Hugh Hefner on Crystal’s excuse for leaving: “she loved the [other] girls”

When Crystal Harris dumped Hugh Hefner a few days before their June wedding she gave the excuse that she wasn’t the only woman in his life, saying he “doesn’t live a normal lifestyle, there’s women around all the time… I was not the only woman.” Only according to Hef that’s just not true and Crystal was down with other women and more than aware of the situation before they were set to be married. In an interview with Piers Morgan last week, Hef revealed that Crystal “loved the girls,” according to his perspective. He also very carefully suggested she was cheating on him, and expressed regret for letting his last girlfriend, Holly Madison, go.

On Crystal’s statement that she left because of other women
Most of what she has said publicly is not true. And is clearly not what is really going on. And what her reaction was all about. She loved the lifestyle. She loved the girls. So, you know.

On why Crystal left
I think there is at least one other guy in the picture. I think there’s something more we don’t know. And I think that maybe as she got — I think that the career was more important to her than she let on.

Why he was willing to marry her – because he lost his chance with Holly
I think that’s a very valid question. I think quite frankly now, the day after, I’m asking myself the same thing. You know. Where was my head? I did it — I made the commitment, quite frankly, because I felt that I had — in a previous relationship with Holly not been there for her in the way that she wanted me to be.

On if Crystal took him for a ride
I think an argument could be made that she took me for a ride. But I must say, quite frankly, it was a pretty nice ride.

It was 2 1/2 very good years. And if she was faking it, she did it very well. She certainly convinced me that she was — I wouldn’t even kind of play at the possibility of marriage if I didn’t think that she was really, really committed to me. So, you know. If she was fooling, and a good case can be made that she was, she did a very good job.

On how Crystal got the Bentley, the ring and a little cash
Well, she asked for a Bentley right before we split. So she got the car. She got the ring. She didn’t have to get it. You know….

The ring was I would say around $60,000, $70,000. But to her credit, we had a dog. Have a dog. Charlie. And I love the dog. She brought it back. And felt that I missed it more than she did.

On if he gave Crystal cash
A little but not a great deal. Yes. As I say, she would have gotten a good deal more if she’d gotten married.


Hef also revealed that after Crystal told him she didn’t want to get married he said that was fine and they could still stay together. Instead of telling him that she wanted to leave she snuck out with her stuff while he was watching a movie. Hef got choked up retelling this part. He was pretty nice about everything and could have put in a few digs at Crystal but he just kind of told it like it happened.

E! News has more on Crystal and Hef’s “runaway bride” special to air on Lifetime tomorrow, July 19th, which was originally going to be their wedding special. In the preview clip on E! (spoilers I guess, that’s below) Holly and Kendra visit Hef to comfort him after the breakup. He tells Holly “I think I screwed up with us.” From Holly’s body language, I think it’s safe to assume that ship has passed. Holly wouldn’t have ditched Hef at the altar, but she probably would have divorced him after a few years. She wanted children badly and when that didn’t happen for her she left. Plus it’s not like Hef is pining for Holly. He already has two bottle blonde replacement girlfriends, Anna Berglund and Shera Bechard, and showed them both off on CNN.



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  1. katnip says:

    He really seems quite hurt by the whole thing and blindsided.

    awwww poor Hugh (I’m being serious)

  2. Carolyn says:

    Is Playboy Inc. going to play this charade of Hugh being a ladies’ man until the day he dies?

  3. DoMaJoReMc says:

    He was FAAAAAR more gracious speaking about that bitch than I would have been. In a weird way, I think he is a gentleman *ducking!*

    C’mon, she asked for a Bentley right before the split? She KNEW she was going.

  4. brin says:

    At his age, I’m surprised he can tell the difference between all of them (I’m being serious).

  5. Samigirl says:

    I always thought her “there were other girls, I wasn’t the only one” excuse was total b.s. This is Hugh friggin Hefner we are talking about. He is literally famous for having a bevy of women on his arm (and d*ck-sorry to be crass, but it’s totally true). Any woman who gets in a relationship with him knows the status quo. And any woman that thinks she can change him is just an idiot.

  6. Lacey says:

    Meh. I’m really inclined to think that this whole “scandal” is entirely made up. I feel like they both win, with her getting publicity/notoriety and him getting public sympathy, etc. I just don’t buy it…

  7. Snappyfish says:

    That girl is NOT 25

  8. anjessa says:

    She definitely knew what she was getting into so her comments are total BS, but the same thing can be said about him! I mean, if he expects “25” year-olds to act as one of three girlfriends for a (relatively to his fortune) lousy allowance of a 1000 dollars, then he shouldn’t be surprised if these girls just use him for publicity. I mean that’s prostitution, pure and simple. If he actually thinks the girls are with him because they find him so incredibly hot and interesting that they can’t help themselves, then HE is the idiot.

  9. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Hugh is a scummy old pervert.

    I try very hard to avoid watching his current and former paid escorts, and I shudder to see Hefner’s fading media empire still influence little girls into wanting to grow up and make sex tapes.

  10. aloe juice says:

    I completely agree with Sloane ^ but this article actually makes me feel for that old bastard.

    Too bad I also have to give her props. And at the end of the day, she couldn’t bring herself to marry an old fossil for money and fame. No matter how much of a whore she is, she isn’t a sell out. There’s hope for her yet.

  11. Pyewacket says:

    Oh WAAAAAH! Poor Hef! *cough*! This from a man who has used women his entire life for his own selfish means both personally and professionally.

    The term, “there is no fool like an old fool” is quite applicable here. Is he that far gone with senility that he thinks any young, beauty, actually loves him for him? PUHLEEZE!

  12. bluhare says:

    @aloejuice: I don’t know if sell out is the right term, but she’s a hound as much as he is. She’s the one who was mulling an offer to dump him AT THE ALTAR, and didn’t because the money wasn’t big enough. I’m sorry, but that’s one of the coldest tricks ever. All this while she was fooling around on him as well. And let’s not forget her visit to the pawn shop (or store? Can’t remember) to pawn the ring and telling the owner it was all for publicity.

  13. really says:

    Or Heph is just a ole pancy!

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    I find it highly unbelievable that all of a sudden she had some sort of revelation that she wouldn’t be the “only woman” in HH’s life. Has she E-V-E-R been?

    It’s not like she was some bounced-off-the-turnip-truck ingenue who didn’t know what was going on…

  15. BigHair&Pearls says:

    He’s a dirty old pervert, that goes without saying, but he IS a gentleman.

  16. Juliesunflower says:

    Can’t stand Hefner but in this interview, he shows style and that he is a true gentleman surprisingly.

  17. sapphire says:

    @Pywacket-Yay! Exactly the phrase I was looking for!

  18. Camille says:

    I think that its quite telling that Crystal was quite happy to part with ‘their’ dog- but not the car or the ring.
    Gold digger with a capital G. Not that Hef is any better though, he uses these women to continue his playboy image.
    Maybe Crystal finally grew a conscience though and that is why she didn’t marry Hef in the end.
    That or it was all just a plotline for a TV special or what have you. I wouldn’t put anything past Hollyweird.

  19. sally says:

    So he’s allowed to have other women in his life because she’s aware of it, but then he accuses her of cheating on him??? That’s rich.

  20. Amanda G says:

    I want to feel bad for the guy, but he has such a creepy relationship with women that I can quite do it. He may have several girlfriends, but he will essentially die alone because none of them will ever truly care about him.

  21. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    ‘So he’s allowed to have other women in his life because she’s aware of it, but then he accuses her of cheating on him??? That’s rich.’

    And so is he, that’s how he gets away with it. *sigh* Wheel of Morality turn, turn, turn.

    Perhaps she’s in disguise and seeking specific revenge for some reason, latex has more than one function, you know. Can we hope for a Princess Bride showdown? I say, yes!

  22. MB says:

    I have no sympathy for this disgusting bag of bones