Tom Cruise is desperate to impress the kiddies on the ‘Rock of Ages’ set


The past few years of Tom Cruise’s movie-star existence has been many things but can easily be summarized as a case of trying too hard. He tries too hard to impress. He tries too hard to be taken seriously. And he tries too hard to convince us that he’s a good four inches taller than his true height when it really shouldn’t matter at all. Now In Touch brings us a story from the set of Rock of Ages, where Tom is (naturally) trying too hard to convince the younguns that he’s just as cool as they are. Unfortunately for Tom, they’re all rather preoccupied with laughing at his rock star lifts and various other ways that he’s coming on too strong:

Top Gun? Try Top Grandpa! Yep, that’s what Tom Cruise’s younger castmates are calling the 49-year-old star on the set of Rock of Ages, where he is embarrassing himself by dressing like a teenager and trying to seem relevant, an on-set source says. While the once super-hot actor has been trying to get close to the cast and crew by introducing them to up-and-coming bands like Bon Iver and Odd Future, they’re too busy making fun of him behind his back to be impressed by his efforts, the source adds. Anyone who has seen Tom dance on BET’s “106 & Park” will have little trouble imagining his sad-but-valiant attempt to “connect” with the kiddies!

[From In Touch, print edition, July 25]

If you’re unfamiliar with the above-referenced BET dance of doom, here’s a bit of a refresher:

Poor Tom. If the guy just feigned a reclusive, enigmatic presence and hid out in his trailer, people would probably flock to him. Unfortunately, Tom is not capable of merely doing so, and he must actively seek out acceptance, which is an admittedly sad situation. Yes, Tom Cruise is hovering on the brink of a mid-life crisis of sorts, and he desperately wants to prove that he’s still the biggest movie star in the world, which he obviously hasn’t been for several years. Added into the mix of Tom’s life cycle are a few key complications: (1) The bubble of celebrity wherein he has resided for multiple decades; and (2) The insanity known as the Church of Scientology. Obviously, Tom’s not in touch with reality and hasn’t been for quite some time (if ever); so at this stage, it’s almost painful to watch him try to endear himself not only to younger audiences but also, if this tabloid article is to be believed, to his younger costars and crew members as well.

Meanwhile, the clock keeps on ticking, as his wife Katie reminded him by throwing him a surprise 49th birthday party at their Miami hotel earlier this month. Here’s a few photos of Tom looking absolutely wiped out on the balcony. Take a nap, Tom!



Photos courtesy of Fame Pictures

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32 Responses to “Tom Cruise is desperate to impress the kiddies on the ‘Rock of Ages’ set”

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks absolutely gross in these Rock of Ages pix?

    And isn’t almost 50 a little old for a mid-life crisis? (Or am I just projecting from the men I’ve known who started theirs’ early?)

  2. SolitaryAngel says:

    Nope–I think he looks gross too. I’m *almost* beginning to feel sorry for him. OhmyGod I need a nap!!

  3. Quest says:

    Eh! Some people need to grow up and get a reality check on how old they really are. Yup, that first pic is totally gross.

  4. CJ says:

    I don’t know, I think he’s still got it. At least some. It’s not like Steven Tyler or Mick Jagger aren’t old.

  5. OriginalGracie says:

    @the original bellaluna: NO! You are far from alone and I personally could just puke from looking at just that top pic of him.

    He is just so gross and oily and fake and over-the-top in all things. I have never liked him but lately I find myself almost hating him for his creepy behavior and almost sinister need to be loved.

    I would not hit that for a cool million. Not enough money in the world.

  6. lexirei says:

    Does anyone remember that gig from last year’s MTV Movie Awards? Enough said.

    I’m starting to feel a bit bad for him though.

  7. margo says:

    He needs to flee the cult, stop funding their illegal acts and wake up! He is being “handled” everyday by his even shorter BFF David Miscavige, by his every move being monitored through household staff, family members who are ALL SCINOS-this guy can’t discuss doubts with his wife without the COS knowing! SAD

  8. You don't say says:

    Tabloid story, so who really knows, but he tries way too hard to be cool. You either are or you are not. If you have to try that hard, then you are not. His “abs” are lumps and when standing still, you can see hard much effort he puts into holding his stomach in. His face look stretched over his skeleton too, a bit too tight.

  9. katnip says:

    I’m not a fan of Tom, but I think the comments are a bit harsh.

    Tom is an International Star and there are not that many of them left. The thing that makes me go hmm is that he has been reducing himself to D list status. The way he has been over promoting his films. He should not be going on every single talk show or doing silly stunts to get the audience to see a film. I was just shaking my head at how he turned himself inside out to promote Knight and Day. That was sad.

    Tom Cruise should not need to do anything to impress young actors that have yet to make their mark anywhere. They should be coming to him. NOT the other way around.

    Tom needs to pull back and remember who he is and act like a STAR.. they are a dying breed. We need them; because all we have left are cookie cutter inter-changeable people.

  10. fabgrrl says:

    The last thing I saw Tom Cruise in was Tropic Thunder. And I remember thinking, hey, he actually does have charisma. He has some kind of, I don’t know, “presence”, like you can’t look anywhere else but at him, even in a fat suit. My point? Yes, he is trying way to hard. He is TOM CRUISE, now and forever. He should just remember that, kick-back, and become one of those Hollywood legends/elders, like Harrison Ford or Michael Douglas.

  11. Nanea says:

    Tom is desperate, and it is no one’s fault but his own – see that cult membership, going after people who report about the state of his closet, wearing lifts, behaving like a raving lunatic…

  12. Jenny says:

    He seems to be afraid of aging. He wants to remain that guy from Top Gun. Others in his age range have accepted it better. Clooney has grey hair, Pitt shows his grey beard and neither seems to be losing jobs or sex appeal. Even Damon, who is younger has a few grey hairs showing, but Cruise just won’t accept that in a couple of years AARP will be sending him an application.

  13. Adrien says:

    Most rockstars prefer to wear shoes with cuban heels. They need to appear longer onstage.
    Tom is someone whom I find annoying as a real person but I like as an actor, just like Russel Brand, Miley Cyrus or Gwyneth Paltrow. I liked him in all the movies he starred in. I do empathize with his character. He’s 50 and he looks great.

  14. Baffled says:

    He seems to be making a parody of himself. I can’t take my eyes away from that huge chunk in the side of his face in the first pic. Is that an implant? It certainly does not look normal.

  15. mia girl says:

    Tom Cruise and Bon Iver in the same sentence is making me depressed. Excuse me while I lie down and try desperately to scrub this connection out of my brain.

    If Tom ruins this music for me, I will hunt him down!

  16. lexirei says:

    @Jenny: Funny how you mentioned AARP. My mother turned 50 about two months ago. Not even a full week goes by and surprise! An AARP letter shows up. It’s like they are counting down the days or something.

    Back to Tom: I actually do believe he’s a decent actor. His role in “Magnolia” proves it. It’s very embaressing how he’s trying his best to please everyone (at least it seems that way). Maybe he’s going through some phase.

  17. Tiffany says:

    “Most” rockstars don’t wear high heels. Ok, well-Prince. And he rocks them. He doesn’t wear lifts INSIDE the heels, which you can clearly see in Tom’s shoes. He is pathetic. For many more reasons than the elevators.
    Hubby is a musician and has worked with some of the biggest names in the biz. Not a lot of high heels on the dudes. Trust me, I’ve been hanging around these peeps for over 20 years with some big names…no high heels.

  18. Novaraen says:

    It’s the Scientology that kills his hotness….sorry Tommy.

  19. Nikkers says:

    It is totally the trying to hard that makes it sad.

    He does look good for his age, he can act, and he is a major movie star. He can give it a rest. Tone it down a notch, or eleven.

  20. bluhare says:

    @katnip: (standing ovation)

  21. Deb says:

    @ the original bellaluna. The Rock of Ages pics aren’t doing anything for me either. I was never crazy about Tom Cruise to start, but I don’t find him very convincing as a rocker. Rock musicians generally have a “don’t-give-damn” attitude. They don’t care what anyone thinks. Tom seems like he very much cares what people think about him.

  22. katnip**I agree with you.While,in the past I was a fan,it’s hard for me to relate to his work anymore,I guess because of all if his antics. I wish he would pull his mess together,because he has made films that I’ve really enjoyed.

  23. as says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that article is true. If anyone picks up Rob Lowe’s memoir, he talks extensively about filming The Outsiders with Tommy and the other guys. He pretty much describes Tommy as a manic pleaser. Just wants to please everyone and is fanatical about everything. When Patrick Swayze (god rest his soul) taught the boys how to do a back flip, Tommy kept doing it until he got it right. The way Rob was describing Tommy he sounded like a hyperactive chipmunk.

  24. Becky says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Tom Cruise-even in junior high back in the mid 1980′s when everyone was into “Top Gun” he never did it for me-but I have to say I think he’s aged pretty well. For being 49 he looks pretty good.

  25. harfang says:

    @Becky is right. Completely to my own surprise, those “wiped out” pics look pretty fantastic. When he doesn’t give a crap, he’s more attractive than when he was the Risky Business kid he seems to miss being. His face looks terrific, largely due to a ruggedness he didn’t used to have, and the sloppy semi-mullet only helps.

  26. Juliesunflower says:

    Thank goodness Oprah is off the air. After she showed him jumping up and down on the couch , he lost his mystique

  27. Tara says:

    Tom is hilarious but the comments are a tad harsh. I’m a pretty good dancer and the BET dance clip waswn’t terrible. Stiff? yes, but he has rhythm and looked like he was having fun. Lots of peple would look a little off if they were attempting a dance for the first time. Anyway, next.

  28. maggiegrace says:

    He’s got a classic post-lipo stomach. Hate him hate him hate him

  29. Hanh says:

    Weird cheeks in that Rock of Ages photo. Looks like he got implants that you can see the outline when he opens his mouth that wide.

  30. Alley says:

    Shouldn’t he be saving people while climbing rocks, flying a plane and killing Hitler, so now hes a rock star, it’s creepy how he thinks he is every character he has ever played. I’m sure he rides a motor bike in this movie as well. But does he run for half the film or it’s not a Cruise film.

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  32. cs says:

    Bon Iver is boring.