABreak says:

    Terrible. Couldn’t even finish watching it.

    @Horse Poor Anna: LOL!!! Exactly!

  21. Anna says:

    “I bet it sucks to be you right now

    So sad, you’re hurt
    Boo hoo, oh, did you expect me to care?”

    Those are some incredibly dumb lyrics.

  22. jover says:

    Everything about her is a joke now; overrated, overpaid, dim-witted she and her handlers simply have no imagination – these songs are so bad you can’t really tell a story with the vid. And her head is so far up her inflated arse she doesn’t understand what a caricature she’s become; last year lena horne passed away and it was barely noted but the media has to shove this bland narcissist and her toy music down our throats.

  23. Rachel says:

    you are all SO JEALOUS! she looks absolutely stunning and has an incredible voice….bet none of you could look half as good as her.

  24. Cherry says:

    @Rachel HAHAHAHA yeah, that must be it!

  25. spinner says:

    Bey is circling the drain…

  26. 4Real says:

    She kind of looks like Solange here…and I couldn’t even watch the whole thing it sucked so bad.

  27. DeE says:

    I keep saying that she should let the God-given talent shine and decrease the overt sexuality. Demure just because it is a wedding theme doesn’t jive. On the whole she is all about look at my body look at my body look at my body Get turned on, entice entice. She does have enough talent to let her essence/sexuality ooze out sparingly. Much too overt. Yes, her naturally beautiful self has been tweaked a few times. She can sing and command a stage, but even if it is tiring, at least she is doing what she loves. Hardest working woman goes to us moms working the 9-5, going to school at night, commuting back home with child to get to other child homework for all of us, cooking and bending over scrubbing those damn floors and tubs.

  28. Anna says:

    @Rachel, welcome to celebitchy, Papa Knowles

  29. gabs says:

    I usually love Bey but yeah, shes definitely had work done. Also the songs not great. I think they were trying to go for another “Halo” type thing but this isnt as catchy and the lyrics are immature. “i bet it sucks to be you right now” really? Also I totally believe the CDAN rumor but I also think Bey knows and doesnt care. Its probably one of those marraiges.

  30. teehee says:

    She’s turning into her mother– they both look like this now, that is after her mom must’ve messed with her own face with all the rush of money at first.
    Or maybe its just how they age?

  31. REALIST says:

    What is with her face? She doesn’t look like Beyonce….

  32. Tomas says:

    Why is she white now? Anyone see her when Destiny’s Child came out? Not even the same woman.

  33. cityiklan says:

    that’s look nice for me..
    nothing’s wrong if beyonce want to change her style..since she is a mother at all

  34. Sisi says:

    This doesnt even look like the face on the cover of I am… Sasha Fierce

  35. Anonymous says:

    Now I can see why her record company is trying to unload this album for .49 cents

  36. Eleonor says:

    She had a nose jobe and maybe even a lips reduction years ago (Crazy in love time) but now she looks even more strange in the eye section..a lift?

  37. Jackson says:

    1. Don’t like the song
    2. LOL, I like that wedding gown! Take the hipster ruffles off of it and it works! Not for everyone, but definitely a nice ball-gown style.
    3. Definite tweaking to her face, or re-upholstering as someone else said, lol.
    4. It’s odd that she, as a 30 year old woman, would choose to reference her prom. How sad it would be to be 30 years old and still carrying around the drama of your high school days or boyfriend. And to feel the need to even think about him on your wedding day? I know it’s just a video but the concept struck me as being weird.

  38. rerun delaney says:

    it’s so odd…on stage, live, she’s electric. in videos…woof. she’s often really stiff and trying to hard. the lyrics are mundane, but you can hear that she’s trying to morph a bit by lowering her voice and not going so nasally (thank god). i don’t know about the rest of her face but part of her nose is in a bin somewhere.

  39. say what says:

    @ s lol, @ This is an entire reupholstering, so true beyonce is not the same and i dont get why the media are not doing side by side pics of before and after to expose this fraud… her dangerously in love album cover she is like 5 shades darker yet her stupid stans will swear blind that she tans or wears bodymakeup to be darker yeah lol. her nose is so so different, and pls don’t get me started on her forever blond wigs.. she must be so insecure with herself.jay has always cheated on her and will never stop.. i await the day the media starts to tear her apart and show the real bleachyonce lol………

  40. pixiegirl says:

    She should have called this album: I am….Sasha Fierce?

  41. velourazure says:

    i don’t quite see where she had any work done. i’d need to see some side by side photos.

    i do think her skin color is gorgeous however. a perpetual perfect tan.

  42. kibbles says:

    The song isn’t great but it is better than the video. I’m sure it will get radio time on adult contemporary and R&B stations.

    It doesn’t surprise me that Beyonce is pals with Gwyneth Paltrow. Both are incredibly superficial, fake, and tweaked. And both seem to be in PR marriages in which their husbands have been rumored to cheat on them with other women.

    Beyonce’s best album by far was her debut album. It’s been downhill ever since. Just a ton of hype that has sustained her as a top pop star.

  43. filthycute says:

    She looks exactly the same to me, people.

  44. pg_gurl says:

    she is starting to look like Kim Khartrashian

  45. yepp says:

    @CallieTrichid, i was thinking the same thing. like she took a pic of Jlo to the doctor and said this is who i want to look like

  46. really says:

    She is so FAKE, boring, ugly and annoying. She looks dumb.

    Of course she got majorly tweaked, and still looks like a pathetic fool!

  47. RHONYC says:

    @ DeE:


    i fuggin’ hate doin’ the goddamn tubs!

    tip: try Method organic tub cleaner. it saves your back & kicks soup scum in the arse. 😉

  48. DetRiotgirl says:

    I can’t watch the video just yet, as I’m in a Starbucks right now. I don’t want anyone to walk by me watching Beyonce slither around in her underwear and get the wrong idea. That idea, of course, being that I like Beyonce.

    But, in her defense, I will say this. This song sucks. Her last single sucked (wait for it, there is a defense coming) too. But, I happened to hear the rest of the album on Rhapsody and it wasn’t all bad. She spends a lot of the album thinking she’s some kind of Diana Ross/Whitney Houston (before she became a crack head) hybrid, and the results actually are somewhat listenable.

    I would say the album is a pretty equal mix of high and low quality. Maybe four of the songs are pretty good, four are decent enough and the last four are pretty much awful.

    My two cents.

  49. XIOnce says:

    Hate on haters. HATE ON. She puts on a damn good show, she gets paid & she does what ever the hell she wants in her videos. Raise your hand if you got albums and sold out tours like her. That’s what I thought.

  50. Riana says:

    Beyonce’s one shade away from being a white woman, by next year she shall be what she wanted to be all along!

  51. ElleGin says:

    No, it’s obvious you don’t care, but you just thought you’d make a whole song out of it, singing it on your wedding day.

    Meh, tweaked… it’s so disappointing. I thought she would be the last to get stuff done to herself since she always talks about confidence.

  52. Faye says:

    I thought it was funny that there was random video “footage” from 1998 put in because the song had sort of a 90’s feel to me. That in itself isn’t a bad thing. I didn’t hate the song, but it’s not great. It definitely lacks the OOH BURN factor of “Irreplaceable” and doesn’t have the relatability I’ve felt with some of her older music. (“Crazy in Love” and “Sweet Dreams” in particular.)

    That’s my critique of the song. I’m just going to let the vid speak for itself.

  53. Tiffany says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That was hilarious! Please tell me this one is also going to be skewered on The Soup.
    The lyrics! How can you sing “your showed you ass” and “it sucks to be you right now” with a straight face?
    The weird boobs, small in lingerie, seemingly huge and nipple-less in the wedding dress.
    This is a trainwreck, but very funny.
    Yes, bitch got tweaked!

  54. Jaana says:

    you know what? Prepare a list of celebrities that HAVEN’T been tweaked… Im waiting Kaiser!!!! 🙂

  55. SEF says:

    Why doesn’t she just get naked already and show everyone her biz’ness. That’s what she obviously wants to do. I hate these singers who act more like they want to be a stripper than a singer. There’s nothing wrong with being classy, ladies!

  56. SEF says:

    And . . . are those modern-day Princess Leia buns she’s wearing? What’s up with that?!

  57. Violet says:

    Whoa, she borrowed Fergie’s lipstick. Big time.

    She’s totally had her face redone. Talk about a bizarre and unnecessary thing to do.

    Is she trying to look Latina instead of black? Is she insecure about her husband’s French mistress?

  58. mew says:

    This music doesn’t even sound new. It sound like pretty much every Beyonce song in her last album. It’s booooooooooooooooring.

    No wonder she’s prancing around in lingerie. It’s the easy way to get paid.

  59. Alex says:

    This video is embarrassing, what with all the cheesy smiling while singing (Heidi Montag music video, anyhow?). Also I am sure that her merry widow was see-through and they had to photoshop out her nipples…. It reminds me of when Victoria’s Secret introduced the Angels bras. Having watched the nipple-free commercials, I (stupidly) thought they had nude lining for a sheer effect. Imagine my surprise when I got to the store and realized nope, they’re just sheer, full-on nipple showcasers.

  60. werty says:

    Im just sooo happy that some people dont like her/call her out on sh*t she obviusly have done, like stealing entire songs (see Ciara: like a boy)
    Thats all i got to say

  61. Mingy says:

    pathetic slut…omg how desperate is she!?

    i mean, yes, shes always been that kind of p*ssypoppin ho..but damn

  62. Tiffany says:

    TO LUNA:
    You said, “if a site, like CDAN, says something like the Jay-Z dating a model item and it’s not true, wouldn’t CDAN get sued?”

    In the US, it isn’t enough that someone prints something that isn’t true. You have to prove that they KNEW it wasn’t true when the published it. That is very hard to do. In places like the UK, they just have to prove that the item was not true.

  63. Tiffany says:

    As for everyone saying she looks whiter, she is creole (that means there is some french blood in there). Her mom has the same coloring.

  64. Lisa Turtle says:

    “Sucks to be you right now” – Wow. Lyrical genius. Wow. Right up there with Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell.

  65. Carobell says:

    I think she’s very pretty, and is rocking the lingerie, but why the Princess Leia hairdo?

  66. Rachel says:


  67. Di says:

    I went back to Destiny’s Child Albumn covers, photo ops (MTV, Today Show/GMA Show), just so I could speak w/knowledge. The NOSE is the SAME, the complexion varies, depending on lighting and makeup. I think the video is fun and sexy, Just like she… It’s often hard to dig within and shurg off haterbehaviour when you aren’t as blessed with talent and beauty as some other… The anonymity of the internet makes some more brash… smh S/N pulling ones hair back makes the facial skin appear taut 😀

  68. Tammylala says:

    I knew a lot of people unfamiliar would not get the “you showed your ass” line.

    It’s urban slang for ” you were out of line”


    “you were disrespectful”

  69. fizXgirl314 says:

    oh wow that is terrible… worst part is that this is probably going to be another hit :-/

  70. WickedSteppMom says:

    Hey Rachel: Why are you calling everyone jealous fat garden tools? At least if you’re going to (try to) insult everyone, learn that the proper slang for whores is “hos”

  71. rose80 says:

    My goodness…i can’t believe i’m about to stick up for this woman. Google her childhood pics people. She’s very fair. I know some of you find it very hard to believe, but not all black people have dark complexions, especially if they have white ancestry like Beyonce has. And guess what!? We can TAN to. I go from “high yellow” to “red bone” if I spend a few days out in sun. Getting a tan happens to us black people to.

    Now as far as her nose goes…it looks different, BUT makeup artists can make a nose appear smaller by doing something to the bridge of the nose. And the video is horrible…and lol Tammylala…your statement rings very true. People don’t get that it’s slang.

  72. Enny says:

    Kaiser, now you’re just being silly. Just because Beyonce looks like a Japanese woman in full geisha makeup does NOT mean she’s had work done. 😉

  73. original kate says:

    something around her eyes looks different. maybe her new bestie goop introduced beyonce to her plastic surgeon – they are starting to both have slanted eyes. what’s up with that?

  74. Thea says:

    She is a beautiful woman. She should leave alone what god gave her. She has had some work done and I honestly think it has made her voice range deeper. Nothing wrong with improving yourself if you can afford it, but when is enough, enough. She is way more talented than this video/song shows. It is like a half ass attempt to fulfill her contractual obligations till she moves on.

  75. blinditemreader says:

    Have they made her digitally skinnier? In addition to looking tweaked, she’s been looking quite a bit thinner lately, especially in the hip/thigh area.

    @Thea, agree that the blind item about the singer/rhinoplasty/voice deepening was about Beyonce.

  76. Ally says:

    I call Noémie Lenoir as the French model. She’s stunning, Beyoncé-resembling, and has had a lot of complicated drama already.

    And the video… just… what? I’m embarassed for her in the opening sequence. Why does she feel the need to degrade herself in that soft-core outfit — she’s gorgeous fully clothed and can sing! And it looks like her face has been Photoshopped in every frame. Finally, the storyline — she’s obsessing about her ex on her wedding day? Oh yeah, you’re really over him. A sad fail. I like her other post-break up fu slow song better… Me, Myself and I. More inventive musically and lyrically.

  77. Amanda G says:

    Meh, I don’t understand the hate for her. She’s beautiful. Looks like she lost a bit of weight too. Not her best song or video, but she’ll never be able to top Single Ladies anyway. She should have released Countdown as a single. That song is very catchy.

  78. Kris Kris says:

    I don’t see an issue with the skin. It’s just the make up and lighting. She’s always had wonderful skin. The nose, however, is some awesome plastic surgery. It looks pretty natural and fits her face well. For the doubters, look at old Destiny’s Child pics and her nose, now. But, about 80% of Hollywood has nose jobs — guys and gals.

  79. Trey says:

    @LunaT: Enty at CDAN covers his ass by shoving a disclaimer at the bottom. All blind gossip sites seem to have one; check out Blind Gossip’s: it’s like a page long XD

  80. Kai says:

    Sheeeeesh, stop hating on your own peeps! Good doggone grief, its tiresome reading blogs from devils with so much hate in them. Beyonce is Black, she is Beautiful, sweet and she has talent, she carries herself with class, she’s not going after anyone elses man, she has never talked bad about or trashed another person, she is humble in the things she speaks, and she loves that big lug JayZ. For goodness sake, stop hating. You bloggers hating so much must be as they say “Fat, Black and Ugly! and stinking of jealousy! Take a good long look in the mirror at yourselves for once in your Ugly lives, you may not like what you see, but if the beauty is within, then it will most definitely shine on the outside! And FYI, if you youtube Beyonce, you will see that she was a beautiful child, and her beauty is the same today and NO she has not had plastic surgery on her nose, you imbeciles, and she has the same light skin as she had as a child, both sisters take after the mom who is light skin. Wake up you Ugly imbeciles, there are many beautiful Black women in the world, deal with it and stop hatin on your own people!And for petes sake stop letting idiot Blog websites like this infect you with their haterism! Get a freakin life!

  81. Cherry says:

    @Kai rant much?

  82. mary simon says:

    too much beyonce everywhere. over beyonce. for a while now.

  83. LunaT says:

    @Trey and Tiffany—thanks for the info 🙂

  84. Mika says:

    Hahahahhahahaaaa @rachel.

  85. Enny says:

    @Kai – perhaps you’re right on the skin, but in those pictures of Bey as a child, did she have slanted eyes? Because I seriously thought these pictures and video were of an Asian drag queen trying to impersonate Beyonce. So it’s really not that I think Beyonce is naturally ugly, just that I think she’s not looking like her beautiful self anymore.

    And, since the insult du jour for anyone saying anything even the slightest bit negative about Beyonce is “you must be fat,” I assure you, if you put me next to Beyonce, I would not be the chubby one – unless you put me next to the photoshopped images of her, and then it’s anyone’s guess.

  86. Em says:

    Some people need their eyes adjusted. She clearly had a nose job. It’s not bad, but she looked better before. She’s one of the best performers out there.

  87. Bev says:

    @Riana – I agree she’s getting more white with every video she does and wearing even less clothes. She’s talented but is becoming a bore!

  88. CarlynBlack says:

    I will not compare beyonce to her child self. That’s dumb. People change. I will compare her to her destiny’s child days. She got seriously whiter. Her skin doesn’t look naturally light.

  89. Confused by it says:

    I’m confused by the defense “she is a beautiful women.” Aren’t the majority of young girls allowed to star in Hollywood “BEAUTIFUL” does Hollywood even give leading girl/guy contracts out to ugly or average people. Charlize Theron was made to look ugly for Monster even though a lot of people really look like a real Monster, but Hollywood used their beautiful actress to transform into the role.
    Are naturally ugly people allowed to be Hollywood A-list Stars on the cover of People,Vanity Fair,etc?? Kate Winslet is beautiful but Hollywood gave her a hard time about her lady curves. And how many tv stars are stunning and get scared when they start to look old?
    My point is, so what if Beyonce is beautiful, most A-list stare are beautiful, that’s just the rules of Hollywood, if she wasn’t beautiful she wouldn’t have a chance at the A-list.
    Her being beautiful doesn’t mean the audience just has to praise her and all she does. She’s not a good vocalist, she’s not original, she’s selfish, she doesn’t interact with the paying audience until it’s time to take your money. Justin Timberlake hangs out on SNL even when he’s not trying to sell you something, Kevin Hart gives out free laughs on youtube. A lot of “decent” stars interact outside of promo time. Beautiful beyonce does not interact,she doesn’t sing meaningful songs, she doesn’t sing she yodels and screeches, she gets a bad attitude when people use bootylicious,but like Kim K. and J-lo she had no problem using her booty to get famous, now she mad about the reference,GTFOH. And for somebody who hates the bootylicious reference, she sure keeps pointing it in our faces (like Kim K. and J-lo who both tried to get an attitude about the constant butt talk) Beyonce is a scam artist on so many levels, she married a dude because people found out she was sleeping with him,so to avoid losing her young and Christian fans she got married because Christians don’t support fornication.
    Who cares if she’s beautiful if she’s a mediocre talent who steals concepts/songs from overseas artists because she thinks her career is more valuable and thinks no one will care about the overseas artists-SELFISH. Being beautiful doesn’t make you worthy of praise and honor and consumer money. Being beautiful in Hollywood is nothing uncommon, she no more special, only difference is she was the ONLY black mainstream pop singer. Being black in the pop world is what made her stand out. Her dad planned it that way, they never wanted to be in RNB because that doesn’t usually lead to mainstream success with mix races and Billboard honors. Mathew Knowles has played the game real good and he targeted the right SUCKERS. Beyonce is a gimmick and half that gimmick involves being the rare pretty black girl in the pop world, but as you can see now that Rihanna has entered the same arena, beyonce is in trouble. Before, beyonce was winning because she had no other black artist to compete against and Britney and Christina turned slutty while beyonce pretended to be a Christian role model. Her Gimmick is over. Take her Beautiful ass to some singing, acting, personality classes.

  90. Callumna says:

    She does looks like her own B list relative. Used to like her a lot but she’s just really done that thing where she now believes her own hype.

    Telling Larry King she was now just putting in time until becoming a legend was where she left Earth’s orbit for me.

    She could have used more school, less booty shaking to be interesting for the long haul. Makes me think of Pink’s Stupid Girls video. As Jay-Z says “On to the Next One.” Bye, Bey.

  91. DetRiotgirl says:

    Well, I finally saw the video. Wow. Awful. She actually looks borderline crazy smiling and desperately showing off her wedding dress, all while singing about someone she dumped… 13 years ago! Wtf?!? Who is still obsessing over a bad prom date at 30? Total failure on all levels.

  92. Esmeralda says:

    July 8th, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    I knew a lot of people unfamiliar would not get the “you showed your ass” line.

    It’s urban slang for ” you were out of line”


    “you were disrespectful”


    Truly poetic. ;-D

  93. Meanchick says:

    Oh God, make it stop! Bey is as fake as her new face! She wants to be naked beause she’s not the best singer. She gets by and relies 99.99% on her looks. Her songs/music videos are always a rip off of something she copied from a late night movie or commercial and thinks we’re all too stupid to know she’s a fraud! If you look online, you’ll see dozens of hoo-hoo shots with Bey. She certainly likes to spread eagle, does she not? Not EVERY celebrity gets tweaked, only the self-involved ones who rely on aesthetics. Glad that she hasn’t fooled the people with eyes. We know you chopped the nose and moved the brows and did God knows what to the boobs! Singing about girl power in underwear and high heels? B*tch Please!

  94. This is how I would fix the lyrics** You showed your ass.. So,I boot-stomped it into the ground..Then I gave a holler-WERTY!!-pour us another round..It sucks to be you,you shirley temple drinkin’fool.(Ya,I’m keepin’ my day job)



  96. jemshoes says:

    She doesn’t look like the Beyonce from Destiny’s Child at all! :O

  97. Shaishai says:

    @Werty: THANK YOU! I have been wondering why no one seems to have noticed the blatant lifting of Ciara’s song all this time!

  98. Addie says:

    @ Ally. I am hoping it isn’t Noemie Lenoir.

    Noemie is the one that people tell me I resemble the most (same eyes, skin and hair)

    She has such a tragic love life and I am rooting for her to find a true love for her and a good male figure for her son.

  99. Truthful says:

    I dont like the video but I LOVE the song for all of my EX’s…

    enpowering to me, so what if she’s had a tweak or doesn’t look crazy.

    Lady BlahBlah can show up naked with cottonballs on her crotch MaDonna too and its excepted. smdh.

    WHY is CEE-the man, even mentioned in a oost w/B??

    Ciara is nobody but a poplocking Kim Kartrashian PET.

  100. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ Horsepoor Hanna.. lol right!?! she’s funnier the harder she tries to make us take her seriously. *waves*

    Is she even black now? Wth did she do to her face? wth did she do to her skin? man, she used to be so beautiful and raw and sexy.

    @Violet…”Whoa, she borrowed Fergie’s lipstick. Big time.”
    Love it! lol

  101. kennedy220 says:

    obviously the person who wrote this blog doesnt work in makeup and within the industry to know that make up can make a difference in an appearance. ever see a dragqueen have a large nose naturally and after mekeup is applied and contoured the nose has been made to look smaller. beyonce was a light skinned girl to begin with. she tans, she wears makeup sometimes she doesnt wear it. here she is wearing less than normal