Sons of Anarchy creator blasts Emmy snub, mocks Glee

This is part of the reason I don’t tweet much. I’ve gotten into trouble in the past bitching about people who have done me wrong. (And we’re talking once, but that was back when you could still search on deleted tweets so the person found it anyway.) Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter took to Twitter to complain that his show was snubbed by the Emmy nominating committee. He called them old and joked that they screwed him out of a threesome with his wife, the show’s star Katey Sagal, who had “promised me a threesome if we won.” Then he went on to mock Glee and sort-of try to take it back. Classy.

After the Emmy noms were announced this morning, Kurt Sutter went to Twitter and fired off the following:

“The worse part of not getting an emmy nod. katey [his wife] promised me a threesome if she won. now i have to settle for me, her and the shaved bunny.”

“Best part of not getting an emmy nod. now i don’t have to pretend i give a s**t about the profiteering douchebag academy … because you know if we were nominated i’d be all humble and blowing smoke up their asses. now i can stay true to myself and just be a d**k.”

He continues with a joke — “These two academy member walk into a bar. one orders a beer. then they both die because they’re so f**king old.”

And … “If my mom and dad were alive this emmy snub would kill them. that’s not true, they were too old to understand my show. just like the academy.”

Sutter also took aim at “Glee” … writing, “f**k glee. hate those annoying, ‘please accept me for who i am’, singing brats. there, i said it. are you happy?”

He went on to explain, “I love ryan murphy [‘Glee’ creator]. he’s always very cool with me. love glee too. just tired of all the j**z piling up at its feet.”

[From TMZ]

Later he tweeted “you do know that i’m really okay with no noms right? if i was really upset, i wouldn’t be ranting. i’d be plotting. i’m all about the love” and followed up with “those who got the joke, laughed. those who didn’t, published a story. so sad that greedy media whores must turn good fun into nasty business.” It’s all our fault for paying attention to what he wrote, an argument so many celebrities have used before ad nauseum. Way to write about the same people who help promote your show.

I tried to get into Sons of Anarchy. I didn’t start from the beginning though, I started from season three, watched about four episodes and just found it too hard to keep up with. It was complicated and hard to follow. Compare that to Boardwalk Empire, which I also didn’t start watching until mid-season. There’s a lot of mobster stuff going on with that show and I’ll be honest some minor plot details were lost to me, but I could still watch it and find it entertaining. Sons of Anarchy frustrated me, but I did enjoy what I saw, just not enough to care what happened next or keep watching. Maybe it’s just not everyone’s cup of tea, it doesn’t have to do with people being too “old” to enjoy it. You wouldn’t expect a whiny bitch like Sutter to get that though. He has much more in common with Ryan Murphy than he thinks.


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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    SOA is one of THE BEST shows on TV! Watch from the beginning, and you will be champing at the bit (think True Blood) for the next season.

    Complicated story-lines; conflicted characters; and some truly brutal stuff, combined with excellent actors portraying it all. It’s an AWESOME show. It’s not just a show…it’s a journey with these characters you grow to love, despite their flaws. DEFINITELY NOT “FLUFF” (as I call BS time-filler shows).

    (But probably not the academy’s *ahem* speed.) Too bad, because they are seriously missing out!

  2. lucky says:

    But Damn Katey Sagal is a hot mama! Talk about aging beautifully and naturally…. hot.

  3. Mata says:

    I believe he was mostly joking with this tweet. Kurt Sutter is indeed a whiny douchebag and when he’s truly ranting, it’s like watching a 3 year old’s tantrum. I love Sons, but whenever there have been fan or critical complaints, he calls names and huffs and puffs about all those (fill in the blanks) who are just too stupid to understand his artistic vision.

  4. SolitaryAngel says:

    Yeah, Katey Sagal is what all aging actresses should aspire to be–beautiful, natural and all woman. 🙂 Loved her in the episode (Season 3) with Stephen King!!

  5. jocular says:

    @the original bellaluna: absolutely!
    watch from the beginning.

  6. karena says:

    I still enjoy Glee but it is in the middle of its backlash phase. To complain about it has now become de rigueur. Indeed, Kurt Sutter is a pissy little thing but Sons of Anarchy is brilliant.

  7. Anti-icon says:

    I saw this on TMZ and thought it was amusing. The guy sounds pretty comical in his rants. (I’ve never seen the show, but I loves me some Katy Segal.) He knows he’ll increase his ratings, and he seems pretty entrepreneurial. It will build rating and viewership.

  8. Katie says:

    Kurt Sutter kind of annoys but I am a big SOA fan. The 1st 2 seasons were better than the last, and Katey Sagal should absolutely have been nominated for an Emmy for her work during the 2nd season. Sutter seems like a dick though. I don’t like that shaved bunny comment and I remember on the season 2 DVDs he made a really inappropriate comment about his wife (katey sagal)that bothered me. I can’t remember it specifically but I think it was something about being turned on watching her rape scene during the show. Just not something to share with the whole world, you know?

  9. jesikabelcher says:

    I Love Peggy Bundy!!!

  10. gobo says:

    I watched the first half season of Glee. I thought it started out promising but failed to go anywhere of interest to me. IT just seemed to get worse and worse until i couldn’t face another episode. If this guy hates Glee then he should own it. Plenty of people do, and with good reason. Love the sons but so much of the North of Ireland parts in season 3 were shockingly bad.

  11. lucy2 says:

    This guy complained last year too, I think, so for someone who claims he’s OK with that, he sure makes a bit stink about it.
    In this day and age, he should just be happy he not only has a job, but one that lets him be creatively expressive AND pays decently too.
    I haven’t seen the show yet, but it’s on my list, mostly because I love Katey Sagal. I just finished watching the Shield (great show) and I know there’s a lot of overlap of cast and crew, so I will check it out at some point.

  12. sassenach says:

    He is a whiny prick. I LOVE Katey Segal amd she should have been nominated for best actress. She plays one of the most complicated female characters on t.v. She is awesome and she is also aging beautifully.

  13. Jen D says:

    It’s a great show, but this season was a little weak (except for the finale!). Katey Segal always does a fantastic job – didn’t she get nominated during season 2? If anyone got nominated on the show this season I kind of think it should have been Ryan Hurst (I think that’s his name), based on the fact that he was amazing during the finale. I loved Stephen King’s cameo….

  14. Audrey says:

    Katy looks awesome and looks just as tough as her character on SOA.

  15. Rachael says:

    “I tried to get into Sons of Anarchy. I didn’t start from the beginning though, I started from season three, watched about four episodes and just found it too hard to keep up with.”

    Season 3 is the crappiest season so you definitely don’t want to start with that one. I started in season 2 and I got sucked in. Then after S2 was over I went back and watched S1, and that one was really good too. Then S3 came along and it was frustrating and not that good. Hopefully S4 is better, because the last couple episodes of S3 pissed me off enough to almost quit watching right then and there.

    Kurt Sutter’s tweets were definitely on the childish/sour grapes side, maybe just because he tweeted SO many of them. If he had just done one and left it at that it probably wouldn’t have come off quite so bad.

    But there’s definitely one statement he made that I agree with: “Fuck Glee.” Even Glee fans have been complaining up one side and down the other about how uneven the most recent season was, and yet it STILL gets all the major Emmy nominations. They could create an entire season of Glee that literally consisted one cast member per episode just taking a dump on the sidewalk while singing a catchy tune, and I guarantee you the season would STILL get nominated for a bazillion Emmys. I just. Don’t. Get it.

    Anyway it’s been at least a decade since any t.v. show I really cared about was nominated for Emmys in the major categories so I never watch them anymore. But I still find myself getting annoyed when the nominations come out every single year. I guess Dexter and Breaking Bad still get nominated … but season 5 of Dexter was not that great so it probably didn’t deserve it this year.

  16. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Celebitchy, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ is just like ‘Mad Men’; you have to watch it from the first episode. Both are excellent adult drama with crazy funny twists and terrific plot lines.

    I bet you watched ‘Mad Men’ from the very first episode, and I think you would change your mind about ‘Sons’ if you did the same with this show too. At least watch for Charlie Hunnam, the most delicious man I’ve ever seen!

    I LOVE this show, AND I’m old!

  17. severine says:

    He’s 100% right. Nominating over-rated and pandering crap like Glee, Modern Family(average at best, grating at worst)and Dexter(last season was painful) instead of Treme, Community, Sons of Anarchy etc is the definition of failing.
    He maybe whiny but I can’t disagree with what he’s saying. Also, Katey Segal being overlooked while Kathy Bates getting nominated is tragic.

  18. Lou says:

    I love Sons. One of the best shows ever in television. Unfortunately, the last season’s plot was one of the dumbest things ever. It says a lot that I still like the show and can’t wait until next season, but going to Ireland for a missing baby and stuff? That’s like bad soap opera writing. They pulled it off just enough to get me to come back, but they should’ve never have done it.

  19. ctkat1 says:

    Sons is great- I agree that last season was weak (the whole Ireland plotline, sheesh!) but I still loved it more than 90% of what is on television.

    This coming season sounds great- the club is back in Charming, making money and dealing with the changes since they got back.

    Kurt Sutter is pretty legendary for these types of comments- he gets his panties in a wad over any perceived slight to his show. I think the tweets were actually a joke- if you read his blog (Sutter Ink- he’s profane, but there’s a lot of insider info on being a show runner) then you know that this is a pretty mild reaction.

    Anyway, SoA is amazing!! Between ‘Sons’ and ‘Justified’, F/X has some of the best drama on television (who would’ve thought!)

    Katey Sagal won the Golden Globe last year- it was a huge shock, but an Emmy is more prestigious than a Globe.

  20. moja31 says:

    SOA is a great show, the first two seasons were amazing.

  21. original kate says:

    he’s right…”glee” sucks.

  22. shockedandappalled says:

    Yeah, definitely season 3 of SOA was weak. One and two were amazing. 3 ended really well, but there was a lot of drag in the middle while the show was set in Ireland. Give it a proper chance! Looking very forward to the next one, though…

  23. Miss Diagnosed says:

    Love Sons of Anarchy, especially Tommy Flanagan. He’s stunningly gorgeous, even scruffy, and a great actor. I love my Scottish men.

  24. fallen says:

    I just finished season 2 of Sons of Anarchy, and i love that show its so awesome.

  25. Katija says:

    Believe it or not, I do think he was kidding. There may have been some truth behind it, but I think he was just making jokes for his disappointed fans.

    And seriously, Glee needs to end. The problem with Ryan Murphy – this was the exact situation with Nip/Tuck – was that he starts out great, but then bombards you with so many ridiculous and unbelievable plot twists so that what was once a great show begins to seriously annoy you.

  26. Louiset says:

    I don’t watch SOA but it’s almost impossible to understand a show when you miss the first two seasons. Missing 2 or 3 episodes is nothing. I enjoyed some of Glee this season but I feel like they are already repeating storylines. It’s getting old after just 2 seasons.

  27. the_porscha says:

    Kurt Sutter is one of the whiniest mofos in the business, so you have to ignore him completely, BUT SOA is one of the best shows on TV. People were split on season 3, and this is definitely not a show you can start from the middle, just because each season deals with an overarching storyline that starts with the first episode and ends (or sometimes continues) with the last ep of the season… so there’s a lot of little plotlines that will be lost if you don’t watch the first episode of each season. I love it, though. Easily one of my favorites of all time.

  28. Ashley says:

    After reading the comments I may have to give this show a go. I’m in need of something to watch.

  29. Chris says:

    “But Damn Katey Sagal is a hot mama! Talk about aging beautifully and naturally…. hot. ”

    Totally agree. She’s harldy change at all since her Peg Bundy days. Amazing.

  30. shay kay says:

    Ditto on all the “I love Katey Segals” and on the “this is what a hot woman should look like.”
    Could not care less what he husband is ranting/joking about.
    My personal opinion is that the show is well written, well acted, and Segal deserves recognition for her gritty,tough portrayal of Gemma.Segal shows a mother who is all about taking care of her family even if she’s not too concerned about how many laws she breaks to do it.Female, vulnerable, tough,smart, loving, and a little crazy what’s not to love about Segal’s Gemma?

  31. Ellie says:

    this show is ABSOLUTELY one of the BEST shows on TV. That and Breaking Bad. It’s just so pathetic, shows like Glee “The mainstream” shows get a nod and the credit. People need to step out of the box!