Britney Spears’ ex-minder makes more allegations, including farting, meth use


Britney Spears’ ex-bodyguard Fernando Flores has opened his mouth yet again. If you’ll remember, he’s the one who’s been shilling stories to The Sun ever since he left Britney’s employment after working for her from February through May last year. At first, Fernando kept things pretty believable with claims that Brit walked around naked in front of him, tried to tempt him into her bed, and refused to wear underwear in public, the latter of which was the “last straw” because Fernando got the blame for the fallout. These things weren’t exactly flattering to Britney, but they were plausible because (as we all recall far too clearly) Britney has shown herself to be quite fond of going pantless in front of the paparazzi.

Then, Fernando escalated the game by selling the story that Britney beat her sons with belts and knowingly fed them foods to which they were allergic. When Fernando finally filed his lawsuit last September, he included the above allegations as well as the claim that Britney had sex in front of her kids. According to Radar Online, Flores has now filed a new document with the court, which is rather comical in one light but also quite serious in its potential ramifications. Flores is asking for $10 million in damages due to the “psychological damage, anxiety attacks, depression and insomnia” that he suffered because Britney farted, picked her nose, and (here’s the kicker) took many drugs, including methamphetamines. Really.

Former cop Fernando Flores is suing the star’s conservators alleging sexual harassment against Spears. Flores alleges he faced a series of bizarre come-ons from Britney, 29, who paraded naked in front of him and often beckoned him into her bedroom for sex.

In recent filings of Flores’ lawsuit, a copy of which and Star magazine have exclusively obtained, the former bodyguard ratcheted up his charges against the Toxic singer, claiming she broke wind and picked her nose “unapologetically,” did not shower for days on end, nor brushed her teeth or ever wore deodorant.

“Spears was generally personally unkempt,” Flores, 29, alleged.

The ex-staffer — who is claiming at least $10 million damages from Britney for what he describes as “repeated, unwanted sexual advances and harassment” — detailed in court papers filed in Los Angeles how the chart-topping diva craved a cocktail of drugs during the time he worked for her.

“Based on his former experience as a police officer, Plaintiff (Flores) is informed and believes and alleged thereon that Defendant Spears was often under the influence of illegal prescription and non-prescription drugs, such as Ritalin, Narcon (Naloxone) and methamphetamines,” the documents state.

He claims, “Defendant Spears was mentally unstable, and personally obnoxious and demanding, requiring her staff on various occasions and for no rationally discernable reasons to address her as ‘Jennifer’ or ‘Queen Bee,’ on other occasions, Defendant Spears would cut her hair in an erratic fashion, leaving uneven and bald spots on her head.”

Flores worked for Spears from February until July, 2010, when he stormed out of her Calabasas, Calif., mansion after she allegedly bent over in a short nightie to expose herself.

“Spears made repeated unwanted sexual advances to Plaintiff, summoning (him) to her room at her residence for no other purpose or reason than to expose her naked or near naked body to Plaintiff,” according to the suit.

But Flores insists “the sexual advances of Spears were unwanted for a variety of reasons.”

“Spears had obnoxious personal habits, such as chain smoking cigarettes, which made her smell continually of stale tobacco,” he wrote in his court document.

“She broke wind or picked her nose unselfconsciously and unapologetically before Plaintiff (Flores) and others and she was constantly and gratuitously loud and profane in her speech.

“She did not bathe for days on end, did not use deodorant, did not brush her teeth, did not fix her hair, did not wear shoes or socks.”

According to Flores, he suffered psychological damage, anxiety attacks, depression and insomnia as a result of Britney’s alleged harassment.

Soon after the suit was filed, last year, the Spears family released a statement saying it was “just another unfortunate situation where someone is trying to take advantage of the Spears family and make a name for himself.

[From Radar Online]

Britney’s camp has long since held the claim that Flores is attempting to pull a shakedown, and her attorneys have filed a motion to strike the ex-bodyguard’s latest filing. Further, a Britney source has also responded to TMZ: “He’s a liar.” Here’s the thing — this guy has progressively released statements about things that we can believe that Britney would do, such as the sexual overtures. Then, he made more serious allegations about her parenting, and now he’s coupling some bizarre complaints (the farting and nose picking) with the most potentially damaging allegation of all: those damn methamphetamines. Obviously, Flores’ logic all along has been to make many believable statements about Britney so that, in turn, we would ideally buy anything that he says about her. Yet I simply don’t think it’s possible for Britney to be a methhead when she’s been under such strict guidelines from her conservator father for the past several years. Yes, she’s not all there, mentally, but Flores is pulling a really dirty tactic here and, clearly, has crossed the line because he just wants that $10 million.



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  1. corey says:

    I’m tired of hearing about this guy.He sounds like a humungous loser. I agree with Bedhead that he’s just mixing some half truths with lies.and yes, It is dirty.

  2. dread pirate cuervo says:

    So a dude who was tough enough to be a cop is suing a person he thinks is mentally unstable for farting in front of him? GTFOH. I don’t doubt all these allegations are true, but you can’t sue someone for picking their nose & not wearing shoes or socks. I hope Daddy Spears counter-sues for legal fees.

    ETA: If you could sue someone for farting, Future Mr. DPC would make me the richest woman in the world.

  3. Rita says:

    The only thing that bothers me is the farting.

  4. WillyNilly says:

    Are you blind? I totally beleive she could be a meth head. She is the very epitome of a methhead: unkempt, irrational, speaks in gibberish (sometimes as a brit), doesn’t care what she looks like, and my god – THAT HAIR. It all makes sense to me now.

  5. Laura says:

    I don’t think Britney is a methhead ANYMORE, but I think it’s pretty clear she was at somepoint. And yeah, I believe she did all of these things, but I don’t think any of it is worth 10 million dollars. Come on now.

  6. Tierra says:

    I can believe some of the stuff but 10 million dollars in damages b/c of it…PALEEZE!
    The guy should try working in an office some time. I see people picking their noses and farting all the time but no one is going to put an extra 10 mil in my paycheck because if it.

  7. arock says:

    @willynilly- thats just the trailer talking. meth heads are actually quite clever and scatter when the lights go on.
    this chica is the product of misplaced trust and judgment. she probably lives in a bubble where the lines of reality are so blurry she just shuffles around aimlessly from starbucks to starbucks until some pushes her on stage. as much as i feel the need to point and laugh, im actually saddened by the repugnant behavior of the people running the sideshow. face it, she was destined for a pole anyways. 6 months til the cooter show goes careening off the edge…

  8. Jackson says:

    The guy is a joke. No one forced him to work for her. You don’t like your job, you leave and find another one. Did I miss the part where she held him hostage?? Tool.

  9. Melissa says:

    @ dread pirate cuervo: Love your post. I’m cracking up.

  10. Melancholy says:

    “meth heads are actually quite clever and scatter when the lights go on.”

    LOL @arock!

  11. Kristin says:

    The meth COULD be plausible….maybe her meltdown wasn’t a mental one, but a drug-induced one? :/

    I hope not.

  12. spinner says:

    It is well known that Brit is a major druggie. They tried to explain it away with claims of mental problems probably brought on by the drug use. She is a mess & will remain that way. I think everything about this girl is a lie except maybe what this ex-bodyguard is trying to tell us. This will be swept away by Daddy & her handlers.

  13. Kara Ann says:

    Jackson is so right! That’s all.

  14. Embee says:

    The funniest part of this post (to me) was this statement “just another unfortunate situation where someone is trying to take advantage of the Spears family and make a name for himself”.

    Right. Like they’re the Kennedys.

  15. Kellie says:

    I believe ALL of it. She looks like she has bad hygiene. She should also consider reinventing herself now that she’s older and a mother of two.

  16. Justaposter says:

    I remember when he pulled this stunt last time. CPS came and investigated and cleared her.

    So farting and picking ones nose is all he could come up with this time around?


  17. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Britney was def messing with meth etc, look how badly she has aged, plus the company she was keeping (crackie and Wonky eye!) Meth and other drugs combined with mental instability = very bad news

    but this guy is disgusting, I wish this type of compensation claim would never be seen by law, f’ing disgraceful. This guy just needs to walk off a very tall building

  18. Cindy says:

    I’m not a Britney fan, but you can’t sue your employer for being obnoxious, dirty or high. He may have a legit complaint on the sex propositioning, but farting? COME ON. It’s all just to make her look bad, but she was a well-documented mess before Feb. of last year, so why did he take the job?

  19. DetRiotgirl says:

    You can make 10 million dollars for having to endure farting?

    *side eyes the cat, wonders if he’s hiding a trust fund somewhere that can be exploited in litigation*

  20. daisydoodle says:

    this to any parents who has dreams of stardom for their youngsters. There is always a price you pay for fame and fortune, I feel sorry for all child actors/performers, a tale as old as time.

  21. Lila says:

    She’s a little chubby for a meth user…

  22. 4Real says:

    I believe it…and I believe it was the reason she is even MORE controled with drugs now. SHE HAS DEAD EYES and has looked like she stinks ever since she broke up with JT.

  23. The Bobster says:

    ~~~ Oops, she tooted again.~~~~

    A real man would’ve hosed her down and given her what she asked for…..if it really happened like that.

  24. Justaposter says:

    @ Bobster


    *Secretly wonders if I can sue hubby.. damn no. I know what we have in our accounts! FOILED AGAIN!*

  25. Nymeria says:

    It all sounds legit. BritBrit’s been a basket case for years.

  26. Tiffany says:

    It is VERY possible she was a meth head. The judge called her a “habitual abuser of drugs”.

    Even her current video and concert contracts require backup dancers and crew to say that they wont do drugs or alcohol and will not make them available to Britney. She clearly had major drug issues. Her current mental state could be a result of overuse of drugs, not bipolar (which has never been documented in public court records, unlike her being called a drug abuser).

  27. Chicken'sMom says:

    I have 4 dogs and a husband. I can mke TON of money for these same allegations!!! Beans an franks all around tonight!!! Gonna go out and buy me a SCOTT pac!!! YIPPEEE!!! I’m rich.

  28. Mag says:

    If this guy worked for her in 2007, I would be more inclined to believe his stories. But he worked for her for like 5 months in 2010, and under her conservatorship I really doubt her family would allow her access to meth and allow Brit’s children to be exposed to potentially dangerous situations. If that were the case, Kevin would undoubtedly fight for and win full-time custody. It sounds more like he was fired after 5 months and he’s bitter about it.

  29. Quest says:

    He should contact Dr. Phil on those farting issues, we’re all sure it worth $10mil of compensation…seriously…LMAO

  30. Amanda says:

    I read part of his complaint (at radar), and I honestly could picture brit brit doing some of the things he alledges, in terms of the nudity, or wearing see-through nightgowns, or exposing herself to him. She’s a strange bird, that one. However, I have a hard time believing that she would do these things because she was attracted to him and trying to seduce him. It’s a stretch. A big one.

    I think she is a spoiled, crazy diva who walks around nude sometimes, wears see through nighties sometimes, and probably doesn’t gave a d*mn who on her staff sees it. Seems like this guy may have read more into her actions than was actually there.

    His point about the farting and burping and lack of hygiene on Britney’s part was because he was trying to say those were the reasons he didn’t take her up on her alleged seductions. He said he was not attracted to her because she burps and farts and smokes and is dirty. Kinda funny.

  31. po says:

    Ok so she’s a methhead, how does that get you 10 million. If all u have to do to make money is pick the horrible parent, with bad hygiene, and obvious addictions out of the crowd I would like to cash in my lottery ticket right now. Everyone please see the 24 hour walmart at 1am in the morning located at the corner if every city in America.

    But seriously, I understand it can be very tempting to live in a city like la and watch all of these people make so much money but have so little integrity but this is abuse of our legal system at this point. Out there is someone with a real case of harassment that has seriously impacted their lives and they are waiting in line behind this guy

  32. byrdie says:

    Poor Jennifer, the Queen Bee…

  33. Delta Juliet says:

    Nothing he said would surprise me in the least.

  34. Kimbob says:

    Oh. My. Gawd!!! @TheBobster….
    ‘A real man would’ve hosed her down and given her what she asked for…..if it really happened like that.’

    You’re DEFINITELY a guy…NO DOUBT…because THAT’S the way “a real man” would definitely think/approach it.

    I’m STILL laughing from reading your brutally honest comment….too, too funny, but TRUE!!!!!

  35. Truthful says:

    I can beleive his claims but 10 mil, he’s a fool!!

    I guess if you start high then…

  36. Lindsay says:

    Why would a alleged drug abuser be regularly taking Narcon, which reverses and ends the effects of opiates?

  37. daisydoodle says:

    @36 very true, what’s the point of getting high? The only reason for having Narcon in the house is to reverse an OD. Calling Michael Jackson’s Doctor….

  38. sam says:

    Perhaps its true – but is it cynical to say that this would be normal for personal assistance/celebrity help? (perhaps aside from the sexual harrassment/drugs)

    You are hired to be a part of their life. So naturally if you are around them all the time you are going to see some behaviour that might not be so perfect. I mean honestly complaining about someone picking their nose? He is just trying to build up a list of behaviours so that his claims have more weight.

  39. Elizabeth says:

    @ justaposter
    Maybe you will do better with your next husband!

  40. california angel says:

    “She’s a little chubby for a meth user…” –

    S*** I would need a drink or a hit of something too if people were that cruel to me….: /

  41. lane says:

    We can sue over gas and boogers now?! I am going to be rich! My husband will be poor though, so I’m not sure how that helps me.

  42. Alice says:

    Is he trying to say that he was left psychologically damaged because Britney farted around him? Was he so traumatized to learn that women fart, or were hers particularly smelly? Bitch grow up, you aren’t getting $10 million because Britney Spears farted, picked her nose and didn’t wear deodorant around you!

  43. the original bellaluna says:

    Well I can top you all: my littlest (recently turned 2) uses “toots” as a self-defense mechanism. Hug him when he wants down – toots. Try to change him when he wants to run off – toots. Try to change his diaper when he wants to stay nekkid – toots IN YOUR FACE AND LAUGHS. If toots were dollars, we’d be richer than a Trump!

    As far as this “dude” (in quotes, because I use the term figuratively), I’m quite certain a FORMER COP could find a well-paying job that didn’t offend his delicate sensibilities. I just hope he never has to stop at a red light, because that’s where I see the most aggressive nose-picking (by men, like they’re invisible) EVER.

  44. Kim says:

    Oh Lord he has zero proof and says he “THINKS” she was on drugs. Even if everything he says is true good luck getting any money with no proof!

  45. Chrissy says:

    Okay, I don’t know much about drugs but wouldn’t she be really thin if she was using meth? I thought that really speeded things up?

  46. Blue says:

    Just another gold digger who doesn’t want to work for a living. I can believe some of the stuff. Not all if it.

  47. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Chrissy – Meth use usually gives you a much more Rhimes or Blohan-esque appearance; very thin (think the “old, illegal” version of Ritalin), gaunt, Charlie Sheen-mouth.

    Coke, on the other hand, doesn’t always make a body thinner. I had a friend in h.s. whose mom did coke, and mom was b-i-g.

  48. Dirty Martini says:

    If enduring farting for a year is a $10 million payday, wouldn’t Nick Lachay have scored a better settlement out of Jessica Simpson?

    The ex Mr Dirty Martini owes me $120 million then.

  49. Stephanie says:

    I feel really bad for Britney. So many people are on her gravy train, it’s unreal. I doubt that she has a real friend in the bunch who is not acting on behalf of their own self interest. She has no business touring. She should take her money and retire to Montana or somewhere remote and get a shot at a somewhat normal life. Look how vacant and used-up she looks. Sad.

  50. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Stephanie – I also feel bad for Brit. She’s been pushed into touring by those who are supposed to care for her, before she’s recovered. I think she’s medicated into submission and steered towards others’ selfish goals.

  51. rosmarina says:

    Hey – if you can’t fart and pick your nose as you like AT HOME, then where exactly can you? Go for it, Brit!

  52. Shy says:

    “…She did not bathe for days on end, did not use deodorant….”

    Why are americans so obsessed with showers? Like really obsessed. And they blabb about it all the time. Like if you didn’t shower for 2 days – escandallo!!! You stink so much that no one can come near 10 meters to you.

    It’s so funny. Like do you come to people’s throats and neck and smell them all the time? Because it’s the only way to feel something. Because people don’t smell if they don’t shower 2 or 3 days.

    I feel like americans shower 3 time a day. So obsessed they are. And what do you do if you are in the camping in the forest for 5-7 days? Because you have to stink so much that it’s not possible to breath near you…

    And how can you travel to Africa or other not-first-world countries? Because you know people there don’t shower 2 times a day. They must stink so horribly that you are walking with your nose closed.

    I still laugh at that story when Twihards were camping for 3 days for premiere and people in the comments were like: “Oh my God!! How can they camp for 3 days!!! And what about the shower??? What about the shower??? Where would they shower??? Those poor, poor people”

  53. Cakes says:

    OMG Bellaluna Im dying at your first post!! And I too wish I could sue my husband, my pitbull, and my bulldog for their gas issues. Le sigh.

  54. trh says:

    @shy so true! Showers are an American obsessive compulsion, and a shameful waste of potable water. Future generations won’t believe it.

    Hilarious that he disses Brit’s hygiene seemingly to convince prosecutors that her advances were unwanted. So… by inference, had she used deodorant, worn socks, gotten a good haircut, showered daily, and been apologetically flatulent…. um, what? He would have definitely tapped that? He sounds disappointed and a little bit… frustrated….

  55. REALIST says:

    She looks like an old stripper. Either get in better shape or put some clothes back on….

  56. DethHammer says:

    So let me get this straight:

    Britney is:
    -Mentally ill (at least mentally unstable where she lives in a bubble and can’t determine her stage life from real life anymore)
    -A (former?) drug addict

    and we are all to crucify her for this.

    Meanwhile, Gaga is:
    -Mentally ill
    —–She goes to bed regularly wearing pearls and heels and she’s said many times (seriously) in interviews that there is absolutely no distinction between Stefani Germanotta and Gaga.
    —–When a fan asked her about privacy, she replied: “The second part of the question said when is the precise moment when it switches: I would like to be able to say when there’s a dick inside me it switches. But it doesn’t always. I do sometimes feel that I’m on a stage all the time” No one had asked her about her sex life, yet she started talking about dicks and orgasms.
    —–Also, she ate a REAL raw cow heart because she said her director Nick Knight MADE her do it. “Well Nick Knight made me eat a bovine heart. Remember Nick? He’s so conveniently in the back room.”

    -a (former?) drug addict
    —–She admitted that she did BAGS and BAGS of coke ALONE in her apartment: “I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me until my friends came over and said, ‘Are you doing this alone?’ “Um, yes. Me and my mirror”.
    —-“[Using drugs] I really figured out the art I wanted to make and was inspired. Some people find inspiration in dark places. I guess I’m one of them. What always made me different is that if I was doing drugs I was also making music. I wasn’t just doing drugs.”
    —–As recently as last Sept, she famously said to Vanity Fair she still “maybe occasionally” does cocaine and she also famously said in May 2010 “A little MDMA (ecstasy) NEVER killed anybody”

    - Unkempt
    —–She was known to readily pee in beer cans on tour
    —–She actually went to the bathroom right in front of interviewer Caitlin Moran with no underwear on and Moran could clearly see Gaga’s vag. Gaga told Moran: “I’m just going to pee through my fishnets!” while she was peeing in front of her.

    yet she is a beloved “icon”??

  57. DethHammer says:

    By the way, I’m not defending Britney in any way. If the allegations about her abusing her children are true, then CPS needs to intervene.

    And she clearly has some sort of “problems”; Brit has reached the point where some time away from the spotlight and counseling and therapy could do her a world of good. And neither Britney NOR Gaga are role models in any way shape or form.

  58. DethHammer says:

    I personally feel a bit sorry for Brit. So many people absolutely ridicule her cause they see her as an “industry joke” because she doesn’t write her own material and play an instrument (although I do remember reading somewhere that she can play piano). Sometimes, a singer is just a singer, who, by definition, SINGS (not writes) songs. It certainly doesn’t make Brit a pop icon or anything.

    Apparently, banging on an instrument and co-writing anything, no matter how bad or contrived it comes out, gives you automatic “cred” in today’s music industry LOL

  59. Leave Britney alone.

  60. Nikki Latte says:

    I kind of like Britney. I think Brit is bipolar..when she had the meltdown and went to UCLA, her eyes were “wild” in the pics, in the ambulance. Yet, they cleared her of any illegal substances in her blood. It is my thought, that they keep her under the conservatorship solely to keep Sam Lufti and the perfume company at bay. When she hooked up with Lufti, she made some bad,bad decisions. I think he drugged her, or at least supplied her. He was a BAD SEED, and now he’s suing her for back management fees. It seems that if she is under the conservatorship, she is not able to make decisions, and not responsible for decisions already made. It protects her assets. Just my hunch and two cents worth.

  61. Nikki Latte says:

    This new guy is just looking for a free ride. Ditto Leave Britney Alone.

  62. glowkey says:

    @DethHammer…ummm, but she *can’t* sing either, though. I’d think that’s more of the reason people think she’s a joke in the industry. There are plenty of artists who aren’t known for writing their own songs (Whitney Houston, for example) or playing an instrument (um, every rapper ever?) but I think most of the ridicule for the Britneyesque types is based on the bewilderment that someone with so obvious a lack of any vocal talent could be signed on as a “singer”.

  63. Emily says:

    I don’t think she’s a druggie, simply because she’s under a conservatorship, and the people looking after her want to keep her well enough to keep raking in their money. Plus when this doucebag made the claims about her kids, CPS investigated her-wouldn’t they have noticed if she was high or had meth lying around? I’m not sure how thorough they’re allowed to be while searching someone’s house, but surely if there was a risk of child abuse they’d do a good job?

    I really think Britney should go back home to Louisiana for a year with her kids, spend time being normal and getting healthy, and then do a come back when she’s better.

  64. Justaposter says:

    Is it Nikki Latte? I can’t see your user name.

    Those are some really interesting points you made. I never thought of it like that.

  65. wunderkindt says:

    “She did not bathe for days on end, did not use deodorant, did not brush her teeth, did not fix her hair, did not wear shoes or socks.”

    Phew, I smell a lawsuit!

    Her poots alone could be worth something like a million dollars each.

  66. Nikki Latte says:

    @justaposter. Yes, that is my screen name. I really don’t think Britney is terminally “mentally unstable” like people keep saying. I think she bipolar, and had an episode of mania. She is managing her mental health well, probably with medications, like any other functioning, working person would do. I think the conservatorship is a legal strategy to protect her. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t think she is crazy at all (but she could definitely do more with her hair!).

    I also think it’s pretty smart of Jamie and her legal team if it keeps her from having to pay Lufti $10M. He is a proven sleeve and one shady character.

  67. DethHammer says:

    @Nikki Latte, I don’t think Britney is -terminally- mentally unstable, but her “antics” certainly weren’t rational. I agree with you that the mania is a symptom of bipolar as you said.

    @Emily, I agree. I didn’t know CPS already investigated and cleared her.

    I not only want Brit to be (physically and psychologically) healthy, I want her to be happy as well.

  68. Cherry Rose says:

    @DethHammer – I totally agree, but I don’t think that Gaga truly suffers from a mental illness like bipolar or depression. She seems more to have a personality disorder, either Narcissistic or Histrionic, though I think it’s more of the latter.

    The symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder are:
    - Exhibitionist behavior.
    - Constant seeking of reassurance or approval.
    - Excessive dramatics with exaggerated displays of emotions, such as hugging someone they have just met or crying uncontrollably during a sad movie
    - Excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval.
    - Proud of own personality, unwillingness to change and any change is viewed as a threat.
    - Inappropriately seductive appearance or behavior.
    - Somatic symptoms, and using these symptoms as a means of garnering attention.
    - A need to be the center of attention.
    - Low tolerance for frustration or delayed gratification.
    - Rapidly shifting emotional states that may appear superficial or exaggerated to others.
    - Tendency to believe that relationships are more intimate than they actually are.
    - Making rash decisions.

    That I think closely describes Gaga from what I can tell of her interviews, the way she dresses, and the way she acts.

    Britney, however, I think does suffer from a mood disorder, most likely bipolar (which doing drugs certainly does not help with that).

    I agree with other posters. Britney needs to just leave the entertainment scene and concentrate on getting therapy and getting her life together.

    And seriously, no one forced this bodyguard to stay. He could have easily left if he felt uncomfortable.

    EDIT: Being a popstar doesn’t really have anything to do with singing. It’s all about the sex appeal and the gimmicks to go along with it. Britney’s main appeal was that she was hot, she was young, and she could dance.

  69. Hakura says:

    I’m skeptical about some of the accusations… Though admittedly I could see Britney doing a lot of it (while at her worst, running around drunk & mentally unstable). But definitely not the meth thing.

    But… Can he really use bad hygeine, nose-picking, & unashamedly ‘passing wind’ as complaints in a legal document? Because if so, I have a date to file against every (straight) man in the US.

  70. Nikki Girl says:

    I think it’s pretty absurd that he’s suing for $10 million…but I think his allegations are completely believable, as well as hilarious. She is a foul, foul person and has been for a long time. In fact, way before these allegations even came out, I always used to comment that “she looks like she smells like a fart”. And I don’t think that meth is a far stretch, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  71. Nikki Girl says:

    Laughing at all the comments about how Americans are obsessive compulsive about showering- I totally agree, and I’m American, I’ve been saying it for years! I don’t shower every day, I don’t feel the need to, also it’s a waste of water, and I’ve heard it’s actually bad for your skin and hair to shower every single day, it dries you out. However, I do disagree about one thing- some people definitely do stink if they don’t shower every day. I fortunately am not one of them, I don’t stink and my hair takes a long time to even look greasy. But Britney just looks nasty and smelly to me all the time. Something about her just really grosses me out.

  72. B86 says:

    Oh comon? Who doesn’t fart!:-) The jurk is after fame and dollars. I dout Britney did it all how he says, and seriously non of what he claims is woarth 10 millions. Who stopped him from quitting his job, if “it gave him insomnia”.

  73. Shy says:

    “She broke wind or picked her nose unselfconsciously and unapologetically before Plaintiff (Flores) and others and she was constantly and gratuitously loud and profane in her speech.She did not bathe for days on end, did not use deodorant, did not brush her teeth, did not fix her hair, did not wear shoes or socks.”

    …And that traumatized him so much that he needs 10 million dollars now? Otherwise why would he write about it?

    I was traumatized with all those crazy Lindsay Lohan behavior. I had to read about it every day and now I’m traumatized for life. That means I can sue her now? And I was even more traumatized when that stupid judge didn’t send her to prison. Can I sue judge now?

    And why “camp Britney” isn’t suing that guy too? For damaging her reputation with all those claiming that he obviously can’t prove? It’s he sad/she sad. Britney should file a lawsuit at him too. I’m really disgusted by all this.

    Of course Britney can do all those things. But bitch is in her OWN HOME. She is not in public. She can go dirty and smelly and barefoot and smoke. How doest it concern this guy? Ten million dollars? For what? There should be some law against those gold-diggers. She should sue him back and demand those 10 millions dollars from him. She could say that he too was dirty and smelly and barefoot and smoke. And was sexually harrasing her when they were alone. And how can he prove otherwise?

    P.S. And look at Shia LaBeauf. When you see his paparazzi pictures he always looks like he smells, like he didn’t shower for 2 weeks, his hair is grease and awful, he wears the same dirty cloth every day, he smokes… Does it mean we can sue him too? :)

  74. Hakura says:

    @Nikki Girl – I agree with you, about most people showering too much. After having some major dental surgery (that was going to keep my home for a while), I did a little experiment. I decided to go as long as I could (reasonably) without washing my hair… To see if it affected how much it grew. (I got in the shower & bathed of course.) I took a measurement beforehand.

    Of course dirty hair isn’t fun, but I just pulled it up. After an extended amount of time… I finally washed it, & measured the length, again. It had grown *twice* as fast as normal… Probably because I wasn’t washing natural oils out of my hair so quickly, which helped it to grow. I just think it’s proof that it’s not necessarily ‘natural’ or good for us to over-do it. But like you said, that philosophy doesn’t work for everyone. & it certainly isn’t an argument to abandon personal hygiene.

  75. luls says:

    HER EYES! Iv never seen such sad, dead, tired & bonked out of their mind, eyes in my life.

    Britney used to be my idol during my early teen years. I feel really sorry for her.

  76. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Hakura – So funny! And thanks for the tip – my hair is down to my arse and grows like wildfire. I’ll have to start washing it every day. ;)

  77. mia says:

    THESE PICS: I wish she’d stop wearing costumes designed for someone much thinner than her… she’s not overweight by far, but her outfits make her look heavy and tired.

  78. sapphire says:

    I think all the posters who think she’s some drugged out slave are hilarious. That requires a tin hat. And just what would she do without a conservatorship? We already know-see 2007

  79. The Bobster says:

    “I just hope he never has to stop at a red light, because that’s where I see the most aggressive nose-picking (by men, like they’re invisible) EVER.”


    (Whining like Jerry) It was a scratch, not a pick! No pick!

  80. DethHammer says:

    @Cherry Rose, I agree with you 100% that Gaga definitely has BOTH Histrionic- and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They often go hand in hand. And NPD is also often coupled with Hypomania which is a feature of Bipolar II, so personality disorders and mental illnesses are very intertwined (personality disorders are Axis II in the DSM).

    Signs of NPD are:
    –Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
    ====Gaga has called herself “a liberator” and said Born This Way is “the album of the decade”

    –Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

    –Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
    ====”It’s been my experience in the industry that I’ve connected on a much deeper level with the more iconic and legendary people that I have admired, and NOT with any of my contemporaries”
    ====”I have zero perception of my celebrity presentation. I hope to not be a celebrity, I hope I am perceived as separate from the idea of celebrity.”

    –Requires excessive admiration

    –Has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations

    –Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
    ====”and it’s important, what I’ve learned from Warhol, to use the people around you to feed your creativity”

    –Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
    ====In one year, Gaga had fired over 150 assistants because they weren’t “perfect”, and close assistant manager Angela Ciemny quit because Gaga screamed at her for accidentally bringing a pair of used nylons to an appearance.

    –Is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her

    –Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    Also people who are overly narcissistic commonly feel rejected, humiliated and threatened when criticised. Gaga automatically equates criticism with hatred and negativity, as evinced in her Twitter posts (“ignore all hatred and criticism”… “fight for your life”). To protect themselves from these dangers, they often react with disdain, rage, and/or defiance to any slight criticism, real or imagined. To avoid such situations, some narcissistic people withdraw socially and may feign modesty or humility. Gaga has said she’s “still very much just an Italian girl from New York who is trying to follow the spotlight” and that she solely lives in a “tiny” apartment in Brooklyn for $1100 a month (meanwhile, it’s been proven that she still has that mansion in Bel Air)

  81. Emily says:

    @Hakura, I’ve heard that if you don’t wash your hair for long enough (still get it wet, just no shampoo), it sorts out its oiliness itself after a while. I’ve never been game to try it though.

  82. Meanchick says:

    I don’t know one man who’d turn down some BS poontang, even if she was covered in boogers and snot! He is full of it. She’s no angel, but it seems he took the job with the intent of extorting money from her. If she was a danger to her kids (drugs, food allergies), then WHY didn’t he act on it then? He WAS a cop for goodness sakes! He’s a douche.

  83. Hakura says:

    @The Original Bellaluna“So funny! And thanks for the tip – my hair is down to my arse and grows like wildfire. I’ll have to start washing it every day.”

    My best friend’s hair is about your length, & I got to see how much work goes into washing that much hair. >.< I’d probably just stick to having it trimmed often, as opposed to having to was it constantly. I always wanted long hair, but just didn’t have the patience to wait for it to grow out.

    @Emily“I’ve heard that if you don’t wash your hair for long enough (still get it wet, just no shampoo), it sorts out its oiliness itself after a while. I’ve never been game to try it though. “

    Well… It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but during a really sucky (depressed) time in my life, I went a ridiculous amount of time not taking care of myself. I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say it was a *very* long time that I didn’t wash my hair.

    I can only speak for my own experiences (as someone with a naturally oily scalp), but even after a really long time, my hair was unable to sort itself out on it’s own. I wish it HAD, that was not a fun time, trying to get matted knots out…( Like what dogs & cats will get).

  84. kimberly says:

    I totally think she was a meth head when she shaved her head bald!

    I also believe she had put herself in situations where she was drunk, on drugs and fucked many people when she was younger. I really think she lived crazy for a while, and what we see is the result of serious pychological issues. I swear she acts like someone who was a victim of something horrible, but she doesn’t talk about it.

  85. kimberly says:

    Who cares if America is obsessed with showering?

    I only care if someone smells like BO, and I’m sorry other countries out there talking crap about Americans showering, but you smell like BO and should waste the water and take a effing shower from time to time! It’s JULY!! oh and wear deodorant for god’s sake if you are not showering!

  86. dovesgate says:

    Drugs can trigger mania in anyone – bipolar or not.

    I totally believe she has done meth, and did all the other stuff the guy said too except for the sex. Brit Brit seems to always have a man friend.

    I also believe her head shaving and attacking the paps with the umbrella was a woman at the end of her rope.

    And finally, I don’t believe this man has a real case. If he did, he would be fighting about it in court and not in the tabloids. He probably told Papa Spears that if he wasn’t given money he was going to run to the tabs so Papa called his bluff so Fernando did it.

  87. ARTHUR DALEY says:

    Drugs are a terrible thing especially in the music and television industry, its very common for the Minder to acquire them on behalf of the celebrity.

    It’s a real shame

    Arthur Daley

  88. holly says:

    Dear Celebitchy, please learn the difference between “Meth” and methamphetamines. A “meth head” is very different from someone who takes Ritalin.