Placido Domingo, Jr. on how Scientology goons are harassing him

Placido Domingo, Jr. (left) with his dad

Placido Domingo, Jr. is the 45 year-old son of Spanish tenor and opera star Placido Domingo. Jr. was a member of Scientology for twenty years and recently told The Village Voice about the ways the cult tried to smear him when he tried to leave. They went as far as to post personal details online he had revealed in an auditing session (a Scientology ritual with a superficial resemblance to Catholicism’s confessions) and make it publicly known that he cheated on his wife.

“Imagine if they did that to Tom Cruise or John Travolta?” That’s Placido Domingo Jr.’s reaction to the “attacks” he says he’s under after leaving Scientology.

The composer son of famed tenor Placido Domingo calls Scientology “scary and pathetic” in the ways it has been treating him since his decision to leave the controversial religion.

It began, Domingo told Village Voice when he was ordered to “disconnect” from his ex-wife Samantha and only communicate with their three daughters via an attorney.

Placido and Samantha met through Scientology in 1994. They later divorced but remained on excellent terms as they raised their three girls. Samantha left Scientology last year, and that’s when officials of the organization ordered Placido to have no contact with her.

He refused to “disconnect” from his family, and instead followed Samantha out the Scientology door.

Domingo says first a Facebook post went up telling other Scientologists to “unfriend” him. More than 120 did.

Then a blog was published with extensive personal information about him, details about his life Domingo said he’d revealed during Scientology “auditing” sessions, including that he’d been unfaithful to his wife.

“It’s an outrage,” Domingo said of the privacy intrusion. “Imagine if they did that to Tom Cruise or John Travolta. My God!

“The information about adultery. That was only mentioned in session.”

Samantha Domingo also spoke to the Voice, confirming what her ex-husband has been going through. Samantha has become a supporter of former Scientology officer Marty Rathbun.

[From Radar Online, more at the Village Voice]

Here’s the thing: Domingo never denounced the church. All he did was let it be known that someone told other cult members to unfriend him on Facebook. That was enough for the goons to go after him with a vengeance and reveal personally damaging information he gave to an auditor during a religious ritual. As he mentioned, can you imagine if someone did this to John Travolta or Tom Cruise? It just gives us that much more insight as to why they’ve never uttered a bad word about Scientology.

It does give me hope that the message about their cheap tactics is getting out at least. After Paul Haggis so publicly defected in 2009, and The St. Petersburg Times and The New Yorker ran exposes on the cult, they’re running scared. It’s lame that they’re releasing information that someone cheated on their wife. It’s nothing compared to people who “commit suicide” after leaving the cult or campaigning against them, though.


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  1. Spacelamb says:

    Uh-oh, here come the angry $cientologists crying “bigotry” of anybody who dislikes their cult in 3, 2, 1…

  2. Mata says:

    Hopefully, the fact that more past members are speaking out against them means this cult is losing some of its power.

  3. Eve says:

    They (Scientologists) give me the chills.

  4. Mr. Greek says:

    The BBC produced an absolutely brilliant and no-bones-about-it doc on scientology (the name itself doesn’t deserve to be capitalized) a couple of years back. I believe it’s on Youtube and is well worth viewing.

    To say I detest, abhor, abd despise the evil cult of scientology is putting it mildly. These are a group of SEVERELY demented, fucked up men and women who all deserve to be brought down and brought to justice.

    Kudos to Domingo, Jr. and his ex for retaining their intelligence and seeing this monstrous organization for what it truly is.

    I detest ALL organized cults, including the Catholic church, which I happily abandoned many years ago. The dark and evil side of the vatican may not be as close to the surface as it is with the church of freakotology, but it’s there…the agenda, the brainwashing, the corruption, etc.

    As a guy, I also don’t comprehend how it is that women choose to adhere to faiths and cults where they are denigrated and treated as sub-human, inferior to men. Pick a faith, and the chauvinistic bigotry is right there in plain sight.

    For far too long the truth about scientology and other organized religious cults has been suppressed and aggressively denied by those fearful of the truth, for to acknowledge the truth would mean being jettisoned from their safe little worlds and boxes.

    If we as a world, as a species of men and women are to truly evolve and relinquish ourselves from our man made constraints, we must face the “demons” and move to eradicate them from society.

    Organized religions/cults are the genesis of narrow-minded and corrupt men. Money, greed, power, control; the true agenda.

  5. neema says:

    Scientologists are a sad bunch of wackos.

  6. Eve says:

    @ Mr. Greek:

    It’s that documentary where a very calm English journalist loses it when Tommy Davis starts ranting some shit to him? He kept it together through almost the entire time but annoyed and harassed him so much he couldn’t take it anymore. Davis, by the way, kept ranting while being yelled at by the journalist. He looked like a robot, repeating the same thing over and over again — his glare was also really f*cking strange. That was one of weirdest faces/expressions I had ever seen in my life.

    The one where they (BBC journalists) had to hold their meetings inside the bathroom because they were followed everywhere they went? And even while in there, Davis would knock on the door asking what was going on?

    EDIT: I watched this one (on TV, not Youtube) — Scientology and Me, by John Sweeney.

  7. Anti-icon says:

    Do you think this “cult” is around the country, but kept under “wraps” somehow. My divorce was so bad, I began to wonder if it was due to the fact that his “new girlfriend, who turned wife the minute the divorce papers were dry –and she was a self-described lawyer herself — was somehow a member of this cult. Or if my world was just brought down by a non-religiously motivated psycho. I don’t see this “religion” in my area of the country. Does that mean it doesn’t exist; or do they keep it on the lowdown?

  8. katnip says:

    I don’t know much about Scientology. I just never thought of it as a Religion but more a way of life. And I don’t know anything about the Catholic Church. I am spiritual person..not a religious one.

    Tom Cruise and John Travolta have always given me a weird vibe. And I never understood why. They both have this look about them. Like they try so hard to be liked. TOO Friendly.. but

    It is obvious that they both get a lot from the organization. That it benefits them a great deal. LOOK at their lives. The Scientology Organization always made me think of a Pyramid Scheme. That is how I have always seen it.. there are major players on the top.. protected and cared for by the masses on the bottom

    Sad that they are attacking this man, but I admire his resolve to speak out.

  9. Jana says:

    Good for him speaking out. What kind of organization would separate its members from their family, like it’s been reported before they do. Tom Cruise needs to pull his head and ego out of David Misavage’s (ph.) a.. and see the light.

    Poor Katie. Maybe that’s why she isn’t having any more children right away. She’s preparing down the line to get out of this crazy mess she’s gotten herself into.

  10. CurlyGirly says:

    @Mr.Greek: Wanted to say that your comment was 110% spot on and BRILLIANT — couldn’t have said it better!

  11. Girafe99 says:

    @eve, yeah I remember watching it, I think it was Panorama

  12. Eve says:

    @ Giraffe99:

    In Brazil the documentary was aired on GNT (a paid channel from Sky).

    There was a moment where he (Sweeney) confronted a guy who had been following his car (or the BBC team’s car). Later on, one man (whose name I can’t remember but who had been the victim of an online smear campaign by Scientologists) told him that that was what they usually did and that it was on purpose — they weren’t trying to hide while following him. The idea is exactly being seen as to intimidate whoever is trying to show the truth about the “church”.

  13. Anne de Vries says:

    Yup, that’s their MO. Good on him for speaking out. More and more people have been public about $cientology’s abuses and the more people do it, the harder it gets for the $cieno laywers and abusers to smack down on those who speak out.

    @ Katnip: part of $cientology training is extremely focused, agressive eye contact. Also known as ‘the $cientology stare’. If you look up Anonymous protest videos on youtube deal with $cieno goons, you might recognise the look. Basically any spontaneity, humanity or ‘soul’ is drilled out of their eyecontact until you feel like you’re looking into an empty house. No matter how hard TC and JT paste smiles over that emptiness, you can still tell. That’s why they (especially TC) always leaves me with the impression that he wants to eat my eyeballs..

  14. Blue says:

    I saw a Scientology documentary, it freaked me out. The things that the women especially went through. Plus all the stuff they do to them when they leave. One poor guy isn’t able to speak to his kids because his ex is still in the “church”

  15. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, don’t know of any other “religion” that will harass you and tell your secrets if you want to leave.

    I’m a recovering catholic myself, and I have a lot of issues with the church, but no priest or other church official/minion has ever come after me to drag me back or publicized things I said in confession.

    I’m glad that he’s spoken out, and I hope more and more people do, especially high profile ones. It’s a cult, pure and simple, and the more people who know it, the better.

  16. ol cranky says:

    good for him for putting his children before his church. so many members of CO$ (and other cults) would have just followed the church’s demand to disconnect from their family, even minor children.

  17. Eve says:

    By the way, if I don’t hear from Mr. Greek in the next days, I’ll be worried…

  18. GeekChic says:

    @Eve, I was going to say the same thing. They actually scare me and give me one of those deep, sinking feelings in the pit of my stomach.

    @Mr Greek, your comment was brilliant.

  19. Mr. Greek says:

    @ Eve: Relax, darlin’ Clementine, I’ve donned a drag disguise…Eva Gabor wig, women’s cat shaped sunglasses, and a tiger stripped ensemble with heels…they’ll never find me! Mind you, wearing a skirt with hairy legs aint so becomin’. I don’t know you dames walk in these heels!

    Yes, you’re referencing the same BBC doc I mentioned. It really gets under ones skin. These people are truly and utterly f’d in the head, and this is one dangerous club.

    BTW, if anyone needs confirmation, pardon the pun, on the dark doings of the Vatican/Catholic church, then I HIGHLY recommend author David Yallop’s “In God’s Name” – a riveting, deeply disturbing and dark journalistic work centering on the “murder” (which – believe) of Pope John Paul I in 1978.
    Yallop illuminates the truth that rests in Rome. Mafia, money laundering, corruption galore. I couldn’t put the book down.

    I am a guy who flips the bird at the corporate controlled mainstream media, and seeks the truth. My girlfriend calls me “Mulder”! LOL!

  20. Nanea says:

    Congrats, Mr Greek, for that comment.

    I don’t get why the IRS investigation isn’t going anywhere. $ciento is not a religion in countries like e.g. Germany or France, no matter how hard they try to grease politicians. People should be made aware it’s a harmful fascist, supremacist cult and a money-grubbing scheme a third-rate science fiction author came up with to get rich quick.

  21. Mr. Greek says:

    @ Katnip: Like you, I am a spiritual guy, NO room in my world for earthly “faiths” My “church” is everywhere, and espouses love, empathy, kindness, and total acceptance of all colours, both genders, sexual orientation, and so on. You know who – totally dig? Shirley Maclaine – her books and mindset mirrors my own re truth and metaphysical/paranormal theories and beliefs.

    @ Nanea: I’ll tell you why. The church of scientology has strong connections at the top, due to members who have infiltrated the government, just as the Masons and other “secret societies” (although not so secret any longer, thanks to the net) have. The COS has a team of unbelievably powerful and sly attorneys, who, in conjunction with “internal members” in high places, ensure that their empire remains unscathed…for lack of a better term. That said, I do believe their house of cards is in the midst of beginning to fall…where they may.

  22. Anti-icon says:

    #21 Mr. Greek, I think you have made some — skeptical — fans with your research and insight about how CO$ operates inside America. I am glad that you are here, sharing your thoughts. I have similar open-minded views as yours; and I would never want to be accused of what they (CO$) seems to believe. There is a MIGHTY distinction between what Shirley McClaine writes about; and what that “religion” seems to embrace. In My Opinion.

  23. John Wayne Lives says:

    This man is brave to speak out. And bravo to him and his ex for having the strength to break the brainwashing for the sake of their children. This is a scary dangerous cult, and I wish the family all the best as they try to heal from this, and move on with their lives.

  24. Crystalline says:

    I’m surprised the scientologists haven’t showed up yet.

    This sounds exactly like their MO. I wish these things would get more attention, they very publicly follow people who have left and there have been reports of kidnapping, with deserters being held hostage in one of the lesser known bases. Its terrifying to know that’s what they do to former members, its crazy when you hear reports of what they do to protesters. Breaking into houses, threats, attacks, this whole cult is scary. The mere fact it was allowed to gain footing as a religion in the US is a cause for concern, particularly considering their plan to infiltrate politics a few decades ago and the accompanying destruction of documents of their cult that occurred. There’s no knowing how far they have gotten, especially with the big Hollywood money behind it.

    Also, I echo for anyone who doesn’t know much about this to check out the documentaries and also the “anonymous” protest videos. They are only the tip of the iceberg.

  25. Deb says:

    Anybody up for a really scary Scientology story? Google “Paulette Cooper” or “Operation Freakout”. What this “religion” did to her will scare the bejeezus out of you.

  26. Victoria says:

    Don’t worship that head of lettuce-period

  27. Truthful says:

    I hope he remains safe, they are a bunch of controlling wackos.

    Watch ya back hun!

  28. Hautie says:

    @Anti Icon — yes this cult is nationwide…

    (Here is my bizarre tale about the cult. Told to me from a close friend.)

    I had a friend, back 15 years ago or so (1995ish)… started a new job with a very prominent Dallas company.

    And one of the first things she had to do was take a trip to Florida for “training”. Which she thought nothing of… it was a two week trip… all expenses paid.

    Well, what she was sent to was boot camp for this scientology Cult.

    Her new employer told her it was a training seminar. To build team spirit and boost confidence. That is was mandatory for all new employee’s to attend.

    She last about 4 hours.

    She was so startled by how underhanded this company had been when explaining where they were sending her.

    So she literally sneak out of some meeting… made it outside of the building… and had to walk a good distant to find a phone to call for a cab.

    She had to call her husband collect, from the airport, to get a ticket home.

    She felt had she went back to the hotel for her bag they would have snatched her. She was that freaked out about the whole ordeal.

    And when the company (that hired her) found out she had left this “training” and quit the position, they started to harass her.

    And made great attempts to smear her work history. She was in a very specialize field and they made a point to call any head hunter in Dallas… that industry to discredit her.

    And all she did was leave a meeting and quit a job she had for less than a week.

  29. Mr. Greek says:

    @ Anti-icon: Anyone who is skeptical I can accept – at least they’re not completely close-minded. Research and maintaining an unbiased mindset is conducive to knowledge and empowerment. Shirley Maclaine is dead-on with her views; she too is a victim of the mainstream media, who attempt to label her as a kook/nutbar. The woman knows what she writes and speaks of. Author Jim Marrs is another truthseeker whom I greatly admire. These unique people find themselves swimming upstream amidst the grossly misoinformed masses, who digest the corporate spin as “gospel” truth. I am also greatly disturbed by the rise in extreme right-winged Christian fundamentalism in North America – these people are as equally dangerous as COS in regards to the spreading of misinformation and enabling hate crimes – if I may paraphrase my thoughts on them. Michelle Bachmann and her husband, Marcus, are two examples of the dangerous Christian agenda being put out there.

    @ Deb: Paulette Cooper’s book is a must for those seeking the truth about COS. Thanks for bringing her name up. She also expressed outrage at Tom Cruise being the recent recipient of a humanitarian award.
    She too knows what she speaks and writes.

  30. Smokey says:

    “Operation Freak Out” is sickening. Also, check out the “Operation Snow White” for other criminal activities committed on behalf of the Church or directed by Church officials.

    Scary, scary organization.

  31. Kim says:

    So glad people are coming out against this CULT! They are nuts and scientologist are NUT JOBS! The founder was a drug addict, pedophile whose own son would have nothing to do with him and said he was insane & made up scientology for money.

    Luckily the authorities are looking deeply at scientology because there have been numerous cases and reports of abuse.

  32. TG says:

    @Mr. Greek – I agree with much of what you said too. I have always wondered why any woman would ever be Catholic. And your later comment about the “extreme right-winged Christian fundamentalism” is also scary about as scary as the scientology crap. It is one of the main reasons I will not vote for the republican party. I sometimes think my beliefs run more in line with the republicans (in its truest form) but because the right wing religious nuts have hijacked the party I can not vote for that. The kind of hatred they espouse is very scary.

  33. TG says:

    One more thing. If it is true that the audits are what is keeping nicole kidman’s mouth shut and her away from her kids how could anything she told them be that bad. I mean I could care less if someone told the world I had cheated or whatever it could be. I mean as long as you haven’t killed someone then no one can have anything that damning againts you.

  34. margo says:

    I’ve witnessed this shady cult stalk a dear friend, paper her neighborhood with lies about her and tried to get her fired from work all because she wanted to see her daughter more than twice a year! (her child was 7 years old!)

  35. whoorwhat says:

    The comment Eve made about Tommy Davis ranting at the BBC reporter… Davis kept repeating the same thing in his rant and his mouth repeatedly twisted like a machine because he had to go on “circuit” (like a robot) to be able to face John Sweeney. He couldn’t be himself because he lacked the confront to face up to Sweeney. This showed Davis’ weakness as a being, not to be able to confront the anger of Sweeney, i.e. out-TRs as the scions would say. That’s a big FLUNK! You need more training, Tommy!

  36. Mr. Greek says:

    @ Hautie and Margo: Horrid what those two people you mentioned endured, and continue to endure. Margo, thanks for that link. I’ve saved it to later peruse.

  37. Emily says:

    There’s now a ad on this page. Are you fucking kidding me!?

    Ain’t no way anybody’s gonna join your religion after reading this page, guys. Give it a rest.

  38. Jessica says:

    That is not a church at all. It is a very scary group of people who would rather kill you then have you drop dimes on what they teach.

  39. Eve says:

    @ Mr. Greek:

    @ Eve: Relax, darlin’ Clementine, I’ve donned a drag disguise…Eva Gabor wig, women’s cat shaped sunglasses, and a tiger stripped ensemble with heels…they’ll never find me!

    You don’t know how much I’d love to see that. But considering the possibility that your idea of a disguise can be also Tom Cruise’s idea of a normal outfit for their reunions, maybe they’re somewhat schooled in spotting men in drag. So…be careful anyway.

    Mind you, wearing a skirt with hairy legs aint so becomin’. I don’t know you dames walk in these heels!

    Me neither. I look like “Drunk Girl” from Saturday Night Live when I’m wearing the only pair of stilettos I’ve got.

    Yes, you’re referencing the same BBC doc I mentioned. It really gets under ones skin. These people are truly and utterly f’d in the head, and this is one dangerous club.

    Creepy, isn’t it? My jaw dropped several times while watching that documentary.

    @ Whoorwhat:

    Tommy Davis’s behaviour was the strangest among them all. I swear that ranting was so f*cking weird I couldn’t even blink while watching — I was scared of blinking and waking up in an alternate reality, like in one of those Twilight Zone episodes.

    On that New Yorker’s article about Paul Haggis leaving the “church”, Davis’s behaviour scared the sh*t out of me once again…you know, that story about him showing up at somebody’s hotel — at 5 a.m. — along with 19 members of the “church” because they “wanted to see an old friend”. The man had to lock himself in his bedroom and call the police!

  40. Anne de Vries says:

    @ TG One more thing. If it is true that the audits are what is keeping nicole kidman’s mouth shut and her away from her kids how could anything she told them be that bad.

    In her case it’s more likely that the scilons have a firm (brainwashy) hold of her two kids with Cruise, and if she makes so much as a wrong more those kids will be ordered to disconnect from her. She gives the impression of being extremely careful not to give them reason to declare her a ‘suppressive person’ (enemy of $cientology) so that she can maintain at least some contact with the children.

  41. Tiffany says:

    I know I am late on this-I was on vacation for a couple days. This is EXACTLY what they did to my grandfather when he left the church and his ex stayed with the kids. They ruined his life. They dragged him off to the brainwashing camp in Florida, he cannot see his kids.
    It’s a worldwide cult/tax evasion. It’s sick, torture and breaks families apart. My cousin has tried to run away several times and they always come and find her and take her back. Arranged, young, multiple marriages. I could go on and on.
    In addition to the BBC special, the website operation clambake is a great resource and if you want to really get a peek, read the info that Hubbard’s son testifies about. He is disconnected as well.