Did Jennifer Lopez dump Marc Anthony because he was too controlling?


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their split late Friday. My take, at the time, was that it sounded like both Marc and Jennifer were totally done with their marriage, and that they weren’t even playing the “maybe we’ll reconcile” game. Many of you have theories about their marriage, and now, their separation. Some have brought up those old(er) tabloid stories about Marc being physically abusive to Jennifer – I’ve always had a hard time believing those stories, but maybe that’s just me. What is being said by many is that Marc is very controlling – CB pointed out this story, about Marc “coaching” Jennifer during the commercial breaks on American Idol. LaineyGossip also noted that Marc often seems “intense” and jealous with Jennifer. I could see him being emotionally, psychologically abusive… much more than physically abuse, but once again, we don’t know for sure.

Despite my surprise for their split, I also thought that the signal – the event which should have raised the alert for all of us – for the breakup was that Jennifer took her mom to meet Prince William and Duchess Kate last weekend. Usually Jennifer never missed an opportunity to trot Marc out, so we should have known that something was up. The Mail claims that it was last weekend, the weekend that William and Kate were in LA, that Jennifer and Marc’s marriage officially fell apart:

It should have been the glittering highlight of their seven-year union. Multi-millionaire superstars Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were due to be guests of honour at the top table with Prince William and Kate at last weekend’s glittering Bafta gala in Hollywood.

Instead, J-Lo sashayed down the red carpet in a provocatively clinging green Pucci gown accompanied by her mother, Guadalupe, a former kindergarten teacher from the Bronx. She was also missing her wedding ring. Royal aides, along with the singer-actress’s millions of fans, were mystified. But on Friday night in a statement issued through J-Lo’s publicist, the couple, worth an estimated £240 million, announced they are to divorce. They called the decision ‘painful’ and ‘difficult’. But The Mail on Sunday has spoken to several of the couple’s closest confidantes and can reveal they began to drift apart three years after their marriage in June 2004.

‘This is not a surprise,’ J-Lo’s stylist Phillip Bloch said in an exclusive interview last night. ‘Marc is very controlling. In the beginning she liked that because he stood up to her, and in the early days he was very much in love with her and she was with him.’

But the couple are said to have begun to squabble soon after 41-year-old J-Lo’s mother moved into their Long Island, New York mansion in 2008 to help look after their newborn twins.

‘They also clashed when she learned he owed millions in unpaid taxes on the Long Island estate,’ said film-maker Ed Meyer, an associate of J-Lo’s first husband, Cuban-born club-owner Ojani Noa. ‘The other problem was that they couldn’t agree where to live. J-Lo’s career is in Hollywood and she wanted to live in their Malibu mansion and Marc loved New York. She was going to move to New York in a last-ditch effort to save the marriage. But last Monday I heard it was all over.’

In November 2002 – after a second failed marriage, to backing dancer Cris Judd – Jennifer became engaged to actor Ben Affleck, declaring he was ‘the one’. But The Mail on Sunday has learned that years before, another man, top Latin American recording artist Marc Anthony, had become infatuated with her. J-Lo broke up with Affleck in January 2004. That June Marc, now 42, finalised his divorce from former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres. Four days later they married at Jennifer’s home in Beverly Hills.

They presented themselves as a fairytale couple. But soon after the birth of the twins, the couple are said to have begun to argue.

‘J-Lo’s mother wanted to run her life and Marc wanted to run her life and I don’t think J-Lo wanted anyone to control her,’ said Meyer.

Friends say J-Lo made one last attempt to save the marriage with her offer to move back to New York.

‘She fought to make it work for the sake of the children,’ said Phillip Bloch. ‘She desperately did not want a third divorce.’

[From The Mail]

Hm… it’s interesting that a named source – a powerful hair stylist with his own elite circle within Hollywood – is going on the record about Marc and Jennifer’s relationship, it’s interesting that Phillip Bloch is blaming Marc’s controlling ways, and it’s interesting that this is being done so soon. I’m telling you… it’s going to get intense, I think.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is already reportedly heading out of the country for her first post-split gig, in the Ukraine. She’s being paid $1 million to perform at a wedding on July 19. E! News’s source says, “It’s a wealthy guy who wanted J.Lo and was willing to pay top dollar.” And Max and Emme aren’t coming with her.

Here’s another thought… Jennifer always bounces back very, very quickly. Who will her jumpoff/rebound be? For some reason, I really, really wish Simon Cowell was still doing Idol, because I think Simon and Jennifer would be… awesome. My theory? She’s not going to go for another actor like Ben Affleck or something. She’ll go for a power-player, maybe someone behind-the-scenes, a producer or the head of a studio or label, something like that.



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  1. NancyMan says:

    Gross!- Both of them!

  2. HeiN says:

    If it looks like a rat, acts like a rat.. Oh well.

  3. Rita says:

    I think Marc dumped Jennifer because he was tired of wiping lip stick off his forehead….just speculation. Guys hate that.

  4. Chisom says:

    The man looks gaunt, he needs to eat more.

  5. Franny says:

    Hopefully someone taller this time…and less coked out

  6. Sumodo1 says:

    The clock was ticking on this marriage from day one!

  7. KJ says:

    I’m sayin she’s gonna go the Salma Hayek route and get a high-powered business man. Not a producer or movie industry type, though, maybe a foreign billionaire.

  8. RHONYC says:

    Happy Sunday Kaiser!

    i took a break from making brunch (ooh, i love the smell of organic bacon in the morn-in…smells like, vic-tory! lol)

    i totally agree with your jumpoff/rebound theory, ’cause lets face it…

    Jlo thought that she & Affleck were the 2nd coming of ‘Lizchard’ (Liz Taylor & Richard Burton). she really, REALLY wants that ‘Brangelina’ status with some Hollywood hotshot and DIED when it didn’t work out.

    so she rebounded with the guy who DID worship her for years, but saw that she really wants to wear the pants when it comes to guys like him (but not with Affleck…she liked ‘his’ manly-type control, unlike Marc’s ‘jealous-bitchy-type control).

    too bad she can’t be happy with someone like the dancer ex that wasn’t jealous (nor powerful) & would have worshipped her till the day she died.

    she has a very masculine point of view when it comes to power. usually it’s the rich dudes that are looking for armcandy to improve their image.

    i’d respect her more if she just didn’t give a f*ck about people thought.

    now back to brunch… 😉

  9. Jenny says:

    Folks keep pointing out the royal gala as a sign of problems in this relationship. Probable. But where was Afleck?

  10. mln76 says:

    JLo is going to end up breaking Elizabeth Taylor’s record. I feel bad for the twins but I totally think Marc is a controlling bastard also she should get credit for doing her best to get him out of a financial sinkhole. This is going to get ugly bring on the popcorn.

  11. K-MAC says:

    Actually, I am rather nervous to hear what comes out. I once dated a guy for 2 years (off and on). It took me a while to get that he had a terrible jealousy problem. In the beginning I thought it was sweet, after 6 months not so much, so I ended it. We would be broken up for 3 months and then get back together for a month and I NEVER told anyone what it was truly like to be with him (if I even looked in the direction at a guy on a street corner, he thought I was sleeping with him–bizarre). Even after it was FINALLY over I let it be part of my past and there it stayed.

    If MA is as controlling and jealous as I have heard I feel for J-Lo and her kids. Good thing she is getting out and I hope she takes some time for herself and not jump to the next person…

  12. whatWHAT? says:

    You know, I can’t really jump on the whole “he’s so freakin’ skinny” bandwagon. I met my hub shortly after he retired from modeling and it wasn’t the beefy type modeling but the Dior Homme skinny man modeling. It is actually pretty hard to be a skinny man I have found, I know that totally sounds lame but it’s true.

    That being said, I always saw their relationship as one with a deadline. He is huge in the latin world, she is a high achieving type. Both of them are used to being the top attention getter in their respective entertainment worlds and no matter how hard they tried they could not bridge things. I saw them at some events and she would make a point of being lovely toward him and he would act as if it were to be expected. He always came off as the spoiled prima donna.

  13. really says:

    He looks like a bitch-type! Too bad she has zero class!

  14. daisydoodle says:

    wouldn’t want to be married to someone with a smaller jean size than I have.

  15. Schnauzers!!! says:

    Often, a physical abuser doesn’t look like a physical abuser, and sometimes like he COULD be an abuser.
    Beat them down emotionally, make them feel like they can’t make it without you…and that’s when the physical abuse starts. Sometimes it’s from the beginning, sometimes it’s completely unexpected but there is a pattern.
    Whether M.A. IS a physical abuser or NOT…his looks and size have nothing to do with it.

  16. Maritza says:

    She is a beautiful and talented woman, she does not need him dragging her down. Marc felt insecure because he knew she still had a torch for Ben. I guess now he can focus on writing great songs. I remember he said she was his muse,now he can be inspired to write songs related to his situation. The greatest songs he wrote was when he was pursuing her while he was still married and she was with Ben, I have all his cd’s, great stuff.

  17. Susan says:

    I could see her with John Mayer…LOL…he loves the vulnerable ones!

  18. Pyewacket says:

    Everyone painting him as the devil, when there are many stories about her and her nasty Diva ways.

    I can’t stand her, and I find him repulsive too. Too bad they are breaking up, because as far as I am concerned, they both are perfect for one another.

    P.S- Where does everyone get this “She carries a torch for AfflecK”? How you know that? Are you speaking to her regularly and she tells you this?

  19. The Other Hand says:

    Have no pity for either of them. $cientology is a dangerous cult and they paid their millions to belong.

  20. bluhare says:

    Re the Daily Mail piece. How would an “associate” of her first husband know what was happening at her house in 2008? They aren’t exactly on good terms.

    Can’t stand Lopez. She’s got a jump off; no doubt about it. Only question is who.

  21. The Truth Fairy says:

    This divorce is going to get ugly. It will be Kim & Alec 2.0. She’s got all the $ and a macho control freak like Marc isn’t going to let her go that easily. He’ll take credit for her success to get more $ and use the kids to hurt her. It’s going to be a real life telenovela.

  22. Jackson says:

    I hope next time she marries someone attractive and not a tiny little corpsey elf like MA again. Let’s face it, we’re gonna have to see pics of him stuck on her arm for another 3-7 years. Choose wisely, JLo, choose wisely!

  23. jennifer says:

    Um..she finally got a good look at him?

    Seriously, she wanted babies. She knew better than to pull a Britney- who I’m sure STILL pays alimony to the loser-who-shall-not-be-named. So she had her babies with a rich person, and since he’s so butt ugly and unpleasant, he can be on his way now.

  24. Strawberrygirl says:

    CDAN Revealed a blind on the fourth of July that Marc was having an affair with one of his back up singers.

  25. Tiffany says:

    FYI, Phillip Bloch is a clothing stylist, not a hair stylist.

    Could care less about these two. He seems like a cracked out mess all time, and she is still working the 25 yo sexy pics. Ugh.

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh, yeah; J-Ho will either go big or go home with her new piece. She doesn’t roll any other way. She thrives on money and attention. She’ll make sure she gets both, in spades, next time around.

    @ Schnauzers – Yes. Abusers don’t just walk up to a new girlfriend and start hitting them. No woman would tolerate that. What they do is isolate and alienate, until they are the only person in your life; then they start the verbal/emotional abuse; when you’re properly broken, then the physical abuse starts.

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Jenny – Wasn’t Ben there with his wife?

  28. kibbles says:

    I can’t imagine JLo with a lowly douche like John Mayer. Girlfriend has no class, but she’s not stupid! I agree with Kaiser that at this point in her life, she will want a man her age or older who has power and money. I can see her going the Selma Hayek route; dating or marrying a billionaire businessman. Simon Cowell is a good choice. Also, whoever this guy is who is paying her a million dollars to perform at his party. I’m guessing this guy is a businessman and it’s a convenient way for a rich man interested in her to make his move.

  29. mew says:

    I was surprised that they lasted this long actually. I always thought they would break up sooner or later, I just thought it would be much sooner.

  30. jinni says:

    She needs to get with a dude like Salma Hayek’s husband (not looks wise, but finances wise).

  31. Violet says:

    I don’t think there was physical abuse. They were probably verbally abusive to each other. Both are the kind of people that use up more than their fair share of oxygen in the room.

    Their relationship started with a boatload of bad karma: He was married with two young children, and JLo as usual was on the rebound.

    It makes sense that the marriage started faltering fairly early on, because neither of them has a track record for longevity or fidelity.

    Usually I feel bad when I see a couple going through divorce, but not in this case. Besides, sympathy would be wasted on these two: Both of them moved on ages ago (rumor has it that Pitbull is her jumpoff and a backup singer is his).

  32. Anne de Vries says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he was that controlling. She got with him when she was at a low point, and since she’s started to bounce back up he may well have become more and more stifling, trying to keep her ‘small’.

  33. sandy#1 says:

    jho? lol i’m sorry, she constantly puts herself out there for attention in every thing she does, tacky, now this is public too. Marc has talent, jlo does not, feel sorry for her children, how embarrassing it would be to have this aggressive man eater as a mom, no class at all.

  34. searching4grace says:

    @The Other Hand “Have no pity for either of them. $cientology is a dangerous cult and they paid their millions to belong.”

    I didn’t realize these people were Scientologists, and even if they are, that doesn’t excuse any abuse towards each other, if there is any. If she’s not happy, good for her getting out

  35. Thea says:

    She is supposedly having an affair with a work colleague. Steven Tyler. ROFL. Wait could happen. And he, Marc is having an affair with a backup singer/escort. So……I cant wait to see what the future reveals.

  36. lrm says:

    It’s not just that he’s ‘too skinny’ he looks gaunt, yellow/sallow and slightly sickly or drug addict sickly/skinny….

    thin or too thin is one thing-my spouse tends to lose weight more than gain it-we joke about it in a very un PC way actually….but he eats normally…

    anyway, with MA he has always looked drug addicted to me personally. If the shoe fits…..

    Ah, having children [and twins to boot!] is hard on a marriage-I NEVER would have imagined….until I had my own.

    Yea, it’s hard and stressful to regain sympatico for awhile after having kids….and hers are still quite young…Add to that the controlling nature, plus busy show biz schedules…
    And the seemingly rushed nature of the courtship and marriage in a strange way….not surprising.

  37. 4Real says:

    This sounds more plausable than her being physically abused by a midget…I think you nailed it Kaiser.

  38. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    She’s a Linker – gotta always have a man in tow, so I’m sure she’s got somebody. An old rich dude seems most likely, but who? Ain’t too many available on Hayek’s level these days and look at the crap he’s in. The last thing J needs is a rich AND messy senior citizen. She’s too image conscious and can’t afford another hit right now, even if he has Gates or Ay-rab dollars.

    And the Pitbull rumor? Just a big fat WOW. Not saying it can’t be true, but it would make her look like a truly pathetic cougar – NOT like Lizzy Taylor at all. JLO IS still rocking the young girl steeze too much to Sarandon him publicly. Would be a BIG shot to her credibility. Just because you still have the body and the ability doesn’t mean you should roll like a teen at 40+ with it. A Pitbull relationship (of any variety) would just be a really bad look. He’s cute and surprisingly witty but his audience skews too young. But, maybe she’s so old and lost so much at love that she doesn’t care anymore. Now, THAT would be an interesting and possibly refreshing career development for her – that she adopts a no-care attitude.

    Like I said, she’s a Linker, so I’m sure we’ll see something very soon. Him? Meh. Good luck to MA and the backup dancer. Can we tell the two of them “Bye” now or should we wait until she gets pregnant on the get-child-support- from-the-palimony comeup?

  39. Dana M says:

    There is speculation that she hooked up/is hooking up with Cuban born actor William Levy. I think he is in one of her music videos. Ironically, he also announced his separation/divorce from his spouse recently. I can’t imagine she’d go for him though. I too think her jump off will be one a-la- Selma- Hayek, rich billionaire type of man.

  40. Maritza says:

    I’ve been watching youtube videos of these two and it’s sad to know they broke up, they really worked great together. I can see what she saw in him, just listen to his music and you’ll know. I just hope she stays single for a while to enjoy her career and kids.

  41. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    But who’s gonna get the gem encrusted designer toilet seat?

  42. ctkat1 says:

    She’ll go for rich, RICH older man, possibly European or Russian- could seriously see her with one of those Russian billionaires (think Naomi Campbell’s married lover).

    She won’t mess with someone in the public eye, because she’ll want to be the only “famous” one, but he will have to be a man that she can respect, and that equals age and money.

    As for Philip Bloch- he’s famous in his own right and has a very A-List clientele, which means that everything associated with his name is approved by JLo. He’s not speaking out of turn- he’s being used to establish her pr position, which means this divorce will get ugly. If JLo is using her entourage to leak unflattering info about Marc, then she’s going for blood.

  43. taxi says:

    Jlo is an unlikely victim of any form of abuse from MA. Physical? Make me laugh. She’d put him in the hospital.

    Her style has become so much more flamboyant & tasteless in the last few years as her ego & narcissism have grown. Yeah, he’d like to control, but his best chance for that would have ben to follow around & sing to her all day.

  44. TL says:

    How about she can’t keep a man. How many is this? At some point you can’t keep on blaming the men with the disco sticks.

  45. Sue says:

    Marc was controlling with his first wife Dayanara I remember when they first got divorce and got back together she was saying how he wanted her to give up her career to stay home with the kids which she did and he spent all his time away from her and the family traveling and Dayanara had a big problem with the fact that he was never home. Now from the rumors it sounds like the same pattern he wanted to control whatever JLO did and if he couldn’t he what’d her at home with the kids.

    I hope JLO takes time to be by herself and work on her issues (diva attitude ) and find what she really looking for in a man and takes the time to find the right guy and not hock up with anybody to have a man in her life because now she has kids and it’s not about her any more.

  46. Playlist says:

    Verbal abuse can be more harmful than physical abuse because the damage goes deeper and doesn’t always heal.

    It’s the timing of the divorce that speaks the most. They are doing this right when she is negotiating a new AI contract. Control freak Marc was probably trying to negotiate for “his” involvement in AI as part of her negotiations, and AI was reminding JLo that they were hiring her as a judge, not her husband.

    The big timing issue is that she delayed signing a new contract until after filing for divorce, so he won’t be getting any of her new salary. As they are now separated, her income is not part of any settlement. I bet she signs a new contract with AI this week.

  47. Jana says:

    I’ve never believed physical abuse. His ex at their worst never said that. I believe controlling, and Jennifer’s career has always been a driving force in her life and in Marc he was someone involved in that aspect, so I guess enticing in the beginning plus saving face from the Ben fiasco.

    I think she put in her time long enough not to be a joke, since she married so quickly after being dumped by Ben, to whom she became engaged quickly after leaving her second marriage, Chris, whom she married quickly too. She was becoming a joke. He was there for her, gave her kids and she lasted long enough. I think having sex with that skinny like guy after hunky Ben took its toll of her day in and day out. LOL She couldn’t fake it anymore. She was ready for someone bigger than her.

  48. Melissa says:

    Who knows what went down. I can kind of see her as someone difficult to be with. But man, she is aging beautifully. My daughter thinks she is so pretty.

  49. hatsumomo says:

    Her 3rd divorce? Chika obviously cant do something right.

  50. CHICKIBOO says:


  51. Anne de Vries says:

    Verbal abuse can be more harmful than physical abuse because the damage goes deeper and doesn’t always heal

    I wouldn’t say ‘more’ – physical abuse doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s never ‘just’ physical. But I’ll agree that emotional abuse it can be just as bad, and a lot more insideous. Physical abuse is at least easy to recognise (even if it’s still hard to acknowledge). Emotional abuse is far harder to recognise when it’s happening, because it starts so subtle and it messes with your sense of self.

  52. ZenB!tch says:

    @Pyewacket I can’t stand her either. I’ve called her JHO for years but he is worse. He’s abusive*, controlling weird and just plain creepy. I got that from articles about him pre-JHO. I never got how or why Dayanara (sp) put up with him.

    He also looks like he has some wasting disease but that is her choice to be with him and produce progeny that may grow up to look like that.

    JHO’s a diva and bitch but he is more than just full of himself. My dad was the jealous controlling type. It’s not pretty.

    This is the first time I’ve ever taken her side.

    *I’m not saying physically.

  53. xploxite says:

    Why we women always blame the man for everything, I’m a woman but I have the guts to admit and be truthful to say women are manipulative & everything has to be their way, she is one example of it. she used him and when she got what she wanted then got rid of him.

  54. mimi says:

    What is wrong with you people?

    Good for her for leaving an abusive partner.
    No person deserves to be married to a person who has the need to belittle them and makes them feel bad, not to mention controlling.

    Yes, women who choose to be divorced rather than stay with such a man should be LAUDED. Period.

    You are making fun of her for being divorced, and I find her strong and inspiring. She has much more personality and backbone than Jen Garner who would humiliate herself time and again by pretending not to see she is in a loveless marriage as long as she stays “famous” by association to a big star.

    Lopez had no luck in love but has earned my respect and I hope women who look up to her will do the same and choose to be independent and strong rather than stay with abusive partners.

    That is a REAL role model.
    Life is not a fairy tale and what makes you amazing is how you deal with thing with you are dealt a lousy hand.

    Jen has made the right and more difficult choice. It’s a brave one and I am sure she knew they are going to be some mean people who will use that choice against her.

    I am so happy she did so and hope many other women won’t be discouraged by some comments here.

  55. tsktsk says:

    Hasn’t Marc and Jennifer been married AND divorced before? I am not surprised they are divorcing, I am surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Obviously these two are not relationship or marriage material. Jennifer is known for being a diva bitch and Marc is also known for being controlling. I remember reading about that from his last wife. And, these two started up when he was still married. He divorced his wife for her. So, these two were a match made in hell.

    And, to the person above, if you even bothered to read through the comments you would see people weren’t pro-jen. AND, if you for one second think men can’t be manipulative and selfish you must have NEVER dated one. That is one myth that needs to die a quick death. Get a grip and stop lumping all women in one category because you nor jen speak for me.

  56. pwal says:

    Thank you for saying this, xploxite. You can’t imagine (or maybe you can) how frustrating it is seeing some of these female celebs getting away with this manipulative bull$h*t. Heather Locklear and most recently, Eva Longoria comes to mind, ‘fronting like she filed for divorce when it was Tony Parker who filed first.

  57. stella says:

    Jen needs to pay the man’s taxes and STFU! Seriously, they have hundreds of millions I hardly think a couple mil isn’t going to break the bank or be a reason for divorce. I’ve seen Marc on that show Hawthorne and he always looks twitchy, blinking his eyes weird. I wonder if he does do the drugs? That would be a legitimate reason for divorce. Latin people are so full of passion, it’s amazing these two lasted as long as they did. Their arguments (fights) must have been epic.

  58. Hautie says:

    I suspect that Lopez may have flirted with “The Cult”… held their hand, accepted expensive gifts and favors… but she is not ever giving them her hard earn cash. Not now… not ever.

    Plus, I see her and Mark both benefited from this marriage.

    They both had cooled off a bit and needed some positive attention. Which they received with the marriage. And their twins.

    But I also suspect her ego was just bruised as hell when Affleck left her.

    And Mark was a decent rebound option.

    He had his own career. Did not mind having her as a boost to his image in the Latin markets. Cause she is a big name too and it all comes down to more cashed earned.

    But alas Lopez really wanted back her A list level of attention.

    And she got that boost back to being close to it with Idol. So she can again afford to spend money like a fool. Without having to rely on a man for it.

    Yet, I completely agree that she will not be single for a decent amount of time. The girl has a back up plan. And I see angry phones in her future, from Mark over it.

  59. serena says:

    Next time please chose someone less ugly, Jen.

  60. Quest says:

    He may be controlling but JLo is the queen of diva bitches. She suddendly got back into the limelight so she has no need for Marc anymore or maybe Marc is just fed up of all the diva demands

  61. Tara says:

    J.Lo always has a backup plan, believe me. I know her type – she’s the American uptradey. Her mom is also quite horrid. New money is the worst money. I don’t doubt for a second that Marc Anthony was a lunatic, though. Those poor twins. JLo will marry some gabillionaire and those kids are going to be shipped off to boarding school in Switzerland.

  62. Lindsay says:

    It should have been the glittering highlight of their seven-year union. Multi-millionaire superstars Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were due to be guests of honour at the top table with Prince William and Kate at last weekend’s glittering Bafta gala in Hollywood.

    Ummm… I know it is a British paper but I don’t think getting sit next to another country’s royalty would have been THE highlight. Their wedding and kids should be much more important moments to them.

    Also, why were royal aides concerned about her wedding ring or lack of one?

    She is a shining example that money can’t buy taste and even if you spend tons of money on clothes and “design” a clothing line you can still look much worse than people who spend a lot less. Her stylists must hate her.

  63. REALIST says:

    My complete respect to comments about abuse above; as going beyond controlling to abusive is a real possibility with Marc’s conduct towards Jennifer. Also, psychological/verbal abuse can rise to the level of physical abuse.
    Aside from the notable abuse issue, the assertion that he was controlling is pretty much a no brainer. Body language, a comment here and there, and the fact that anyone on earth could tell J Lo what to do pretty much confirms that Marc Anthony was controlling. (Remember, J Lo cut in front of Mary Louise Parker at the BAFTA event to meet the D of Cambridge-she has some nerve of her own…)
    I also think Marc has a major Napoleonic complex (no comment as to anatomy).

  64. REALIST says:

    Oh-ho, never underestimate the mother-in-law factor….

  65. michael says:

    I’m still baffled that she married this hideous atrocious mammal. If she’s lucky, her children will look like her.

  66. Camille says:

    I remember my hubby and I at the time these 2 got hitched were like, ‘bet they don’t last long’. We were just surprised that they lasted long enough to have kids.

    Marc was totally her ‘rebound’ guy after the fiasco that was ‘Bennifer’. Old Skeletor was there in the wings just waiting for the right moment to pounce on JLo- no matter that he was also married at the time (I feel sorry for his ex- I hope she has since met some lovely man who treats her well).

    I also totally believe that MA is jealous and controlling, it wouldn’t surprise me if it contributed to the break down of their relationship.

    I’m sure JLo will bounce right back from this no probs, that woman doesn’t like to stay single.

  67. DD says:

    I can see that, but I can also see her being bossy as heck too.

  68. katnip says:

    I get that he maybe controlling. I just remember right after they got married JLo really went under the radar. She was out of sight for a long time. Then right before she got pregnant she started to make more appearances. Then she had the babies. I recall her saying that Marc would get upset with her if the kids were photographed. Then 180 degree turn. The kids were see all the time. Even having their pictures taken during her photo-shoots. They were in ad campaigns. Marc was on board. That clothing line they were doing. Then Jennifer was being seen everywhere. Marc who use to be so “private” was front and center. Smiling for the cameras. They bought a share in the Miami football team, they started doing all these promotional things together, tons of red carpets. Then Jennifer gets Idol and Marc is there and became a “consultant”.

    Now they are over. Marc obviously gave up a lot of the privacy he had been known to crave in order to give Jennifer the spotlight she craved. It looked like she gave him the beginning of the marriage and she wanted the end. I think people should be careful accusing someone of domestic abuse without proof. It is too serious to banter around on the gossip blogs. I don’t see Jennifer as a woman that will let a man slap her around. She is also wealthy in her own right. She doesn’t need him for name recognition. She outshines him in the States.

    I guess we will see if this get ugly. But their history is interesting.

  69. Ramona Q says:

    Most of the info in that article came from an associate of Jen’s first husband? Why would he know anything about anything? He “heard” she considered moving to NYC, but then it was all over? Heard from who? Sounds like all his info is coming down from a loooong grapevine, i.e. bullshit gossip!

  70. katnip says:

    I just saw this on Hollywood life. Not sure how accurate. Bonnie is such a manipulativelyingbitch.


    Marc, 42, made the comments during a July 16 concert in Bogota, Colombia, the Daily Mail reports.

    “They say I am a single man,” he said — and he was greeted by huge cheers from the crowd!

    if true.. that sounds a bit strange. But who knows.

  71. k says:

    A wealthy guy in the Ukraine is paying her top dollar … hard to believe he is an honest businessman. I hope he didn’t make his fortune in human trafficking.

  72. Ally says:

    Anecdotally, it really seems that vow renewal ceremonies are right up there with name tattoos as predictors of marital doom.

  73. lene says:

    i don’t understand some comments that a lot of people here made.

    most of you criticise his looks. maybe he had a good head on his shoulders when they met? i mean… look… have you ever met someone that wasn’t your ideal of a man but his or her personality was so pretty that this person… no matter what he or she looked like… just got prettier on the outside?

    i think that works in the other way too. a pretty person can get ugly because of character.

    and… the character is more important than the looks… i mean… can a good looking man with a bad attitude make you more happy just because he looks good than a person that has an awesome character, cares about you and doesn’t look like hunky movie star?

    i am really looking forward for your answers

    i’m sorry for grammar mistakes. german is my native language.

  74. Hakura says:

    Jen does seem to have issues with finding the right ‘dominance balance’ in relationships. I do believe Marc already had control issues. Jen went a long time not actively working, but now that she’s jumped back in head-first, the marriage immediately fell apart? It sounds like they could be happy when she wasn’t working often, but not when she is. She needs a more laid-back personality, probably someone who’s job doesn’t require them to be ‘in control’ of others (like producers, directors, executives, company presidents, ect).

    9/10, moving a mother-in-law into the home (even for a specific purpose, like helping with the children) is a very bad idea, which will cause problems in the marriage. Even if we pretend Marc didn’t already have control issues… A ‘dominant’ in-law can cause a spouse to feel like they have to *compete* for control, & challenging them causes problems in itself. They shouldn’t have to fight to be heard in their own home & relationship, & that alone can contribute to ruined marriages.

  75. cn says:

    Hey Kaiser, I like the Si Cowell hook-up, seeing as how he is not giving us a wedding date.
    But the two egos surely would not fit in the same room. I think she’ll go Hayek route for sure.

  76. ladybert62 says:

    He is down right CREEPY looking.

  77. dedi says:

    Didn’t Ojani Noa say she cheated on him with Chris Paciello? Madonna’s ex? Didn’t she dump Diddy for Cris Judd? Didn’t she cheat on Judd with Affleck? Affleck was the only guy who dumped her, her ego couldn’t take it, so she went to marry Marc Anthony. History repeating I think and BTW, compared to JLo, Marc is a class act and a REAL talent.

  78. cprincess says:

    Theres a ton of stuff thats wrong in this piece and I mean like really as if ‘royal aids could give a rats ass about Lopez…
    Ben Affleck dumped her….
    She had limited talent at best -hes a huge star in the latin world and she needs to be adored…
    I bet he cheated and she cant handle it and you want to talk about controlling-they both are and thats why Im really surprised that they split because it always seemed like they understood (and deserved) each other…..

  79. Maritza says:

    People should see the VH1 video of her life to understand her more. She says is impulsive and that goes with her heart. She definitely does not have a limited talent, there is no way she would as successful as she is. Watch and learn,

  80. lrm says:

    yea not long after they were married,s he said in an interview that marc taught her how to avoid the paps and live under the radar….and she said it as though she was glad-ie, she wanted that ‘option’….
    of course we know she loves being above the radar and the attention, but it does seem she wanted more low key and her own life for awhile…

    and if true, good for marc for nto wanting the babies papped and pimped out for image and publicity….
    he is a singer-he doesn’t need the kids to sell his work.

  81. Very Telling says:

    I just read the Latina interview that was done on June 15th. Something major must have happened for them to be divorcing weeks later.Like I caught you in bed with the bodyguard or nanny, major.OOh I got to tape The Talk to see if Leah Remini discusses the divorce.

  82. just saying says:

    Both are major Divas. Major & jealous of each other. Mark has a tax problem & Jen has a sextape problem. Something else happening here I think. Mark sounds like anyother man just out of a nasty relationship making fun & saying he is on the market again. Slowing lack of respect to his marriage & his children. Im sure something is creeping in for Jen anyday now too. She may already be hooked up.. Wow thats a surprise. lol

  83. Peachy says:

    Dear JLO,
    Thanks for the HEAVEHO
    due to lack of CASHFLO
    Such a LOWBLO
    What a MOFO
    Signed, MARCOPOLO

  84. Hakura says:

    I don’t care for either of them, to be honest. I’ve liked a few of Jen’s songs, but her only movie I adored was ‘Selena‘, back in the day. As for Marc, I’ve never found him the least bit attractive, & could take or leave his music.

    I disagree with cheating, outright, & both of them have lengthy established track records in that department. It was foolish for either to really expect the other to be faithful.

  85. xploxite says:

    I heard in the news jen did a video with a guy and by the time the video was done the guy in the video left his partner (wife ?) & as for jen, we saw what happened, how long before we see those two as a couple?

  86. skuddles says:

    Too controlling, too broke, too unfaithful, and probably too ugly to look at anymore

  87. Jos says:

    J Lo’s biological clock was ticking so she went for the guy who worshipped her for years. This was the logical choice. By being married to him, she saw his other side, or sides, which did not resonate well with her. I am sure her mom gave her grief as well. I read that her mom once told her not to go crying to her when things went sour went she became a superstar. So, J Lo did what she needed to to escape.