Tom Cruise “rocks out” on a balcony to universal cringes


I don’t even know how to describe what’s going down in these photos. Fame Pictures describes it as, “While on the balcony of his SoHo hotel room in Miami, Florida, the ever charismatic “Rock of Ages” star, Tom Cruise, gives the crowd below a little taste of the upcoming film as he gives a shirtless demonstration of his ability to ‘rock out’ with a microphone on July 16th, 2011.” So this is Tom Cruise, “rocking out” and/or advertising his rock-star O-face for the Miami hustlers? I know everyone is going to yell at me about Tom being an evil, auditing brain-washer who married a robot and raises his kids in a destructive cult, but I honestly feel bad for Tom. It’s flat-out pity at this point. He’s trying so hard, and he just reeks of… desperation. I guess I feel pity because I’m old enough to remember a time when Tom could do no wrong, when he was the #1 Box Office Star, Ever, when he wasn’t reeking of desperation. Cringe through more photos of Tom’s unhinged “Rock Out” face:





And what does Katie think of this? REBOOT. REBOOT.


If all of that wasn’t gross and sad enough, Tom also went for a pool dip with his girls. He left his hat on, because…? Because he’s balding? Because Xenu gave him a toupee? Because it’s his new thing? Because he’s constantly thinking about The Full Monty? I still find his happy trail/L.Ron Trail so, so disturbing. It wasn’t always like that, right? It wasn’t always just that random tuft of damp, wiry hair, glistening in the sunlight? *vom*





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. katnip says:

    This is the sad part. He is an A list actor. Why in the world he is hanging out on a balcony of a hotel. Just to be ‘normal”. You don’t see other big stars doing this. They keep it private.

    This does look desperate and that is the thing with Tom these days. He is selling himself short. doing what he at this point in his career he should never have to do. THE HARD SELL.

    He is making it too easy to rag on him.

    (ewww is that blood on his wrist in that 4th picture.. )

  2. brin says:

    Yikes! This is as cringeworthy as his Oprah couch jumping incident.
    Katebot definitely needs a reboot.

  3. Rita says:

    As I was slowly scrolling through the pics I experienced an elevated warm throbbing in my nether regions with the anticipation that I might witness Tom in a frantic air-guitar pose….but alas, another failure to launch.

  4. Alix says:

    Pathetic. And ewwwwwwwww!

  5. brin says:

    LOL…mornin Rita!

  6. louiset says:

    This is extremely pathetic. Being on the balcony is fine but practicing/performing is sad. Who does that?

  7. wunderkindt says:

    Gross! At this point he’s just a pasty white, creepy old dude.

  8. Suri says:

    Tom & Katy – hasbeen & neverbeen

  9. Jess says:

    I think he’s gross and should be caged. However, he is being sun-smart wearing the hat. Xenu must have some experience in dermatology.

  10. folly says:

    geez guys,show some sympathy,i feel really bad for him,tom please you can do better

  11. e.non says:

    pathetic and desperate. he could have easily accepted his aging and made a 180 chance doing romcoms or something other than these idiotic superhero jumping off of buildings and landing on his feet movies.

    but his insane religious fanaticism and desperation to remain relevant he does something that’s guaranteed to bring howls of laughter from critics and the public.

  12. Runs with Scissors says:

    @louiset:”Being on the balcony is fine but practicing/performing is sad. Who does that?”

    umm, actors do that.

    His crazy cult stuff aside, Cruise is known for his intensity and commitment as an actor.

    So big whoop, he’s rehearsing and thinking about his character. I’m not seeing this as a big deal. It’s a bit unfortunate that he was spied on, but really, whatever.

    He always has a way of pulling these things off in the final product. Like him or hate him, he’s an incredible actor.

  13. Boo says:

    “Selling himself short.” Heh.

    Dude needs to shave that nether region there. That’s just nasty business.

  14. Charlotte says:

    WTF??? What the hell is he doing? He looks ridiculous and like he’s trying way too hard. I’ve never really been a huge fan of his, but I’d watch something he was in if it seemed like a good film. He’s gotten so strange to me that I refuse to watch any movie he’s in. I think the last movie of his I saw in a theater was Rain Man! Who in the world did he think was going to be entertained by this? I’m not able to comprehend…

  15. says:

    Somewhere, David Miscavige is thinking that psychiatry, while “evil”, would be acceptable in Tom’s case.

  16. You don't say says:

    He keeps trying way too hard. Hat in the pool, funky looking hairy patch on his lower abdomen which is sucked in, and I can’t even describe his moobs–saggy?–and kareoke on a balcony. Not the behavior of an A-list, confident actor. Oy vey!!

  17. texasmom says:


  18. BeckyR says:

    He is creepy looking. Too bad his daughter looks just like him.

  19. Deb says:

    In the balcony pics, he looks like he’s trying so hard to look cool that he isn’t even having fun. He looks very tense for someone who is “rocking out”.

  20. jen says:

    Was he singing Desperado?

  21. Tiffany says:

    Just what I wanted on Sunday morning-a little vomit in my mouth. I’d shrivel up and die if my husband did that-poor horrified Kate-bot. That’s the most emotion I have seen from her in years. Is it disgust? Supressed laughter?

  22. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Rita, this definitely isn’t Risky Business, lol! Oh, where did the Tom Cruise of Top Gun go??? Whoever this old man trying to relive his glory days is, please, just stop. Now. Sad and pathetic…

  23. dvz says:

    “Spied on?” No way. In that second pic he is looking right. at. the. camera.

  24. says:

    @ Tiffany: “Is it disgust? Supressed laughter?”

    No, I think it’s her trying to determine is she can run fast enough to the car with Suri and make a break for it, before he catches up to them.

  25. the original bellaluna says:

    Wow. Sad. Just sad at this point.

    (And THAT certainly doesn’t look like any happy trail I’ve ever seen. It looks like his pubes are engineering a hostile takeover of his belly.)

  26. Kloops says:

    Gross and desperate. There is no reason for a celebrity of his alleged caliber to be this exposed in his hotel suite. Why couldn’t they find a more private hotel? It’s time for him to move on. He’s not the same Tom Cruise as yesteryear.

  27. Jen34 says:

    Jeezuz, Kaiser. You did warn us, but still. I’m gagging here.

    I read he signed on for the part of Jack Reacher, which has Alexander Skarsgard written all over it. He’s making some really bad career choices.

  28. gab says:

    @jen #20: Was he singing Desperado?

    Best comment so far – thanks for the laughs!!

    And why are his wife and daughter out on the balcony wearing underwear? gross and gross.

  29. Hooblie says:

    Hairy Monster

  30. Thea says:

    I didnt think I would recover from the couch incident, I was wrong. This is worse.

  31. original kate says:

    he’s gonna pull a goop and guest-star on “glee.”

  32. Beth says:

    Anyone who’s seen ‘Top Gun’ knows he couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, so this role, never mind the balcony episode, is just cruel irony.

  33. vanessa says:

    I know most of you won’t agree with me but…I still find him attractive!! He’s not like sexy or anything at all but he’s not an ugly man either. I think I’ve watched jerry maguire too much because I still think of him as looking like that haha

  34. katnip says:


    I agree. Tom is not ugly. He is attractive. But I never found him a sexy man.

    But he is a major STAR. I just wished he acted like that.

  35. Sue says:

    I say Tom going bald or his hair is thinning at the top, why else would you wear a hat in the pool when your hair is wet and going to get wet knowing the paparazzi are taking pictures of you from above Angle. Sorry but the pictures of Tom on the balcony seem so stage I mean he know the pops were there and he put on a show; and if the family is going to be staying in Miami for a while why not rent a house where they can have privately away from the paparazzi.

    Is it me or is Tom only photograph by the paparazzi in Miami when Katie and Suri are in town last week Katie and Suri were out of town no pictures of Tom now their back in town and we have pictures again very strange.

  36. hatekyle says:

    it’s shocking how you could be the “top gun” of hollywood yesterday and be almost like a “joke” today

  37. photo jojo says:

    Here’s the thing. I am going to slip on my psychiatrists hat, which I earned through my own issues, my family’s issues, AND my two children who are both dealing with mental illness issues – BEAUTIFULLY.
    Tom is mentally unstable. I think he’s bipolar, and I think he’s of the very slow cycling, mostly manic variety. I’d lay money on him managing his depressive periods with whatever nutjob Scientology auditing crap he peddles.
    If he does not seek trained psychiatric help, he’s gonna go the way of Howard Hughes.
    And yes, this is really ultimately just sad.

  38. Truthful says:

    Lil man has had sooo much surgery on his face, LOL

    hmm, I see he has bruises from being shackled by one of his S&M lovers in Miami…or did Suri shackle him to keep this nonsense from happening sooner??

    He can get krazy w/the best of them.

    poor Suri, LOL

  39. Ruby7 says:

    OMG, he is taking a dip in public! Scandalous! Please…..

  40. Playlist says:

    This confirms that those ripped ab muscles in the film’s still shots were spray painted on.

  41. TL says:

    Ego and scientology.. omg are they going to come after me now that I said that?

  42. hairball says:

    I guess I’m the only who doesn’t hate Tom Cruise. What has he done exactly that is so wrong? I’m not saying I’d want to be married to the guy, but Katie Holmes is an adult and can walk away.

    I know there are always the circumstances of abuse etc to keep a woman, but no one really knows what goes on between married couples. How many couples have divorced and the public was like ‘why, they were so great together?’. No one knows for sure.

    I saw “Knight and Day” and actually enjoyed it.

  43. Janie says:

    Freddie Mercury does NOT approve.

  44. lrm says:

    I was just saying to my husband the other day, that Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks, always pull of their roles; even if i don’t like the film, if i catch part of one on t.v. or something, i’m always drawn in and think ‘wow, he’s good’….yea, both toms are professionals, all the way….
    and notice how Tom Hanks still seems to remember this, whereas Cruise, like everyone says, it all try hard and frankly it’s also a bit tacky.
    oh well, guess he does not read the blogs for fan opinions….
    not that i’m a fan, but i do find him to be a great actor. hands down. he should rest in that and let it speak for itself….
    and know that some films won’t do as well as others-script, timing, etc.
    it’s life….

  45. OtherChris says:

    You know, if that were my 50 year old neighbor, I would say he has a great body, except my neighbor wouldn’t be acting that pitiful on a balcony. Since it’s Tom Cruise, I can barely look without feeling a little queasy.

    I don’t think he’s going bald, though. The other day you could see his part very clearly and while his hair has gotten thinner, he’s not losing it, not even at the temples. He does dye it though.

  46. theaPie says:

    “That’s the most emotion I have seen from her in years. Is it disgust? Supressed laughter?”

    No. She is thinking “Amazing!”.

  47. gamblea says:

    he really looks like Suri in the top picture of him in the pool with the hat on

  48. Val says:

    When he was married to Mimi Rogers and then Nicole Kidman, we heard how he was sterile due to the mumps, hence why he and Nicole adopted 2 children.

    If he is supposedly sterile, how did Suri (who does resemble him), come about? I guess the sterility of the mumps reversed itself, which is possible.

    And, damn, he used to be so hot.

  49. Shazam! says:

    Tom has always been a big goofball – he prob has ADD instead of being bipolar, that being said – I’d still sit on that face!

  50. ZenB!tch says:

    I’m also old enough to remember when he could do no wrong (well to other people’s eyes anyway – I never liked him).

    He totally lost me when he tried to be hot. The minute he took off his shirt and showed off those saggy muscles of his, I left the building. I think that was either MI or MI:2. It was just before he went nuts.

    I never liked him personally but he was good at playing cocky douches and as long as I enjoyed the movie, I paid to see him. He is not now, nor has he ever been an action hero and he is not now nor has he ever been a hottie in the classic sense. He had nice eyes before they got the crazy in them. That is all I can say about him.

    This role with his shirt off reeks of desperation and of patheticness. The last time he was this miscast was Lestat in 1994.

    The really sad part is that I thought he would go the comedy route to redeem himself. He was great in that RDJ movie when he played that silly old agent. I did not expect TC to have comedic talent at all and his does. I bet Scientolgy didn’t like that.

  51. ZenB!tch says:

    @hairball – there was the Brooke Shields incident when he put her down for taking meds for post partum disorder because Scientology believes psychology is BS (or something like that). Brooke is not a Scientologist as far as I know.

    He pissed off a lot of women with that one.

  52. stella says:

    Guys who marry much younger women always feel the need to prove themselves. He’s tried to hold onto his youth through his wife, but I have to say, he looks pretty good for a guy reaching 50. Most men that age are over the hill with pregnant belly’s. Tom is an anomaly. He will probably always be youthful like. I loved his misogynistic character in Magnolia and how he transformed that. Also, the Les Grossman character is funnier than hell. Looking forward to that movie. Com’on, Tom, is a rock star, he can’t help it.

  53. dovesgate says:

    Eh. Whatevs.

    To the ladies up there who were saying Tom still is an attractive man – I agree. He is still a goodlooking guy. At this point, he just flabbergasts me though.

    I wonder how much of this situation caused by a simple plan to link Katie with him in a positive way that spectacularily backfired and how much was real insanity. Much like these photo ops – we have no way of knowing who in the world is telling him it would be awesome exposure for him to rock out on the balcony – and I do believe there is someone arranging this crap, telling him this is what he needs to do to revamp his destroyed image.

    Whoever it is, doesn’t realize they are dealing with Tom-freaking-Cruise – whose star rose so long ago he should have absolutely NO NEED to be pulling D list stunts like this. Perhaps he ought to rehire his manager from before Couch-gate? Or at least someone who understands how real celebrity works; someone who understands we’d rather have the Tom Cruise who rescues people in accidents than the Tom Cruise who has a manic episode on freakin’ Oprah. How dumb (or blackmailed by CoS) is Tom for going along with this? Is it because he is being managed by his sister that he is going along with it, to help her break into the biz?

    I, too, agree he needs to go back to rom-coms like Jerry Maguirre or humor roles like Grossman. I simply can’t take him serious as the uber hot supah action stah when he does things like this.

  54. OhMyMy says:

    Katie: “don’t hurl, don’t hurl, don’t hurl”.

    That look on her face is priceless.

  55. Hautie says:

    Again I will make this statement.

    If Cruise publicly denounced “The Cult” and leave.

    If he did one big… “sit on the couch and cry over it” interview with Diane Sawyer.

    He could get his reputation back, as being sane. And the world would love him again.

    I am still stunned Cruise has not done it yet.

    Because all “The Cult” has manage to do is hold on to him like a abusive husband. Telling him that no one loved him more than they do. And that if they were not there… he would be a nobody. *shudder*

    I still hold out hope that he realizes soon. That they are a Cult. That he let them kill his career. And he paid them million of dollars for that honor.

    Sadly, yes, he does look like a goofy 50 year old on the balcony.

    But what is a guy to do, when he was the Master of the Universe in 2000.

    And now the King of the Cult Idiots in 2011.

  56. khaveman says:

    Katie is cringing. It’s agonizing to look at the photos. What in the world happened to the old Tom Cruise? I want that star back, not this loonie.

  57. Amanda G says:

    Ugh…I totally agree with everyone. Every time I look at Tom I see a guy who is trying too hard. Decent actor, but his crazy personal life overshadows it.

  58. inthekitchen says:

    OMG, sorry, I need to catch my breath… I can’t stop laughing. Especially at the fourth one. High-larious.

    I bet there were about 3 people standing in a parking lot staring up at him like, “WTF?! I’m just going to my car, dude.”

  59. WickedSteppMom says:

    The pics w/the hat on make him look like Johnny Depp from “Benny & Joon” (and no, I’m not saying he looks anywhere near as good as Johnny Depp.) I don’t even know what to say about the balcony pics…I was nauseated before I looked at them, and things have gone from bad to worse.

  60. lexirei says:

    “He is creepy looking. Too bad his daughter looks just like him.”

    I always thought Suri looks more like his cousin William Mapother. It’s a creepy resemblence. But I do think she’s cute.

    No comment on Tom in these pics. I’ll leave it up to the rest of y’all. I….just…can’t…

  61. Alley says:

    wow Suri is getting more fug everytime I see her, I’ts not the first time 2 attractive people have an ugly child, but I had hoped better from Josh and Katie, yeah I will never believe Tom is the dad.

  62. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Just literally watched Top Gun and Tom was hot hot hot in that film, sexy as, so wtf happened to him???

  63. REALIST says:

    Not exactly the thrill we got from him rocking out in tightie whities in “Risky Business”…
    Maybe this is one situation where Katie could have some pull (e.g. “Tom, stop making an ass of yourself at our hotel…”)

  64. Emily says:

    All I want to know is what song was he singing? Or was he miming?

  65. juanita says:

    ick. Just ick.

  66. Camille says:

    So, so embarrassing. *shudder*

  67. jc126 says:

    Douche chills!
    I’ve felt oddly bad for him, or maybe just embarrassed for him, for many years now.

  68. Mia says:

    Eau du Desperation!

  69. lucy2 says:

    That is pretty embarrassing. Katie looks like she smells something bad.

  70. Jilly Bean says:

    Not a fan. but god it would be horrible having people take pics of you all the time…

  71. DD says:

    Wow. He is effing ridiculous. HA!

  72. po says:

    Remember Tom in his Cocktail days, loved him. Don’t know what happened but it isn’t about age. There’s just a ridiculousness about him. I still have a soft spot for him.

  73. Jess says:

    You TOTALLY read my mind about his cousin…..hmm…..

  74. Carnac Predicts says:

    “Perp Walk”

    “What Tom Cruise will be doing when he is arrested for illegal inurement by the FBI, along with his “we’re not gay” friend, David Miscavige.”

    TC will have a very tough time explaining the lavish plane hangar, $300K customized SUV, and other perks he received at tax payers’ expense.

  75. HotLatino says:

    OMFG WTF happened to him, he was still hot in Collateral, not anymore!!!! and that happy trail looks more like a nightmare trail, and I love hairy dudes! ewwwww kill it with fire!!!

  76. Ramona Q says:

    2 theories on the hat:

    1. he doesn’t want to get his toupee wet.
    2. when he can’t wear lifts in his shoes, he wears one on his head.

  77. hoganbcmj says:

    He’s not a great actor. He has a small series of “handsome guy” facial expressions and mouth positions, that’s it. He is FAR too aware of the camera to actually be acting. He is always just vamping for the camera, and you can tell.

  78. photo jojo says:

    @hairball – Please see the entire episode of “Tom Cruise Preaches about How NO ONE Needs Psychiatric Meds”.

    I’d like to see him deal with a child who is having a psychotic break and trying to kill herself at 7. That is not normal and psychiatric meds saved my child’s life.

    She’s now 17 and currently overseas on a scholarship from the Department of State. She’s a straight A, tri-lingual, self-possessed young lady who is on track to an Ivy League education.

    Thanks to a wonderful team of therapists and psychiatrists and yes, medications.

    So Tom Cruise will get no more of my money, for any film, ever. And he will get my derision on any website where I can counteract his utter horse sh*t about psychiatry, medications, and anything having to do with mental illness.

    So yeah, that’s why I hate him.

  79. WillyNilly says:

    Since COS does his PR now (pretty much…), does it surprise anyone why his clout has decreased rapidly in the last decade? You basically have the band geeks trying to up his image. Simply impossible.

  80. trh says:

    It’s his job to prepare for the role, and to generate publicity. And a hotel balcony in Miami is a reasonable substitute for a big music venue–it’s elevated and there is some distance from the audience, unlike a small club. He’s smart to practice in that way. I’ve played in a band in large auditoriums. To jump into a role like that without preparation would be unprofessional. When you’re a rock and roll front-man, there’s no such thing as trying too hard. You gotta go large, especially in glam rock or metal.

    I can’t speak to his personal life, but what you see here is rehearsal. It’s absurd to think he’s rocking out on a balcony for kicks. It’s preparation and publicity.

    And I thought he killed as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire. He can do anything he sets out to do.

    Leave Suri be, you meanies!

  81. Mauibound says:

    It’s just so sad how far he’s fallen. When was the last time he actually had a hit? I’d take my money if i were him and enjoy it. Or is his ego telling him to keep making these crap movies.

  82. Sue says:

    Jilly Bean@ If the man wanted privately he would have rented a house instead of staying at a hotel that he knows will draw paparazzi attention.

  83. Hellen says:

    Just ridiculous. Reminds me of the time I caught my little brother lip-synching to Foreigner with a hairbrush for a microphone.

  84. Az says:

    Jesus Christ Almighty, this is FONTRUM OVERLOAD. And leave Suri alone, she is a lovely child.

  85. Suzie says:

    Im not going to jump on the bandwagon like a numbskull. Tom looks gorgeous! He is doing no harm anyway.

    OK, I do think “scientology” is a phoney name (no way a “religion”.

    But we are not looking at Tom practising his cult here. We are looking at a really good looker, doing what he does best : ACTING. Harmless fun.

  86. dilettante says:

    78./Ramona Q, you are so right with theory #2! That hat is totally meant to be a lift on his head.

  87. Andie B says:

    I have had a very soft spot for Tom since Cocktail. I know he has acted strange a lot, and has some bizarre beliefs. Still can’t bring myself to dislike him or call him wierd. He appears to be rehearsing in those photos. Some would say he should do it more privately, but to be fair, he has the Paparazzi stalking him everywhere. As for the people who claim Suri is not his – the resemblance is too strong, he is clearly that little girl’s Daddy.

  88. Juliesunflower says:

    Oprah and Nicole have alot to answer for. It was Nicole who said she could wear high heels after the divorce that made everybody to start picking on him over his height; Oprah for egging him on all for ratings. Two of them made him what he is today. Still, I think he is a fantastic actor and handsome with it. Tall or short , Tom is one of the best.

  89. bugsy says:

    @katnip: Uh, katnip? your favorite stars hang out on balconies on “accident” all the time. Daily, even, on some trips. Same with the weird hats for nearly 2 years in a row. Come on. Be consistent at least!

    I see nothing wrong with wearing a hat. If wearing a hat means you’re balding, Depp must be balding. As well as Pitt. As well as half of hollywood. In truth, they probably are/were, until they run/ran out to get hairplugs done. And I don’t see anything weird with doing tricks on a balcony (for a celeb). Whether it’s exposing your preggie boobs to the paps (Jolie) or your children (Jolie), or dancing atop the balcony rehearsing for your movie, it’s all calculated and timed for exposure and PR. Not normal for you and me, but definitely normal for them. They’re all freak shows, mind you. And I agree with Kaiser. I feel bad for him. He can do a terrific job acting when he wants to. But he does seem to be unravelling. Fast. And it’s my personal opinion that their marriage is an unhappy one, but it’s also my personal opinion that most unions in hollywood are unhappy.

  90. Suzie says:

    Hey, if I had some really great rock music playing in the living room behind me, which Tom undoubtedly does have, I’d also want to rock ‘n roll! Very few guys his age have such a great bod and the looks of a thirtysomething. Not his problem if the papparazi are nosey MFs

  91. silken_floss says:

    Whatever. I think he’s still hot and has held up pretty well in my opinion. He may have his moments and practice a questionable ‘religion’, but he’s usually low key and harmless. Let him rock out and have his fun. You do you, Tom!!

  92. katnip says:


    my comment about Tom on the balcony was that I was surprised that he and his family are in a hotel and not a home while he was filming. And the performance on the balcony. If it is a practice then why give it to the public before they see it in the film. And I didn’t mention anything about hats. I don’t rag on Tom usually and don’t like the nasty comments about him because of his religion. So my “consistency is just fine”

    but thanks for keeping such a close watch on MY comments on this site. Nice to know I’m being tracked..

    Wow I feel like a celebrity..(waving from my balcony)

    And you continue to keep your consistency. I see as always you manage to make a snide comment about Brad/Angie in another thread that has nothing to do with them.. But again you are very typical.

  93. dorothy says:

    Ewwwww……how embarassing for Katie and Suri.

  94. Carolyn says:

    @Hautie..I’d never thought of it like that but you are so right. He would be so aware of how he’s now perceived I’m stunned no-one has suggested this to him and he’s agreed to launch a PR salvo. Kaiser a bit rough on Tom’s hat – he’s wearing it for sun protection (I hope :)). Part of me really wants him to be very good in ROA because I also remember him when he was King of the World and I want him to regain some dignity. Surely footage of him jumping the couch and his Matt Lauer interview is shown to all Hwood newbies as a message of how to ruin one’s career.

  95. BamaGuy says:

    I am so totally over Tom. He should drop the bullshit and come out of the closet. What a miserable double life, this one for media consumption, and his hidden life (wink wink) give me a break. Jumped the shark when he had his psychotic break and leapt up and down on Oprah’s couch screaming “I have such a boner for Katie” pah-leeeeeeze….

  96. Eve says:

    That is…embarrassing.

  97. ladybert62 says:

    I think scientology has melted his brain.

  98. FLAgirl says:

    OK, As for the hat in the pool – while I HATE that hat, I can tell you why he’s probably wearing it.

    It’s Florida in July – INTENSE sun and 95 deg. While he can put sunscreen on the pasty bod, anyone who’s burnt their scalp knows that a hat is a very good idea – especially when standing in a pool. Your scalp can get a nasty burn where the hair is parted in about 5-7 min. of Florida sun in the summer. Very painful and bad to look at especially when it starts peeling.

  99. Jag says:

    Just. no.

  100. Stubbylove says:

    Rock out with your cock out Tommy.

  101. Kate says:

    he has the WEIRDEST shape to his torso – sooo not hot!!!

  102. Aurelia says:

    The comments have been killer this link.

    But seriously, a little bronzer man would go a long way.

  103. miapatagonia says:

    “He’s not a great actor. He has a small series of “handsome guy” facial expressions and mouth positions, that’s it. He is FAR too aware of the camera to actually be acting. He is always just vamping for the camera, and you can tell.” I couldn’t have said it better “hoganbcmj”! Look at Brando or the latest hunk/thespian, Michael Fassbender–these men are not only beautiful from every angle (unlike Cruise), they embody their characters, lack ego and vanity, and therefore we really “feel” their performances. I think Cruise and Pitt are often too self conscious and their acting suffers.

  104. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Cruise always overacts, and Pitt is always subtle and smooth. That’s why people who don’t know, say Pitt is wooden, they want this overacting mess. Cruise and Travolta lost out on Benjamin Buttons for overacting. They could not be subtle if their life depended on it. Pitt never seems to get over excited and it is a natural cool factor. His swag reeks of Sex because of it. He stays calm and focused (hopefully in bed too)or as some like to call it his constipated look. Nonsense, but maybe one day AJ can let us know how BP handles his or her “BUSINESS”. Even when he seems like a goofball, I bet she thinks it’s cute as she knows the man. Bugsy, the hair plug crap is just that crap. BP wore hats always, and removed them during those same periods. Look at his pics.

  105. Ruffian9 says:

    I’m just embarassed for him now.

  106. I went to high school with a girl who took ballet classes. One moment she would be walking along normally, next thing you know she would bust into a “RANDOM” pirouette.

    We would be right behind her saying, “What the hell just happened? Is she really just walking away without ANY explanation?

    Now, I understand intensity, I’m an intense artist myself. But, I have NEVER RANDOMLY busted out a painting in a situation that confused or disturbed others.

  107. I went to high school with a girl who took ballet classes. One moment she would be walking along normally, next thing you know she would bust into a “RANDOM” pirouette.

    We would be right behind her saying, “What the hell just happened? Is she really just walking away without ANY explanation?

    Now, I understand intensity, I’m an intense artist myself. But, I have NEVER RANDOMLY busted out a painting in a situation that confused or disturbed others.

  108. sapphire says:

    Rehersal? I do hope the commentators were attempting some humor. There’s no other explanation for this absurd behavior, right?

    And Katie does look like “Uh, I don’t really know him”

  109. sapphire says:

    Rehersal? I do hope the commentators were attempting some humor. There’s no other explanation for this absurd behavior, right?

    And Katie does look like “Uh, I don’t really know him”

  110. Alley says:

    He’s not rehersing for the movie, it’s almost in the can, he’s at a party being his usual look at me.

  111. TIM says:

    white pale creepy old dude !! jump in the couch jump out of the balcony jeje

  112. kristi says:

    god what a total ass