Demi Lovato, 18, and Ryan Phillippe, 36, have been dating for two months

Ryan Phillippe just upped his douche factor 10 fold. Rumor has it that he’s been secretly (until now) seeing 18 year-old singer/actress Demi Lovato. Ryan, 36, is working on being the next Wilmer Valderrama, who just happens to be Demi’s ex. Except Wilmer is five years younger younger than Ryan and doesn’t have any baby drama with an ex girlfriend. According to both E! and US Weekly, Demi and Ryan have been dating for two months. The story makes it sound like they’ve fizzled out already, though.

E! News has learned exclusively that Lovato has been quietly dating Phillippe, the actor and divorced dad of three (including 2-week-old daughter Kai with ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp), over the last couple of months.

A source says Phillippe and Lovato started seeing each other casually, but it quickly heated up, with the source revealing that things have cooled a bit since the birth of Phillippe’s daughter.

“It was really hot and heavy for a while,” says a source close to the casual couple, adding that Lovato didn’t know for sure that Phillippe was going to be a father again “until it basically happened. It kind of threw her for a loop.”

But the reason for slowing things down with the former Mr. Reese Witherspoon wasn’t all about the new baby, but also about Lovato’s baby of her own. The promotion of her new single “Skyscraper” and video, which premiered last week on E! News, has been consuming most of her attention in the last few weeks.

In other words, only time will tell if these two will eventually evolve into a full-fledged item.

Reps for the stars have not yet responded to E! News’ request for comment, though a source close to Phillippe denies that any relationship with Lovato took place and says that the actor is currently “totally single.”

[From E! Online]

US Weekly is also running this story with a source who confirms it and adds “they were just hooking up” and “it was nothing serious.” Demi is technically legal at 18, but that’s still so young. How a 36 year-old father can find anything in common with a teenage girl is beyond me. Plus Demi has admitted she’s been really troubled, and she just got out of rehab for emotional issues earlier this year. She does seem mature in interviews, but a lot of guys Ryan’s age would know not to go there. Not Ryan, though. This makes me think even less of him.

Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato is shown on 7/19/10 (Leger dress, Credit: PRPhotos) and 9/23/10 (Fuschia top, credit: WENN) Ryan Phillippe is shown on 6/12/11 (Credit: PRPhotos and

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  1. Sandra says:

    GROSS. We already knew Ryan was a douche, but a perv???Getting worse…

  2. knowitall says:

    She looks way older than 18.
    How old is his daughter?

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea I am pretty opened minded but this was skeevy. I bet his daughter is a fan of Demi whats her name. These tweens love these girls, Selena and the like, and then Ryan goes and bangs one. This is just plain gross to me.

  4. brin says:

    This is beyond disturbing. When did this happen…after Amanda Seyfried?
    Ryan really needs to stop with the young girls, especially ones that are emotionally fragile.

  5. mia girl says:

    For the time being, I prefer to think this story is bogus.

    It’s too early in the morning to already be so disturbed by a piece of gossip. Back to my happy place…

  6. anait says:

    Another old boy who needs a young girl in order to feel to be a man. He probably can’t cope with an adult woman, doesn’t know how to deal with her… Immature boy.

  7. Jollyjolie says:

    Sick, if true.

  8. tapioca says:

    Teenage girl with mental health and daddy issues? Ryan, Ryan, Ryan…

    *shakes head*

    ^^@knowitall: 12, I think. You clearly have an ironic name and that makes me smile 🙂

  9. AngelMay says:

    Sleazy older guy, vulnerable teen with addiction, cutting and eating disorder, hey what could possibly go wrong?

  10. knowitall says:

    It’s definitely ironic.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    Ewww, nasty.

    Back to rehab with her.

  12. Lisa Turtle says:

    Ava Phillippe was born 9/ 9/ 1999 – making her 11, almost 12 years old.

    Ava would probably know who Demi is from Demi’s work on the Disney channel.

    Ryan is a real jerk. Going after young women in his daughter’s peer group is sick. It really is. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of beautiful 20- or 30 – something women in Hollywood. It doesn’t seem like this relationship was serious… so why pursue such a young woman? Where did they even meet?

  13. Jen34 says:

    This is so wrong. Poor girl is going to end up back in rehab.

  14. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “How a 36 year-old father can find anything in common with a teenage girl is beyond me.”


    that’s it.

    and as anait said, it’s because insecure men like him can’t handle a woman of his own age because she’d be way more mature than he is. he needs to be the power player in a relationship because he dealt with being “Mr. Witherspoon” for so long.

  15. RocketMerry says:

    All these poor, young girls who think sex is the only thing they can offer, who let men degrade them and use them and just cannot resist being in a submitted position… Why?
    Girls, don’t be so eager to grow up and be used and abused by older men. Try being by yourself or at least with someone your own age. Young people can be bright and emotionally stable, much more fascinating than an old perv.

  16. spinner says:

    This is beyond creepy. Demi may be old beyond her years but Ryan should know better.

  17. Riana says:

    Ew, I can’t believe I ever liked this jerk, how awful. Poor Demi, a predator found her.

  18. Blue says:

    How old is Amanda Seyfreid? How old is his ex? This guy needs to get a grip. Him, George & Leo. Grown men who don’t see to want to date a woman unless she’s at least 10-15 years younger. Smh.

  19. curleque says:


    Please, for the love of all that’s good:
    1) get a vasectomy;
    2) use protection;
    3) stick to women who are closer to your age rather than troubled teens who are closer to your daughter’s.

    He’s beginning to remind me of Ethan Hawke post Uma… Good for Reese.

  20. lucy2 says:

    Ew, ew, and EW.
    He’s twice her age. She’s only a few years older than his daughter. He just had a baby with some random woman. She’s got a lot of issues to begin with. The list goes on and on.

    Once both parties are at least 30-35, an age difference doesn’t matter quite as much, but when you’re 18??? What are her parents thinking???

  21. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    The isn’t his usual flavor, “young, blonde ingénue;” so I hope this isn’t true.

  22. ShellyMay says:

    What’s happened? Elle Fanning wasn’t available?

  23. Kelly says:

    That banner picture of Ryan is priceless – he looks “challenged.” Seriously, though, what is that? Quaaludes?

    Just – ick. Also, they have been “hot and heavy” for “a while,” and his baby is 2 weeks old? I think it’s horrible to get someone pregnant (it takes two, I know, I know) and then split during the pregnancy. That poor little baby…

  24. Katie says:

    Ewwwww. She doesn’t seem like his type to me. And she seems emotionally fragile. Ewwww again.

  25. crtb says:

    He must feel threaten by women his own age so he dates teenagers. YUCK!!

  26. Jackson says:

    Ahh, he graduated from douchey to skeevey. Yuck.

  27. pebbles says:

    gross……..wonder what his kids think…….

  28. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Hope Demi gets out of the spotlight for awhile and resolves her issues, she’s almost lookin older than Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  29. lola says:

    let’s hope this is a lie. Otherwise, he is just beyond sketchy and embarrassing. He likes them young and a little dumb though, it’s his mo. Got some self-esteem issues? Even better!

  30. carrie says:

    she loves older guys

  31. Kimbob says:

    Hahahaha….@AngelMay….yeah…what in the world could go wrong w/this pairing?. Reading this bit of “news,” has jolted me more than my iced latte that I make upon awakening. Just….WOW…if this is true, well…ugh…gross. I used to find Ryan attractive in a douchey way, but not anymore, that’s for sure!

  32. serena says:

    Demi should get a grip and stop dating old men. It’s gross and disgusting.

  33. Madisyn says:

    There’s a reason they (HE) kept it a secret (until now). He knew exactly how it would appear. I’ll bet his rep had a heart attack upon hearing of this news.

  34. Jules says:


  35. Nancy says:

    I really have no idea who this girl is I’ve only heard her name but 18 and 36 that’s just gross why can’t he date someone who’s 28 instead of 18 yuck!

  36. assistantrachel says:

    @ShellyMay: ROFLMAO!

  37. Gossip Owl says:

    I never liked Ryan. I remember seeing an interview with him and a pregnant Reese Witherspoon and it was obvious he was with her because she got pregnant and it was also obvious he would rather not have been there. It seems to me he would rather party and pretend he’s 20 years old again than do anything meaningful.
    Does anyone ever see him with his kids? I don’t think I’ve seen him in one picture with his kids in a long time. Makes me wonder if he even shows up anymore.

  38. Ellie says:

    I call BS! LIES!

  39. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Hope it’s not true. It wouldn’t kill either of them to start dating people within their own age century. These predatory types would be able to see a mark even the identification were written in braille across the night sky, and while I see 18 as the marker for full maturity is entirely bogus outside of a courtroom, she is starting to grow up and I KNOW that at rehab they would’ve counselled about repeating past behaviours. Though relapse is unfortuneately almost a foregone conclusion at this early stage in recovery, I can’t imagine that she was advised to walk out the centre’s door and straight into the arms of yet another scamming ephebophiliac who entirely lives down to his bad reputation. Part of growing up is knowing how to spot other adults who won’t and avoiding them.

    Or read a damn book. Are their eyes broken? Put down the paraphernalia and go to bed, alone. What outfit are you going to wear tomorrow? You decide! Choose your own attire!

  40. Evie says:

    Go girl! Enjoy!

  41. munchies says:

    this coupling is much much better than that 16 yr old and 50+ creepy actor. forgot their names.

  42. Mauibound says:

    Total creeper!

  43. shockedandappalled says:

    It reminds me of that classic line Matthew McConaughey’s character Wooderson delivered in Dazed and Confused: “That’s what I love about these high school girls. I keep getting older, but they stay the same age.” Ryan Philippe: Total creeper.

  44. Truthful says:

    me thinks, her folks leaked this for press about her new single..

    I’m willing to bet they hooked up a few times and that’s the stint of it..

    it no longer exists and they were never “dating”.

  45. Twinkle says:

    @Rocket Merry – so true. I totally agree. Girls need to learn that we, as women, are smart, beautiful, amazing and deserve to be treated like the beautiful women we are! DO NOT let some loser use and abuse you! GIRL POWER:)

  46. jape says:

    At least she´s not 16 a he hasn´t been anywhere near The Green Mile. But this is quite inappropriate too.

  47. Rhiley says:

    Way to be a role model for your daughters and son, asshole. I am so sick of people defending this low life. With every move he makes, he basically shows his son it is ok to treat women like crap and shows his daughters to shut up, look pretty, and take it. I am glad Reese grew out of her Ryan Phillipeepee phase, but it is just sad that he has to be her two beautiful children’s moron father.

  48. Turtle Dove says:

    A new low for Phillipe.

    Men in Hollywood do this all the time. A girl at that age is immature and wants to please the guy. It’s once they hit the early/mid-twenties that they smarten up and realize it ain’t all about the male’s needs.

    PLUS…… Wilmer Valderrama needs to be chemically castrated to he’ll stay away from the virgins/teen girls. Seriously, how small is this guy’s d*ck?

  49. HotLatino says:

    What if SHE pursued HIM I’m a guy but when I was 18 (2 years ago) I was actively pursuing 40+ yo men.

  50. flower says:

    I hope this story isn’t true. Not only is Demi only eighteen, she was just out of rehab, and she was just diagnosed with bipolar disorder. And I think she’s what, eight years older than his daughter?

    The girl couldn’t be any more vulnerable than she is right now. She has a beautiful voice (was shocked when I heard skyscraper! I really didn’t know she could sing!) I wish her the best and hope she continues on her path to recovery

  51. Violet says:

    It’s one thing for him to hook up with other adults — grown women who know he’s not going to stick around, and that a lifetime of herpes is the usually the price for having sex with someone that promiscuous — but he’s a complete and utter a**hole for preying on a vulnerable girl half his age.

    I don’t think my opinion of Ryan Phillippe could get worse, but I was wrong. He’s hit a new low.

  52. Kim says:

    Lord when is this manchild going to grow up?! He has 2 children for goodness sakes! She could be his daughter. And what are her parents thinking!

  53. misty says:

    He probably didn’t even know who she was, just as I don’t. She’s a piece of ass. Before rehab she was screwing Rob Kardashian. What a sad little girl she is….where are her parent’s? She’s like the town whore.

  54. melikesit says:

    @ flower–I don’t even think she’s 8 years older than his daughter. Demi’s 18 and Ava’s 11 going on 12, so more like 6+/- years.

    This is so sketchy. And I thought it was a low when 27 year old Ryan Rottman went from Brittany Snow to dating barely-turned-18 Victoria Justice. But 36 and 18 is way worse than 27 and 18. He could be her dad.

    I don’t think Demi’s had the most stable family life. And IIRC her mom is some ex-pro football cheerleader-turned-momager who ended up in rehab herself about 2-3 months after Demi was released from rehab. So, Demi’s likely in a rather vulnerable position these days. Which just makes it all the more sketchy IMO.

  55. mln76 says:

    Thank God Ava has Jim Toth hopefully he will be a better father figure than Ryan who although I am sure loves his kids isn’t stable he needs to slow down and grow up….SKEEVY.

  56. dahlia1947 says:

    Nasty, nasty, naaaaaasty! Sigh I used to have such a crush on him! Now he just grosses me out! What is wrong with him?

  57. hatsumomo says:

    That chick has on waaaaaay too much makeup.

  58. AM says:

    What’s wrong with these Hollywood men they are soo infantile that they date these young women – talk about insecure!

  59. Natalie says:

    Wonder if she’ll be his 3rd babymamma lol

  60. Ruffian9 says:

    She’s 18 & fresh out of rehab. What kind of fu**ing sleazebag do you have to be to …. never mind, it’s Ryan Phillipe. I just answered my own question.

  61. Gayle says:

    People are making a lot of assumptions based on no evidence. How do we know she didn’t pursue him? That she didn’t use him for sex? I’m pretty sure a lot of girls would/have. Fact is young women want to sleep with him. Why is it immoral for him to sleep with them? And how do we know there wasn’t more of a connection than the physical anyway?

    ‘Old enough to be so-and-so’s father’ is not really a valid argument, both because age difference doesn’t tell you anything of substance about a relationship and because a guy can father a child at 12. Should he not go out with a 24-year old? Demi Moore is technically old enough to be Ashton’s mother, does that make their relationship wrong? Ageism is not more acceptable than other forms of discrimination against couples, be they same-sex, interracial, etc. The sexual puritanism of this commentary is baffling. It is not feminist and it is not empowered.

  62. eternalcanadian says:

    When I see Ryan Philippe now I see Hugh Hefner. Gross. 😐

  63. Violet says:


    An 18-year age difference is less of a big deal the older the couple is. In this case, Ryan is TWICE as old as Demi. He is the father of three, and has vastly more life experience.

    If Demi did pursue him, Ryan should’ve had the common sense and decency to turn her down. He has his choice of sex partners, so there’s no excuse for him to stoop to f*cking teenagers.

    Demi is an emotionally fragile teenager, who was recently under treatment for a variety of issues. Getting involved with a man with a history of going through women like toilet paper is the worst possible thing she could do. Furthermore, one of his casual hookups resulted in his newborn daughter, so who even knows if he bothers to use condoms.

    There’s nothing “feminist” or “empowering” about encouraging this skeevy piece of work to take advantage of a vulnerable young girl.

    Give your head a shake.

  64. dovesgate says:

    Hmmm. When I was 18, I nailed who I wanted, when I wanted. I wasn’t there for his pleasure, I was there for mine.

    Oh and I was diagnosed as bipolar when I was in my 20’s and had been “self-medicating” (as the doctor put it) before that.

    So yeah, maybe he should have known better but maybe she should have too.

    Just because she’s got issues doesn’t mean she didn’t have a choice in what she did. Bipolar doesn’t mean stupid – nor do eating disorders, emotional issues, nor cutting.

    I’m not going to vilify him for accepting the young but legal punani when its offered to him. Girls these days know its not true love just because you bang him. Or at least, they do if they are anywhere near Hollyweird.

  65. Violet says:


    We’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

    Demi is still very young, plus she has a history of self-harm that includes cutting herself, doing drugs, and bulimia — and was in a treatment center just a few months ago because of a nervous breakdown. She herself admits that she still struggles with her inner demons. Dating callous a**holes like Wilmer Valderrama and Ryan Phillipe is just one more way she hurts herself.

    The girl is a trainwreck, and in no fit state to judge what’s best for her, and Ryan should’ve given her a wide berth.

  66. csi says:

    Wow, Ryan is as trashy and douchy as they get – two week old baby and dating 18 for two months which means his baby mama was carrying his child while he was “dating” someone else. Also it’s official, if Demi dates them – they are a douche – valderama drama and now this. I think next on her douche tour will be Mayer and Butler. Getting over many emotional problems cannot happen as long as you keep dating unkind people who will treat you badly.

  67. Danie says:

    I actually think that this story is all lies. Perhaps she flirted with him, inoocently and it is being inflated. Ryan does tend to get picked on by the rags.

    Don’t be so quick to call every guy a douche. I am so tired of people overusing this word.

  68. Vickyb says:

    @dovesgate – when I was 18/19 I had some major stuff going on, and was on and off anti-depressants until I was about 25. And when I was 19 I was going out with a 38yo so I too have an understanding of her situation – a completely different viewpoint though…

    Whilst I thought I was a strong and independent young woman – doing who I wanted when I wanted – and that I was mature enough to be in a relationship with a man twice my age. I can now see that he must have serious stuff going on if he couldn’t even get someone a respectable decade older than me (still hot and young, but way more appropriate to be banging a 29yo). I thought he was smooth, intelligent, interesting and gorgeous – really I was just lonely and vulnerable enough to fall for his smoke and mirrors.

    And if she is emotionally fragile at the moment (judging by her recent spell in rehab, I’d say so) she may well not have the clarity to make intelligent, informed decisions about her personal life – we all make mistakes, but it seems he is taking advantage of that.

  69. john thing says:

    Douche bag!

  70. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Grayce, to follow is a valid arguement as to why a man in his late thirties should not be pursuing, or allow himself to be pursued, by a teenager.

    Not long ago, scientists thought the human brain was fully mature long before the teen years. However, regions of the brain such as the prefrontal cortex, continue to mature all the way through a person’s early 20s.
     The prefrontal cortex is very important as a control center for thinking ahead and sizing up risks and rewards. Meanwhile, another part of the brain that matures earlier is the limbic system, which plays a central role in emotional responses.
    Since the limbic system matures earlier, it is more likely to gain an upper hand in decision making. This relationship between the emotional center (limbic system) and control center (prefrontal cortex) helps to explain a teen’s inclination to rush decisions. In other words, when teens make choices in emotionally charged situations, those choices are often more weighted in feelings (the mature limbic system) over logic (the not-yet-mature prefrontal cortex).
    This is also why teens are more likely to make “bad” choices, such as using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco—all of which pose a risk of serious health consequences.

    She is not yet mature enough to realize the weight of her decisions. He, however, is. Add to that her mental health issues and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. You can’t argue with science.  

  71. Annie says:

    20 yrs ago this would’nt be an issue and relationships like this have been proven to last longer generally by a recent research done in the uk

  72. Violet says:


    You’re kidding, right? A cousin of mine got married about 20 years ago to a man who was 41 to her 20, and the entire family was up in arms. The marriage only lasted a couple of years and luckily they didn’t have any kids. She’s now happily remarried to someone her own age.

    Her first husband is now in his 60s and probably has to pop Viagra to get it up, while she’s in her sexual prime.

  73. Sara says:

    Yeah,… but she looks like her age. Not like Taylor Swifft, who acts like a 15 years old. And She dated Jake Gyl.
    I don’t see problem with this. I accept, is better than was Taylor and Jake.

  74. Jamie says:

    Skeevy skeevy skeevy for all the reasons already mentioned. Sorry, but IMO there is no possible valid argument to support this effed up pairing. It’s absolutely disgraceful, considering the girl’s emotional issues. She is not in the frame of mind to know what’s best for her or make intelligent decisions right now. So glad Reese got away from this douche.

  75. Brooklyn says:

    well… i guess it’s safe to say that whole disney purity ring thing is a bust (SHOCK AND AWE!?!?!). i just doubt that ryan phillippe would stoop so low as to date an 18 year old disney channel actress who is recently out of rehab and not seal the deal.

    just sayin’.