Gabriel Aubry spends time with Nahla, awaits custody hearing on his “neglect”


OMG, ABUSIVE. Right? These are some lovely photos of Gabriel Aubry out with his little girl on Friday in LA. As you can see, little Nahla looks absolutely terrified of her horrible father. That must be why she and her daddy seem so happy together and why he’s swinging her around, one-handed. Jesus, he’s sexy. Usually, I’m pretty “meh” on Gabriel, seeing as how he’s very, very pretty and not a scruffy, mooby, dirty Englishman or Scotsman or Irishman. But in these pics, Gabriel is giving me a fever. He looks like Josh Holloway, and I LOVE Josh Holloway.

Thus far, we haven’t heard much from Halle or Gabriel since Halle went back to court in late June, claiming that Gabriel had violated their existing custody agreement. At the time, Halle’s lawyer submitted a “lengthy court document claiming Gabriel has put Nahla at risk.” Sources told TMZ that Halle is concerned for Nahla’s welfare when Nahla is with her dad, but there are still no public, specific accusations. Rumors abound that the document Halle’s lawyer submitted included past incidents when Gabriel allegedly “neglected” Nahla during an overseas trip. Halle’s lawyer asked that Gabriel be found in violation of the custody agreement, but as of yet, the only thing the judge has done is set a date for a hearing.

Since then, in the past two weeks or so, Nahla has been getting lots of time with both of her parents in public. Both Gabriel and Halle have been doing separate candid photo ops with her, and simply judging them by the body language seen in the photos, I’d say that Nahla is perfectly comfortable and happy with both of her parents. She is a well-loved and well-cared for little girl, so whatever is going on between Halle and Gabriel, I hope they manage to keep it away from Nahla.





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Quest says:

    OMG…so gorgeous 🙂 …and Nahla is looking cute as well

  2. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Gabriel can be my big sexy HOT Daddy anytime!! Grrrrrr

    Halle is a contemptible witch for filing patently false nuisance accusations with the court. You’d think she would put the welfare of little Nahla first and be over the moon that her baby has a father who worships her. But Noooo.

    I hate women (and men) who think their children are better off without a great co parent and use their children in spite.

  3. Athena says:

    Yeah that little girl looks like she is in terror of her Dad *rolls eyes* Jeez Halle get it together. I hope the judge scolds her for her antics.

  4. brin says:

    They need to keep this out of the courts. He obviously loves her as does Halle, why don’t they put her first and stop all this legal crap.

  5. Schnauzers!!! says:

    Mmm…I love a pretty man. Even scruffy, he’s pretty. *YUM*

    Nahla is such a beautiful girl!! 🙂

  6. Jenny says:

    I will scold both parents for using their innocent daughter in what looks like photo ops to show what great parents they are. Both of them look like they love their child, but they need to get it together, do what is best for her and not their egos.

  7. KLO says:

    Nahla has magical looking eyes. Are they grey?

  8. mel says:

    I feel sorry for Nahla cause her momma is a looney. She needs her dad in her life to keep her sane.

  9. JulieM says:

    He sure does look like Josh Holloway in these photos. And a loving and attentive father. With a beautiful child.

  10. Girafe99 says:

    You know it’s hard to comment on delicate subjects like this without having all the information, so I am not going to say anything about the custody case.
    All I’m going to say is yummy,he is so beautiful

  11. Lisa Turtle says:

    I think Halle Berry is a spiteful, angry, vicious woman. She’s descended into a hot pit of crazy. Nahla shouldn’t suffer or miss out on time with her father just because Mommy has Daddy/man issues.

  12. CdnDutchGirl says:

    Seeing as all celebrity spawn are to be carried around on their parents hip until they are 10 or so, he is obviously harming her by lifting her off the ground by her arms. Oh, and he’s wearing (white) flip flops…what a neglectful parent. **rolls eyes**

    I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but this child looks perfectly happy and not afraid of her father.

  13. gobo says:

    Oh my god. That little girl is going to be a stunner when she grows up. She’s absolutely adorable!

  14. munchies says:

    i saw other pics few weeks ago and seems Nahla like being lifted by her dad

  15. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Oh, and he’s wearing (white) flip flops…what a neglectful parent.”

    uh oh…was the pic taken before memorial day?! the HORROR!

    (good one, CdnDutchGirl, I just had to add to it…!)

    that is a very cute little kid…I remember those days, swinging on dad’s arm…lots of fun!

  16. Ari says:

    Well, we all know who has the dominant genes in that family lol…

    I think Halle is just being a whiney broad who can’t let go of Aubrey for good from her heart unless she takes away the only thing they had that WAS good between them and not ever have to see him.

    What a selfish person.

  17. dahlia1947 says:

    I love seeing pics of them together! She looks so happy with him and it’s the best thing to see: a dad and his child. Just lovely!

  18. Janice says:

    These are some beautiful pictures. From these seems pictures he seems to be an okay-dad to me. Oh, Halle…stop the nonsense.

  19. really says:

    Too bad this little girls mom is a COMPLETE NUTJOB, which makes her mom UGLY.

    The little girl is so lucky to have him as a father, HE SEEMS LIKE A GREAT DAD! What little girl wouldn’t want that.

    Or maybe because that nutjob did not have a dad, she envys her daughter for having a dad.

    It is very clear to me that “the worst actress” has an INFERIORITY COMPLEX.

  20. annaloo says:

    I have never in my life SO wanted to just reach into my computer monitor and cop a feel on that man. I’m confident as Nahla grows up, she will be extremely protective of her daddy from pervs like me!

  21. foozy says:

    gabriel rocks! halle sucks!

  22. Violet says:

    Poor Nahla. Poor Gabriel.

    I’m really starting to question whether any of Halle Berry’s exes did the things she accused them of — according to her, it was never her fault none of those relationships worked out, because they beat her or turned out to be sexual addicts, every single guy turned out to be bad to the bone — because this whole custody issue has really highlighted just how insane, duplicitous and vindictive she is.

  23. Except for the flip-flops,he looks all rough and rugged.Yum-eeeee!! I swear Celebithy is like a man buffet today!

  24. OXA says:

    why is Halle waiting till now to pull the neglect card? Also if this happened then why did she leave Nahla with her father and run off to other countries to mount Ollie?

  25. Snappyfish says:

    Halle Berry has always been a piece of work on her relationships. Justice, Benet & now Aubrey. It is sad that she is using her daughter as a pawn in her crazy.

    I have always thought her beautiful but now I realize that is only the outside of what is obviously a v v damaged package. Unfortunately this is a v v old story & children are the time honored victims

  26. TG says:

    @KLO – I know Nahla’s eyes are beautiful as is the child herself. Cutest hollywood baby yet. But don’t let Katie Holmes hear you say “magical” only little suri can be that special. LOL

  27. kieslwoski says:

    I have literally lost all respect for Halle Berry, I truly believe she is a sick and metally unstable monster. Utterly disgusting!

  28. lrm says:

    wait, aubrey will eventually have another child or children with someone, maybe get married….oh he will still be a fulltime dad to nahla, but i’m jsut thinking how over the top jealous and manipulative hallee will be when that happens….
    she will feel threatened when she realizes nahla has to be shared with other people-
    it’s natural anyway (for children) that you branch out as you move out of toddlerhood…..
    anyway, i know i dont know the details, but something tells me that’s how hallee rolls.
    like others have said, i now see her in a new, truer light….IMHO….

  29. Turtle Dove says:

    Halle is a manipulative nut job. No disrespect Kaiser, but I always think that the little girl looks way more comfortable with her dad.

  30. kieslwoski says:

    @28 (sorry I cant make out your name) I bet you anything that Halle will make sure that she ruins any chances for Aubry to move on and have a happy life. She will move heaven and earth to make his life miserable, as she is doing with this custody thing, so repulsive.

  31. dena7 says:

    Girafe99 – You said it best:

    You know it’s hard to comment on delicate subjects like this without having all the information, so I am not going to say anything about the custody case.

  32. Sue says:

    I wouldn’t say photo op because they’re both picking Nahla up or dropping her off at school which it look like she just started going to last month.

  33. Camille says:

    I don’t find any of the people involved in this mess attractive. Meh.

    I can’t stand Halle Berry.

    Good luck with everything GA- you will need it.

    Thats all I’ve got. lol

  34. Steve says:

    Don’t be angry at women who choose to leave toxic relationships with cheating men who have mistresses that go to tabloids to report their infidelity (for a paycheck)abusive men or jealous men. Stop blaming the woman for choices a grown man makes and holding her responsible for his behavior. Where did you learn this BS from anyway –other men, your mother? Please. Unhappy women trashing another woman and putting a man on a pedestal they know nothing about as if his shi* didn’t stink. Aubry is not perfect and God knows he has some character flaws he needs to work on [ like all people do.] Let a judge determine if Aubry is violating a custody agreement. Finally, respect independent women who choose to leave men that don’t mean them any good. Besides, men leave women everyday for whatever reasons and no one cares.

  35. DiMi says:

    Did everybody forget that he has never denied the accusations that he called Halle the n-word? Does that sound like a good father for a biracial child? I guess it’s okay with you folks that he’s racist because he’s hot. Disturbing.

  36. Shy says:

    Halle doesn’t love her daughter. She only lover herself. Mother who trully lover her child will think about her happiness first of all. So many children don’t have a father, they dream to have one. And here is father, he is not alcoholic or woman beater. He is a good person. And Halle want’s to take away father from Nahla ONLY because she doesn’t wan’t to split her child with someone, she doesn’t wan’t to give her away every few days, she doesn’t wan’t to ask Gabriel’s permission every time when she wan’t to go with her abroad. I’m 100% sure that this is the only reason.

    And I think that Gabriel should demand sole custody. Let her fight in court. Remember those 911 calls from TMZ. Soem intruder in Halle’s house. Gabriel should go and say that it’s not safe in there.

    And also Halle will be the one who will lose public opinion. Because he is not a celebrity. She is. And I lost any respect for Halle when she brought that racist card. I was so embarrassed for her.

  37. Danni says:

    He doesn’t look totally pleased to see photographers here.

  38. SUNSEEKER says:


    Why should he deny it, Halle has not denied any of the accusations made agains her. Most Star’s don’t, so why should Gabriel. I doubt very much that he is a racist, racist don’t marry coloured people.

  39. John Wayne Lives says:

    She is so dumb

  40. Tara says:

    When Nahla is with Halle she looks terrified and wary of the paps. When she’s with her dad she looks like a normal, happy child. HMMM…